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G. J. ADLEE, A.M., 




549 & 551 BROADWAY. 

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848, by 

la the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern 
District of New York. 


In preparing this volume, our principal aim was to offer to the American student of the 
German a work which would embody all the valuable results of the most recent investiga- 
tions in German lexicography, and which might thus become not only a reliable guide for 
the practical acquisition of that language, but one which would not forsake him in the higher 
walks of his pursuits, to which its literary and scientific treasures Avould naturally invito 
him. The conviction that such a work was a desideratum, and one which claimed imme- 
diate attention, was first occasioned by the steadily increasing interest manifested in the 
study of the German, by such among us as covet a higher intellectual cultiu-e, as well as 
by those who are ambitious to be abreast Avith the times in all that concerns the interests of 
Learning, Science, Art and Philosophy. 

For who has been able to avoid observing, that in certain departments of literature and 
scisnce, the eyes of such as strove for pre-eminence have, in the old as well as in the cisat- 
lantic world, been directed towards Germany, whence they cannot conceal having derived 
both instruction and incentive for similar investigations ? Do not Philology, both compara- 
tive and special, the Science of Antiquity, the Archseology of Art, and their various bran- 
ches, owe their present state of relative perfection — nay, some of them their very existence 
— to the patient assiduity, the candid and truth-loving spirit of German inquirers ? What 
historian has of late attempted to write the history of Rome or Greece, who has not reared his 
edifice on the ground explored by Niebuhr, Miiller, Boekh, and others ? Where has Specu- 
lative Philosophy foxmd a fostering home, and, as the " Scientia Scientiarum," asserted its 
controlling and harmonizing power over every department of human knowledge ? N'ay, 
who can Aviite now on any metaphysical subject without being familiar, and appearing either 
in harmony or conflict with the systems of men who have carried philosophical inquiry to its 
last results ? And are not the writings of Gcethe, Schiller, Herder, Tieck, Jean Paul, and 
of other Coryphee i of German literature, either in the original or in ti*anslations, on the 
shelves of every library ? The history of German literature for the last century, the i-apidity 
of its growth, the many illustrious names which, either simultaneously or in rapid succession, 
have added lasting honour to its pages, presents to us a fact, in the manifestations of national 
life, that may safely challenge a precedent in history ; a fact, however, recognized and open- 
ly avovred even by writers of rival nations. It is, therefore, no improbable presumption, 
judging from the present aspect of things, that the time will come (or is already at hand,) 
when the English mind will willingly submit to a reaction of the influence it once exerted 
over the German,* and thence receive the impulse, if not the elemems, of a higher literary 
and scientific life. 

* Those who are at all acquainted with the history of German literature, will rcmciiibor that Bodmer, and his school, in 
their opposition to Gottsched, and French taste, received the weapons of their warfare and final victory from English armo- 
ries. By holding up English authors as models of excellence, and by spreading in various ways the knowledge of their 
writings, he not only succeeded in introducing a better taste, but actually became the forerumier of a new and brighter pe- 
riod of German literature. From his time the English influence is strikingly visible, and at one time even assumed the form 
of an angloraania. Klopstock and Lessing show it. How great were the obligations of the choicest spirits of our golden 
age to Shakspcare, the English novelists and satirists, is manifest from their own acknowledgments and writings. Men 
like AVieiand, Voss, Schlegel, and Tieck, have vied with each other in rendering Shakspearo a German classic. Scott and 
Irving have been, and still ai-e, among the favoiu-ite authors of the nation ; and there is hardly a writer of any note who does 
not fled himself represented either in translations or re-publications. Can then any degree of interest manifested in tho 
atudy of the German among us be any thing more than a mere reciprocation of that sympathizing feeling and regard, so loiia 
Had so willingly shown to writers o' the English tongue ? 

544 5 '^ 

But tlais is not the place for recounting the development or comparative merits of eitliei 
the German or the English languages or literatures, possessing as they do each its peculiar 
excellence and glory, and destined, as they seem by nature, to be rather the complement of 
one another than aught separate or distinct. Albion's Muse and Thuiskone are still on 
the race-ground, (where Klopstock left them,) " eagerly flying towards the crowning goal," 
and not even a seer's eye can descry, as yet, aught but " the dust billowing darker past the 
oak." We must leave it to future generations to decide the contest and award the crown, 
and hasten to give the reader a more minute account of the genesis and scope of the volume 
before him. 

Nearly all the Dictionaries published in Germany having been prepared with special refe- 
rence to the German student of the English, and being, on that account, incomplete in the 
German-English part, it was evidently our vocation to reverse the order for this side of the 
Atlantic, and to give the utmost possible completeness and perfection to the German part. 
This was the proper sphere of our labour. The English- German portion of this volume was, 
therefore, merely re-printed, imder the auspices of the publishers, from the London Edi- 
tion of Fliigel's work, which was deemed sufficiently complete for all the purposes of the 
American student. 

In the preparation of the first, or German-English part, the volume published at London 
under the name of Flugel, but really compiled by Heimann, Felling and Oxenford, was 
chosen as our basis, being at present the most complete and, in our opinion, the most ju- 
diciously prepared manual of the kind in England. This has been carefully revised, in many 
parts entirely re-arranged or re-written, and augmented by at least thirty thousand new 
words and articles, so that it will be found that, of the eight hundred and fifty pages, which 
constitute its size, nearly one half are additions of our own. In this business of remould- 
ing and enlarging, the Editor has, in addition to availing himself of the materials which a 
long familiarity with the German classics had placed at his disposal, made free and diligent 
use of the best and most recent lexicographers, both German and German-English. The 
principal sources were Hilpert's large work, Grieb, KUttner and Nicholson, Campe,* Hein- 
sius and Heyse. 

The accentuation of the German words, first introduced by Heinsius, and not a little im- 
proved by Hilpert and his coadjutors, has also been adopted, and will be regarded as a most 
desirable and invaluable aid to the student. 

As foreign words, such, at least, as have not been completely germanized, generally differ 
in form, and often in pronunciation and inflection too, from such as are purely native, they 
have been designated by an asterisk. 

Another, and it is hoped not the least valuable, addition to the volume, are the syno- 
nyms, which we have given generally in an abridged, and, not unfrequently, in a new 
form, from Hilpert, who was the first that offered to the English student a selection 
from the rich store of Eberhard, Maass and Gruber. If, according to Jean Paul, "every 
good grammarian must, of necessity, be a partial pliilosopher, and only a philosopher could 
write the best grammar, "f it is still more true Avith regard to one who undertakes to analyze 
the nice distinctions subsisting between words of similar import. Germany has had the 
good fortune to receive a classical work in this department of lexicography ; one Avhich 
almost exhausts the subject, and may well ask for its rival in any language, from a mind 
fully equal to all the demands in question.^ There is, therefore, no need of any further 
apology for presenting to the student, in a condensed form, some of the results of sucli 
investigations, even though they should not strictly come within the scope of an ordinary 

* 253ttert'uA In ^nllfrf)^n Svtcidjt. 93»rnnfl(i[tft unb Uraaistfitiin (Jon 3o. f>. Snitipe. Stnunfcftmfig, 1807-1811. Tliis is still ia 
Bome respects ilie most comprehensive work in the language (in five volumes, quarto), containing according to the authoi-'a 
own account 141,277 articles and words. The vocabulary of the purely German words is very full, the definitions copious 
and logically arranged, and in many instances established by direct reference to classical authorities. Adelung's OJrann 
»imii|'c!) = triti|'i|e« 2LVLicKtlHic(\ Sfivjifl, 1793-1801 (in four parts), was the first German lexicon of classical authority and is by 
gome still regarded as the " leader of the host." It contains, however, only 55,181 articles and words, and served as the 
basis for Campo's more recent and more copious work. Heinsius' still later ,,!BcIfiI)iimlicOc^ 2yL>ttfrt<ncO tn Xtut^iiftn Svtn<f)t," 
is, as the title indicates, of a more popular character, designates the accentuation of words and contains a largo collection 
of the most usual foreign terras. Heinsius says of his own labours: ,,QS3«S enDlirf) iit C.iielten tctrijfr, nuir tjcneii id) fltfd)i5i>fi, fo 
Imbe id) tim' (Jamv'«')<1)« 2l<8rteri'iid), alS taS uotlfliintigfie iinC ifcrtrsUljfte iintec Kn fodjanBtnon, tben fo jii Gituntc QtliQt, i«ie (Janii'e BaJ 
2Uelun9'|'d)e, iiiifi fold)e3 iibemtt iiiit 'Jitchmg iin6 It^tn 25erid)tigtt Scltnii it. 5f. uetglid^tn." 

t ,.3<tet giite ©tiiiiuiintittc ill fin vnrtitHec 'PIulofovK "»!> nax tin i^ljilofopl) iriirte tit t'ffle ©rnniiiintif fdiroibfn." 
X Eberhard (born 17?0 ; died 1809) was one of the mo«t distinguished philosophers of the eclectic school, and the aulho: 
of various works on Philosophy, ^Esthetics, Theology, &c., aU of which exhibit him in the light of a clear and popular thinker, 
and, at the same time, of a pleasant and entertaining writer. He assumed a decided and violent opposition to the new systems 
of Kant and his followers, which, however, proved unsuccessfiU. Of the motives which prompted him to undertake his acuta 
and learned ..I'frfnd) fintt nffgenuinen ^c^I)■dKn ei)noni;nii?," (6 volumes, Hallo, 1795-1802) he himself says naively enough' 
„S>ieI)nrmlof«n llntfrfudjungfn iibec tii Unttx\<i)Uti Itt finnfenvnneten 2l!6rter follttn mid) nm^ tin fiiiUvoUm &thii!tn tit IMulcfcvIn* i« 
fine ftitt)iii)iri &iii>nt ttrfelbfn hiniidien, wo lit ajetradilung nid)t bcfcrgon taxf, iiiit i(>ren Srtifen in tit fiiiifc inytnt tinti eDfifnui fini 
IBgtfifen." His work was continued aad augmented by Maass (in 12 vols., I?18-]a21), and by Gruber (6 vols., 182fr-1830,i. 

In comparing the different German-Englisli Dictionaries, it was found that all of them 
were deficient in their vocabulary of foreign words, which now act so important a part, not 
only in strictly scientific works, but also in the best classics, in the reviews, journals, news- 
papers, and even in the conversational language of ordinary life. Tliis defect we en- 
deavoured to remedy by admitting all that was deemed valuable from the ^remfcn)Drtcrbud)er 
of Campe and Heyse ; concerning the latter of which it has justly been said, " that, in point 
of completeness and correctness, both in the enumeration and definition of foreign words, no 
similar work could be compared with it."* Though the Germans have boasted of their 
language, that for every want both of science and of social hfe, it can, out of its own ex- 
haustless resoiirces, supply an adequate expression, (and both Campe and Heyse have ac- 
tually sought altogether to banish all alien words, by proposing a variety of native equiva- 
lents for them,) still it is tnie that, for the last twenty years or more, the introduction of 
foreign terms (often together with the tiling designated) has been steadily increasing, and 
the Horatian " Nova Jidaque nuper habebunt verba fidem, si Grceco fonte cadur4, 2^'^'*'^^ 
detorta," has found application not only to the classical, but also to a mmiber of modern 
languages. Hence it comes, that in many of the sciences and arts, the Germans have even 
a double (as it were, a scholastic and a popular) terminology, e. g., in Chemistry, Medicine, 
and also in Philosophy. Their commercial expressions are mostly of Itahan and French, 
their nautical terms and phrases of Dutch and Danish origin. It was, therefore, deemed a 
matter of the first importance to have in our vocabulary a strong representation of foreign 
and technical terms, the want of which, in ordinary lexicons, so often proves a source of in- 
finite embarrassment and vexation to the student ; and it is hoped that, in the terminology 
of Chemistry, Mineralogy, of the practical Arts, Commerce, Navigation, also of Rhetoric 
Grammar, Mythology (both Ancient and Northern,) Philosophy, &c., he will not often 
fail of finding the desired word. In addition to Campe and Heyse, we have, in this respect, 
derived materials from Krug's ^^'P^ilofep^ifc^eS SSorterburf)/" and from the latest edition of 
the ,,(iDn»erfati'Dne;2extfon." 

In the addenda to the Dictionary is given a full list of the usual abbreviations, which ia 
remodelled and enlarged from the one prefixed to each letter of the alphabet in Meissner's 
Germaritnglish Dictionary. 

In arranging the uregular verbs, we have added to the usual alphabetical list a table of 
classification, together with an enumeration of such verbs as belong to each of the different 
classes severally. 

The editor takes pleasure in expressing in this connection his obligations to his friends, 
Mr. E. A. Johnson, A.M., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, and to Mr. C. 
S. Henry, D.D., Professor of Philosophy and History in tlie University of the city of New- 
York, for the free use of their libraries in consulting authorities, as well as for occasional 
hints respecting the plan and detail of the work. 

With regard to its typographical arrangement, it is but justice to the liberahty of the pub- 
lishers to state, that they have shimned no expense to make its outward appearance as at- 
tractive to the eye as the art coidd make it ; and that, in this respect, it will suflfer no disad- 
vantage in being compared with any thing of the kind. The accuracy of the printer too, in 
superintending the reading of the proofs, previous to the editor's last revises, deserves com- 
mendation, and, it is hoped, that, in point of correctness, the volume wUl leave little to be 
amended in a second edition. 

In reviewing his labours, and submitting their result to the pubhc, the editor is fully 
aware, that the comparative philologist, or the philosophical inquirer into the origin, forma- 

* „S<iS untet fllTen n()nlirf)tn U^erfm U'mii in 'Mbfidn aup 23cII|l,intigfeif, wit aitf innttn Oifdntt in ticfjtiget ICngnte un^ trtfftntJt ^r* 
fduung ret fremtarrigen 2(uSbriiife ticftm fid; nn bie Seit' fletTtn tiSnnj." The object of this and more especially of Campe's SJtfmb' 
i«iittnbuc() was not simply to enumerate and define snch foreign words as liad oTjtaincd cvirrency both among authors and in 
tonversation — but to supplant gradually and entirely all such foreign words and expressions by substituting pui'cly German 
•»ne3 equally significant. This puristic tendency was carried to an extreme by Campe. Heyse, who in all his grammalicaJ 
and lexicographical works exhibits so admirable a blending of the philosophical and historical methods, pursues a 
medium course. We state the plan of his excellent Dictionary In his own words: „Scinet ucfpriingtid>en SSffliniiming nnilj 
|'i>a tUiii aSorterbucl) nid)( eui tecminolcgifdjfS endjiuijttecfMid; tintt CRJiffjnfd^iift, otcc gnc cinf DJcnUCncljflopnfie olfer 2l'ifft'nfd;often y\)t 
cfctr jfinals ivertfn ; tS iff nidjt foirol)! ten iynrf)g«l<l)rttn befJinuntct iKifyeni'd^nft^jmeige, nia rielnictjt tern gefannnten Bft'i'^""" "^^"^ "'^''j 
SSiltung nn6 SBeUhrung fitebenCtn Slicile In Sialion geiPiBniet. 6* farm iinD tflrf rnlKc nid;t tie Sunfl|>tnd;e nnjienfdjaftlid;et £eI)rflctiniN 
in il)rfm ganjcn Uniftinge aufnelint«n, fonbcrn iniip fid; im SlITgfnKinen ouf tiejenigcn auS fmiitcn Gpradjen entltl)nttn ttn awi teittfd)cm 
Gtanmic frenifnrtig gelnlDelen 2?JBrt<c be|'rf;riinten, i»eld)e ouf irgenB ftncni Hl'tge awi ttn cngorn <i?teifen beflimnitet !IUi|ycnfd;nftcn in tif 
iweittcen tti ithmi iibfrgfgnngtn unD Sigenlljum ter 3Iation gtiporten fin6. Qi taif niitdin fein iyrtintmcrt ani\i)iu%!n, \x>t[i)ti in tit 
llmgangSfptndie bcS genifincn Scbfn*, fo ixne in tie nlTgeniein! 6eiitfd)e £d;tiftfprad)e unB 9Jational=£ileratur gingnng gtfunftn I'nf, iuf[d)e< 
im g<f<Iligen, ©efdjiiftSj cm ©nvsrlnftbcn g(btnud)lidj ijl, bei clflffifd^en ttutfdjen ed;rififltllern etcr tod) »iclgdff«n<n Jngt^i'djtiftfltricrii, 
in volilifdjfn S'itnngm tin fiit tie nllgeineine SBilCung xmXi llntetljnilung betcd;ncten 3citfrf;riflcn nffet Sttt potfoninit. Siejtiiigtn 
SrenitirBtter Ijingegen, njcld;e Inig(id) finjelnen ISiffcni'djoften, junicil fcen, teni SBolfSlebtn unt tet offgenieinen SJclfibiltung fenict 
f}el)«nten, nngeljocen unB nuS tiefein nid;t in tie teutfd^e Itnigang^s iint ed;rift>Sprad;e iibergegnngen fint, liegen ini 3(irgenieinen oiifettrni 
Seteidjf timi 2>3ortctbu(f)e4 tiefec %x\. — <S.i l«ud;t<t Jetcd) t>cn felbfl ein, tnf tine bcfiinnme ©rcnje in tiefer i>infid;t ein fiit nKcmal jU 
(ifben, fdjmet, ja unmBglid) iff, wtil }iinfd;en tec 2l'i(ienfd)aft unB tcni Seben Bet Stnticn iibcrljaupt teine fe^e ed;r(infe beficljt, fenBetn ti» 
Ctiomung bepAntig von einet £f!te ji;r ontttn (jiniiber unB Ijctiibet geijt." 

StemBirSttftbnd), 2!crt)frid)t 

tion and affinily of languages, will find little if aught save an unyielding material to gratify 
liis curiosity. Indeed, it must be confessed, and without the least disparagement to the 
labom's of those who have devoted their lives to this arduous pursuit, that a Dictionary of 
the German, to satisfy the highest demands of the science of language, exhibiting the in- 
dividuality of its organic stnicture, its relation to kindred languages, the phases which, in 
the different periods of its development, it has undergone, and reflecting, in a measiu-e, 
that splendour which illustrious master-minds have thrown aroimd it, remains yet to be 
written in Gennany itself. And this is a task, to the mere preparation for which men, like 
the Grimms, have devoted half a life-time, without having, as yet, given us any result. 
Our aim was an humbler one, and altogether of a practical nature. No one will, therefore, 
wonder to find all etymological investigations entirely excluded, as equally foreign to our 
purpose and unsatisfactory in the present state of German lexicography. We rather 
strove to facilitate, and, if possible, to establish a free intercommunication between the 
Germaa and the American or English mind ; and this volume was not designed to be 
a pure contribution to the advancement of pliilology, but rather that it might serve as a 
guide, to conduct the American scholar into a wide and sunny region of Literature and 
Art, whence he might people his mind with new imperishable thought, his phantasy with 
new conceits, his imagination with new images of beauty, and enrich ais soul with new 
springs of emotions, which flow, with more or less copiousness, alike in all human hearts, of 
all ages, of every race and tongue. 

Should the reception of this work prove that his aim has been a proper and a useful one, 
and that he has succeeded in contributing something [j^ro parte virili) towards bringing the 
Anglo, as well as the Saxon, to a new and proud consciousness of their primeval identity of 
origin and mind, the Editor would feel himself in a measure requited for the many days and 
nights of toil which, with only an occasional miu-mur, he has willingly sacrificed to his pur- 
pose — nay, he could almost entertain the hope, that his life had not been without a noble 

Cr. J. ABLER. 
Ne^-D'York Unroersity.} _ 

October Vyiti, 1848. ^ • 






A, «. 31, a, ber erfle S3itd,iiiilje be3 311= 

)3l)flbet8 ber euro^jatfc^en ©prac^en. 
A, »or ttuem UJocat obcv flummcit ^ 

An, art. ein, cine. 
AARON, s. 3lvon (iKannSnamc). 
ABACiST, s. bee Jfiec^ncr (». ii.). 
ABACK, adv. JV T. juritcf, vitcfroavt? ; 

(». etiiem ©cgel) majiwarti', had ltc= 

ABACOT, s. bte. StaatSmufee (in ®c= 

fliilt ctiicr boppclteii Jtvoiie), ber 

^aiH5tf^mucf ber atten entjl. Jioniae. 
ABACTOR, 5. L. T. + ber 3Sief)bieb 

atur yon ganjen 45erben). 
ABACUS, s. 1. bcrS^ec^entifcfe ; 2. Stl^ 

berfc^ranf ; 3. ^rch. r. btc$latte auf 

inn Sapital ciner ©autc. 
ABADDON, 3lbabbort, ber ©rjfetnb, 

ABAFi', JV. r. adv. '^tnten am Scbiffe, 

m^ bem §itttertt)ctle ju, t)tntcr= 


ABAISANCE, s. vid. Obeisanxe. 

To ABALIENATE, v. a. L. T. ■OtXAW- 

^crn ; fig. entfremben. 

ABALIENATION, s. /.. T. bie ^iX'iVL- 

^erung (etneS Sefi^t^umS), baS 3tuf= 
gcben ju ©uufieti Slnberer. 
To ABANDON, B.a. 1. »crl«ffen, fat;ren 
laffcn, aufgeBen, ftc^ begebcn bc«, it. 
f. \\>. ; 2. M. E. abanbonniren, f)cim= 

fd)Iagen ; vid. Abandonment ; 3. ( — 

to) crgctfcn, ba^ingeben, ganjlic^ iibers 

ABANDONED, part. adj. 1. Sertaffcrt, 

mifgegeben, oerobet; 2. ben Saflern 
crge;ben, oenuorfen, tmf)oc^ilcit ®ra= 
be alerborben, Iteberltcf), abfcbeultc^. 
ABANDONER, s. ber iSetlaffer. 
ABANDONMENT, s. i.bie SSertaffung, 
aSerlaffen^ctt ; 2. Ji/.jc.bie 3lbanbon= 
itirung (;. e.iaS 5Iufgcbenber5Infpru= 
cl)c, bie nrt(^_ bem(&ecrc^te ber,$trtuf= 
;inann auf ein gefiranbeteS Sc^ifF, ob. 
iicrt 5U mft^en l)at). 
/ABAPTiSTON, s. s. T. ber 2;revan, 
' ©c^abelbo^rer. 

ABARTICULATION, s. bie Jtno4)enfit= 

7'» ABASE, V. a.t. nicbertaffcn, berab= 
laffcn; 2./^'. erntebrtgen, ^erabfc^cn, 
bemiUfjigcn, nieberfc^iagen. 

ABASED, atlj H. T. gcfcnft. 

ABASEMENT, s. bie ©mtcbvigung, 
•Scrabmiirtigung, 5)emitt()igung ; 

To ABASH. V. a. befc^dmcn ; 'to be 
ahashed, ftc^ fc})amcn, cerlcgcn, bc= 
trcten fci)n (,it, iibcr et»a«).' 

7;< ABATE, V. I. a. 1. abbvca)cn, ntc^ 
^trrcif;cn, 2. ocrminbern, uad;{affen ; 


3. flideit, mitbern ; 4. (— of, from) 
berunterfeften (ben ^rei^) abjieben 
Phr. L. T-s. to — a writ, etne ©ctrift 
ttmfio^en; wtberrufcn, fitr iingiiltig 
erfennen; to — ,an estate, mi @ut 
unberret^tltc^ in SSefife ne^&men, ftcft 
bineinbrdngen ; ll. n. abne^men, nad)= 

laffen ; JV. T. tlie wind abates, bcr 
SBinb legt ffc^ ; the writ abates, L. T. 

ber ^rojefj ift oerloren. 

ABATEMENT, s. 1. bie aSerminberuttg, 
3lbnaf)me; 2. ber 3lbsug, Sriacblap, 
©vlap ; .3. M. E. diahatt ; 4. l. t. bie 
Umftoiung ; roiberrecbtlicljc S3eft§= 
iie^mung ; 5. H. T. ba« ^tbtw- ober 
Seijei^en in einem 2Ba>3pen. 

ABATER, s. ber (bie, bnS) Serminberns 
be, u. f. ttJ. 

ABATIS or ABATTIS, s. Mil. T. bcr 

ABATURES. s. pi. Sp. T. bte ©pur be§ 

2BiIbe«, ga^rfe, ber Olbtritt (3»ceigc 

ober @ra8, weld^t nn i^it\a) bcim 

SBedjfel niebertritt). 
ABB, .9. r. ber Slufpt^, bie .^ettc, biiJ 

SBerff, ber Orttnb (etncs ©ewcbeg). 
ABBACY, «. bie Slbtei (SBiirbe, 53eit= 

^ungen iinb S3orre(i)te cineS 9lbtes). 
ABBESS, .?. bie 3lebtifftnn, Slbttnn. 
ABBATIAL, (irf/. abtlid), abteilicb. 
ABBEY or ABBY, s. bie 3lbtci (baS 


ABBOT, s. ber 9lbt. 
ABBOTSHIP, s. bie SBihbe uiib ba« 

3lmt cineS SlbteS. 
ABBREUVOIR, s. 1. bie Srdufc, 5Pfcr= 

bcfc^roemme ; 2, .^rck. t. gugc, StitU 

fpalte jwifcbcn SJiaucrftetncn. 

To ABBREVIATE, v. a. obfiirjen. 

ABBREVIATION, s. bie ^Ibfitrjitng. 
ABBREVIATOR, n. ber Qlbfiivjer. 
ABBREVIATURE, s. iaS 5(bfiirsiing«= 

ABDicANT, part. adj. entfagenb, »er= 

To ABDICATE, v. a. abbanfcH, eutfa= 

gen (bem S^bronc), ntcberlegcn, ab= 

tretcrt, aufgeben (ein 5Imt). 
ABDICATION, s. bie 2:()roncntfagung, 

SIbbanfung, 9lieberlegung eiueS 5lm= 

ABDICATIVE, adj. cine3lbbanfungbe= 

ABDiTORY, s. ber Crt jvo man 

fojtbare ©ac^en (®olb, ShweIcu, 

it.f.iD.) »erflecft. 
ABDOMEN, s. ber Unterleib, <Stfimeer= 

baiic^ ; iaS 58aucbfett. 
ABDOMINAL, > adj. jitm Untcrletbe 
ABDOMINOUS, $ ge^brig. 
To ABDUCE, To ABDUCT, v. a. T. aU 

Siet)cn, abfiit) 


ABDUCENT, adj. ab5tel)enb, atifiibrenb, 

.^. T. a muscle—, ein3>Jn§tel, ber m 

®[icb juvijcfste'^t. 
ABDUCTION, s. T. bie 9lbfit^rnng, 

SBegwcnbiing; „?. t. ein gdnjlicbet 

,ftnod>enbntc9 am ©elcnfe. 
ABDUCTOR, s. a. T. bcr eiu ®Iieb JI1= 

riitf^iefienbe 9JJu§EcI. 

ABED {or a-bed), ado. UXl Sette, JU 

ABEL, s. Qlbet (2J?ann«name). 
ABEL MUSK, .?. bcr *ilbelmofcf)U8, bie 

ABERRANCE (— cy), s. 1. bie 3Ib»ci= 

(ibung, Serirrung ; 2. fig. ber 3n-= 

ABERRATION, s. I. bcr 3rrn)eg, 3rJ= 
gang ; 2. .^st. t. bie 3lbiriung (i. S 
eine§ ^3laneten son feiner gewobnli^ 
d^en 58abn) ; 3. Opt. T. 9lbrocicf)ung, 
Ser(f)eil«ng ber Sid^tftra^len (meriu 
fte burd) eiiicn ©piegel }uvii(fgenjor= 
fen wcrfcen, ober burc^ ci« ®(a8 fid; 

To ABET, t). a. anfrciben, anrcijen, 
anftiftcn, auljc^en; 33orf4iiib tljmi, 

ABETMENT, s.Slnfiiftung, Slnbc^ung , 
bie Unterfiiifeung, bcr ©ciftanb. 

ABETTER (tor), s. bcr 3lnfliftcr, 3ln: 
befter; bcr SJiitfctuIbige, §clfcr8= 

ABEYANCE, s. L. T. lands in — , »a-- 

cantc, noc^ f)crvenIofc J^dnbcveien ; to 

lie in — , ncd) nid)t jugemiefcn fei» 

(»on ®runbftii(fcn, bercn Seft6 nodj 

ftrcitig ifi). 
To ABHOR, V. a. »crabfd)e«en, serad)- 

tcrt, »crf(^md[;cn, 
ABHORRENCE (— cy), s. bic 93erab= 

fd)cuung, bcr 51bfd;eu, .gap, bic 3lb: 

ABHORRENT, ad,j. »crabfd)eucnb ; Vhr. 

— from (to), unijcrcinbar mif. 

To ABIDE, V. ir. \. n. 1. blcibcn, SCI- 

weiFcn; 2. wof)ncn; ^. fig. blcibeii, 
Bcrfiarrcn, fortbaueru, augb'^J^Ert, Phr. 

to — by or in a thing, flC^ baltcn AW, 

barauf »erlaffett, bcgniigcnmif; to — 
with a person, bci 3cmanb biciben ; 
II. a. 1. evwarten ; 2. leiben, au«pc-- 
ben, bulben, ertragcn, aiis^alten. 
ABIDER, s. ber iSinwpl)ncr. 

ABIGAIL, s. (fl. lady's maid obcr wait 
ing woman), joe. 31btgatl. 

ABILITY, s. bag 58erm6gnt, bie &<' 
fd)icfli(tfcit, Sd^igfeit. 

ABINTESTATE, adj. L. T obnc Xt^^X' 


ABJECT, adj. (adi;.— ly), tlicbvig, U?l' 

dd)tli^, iiieberkatfttig ; vcrroovfrii 


ABJECT, *. ber Qerworfciie, (S^feitbe. 
ABJECTION, I s. bte Slicbertradb: 
ABJECiNESS, i ttgfeit, g'ttebergc: 


ABJURATION, s. bic 3l6fi'^w6niii3. 
To ABJURK, V. a. obfcbwovcn, vev= 

ABJURER, *. fe'tner bcr ctwag ai= 

ABLACTATE, v. a. entTOD^ItCll (citt 

Jtiub); B. T. ab[acttreit,nbmt(i.tcu. 

ABLACTATION, s. 1. btc 6-IltW0f)= 

iiuiig eine« J?iube« ; 2. 2lbmilcfciiiig, 

ABLAauE, s. bic ^Pcvlcitfctbe (fctiie 
V*?rfifc^e (Setbc). 

ABLAQUEATION, s. B. T. ba§ "lluf&a: 

cfen bcv Qcbe um tie ^uvjclii ber 

ABLATION, s. bie SBcgua^-iWe, ba§ 

ABLATIVE, s. Gram. T. ber SIblattO. 
ABLE, {adp. Ably) udj. 1. fabig; 2. 

tuc^ttg, gefc^icft ; to be — , im Stanbe 

[ein, ucnnijgcn, foniicn. 
ABLE-BODIED, aij. flarf, frafttg, ros 

bufl; an — seaman, ftlt JUlll Sce^ 

btenji taitgltd)er iDJntrcff. 
ABLENESS, s. bte gabigfett, ba8 S3et= 

Twogen ; bte ®efr&icflii^fctt. 
ABLEPSY, s. bie 331iub£)eit. 

■JblS, J -fcerSBeipfifc^. 

To A b LOCATE, v. a. + sermiet^ett, 

ijervac^teu (iiix Out, u. f. ».)• 
ABLOCATiON, + bie 93eriniet^ung, 

(3>eipacfctui!g ctitcS 3lcfcr«). 

ABLUENT, a<li. Med. T. Wegfviileilb, 

rciitigciib, abfiU^reub. 
ABLUTION, s. 1. bicilbnjafc^iiiig.2lb= 

1>iilung ; 2. Ck. t. ba3 ^JluSraafc^eit, 

a!yicbei-l)oliiug be« 2)c)lilltreii§ (ber 

'2Iufli.^fiiiti] ill geiiiige'Biiiifie); 3. ba§ 

Spiilroaffer, '23afc^maffer, bev @viil= 

fclc^ (i. e. ^ev Jldri) ber ben ^atcn in 

5cr ron: ,itirc|e ol)nc 2Beif)C gcgebeu 


To ABNEGATE, v. a. ablaiigtieit. 
ABNEGATION, s. bic 5Iblaugiiung. 
ABNEGATOR, s. bcr 93cridiiguer. 
VBNODATION, s. B. T. bciS *8er^aiicn, 

^iJbfai'peit ber *}lefle uiib ^uorreii an 

belt SSauinen. 
ABOARD, adv. Jv. T. am QSorbe, an 

53orb, im ober ju ©c^iffe; to fail — 

of a ship, mit eiitem aitbern ©c^iffe 

jufammeiiftpyen ; — main tack! (3"= 

riif an bic Sceleute) ben gropcit .pals 

ABODE, i". 1. hai 5Q[cibeti, 9Scrwci= 

leu; 2. bic SSobiiuun, bcr SBobitort, 

ber 5tafe«tt)aU. 
To ABODE, V. a. sorbebcutfti, Bebcutcn, 

ABODEMENT, .«. btc ^Sor^tcbcututig, 

•Jl^rtitiig, baS 33orgcfiih(. 
To ABOLISH, V. a. abfd)affen, auf§e= 

6ert, Bcrtilgcu, »ernic{)tcn. 
ABOLiSHABLE, adj. obfc^affbar, sets 

nicbtbar, »eruic6tHrt). 
tVBOLiSHER, s. bcr Slbfc^affcr, aSertiU 

ijer, SSeriiic^ter. 
ABOLISHMENT, s. bie 5lbfd;affiing, 

VBOLITION, s. bic 9l6fitnffi5i"1' 3Iuf= 

l)ebuug (eineS ©efr^e^) ; ^miid)- 

ABOLITIONIST, s. bcr Slbolitioiiiil 

(greunb ber ©claoeitbcfvciiuig). 

\BOMIN ABLE (ade.— bly) ailj. abf({)eU; 

ltd), yevabfdjemtngswiirbig, frf)cutJ= 
\BOMlNABLENESS, s. btC Qlbfc^CU^ 


To ABOMINATE, v. a. »crabfc&eiieit. 
ABOMINATION, s. 1. bie iSerabfcbcii: 
nng; 2. berOreuet, bte>Jlbfc^euIi(^Eeit. 


ABORIGINAL, adj. utfpriinglic^, laii- 

ABORIGINES, s. pi. bie Uretnn)of)ner 

eiiieS ?anbes, <5tamms!?(tcr. 
ABORTION, s. 1. t>aS sUJi^gcbSrett ; 

2. bie ititscitige gritc^t ober Oeburt. 

ABORTIVE (adv. — -ly), adj. 1. JU frii^ 

gcboren, unjcitig ; 2. jig. oeruugliicft. 

ABORTIVENESS, s. 1. baS 3)Jipgcba= 
ren; 2. jig. baS 2)?ipliugcu, mW 

ABORTMENT, s. 1. bic UllSCitiae ©C" 
burt; 2. ber aJii^fall. 

To ABOUND, V. n. i. ubcrfliifftg fcijtt, 
rcic^Iicfc fci)n ; 2. im Uebcrflu'iJc ^a- 
bcu, Ucberrluy t)abcti ; (— in, with, an 
6tnja«, uoU fcpn oon). 

ABOUT, L prep. 1. um; 2. njcgcu, 
iiber ; 3, bei ; 4. trgcnb tto in ; — 
the house, trgenb t»o im .§aufe ; n. 
ado. 1. ^crum, umber; 2. gcgen, etnja, 
uafjefaJjr ; 3. im 33egriffe ; to be — 
to,'tm sBegviffe feyn ju, cben wollen ; 
to be — a thing, etmas oor()abcn(ober 
WirElic^) tt)Un. jv. T-s. ready — : .Sla- 
rigfcit \n luenben ! — ship ! 3tee ! to 
put a ship — , eirtSc^iff roenbcn ; mu. 
T. to the right — ! .vc^t3 umfel;rt 
enc^ ! iiL\\ barani 

ABOVE, I. adv. obcu bort, b(t obcu ; n. 
prep, iiber. 

To ABRADE, v.a. nbfi-^abcn, abreiben. 

ABRAHAM, \ s. 9lbral>tm, (5Kanug= 

ABRAM, 5 name). 

ABRASION, s. 1. ba« -ilbfr^aben, Qlbrei- 
bcu; 2. ba3 <Sc{)abfc(, 3lbgevicbene. 

ABREAST, adv. nebcu ctuanbcr. 

To ABRIDGE, v.a.\. abfiUicn, »erfi'ir= 
}cn, »crminbern; 2. (im engern 
©inn) tiivscr fajTcn, sufammensicljen 
(ein33uf^, cine iftebc, u. f. ».); 3. jig. 
bcvaubcn, benef)mcn. 

ABRIDGER, s. bcr Slbfiirjcr, (5om})eu= 

ABRIDGING, part. s. 1. bag 3lbfiirjcn, 
u. f. \o. ; 2. Scrauben. 

ABRIDGMENT, s. 1. btc Slbfiirjuug ; 2. 
baS (Sompenbium; 3. ber '^luiJjug. 

ABROACH, ada. JUm Slu^apfcu ; to set 

— , anjapfen; jig. serbreiten, au»= 

ABROAD, ado. 1. ani, auycu, branjjcn, 

auger bem .§aufe; 2. au§iuartS, in 

ber {Jreinbe, unper Sanbes ; from — , 

»on au^en; to go — , 1. auSge^cn; 2. 

Dcrrcifen, au§er Zan'iti gefcen. 
To ABROGATE, v. a. abfcijaffcu, abflet= 

Icn, auft)eben, fiir tmgiiltig crflitren. 

ABROGATION, s. bic X'luftjcbung, 511)- 

ABROTANUM, *. bic StabtDurj, @ber= 

raufe (cine SU't »T)o()lricc^cnbett 28cr= 

ABiftjPT {.ado. — ly), adj. 1. abgcBro: 

d)en, furj; 2. unjufammcnfiangeiib, 

o(}ne SScrbinbung; 3. plofetic^, nncr- 

n.mrtet, rafct), bajlig ; an — style, einc 

furjc (abgebroct)euc) ©cfcrcibart. 
ABRUPTION, s bie 3lbbrect;iing, \iVi>'^-- 

lic^e 2;renuung. 
ABRUPTNESS,' s. 1. bic 3?aubf)eit; 

©tcii^eit, Sa^e ; 2. bie '.Jlbgcbroc^cn= 

ABSCESS, .9 bic'Jlbfonberung, brtSOc* 

fiijroiiv, bic ©iterbculc 
ABSCISSA, s. Mit. T. btc Slbfctffc, bcr 

ABSCISSION, s. 1. bnS Slbfc^ncibcn ; 

2. ber 3nftaub be3 '^Jlbgefchnirtcnfeina. 
To ABSCOND, jj n. ftd) scrbcrgcn, »ers 

fiecfcrt ; burrt)ge()en, firf) l)eimlic{) cut:: 

ABSCONDER, s. bcr ft(^ 'ocrfle^t, 5tu3s 

ABSENCE, bic Slbwcfcu^cit ; — pf 

mind. Jig bieBei'ftfcuung, ®ctfleSab= 

ivefen^cit; have of—, bcr Urlaub. 


ABSENT, adj. 1 abttjcfcnb ; 2 Jig jer* 

To ABSENT, v a. (one's self) fic^ ent» 

ABSENTEE, *. eiu 5lbmefcnber (son 

fciuem 9lmte ober SSatcrlanbc). 
ABSENTER, s. bcr ^Ibioefenbe, ein iin 

ABSENTMENT, s. bic 3lb»cfenf)cit. 
ABSINTHIAN, adj. t»crmutl)artig. 
ABSINTHIATED, part. adj. mit Jffict* 

mutb bitter gemad)!. 

ABSINTHIUiM, vid. Wormwood. 

ABSOLUTE, (ado. — ly), adj. 1. frci, 
unumfc^ranft, eigenmac^tig ; 2. solU 
flaubig, sodfommcn ; .3. uubebingt, 
unabanbcrlic^' ; 4. unbcjie[)lici>, unbc= 
jiigtic^ ; — space, p/nj. T. bcr unbc* 

jiel^Uc^e 9Jaum: Oram. T. Ablative 

— , ber unabl>ingige 9H>iatt». 

ABSOLUTENESS, s. 1. bie U«um= 
fd)rauft()eit; 2. unumfc^ranfte (3c^ 
wait, ber 2)ci^i)ot{«inu5. 

ABSOLUTION, s. 1. bic ^oSfprecfeiJBg. 
(Srlofung; 3. ber Straferlag; Th.T 
bic Slbfolution ((^rt[)eiluug ber 28cU 
i)i ber Jtatt)oIifcn nad) ber sOei^te). 

ABSOLUTORY, adj. loSfprCC^CUb. 
ABSOLVATORY, md. Absolutory. 
To ABSOLVE, v. a. (— of, from), loS^ 

fpred)en, freifprec^cn.entbinbcn, los= 

jaijlen, erlaffen, abfolotrcn. 
ABSOLVER, s. bcr ^o8fprcd;cr. 
ABSONANT, adj. L wi&rig ningctib. 

uu^armonifd),' wibrig; '2. fig. imgc- 

veimt, abgefd)macft, ueruunftivtbrtg, 

gegen ciuc 9lbfici)t ftrcitcnc, bavoii 

roeit cntfcrnt. 

ABSONOUS, adj. Bjibrig fitngciib. 
To ABSORB, V. a. ctufaugctt.'infic^ jtt* 

I)en, uerfc^ltngcn, oerjcbreu. 

ABSORBED, part. adj. I. cingcfogci', 8. 

f. w.; 2. fig. uertieft, uevfunfett ja 
©cbanfcn, u. f. to."). 

ABSORBENT, adj. ciuraugcub. 

ABSORPTION, s. iai ginfangen, @tii» 


ABSORPTIVE, adj. ctnfaugcub. 
To ABSTAIN, v. n. |u1j cutt)altcn, aB=- 

fte^en, mcibcn, fic^ »erfagctt, ciitbc^* 


ABSTEMIOUS, (adr. — ly), adj. ent= 

l)altfam, miigig. 
ABSTEMIOUSNESS, s. btc (Snt{>aU= 

famfcit, iUJiiBigfcit. 
To ABSTERGE, v. a. abnjtfi^ctt, ab= 

troifncn, reinigcn (SBnnben, u. f. to.). 

ABSTERGENT, adj. abiuifcf)eab ; Med. 
T. abfii^renb ; abstergents, s pi. 910= 

fii^rungSinittel, 3teinigung«m{tte(. 
ABSTERSION, s. ba§ 9lbn)ifc^cit, aici- 

nigen ; Med t. bic 9lbfitl)rung. 
ABSTERSIVE, adj. abit3ifd)cub, abtfocJ. 

ncnb ; Med. t. abfii^rcnb. 
AB.'3TINE.VCE, s. bic ent^alffaiufcit 

bie (Snt^altung. 

ABSTLNENT {ado. — LY),adj. eitt^alt- 

fam, ntaijig. 

To AB3TR.\CT, v. a. 1. CIttStcficn, a&» 

sicken, abfonbcrn ; 2. bcfliUtren ; 3 
fig. in ©cbaufcn abfonbcrn, abjlra^ts 
ren (Segriife, u. f. w.). 

ABSTRACT (ado. — ly, Abstracteb- 

r,Y', adj. ]. abgf^ogen, abftiact, ab{^e^ 

fonbevt, allgcmein ; 2. tieffinnig. 
ABSTRACT, s. bas 9lbftractnift, ber ab» 

gcjogcne 33cgriff ; in the — , an ftc*), 

abgefct)cn von. 
ABSTRACTEDNESS, bie 9lbgrjogfn» 

ABSTR.VCTER, .s. bcr Cfpitoiuift, bet 

9lu«jiige mad^t. 
ABSTRACTION, 5. 1. bie 9lbitcf)ui!g; 

2. ba3 3lbncf)ungauermor,en ; 3. b'ci 

abftractc ©egenflianb ; 4. btc 3f I'fircn* 

ling ; ®HftcSabn)cfeiii)eit. 
AB8TR.1CTIVE, a(/j. abjufpitbcnt fj^tg 


4BSTRACTNESS, s. tit abjlractc Se^ 

fc^affenl;eit. > 

ABSTRUSE {adv. — Lr), adj.l. tief iJCV; 

borfjen, ucrbccft, uml)ulU ; 2. buiiEel, 

fc^njcr ju 6egrcifeit. 
ABSTRUSENESS, s. bte 'Cunfel^ctt, 


ABSURD (adv. — ly), adj. Wiberftlttltg, 

Mitgtrctint, abgcfctjina jt, albevii, tfjo* 


ABSURDITV, I s. 1. bic Uttficrcimts 
ABSURDNESS, s ^eit, 2lb(jcfc^mnift= 

fecit, aiberitbetf, .'£t)oi'l)ctt; a. bet 

Unftiiu, aBibccftitu. 

ABSYNTHIUM, s. bit SBcnttllfb- 
ABUNDANCE, s. bcr Ucberflu!?, bte 

jDieiiijc, guHe ; in — , tut Ucberflii^, 


ABUNDANT (adv. — ly), adj. ubeiflufs 

(tg, rnchlid^ ; — in, reit^ an. 
To ABUSE, V. a. 1. mitibraiici)cn ; o. bc= 

fchimnftit, fc^iuabeit ; 3. mipbanbclti ; 

4. fd^iittbctt ; 5. (W. u.) betriigcti, 
ABUSE, s. 1. ber g)itgbtau4); 2. aJJif^ 

ianbiuiig, 8cft^impf«i'8 J 3. bie a3ev= 

ABUSER, s. ber ^Ktpbraucfjciibe, u. f. 

».; iSd)iinvffr. 

ABUSIVE (nrf«. — lt). adj. fc^lltiltjCltb, 

6cl«bi!^€Hb, flujiialidj, fc{)tinvffnb. 
ABUSiVENESS, s! pie Sc^ma^fuc^t, 

tcr ?«ft<rfittn. 
r» ABUT, n.n. cini^vcitscit, atiflo^tit ; 

(— upon, <m, gf^jeit). 
ABUTMENT, s. btf gUigrcii^nng. 
ABUTTALS, «. pi. L. T. bte ®reii5cn 

ofecc 3)Javf etK€« Sanbetgeiitbums. 
ABYSS, s. bcv 5(bgvunb, Sc^Iuub, bte 

gruiiblofc S;iefe. 
ABYSSINIA. A-.91b«fitiiten. 
ABYSSINIAN, i.adj. ab»funtf(^ ; U. s 

ber ilb^ffiiiier, bie ^Ibpfftiiterinn. 
ACACIA, s. i.bfv'Jlcacieitbaiim, Sc^o- 

tenboni ; 2. ber ^JlcaciefltoTt; Gemmn 

— , ber Sc^lebborit, Sc^njarjboni 

(Primus Spinosa, — /> ). 

ACADEMICAL, adj. afabeinifd). 
ACADEMLVN, s. in ^itiibcitt, 3lfabe= 


ACADE.Mic, s. ber ?ltabf iitifcr ; ber 


ACADEMICIAN, s. ber 9{fabemtfev, 

SDJitglteb etiter Sltabeinte. 
ACADEMis.M,*. bte?e^ve ber rtfabeini= 

fct)cn ^bilofopbie. 
ACADEMIST, s. ber 5Itabcmiil. 
ACADEMY, s. \. bie 2lfabenite; 2. (5r= 

iiclungganftalt ; 3. ber (yeiebrten«cr= 


ACANACEOUS, «/;. borntg, fla^Hg. 

ACANTHUS, «. bte ©iircnflau (ciu 
Jtraut); Arch. T. 93erjterung yon 
^aubwerf am da^ttal eiiier ©aule. 

ACATALECTIC, s. T. ber »OlI= 

ftanbige (ooUtacttge) aSer«. 
To ACCEDE, V. n. bcttvelcn, betjiiuu 

intn, ctiiw^tiUgen auf ; annebmeit. 
Tii ACCELERATE, v. a.bcfci)(euuigen. 
ACCELERATION, s. btc Scft^Ieuili: 


ACCELERATIVE, adj. B.efc^leuittgenb. 
ACCENT. % 1. bcr Son, ber 9lcccnt; 

2. ba§ Xon^etc^en ; 3. bie 9lu§fvracbe. 
To ACCENT, t). <7. bctoncn, acccntuivcn. 
ACCENTUAL, adj. ben 5Icccut betref= 

To ACCE.\TUATE, v. a. bctPltcn, lUtt 

Xonscidjcu »ci:ft(;Eii, Sclbfllaute ac= 

ACCENTUATION, .?. bie S3ctouung, 
2;oiifprecl)Uug, ba8 Sefeeit bcr Sonjct; 

I'o ACCEPT, V. a. «ntic^iiicn ; to — a 
bi:i of exchange, M. K. cillCU SBccfjfct 

ly), s bcinifct 


acce^jtiren ; to — of conditions, Sc^ 
btnguiigen cingctjcn. 

ACCEPTABLE (adv. — bly), adj. ait= 

iiefjitiUd), anitebmbar, aUgeucbin. 

ACCEPTABLENESS, s. bie 3luircbin= 
Itt^fcit, Slnucbmbarfeit. 

ACCEPTANCE, 5. 1. bic Qluncbmuitg, 
2lnitaf)me; 2. m. £-s. bte bemicilirte 
(jablbar gcinadjte) Xxattt ; ber 2lc= 
ccpt ; Slnnabme obcr 5lccevtatiott et= 
ue§ aScd3fcl8. 

ACCEPTATION, s. 1. bic 9lnna^me, 
gute 3lufnabmc ; ber Seifall ; 2, tie 
(aiigcnommcitc) ^Bcbcutung, ber ©inn 
etiteS SSorteS. 

ACCEPTER, s. bcr 5Initebmer, M. e. 

ACCESS, s. 1. ber 3»9a"3' 3"fritt ; 2. 
bcr 3nn)ac^8, aaa(i)§tt)«"'/ ^tc ^n- 
nabntc, bte 33erincbvung ; 3. bcr 9lu= 
fall einer ,Krantbfit; a man of easy 
— , cin fcbr sugdiiglic^cr 2)?aitn. 

ACCESSIBILITY, s. bte 3uganglicf)fett. 

ACCESSIBLE, adj. jugduglic^, erfteig= 

ACCESSION, s. i.bcr ©citrttt; 2. bic 
(Sclangung, Sbronbcficigttng, ber 
SJicgicruug'^antritt ; 3. — of bodily 
distempers, JtraufbeitSjufdUe ; 4. bie 
33crine^rung, ber 3i»vflc^'S- 

ACCESSORILY, adu. ciU Sflcbeitfa^c, 

ACCESSORINESS, s. bie 5;^eiltta|ine, 
bcr 58titit». 

ACCESSORY, adj. 1. bcitrctciib, btti^it 
fommeiib ; tintcvgeorDnct ; 2. tbctU 
ucbmenb, iiiitfd^ulbig ; to be — to. ^it 
(StwaS bcitragcit, bolfeit, mitfcf;ulbtg 

ACCE&SORY, .1. bcv 2:^ci(net)incr, ^clr 
fer«bflffr, 3JJitfi-f)ulbigc ; accessories, 
g. pi. A. T. iU'tnitcrucit, .^iilfJnerscii. 

ACCIDENCE. ,5. (book of — ), tit f leiuc 
latciuifc^e @vrad)Ict)re (fiir Slnfdiu 
ger), bcr 2>oiiat. 

ACCIDENT, s. 1. ba« iSufdUtge ©reig= 
nig, bcr '^wHi, Uiifall ; 2. bas 3u= 
f;j[ligc, 5lut!cnDcfcntlid)e, by — , 5u= 
falliger SBeifc, »ou uiigcfdbr. 

ACCIDENTAL, adj. 1. jufdf(ig ; 2. MYl- 

mcfeiitlicb, al5 9lcbeufac^c ; {adv. — 

ly), von ungefdbr. 
ACCLAIM, s. * ber 3»nif. bag 5rcu= 

bengcfc^rei, ber laute sBctfall. 
ACCLAMATION, s. bcr 3"">f. fante 

93cifaU, baS grcubettgcfcbrci. 
ACCLAMATORY, adj. JUrufcnb. 

ACCLIVITY, s. 1. bie ^cile3lnbbbej 
2. ba« jdbe Qlufflei^cit. 

ACCLIVOUS, adj. ,tu ciner fcbragen 
aticfttutig, idbc, flcil, aiifa'drt^. 

To ACCOMMODATp;, v. a. 1. tjerfc^cn, 
serforgcn, ausbelfcn, btcuett (— with, 
mit (Stmal), StroaS leibeit ; 2. bei[c= 
gcit, fc{)(tcf)ten, «ergletd)cii j 3. cin= 
ric^ten, beiiuciu niad)cu,- }urid)tcn, 
juvedjtmat^en, (accommobiren). 

ACCOMMODATE, adj. bcciucni, gciud^, 

ACCOMMODATING, ndj. gcfdHig, artig. 

ACCOMMODATION. 1. s.sivg.\it ®t- 
mafjbfit, 5lni'affitng, Sc|icf(id)feit; 

2. S3ci(cgung, ber giitlid)e sficrgleid) ; 

3. bie agerfebting, sKcrforguitg, 9liis= 
^iilfe ; Omp. — bills, j\i. E. kt\kX' 
TOcdifel ; — ladder, JV. T. bte groBc 
?5allrccv«hni))e (auf ©cbifcii) ; 2. 
accoinraodations, s. pi. 1. bte -Jlbtbci; 
(iincKrt uiib .ftamincrn auf eincin 
Scfciffc; 2. SBcquemlicbfcitcn, 33e= 

ACCOM MODATOR, s. bcr Sluorbucr, 

ACCOMPANIST, s. bcr 5KitfpicIcr, 5Ic= 

acco.m'panieu, 1. bcr ®cfcHfc^aftcr, 


Scgleltet ; 2. bet 3JiitfvicIer, 2lccoini 

ACCOMPANIMENT, s. Mas. T. bte tk' 

glcitung, ba« *}Iccoinpagnemeut. 

'A ACCOMPANY. V. a. 1. bcglcttCU ; 

2. mitfpieleu, mit etnftiinmcn ; 3. .<v 
T. geleiteu. 
ACCOMPLICE, s. bcr (bic) 3JJttf^ul. 

Ty ACCOMPI,ISH, v. a. i. VoUfiJ^rClt, 

^u ©taiibe bviitgcu, »oll5icl)cii, aui- 
fiibreit, uciUcubcu; crfitUcu; 2. aus- 
jiercu, fdjiniicfeit, auSoilbcu (^iJrver 
obcr @cift). 

ACCOMPLISHED, ailj. auSgcbilbet, an 

— gentleman, cilt 3)Janit (>§crr) SOU 

feiticr (soUcnbcter) '43ilbung. 
ACCOMPLisiiER, s. bcr ^Soncuber, 
iBoUfiibver. » 

ACCOMPLISHMENT, s. bic 3SollcU= 
bung, ^oUfiibruug, *Jlu8fiibrung ; ^v^ 
fiilluug ;■ music, drawing &c , is an ac 
complishmcnt, bie 9JJuftf, ba« 3eit^= 
neu, u. f. w. gebi^rt $u cincr ^bl)erii 

ACCORD, «. 1. bcr 5lccorb, (Sinfiang, 
33plUlang in bcr 2}htftt ; 2. bie lie. 
bercinftimmuiig; with one — , ?ia» 
ftiiitmtg, cinmiitbtg; of one's own — 
fieiroilltg, you fclbft. 

7V) ACCORD, V. I. n. iibcvciniliinmeu, 
ubcrciiiEoinmcu ; ii. a. iibcrcinftini= 
ntig inad)cii, ftiinnteuj ocvgleic^cu, 
ycrcinigen, »crfi>buen j pa»'- to — 
difficulties, (Sdbwicrigfeitcu bcbcu ; t» 

— a ditrerence, ciuCU ©trcit fcblidj' 

ten, au«glci(^cn. 
ACCORDANCE, s. bic lJebcrttufliiit= 

inung, Oemd^^cit, (Siutracfet. 
ACCORDANT, adj. itbereinfttinntcub, 

gleidjforintg, geiud^. 
ACCORDING, prep, (iiitt, to) geijia^, JU 

^olgc, uac^, taut. 
ACCORDiNtJLY, nrfp. bcitt (ber Dbcrbc= 

uen) gcmdj), baritac^, folglic^, bem^ 

uac^, mitf)in, alfo. 
Tt> Accost, v. a. anrcbcii. 
ACCOSTABLE, aiij. gcfprac^ig, Jll= 

gdng(id), umgdng(icf). 
AccxjucHEMENT, s. bie S'licberfunft 

ACCOUCHEUR, .«. bcr ®cburt8^clfcr. 

To ACCOUNT, 7). I. n. (— for), 1. 3it- 

d)cnfc^aft fiir (f troaS gcbcu, bafitr ^e- 
bcu; 2. ®runb baoou angebcit,e8erj 
flarcn; ii. a. ac^tcn, inctncn, bafiir 

ACCOUNT, .9. 1. bic3Jc(f)uung 2?crec^= 
nung ; 2. 9?cd)cnfd)aft ; 'S.fg. bte (Sr= 
fliirung; 4. <Sd)ilberuug, bcr ^^e^ 
ricbt, bte ?Jac!)rid)t, bie ISridblung ; 
5. baa 3htfcben ; 6. ber®cn3i«u, 33oi= 
ttjcil; 7. @ruub, bie ttrfac^e; Piir. 

to balance an — , etUC SJci^UUng ah- 
fc^ticfjen; to bring in one's — , fciuc 
3Jeci)nung cinrcic^cu ; to call to — , iiiv 
SRccbcufcbaft jicbcn ; to give — , bc- 
rict)tcn, benad)rid)tigcn ; to give an — 
aficc^uung obcr 9iccbcnfd)aftab(ogcu 
bcvirfjtcn, erjdblcn ; erfldrcn ; to give 
an — of one's self, ftd) bcfaitut t1ia= 

d)en, ftd) jcigeu; to kwp — , 3ic(i>- 
itttftg fiibveit, l)alten; to make — of. 

bocb' fdJcilJCU ; to make no —of ge- 

ring fcba^cn; to pass to ■ — , tit 3^ed)= 
nuiig bringcu; to take an — of. nu^ 

tcvflldKIt ; to turn to — , M. E. ©t- 

iPtiiit bvingcu. giitc 9ic(ftnung gebcit, 
fid) yeriutcrcffivcu, gitten feebraucf), 
yhtfecit niadjcu you ; — a man ot 
(sjno(i) — . ciu augefel'ucr 'D?aiiu, cin 
?5j. u. 5licbcutung ; a man of no — , 
cin uitbcbcutcubcr ?)Ieufd); of — , 
n.nd)tig, von i^cbcutuiig ; of no — , 
gcriiigfiigig, uid)t§ bebeutcub, nic^t« 
gclteitb ; M. K-s. on— ,fiufSied>RUug.. 
auf '.'lbfd)lag, & Konto; a payment or 


— ©tnft^uf ; on — of, a«3 Urfac^c 
megcii, um .. . UMlIcit; on no — , auf 
teincn Sail, burc{)au8 ntd)t. 

ACCOUNTABLE, ddj. jitr aiec^eiifc^aft 
^evbiiiiben, ocraithuovtlici) (— for.., 
f. <StwaS). 

A.0COUNTABI £NESS, ? s bte SSetant^ 

><JCPUNTA1ULITY. > Wortltt^fftt. 

^imquNTANT. s. in aJe^enmeiflev, 
^emtuiiggfi'^ver, iUtcJjl^alter. 
fiCCSTONT-BOOK. s. iaS 9tcci)nung8= 
Oitc^ ; Y>/. E. bi\i 6outobiici). 
To AGqpVTRE, V. a. ailflctbClt, aUS^ 

flartsiwV'ifefii ; aiiSviipcu. 
ACpOOTRKMENT, 5. 1. bcr 9ln}U;], 

^lAil^i); 2.bie ©oftatcniuflung. 
•* IKAC'CREDIT, V. a. 0Jlaii6tn betmef= 
c t '--' J(^, beglaubigeii, orcvcbitiren. 
.._„.--■ ACCRESCENT, Q<i/.auaHutfeiib, 5imch= 

ACCRETION, s. bcr aBac^«t[)uiit, bic 
Sln^dufung, ba« 3"»f ^mf"- 
ACCRETIVE, acO. sime^iiicnt), ft)a(|= 
feiib (»on cinci: Scmcgung). 

To ACCRUE, V. n. aU ©tlUaS Clttfic= 

i)tn, erroac^fcn. 

To ACCUMULATE, v. 1. a. ^ciufeit, }U= 

fammcuf)aiifeii, aiifeaufen, aiifl)aii[eii ; 
II. n. juiic^ntcit, fid) l)aufcn. 
ACCUMULATION, s. 1. bie .gaufung, 
Slnpufititg ; 2. ber .§aufe. 

ACCUMULATIVE, ad;, ^aufcitb J 2. 

ACCUMULATOR, *. bcr 5ufaminen= 

bduft, 93cniic^vcv. 
ACCURACY, s. bie ®cit«iiig!ett, 9ii^s 

tigfeit, ^.piiuftlic^jfcit. 

ACCURATE {ntlii. — ly), adj. gClliUt, 

ric^tig, piiuJtlid). 

ACCURATENESS, s. bic (Senaitigfctt, 

ACCURSED, paH. adj. 1. OCVflu^t, S;er= 

miinf<tt; 2. atfc^culid). 
ACCUSABLE, adj. taUlbaft, flrafOav. 
ACCUSANT, s.bcv 9lnflagcc, ^Icigec. 
ACCUSATION, s bie 3lnflage, Sefc^uU 

btgung, ^lage («dv ©ericpt). 

ACCUSATIVE, s. Oram. T. (— case), 

bet 2lccufatio. 

ACCUSATIVELY, adn. (gvamiitatif^) 
ben Slccufatio fcettcffcitb, aU ^Iccufa^ 

ACCUSATORY, adj. ailflngf rtb. 

To ACCUSE, v.a.i. rtiiflagen, tefc^iil= 
btgen ( — of, or for a tiling, wcgeii ei= 
iier @ad)e) ; 2. tabcin, mipbilligcn. 

ACCUSER, s. bcv 5Iitfldger, JJldgcv. 

To ACCUSTOM, v. a. gcwo^neii (— to 
a tiling, on einc Sai^e). 

ACCUSTOMED, adj. Qtw'i>'.)nt, QmO^lU 


ACE, s. baS 91J5, bie C?iu§ (auf 2Biir= 
fetn Dbev .Jlavteti^ ; fig. bie jtlctiiig= 
fcit ; not an — , itid^t ciit i^iiav bveit, 
nic^t ba« SDlinbefle. 

ACEPHALOUS, adj. hpfloS, O^ne J!opf. 
ACERB, adj. 1. tievte, ftrciige, fd&arf, 

bitter (iiu ©cfc^mai) ; 2. fig. fc^arf, 

ftrciige, vaul;. 
ACERBITY, s. 1. bie ^erbig!eit, ber 

bcrbe ©efc^macf ; 2. fig. bie Strcnge, 

ACESCENCY.s. I. bte (gaure, <5c^ar= 

fe ; 2. Sauerlicfefcit (Sfleigung jur 

;VOESCENT, adj. fauer mcvbciib, fau- 


ACETABULUM, s. 1. ^. T. Ht fpb5tt= 

frl)e 9lu«()i.H)luug bcr ,Kiio(^cn, jum 
•Bebuf bcr (Sitifugitngunbber SewciV 
lifbfcit aiibevcr- 2. citt ri)mifci;'c8 
^liifftgfeitlma^, i ciiicr cnglifcbeit 

ACETATE, s. cii. T. ciiie 5lrt (Sdurc. 
ACETIFACTION, s. inU Sfftgmac^cu ; 

ACETOUS, adj. frtUtr, fillCvUd). 


ACETITM, ». Ch. T. bcr SBttncfilg. 

ACHE. s. bcr ©timers, bic §Pcin. 

To ACHE, V. n. fdjitierjcti, U'cb tbun ; 
Phr. my head aches, lllir tbut bcr JtPpf 
t»cb; my heart aches, C§ fd)mcrjt mic^ 

in bcr @cclc, iiu .Scrjcit. 
ACHIEVABLE, n^if.'aiiSfii^rbar, inog= 

ACHIEVANCE, s. bie 45anblung (im 

cblcii ©inne), bic ©vogtbat. 
To ACHIEVE, «. a. 1. upllcnbcit, aiiS= 

fitbi'Cii, n\ Staube bringen; 2. cr= 

u'crbcii, bcfommcii, crlaiigcn, gcwiii- 

ACHIEVEMENT, s. 1. bie groSc 2;brtt/ 

.^dbciitbat ; 2. Sffiappctt, bcr 2iBav= 


ACHIE^^:R, K. I. bcr 23oIlbringcr ; 2. 

(Snrcrbcr, ©ilatigcr, 
ACHOR, s. bcr Slnfpniiig, 2)lil^fcf;Dvf, 


ACHROMATIC, ailj. Oi<t. T. favbctttog. 

ACicuLAR (^ado. — ly), iiabclfonuig, 


ACID, adj. faucr. 
ACID, s. bie Sdurc. 
To ACIDIFY, V. a. aufditcrii, iu (Sdiive 


ACIDITY, ) i,;. (3: 4,,., 

ACIDNESS, ^^i^'eSaure. 
To ACIDULATE, r.n.fctucrlid; inad)Clt, 
AcmuLOUS, a^j. faucrlid). 

To ACKNOWLEDGE, v.a.i. crfcnilClt, 
flitcrfcnnen, bcftdtigcit ; 2. befciiitcii, 

ACKNOWLEDGMENT, 1. bic 5llicr= 

f ctinimg ; 2. ba^ ®efiaitbni^, yScIcnut^ 

nip; 3. §mpfan(j8an5cigc. 
ACME, s. bcr ®ivTcl, bic €pifec. 
ACONITE, s. bie SBolfgwuvs, ba« G?i= 

fcnbittlcin ; ng. * ein ti3btlid)c8 ®ift. 
ACORN, s. bte (Sic^cl, K"(fcr; JV. T. 

bcr J?novf cim SHigclfpill. 
ACORNFJ), adj. 6'id)eln tragcnb. 
ACORUS, s bcr Jtalmus. 
ACOUSTIC adj. acnftifd^, bvi3 ®cl;5r 

ACOUSTICS, 1. s.pi. T. ?lcnflit, (Sc^al{= 

Icbre, ©cbortunbe; 2. ©cburarsncicn. 
To AcauAiNT, V. a. bcfannt madden; 

bcrtcbtcn, iitclbcn, bcnadjriditigcn, 

Sfiadjrid)! gcben (mit witii u. of. niit, 

i'on gtroaS) ; this is to —you, bicrmit 

luelbc id) Sbncn. 
AcauAiNTANCE, .?. 1. bic 3Scfannt= 

fd)aft, JJenntniii; 2. bcr (bic) 5Bc= 

AcauEST, s. bcr (5nverb, bas cru'or= 

bene ®ut, bic ^rpbcrang. 

To ACaUIESCE, V. n. fid) bci ^tWClS 

hmtlme\t, iamit jitfricbcn fci;n, fid) 

Co gefalleu laffcn, c§ gcncbmigcn, 

barctn willigcn, fid) bavin fiigcn. 
ACQUIESCENCE, s. bic (Srgcbung, %u= 

gang, ®cucbmigitng, (Sinroitligung. 
AcauiESCENT, adj' ftd) Icic^t, gebitl= 

big in (StwaS ftnbcnb, ergcbcnb, nad)= 

AcauiRABi,E, aiij. crwcrbbar, crlflng= 

To AcauiRE, V. a. 1. crwctbcn, crlan= 

gen ; 2. crlcvncn. 
ACQUIREMENT, .s. 1. bic ©rwcrbung, 

©rlangnng; 2. bte crn'orbene ?5<i()i8= 

Icit ober Scrtigfcit, (Sricrnung. 
ACQUIRER, *. bcr (Snucrbcr. 
ACQUISITION, s. 1. bic (Srrecrbitng ; 

2. (Sricrnung; 3. bcr CSrwerb, b'a^ 

erwprbene (5|ut. 

ACQUISITIVELY, adn. Gram. T. flnjci; 

gcttt), bap cinScitnJorttoobcrfornac^ 
fid) bat. 

To ACQUIT, V. a. bcfrctcn; fret fprc: 
d)cn, Ipgfprccben, crlaffcn, quittircn ; 

— one's .«elf of a thin?, ftd) CtUCr (£a= 


c^e enflebtgcn, bicfclbt scrrtt^ftn ; w 

— one's self from blame, ftc^ QCge] 

3;abel fid)er ftclien. 
ACQunTAL. s. L. T. bic ?o«fpvecbnng. 
ACQUITTANCE, s. bicSrcifprccbung; 

ACRE, s. bcr 9lJci-. 

ACRED, pirt. adj. col. ®runbflU(fc('Jl«i 

(fcv) bcfifeeub. 


ACRIMONIOUS ( ndr. — i,y), S ''' 

fcbarf, bcigcnb, bitter. 
ACRIMONY, .?. 1. bie Sdjdrfe; 2. fig. 

bic Sittcrfcit, .^eftigfcit, Strcngc. " 
ACRITUDE, >«.tieSd)drfe, bag"2Bei= 
ACRiDNESS, 5 Scnbc, bcr bcrbe ®e' 

fcbmaif ; 2. fig. bie ^eftigfcit. 
ACROAMATic, adj. eigc!i'tlid) b>5rbat 

ttjie 3?prlcfungcn(burd) 2)}iji»erftanb 

nnb 9J2itibraud) abcr unvbcg im ®ngl. 

Bpn asprtrdgcn fiir ©ewcibtc, cbct 

cfotcrifi^cn iSSortragcn gebrauc^t); 

ACROATic, adj. 5U bcn gcbcintcn 9Scr^ 

Icfiingcn bc8 ilrifiotclc's geborig. 
ACROMION, s. .1. T. btc (2rf)ulterb6bf- 
ACRONICAL {adv. — ly), adj. T. ac^ro^ 

ACROSPiRE, .9. bcr ,^eint (bcfonbcra 

cineS (2amcuEpvnc« auffcr bcr @rbc). 
ACROSPIRED, adj. ^cimt iv«bcub, fci- 

ACROSS,, in 

re; PAr. with arms — , mit iibcrcin; 

anbcr gcfd)lagcncn 9lrmcn ; ll. r>fit 

liber, qucr burd). 
ACROSTIC, I. .9. T. ba3 9lfrpflic*oi; 

(^fJamengebidjt) ; h. adj. afrpftifri). 
ACROSTICALLY, adv. 'glcid) cincm 


ACROTERIA, > 5. pi. flcinc, nicbrigt 
ACROTERs, S Su^gcftcUe(ju33aftn, 

H. f. >».). 
To ACT, r. i.n. 1. banbfln, ttjtrlfn; 2. 

fid) bctragcn ; Phr. to — upon 

auf (S'tivaS iinifcn; to — up to .-i 

thing, cincr (2ad)e gcmSjj b^"i'tl"i 

nacbfi-^iniitcn; u. a.yprftcUcn, fptdcu, 

Tjtacbcn; PAr. to —a play, cine ^'0- 

mpbic fpielcu; Mr. G. acts Hamlet, 

.gerr ®. fpicU (mac^t) bcn vgamlct. 

ACT, s, 1. bic .ganblung,2'l)at; 2. bcr 
5lct, 9luf;|iug ; 3. bie fcicrlicbe .§aub= 
lung, (gci)*tlfcl)c9lmtig»crric^tnng) bci 
9lctui? ; 4. bic Sieputatipu, Strcit- 
iibung (auf Uniuerfitdtcn) ; 5. bif 
9lctc, ba-:* &a\\\t\ Hi S)ccvct, 0c= 
fc^ ; 0. bie aBivflid)fcit ; Phr. in Win 
very — , ouf fiifd)cr S^bat ; Acts o( 
the Apostles, bic 9lpoftclgcfc^ic|tc. 

ACTING, pnrt. —, Jl/. K. bcr 

wirfli^ic Slffccie. 

ACTION, .9. 1. bie 5ffiirfung ; 2. ^anb= 
lung, %[nt; 3. .^auptbahblung cinc^ 
®cbid)t§ ; A. 9lctipn, ®cbcrbuitg, @c= 
ftn«; 5. bcr 3icd)t«banbel, ^'rpjcfi, 
Jllage; 6. baS @efcc|)t, iErcffcu ; m 
bring an — against one, Ctnc .Jtlagc 

wibct Scmanbcn cingcbcn, il)n gcrid)l= 
li^ belangcn. 

ACTIONABI,E {adv. — bly), adj. pVP^ 

jc^fa^ig, flagbar. 

ACTIVE (adv. — ly), adj. 1. tbiitig ; 2. 

wirfcnb; 3. gcfd)dftig, Icbbaft, cm; 
fig ; 4. bcbenb, gcnianbt : €. praftifii) j 
6. Gram. T. actto, jiclbar, tbdttg ; M 
K-s. — debts, 2lcti»=(2c^ulbcn (auj= 
flc^cnbc S.) ; — commerce, bcr 5lc= 
tio=.§aubcl, 9In8fubr=>ganbcI ; —pro- 
perty, cigencS S?crmiigcn (cincS .ffaut' 
manned) an baarcm ®clbc, ©runb^ 
ftiidfen, SCnarcn, ai]cd)ff In, u. f. w. 
ACTIVENESS, ? s. S;batigfcit, Scbbaf- 
ACTivrrY, S tigfeit, SBcbcnbigfcii. 
feats of — . Jiunftfliicf c. 
ACTOR, .s- 1. bcr i§aubclubc, Xbiitcr 




2. afectjaufptcler; 3. 91nTOaIttmSi»iI= 

(ICTRp:ss, s. i. bie ^anbclnbe $Pcrfon ; 
2. Scbaufvielennit. 

ACTUAL {adv. — ly), a.ij. Wtviltd) ; — 

service, bcr wirfltd^e 5)tenft bet 

AcnjALTTY, 8. bie 3Btvt(td)fett. 
ACTUARY, s. 1. ber 5lctuartu§, ^ea^U 

Sratot, ®evtc|tef^vcibcr; 2. ©^rei= 
To ACTUATE, v. a. trt SBewcgurtjj cbev 
Xiiati^kit fe^eii, in @aug fe^eii, ans 
trctben, trciben. 
ACTUATION, ».bte SBifturtfl, ttjtilcube 

ACUlTlON, «. Hi ©c^arfeit, ba« <SpU 

ACULEATE, adj. flad&Itf?, fp'l^ia. 
ACUMEN,.'.. 1. bie fc^di-fc <Bpi^t; 2. 
/"-. bie Sdbarfftniiwfett. 
ACUMINATE, adj. fd^arf. 
ACUMNATION, ». bie frfiarfe <S>>i^e. 
ACUPUNCTURE, s. ba§ 9iabcljtecftcn. 

ACUTE (adp. — lv), n</j. 1. fVtfeig^, 
f<i»iivf; 2. Jig. fcfarfltniiig, fcfc«it, 
fctn; — disease, ettte ftiftige ^i-aiit= 

^Ctt ; — accent, or acute, s. i)(V 2lcu- 

tu8, fc^avfe 5lcccnt. 

ACUTENESS, s. 1. bic S^arfe, (£^3i= 
^{(^fctt; 2. /n-. bcv Sc^arfftmt, bie 
fe^iirfc, (!etuf)ftt (bc§ ^-ScrftanbcS), 
S<>i^pnbtgtett; 3. -gcfttgteit, Stvi\iS 

ADAGE,*. baS (S^>rid^wort, bie 23lart= 

ADAM, «. 5Ibam (^JJannSname) ; — 's 

ale, cant. ©aKfciDCtll ; — 's apple, ber 

'ilbam««^f^l, 9I?arabic«avffl, 3ubctt= 

«Vfet (9lrt $omeran5cn) ; ?lbamS= 

aisfft (fteroovrai^cnbe Xi^dl an bei; 

©urgel) ; ber ^c^lEnorpef. 
ADAMANT, s. 1. bcr 3)iamnttt, 2)e= 

mant ; 2. SKagncf. 
ADAMANTEAN, arf/.bemantatttg, 5«rt 

twit 35kraattt. 
ADAMANTLNE, arfj. 1. bematttcit ; 2. 

yi^. mtjerjlorbar, iinaiifloelit^ ; — 

spar, bcr Siamantfpat^ (in Snbieu 

unb 6()tit« flcfunben). 
7'o ADAPT, V. a. ati^a^ctt, atikquenten, 

ADAPTABLE, adj. attmcttbbar. 

ADAPTATION, s. btC SluVaffuitjl, 9llts 


To ADD, p. a l^tllJUtbUK/ ^ttljufe^eil. 

^titjufii(jen, beifiigcti, beitraflcn; to 

— to, ixriue^rett ; to — up, abbireit. 
7'o ADDECIMATE, b. o. SC^lltCU, belt 

3et)Hi«a ite&meit. 

ADDENDUM, s. ber 3»fafe, 3ltth<iu(5, 
ISadjtraa, bie ©rj^aajuiig (ctiieg 28er= 

icS) ; «. pi Addenda. 

ADDER, s. tie flatter. 
adder'S-grass, s. baS ^tiabenfraut 

(Orciiig. — /J. 

addee'S-tongue, s. bit SJiatterjuiije 

{Opbioglessum. — />.). 

adder's-wort, *. bic -Waftcrwurs, 

taS ^latterftaUt {Polygonum bislorta 

— L). 

ADBiBU^lTY, e. bte 93crme()rbarfett. 

ADDIDLE. adj. ^tHJufe^baC. 

To ADDICT, V. a. — one's self, ft(^ et:= 
(jebf It, ft£& iibcfkffctt. 

A DDICTED, part, rerfj. ergebcn, tuj^etbait. 

4DDICTEDVESS, s. bie (frafbc'nf)rif. 

ADDICTION, s. bie (Srgebeii'beit. 

(kDDn-lON, s. 1,. bie ^iitjutf)uitii!^, 
.^titjtifc^itfl ; 2. S'lfage, a3ermeb= 
rung, bcr 3«f2ft; 3. jir. r. tie 2lbbi= 
tioii ; 4. /.. 7'. ber ^ctfa^, bas Sei= 
teicfetn, ^cittjort, (jeber j:tte( unb 
43etuame ju bcm 93ov=uiib Suttiimen 
eiuti -Diantieg, jur iksfid&iiung fei- 
Be« Stdttbes, . 'Jllters, ©eiuevbcS, 
iBe^tujrtrs, u. f. to). 

ADDITIONAL, adj. ^titjugefefet, ita^s 

ADDITIONALLY, adv. ttlS 3"f«fc Ob« 

Siigabe ; mtt babet. 
ADDITiVE, adj. ^injuffigbar. 
ADDITORY, adj. I)iitsuff^enb. 
ADDLE, adj. lecr, unfrU(itbar ; addle or 

addled egg, bas aBiubet, faule (leere) 


To ADDLE, V. a. unfriK^tbrtr maiden. 
ADDLE FATED, adj. leevEojjfig, «ube= 

fonneit, unnbig. 

To ADDOOM, V. a. + 5UCrfcmtClI. 
ADDORSED, part. adj. H. T. riitfltttgS 

gegen einanber gcftellt (3;f)iere, <2a= 

OJCII, u. f. tt)). 

To ADDRESS, v. a. 1. ill Screitfc&aft 
fv^en, bcreit ^aUctt ; 2. aitrebctt ; to 

— one's self to any one, ftc^ an 3e= 

maitb toeiiben, ric^tcn ; to — a letter, 
eineit i^rief itberfcbveibcn, mit ber 
5(uff(^rift »erfebcn ; to — the king, 
bei bem JJoiiig anfudjen uin .... 

ADDRESS, s. r. bie 3lnrebe ; 2. baS 33e= 
nebmen; 3. bic ©ctuanbtbcit, ®t- 
frf)i^li*teit; 4. bieiBtttf4)rift,2)nnf= 
fc^rift (i. e. as the address may be a pe- 
tition, or of thanks); 5. 2luffc^rift, 

ADDRESSER, s. 1. bcr ctiie Q3itN, 
2)ant=, 3iifd)viff, u. f. n?. iibcn«ic9t ; 
2. ber h3cld)cr due 9tnrebe ^alt. 

ADDRESSES, s. pi. to pay one's — to. 

fic^ beiBerbeit urn, ben .$of matbcn. 
To ADDUCE, V. a. aufii^ren, auffiellen, 

ADDUCENT, adj. an^icbcub ; .-?. T. JU= 

fammenjicbcnb ; — muscle, bcr Qlnjie- 

l)ung§muS£cI, 'JInjieber. 
ADDUCIBLE, adj. aufit^rbar, anjieb- 

ADDUCTION, s.bie 3lnfiibrung, 3lnjics 

ADDUCTiVE, adj. ^eruutcrbolcnb, ber= 

ADDUCTok, s. A. T. ber etun>art«jic= 

bcnbe 2)?u8£el. 
ADEMPTION, s. L. T bie SBcguabntf, 

@ntjtel;ung (eineS 9Scrindc^tniffc6, u. 

f. w.). 
ADENOGRAPHY, t. A. T bie Sefc^rci= 

bung bcr 2)rufen. 
ADENOTOMY, g. T. A. bic 5}rufenjers 


ADEPT, adj. gclcbrt, crfabrcrt. • 
ADEPT, s. 1. bcr 3lbevt ©olbmacber, 

(Singcweiijte; 2. erfabrcnc, wctfe 


ADEQUACY, > s. bie ©cmcipbcit, 
ADEaUATENESS, > fiinlanglic{)Eeit, 


ADEaUATE Mo. — ly), adj. 1. glfi^ ; 
2. angcmeffcn ; 3. ^infanglicb. 

ADJ'ECTED, adj. Als- T. fl'ug »Crf(^ic= 

bcncn ^otenjeu beflcbenb, jufammen= 

To ADHERE, v. n. «ni)aitgen, anircben ; 
to — together, sufammeti^artgctt ; fig. 
to — to a party, — an opinion, — a 

person, etner 5Partei, einer 2)teinung, 
Scmanbem jugetban fein. 
ADHERENCE, s. ba8 9lnbrtngctt, 9ln=: 
Hebeu ; fig. bie 5lnbaiiglt^tctt, (5rgc= 

ADHERENT {adr>. — ly), ad]. (y\x\)a.\\- 

genb, anb<irtgig. 

ADHERENT, '/ ._ „,„, •• 
ADHERER, i*-^«^'"f>"'9«- 
ADHESION, s. bie ainffcbung, b«8 9In= 

bangen (j. 33. bc8 gifenS ivi b. 3J?aa= 


ADHESIVR {ade. — ly), adj. atl^iUti 

flcnb, auHfbenb. 
ADHESIVENESS, «. bte ,tlebrig!eit, 

ADiHBrrroN, e. bie ?{nnjciibung, bcr 


ADHOUT.ATORY, adj. aniita'^nenb, er» 


ADIAPHANOUS, adj. Hiibitrc^fic^tig. 
ADIAPHOROUS, adj. Ch. T. ncufral, 

glcid)giiUig ; — salt, cin 9JJittclfitlj. 

ADIEU, I. adv. 'jibicu, ®Ott bcfoblcn, 

Icbe n)ol)t; il. s. ba§ SekwobI; to„^^^2» 
bid one — . ©iiicin Sebcmst)! [vMartTN 2v 
»on ibm 9Ibfc{)icb ncbnieu. /A* » 

ADIPOSE, Adipous, adj. A. T. fi(&Hlft» 

rig, fctt. ^^^ 

ADIT, s. Mill. T. bet 3'lt5«"9 

ADJACENCY, s. bic 5lngreuju: 
ADJACENT, adj. aiilicgcnb, ' 
jettb, aufiogcnb. 

To ADJECl', V. a. btn^UtbUU, ^t 


ADJECTiTious, adj. Ijtnjugett^in, 

ADJECl'lVE, s. Oram. T. baS 3IbjectiB, 

ADJECTIVELY, adv. al« 33ettt;ort, bct» 

To ADJOIN, V. \. a. bcifiigcu, biu^ufii* 

gen, anfiigcn (». ji) ; ii. w. anlicgcu, 

angrenscii, anfloBen. 
To ADJOURN, V. \. a. I. auf cinctt au^ 

bem 2^ag Dcrfdjicben, vertagcn; 2. 

au«rc^cn,'»cvfcbicben, auffdjiebcn; il 

n. bie (Sibling auffjebcn, auseinanbcr^ 

ad.iournmi:nt, .•?. 1. bie Slufcfemtg 

eine« S:agc«,bie QScrtagung; 2. VIuS^ 

fe^ung, U]ctf(^iebung, ber aScrfdjiib, 


To ADJUDGE, v. n. 1. JUCrlcnUCU, JU^ 

fvrcd;cn ; 2. urtfjcilcn, cvfcitnen. 
ADJUDGMENT, *•. bte S'lcrEcttuuitg, 

bas Urtbcil. 
To ADJUDICATE, vid. To Adjudge. 

ADJUDICATION, s. 1. L. T. tie 3uer> 
feunung, 3ufprec^ung (cines ^aufe«, 

H. f. ft).). 
ADJUNCT (a<?». — ly), adj. mit @t«ja8 

ucrbunbcn, »er!niivft. 
ADJUNcr. s. 1. tt\v<\% 53ciaefiigte3, cin 
Umftaub, cine sitfdllige @igcnfd)aft; 

2. ber 5?lbjiinct, 3lmt«gebiilte. 
ADJUNCTION, a. 1. bic ^cifugung, 

bnS^injufggcn; 2. bcr 3"fn^- 
ADJUNCTIVE, .9. 1. ba« 5Beigcfiigk. 
ADJUNCTIVE, adj. yerbiiibciib. 

ADJUNCTIVELY, adv. Dcrciut. 

ADJURATION, k. 1. bie 9lufcrlcgung 
nn,b iBorfd;rcibnng bc« @ibcg ; 2. bie 
(SibcSforntel ; 3. i8cfd)w5rung, brin= 
gcnbjte 53itte. 

To ADJURE, V. a. 1. bcn (Sib auferic; 
gctt, bccibcn ; 2. ( — one by . . . ,) nu- 
rufeii, auf h\\% Sringenbfie bitten. 

ADJUREii, s. bcr auf etncn (J:tb 2)vin= 

To ADJUST, V. a. 1. ovbiicu, iu Drb- 
nung, in"« 9?eine bringcn, jurcrfjt 
niacbf n ; 2. iibercinfitntntcnb madicn ; 

3. bericbtigcn, abglcid)cn. 
ADJUSTER, «. ber aScric^f igcr ; iScr= 

ADJUSTMENT, s. 1. bie @iurid)tung 

(einer ?DJafcftine, u. f. w.), 31uorb= 

nung ; 2. iBeric^tigung. 
ADJUTANCY, s. 1. fcic 'ilbjutautur ; 2. 

bie gefdjicfte 5{norbnung. 
ADJUTANT, s. bcr^bjutartt, 43iiIf«of» 

pcier, Sicnfigebiilfe. 

ADJUVANT, a;// 1. bcbliffltc^. 

ADLOCUTION, s. uji. Allocutios. 

To ADMEASURE, v. a. I. IJieffcn ; 2. 

ADMEASUREMENT, s. I. bte 2)?effung , 

2. 3umeffung. 
ADMINICULAR, adj. Ijiilfreic^, bc^iilf» 


To ADMINISTER, v. a. 1. UcnvalteU 

banbbaben; 2. austbeilcn, ertbeilen, 
uerforgcrt, gebcn (JUcbicin, it. f. w.") ; 
Phr. to — to tlw wants of, Sebiirfiiif»' 




fen 5u §ulfe fommcn, SScbiirfniffcn 

ab()elfctr; to — an oath to one, (Stlicm 

ciuen 6tb abneljmen, eincti @ib ft^iiios 
ten laffen. 

MJMINISTRATION, s. 1. bie 3]ci'»al= 
tuitg, $pege, ^aiibljatiuitj^ ; 2. Uic- 
fltcrung ; 3. ba« 5!Ktuiftcnum ; 4. bie 
iBermn[tuni\ bev <Snta ctnc3 obne 
S;eftainfnt iBerflorbcnen ; 5. bie (Sr= 
4>DM[NisTRATrvE, adj. serwattenb. 

ADMLMSTRATOR, s. 1. bct ^atlbf)a= 

bcr, Sevroalter, ^Jlmtsocrrocfer ; 2. 
i^crwaltcvetucS otjiie Scftament 33cr= 

ADMINISTRATORSHIP, s. ba« 5lmt ft= 

itc^ SSerwalterS, u. f. t». 
ADMINISTRATRIX, s. bte ^anb^abc= 
vtnn, SSerwalteriuH, u. f. w. 

\DMIRABLE (ado. — ly), arf/. ljet»Ull= 

bcniswiirbig, sortreffltc^. 
ADMIRABLENESS, s. bie ^eaniiibent3= 

wsivbigtcit, SSovtrefflic^Eeit. 
ADMIRAL, s. ber 9lbmiral; Lord High 

— , ber (5)to§abmiral; rear — , bei' 

ADMIRALTV, s. btc 3lbmiralitat, bci- 

©eeratl) ; — court, or court of ■ — , baS 

ADJURATION, s. bie 93ewunbcruiig ; 

sign (note) of — , ba« 5BenxninbevuugS= 

(Vlu«rufung§--) 3,ti^tn. 
To ADMIRE, V. L a. jcanuibeni ; II. 71. 

fid) routibern. 
ADMIRER,*. 1. ber Scnjuiibcrer ; 2. 

ADMISSIBILITY, s. bie 3»I<<fft3ffif/ 


ADMISSIBLE (ai^B.— ly), adj. jwlaffig ; 


AD.MISSION, s. 1. bie 3utaffung, 5luf= 
na[)me; 2. ber ©intnp, 3"trittj 3. 
bie (Siiiraumuitg, ©efiattung. 

To ADMIT, B. a. 1. eitilaffeii, juTaffen, 
ben Butritt uerfiatteit j 2. aiinehmcii, 
juaeben, einraumeit; 3. gcjlatten, 
gelteit laffen, »erftatten ; — to 
an office, ju einem Slmte loffen ; to be 
admitted a doctor, pn>mo»irt (bie 5)oc= 
torroiirbe er^alten) t)aben. 

ADMITTABLE, adj. JUlafftg. 

ADMITTANCE, s. 1. bie 3"lnffu"3, 

(Slnlaffung ; bie ©infu^ning, 3luf= 

na[)me ; 2. ber 3«tiitt. 
ADMITTER. s. ber 9lufnel)tiienbe, 3"= 

tritt QScrfiattcnbe, u. f. w. 
To ADMIX, V. a. betmtfdben. 
ADMIXTION, ts. 1. bie ^in5«mt= 
ADMIXTURE. S ft^nrtg, Seimif(^ung ; 

2. baS ®cmifa>te; 3. ber 3nfa&. 
To ADMONISH, v. a. 1. crma&ncn, ti- 

innern ; 2. njavnen (of, or against, »i>r 

ADMONiSHER, s. ber ermal>ner, (5v= 

innercr, SBarner. 
ADMONISHMENT, s. bie (Srmal;nung, 

aBarnung, ^rinnerung. 
ADMONITION, s. bte ©mtflfinung, (Sr* 

innerung, SBiirnung, ber S3erroei«. 
ADMONITIONER, s. ber gem crnja&= 

net, erinnert. 
ADMONITIVE, adj. ermal;ncnb, tonr= 

nenb, erinnernb. 
ADMONITOR, s. ber (5rmaf)ner, (Srtn- 

ADMONITORY, aJj. ermal)nenb, »ar= 

nenb, erinnernb. 
ADNASCENT, adj. nil tixocti Qlnberitt 

ADNATE, adj. II. T. bcivan «)afi)fenb. 

ADNOUN s. Oram. T ba8 ^IbjeCtia, 

too, s. ber ?;irm, iciS ©eriiufti), bie 

-iSerwirrung ; 9}liif)e, S9ef(i^rocrbe. 
ADOLESCENCE, s. baS 3iingltngSaI= 

ter, bte Sngenb. 
Ai>')LESCENT,a. jiigenblic^. 

ADOLPHUS, s. 9lboIp^ ('KannSname). 
To ADOPT, V. a. 1. abovttren, an J?in-^ 

bc8 ©tott anne^men; 2. fg. annel)= 

men, billigen ; an adopted child. ba3 

9lbo)3tt»=ftnb, SBablfinb (Jturfo[)n, 

ADOPTER, s. ber Qlbopfirenbe, 5lnne^= 

mtr, aSablyater. 
ADOPTION, s. 1, bie 9tboVttP«/ bn« 

5lnftnben; 2.^^-. bie 2lnnal)mc. 
ADOPTIVE, adj. 1. anJlinbc^ ©tattan= 

genommcn; 2. an Jtiubeg ©tatt an= 


ADORABLE, (ado. — bly), adj. ClllU^ 

ADORABLENESS, 5. bte 9lnbetungl= 

ADORATION, s. bie ?lnbetimg, aSere^= 

To ADORE. V. a. aitbeteu, yei-ebreu; 

leibenfc^aftlicfe liebeit. 
ADORER, s. ber *.?Inbctcr, 5?ere()vcr. 
To ADORN. V. a. 1. fdjiniicfcn, jiu'Cti, 

))ufeen f ^Perfonen, Singe, u. f. w.) ; 

2. scrfc^oneru (cine dhH). 
ADORNMENT, s. ber €(*mucf, bte 

Bterbe, a^erjicVung, 3Jerf4)oncrung. 

ADOSCULATION, .v B. T.bie @(J>»>aS= 


A DOWN, I. prep. UUtcr; II. adi\ nic= 

bermiirtg, nieber biiiab. 

ADRIAN, s. (a)Jattiigname) 9lbrtan, 

ADRIFT, adr. ba^in (auf bem aBaffer) 
fdjmtinmenb, Io«getrieben, ben SBeU 
Icn prciggegeben ; to break — from 
the moorings, J\r. T. bie 5lnfev Iicf)ten, 

ADROIT, ■ > adj. <?• adi>. 8efd>icft, g?^ 

ADROITLY, S ivanbt, bel)fnbe. 
ADROITNESS, *. bie @efc^tcflid>ftit, 


A-DRY, all), buvftig, tvocfen. 
Al>sciTlTIOUS, aifj. l;tnjirget()an, »n= 

ADSTRICTION, s. bie 3ufi"»m<njif= 

ADULATION, s. baS (B^mn^ln, bie 


ADULATOR, s. ber Sdittieic^Ier. 
ADULATORY, adj. f^nteid)ell)aft, 

ADULT, 1. ndj. &■ pirt. ni?). er)iiiad>frn ; 

II. s. ber ©vwat^fene, bie erraadjfene 

ADULTERANT, .<?. ber 33erfalfc&er ; 

baS a§erfalfd>enbe. 

ADULTERATE, part. adj. 1. e()ebreC^C= 

rifc|> ; 2. »erf;ilfd)t. 
To ADULTERATE, v. a. Wrpilfc^eu, 

ADULTERATENESS, s. bie gSerfalf(^t= 

ADULTERATION, s. iai iQerfcifft^en, 

bie 9]crfalf(^ting. 
ADULTERER, s. ber ©bebre^er. 
ADULTERESS, .t. bie (S^ebrecbcrin. 

ADULTERINE, adj. tin iS\)thTtt^ tX= 


To ADULTERIZE, v. n. (Sf)ibtn^ It'- 


ADULTEROUS, adj. ebebret^erifc^. 
ADULTERY, s. ber ebebntcft. 
ADULTNESS, s. baS ©rroacbfcnfet^n, 

ber 3'iftiitb bel (?rn)ad)fenfenn3. 

ADUMBRANT, adj. Xoi) obfdjattettb, 


To ADUMBRATE, v. a. abffbatteM, roi) 

abbitbcit, entoerfvn, fftsjiren. 

ADUMBRATION, s. bie Slbfcfiathittjj, 
robe aibbtlbnng, ber erfie eutiuurf, 
bie Sfi^je ; //. T. ber Scbatten etner 
Bignr jm Umviffe son bnuf Icrcr Sarbe 
nl« baS ?5flb. 

ADiiNciTY^ «. bie ,Kvitmine bag 

ADUNCOlfS, ai!j. flvfriiiiimt, fr.mtm 

gebogen, bafig. 

ADUST, I adj. S- part. 1. uerbrannJ 
ADUSTED, 3 uerfengt; 2. bi^ig. 
ADUSTIOxN, f. 1. bie iSerbrennniig ; 2. 

ber 53ranb; ba3 aJerbraitntfc»n. 

To ADVANCE, v. I. n. 1. VOVtviirtg gf* 

ben, fid) Habeni, sorriidcu, fortriirfen, 
oiiriitfen ; 2. (^ortfdn'itte madden, }U« 
nebmen, _(— in, in, nil (Stmag) ; to — 
in price, tm 5{?reife fteigeii ; ii. -i. 1. 
ycrnuirtS brinncn, scrriicfen; 2. be- 
forbern ; 3. erbebcn, erboben ; 4. be* 
fd)lennigcn; 5. uorbringeti, anSeru; 
6. iiorauSbesobtf". »orfc»iegcn ; to — 
tlie price, ben ■4>rei§ erboben; an ad- 
vanced work. Mil. T. eiii sorliegenbc* 
5efiung»werf, bnS SSorroert. 

ADVANCE, s. 1. baS 93on\)ort4gebert, 
^llnriufen; 2. ber gortfc^ritt, %ovU 
gang ; 3.bie2Berbeffevuiig, ^vbobung, 
SBcvcblung ; 4. ber ^Borfcbujj ; advai>- 
CCS, s. pi. Sliieliigen; to make — , 
iBorfpriinge niad)'eii, (S'utgcgcnfom- 
men ; Sroffnungcn mad)eii, beu erflea 
Sc^ritt tbun. 

ADVANCE GUARD, 5. bte ?tyairtgarbe, 
ber aSortrab ; Sorvoftctt. 

ADVANCEMENT, s. bic ^-SefSrbening, 
ber j^ortfc^ritt, bie aSerebetiuig. 

ADVANCE MONEY, s. bie 5Praiiue, bet 
a3orfd)ug; ba« ^nnbgelb. 

ADVANCER, s. 1. ber gortfdjrcitcnbe ; 
2. a3eforberer; 3. Sp. r. etne tw^luS* 
nnb ber Jtrone be3 .t3irfd;gfiiH'ibtS 
ober 3iebbo(fggebi>vufa.' 

ADVANTAGE, s. 1. bie ltebfrfrgejr= 
bcit, bag Uebevgemid>{ , ber 'JSorjaij; 
2. aSortbefl, ®cnjinit, ^Jliilen .; to give 
— to, aSarf^jruug (beu Q^ortbeit) gt= 
ben; to have — over^ubertegen fe»ir; 
to. have tlie — of ot*. im 3!?ortbeil 
fc'.)n ; to take — of fic^ ©tnjaS ju 9hr= 
fee madden ; to tlie best — . auf bct# 
a?ortbeiIbnffefle; personal adva-ntagesi 
for))erlid)c a3orjii3,e. 

To ADVANTAGE, v. a. Kil^UlS) fe»K, 

UU5CH, bcfovbcni. 

tbeitf)aftc gelb, bie sorffjHfbafte Sh'U 

ADVANTAGEOUS (ailn^ — ia). «//> 

uwt^eitbaff* ufi^tidy, gunilrg. 

barfeit, ?lii^liit>feit, ®iinfl?gfrit. 
ADVENIENT, aJj. i)iKjufoinntenb, ja;= 

ADVENT, s. ber31byent, bic ?IafUnft 

ADVENTITIOUS, {adv. — ly), ii,t} 

binjugefommcH, jiigcfefet, safaHiij, 

AD\T.NTUAi., adj. jnm %»eitt ge= 

ADVENTURE, s. i. bag 9tbcnteufr; 

2. gewagteHnternei^inen (j.SB. ^Oaii: - 

veu auf gat @lit(f nact) fremben pxi- 

feu fenbeu, u. f. \v.), bag aBageftiiif ; 

gross — JU. K-isk aSobmerei ; at all nri- 

ventui-es, aiifg ©evftbenjo^J, auf iebea 

To ADVENTURE, v I. a. toageit, la 

©efabr, anfg <Svtct fe^enj li. n. fia 

unterftcben, ei-fitbnen. 
ADVENTURER, s 1. ber ?[b«ntettrtJr 

©Uirfgritter ; 2. Unterncbmet. 
ADVENTURESOME, adj.irid Advents 


lirbtcit, J?iibubeit/ SBerwegeRbeth 

ADVENTURINE, s. bcr SJbBtnturttti 

ADVENTUROUS, (a,li>. — ly). a^ 

iraglid), fii^n, yencegen, abcnteuei* 

ADVENTUROUSNKSS, s. bit aSein»»> 
, ftCH^eit, ilububeit 




A,bVERB, .?. Gram. 7'. ba» 5lb«)ei-lnuin, 
ADVERBIAL, (tdv. — ly) adj. Oram. 

T. abBcrhialifd), ncbcuwBvtii^. 
ADVERSARY, I. 5. bcr ®Cjjiicr, Sffii- 
ticrfac^er ; ll. aij. eitt^ccjcu, feinbltc^. 

ADVERSATIVE, adj. Gram. T. JUin 

©c^enfafe bicitciib, ftiien ©egciifaft 

ADVERSATIVSS, y. pi. Oram. T. btC 

cutijcgejigcfe^tcu SBiiiberoorter (j. 58. 

Imt yet, i-c.) 
ADVERSE, {adv.—hY), adj. ttJtbettoavttg, 

jitroiber, ent^ej^en, totbrig ; — party, 

btc ©eacnpartfi, bcr ©egent^eil, 

Po ADVERSE V. a. + cntgegentt)tr= 

fcH, cittgrgeu^anbedi. 
<DVERSENEsg, g. bie SBiberSDiirtigs 

feit; 2. ba« QvAg'igti\ft\)\i, ^tini]e' 

»DVERsrrY. s. btc SlSibcrnjavttgfeit, 

inxS Uuatiicf, @kub, btc Siviibfal, 

"T-^ ADVERT, p. ji. (— to) ^tnwctfcn 

rtuf, erwal)iifu; auf (Stxoas lucrfcii, 

^c^t ([then, tS wabrncbmca. 
VDVERTENCE, s. bte iJlufmeiEfamfctt, 

ADVERTENT, adj. aufittevffam, a^U 

faiu; wac^fain. 
V'J ADVERTISE, v. a. i. ljcnrt(^rtcttt= 

<\cn, btrtcttsn, 5lac^ricfet gfbcu; 

2. 5fcutlt(^ oujeijjcu, befamit ma- 

ADVERTISEMENT, s. 1. bie Scnad)= 

ric^t{f5Utt(i, S'ladjncftt, bcc 33evi^t; 

■2. tie (offenfltc^e) Qlujciae. 
ADVERTISER, s. 1. brr U3eua(5rtc^tt= 

{jtr; 2. 'iliijciijer, ba« 5lnsct3eblatt, 

ADVICE, s. i. ber fgutc") Sflatt), 5tu= 

fc^Uj; 2. bie Ucfaerlegimi]; 3. 9^ac^= 

Vtitt, bev IVvidjt; letter of—, M. E. 

ba» 58fna(^vic^dj]uug«fci)reibci!, ber 

**l«!Sbrief; with — , uuter 'JIufgabe; 

by my — , tittc^ meiitcin 9lat^e ; to 

ask — of one, SciltailbClt Ulll dlatl) 

ADVICE-BOAT, i. bie 3Ioi3iacI;t, baS 

ADVISABLE, adj. 1. rrtttifaiK; 2. fuv 

((jiiteit) 3iatf) cmvfanglicf). 
ADVISABLENESS, s. bte 9flatK>iinfcif. 

VV ADVISE, V. I. n. (— with one, lllit 

eintm) ju 3lort)cg£bcn, ratbfc^lagfit; 
2. xibtx\f.<\t]X ; II. a. 1. SSatl) gcbcit, ra= 
tficit, beratben ((S:ineu) ; to — on ... ; 
Snti) trtbtilcn iiber . . . ; to — to (a 
filing), tot^cn ju; 2. Sflac^rtc^t gcbcn, 
teuatferic^tigcn, bcrtdf>tcn, inelben, 
ati^cigen ; to — a bill, M. E. eiiteu 
3Sccbfel ftstftven. 

ADVISED, adj. bcbfld^tfaiii, 'bcbac^ftg, 
SOVJXC^tig ; part, to be — on, dlatl) ()lu= 
iDCjfiingJ tvbaltcti fiber; aa--,M.E. 
laut ^Jliifgabe. 

ADVISEDLY, adv. Itttt SctrtC^t, llttt 

ADViSEDNESS, s. tie Iteberlegung, 

^^fbacfctfamfett, 93orftcl)ttgffif. 
ADVISEMENT, b.+ i. bev ^cit^ ; 2. 

btc 9ltt(^ric^t ; 3, Ueberlegmig, S3c= 

ADVISER, s. bcr Slatbgebcr, bcr 33e= 

ADVOCACY, .?. bte SScrtretintg ciiicS 

^Iricru »pr ®cric^t, bie Sarfifufjntng, 

ADVOCATE, s. 1. bcr ?ib»offlt ; 2. 55iir= 

(<>rcci)«r, SScrtvcter, 58crtbcibigcr. 
To ADVOCATE, v. a. 1. vcrtbctbigcit, 

untctfiiiftcn ; 2. fic^ bcfeuncn jii, ftc^ 

fiir ^trca§ cvflSrcn. 
ADVOCATION, s. bie Wii^'"ung eincr 

Slec^tsfari^e; SBevtrefiing, 33eit(,ieibt= 

ADVOWEE, s.ber .{ttrc^ciHictroti. 
ADVOWSON, s. baS J?irc^cnpah-oitat5= 


ADZ, s. btc 3)ei^fel, ,% nmimart. 
.^GiLOPS, s. ba« 3tegcnaiige, @crficn= 

font, (am Slugc). 
.iEGis, s. bie 3Icgibe (bcr Sc^ilb bcr 

.iEOLiAN-HARP, s. bie 3lcoISf)arfc, 

AERIAL, adj. 1. jur Suft gcbijrig; 2. 

auS Sitft bcjle^ciib, lufHg ; 3. in bcr 

?uft, boc^; 4. bie Suft bcroobncub;* 

atf)erifc^; — voyage, bie Suftrcife. 
AERIE, s. bie >§orfl, baS ^fJcfl eiitcg 

Siauboogcll ; bie 23iut. 
AEROLOGY, s. T. bic 3lcroIogtc, 2uft= 

AEROMETER, s. T. bcr Suftmeffcr 

(ciit Siifirumcat). 

AEROMETRY, s. T. bie Sllftmcj): 

AERONAUT, s. bcr Suftffbiffcr. 
AERONAUTICS, s. pi. bie Suftfc^iff: 

AEROSTATIC, adj. acroflvitifd;. 

AEROSTATION, 5. 1. bic Suftfc^ifT^ 

fabrt ; 2. bic Suftroagefuit)!. 
AFAR, adv. fcrn, njcit, »oit fern. 

AFFABILITY, i s. bic ?Clltfclig= 
AFFABLENESS, J fctt, @efprac^i'g= 
feit, grcanbli(^feit. 

AFFABLE (arfi). — bi.y), adj. IcUtfcHg, 

gcfvrddjig, frcunblicfe, Hmganglici). 

AFFAIR, s. baS Ocfitaft, bieSSerri^- 
tuug, Stngclegcn^fit, Sacbe, bcr 

7'o AFFECT, v. a. 1. au^ fStmaS mv= 
ten, ©nbvucf macDcn, c5 nngrcifcn, 
treffen, beh-cffcn, beriibren ; ^. viib= 
ren, bctriibcn, bcwegcn ; 3. nacb (SU 
was tracbten, rctjeii/fircbcu ; 4. fcbn= 
lief) bcge^ren ; 5. affcEtircn, crfiii;s 
ftcin, ftdb flcllcn ; to he affected at, bc= 
wegt bet..., gcriibrt iibcr .... fcS}n. 

AFFECTATION, s. baS gcjroungeuc 
2Scfcn, Ocjierc, bie 3ic>^«i"«i- 

AFFECTED, adj. 1. gcncigf, (—to..., 

ju ©tivaS) ; 2. gcjieirt, gc^iuungen, af= 
fcctirt; 3. angcnommcn. 

AFFECTEDNESS, s. baS gejiBungeuc 
3Bcfen, ©cjicrc. 

AFFECTION, s. 1. bcr 9lffcct, bie ®e= 
iniitb^betvcgung ; 2. ^mtcigung, 2ic= 
be, @unft, ,(pcrjlic^fcit; 3. ber ®c= 
miU^^jufianb, fcaS ©cfiibt, bie ®c= 
fitinuiig; 4. Med. T. jivanfbcit; 5. 
icbbaftt3SorflcUung, Qludbrutf in ber 

AFFECTIONATE, {ado. — ly), adj. 

jartlicf), ltcbc»oII, crgebcn, l)tr5li^ 
jugctbatt. ; 

AFFECTIONATENESS, s. bie ?tcbc, 


AFFECTIONED, adj. gcHcigt, gcwpgcn. 
AFFECTIVELY, adr. cinbruJgyoll. 
AFFECTOR (Affectkr), .?. bcr (Sin= 

^h'nblcr, ^kxtr, 9lac^affcr (ciuer 

AFFIANCE, s. 1.+ ba3 SScrtraucn j 

(im cngcrnSinn) ba« aScrtrancn auf 

@ott itiib fcine 3Scr^cif uiigen ; 2. r. 

+ ^a« 33erl5bnif . 
To AFFIANCE, v. a. 1. scrtraucrt, fciu 

aScrtraucu fcfccn (— in, auf (Stnjaa) ; 

2. ucvlobcn. 

AFFiANGER, s. bcr 33crIobciibe. 
AFFIDAVIT, .■>. /.. T. bic bcfcbwomc 

5tuiifage, ba« ciblic^e 3f"3"'^ > ^ 

niakfi— , eib(id) er[;avtcn. 
To AFFILTATP;, v. a. i . ail JliiibcS Statt 

anne^nicn ; 2. cinwci^cn (in cine gc= 

bcime ©efcdfc^aft). 
AFFILIATION, s. 1. bie 3lnnc^m«ng 

aw Sobncs, an .S'inbeS Sutt, baS 

9lnfiiibcn; 2. bie ^inrocibuufj. 
AFFINQ'Y, «. 1. bie SSevfc^wagerung, 

i3erroanbtfc^aft ; 2. 5lc^nli(f;if it ; * 
lectivc— , CA. r. bie aBablscnuanM" 

To AFFIRM, V. a. 1. bcjaf)cu, be* 
^auptcu ; 2. (cin Urt^eil) beftatigeiu 

AFFIRMABLE. adj. WaS ftcb bcjaOCH, 

be^auvtcn la^t. 

AFFIRMANCE, s. bie SBcflatiguiig. 
AFFIRMANT, s. bcr S8ejai)eiibe, Sc 


AFFIRMATION, s. i. bie Scja^Ulti], 

33c^auptititg; 2. Scfli^tigung ; 3./., 

7'. bie 20a^vbettabetrdftigung ber 

Ducifcr flatt bc3 (SiM iinb uutcr 

AFFIRMATIVE, adj. bcjabcnb, bel^aup= 

tenb; — ly adv. beial;ung«wcife, anit 

AFFIRMER, s. bcr 33eia^enbe, 83cbauv= 

To AFFIX, V. a. ( — to), an obcr auf 

(SticaS ^eften, an^cftcn, anfrfjlagen; 

anfc^cn, anbangcit, ocrbinbcn. 
AFFIX, .f. Oram. T. bag 2lffirum, bie 

ange^augte Si^Ibe. 
AFFIXTURE, s. bag 5Inge^cftcte. 
AFFLATiON, s. ba» Slublafcu, . 3iJ= 


AFFLATUS, s. 1. bcr 23illbfto6,_, ftCl 

?lnbaiicb; 2.f^. bic (gijttlid^c) @titgr= 

To AFFLICT, v. a. 1. bctriibcii, frai!= 

ten; 'i. (|uatcn, plagcn, aug^igcn; 

afflicted with, frant an. 
AFFLICTEDNESS, s. bic Siraiirigtcit, 

bcr ©ram, Jlummer. 
AFFUCTER, s. bcr, bic, baa Sctrii:: 

benbe, Jlranfenbe, bcr Duiilcr. 
AFFLICTION, s. ba« ^cibcu, bic Sriib- 

fal ; bcr Jluinmcr, bie ^oti), Mxa\u 

iung, baS Ungliiii., 

AFFLICTIVE, (adv. — ly) adj. quSlcilb, 

franfcnb, bctriibcnb, fcftmci'slic^. 

SSS: {•■'"'"»<■(■■-»• 

AFFLUENT, (a(Zi'.— ly), adj. 1. juflic; 
Benb; 2. uberflii^ig, reid). 

AFFLUX, I s. scr Buflu^, Bwtauf , 

AFFLUXION, S bnS Buftromcn. 

To AFFORD, v. a. aufbriiigcu, crma= 
(i)cn, fc^affcn, gcbcn ; pa?-, i cannot 
— it, ic^ fann e« uic^t beftreitcn, au§= 

fii()rcn ; I cannot — it so cheap, id) 

fann e§ nidit fo wof)lfcil »crfcf)affcn, 
gcbcn, Pber Bcrfaufcii. 

To AFFOREST, d. a. L. T. Ctllfprflcn, 

(cinen frcicn SBalb ju ciuciu Wprfte 

AFFORESTATION, s. /,. T. bie 9lnlagc 

etneS afialbe§, Siiifprftung. 
AFFRAY, ? s. h. T. bic ©d)la» 

AFFRAYMENT, \ gcvct, ba« >§aubge> 

mcngc ; ber 3lufiauf. 
To AFFRIGHT, v. a. crfc^rccfcn ; to be 

affrighted at, VPr (StXVaS cvfc^rccfcit, 

fid; baypr eutfc^cn. 

AFFRIGHT, .•;. 1. bcr SArCifcit, baS 

(Sntfe^crt ; 2. ber fd;rccfli^e 3lnbli(f, 
bag ScJ)rccfcn«bifb. 

AFFRiGHTER, s. bcr ^rfcfjvcd'tr, 

AFFRIGHTFUL, adj. fdjrccflid;, furc^« 


To AFFRONT, v. a. 1. bcfittmpfcn 
bclcibigcn ; 2. angvcifcn, Srp? bieten, 
affronted at, bcfcibigt iibcr, bur^. 

AFFRONT, s. bic (tTii;pbc) 33cleibigung, 
33efd5inipfung, bcr ^idjimpf. 

AF'FHOiVrER, s- bcr 93cfd)impfenbe, 
Erp^bietcnbc, SPdeibiger. 

To AFFUSE. V. a. Oi. T. bajU fltefttt, 

AFFUSION, .9. CA. T bie Slufgie^unj, 

bcr 5lufgufj. 

AFIEIJ), adv. auf baS ??elb ober ?anfc. 
AFIRE, adc. in Scuci, brcuneub, iC 





^.KLAT, ado. beiti Sobcit gUic^,^, 

AFLOAT, aiiB. 1. fi^njimmettb, flott ; 

2.^. tm Umlniif; to set a ship — , 

fin @d;tff flctt ma^ett, in baS aBaf= 

fcr Iciffen. 
Ai'OOT, adv. 1. ju Su^e; 2. yior. im 

l^ange, in ^ewcflung. 

AFORE, prep. »0r. 

KFORE, adv. + 1. sovwartS; 2. »or= 
ber; 3. »oran; 4. jv. T. sjoni im 

\TOREGOiNG, part. adj. »ov^erge^fnb. 

xFOREHAND, adv. DomuS, juitt yor= 

ailS, »rrbet , PAr. to be — with one, 

^tnem juuoifommen; if)m iikrlcflcn 
fein, ifjn itbertveffnt. 

AFORESAID, J Wa^ltt, ob^ 

flcbac^t. » 

AFORENAMED, a//;, sotfjenannt. 

AFORETIME, adv. iu t'OrijeU 3fttcn, 

ebemaU, el)cbcni. 

AFRAID, arf;'. fiirc^tcnb, kfori^t, biinrtc 
( — of. uoi- gtwaS) ; to be — , fiircps 
(en, ftc^ fiir^ten, ftc^ fcbeiiw ; to 
make one — , @tnen in guvcbt ff^en. 

AFRESH, adv. »ort frifc^cm, von neu= 
em, nbcvniaf, miebcr. 

AFRICA, s. 2lfiifa. 

AFRICAN, I. adj. afftfantfcb ;_I1. s. 1. 

ber 5Ifrifaiicv ; 2. jB. r. bic eammt= 

blnme {Tagetes — L). 

AFRONT, adv. \\x bcr ^voutc, im ®e= 
f<4>t, gerabe entgegeii. 

AFT, K. T. I. s. ba3 .g>intertl)eil «in 
'5d)iffe ; il. ado. l;inttn am ober im 
Sc^iffe, )^inU\\ ; fore and — , uorn unb 
bintcn; right — , unmittelbat »ou 
• AFTER, I. prep. 1. nflc^, ^intcr ; 2.^0'. 
na(^, ju S'oI(!f. gema^ ; one — an- 
other, mid) fiuanbev; — thnt. nacl)s 
bcr, btPvauf; day — day, Siag fiir 
£a,3 ; con einem Zaa,t jum anbcrn ; 
lo look — , nnffucben ; what are you 
— ■?, was biift bu uDv ? II. can/, nad): 
bcm ; — I was gone in, nad)bem ic^ 
ciuactreten roar; ill. adv. btnterber, 
r.,t(|bfv, barauf ; some while — , ctni= 
ge 3f it barauf. 

A^TER, adj.i. nad)bevtg# fvater, 2. JV. 
T. bintcn' am ober im (Sctitffc. 

AFTER-AGE, vid. After-ages. 
AFTER-AGES, s. pi. bic 3"funft, <5oI= 

ge (fommenbe) 3f't. 9iacbroclt. 
AFTER BIRTH, s. btc DIacbgcburt, 9lf= 

.AFTER-CLAP, .?. fis. col. n>a« crfl ^in= 

terbrcin tommt. 
.AFTERCOMER, s. bcr ?lac^foIger, 

AFTER CROP, s. bic Stacbtmtc. 

AFTER-DAYS, s. pi. bic golgcjett, 


AFTER-GUARD, s btc 9!5<id)C im bins 
tern 2;betlc bfS (Sc^iffcs*. 

AITER-HATCIIVVAY.s. JV. T. bic ^in- 


AFTER-MATH, s. brt« ©jjatbcu, 9lfter= 
beu, ©rummct. 

AFTER-MOST, ailj. JV. T. \)\n\tX, V\1X- 

AFTERNOON, s. ber S'Jadtmtttag. 
AFTER PAINS, *. pi. bie Sfjacbmcbcn. 
AFTER-PART, s. bcc naitfolqcnbe 


AtTER-PiECE. s. 1. baS 9^a(^fliicE(tm 
Sd)aitfpic(banfc) ; 2. r. (bei ben 
Sattlcrn) baS \)'mtin ©tiid eiucS 

APTER-SAILS, s. pi. jY. t. bte v§tnter= 

SlFTER THOUGHT, .?. 1. bcr 51cd)gc= 
ban!c ; 2. bie ju fpate @inftd)t ober 

AFTER-TIMES, s. pi. bie funftigcn 3?'= 
ten, Solgcjcit. 

AFTERWARD, Afterwards, arfu. nacb= 

ber, t)(tncid^, barnat^, iiad^mali, in 
bcr Solgc. 

AFTER-WISE, adj. JU f^jat (CtngcfC- 

ben) Hug. 

AFTER-WIT, s. bie .ftlugbctt m^ ber 
2;bat, ju fpatc(5infic^t.- 

AFTER- WRATH, s. bcr fpcitc ©roll. 

AGAIN, adv. wtcbcr, Kuritif ; roieberum, 
uod)iniil^' abcrmalg, nocb ciiimal; 
jroeitcnS, iibevbicp, fcrncr; bagcgcn, 
bingegen; cbcn fo; unb bann; to 
come — , roicberfommcn, juriid^fom^ 
men; to read over — , upc^ cinmal Ic= 
fen ; as much —, nocb cinmal fo siel ; 
half as big — , «m bic .^cilftc gyofier; 

— and — , jn roicbcvboltcn jDJalen, 
cinmal iiber b.j? anbere, mebnnalS ; 
bin unb i)(\\ 

AGAINST, prep. tiUr, gcgcu ; gcgen= 
iiber, bagegeii, baroiber; on, big ; over 
— , gegenitber ; i am not — it, icb bin 
nid)t baroiber, bagcgcn ; — the end of 
the week, gcgcu bag (§nbe bcr 3Soc^e ; 

— he comes, gcgcn bie 3fit/ ba (ober 
um bie 3ett, roo) cr fommt ; — the 

hair, (— the grain), Wibcr baS ^aar, 

gegen ben ©tric^; ^. vuig. roiber 

xBiUen, ungcrn. 
AGAPE, adv. gaffcnb, mttoffucm2JIun= 

be {a^JauIe). 
AGARIC, s. bcr ©Icittcrfc^roamm, Scr^ 


AGAST, adj. vid. Aghast. 

AGATE, s. bcr 3lgat, »?Ic^at. 

AGATHA, 5Igatbe (graucnname). 

AGATY, adj. ac^atartig. 

AGAVE, s. iiii aincrifanifc^e 33aumas 

AGE. s. 1. baS 5Uter; 2. 3eitaltcr, bic 
3cit; 3. bag 3abr^unbcrt; 4. bic 
aJiiinbigfeit ; old — , or great — , bag 
bobe 51licr, ©rctfenaltcr; the golden 
— . bie golbcne 3>iit; full — ,btc 5BoU=: 
jabrigtcit, a}?iinbigfeit; under-age or 
nonage, bie Uumiinbigfeit; to be of 
— , miinbig, (majorcnni fcvjii ; to come 
to — , miinbig rocrben ; to be under — , 
unmiinbig fc\)n. 

AGED, adj. alt, bcjabrt. 

AGENCY, s. 1. btc SBirfung, (Sinroiv^ 
fnng, 5lction; 2. SScrmittiung, bcr 
2)ienft, bie 3lgenffd)aft, Slgcntur. 

AGENT, s. 1. bag roirfenbe SBcfcn, 
roirEcnbc, roir£fame $0?ittcl; 2. bcr 
Slgcnt, Siefcrunggbeamtcte, ®f= 
fd)dftgtr;igcr ; (?o'mmtf|lpnar, Svc; 
biteur, aBaarcnycrfcubcr ; bcftcUte 

AGGERATION, s. btc SInbaufung, bic 

To AGGLOMERATE, v. I. a. jufammcn= 
ballen ; n. n. ft(^ fugcln. 

AGGLOMERATION, s. 1. bag 93crbin= 
ben »n .Kliimvcben ; 2. bag 3iifiii«= 

AGGLUTINANT, adj. scrbinbenb. 

AGGLUTINANTS, s. ;;/. Med. T. 8etm= 

mittel, jdbe ^Mnbnnggmittcl. 
To AGGLUTINATE, v. n. jufammcnlci- 

AGGLUTINATION, s. bic 3ufammen= 


AGGLUTINATIVE, adj. Icimcnb, bin- 

To AGGRANDIZE, v. a. »crgri}pern, ct= 

roeitcrn, trboben, erbcben. 
AGGRANDIZEMENT, .9 bic aScrgriJfjc^ 

rung, ©rroeitcrung, ©rbcbung. 
AGGRANDIZER, s. bcr SScrgrogcrcr, 

©rroeitcrer, u. f. ro. 
To AGGRAVATE, v. a. fig. 1, arger ober 

fd)[immer mad)cn, »crfd)(immcrn ; 

2. erjiirncn, drgcrn, fcbr trdnfcn. 
AGGRAVATION, s. i. bte gScvfdplimme= 

rung; 2. (Srjiiruuu^, 3lrrgerntp; 31 


To AGGREGATE, v. n. anfammclM, 

jufammenbdufcn, ju eincr 3)Iaffe ser« 

AGGREGATE, adj. gcfammcit, onge* 

AGGREGATE, s. 1. btc Slnbiiufung, 

(Snmme; bag ©anjc; 2. ber 3nbt« 

griff ooujufammenbangcnbcnJl'ennt* 

niffen, etnfdUcn, u. f. ro. ; 3. t. ba» 

AGGREUATELY, adn. inggcfammt, 

baufenroeife, im ©anjen genommeu. 
AGGREGATION, s. 1. bie .:&aufung. 

3>crctnignag ; 2. bcr .gtaufen, bie 


AGGREGATIVE, adj. iuggcfummt, gU» 

fammcn gcnommen. 
AGGREGATOR, s. bcr (Sammlcr (son 

To AGGRESS, v. a jucrfi angTcifcii, 

AGGRESSION, s. bci irtic 5lnoriff, 51tt» 

AGGRESSIVE, adj. (gtreit bcginncub. 
AGGRESSOR, 5. bcr angrcifeubpjibeii. 
AGGRIEVANCE, 5. bcV ^Ucrbru^ bi« 

33cleibigung, .ffrdnhing; ij^tiige, ^c=! 

fcbrocrbc; Unbilbc. 
To AGGRIEVE, v. a. 1. bcKimmtm. 

frdnten ; 2. bef4)rocren, ))lagcn, bcs 

To AGGROUP, V. a. jufammcttfieUfn, 

AGHAST, adj. crfd)ro(Jcn. 

AGILE, adj. bui'ttg, bcbCttbe, Icic^t, 

pint, gclenfig. 

AGILENESS, ^s. bj» S8ebf«bigfeit, 
AGILITY, i cgart ■gfctt, ScitbJigfcit. 
AGIO, s. M. E. bag 'ilgio. 
To AGIST, V. a. cinfebmen, ober in bit 

9J2afl ncbmcn, roeibcn lafftu (frcuji<« 

58icb fur ®clb). 
AGISTMENT, s. 1. bie eiufebmuR^ 

^lufncbmnng jur SEtibe unb ©Jaa 

ftung; 2. ba« a^Jaflgt lb. 
AGISTOR, s. ber gebmiheiflor, 5»i'^ 

auffcber, 2Jiaftanffcber. 

AGITABLE, arf;. 1. bCWCglid* J yi»-. .2. 

rooriibcr gcflrittcn rocrben Eami, \)xz~ 

Tn AGITATE, v. a. 1. fc^Ufll krocgcn. 

bin unb \)ix roerfcn, frf)itttcJn, ber^ 
umtrcibcn, erbi^cn, erfc^iitttrn; 2. 
fig. (bffHgc ©cmiitbgberocgiingcn) cr^ 
rcgcn, (bie Scele) bcunvnbigcn; 3 
(a question matter, fcc.) (Cinc Sragt. 

Sacbe.u. f. ».) in i^tmcgung brm- 
gen, untcrfnd)en,bariibcr fUciJen, ab^ 
baitbein, criJrtcrn. 

AGITATION, s. 1. bic SBcifcgflng, ?lii» 
vcgnng, Erfrbiitterun*}; '>.yiv. bcfligj 
©cmiitbsbcrocgnng, ^hJalhiitg, Uiirus 
be; 3. Untcrfudi'nng, *j;!evatbfd)ta= 
ginig, llebcdegiing cintr ftrctttgcH 
Sad)e, ber etrcit; the business is in 
— , bie ©arbe rotvb bctricbcn, tft in 

AGITATOR, s. 1. bcv ?lufrabr|ltftcr, 
9Inrcgcr ; + 2. bcr yigenf. 

AGITO, s. cin f'K'incg ®eund)t. 

AGLET, s. i. bag fiinfllid) gearbtilcte 
Scntdblecfc; 2. b. r. bag JlSlbc^fii 
an ben ©taubfdbcn ber iMumen. 

AGNAIL, s. bag SJflgelgcf^roiit; bn 

AGNATE, >crf;. ijcrroanbt »cn sdfcr- 

AGNATIC, 5 lid)cr Scitc. 

AGNATION, s. bic S3evro«iibtfcba|t »on 
vdterlic^er Seitc. 

AGNFjS,s. Qlgneg (^vrancnname). 

AGNITION, s. bic *ilnerfenniiiig. 

AGNOMINATION, s. 1. bie ^luf^jielung 
eincg SBorteg auf cin anbevcg, rocgea 
5lebnli^fcit beg illaugeg; 2. bcv ^ti« 




wixus^ASTUs, *. bcr Jteuf^baiim ; 
— seed, Jl'cufc^bauituOamert, @^af= 

AGO, adc. uorki, »orI)cr, »or, ^tv, a 
year — , sof eiiieiti Sabre ; long — , 
kitge bcr ; not long — , unlattgfl. 

AGOG, ade. liiftcni, berttertg; to set — , 
liillern, bc.i]iert(j mac^cii, am-ctjeii (— 
on, obcr for, iiac^ obcr ju (Stwag). 

AGOING, adn. tit ©aug, til SBcTOegutig. 

AGONE, vid. Ago. 

AGONisM, s. in SBcftfainvf, 2Bett= 

AGONiSTES, *. i>te SBcttfcim^ifcr, 

aBetfftveiter (bet beu altcu ©rie^en). 


AGOMSTiCAL (arfo. — ly), J einem 

3Bcttfamj)fe ge^orig. 
To AGONIZE, V. I. n. beti (jrp^ten 

©djmer; empftnbcrt ; il. a. nut gropcn 

©c^inerjen hebaftcu. 

AGONIZINGLY, arfn. VCtttlt^fl. 
AGONY, s. 1. bev Xobcgfanipf ; 2. ber 
gv6§te Sdjmevj; bie ©cclcnaiiAft; 

in the last agonies, til bCll Ic^tClt 3"= 


AGOUTY, *. ba« ^ixMtmin^iti (auf 
belt SlnttUen). 

AGRARIAN, adj. — law, ba8 ^Igrarge* 
fe&, 3lcfcrgefc(}. 

To AGREE, V. n. 1. iibcrcitiflimmeit, 
iibfreiiifommcit, etitig fesjii, (S^tnl mers 
ben; eiitftimmtg ober etnerlet 2)?ct= 
iiuug fe})n; 2. gema§, ntii^emefftii 
fc-i)ii, paffcti, flimmeii, befpmmcii, ju= 
traglt(i> fei)u; 3. eiugcbeti; 4. ciiiig 
leben, ftc^ vevtrngcti ; 5. etuig »t>cr"= 
belt, \ii) scrgleici)cit (— on, upon, iiber 
(StioaSJ ; 6. ficb si-rfobneu ; 'tis a 
thing agreed on. es ijt cine abgctfjane 
Sacbe; to — for the price, >»cgeiibcS 

*4>rcifc§ etntg »»eibcu ; of a 

thing, ©twag bcfldlf n ; to — to a 
thing, cine Sacbc etngcfjen; to — to- 
gether, iiitt f inantcr ubercinfommcu, 
ftrfi mit eiuanbcr »crtrage» ; to — 
with a person, mit Semaitb itbcrcin= 

(tiinincn ; they — again, ftC jtllb wk- 

bcr etuig, gute Srcutibe; this meat 

does not — with me, btcfe Spcifc be^ 

fomiiit mir ntcbf. 

AGREEABLE (adv. — lv), adj. 1. Vaf= 

fenb, gemap, angemeffen; 2. ange=' 
Kcbm, anmutbtg. 

AGREEABLENEss, s. I. btc Uebfrcin= 
fiimmung, 5lti:icmcffcnbctt ; 2. 'Jlu; 
ncbiuUcbieit, 2Inmutb; 3. bie miU 
fSbrtgfeit, OefaHigfcit. 

A(;reed, I. part. adj. 1. ctiit'g, uergli^ 
(J)ett; 2. befci)Ioffcn; n «,/o. topp! 
vtd)tig ! gut, eS blcibt babci. 

agreement, s. I. bie Ucbciein!iinft, 
Ucbcrcinfiimmung, harmonic, ber 
©iiiElang ; 2. bie Vlcbiiiirbfcit ; 3. bie 
(*iutgf cit, (?intiacbt, ba« gute 5Jcnieb- 
ineu; 4. btc 53ctlfguug, ber 33eri 
gleicfe ; 5. -Sertrag, ©outract, iQuiib, 
baS Siinbiii& ; — in tune, bie .§av= 
niouie ; articles of — , iSerglciituugg;, 

AGRESTIC, > adi. laubmajiig, Iaiib=: 

AGRESTICAL, 5 ilii). 

Agricultor. s. ber ?iinbbaucr. 
AGRICULTURAL, ml} beii ^aubbciu be= 

treffenb, Iitubwirtbfitnftltcb. 
AGRICULTURE. A-. btc ^aubTOtrt^f^aft, 

ber ^Iifevbflu, geibbau. 
A(_;ricultur(St,.? bcr (miffeuf^aft= 

Itcfce) *ilcfevbauer, Saubmirtl). 

^GRIEVANCE, To Aorieve, vid. Aa- 

AGRIMONY, s. ber Obcrmeuiitg, bie 
'ilgrimouie, ?eberf[ette {Jigrimonia cu- 

pa'uria — Z, ). 
AGROUND, adn. flllf bctt ©rUUb, bcilt 

®runbe, gcflraubct ; to run — . ftraii= 
hen; to run a ship—, tin "ScJ^iff auf 

ben ®runb treiben (fc^eit) ; to be — . 
fff. in 3Serlegeubeit fei;u; coi. am 
SBerge flehcn ; am jjreuje licgcn ; ju 
©ruiibe gertd;tet fes)ti. 
AGUE, s. ba§ Siebcr, 23ec^felftcber, 
falte {Jicber ; a burning—, ein t)ifetge« 

Sieber ; quotidian, tertian, quartan — , 

baS t(iglic|)c, brci=, oiertcigige gieber, 

— fit, ber Sieberfc^auer; —tree, ber 

AGUISH, adj. 1. ftebcv^aft, frofiig ; 2. 

giebcr »eriirfacf)eiib. 
AGUisiiNESS, s. bie Sicber:^afttg!ett, 

ber <g^auer. 
AH, int. ai) ! bit ! ac^ ! ah me ! a^ ^5im= 

mel ! ob je ! ah that ! flc^ bav ! 
AHA, int. <ii)al l)al hal 
AHANIGER, s. bcr §ornftfc^, 
AHEAD, ado. jv. T. weiter »pr, »or= 

WiixtS. SOrailS; N. Ts. the wind is — , 

bcr SBiub ifl cntgegcu, ivibrig. 
AHEM, int. ^m ! (iBcjctrfjiuuig bc5 .gus 

AHOY, int. Sen. Exp. bollal all hands— ' 

mtS aufS iBcrbccf ! Uebcrall ! Ueber;- 

AID, s. 1. bie.6iilfe, ber 33ettlaub; 2. 
bie 3ubu6e, Stcuer; 3. bcr ©ebiiffe, 
bie (i)ebiilftii ; royal — , bie bem Jlo= 
uige ben.uiligteu'3iJUe, (gteucrii, 91b= 
gaoeu , u. f. w. ; court of aids, iai 
gteuer=(Soliegium, bieSteucr; jif. je. 
.§aiibet3gebiilfen allcr ?lrt, (tm fiib= 
licben ©eutfcblaiib) j. S. 6onimiffio= 
nar«, (2))cbiteur«, gactor^, Su(f)bal= 
tcr, «. f. to. 

Tn AID, V. a. ^elfen, beijic^en, unter; 

AID-DE-CAMP, s. bcr 3Ibiut<Mit etneS 

AIDER, s. ber i&clfer, @e§iilfe. 

AIDLESS, ailj. blilflP?- 

AIGRET. «. bcr icei^e 3'Jctf;cr in $erften 
uub Dfliubicii. 
AIGULET, s. bie ^Jicflel, bcr Senfel, 

vid. AoLET. 

AIL, s ba« 3Beb, 'vciben, bie Jlvanfbcit. 
To AIL, V. a. ivcbe tbuu, fitmcrjcit, 
fetllen ; whatails you 7 waS fcblt 3i)= 
nen? I ail nothing, iiiir febit nid)j;§; 
what ails your eye? WaS b^lbcu liie 

am 9luge? 

AILL\G, part adj. fvaufclnb; she is ever 

— . ibr febIt iiiimer (StroaS. 
AiLMENT.s. bie Jtraufbcit, bn5?cibcn. 
AIM. s. 1. bie Stic^tuug (ciues ©cfcbotTcS 

u f. u'.) ; 2. ber ^mif, ^unft, baS 

3iel;3. bie 9lbttrbt, ba« SSovbnbcu; 

to lake — . Sielcn ; to miss (of) one's 

— . feineu ^wid serfc^lcn. 

To AIM. V. n. ^ a. (—at) 1. nac& Obcr 

auf (StroaS ^iclcu ; 2. fa-, ah:: ober an- 
fcbcn auf, fcine ?lbjTcbt auf (StnaS 
ridUeit, barauf jiclen, btnbeuteti, bar^ 
nac^ flrcben, traditcn: the point at 
which he aims, baS 3'^! fciucS Strci 
bcug ; I was aimed at. (S gait mir, 
e8 n?ar auf micb abgefctjeu. 

AIMER, s. bcr 3ifler. 

AIMLESS, arf/. fctu 3tel ^abcnb, jweif- 

AIR, a. 1. bie ?uft, baS !^iiftcben ; 2. 
bie 9lrie, 9J?c[pbie, ber ©efang, baS 
8icb ; 3. bie iO^icue, ba8 'JIufebcii, ber 

Slllftanb; gentle airs (gahis). fattfiC 
ii^itftc; to take the air. au bie Suft, 

tu* greie gebcit, fommcu; fy. our 
desisn has taken air. uufcr 5p(an i^ 
bcfaiiut, rucbbar gcroovbcu ; castles 
in the air, ?uftfd)(iiffer. 
7'o AIR. V. a. i. an bie frcie ?iift brtu= 
gen, fiifdje ?uft gcbeu, liiftcn ; 2. 
»Barmeii, trocfncn ; to— drink, cin ®e= 
triint «crfd)lagcn laffen ; to — linen, 
SBiifc^c (bciin geucr) trocfiicn canir: 
men) to— beds, sSelteu fonncu. 

AIR-BALLOON, s. ber SuftbaKoii ; an 

balloonist, bcr 8uftfat)rcr. 
AiR-BiADDER, s. bie Suftblafe 

AIR-BUILT, adj. in bie Siift gebauct. 

luftig; — castles, Suftfd)li)ffer. 
AIR-DRAWN, adj. * tn btc ?uft gcma« 

let, luftig; eingcbilbet. 
AIRER, s. bcr (ktmas liiftet, trocfnet 
AIR-GUN, s. bie 3Binbbii'cfefc. 
AIR-HOLE, s. baS ?uftlod). 
AIRINESS, s. 1. bie ?uftigfcit; 2. jig. 

bie Scic^tigtett, bcr Seic^tftnn. 

AIRING, s. to take an — , frifdje Sufl 

fc^opfen ; tii8 greie gebcn, fa^ren. 
AIR JACKET, s. bie (Sd)njtmmiacfc. 
AiRliESS, a>/j. ber frcicn ?uft bcraubt 
AIRLING, cine junge leid)tnnm'ge ^|ier» 

fou, ber giiic^tliiig, Sffiilbfaug. 
AIR-POISE, s. T. bie Suftroage. 
AIR-PUMP, s. T. bie guftpitmve. 

AIR-SHAFT, s. Min. T. bcr aScttcr* 

idja^t Suftfdjac^t (in itn 33erg; 


viR-niREADS, s. pi. (Spnneiif:ibcn. 
AIR-VESSEL, 5. bie ?nftr6I)re, ba3 

guftgefa^ (ber ^Jflanjen). 
AIRY, adj. i. (ufttg; 2. bpd>; 3. fig 

leid)t, biinn (tine bie ?«ft), ffiir^ttcj; 

4. winbig, eitel; 5. lcid>tfinnig, la<?s 

Vtfc{) ; lebbaft, mnuter, luftig, fro^ ; 

— notions. Suflfd)lo))ei"- 
AIRY, vid. Aery. 

AISLE, s. bcr gliigtl ctiira 6f)orf3, 
ber l5l)organg. 
AIT, s. bie !lcine Snftl, ber SBevber. 

AIX-LA-CIIAPET.LE, s. 5laci)fH 

A.IAR, adj. h^\b pjfcn, angelt^ttt (»»« 

einer Zi)ur). 
A.1UTAGE, s. bcr Sluffat «n einem 


To AKE, V. n. vid 'Hj AcnK. 
AKE s. vid. Ackk' 
AKER, vid, Aci 
AKIN, adj. Ser- 
AKIMBO, vid. KiM^ 
ALABASTER, L s. bet 

adj. alabafterii. 
ALACK, ad)! onjcl;! alack a-day, ■; 

web! bilf ^tmmel! 
ALACRITY. .1. 1 bie 3JJuntertett, ^tu 

ttxUit, gri>l>lic^fcit, bcr Srcbfiuh. 

AIAMODE, I. ado. vuls- MCld) bf» 

2JJpbe, mobifd); ii. s. ein bunner. 

fdjwarjer Saffet. 
ALAND, adv. iUig Sanb, am Sanb«i 

ju ?aiibe. 
ALARic, s. Silaric^, ^Irid) (2Wa)iu«* 

ALARM, s. 1. baS ?armgef^ret, bcr 

igarm, aSafeuruf; 2. 'bie Unrnbe, 

aScnuirruiig, gSevlcgen^'it, 5Befiiir= 

jung, SGcwegmig; ber ©d)vc(f; — 

of tire, ber 55cucrlarm; to sound ran) 
— , Scivm blafen; to give—, ?;irm 
mad)cn, Uurube erregen; to take 
(the) — . uuvul)ig »rcrbcn, tn 5higfl ges 
ratben ; to spread — . ?arm ucrbrc itVii, 
bcunrubtgen; — bell, bie (Sturmgl ode; 

— post, bcr 2armpla(} ; — watch, bie 

To ALARM, p. a. 1. ?arm b.'afcn ober 
fc^lagen ; 2. erfd)rc(fcn, auffdireifcn, 
beuurubigcn, iingfligcn, tn '-Ucroeguug 
briiigeit, venuirrcii ; alarmed at, bcs 
uurul)igt iibcr. 

ALARMIST, s. mod. bcr (ijf cntl.) Sarin* 
macber, Uuntbftiftcr. 

ALARUiM, vid. Alarm. 

ALAS. int. od) ! Ici^cr! o U'cb! 

AL^VTED. adj. gcfliigelt. 

ALATERNUS, s. B. T. baS 3mmergrfl« 

(evergreen privet). 
ALAY, vid. Allay. 

ALB, s. 1. bie 9llba, bas 3J}eg^em4 




K&oi-J)emb; 2. eiuc turfifc^e 3J?uiije; 

vid. ASPKR.' 

ALBANIA, s. Qllbanien. 

ALBANIAN', L a.lj. albvllttfi-^ ; U. s. bCV 


ALBATROSS, s. btc UH" fit lib if (I)e <2fC= 
jjaiiS, SoJjaiiiiieaaito, ber <£turm= 

ALBEIT, coHj. obgletc^, ivicwo(;l, ;!ii= 

ALBINOS, s. pi mcigc 9icgcr niif xo- 
tbfu Sluijcn, Jtiifcvlafe in Dftinbieit, 
91frita uiib 5lmerifii. 

ALBION, s.* ©iiglaub; —metal, 33[ei 
mit S'H'i iUicrflcibef. 

ALBUUINEOUS, adj. bcm eiWCtfc 

ALBUGO, s bas gell im Slugc, ber 

njeipc <Staar. 
ALBUM, s. bas (Stammbuc^ ; (eigcn= 

tianfcigc) gvcmbeitbuc^. 

ALBUMEN, s. baS (Siwci^. 
ALCAHEST, vid. Alkahest. 

ALCAIC, nz/j. T. alfiiifc^ (»oit cinet 
(^rtec^tfc^cii 93ei-iart). 

ALCAID, s. 1. bev 5)ffef)I«t)akr ctneS 
©rfjlolTfS W ber SBarbaret) ; 2. ber 
3Hcalbc, Siid^tcv, Stabtric^ter (in 

ALCANNA, s. bic ^unbsbcerflaube ; 
— root, bie *iIIEaiinajvurjcl ; — oil, 

ALCHYMICAL, (ndv. — ly), adj. alc&i^s 

miftifc^, aldvi}intfc^. 
ALCIIYMIST, s. btr 2ll^tjmifl, ®oIb= 


ALCIIYMISTICAL, adj. al^t)miflifc^. 
ALCHYMY, s. bic ^Uci^mic, @olb= 

ALCOHOL, s. cii. r 1. bet :^rci) rfc= 

tificivtc 93ciiigci(l ; 2. baS fubtile 

ifeinftc) iputycr. 
ALCOHOLIZATION, s. Ch. T. bte 91U 


To ALCOHOLIZE, v. a, 1. «lfoboltfi= 

«ii, rcctificiien ; 2. in eitt fubtilcS 
Raiser ocncaiibeltt. 

ALCORAN, vid. 

ALCOVE, s. ber 9llfe»fit. 

ALCYON, s. ber (SiSOOgel, {vid. Hal- 

ALDER, (—tree), s. bie @rle, (SUcr, 
ber Svfcnbnum. 

ALDERMAN, .?. bcr Slat^g^err, SJstf)* 
ntflnn, Sleltefte. 

ALDERN, adj. DOlt ©rlctt^olj, Crleit, 

ALE, s. ba§ 2lcl; —bench, bte 5Bier= 

bant; — berry, U§ SBarmbter, (Sier= 

bttr; — c&nm^r, ber 9luffef)er iibcr 

baS Tla$, ^icraitfref)cr. 
ALECOST, s.berSftaiufartt, bie (^raucn^ 

lUiinje i^Tanitcetum balsimita — /,.). 

ALEE, ade. jv. T. beitt SBinbe gerteu= 
fiber, unter bem 3Binbe, im ^ee; 
hard — , tjdte bid)t bfim SBinbe. 

ALEUAR, s. ber 9Iftefitj, 53iei-efftg. 

ALEHOOF, s. ber ©rbepbfii/ tie ®iJit= 

fcclrcbe {Oalega liederacea — L.) 

ALEHOUSE, s. bag 33ierl)a««, bic 

Scf)enfe ; — keeper, bcr ©rf)en!»virfl;, 

ALE-KNIGHT, s. vuig. bcr 93icrbruber, 

ALEMBIC, s. bcr Srcitutolbeii, 'S'cs 


ALENGTH, ailv. bCr SSligC mi}. 

ALERT, adj. ioaci;fam, ntuuter, Ieb= 

&aft, fiillf ; to be upon the — , auf 

fciitcr ^ut fci;ii. 
ALERTNESS, s. bic 2)Juiitcrfcit, ?c£- 


II.LE-SH01, s. bic ^^icrjcc^c. 
IT E VAT, s. ber ©rt^rbottid^, 93rau* 

iJ^E-wiFE s. bic i8ter»irt^iim. 

ALEXANDER, s. 3IIeranbci {Sflami' 
ALEXANDER'SFOOT, ber 93?rtram, 

bag ©peidjetfvaUt {.^ntkemis py- 
retrum — JL.). 

ALEXANDERS, s. bas Sm^rnenfraut 

(Smyrnium — />. ). 

ALEXANDRINE, s. T. bcr 3llexanbri= 
ner, alcranbrinifd)e 33cv§. 

ALEXIPHARMIC, I. adf (lU OcgCligift 

biencnb; n. s. bal 2)Jittel gegen ®ift, 

ALe'xIPPOS. .?. viol. ( i. e. horse-helper) 
eine 9}Jafc^iiic jum 9liifric|)ten gc= 
ftiU-jter ^pferbe. 

ALEXITIRICAL, (— erial), adj. bcm 
®ifte wibcrfte^citb. 

ALGEBRA, s. Mat. T. bic ^Jltgcbra, 

®leic^ungslct)rc , 33uc^flal)citrcc^= 

ALGEBRAICAL (— ic), adj. .Mat. T. 

ALGEBRAIST, s. 9Ugebraift. 
ALGERINE, adj. algterifcfe. 
ALGERINES, s. pi. bic yilgtcrcr. 
ALGIERS, s. 9l[gifr. 
ALGOR, s. bie b'eftige Jlaltc. 
ALGORISM, I s. T. bic 3ficrf)ciifinifi 
ALGORITHM, S mit 3at)Icii. 
ALGOUS, (iugerft fait. 
ALL4.S, adv. foufl, atibcrs ; ,«. z,. t.— 

capias, etn tctcbcrboltcr iBcr^aft«= 


ALIBI, s. /,. T. to prove an — , t)e»ei= 
fen, bat! man jur ^tit, ba ciu 5Bcr= 
brciten begangen worbcn tft, an ci= 
nem fcrncri (frcmbcn) Drte war. 

ALICE, s. 51(cria, eifc, SIfe (Sraucn= 

ALIEN, adj. 1. ficmb, auS(aiibif(^ ; 2. 
nic^t bergcl)ijrig, uiiangcmeffen; it is 
— from (to) my purpose, tS gcbovt 
nic|t i5U (iiegt aiiBcri meinem 'CUarte. 

ALIEN, s. 1. bcr Srembe, 9lu3lanber ; 
2. ber mit nnS in tetner aScrbtnbung 

To ALIEN, Aline, vid. Aliexatk. 

ALIENABLE, adj. »erauycrli^. 
ALIENAGE, s. ba« Srembfc\in. 
To ALIENATE, v. a. l.yerau^crn; '2. 

Jiff, cntfremben, abgeneigt, abroenbig, 

abfpanfiig mac^en, abjie^en. 
ALIENATE, adj. 1. atgcncigt; 2. cn{= 

frembet, »erau^crt. 
ALIENATION, s. 1. bic 93erau|5crung, 

dntaiifjcruiig ; 2. 9lbgcneigt()cit ; — of 

mind, bie 93erriicfnn'g bc8 aSerflan= 

be«, bcr 3Ea{)uftnn. 
ALIENATOR, s. bcr Scrau^erubc. 
ALIENEE, s. bcr ©mvfangucbmcr (ei= 

neS 6igcnt^um§, ober lUiifprucfccS). 
ALIENISM, s. HS j^vcmbfci^n, ^id)U 


ALiFE, itber aUc3, fo wafir tcfe Icbc. 
ALiFEROUS, I adj. (^liigct ^abcnb, ge= 
ALIGEROUS, 5 fliigetf. 
To ALIGHT, V. n. 1. ftd^ ntcbcrlaffcn, 

berunterfommen ; 2. nbflcigcn, aiiS= 

ftcigcti, abft^en ; IjcrabfaUcii, ntcber= 

fallen; to — on.., fic^ fcfeen aitf 

ALIKE, ndj. S- ndv. glcid), (ibnlit^, cben 

fo wie; suglcicl), ebenfallS. 
ALIMENT, s. bie 9la^rung, bcr Itn? 

tcrbalt, bic Svctfe- baS e^iitter. 

ALIMENT AL, {ado. — -ly), adj. nabrcnb, 


ALIMENTARINESS, s. bic Sfiafir^afs 

ALIMENTARY, aij. 1. jiir 9Ja^rnng 
gcborig; 2. niibvcnb, nabrbnft; —ca- 
nal. beV ®ang aiiS bem 3J2agen, n'o= 
buvd) bcr 91af)vungofaft tn'bae'43lut 
gclcitct wtrb. 

ALIMENTATION, «. 1 . bic 9Jnbrbaftig= 
feit, Sflabrfraft ; 2. bie Scrvflegiiiig. 

ALIMONY, 8, bieSServPcgitng, bcr Uu= 

tcrt)alt (ben cin SJtann jeinet gcfcfcic 
benen Srau gcbeu muja). 
ALiQUOi", Of//'. Jiint. T. aliqnotif^. 

ALISH, adj. ivic 9lel. 

ALIVE, adj. 1. Icbfiib, Icbcubig, am 
Seben;.^^. 2. tbcitig; lebljaft, minis 
ter ; 3. tief fii^Ieub, empftiiofam ; feel- 
ingly- for (to),fe|r cmpfanglid) fiir ; 
to be — , Icben, noc^ am tmw fc«n. 

ALKAHEST, s. Ch. T. baS JUfallcfi, 
(illgcmeiiic ^luflofungSmittcl. 
ALKALESCENT, adj.' alfalifc^, lau- 

ALKALI, s. ba« SUfali, Saugenfal^. 
ALKALIFY, ». I. a. fllfaliftreit ; n. n. 

ju S-augc njcrbcii. 

ALKALiGENOUS, adj. 9((talt erjeiigcitb. 
ALKALINE, adj. altalifi^, aUaliiiifc^j, 

ALKALINITY, s. ba« SBcfMt cincS 5U= 

fali, bie ^augcnfaljartigfeit. 
ALKALIZATION, s. bic 9Ufalifiviiitg. 
ALKALIZE, V. a. alfalt^cn, ouslaugcii. 
ALKANER, s. bie .§aufenblafc, ' bei 

ALKANEi', bic rotf)c obcr fvanifc^c 

Dc()fen5ntige [Anckusa offidmlis — L.). 

ALKEiiENGi, s. bie 3«bcntirf(^e (P%- 

salis alkekengi — /.,.). 

ALKERMES, s. bic SJatwcrgc »on Jtcr- 
meSbecren, bcr JtcrmeSbcerfaft. 

ALL, I. adj. aller, allc, aflcg ; ganj ; 
II. s. bag (SSanje, 9111 ; — the world 
bte ganjc SBctt ; — the day, ben ^mx- 
2;ag ; by — means, frfjlcc^tcrbingS ; 
auf jcben S<tU; — at once, auf ein= 
mat; once for — , cin fiir allemal ; 
for gof^d and — , gaiii iiitb gar ; anf 
immcr ; after — , ant gnbc, bed), bcu- 
nod), roo^l gar nod), beun wo^l gar; 
im ©runbe bctvad)tet ; reiflic^ crwos 
gen; at — , iibcrall, bnrcliaug ; not at 
— , gan§ unb garnid)t; notbing at — 
garhidjtg, tin gcvingftcn nict)t; 'tis 
one, eg ifl 9llleg cittg, etncrlet. glcid)- 

Bid ; 'tis — one to me, Cg gilt mit 

9Uleg glctc^j and — th.u nnbbcrglei= 
rl)cii ; — the better, bcfto beffcr ; ray 

— is at stake, Sllleg flcbt bct mtr auf 
bcm Spiclc ; he has lost his — , er {)at 
2lllcg yerloren; that makes amends 
for—, bag niad^t 9lflc8 n>iebcrrtut; 
to be — in — with one, 5IIlcg iu 2lliein, 

bag Sactotum tet Semanbcm fc!}n ; 

when — comes to — , njCUU Cg Um UUb 

urn fommt, cnb I id). 
ALL, adv. gau?, gar, gcinslie^, siillig ; 

— along. 1. bcr Siinge nad) ; 2. bie 
ganje 3f't "t't''^' immerfort ; — in the 
wind. JV. T bie Segcl fidcn, {i. e. 
wcrben fd^laff; ; — over, iibcr itnb 
iibcr, gan? unb gar, burd) unb bitrd) ; 

litcrali ; it is known — over the town, 

eg tft in ber ganjen ©tabt bctaiint. 
ALLANTOiDES. ) .In. T. bag Uringc- 
ALLANTOis. S f^ul •§arn= ober 

To ALLAY, V. o 1. 4- Icgircu ; 2. 
fcb)iHid)en, sermtnbern ; Itnbern, ma- 
^igcn, biimvfen, ftillen ; to — wine 
wiih water, SBcin mit 2Baffcr vcrmi= 

fc^cn; the tempest allays, bet ©tUtlll 

iegt ftc^. 
ALLAY, s. 1. + bie Segtrung; 2. 

fg. (2d;roai^ung, Sinberung, 2)?55t» 

ALLAYER, s. bcr, btc, bag Sc^wftc^cnbe, 

^afngcitbc, ^iitbcvnbe. 
ALL4YMENT, s.bic Siubcrung, '^am* 


To ALLEDGE, v a. i. anfltbteit, ^H* 

bvingcii ; 2. augfagcu, bel)a«}>tcn, be* 

ALLEDGER. *. bcr 9lnfit^rcr, 93eT;ou>>« 

ALLEGATION, .•<. 1. bic 9lnf'ibruna, 

^ikljauptung ; 2. bie ana.efiibvtt 




<SteIIf ; bte bel)am)tctc ®a4)e, 5lu«= 

To AI-LEGE, vid. To Am.edoe. 
AI>LEGIANCE, s. bic *^f[td)t bcr Uu= 

tevttjaueit, Se^ngvflit^f/S^i^fWfi'nb ®c- 
borfam ; oath of — , bcf ©tb bcv 
Sreut, ipulbigiinsjSetb ; to do — , ^ul= 
btflen. • 

ALLEGORIC, {adj. aWt- 

ALLEGORICAL ( ado. —ly), J gorifc^, 

btlbltc^, ftttnlt(|, ucrbtiimt. 

Tu ALLEGORIZE, v. I. a. btfbltd), 

uortvrtacn, fic^ bilblic^ au«bvurf«i, 
aUejjprtfc^ crflavcn; n. n. al« etue 
^^lUegorte beliaiibtlit. 
ALLEGORY, s. bit SlUcgovt'e, bitblN 
^c 5Rcbe. 

ALLEGRO, L s. JI/us. T. baS SlllcgtO ; 

II. adv. allcgvo. 
ALLELUJAH, s. bilS ^altefitja^. 
ALLERION, s. H. T. citt 3lblev oljltc 

S^nabcl uiib Siiffc mtt auSijebvette' 

ten Sliiaeln. 
To ALLEVIATE, v. a. erlctc^tcrit, m\U 

bent, Unbent. 
ALLEViATiox, s. 1. bfeSrleic^tcnuifl, 

iJinberu«a ; 2. baS (Svleic^teruiirte= 

ALLEY, s. bte 3lltee, baS ©ajjdien, bcr 


all-fool'^s-day, s. 9inevnarrenta<]. 
ALL FOURS, t. s. nllc SStcre (ctii SLm- 

ttnfptcl) ; ir. ado. auf aUen 23tcfcn. 

ALL-HAIL, int. .§eit ! 

ALL-iiALLOW \ s. ber allcv^etligcn 

ALL-HALLOWN, \ s. bie 3fit um 
ALL-HALLOWTIDE, S 9IUer^eilt(jen. 
ALLHEAL, s. bic jiraftourjel. 
ALLIANCE, s. 1. bie Gillian?, 33frt)trt= 

bung, biiS S3unbntf5, ber i^nnb ; 2. bte 

iBcrjV^wagening, 33ern)anbtfd)aft; 3. 

bie sBerbiinbcten, JBenranbtcn. 
7'« ALLiGATE, v. a. »erbtnben, »er= 

fniivfen, uerctnigen. 
ALLIGATION, M'at. T. bit 5lUtgatton(Js 

rec^iiung, ^tc SBefc^icfungS; obcr SScr? 

ALUGATOR, s. ber 3lUig4tor, (S<i\)= 


ALLIGATURE, s. vId Lioature. 
ALLISION, s. baS 9liifloHeu 
ALLITERATION, s. 7\ bie9UIttcration. 
ALLITERATIVE, adj. luit beinfelbtu 

iSud^flabcn anfangenb. 
AiiL-OBEDiENT, adj. ge{)orfain (im 

ti^etteflen Sinne). 
ALLOCATION, s. 1. bte .^in^utbuung 

fcines 9lrtifcls juetnerSflec^nunc}) ; 2. 

9lnn)eifung jur 33esat)Iung (tn bcr 

cuglifcl)fi! Sc^afefammer). 
ALLOCUTION, s. bte Slutcbe. 

ALLODIAL. Allodian, adj. L. T. rttIo= 

big, aUobial, leben^fret. 
ALLODIUM, s. bus 9l[Iobe, QlHob, 3U= 

[obium, freie (Srbgut. 
ALLONGE, s. T. 1. ber 51usfto5 tm 

(^ccbten; 2. bie lange Cctue, »oran 

man etn ^Pferb trabeh liifjt. 
'/>- iLLOO. V. V. vvisr. tjalJo^ fc^reten. bte 

•Sunbe bamit an^efeen. 
To ALLOT. ?). a. 1. Bcrlofcn ; 2. anwct- 

fen, jnt^eifen; 3. »ert[;eifen, auS= 

ALLOTMENT, s. ba« 2oo8, bcr?lntktl, 

To ALT,0 w. J), a. 1 , jugebcrt, ctnrau= 

iiicu ; uterfennen, jugeflebcn; i(ulaf= 

fen, eriauten, vcrflattcn, bewifligcn ; 

2. bi(lig*t, gntbeitjen ; 3. U'Cthcn, 

uMbmen ; 4. cinredinen, abrccbncn, 

nb)ite[)cn; to — a mainlenanct!. ftcien 
iSebenSuuterbalt jiifommen Inffcn ; i 
■-r '-f that excime, irf) nel)me bie ^\\U 
fiiJiuJbtgnng fll8 (jitUtgnn; i am allow- 

ed to, t4> fann (barf), man Iyi( mtr 

JKfflattCt; is allowed to be..., tfi 

iingenommcn, anerfannt als . . . , 

this is not a tliitis,' to be allowed of. 
btc^ tann iiicJit gcbiUigt, obcr criaubt 
ttjerbcn ; allowing for his want of edu- 
cation, »cnn man feine fc^lec^te 6'r= 
jicl)ung abred)nct. 

ALLOVVAULE (nt/r. — bly), adj. JUliif- 

fig, erlaubt ; ric^tig, rec^tmafjig. 

ALLOVVABLENESS, s. bic 3uKifftg= 
fcit, 9Jcd)tmapigfeit. 

ALLOWANCE, s. 1. bte (Sinvaumung, 
^uiaffung, erlanbnifi, aScrftattniig ; 
2. Uiigebunbcni^fit; 3. bcr bcftimmte 
2;()cil, bas 9Iu«gefc^te, baS .ilpftgclb, 
2:afc^cngclb, 9)Jonati'gclb, 3a()rgeib ; 
4. bie <Sc^ouung, 3'2ad)ftci)t ; 5. ber 
9lbjug ; to make — for, ?lac^ftd;t babcn 

mif ; to live within the compass of one's 

— ftiiicn gintiinftcn gcmciH lebcn. 
ALLOY, s. 1. bie gfgirung, bcr 3nfa(j; 

2. fig. bic 9Scrmifa)ung, 93crmiube= 

rung, 93crfdjlcd^tcrung, bcr ?lbjng. 
ALL-POWERFUL, adj. allmcidjtig, Clfl: 

ALL-RIGHTEOUS, s. the — , bcr ®e= 

recite (®ott). 
ALL SAINTS, s pi baS Wefi3Uterbcili= 

ALI^SEED, bte SJiClbC (Mriplex— L.). 

ALL-SOULS, s.pi. ba« Scft aller Seelcn. 

ALL SPICE, .1. ber ^pimcuf. 

To ALLUDE, v. v.. anfpiclcn (—to, anf) ; 

binbcutcn, ftd> bejicbrn auf; alluded 

to, angebciitet, bcjiiglic^. 
ALLUMINER (— nor) s. bet 3llumi= 

Tu ALLURE, V. a. aiiloifcn, onrctjen, 

anflibern ; to — forth, auloden, i)cr= 

ALLUREMENT, s. bcr JRcij, bic 9Jei= 

jung, ^ocfung, SScrfiibrung. 
ALLURER. s. bcr Slulod cr, gScrfiifjrcr, 

ALLUSION, s. bie SInfpielung, .§in= 


ALLUSIVE (ado. — ly), adj. anfvicfenb. 
ALLUVIAL, I adj. aiigefd)njemmt, an= 
ALLUvious, 5 gcfviilt. 
ALLUVION, s. 1. bic 9lnfcbmemmiing, 

9Infpiilung; 2. baS Slngcfpiiltc, bcr 

ALL- WISE, adj. allwcifc. 

To ALLY, V. a. aUiircit, Bcrbiiiibcn ; 
»erbinbcrt, »ercinigcn ; (—to, — mit). 

ALLY, s. bcr 9lllitrte, aSuiibcSgcno^ ; 
5Bcr»uanbte, (Jrcunb. 

ALLMAGRA, a. bas fvantfc^e 93raun= 

ALMANAC, s. ber 9Umanac^, jtafcnber ; 
nautical — , bcr <£d)iff^talcnbcr. 

ALMANDINE, s. ber 5llmanbin=3^ubin. 

ALMIGHTINESS, s. bie 3UJmad;t, 3111= 

ALMIGHTY, I. adj. alimad;tig ; U. s. 
ber ^lUmadbtigc. 

ALMOND, s. bie 3JJanbcI ; — or almond- 
tree, bcr 2}iaiibelbaiim; dwarf—, m- 
almonds dwarf, bcr 3"-'f''g'"rt>tbet= 
baum ;_— oil, ba« ?D?anbclijl ; — pow- 
der, bte 9J?aubcIflcic ; — soap, bie 
9JJaubelfetfc ; — or ermine tumbler, bie 
i^ermelintaubc; —willow, bie ^Slan- 
bclwcibC; almondi?. s. p!. T. bit ge= 

fd)nittenen Jlr^fialiftiicfe ju J^rpn= 
Icud)tern ; fg. — of the ear. bie 0(;= 
renmanbein, Dhrgefc^ttjulft ; — of 
the throat, bic 2}?ai!beln am J^nlfe. 

ALMOND-FURNACE, s, Ck. T. bcr 

ALMONER, s. bcr SUniofcnter, 3lImo- 

ALMONERSHiP, s. bag Qllmofcuamt, 

bie SIrmcnpffcge. 
ALMONRY, .t.'baS 3Umorc.:banS bie 

28of)nnng etucS 9Umofeuier>l 

ALMOST, adv. fa)l, bfinaf)f. 

ALMS, s. pi. baS ^llmofcn; —basket, 
ber yirmcnforb; — box, bcr JUmofcni 
faftcn ;-r-deed, tie milbe &ciht, iBoi>U 
tl)at ; — giver, bcr 3Umpfcn an«ti)eilf, 
milbe ©cbcr; — house, iaS 5llmpfena 
ban8, 3Irmen^au8 ; — man, ber 9llmo« 
fcnmann, .g)anSarmc, 

ALMUGTREE, s. bcr (liben= ot-ci 
(Sbenbaum (in bcr cngl. 53ibel). 

ALNAGE, s. bas (5Uenmav, ^Dicffcn 
mif bcr ©He. 

ALNAGER. Alnaqar. .». bcr gef^wprue 
2:ud)meffcr, @llcnjlcm))!cr. 

ALOE, s. bie 9lloe : — wood, ba« 3I{oei 
I)Pl5, 5Pavabie«()oIj; aloes, ;<;. ber <SflfJ 
ber 31 1 PC. 

ALOETIC (— CAI."), I. adj. von 91 be; 
11. s. pi. aloetics, aloedaries, ^JJittfl 

ober 3Ir5neien ypn3Upe. 

ALOFT, ndv. 1. l)ec^ in bcr <&59e; 2. 
in bie ■f^bht, bpc^ anf; sea kj]\Hn 
(im Scliffc), tn bent Xauii'crfc; from 
— , son pbcn ; to set — , in bie .giob« 
fc^cn, pber I}ebcn. 

ALONE, adj. <$• adv. ollein; all — , gottj 
allcin ; you are not — in it, fig: Sif 

fiMb biev'in nid){ bcr (Sinjige, 3lBbcj-e 
tiMineu c3 aud> ; let me — , litffcii etc 
mid; gcbcn, in CJube, im ^vicbcn; 

lot me — for (with) that, Klfftn Sie 
micb bafiir fpvgcn ; to let a thins — , 
(SUvaS nntcrloffcn ; let that— , la^ba* 
blcibcn, riil)r' c« njdit on. 
ALONG, adn. 1. Iiiingg, bcr Sang? uad> ; 
a. fort, wetter fort, l)in; all-. 1. 
bcnnod), fmmerfort ; 2. ber Sange 

nad); as I (we, you) go — , MHtcV- 
rocgS ; JV. T-s. tn lie — , VOn bcm 

SBinbe auf bie Scitc gclcgt; — sjda 
of, ncbcn, an bcr Sette bin. Seite aii 
Scitc ; — with, mit, in ©efellfcfeaft 
mit, juglcid) mit; take this — with 
you, ncl)met baS mit. 

ALOOF, adv. fcm, upu fcm, »on toti' 
tem, in bcr gcruc. 

ALOPECY, a. ber 5iid;«grtnb, bag 3fu3« 
fallen ber ^aare. 

ALOUD, adv. lailt. 

ALP, s. bcr §Pcrg ; pi. ihe AWB, iit^h 
Vcn, bnS 3l!pcngebivgc. 

ALPHA, s. baS 3llpba, yi ; I ara Alpha 
and Omejia, id) bin baa ^il l!Ub bo3 O 

ALPHABET,« 31lpt)abct, bie 93u(t>« 

To ALPHABET, r. n. Ha* bcm 9Up^ai 

bet einvicbten, alpbabctifd) orbncu. 
ALPIIABETARLiN, s. ber 3l33(5=2c^u« 

ALPHABETICALLY, ado. nac^ a1\>^(l=^ 

betifrbcr Orbnung. 

ALPHABETIC (— CAL),orf/ aIp5(lI'ftiF<t>. 

ALPHENix, *. bcv iveii^c (nn etncm 

.^afcn gcnjunbcnc) ©crftcnjuiicr. 
ALPHONSO, s. 9UfijnfuS, Sllfs-na 

ALPINE, I. adj. i. upn bcn 9ll))cn, ja 

ben 91lpen gebin-ig, alp'nifd), hod); 

2. ftuf bpt)en Bergen loac^fcnb; IK 

s. cine 9Irt ©rbbecren. 
ALftuiFOU, s. T. ber ^Sletglanj. 

ALREADY, adv. bcrcitS, fibcu. 

ALSATU, s. bai ©Ifafj. 

ALSO, adv. awd), glcic^fallg, ju^Ic'di 

baju, np(^. 

ALT, s. Mus. T. ber 31U. 
AJ.TAR, s ber 91 1 tar ; — cloth, ?al 

3Iltartiid), bie 9nt3rbeife; — piecj^ 

b.i« 9lltarprf. 
ALTARAGE, s. bai 9lUar9eIb, 0)5fe«« 


iVliTARlST, s. bcr 3ntflrifl,9lltarpric{lf t. 
To ALTER, V. 1. a. (iubcvn, nbiinberB, 

iKianbern ; u. n. auberS U'erbeii, ftc^ 

(injicrn ; to — one's mind, firf) anbtrl 

bclntneu ; to — for the worse, fid) »«« 






ILTER iBLE (adv. — ly), adj. aMxi- 

^TERABLEMESS, ) s. bte 9Ibanber= 


^TERANT, adj. ycviitoaf tib ju anbevii, 

anbcvnb. „ 

ALTERATION, s. btc Suberiiiig, 511)- 

anbcruiiji, 93cranbcruuji. 
ALTERATWE, I. adj. etiic 53eraube= 

rung seniiogenb, {jcvDOvbvtiigf ub ; 

U. s. pi. Med. T. alteratives, intlbCVllte 

51rjncien, rccld^e bte ©cifte nac^'uub 
Ha4 »erbcffevn. 

To AI TERCATE, v. n. janlflt, flvcitClt. 
ALTERCATION, s. bet: ^a.\\l, <5tveit, 

ALTERN, adj. attoedt^felnb, wec^fcl§= 

weife; —angles, o. T. btc 23ed)fcU 

To ALTERNATE, v. I. a. ined^felstuetfe 

«entd)tett, abtuec^fcfn ; u. n. abxoui^- 

fcliib foljiert . 
AI.TERNATE (odw.— LY),I.arf/.abwcc&= 

felitb, werbfelStceife; ll. s. bte 3Ib= 

ALTERNATENESS, s. bflS Qlbttjcc^feln, 

tie iDce^fclSiDfife Solge, 3flet^c. 
ALTERNATION, s. bie 5lbn)ccl)fe[ung, 

^Jiblofutig, gBec^fclfoIgc, ber 3Bcc^fel. 

ALTERNATIVE {adv.— ly), I. adj. nh' 

Mjcc^fclnb ; altcvitatty, jutn SSablcn ; 
U.S. bte ^Uternattye, SBa^l, ber2Bcc^= 
ALTERNATIVENESS, s. bte 9IbW5ec^fe= 


ALTERNiTY, s.bte wedfifelSmeife Solge, 

ALTHEA s. bet (Sibtfd^, btc n>i{be 

mubii, SUt^cc. 
ALTHOUGH, covj. obglcici^, obfcbou, 

sbmobl, wcnn glfirt), ungeac^tct. 
ALTILOaUENCE, s. bte ^od)tfabciibc, 

fc^iuijlftige 9icbe, ber Sombdfl. 
ALTiMETRY, s. o. T. bte ^51)eiiine§= 

Euube, ,§Dc^inepfur.bc. 

ALTISONANT (— nous), adj. ^od)tO= 

Jteiib, fc^iuulfiig, fttngctib, ^oct)tni= 
be lib. 
ALTITUDE, s. 1. btC .^D^e ; 2.J^. grs 
f)ab«nl)cit ; 3. ber Otpfel ; to take the 
trim's — . o. T. bte Soiincubo^e mef- 

fell ; the — of liuman greatness, ber 

©ipfcl incnfc^Iic^cr Orbge. 
ALTIVOLANT, adj. * ^oc^ fltegcnb. 

ALTO, s. vid. Alt ; — key. bet 31U: 
fci)luffe[; — relievo, vid. Relievo. 

ALTOGETHER, ado. 1. jufaiiimen, oHc 
jufaiumctt ; 2. gattjltc^, gaitj iinb gat;, 

ALUDEL, g. Ch. T. ia9 (Subltmtrgefag. 

ALUM, s. ber Gitalin ; — salt, has (£teiit= 
falj ; — stone, ber 5Ilaiiufteitt, Stalt ; 
— water, ba§ 9Urtitmiiaffer ; — work, 
bai 9Uauitaievf,_bie "JUaititftebertt. 

ALUMIN, ) s bie vctiie, ober clemcit= 

ALUMLNA, J tare (Sibart. 

ssn "*«"■«"«"''• ■ 

ALUTATION, .i taS ©erbeii, bte ®cr= 


ALVEARY, s. An.. T. bte ©e^SvbiJble. 
ALWAYS f Alway, vu. \\.\ ado. aUejeit, 

iiiimcr, (lets, beftoitbtg. 

AM, vid. To Be. 

AMABILITY, s. bte SiebenSwitrbtrtfett. 

AMADETTO, \ s. {%vit\ ^ilrteit oon^tr= 

AM.VDOT. S «f"' ^i« 3Imabotcn= 

AMAiX)U, «. ber 3unberf(^»aittm. 

(VMAiN, adi). init aller .ft'raff, bcfttg, 
frifc{>, ttt allcr ^i(, i'tber .©als uiib 
J?opf; ^- T- biirtig (an 53prb) ' let 
po — ! lap bie (segcl nieber! latlt 
laiifen! 3uruf ait cin fetitblict)c« 
(£d)!ff fid) JU ergebctt. 

UWALttAM. s. Ch. T. ba8 SliJtalgaiua, 
He 9J?,ttaUinifc()uiig (jtvci 'burt^ 

Qitecffilbcr »erbunbene 3JJetaUe) ; 
ber Outcf bret. 

To AMALGAM.\TE. v. a. Ch. T. (imaU 

(jamtreii, ueiiitticfeii (a}Jcta[l nttt 
Duecfftlber ju etucm jieige uerini= 

AMALGAMATION, s. Ch. T. btC 5Ima{= 

gainaticn, SScrcjuicfung (2>evbiii= 

bung ber SJJctaUe mitJZluecffilber). 
AMANUENSIS, s. ber ifcc^reibfr, Bi-- 

creKir, ober SamulttS etneS ®ciel)r= 

.iMARANTH, s. bcr Slmarantt), baS 


AMARANTHINE, adj. aiTtarantbcn. 
To AMASS, V. a. biiufett, attf^ciufcn, an= 

bciufen, jufantmen^iiufen. 
AMASSMENT, s. bie 3lufl;dufung, 9ln= 

AMATEUR, s. etn Stcbbaber son einer 

(Sa^e, ber .Runflfveunb. 
AMATORIAL, } adj. ccrliebt ; bie Zkit 
AMATORY, 5 betreffcnb. 
AMAUROSIS, s. bie'Tsunfel^eitber^la- 

gen, ber frf)roarje Staar. 
To AMAZE, V. a. crfiaunen, erft^re^ 

(fen ; beftiirit macten ; to he amazed 

at ... , evftaintt fein iiber .... 
AMAZE, s. \>aS (grflaitnen ; ber Scared j 

in — , befiiiv5t. 
AMAZEDNESS, s. bag (Sr)launen, bie 

AMAZEMENT, s. iaS iSrflauneit, 

(gc^vetfen, @ntfef}en. 
AMAZON, s. bte Slmajone. 
AMAZONIAN, adj. auiajonenbaft. 
AMBAGES, .?. pi. ber Umrd)wetf, bie 

SBeitlduftgfeiteu (im 3iebeu). 
AMBASSADOR, s. bcr ©efatibte ;• vid. 


AMBER, I. s. bcr Scrnfiein; XL adj. 
bernfteiiten ; — beads, 33crnfieinfo: 
rallcn ; — drink, baS flinbcrfarbige 
(golbgelbe) ©ctrdnf (*5ier, u. f. ».). 

To AMBER, V. a. mit 9lmbra wof)Ivie= 
d)cnb mac^cn, ober rdurf)ern. 

AMBERGRIS, s. bcr Sliubra; black—, 

ber (5ud)Samber; white — , ber 93o= 

AMBER-SEED, s. bcr 5JbeImofc^, bie 

AMBER-TREE, s. ber 9Imbrabaitin (U- 

quidambra — L.) ; bte 3lmbrafiaube 

(Jlnthospermum ■ — Z,.). 
AMBIDEXTER, adj, S,- s. 1. ber (bte) 
rcc^tSunb linfS juglcicpifi; 2. fig. in 
alleSdttcI gered)t, ber (bie) aitf bci= 
ben '■Jlc^feln triigt, ber ^Id^feltrager; 
3. etn 9lb»Dcat ber ftd) «om ,f Idger 
uitb SeEIagten jat)Ieu Idfjt. 

AMBIDEXTERITY, \ s. 1. bte ®e= 

AMBIDEXTROUSNESS, S fcJ)icflic^£cit 

beibe .&dnbe auf gleicbe yjrt i^u ge= 
braurf)en ; 2../?^.-5frf)felti-dgerei. 

AMBIDEXTROUS, adj. 1. Xt^ti Itnb 

linfS; 2. jig. e« mit beiben ^Parteien 


AMBIENT, adj. uingebcnb. 
AMBIGU. s. cine 3};ablseit, ino MalUi 

unb aBorinc«, Cbfi unb ©ebacfeneS 

juglcid) aufgefefet unrb. 
AMBIGUITY, ) s. bie 3n)eibentig= 
AMBiGuousNESS, J feit, S)unEeII)eit, 

ber 'Dovpelftnn. 

AMBIGUOUS {ad,\ — ly), adj. bOV^.'CU 

ftnitig, jweifefbaft, nngewifi', jtveibcu' 

AMBILOGY. .5. bie sweibeutige 3fJebe, 

AMBH^ociuous, adj. swcibcuttg im 


AMBIT, s. ber Untfaiig, Umfretg. 
AMBITION, .«. bie (Sbibcgterbe, (Sbr^ 

fucl)t, baS 6'[)vgefiibl, ber ©brgcij. 
AMBITIOUS (ndn. — ly), adj. et)vbegie= 

rig, cbrfuc^tig, ebrgeijig ; (— rt; aiif ) : 

I ani — to serve you, tC^ lltfl^e 

mtr etne {5'[;re barauS, Sb'if" J8 


AMBmousNESS, .•<. bie @f;rbegtcrbe.-!T 
AMBLE, s. bcr ^af, ^^sajigattg/^lntria* 

3)reird)Iag, 3e[ter. \^. 

To AMBLE, V. «,ben 5Pa^, Qlntritt, obB^ 

Sc^ritt gcben. ■■ 

AMBLER, s. ber gJaggdnger, 3elttr. 

AMBLING, part. adi. — nn-, bcr 5}.5a^» 

ganger, 3e[ter; — pace, ber ^a^= 

gang, %<i% 
AMBLINGLY, ado. im ^JSaffe, n)ie etn 

AMBLYGON, s. o. T. ein 2)reic(f mit 

eiitcm fiumpfen SBintel, 
AMBO, s. bag ?efei5n(t, bie Mm\,t\. 
AMBROSE, s. aimbroftug (iRannsnas 

AMBROSIA, s. 1. bie ®iUterfpcife,5tm« 

brofia ; 2. baS 91mbroftcnfraut, @ot=i 

terfraut, 2:raubenfraut. 
AMBROSIAL, adj. anibrofifd). 
AMBRY, s. 1. bag SUmofeiifiauS, vid. 

Almonry ; 2. ber Svcife|'rf)ranf,-,Kitc 

rf)eufrbranf, 93robfc^raiif, bie©Veifc* 

fammer, ©cfcftirrfammer. 
AMBS-ACE, s. 5mei (fiiig or aUe 51^ ; 

ber 5pafd) (im 2SitrfclfpteIe). 
AMBULATION, s. bag- .jjcrumge'^en, 


AMBULATIVE, adj. bcnimgcbenb. 
AMBULATORY", adj. 1. bciuiitgel^enb/ 

wanbthtb; 2. bcraeglit^. 
AMBURY, s. bie fd)tt)ammid?tc 33I«t» 

maijc, bcr 93[utfd;»dren an ^fcr» 

To AMBUSCADE, v. a. (cinem) im i^ttls 

tevbalte aufJauern. 

AMBUSCADE, I .^^ c:,:„u,h„u 

To AMBUSH. V. I. a. (eintm) im ^'xn* 

tcrbaltc auflauernj u. n. im .P»intcrj 

f)alte licgeit. 
AMBUSH (— ment), s. 1. ber ,§inter» 

ijnU; 2. ba« ?icgen im .^interbaltc, 

bte 5htflancrungl 
AMBUSTiON, .•!. ta§ 9[?ei[nennrn, SSer. 

britt)en, ber 33ranbfd)abcn, ^ranbflca 


To AMELIORATE, v. a. iicrbefTevn. 
AMELIORATION, 5. bic iBerbcfferung. 
AMEN, axiv. 31 men ! 
AMENABLE, adj. ueranttvortli*. 
To AMEND, r. l.a. bcffcrii, ucrbeffem ; 

II. V. bcJTer njerben, ftcj; beffern ; gt* 

AMENDABLE, adj. yerbcffcrltd). 

AMENDATORY, adj. licrbetTctHb. 

AJSIENDE, .?. bie Strnfe, SBntJe ; — hon- 
ourahie, offcutlidjc 9lbbitte, 6^rener=: 
fidrniig; to mnke hononrahle — , eini 

offcutltd)e 9lbbifte, (Sbvenerfldvnng 

tl)iin. . 

AMENDER, s. bcr SSevbefferer. 
AMENDMENT, s. bie SSerbcffcrnng, 

AMFJSfDS, .0. ber Prfafe, bie <2d)abtoS» 

baltiing, ©eniigtbunng ; to niake -, 

etfiatteit, evfcfeen, pergiitfii. 
AMENITY, s. bie 9lnnebmlid;feit, 3lti:» 

To AMERCE, v. a. ctnc ©elbfiiafc flltf» 

legen, biigcn laffen. 
AMERCFJUENT, a. bte ®c(bflrafe, ®elb« 

AMERCER, s. bcr eint ©clbflrafe auf« 


AMERICA, s. 9Imrrifa. 
AMERICAN, I. adj. aiucritanif^ ; IL » 

ber 3lmerifaner. 
AMERICANISM, .s. 1. ameritamfc^e 

(Spradieigenbeit; 2../?m.93orliebe ftir 


AMETHYST. .5. ber 9Imetbi)fl. 
AMETHYSTINE, adj. nmctb'.iftcnfartig, 

AMIABLE (adr. — lyT. «-(/ UcbenSwiitt 

big, ficunblir^/ f)oIbHig. 


\MIABLENESS, > 5. bie gie6cn8mur= 
AMIABILITV, > btgteit; baS lieb= 
reic^e ^ctvageii. 
A.M1ANTHUS, *-. bct S"rbftac^§, SllBcfl. 

A.MICABLE (adr. — bly), adj. fteUllb= 

fd)aftltc^ ; giitlici^. 

\M1CABLENESS, s. bte SrCUllbf^aftj 


dMicK, s. iaS genjetftte 2;u^, bnS ein 
'Dlewriffler iiOci: ben JtoVf ^atifl^ 
ba'3 aJJeSsieioanb. 

vmi), I prep, mttteit tit, mittctt uit= 

AMIDST. I tcr, itutcr. 

/lMIDSHIps, (uiv. JV. T. tit bet 3}Itttc 
be3 Spiffs. 

AMISS, adn. iibcl, utivc^t, itBcl anae= 
bxa^t. ycrfebrt, fetilevbaft, falfc^, 
ycrfct)(r, uufci)icf(id), uitcbett; iin= 
wobl ; to take — . iibcl ite^meii, titel 
auslcsjen, ccrbcnfcit ; to do — , uii= 
rcrfjt [)aubdii, fic^ uergcljen, UeblcS 
'.f»Ult, feblcn ; if you do ever so little 
— , »ciin Sic tS tm ©evtngficit »er; 
Kl)Clt ; it would not be — for you to, 
&i-., <2ic njurbcit itic^f iibel tt)un, 
njfUlt Sic, U. f. it). ; if any thing 
should happen — . JDcntt e§ ctwa fc^icf 
gingc, mi^ratfictt foIUe ; nothing 
comes — to him, cr ttimmt mit^IUem 
rtivlieb; cv fc^icft firf) in 2lllc§; no- 

iiiiiig comes — with hini, tX nintlltt 

niii)t« ubcl. 
AMITY, s. bie greunbfc^aft, baS gutc 

a?frnct)mfn ; bond of — , baS Srcuub= 


AMMOCHKYSOS, s. ba§ Jtafecngplb. 
AMMONIA, s. bag 9lmmontum. 
AMMONIAC, s. bcv 3lmmoniaf ; gum — , 

ba« ©uiumt Slmmonium ; sal — , bcr 


AMMONIAC, ) adj. antnioniaf itlifct), 
AMMONIACAI., $ fa(miafif($. 
AMMONIUM, s. bag *ilmmonium, 

©ntnbmctail bcS SalmiafS. 
AMMUNITION, s. ber ,itricg8»orratf) ; 

— bread, baS Eoninti^brob. 
AMNESTY, s. bic *)lmncftie, aUgemcine 

ajcvgebuiig uiib aScrgeffnng. 
AMNION (— os), s. Ji. T. ba§ <Sd)af' 

biiutc^en (urn bie Sru^t tm Wlutttx- 

AMCEBIAN, mij. ainobiiifcl), «bwe({;= 

felitb ; — song, bcr ifficc^felgcfang. 
AMOMUM, s. bie Jlnrbamome. 

AMONG, ) prep. UUtcr, jwifc^ett ; from 

AMONGST, ^ — , «i?it, anS, au8 bcr 




AMOROUS (lidK. — i.y), adj. 1. JUr Sicbc 

gcnetgt, jartlid); 2. aerliebt; to be 

— of,'iJcrlicbt fcvn in . ... S'twaS lic^ 

A.MOROUSNiiSS, s. btc SSetliebt^cit ; 

AMOUPiiA, s. bcr 99.afiiirbtiibtgo auS 

AMORPHOUS, adj. gcflaltlos, mtpgei 


iMORPHY, a. baS a3ertafrcn etnge= 

fu^rtcr ^ovmcit ober ©ebriind^e, bic 


.AMORT, adij. tobt; tfiiurig, betriibt. 
AMORTIZATION, ) s. L. T. bie 'Jlmor^ 
.AMORTIZEMENT, s tifation, Uebcr= 

(affung an bie tobte fianb. 

To AMORTIZE, v. a. /. T. an bic tPbtC 

^paiib ycrfanfcn. 
(iMOTiON, s. bie (S-ntjiebung. 
AMOUNT, s. bcr ^clniif, SBetrtg, bic 

©uinme; what is the — of it? mtcyicl 

betrcigt C6 V to the — of ... , . . be= 

To AMOUNT, u. n. 1. betragcn, ftd) bci 

lattfen (—to, auf)..., au^mart^cn; 

2. anf @t»a8 ^inauSlaufcn. 

s. ber aScrliebtc, ik^^a.- 


AMOUR, s. bet SiebeS^anbel, bie SteB^ 

fc^aft; Sublfc^aft. 
AMPHIBIAL, ) s. baS auf bcm ?anbe 
AMPHIBIUM. J unb im 2Baffer Iebcn= 

be 3;^icr, bie 5lmpbibie. 
AMPHIBIOUS, adj. 1. auf bcitt San- 

bc unb tm SBaffer lebenb, bciblebig ; 

2. fg. son sermifc^tcr 2lrt ; —animal, 

AMPHiBiousNESS, s. baS 3lm^)^ibien= 


AMPHIBOLOGICAL {adv. — ly), adj. 

jTOcibeutig, stoeifclbaft. 
AMPHIBOLOGY, ? s. bic jwcibcuttge 
AMPHIBOLY, S S'icbc, 3wpib£utig= 

fcit, ber3)op^)eIftim. 
AMPHIBRACH, \s. T. ber 3lmp^t= 
AMPHIBRACHYS, \ braci)i«. 
AMPHiSByENA, s. bic 5lutvbisbaue. 
AMPHISCII, s. pi. bie jit)cif(^attigen 

9]ijlfer (tveld^e ben ^cijpen Irbftric^ 

AMPHITHEATRES. ba§ ?Im>)^if Verier, 

bcr 9iunbfcbauvia&, bie 3lingbiif;Ae. 

AMPHITHEATRICAL, adj. m\'S>i)\ti)ta.' 


AMPLE {ado. — ly"), adj. ttcit, gcraH= 

mig, breit, gro^, binreic^enb,_^ rei^= 
lid) ; to make — promises, grofje 23cr= 
fprcd)ungcn t[;un, golbcne Serge »cr= 

AMPLENESS, s. bic 2Beite, ®reie,giille. 

AMPLIFICATION, s. 1. bie (Srn)cite= 
nnig, 93cr(j^rbgcrung, 5luSbebnung ; 
2. SiUeitliiuttgfcit (in einer Siebe). 

AMPLU'TICR, s. ber grweitever, 93er= 

r<> AMPLIFY, r. L a. crwetfem, »cr= 
griJKcrn, au8bel)nen ; ll. n. ft^ '^':'^t- 
lauftg aitSbvitcfen, tocitliiufig fe5)n. 

AMPLITUDE, s. 1. bcr Umfang, bie 
aScitc, ®xm; 2. Scibigfcit; ^iillc, 
bcr ;)tcicf)tbum ; .1st. T. bcr 53ogen 
jwifdjcn -M]- unb S^iicbergang ber 
Sonne unb bcm tua^rcu yJ^orgen= 
unb 3lbcnb=513unfte ; magneticai — , 
ber 93ogfn beS .^ortjonteS jwif^en 
ber Soi'titc bei il;rcm Slufgange unb 
bent iiftticben obcr wcfitidjen $untte 
ber 2)fjagnctnabcl ; — compass, bcr 

Tu AMPUTATE, r. a. (cin ©licb Obcr 

ciuen 3»i'f tg) flbfdjncibcn, abnef)men, 

AMPUTATION, s. bic 3Ibf^ncibung. 

AMSTERDAM, s. 5tinftctbam. 

AMULET, ba8 51niulct, Slubangmittcl, 
Saubergc^cn!, Scui^ennittcl. 

To AMUSE, V. n. 1. untcrbaltcn, Ber= 
gniigcn, belufligen, bie '^td yertrei= 
ben; 2. bin[)altcn; —one's self (in, 
with) fic^ ergijfecn, untcrbaltcn (an, 
mit) ; to be amused by, Sva§ {)abcn 
(baran), firb freiicn iiber ; it amuses 
me, es mad)t mir St)a^ ; to — one 
with fair hopes, cineu btnbaltcn. 

AMUSEMENT, s. bie Uutcf^aUung, bcr 
Beitocrtreib. • 

AMUSERi s. ber Untcrbalfenbe, u. f. iv. 

AMY, s. 91mata, 5lmatis (Svauenna= 

AMYGDALATE, o/i;.i'on 3JianbeIn, au8 
9}Janbcln bereitet. 

bclartig, ju ben 3)Iaiibetn gcbijrig. 

AN, I. art. vid. A ; II. conj. vid. If. 

ANABAPTiSM, s. bic 5*c[)rc cbcr Scftc 

bcr SBiebettaufer. 
ANABAPTIST, s. bct 9lnaba))tifl, 2Bie= 

ANABAPTISTRY, s. (»erac|tli(f)) bie 

£cf)re ber SBicbertaufcr. 
ANACAMPTic. mij. T. juriiiwerfcub, 

juriicfgenjovfcn, 5uru(ffci)allcnb. 

ANACAMPTICS, s. pi. Opt. T. bic M.a' 
toptxit _(?cbrc. von ben juritifixcmors 
"cnen ?i(^tfira^len). 


ANACATHARTIC, s. Med. T. i t nuf« 

rvcirtg njirfcnbc Slrjcnci. 

ANACHORETE, > ., .„^„„„^.^ 
ANACHORITE, r • '^'"'"^"^• 

ANACHRONISM, s. bcr Sluac^rouiSmuS, 

%c\)kx in ber 3eittc^uung. 
ANACHRONISTIC, adj. jcitnjibrig, ana' 

ANACLASTlC-GLASSES (vexino-glas.-! 

Es\ s. pi. 3?erirglafer. 

ANACLASTICS, s. pi. Opt. T. bie 5>iop= 

trif (Sebre «om }uriicfflrat)lcuben 

ANACtENOsis. s. ciuc rcbncriff^c Si' 

giir, bie Su^iJ^cr urn ibvc 3}ieinung 


ANACREONTIC, adj. auafreontifrf). 
ANADEME, s. + ctne 33lutnenffone ; 

^auptbinbe ber^oniginncn. 
ANADiPLOSis, s. Rh. T. bie SBcrbopV?' 


ANAGLYPH, s. bflS ^ocbbilb. 
ANAGLYPTic, s. bie .^oc^bilbcrci ; adj. 

bie .§od)bilberei betreffenb. 
ANAGOGUE, \s. 1. bie t^rbcbung bc3 
ANAGOGY, 5 @eiite« ni ^immlird^er 

S8ctrac6tung ; 2. bie 9lnrc'enbung bcr 

Sinnbilbcr tm 2Ilt. S;efl. in ber (5rr 

Hcivung bcS 9i. %. 

ANAGOGICAL (ndp. --ly), adj. T. gc= 

^eimnitlyoU, crl)aben 
ANAGOfilcs, s. pi. Th. T. gel^cimui^a 

»oUc Sctradjtuugcn. 
ANAGRAM, s. T. bag Sluagramm, bcr 



ANAGRAMMA'UCAI^ {adu. — ly) , j .ana= 

AJSTAGRAMMATISM, s. T. bie 33erfcfeiing 

ber SBuc{)ftabcn, Jtunji Sinagrammeu 

5U mac^en. 
ANAGRAMMATIST, s. bcr 9Inagrami«a= 

tifl, 2lnagrammenmad;er. 
To ANAGRAMMATIZE, v. n. 5luiigran:= 

men mad)cn. 
ANALECTA (— cts), s.p/.5lnatclten, bie 

Sammlung wic^tigcr 5Inmcrfungcn, 

Sragmente, u. f. h). (eine«^}Iutor8). 

ANALEPSIS, s. Med. T. bie aBicbcrtlCV' 

flcUung eineS burcf; Jlraufl;eit abges 
jebrten .ftorpcrg. 

ANALEi-Tic, adj. ftiirfeub, iicnjcnftar.-' 

ANALOGICAlr. (adv. — ly). adj. atialO' 

gifd), gIcid)formig, al)n(id). 
ANALOGiCALNESS, s. bie flualogifcf;? 

ANALOGISM, s. T. bet 9lnalogiemus 

ber auf 91eb«Iid)fril ber Sycrpltttipe 

gcbaucte Sc^lu^. 
To ANALOGIZE, v. a. (inalogtfd) erllii^ 

rcn, ober fdjlicfjcn. 

ANALOGOUS, adj. anologifc^, (il^nlid). 
ANALOGY. .'. 1. bie Slnafpgie, 9Ie^n= 

lic^fcit, Olcidjfijrnitgtcit, Itcbcicin^ 

fiimmuiig ; 2. SpracvS^nlic^feit ; to 

11,-ive or l)ear — to (with), mit cilKt 

Sad;e 5lcf)i'.Iirt)feit ^aben. 
AN.\i.YsiS!, s. T. bie 9lna[i)fc, 91uf(8» 

fung, 3crlcgung, 3crglicrcrung. 
ANALY'ST, 5. T. bcr 9Inali)tifcr, • 

ANALYTIC C— ICAL. adv. — ly), ndj. T 

oiialy)tifci^, auPofet!b, jerglicbcnib. . 
ANALY'ncs,s.K T. bic 9lnah;ttf, 9Uif* 

Iofung«= obcr 3evfllicbcrungi5{c()r5, 

To ANALYZE, r. a. T. anaU^ftveu, ill 

fcine 33cflanbtf;cile auflOfen, scrtjlic= 

ANALYZER, .f. .r. i. bcr 5lnal\)titcr ;. 

2. bas 9luPofung«mittcl. 
ANAMORPHOSIS, s. T. eiu ©cmaUe. 

ba§ in uevfcbiebcner Sntfcrnung »er- 

fcbiebcnc ©cgenflaube sorjielU. 
ANANAS, s. bie SlnanaS, bet Jtonig»« 






LNAPEST, s. T. \>tx 5InaVafl, 3'tvu(f= 


ANAPESTIC, aiij. niinpafiifd). 
ANAPHORA, s. T. bic 9liiaV^er, SBie= 

bei-l)otuitg beS SfJamlic^ett ju 3ln= 

faiigc ctner jcbeti $^rafe (rhetor. St= 


ANAPLEROTIC, adj. S. T. bflS glctfc^ 

roac^feit madjen (tu aSunbeii). 
ANARCH, s. bev -2lnarct),Di-bituiigf}orcr. 
ANARCHIC (—cKi.),adj. annvc^ifc^, ge= 

fefelos, juqcUo^, sermtrrf. 
ANARCHisr, s. ber Setitb bcr ®cfcfe= 

itc^Ecit, bee ©torei: bet gefcfelic^eti 

ANARCHY, s. bie 5lnar(f)ie, ©cfcfeloftg^ 

fftf/ Biigcllofts^fett, SScruurning, bci- 

rfgeutiote 3"ft<i»i' ; ©titat ol)ue 

Oocr^aupt, o^iic Dhngfeit. 
ANASARCA, s. Med. T. bie aBaffcrfudit 

iibcf beii ganjeit Sctb. 

ANASARCOUS, adj. Med. T. Waffcvfiif^^ 

tig. • 

ANASTOMOSIS, s. Med. T. bie Dcffs 

tiuiti^, 'Kiinbiiiig bcr Slutgefapc, 33er= 

buib'uiig ber Slb'cnt. 
ANASTROPHE (— phy), s. t. bie 3lnct= 

Vtropbc, 33crfc^ung bcr SBortcr uon 

»orn naci) tjintcn (r()ctor. Sigur). 
ANATHEMA, g. ba« 2lnat^ein, ber 

5!5aimrl!trf), Jtirdjcitbann. 

ANATHEM \TICAL (adv. — ly), adj. 

beii 33aiiu betrcffcnb, baju ge^Srtg, im 

ANATHEMATIZATION, s. bit 83erftlt= 
rfjuiig, ber 58itimftra^l. 

To ANATHEMATIZE, v. a. t« bCtt Stix= 

rfjtiituinu tl)un, ucrfliidjcn. 

ANATIFEROUS, adj. (gutctt tragcitb, 


ANATOMCAL {adB.—LY),a-lj. anato- 

ANATOMIST, s. biv 5l«atontifcr, 3er= 

7'j ANATOMIZE, ?5. a. anatoitiircn, 5cr= 

ANATOMV, g. 1. bie 5Inatomte, 3er= 

gficbcning^hiuft ; 2. Sfvgltebcvuiig. 
ANATRON. s. ba« ^Kaiierfalj, bcr ^SaU 

peter ; bcr (yiasfci>aum,bie (SlaSgallc. 
ANCESTOR, 1. s. sing, bcr g3ovfat)r, 

-J1()H, Sfamrauiltcr ; 2. «. pi. ancestors, 

bie ^BoraUern, *ill)iten. 
ANCESTRAL, adj. uibcii S^prfa^rcii gc= 

()orciib, von bcu5]ovfa^rcnfommcub, 

ANCESTRY, s. 1. bte 9J^itcn, 93oraI= 

tern ; 2. bie gJjre bcr Slbftammung, 


ANCHOR s. bcr 9lnfcr ; to cast (yr drop 
— , bcii 9liifer fliilwcrfett ; to ride at 
— , cor 9liifcr liegcn ; to weigh — . 
fceii 31tifcr iiitteu ; to shoe an — , ci= 
ncn 5lufcr fc^utjen, beflciben; the — 

is come lioiiie, or the — drives, bcr 2llt= 
fcr fct)Iej)pt ; shank or beam of the — , 
bte ?lnfcrnitf)e ; bow — , ber ®abel= 
oitfer ; sheet — , bcr .5am)taitfcr ; — 
of hope, bie Slagge luU bem >§off= 

To ANCHOR, j;. I. jt. 1 . sor 5lnf er liegeit ; 
2. Jiff, bet (?tumS flcbcii bleibcii, ^c^ 
auf dtmaS t)efteuj XL a. aii!ern, »pr 
Sliifer legeii, 

ANCHORAGE, s. 1. alfc 9lnfer ctncS 
©itiffeS ; 2. bcr !?(nfci-griinb, 'ihikv^ 
pla^ ; 3. — . (duty of — ), bag 3liifcr:: 
gelb, .Gafeiigclb. 

anchoress! s. btc 3«rurfgc5pgcitc, 

ANCHiiRET Anchorite, s. ber@illficb= 
ler, aBnlbbnibcr. 

ANCHOR-GROUND, s. ber (gute) yin= 

INCHOR-HOLD, s. 1. fcic .galtung cber 
Se?lig£ett be8 5liifcr8 ; 2. y^ bie <Bu 

ANCHOR SMITH, s. bcr 5Infcrfcf)intcb. 

ANCHOVY, s. bie 9Infc^o»c, Sarbelle. 

ANCIENT, I.S. smg. 1. + bcr '.'lite, 9lel= 
tere; — demesne, /,. T. bic tit 2i5tl = 
I)elm8 bcS ©robcrcrS Somancnbiic^ 
(Doomsday-booli) scrscicbnctctl 5)o= 
maiien bcr englif^eu Jfonigc ; 2. an- 
cients, s. pi. bte aiUtn (3}tcnfri)en, bic 
ill beii altcrn ^nkn gelebt baben; 
(Sfafftfer ber ©ricrben uitb SKomcr) ; 
II. arf> olt ; «orig, el)emaltg 

ANCIENT, s. 1. bic grope Slaggc; 2. + 
ber S'ibnbricb. 

ANCIENTLY, adv. »pr 9Utcr8, cbcbcm. 

ANCIENTNESS, s. iaS 2lUcr, 5lltcr= 

ANCIENTRY, .■?. iciS 9Utertbiim bes 
Stammcg, baS ®cfii;Uj^r, i>ie alte 

ANCILLARY, adj. alS SJJagb bicnciib. 

ANCLE, vid. Ankle. 

ANCON, s. Ji. T. ba« oberfie (Snbe bc« 

ANCONY. s. T. bicauf Stabcifi'ii gcnr= 

beitcte Sluine ; baS 3ficbfn baraiif. 

AND, conj. tl lib; f ; WCU!I ; — please 
God, fo ®Ott RhU ; a little more — he 
would have been killed, C? fcbltC tlid^t 
»iet fo ware cr gctobtct ivorbcn. 

AND.\LUSL^ s. 9lnbaliifteu (Xt)cil son 

ANDANTE, s. ba« 9lnbante. 

ANDIRONS, s.p/.bte geuerbijcfe, Sranb= 
bi)(fc; Sratbijrfe. 

ANDRANATOMY, s. bic Slitatomic ci= 
nc8 3}iannc§. 

ANDREW, s. aiubrcaS; merry --, bcr 


ANDR0(;YNAL (nous, ndv. — Lv), adj. 

jwtttcrbaft, jmittcrarfig. 
ANDROGYNUS, s. ba« a)iannwctb, bev 

ANDROIDES, s. pi. ftctnc ntciifc^Iicbc 

f^tgiircn, weldjc nitttelft einee tiiiicrn 

5;ricbivcrfS mcnfd;licl)e ^onblungeii 

yervid)ten, ®ratt)VitVpen. 
ANDROPHAGUS, s. bcr ajienft^ctifrcfs 

fcr, ©aiiutbal. 

ANEAR, prep. + liabc. 

ANECDOTE, s. bic 9lncfbDte. 
ANECDOTicAL, adj. aucfboteitarttg, 9e= 

ANEMOGRAPHY, s. T. bic 93cfc^ret= 

bung bcr SBiiibc. 
ANEMOMETER, s. r. bcr aBtiibmcffcr 

(cin Siiflrumcnt). 
ANEMONE, s. bic 51nemone, ^lav^)cr= 


ANEMOSCOPE, s. T. bcv 2Btiibjctger. 
ANES, s. pi. bic 3lgcii, 5l(^elii, @r»m= 

tieti an ben 9Icf;rcti bc3 ®ctrei^cS ober 

ANEURISM, s. Med. T. bic SpuUabcrgc- 

fc^wulft, bcr aibcvfrovf. 
ANEW, adv. WW ^iciicm, aufs Sftciic, 

njicber, uncbevum, abcrmalg. 
ANFRACTUOUS, adj. »olI ,5iriimmitn= 

gen, frunim, geiuunbcn, wiiifelig. 
ANFRACTUOU'SNESS, s. baS .^ruiiiine, 

ANGEIOGRAPHY, Angeiolooy, vU. An- 


ANGEL, .,. 1. ber ©ngcl ; 2. bcr (5n= 
oclot, engelstbaler (alte englifdic 
aJiiinseyon 10 (Sdjillingen) ; — a?c, 
* bcr cngclglcid)c 3"ftanb ; —like. 
ciigc(glcid), cnglifc^; — fish, bcr 
9J2ccvfanfifc^ ; — shot, bie Jlcttcnfiu 

ANGELIC (— CAL, ado. — cally) adl 

cnglifcb, cngcli'',(cid). 
ANGELICA, s. i; bic 9liigclifa, (5ngcl= 

tvurs ; 2. (cm Sraucnitamc). 
ANGELICALNE,SS, .^. l._baS ©ngtifd)f, 

bie cnglifd)c *-Ocfdia|Tenbctt ; 2. bte 

l)b(^Pe 33or5ii9Ud)fctf. 
ANGELOLOGY *. fcie Sngellefire. 

.\NGEr.OT, s. 1. bie5lngclifaO.?Irt?au« 

te) ; 2. cine 9ht stcrccfiger Jtcife au« 

bcr Sflormanbtc; 3. cine englifd)t 

®olbmiinsc (5 <ScbiUinge). 
ANGER, s. 1. bcr 3orit, UniBtllc ; 2. 

Slcrgcr, iScrbru^. 
To ANGER, V. a. jprntg itiadjcn, cr}ur= 

ncn, aufbringen, argcrii, bofcmadjcn. 
ANGIOGRAPHY, s. T. bie ®efa)jbc= 

fc^reibnng (vom incnfc^ltdjcn J?orr 


ANGIOLOGY, s. T. bte @cfafilcl}V. 

(»om menfcbli^cn .Jtovpcr). 


cin cinjigeS ©amcnforn tragciib. 
ANGIOTOMY, s. s. T. ba§ *Jluffd)nci= 

ben bcr ©cfa^e iinincnf(^lt^cn,ftor> 

ANGLE, s. 1. bcr 9Bin!tI; 2. ber 9ln» 

gclbrtfen; bie SIngel; — rod, bie9lu» 

To ANGLE, V. I. n. angcln ; ii. a. anlo« 

rfcn, anjiebcn. 
ANGLER, s. bcr 9lngler. 
ANGLES, .s. pt. bte jJliigcIn (cin bcHt> 

fdicr S3oltgflanim, roc()er bcr ^lamt 

ANGLICAN, adj. 1. ;|n bcr anglifanifd)fn 

(cnglifd)en) ,5?trd)C gcbo'rcnb; 2. aH= 

glttanifd), englifct. 
ANGLICISM, s. bcr?lnglict§mn§, btc f>- 

gcntbihniidje englifd)c 5)icbcnSart. 
To ANGLICIZE, v. a. angltfivcu, cnglifA 


ANGLING-LINE, s. btc 91ngclfd)nur 
ANGLING ROD, s. bic 9liigelrntbe. 
ANGLO-DANISH, adj. augclbSnifd). 
ANGLO-NORMAN, adj. angcliioiniciii* 


ANGLO-SAXON, adj. angclfadififd) 
ANGOR. s. bcr (5d>mer5, bic !peiii. 
ANGRILY, adv. gprnig; cnt^iinbct; m 

speak — to one,3f"iiiiiben iibcl anlaf< 

fen, anfafjrcn ; a sore that looks — , 

cin bofcr, (gcfai)rlicl)cv, entjunbctcr) 

ANGRY, adj. SPrntg,bDfe; to make one 

— , (Jincn crjiimfn, bofc ina(tcn ; lo 

he — with (at) one, auf (Stncrt bijft 

fc»n ; I am — at it, id) bin bariiber 

bofc ; an — corn, cin bofcg ^ii^ner= 


ANGUILIFORM. adj. aalartiit. 
ANGUISH, .T. bie 9Ingfl, Gn 
j?nmnicr, Sd)iiKrj. 

To ANGUISH, V. a. iiiit 9Ingfi crgrci= 
fen, qniilcii, niit bcftigcni (Sdjnifvj 

ANGULAR [adv. — ly), adj. Wiufclig, 

ANGULARITY, \ s«4 5tn;,.».H,r 

ANGULARNEss. \ '• ^«* 3Btnfehgf. 
ANGULOUS,. fidj. cdtg, roinfclig. 
ANGUSTATION. s. bic aScrciigmig. 
ANGUSTICLAVIUM, s. bcr fd)nuiIfiJU= 

migc $urvnno(f.bcr roinifcbcn 3liitf r. 
ANHEIATION, s. bag itcudjcn. 
ANIGHT, ) ndv. bci S^fa^t, tn bcr 
ANIGHTO, > 5TJad)t. 
ANIL. s. bcr 91nil, bic Subigovflanje. 
ANILITY, s. bag bobc njcibfic^c 9lUer, 

bag 9Ufn.icibcriiiapigc. 
ANIMADVERSION, s.'l. bic (tabelnbc) 

aSemcrfung, 9ltimerfung; 2. bte S8e= 

To ANIMADVERT, v.n. 1. wabme^mcn, 

iiicvfcn.cmpfiiiben ; 2. »crmctfen, nbn« 

ben, beftrafcn ; to — a thin? upon (on) 

one, ginem ctwag serttcifen, ifju ba- 
fiir beftrafcn; to —upon (on)...; t^l* 
bclnbc 9?ctiad)tnngcn mati^cn iiber...; 
Sfiotij ncbmcn roit . . 

ANiMADVERTER, s. bcr 93cfivcfcr, bet 

ANIMAL, 1 s. bag Sbier ; — kinpdom, 

bag JJbierretd) ; H. adj. aiunialif<^>, 
tl;i?rifc^; ftnnlt(^. 




ANI\ULCULE. s. ba« 5:bier*en. 
ANIMALIZATION. s. tit 2«beu«mitf ^ct= 
luiijj (yon 2;i)tercn). 

7^ ANIMALIZE, v.a.i. t\im^^t§ ?C= 

bcii gcbcit; 2. ill tjjtcrifc^eii ©toff 

To ANLVLvrE, n. a. 1. bclebctt, bcfcclett ; 

2. fig. aufmuntern, nufeucvn. 
ANliVUTE, adj. Icbeitbtfl, bcfcelt. 

AN'AUTED, part. eulj. 1. bclcbt, bC- 

feelt ; 2. fg. Icb^aft ; — by, a«fi^f= 

muiitcit burd) ; — with, belcbt »bii. 
ANIMATION, s. I. bic 93elcbung, S8e= 

falling; 2. Sebl)afttnfctt, !^cbcnbtg= 

ff it ; to give - , ill ^cweguiig fefteit, 


ANLVL^TiVE, ai^. bctebcitb, befecUiib. 
ANLMATOR, s. ba§ syelcbcnbf. 
ANIMOSITY, s. bte ^fftigfctt, ^ifee; 

(Si-bittcvung, bci- ®roU, ^om. 
ANlNGA, s. cine aOuvjel aiif bcii 3ltu 

riUeii jum SucffiTaffxiiticn. 

ANIS, Anise, s. bcr ^llliS; Indian — 
(stellated — ,) bcr ©tcriinuiS ; — seed, 

bft 9liii«faineu, 2liiiS. 
ANKEU, s. tai 9litfei-fa6(^cn. 
ANKLE, jAnklk-bo-ne), s. bcv JxllOC^cl 

am Suge. 
ANN, Anne, s. 5lnita ((^Mucimame). 
ANNALIST, s. bfr ^Iiiiialift, 5innaleii= 

fcljveibcv, ©bronifeufc^veibcf. 
ANNALS, s.pi. bie 2limaleii, 3a;^rbii= 

ci)ix, bis (S^ronit. 

ANNATS, Annates, s. pi. bte SlnimtClI. 
To ANNEAL, v. a. T. cillbreitlKlI, bic 

garbeu auf®la§; abhi^Uii, abt)av= 

ten (baS gebljfeiie @IaS). 
To ANNEX, V. 1. a. aupugcn, beifii= 

flcn, yevbir.bcii; u. n. aiigc^aiigt 

ANNEXATION, s. btc 3luf>iiigung, 9Ser= 

ANNEXMENT, s. 1. bie SSerbiubuiig; 

2. Hi 3]crbuubcue, ber 9lnbang. 
ANNIHILABLB, adj. ucrntc^tbav, 5CV= 

To ANNIHILATE, v. a. ycnttd)teit, jcr= 

4NNimLATiON, s. 1. bic 3[?eniirf)tung, 

3crfli)ruiig ; 2. Stic^tigfeit, bet du= 

^crfte aSerfall. 
ANNIVERSARILY, adv. a.Wii\)X\\i), bie 

3al)re3fcici- betrcffc.ib. 
ANNIVERSARY, 1. s. bevSaljrtag, ba§ 
SaBrfci) ; bie Sabrfeier, ba§ 3abrbc= 

giiugni^ ; anniversaries, s. pi. 9luuis 
vcrfarfeii (bci beii Jtatbolitcii), (2ec= 
Icninfffcn bie Kiglic^ bii§ ganie 3at)t 
l)tnbiivc^ gebalteit roerbcn (follcii) ; 2. 
adj. jiibrlicb. 
ANNOMINATION, vid. Agnomination. 

To ANNOTATE, v. a. aiiinertcn. 
ANNOTATION, s. bieSliimerfuiig, 9}ote. 
ANNOTATOR, s. ber iJliiinerfer, iHatm^ 

ANNOTTO, vid. Arnotto. 

To ANNOUNCE, v. a. 1. antfiitbtgeu, 

anjetgcn, uerfiinbigcii, betamtt ina= 

cfeeti ;' 2. mefbcti, auinelbc it. 
ANNOUNCEMENT, s. bie Uliijeigc, 9lu= 

liinbiguitg, SBefaiintmadjuiig. 
ANNOi'jNciiR, s. ber 3lii}eigev, 9liiliin= 

bigcr, SSn-fiiiibiger. 
To ANNOY. V. a. bcuitnibigcn, ^tngeit, 

SSftbni^ oerurfadjeii, befcfjiueten, bc= 

lafligeii, ftorcii. 
ANNOY, s. bie ^lage, bee Serbvuft 

bie SBefcbrocrbe, Utifu^e. 
ANNOyAnCE, «. I. md. Annov, s. II. 

bag ^Si'itunibigen, $(agen, it. f. to. 
ANNOYER, s. bft Quakr^ Spiagegcifi, 

StiSrer, 53eutiru[)igef. 
ANNUAL (alv. — lv). adj. jiibl'ticb. 

ANNUITANT, s. bcv aieiitucc, 3flcuten= 

baber, Seibsiicbtiger. 
ANNUITY, i. bie -ilimitttat, jnbvli^e 

i?*ibreiite; bag Sabrgelb. 

To ANNTJL, V. a. ontuinivctt, utigultig 
tnacbcn, auf^ebeii, abfc^affcit ; + x>cx= 

ANNULAR, (— lary), adj. ringfbrmtg. 

ANNULET, s. 1. bcr flctite acting. ba« 
^ittgcl^en; 2. .^rdi. T. eiiie tleiiie 
tierecfige ©efiminSocrjieruitg in bev 
borifcbcit (gauleiiorbnuitg. 

ANNULMENT, s. ba§ 33eriiicf)tcit, 2luf= 
bebeit, bie 51nnuUining. 

To ANNUMERATE, v. a. basiljci^lcn, 


ANNUMERATION, s. bic ^illJUVecb^ 

iiuiig, Sei^abliing. 

To ANNUNCIATE, v. a. VCVtiiubigcit, 
vid. To Announce. 

ANNUNCIATION, s. bif 33cvfiinbigiing; 
— day. 3Jiaria SJevfiiitbiguiig. 
ANNUNCIATOR, .9. bcr "Juifiiiibiger. 
ANODYNE^ -arf/ fcbmcrjftiUcub. 

ANODYNES, Med. T. fc^metjjlil= 

Unbe 3JJittcI. 

n ANOINT, V. a. falbeii, fcbmicreit. 
ANOINTED, pp-t ndj. gcfalbct; tlie 

Lonl's — , ber (A)efiUbtt' be« ■term. 
ANOINTER, s. bcr ealboiibe. 
ANOINTIN&OIL, s. bal Salbol. 
ANOINTMENT, s. bas Siilbeii, bie 

ANOMALISM, s. bic 9lnomaIic, 2lb= 

TOcicbung sen ber 3tegel. 

ANOMALISTIC, \ adj. Ottomalifd), 

ANOMALISTICAL, s abmcicbeiib ; ji.u. 
T. — year, bie ^iit cixitS UmlaufeS 
ber (Srbe. 

ANOMALOUS (adv. — ly), adj. ano- 

maliffb. abiucicbciib, iiiivcgelinatJig- 
ANOMALY, s. 7'. bie 9Iiipiitalie, 2lb= 

njcirbiiitg, Uiucgflmdiiigfeit. 
ANON, adu. 1. gleid), fogleicb, balb; 

2. juiDcilcn; 3. maS gtcbt'a? ii'ie 

UCrflcben (gic bnSV ever and—, im= 

iiier fort. 

ANONYMOUS M-i. — ly), adj. ailO= 

ni;mifcb, obne Slamcii, iiiigcuaiiut. 

ANOREXY, s. Med. T. ber a)iaitgcl ait 
SJVpetit, ^fel »or Spcifcii. 

ANOTHER, ru/j. till 9lubever, eiiie 9lii= 
bcre, ciii '••'liibcreS ; one — , gegciifei= 
tig, ciiianber; one amonK — , uiiter 
eiiiaitber ; one witli — , iiiit cinatiber, 
(SiiiS iiiS 9lnbcre gcrccbnet ; one after 
— , nac^ eiiiaiibcr ; one from — , uon 

ANSATED, adj. gcbeitteff, iiiit .§aiib= 

To ANSWER, V. a. X- n. 1. atltmortctl ; 

2. 9icbc utib Vliitiuort gebcn, «cvaiit= 
njortcn ; 3. biirgcu, gut ft\m ; 4. cnt= 
fvrcc^cu, geinap fei)it ; 5. ©eiiiige lei= 
ftcii, gcniig tbiiu, abbclfeii, erfiitlcii, 
bcfricbigcii, besablett; 6. bityctt; 7. 
geliiigeti, anfd)lagen; to — again, er^ 
H)icberit, 'jcrfe^eti; to — for, JBiirge 
wevben, gut fagcn, ftcben, baftcit fiir...; 
to — a biii.jv/. keineu9Bctbfcl beifcn, 
einlofen ; to — a debt, eiue iSd)uIb bc= 
jablcn ; to — in law, »or @erid)t er= 
fd)eineu, ftd)ftellen; to — exigencies, 
iu 9lotbfalIeu bicnen ; it answers the 
purpose, cS bieut jur <S<i^t, i|i gevabe 
red)t ; it answers no purpose, e8 ^l^t 
JU uicbtg. 

ANSWER,.?. 1. bie ^Jlnttuort ; 2. SfJcbc 
u. 9Jnta>ort. 9ied)eiifd)aft; 3. ber(5in= 
ttjurf, bieSOicberieguug, ®egenfd)rift ; 
.v. r. bcr ®egcngruB (.mit'Jt\inonen= 
fd)iiffcit) ; 4. to return — , Slittioort crs 
tbcileu, autivovtcn. 

ANSWERAP.LE (aiv. — bly), ndj. 1. be= 

atitiuorllid); 2. sevautaiortlid) ; 3. 
entt>rcd)cnb ; 4. geinaS. augcnieffcn, 
fdjirflid) ; 5. glcii^, abniic^ ; to be — 
for, ciuftcbeit fiir . . 

ANSWKRABLENESS, s. 1. bie ^Crt«t= 
l«Drtlid;fcit; 2. SSerantivortlidjfeit; 

3. ©entSg^eit, (SctiJficftfeit, 9In8<« 

mcffenbcit ; 4. 3lebnlid)fcit. 
ANSWERER,s.ber2liitn)ortcitbe; (Seg» 


ANT, s. bie 5lmetfe, 
ANTAGONISM, s. iaS ©egcufirebeit, 


ANTAGONIST, s. ber ©cgucr, 2Biber=» 

facber; .4. t. bcr ©cgciimu^fcl. 
ANTAGONIST, adj. gcgciiftrebciib, Wi* 


ANTAGONISTIC, adj. wiberflrciteub. 
To ANTAGONIZE, v. ii. wiberftvciteu. 
ANTANACLASIS, s. Rh.T. bie S3icbcr« 

boluiig ciuc« SBortciS iu oerfc^icbes 

ncm @iun. 
ANTANAGOGE, s. Rh. T. ctne wicbers 

bcfdiulbigcnbe 9lntivort. 
ANTAPHKODiTic, adj. autiscuertf*. 
ANTAPOPLFxrric, adj. autivoplc^ifc^, 

gcgen beu Scblag. 
ANTARCi'lc, adj. am (Siibpole, fiiblic^ ; 

the — pole, or the — , bcr Subpol. 
ANTARTHRITIC, adj. tut WitCC bit 


ANTASTHMATIC, adj. gut toibcr bit 

ANT-BEAR, s. bcr 5lineifciibar, 9lui«t=: 

feufreffcr {Myrmecophiga — />.). 
ANTE, prirtic. in cimpos. I'Or. 

ANTEACT, s. baS SScrgaugeuc, bie »»r= 
gaugene 2:bat. 

ANTECEDANEOUS, adj. »orbtrfle|cnb. 
To ANTECilDF, v. v. wbrbcrgcbcu. 
ANTECEDENCE (— cy), aO ba« '^BOX' 

bergcbcit, fviibcre 23orbaubcufetu. 

ANTECEDENT (a(/o. — ly.), I. adj. »JOr= 

bcrgcl)eiib, »or; to be— to, vorbergc^ 
bcu, cbcr fciiu al« . . ; II. s. T. baa 
■■Jlutcccbcn^, ber 33oiberfa§, bag a5ov= 

ANTECESSOR, s. bcr QSorganger, SSor« 

ANTECHAMBER, s. iaS SSorjtmmcr. 

ANTECHAPEL, s bic 5>JprbaHe. 

ANTECURSOR, s. bcr SSorlaufcr. 

To ANTEDATE, v. a. 1. baS SatUlIl 

friiber fc|}cii, juriicf batireu ; 2. * »or» 

fd)incifcii, oorciupftiibcu. 
ANTEDATE, s. tas frubcre 'Datum. 
ANTEDILUVIAN, 1. n<//. vor bcretittb* 

flutb ; n antediluvians, 2}ZeHfd)eU, 

bie »or ber ©iiubflutb Icbtcn. 
ANTEi-OPE, s. bie 2luti(opc, ©ajcnc, 

ANTELUCAN, adj. 9or !j:rtgc§ 9Iubruc^. 

ANTEMERIDIAN, adj. BOriUtttagig. 

ANTEMETic, I. m/j. gut wibcr bag (frs 
brccbcit ; H .9. pi. anteinctics (antimeti- 
ca), (S"rbred)eu fiillenbe 2)iittcl. 

ANTEMtJNDANE, adj. uor ©rfd;affiiTig 
ber 2Belt. 

ANTENN.E, s. pi. bie Siib^fiPrif'-" *" 

ANTENUMBER, s. bic uorbcre 3abL 

ANTEPASCHAL, ndj. VOX Dftcru. 

ANTEPAST, s. ber ggorgciiufj, Sor- 

ANTEPENULT, adj. Oram. T. SOrOOr" 


AN'l'EPENULTnlA, s. Gram. T. btC 9(n= 

tipcuultima: ooryorlc^te ober britU 
S^lbe »om (Snbe. 

ANTEPiLEPTic,ffl'(7 anti^>i(eptifd>, gut 
toibcr bn8 bofe 2Scfcu. 

AN'TEPOSITION. s. Oram. T. bic SSpr'' 

fc^uug cities 20ortc«. 


bcr ^cbrc you bcu !prabicamenteii 

oorbcr gcbt. 
ANTERIOR, adj. yovbcrgcbfub, fruber 

(bcr 3cit, bci- ?age uiib bem Orte 

nad)), oorbcr, bobcr, (i ncr. 
ANTERIORITY, s, ba« (Sbcrfcnii, bei 

Sorjug, JBovrnng, bie bol)erc Stelle, 

ba§ bi^b'" 511' f'- 
ANTERIORLY, adv cf)cr, >.'crbcr, juoor 





ANTEROOM, s. baS SSorstntiucr. 
ANTES, s. pi. T. bie sorfvriiigcnbeu 

ANTHELMINTIC, adj. gUt ttJtbCt bte 

ANTHEM, s bcr 2Bed)fcI(tor, S^orgc:^ 

fang, ^o%ef(iitg, hetltge ©ffrthg, 

bic aJIotctte yon bet Drgcl Bcglctte t. 
ANTiiEMis (— NOEiLis), s. bte vomtfite 


ANTHEMWISE, adj. WCC^fcInjCtfc ^OVs 

ANTHER, s. B. T. bcr oBerfie %\)n[ bcs 

ANT-HILL, s. bee yimctfcn^aufcrt. 

ANTHOLOGICAL, adj. ant&olofltfc^. 

ANTHOLOGY, s. bic *ilnt^o(ogie, 53Iu- 

ANTHONY, s. SlitfoiituS, 9lnton, 

(502annSnamc); Antiiony's-fire. ba§ 

5Iutoniu«=S'cuei-, bte JRofe, bcr 9iotf)= 


ANTHRACITE, } , f«T/.«,t^<,r» 

ANTHRACOLITE, \ *•"""'• ©Innj^O^l^- 

ANTHRAX, s bte .(tvafef, gidubc, $eil= 
Ijeulc, Jlavbiiiifel. 

ANTHROPOGRAPHY, > s. T. bie 9In= 
ANTHROPOLOGY, > t^ro))t>Iogte, 

9JaturIct)ve be« 5JJctifc^en. 
ANTHROPOLOGiau., adj. an(^ro))oIo= 


ANTHROPOLOGIST, s. bcr ^liitoropolog. 
ANTHROPOMORPHISM, s. bie ?cbre, 

njclcl)e Oott cine mcnf(^Itd)e ©epalt 


cine menfc^licije ®e^iU tetlegt. 
ANTHROPOPATHY, s. bie bcm 2JJcil= 

ft^cn fi(icntl)iimtt4)c 'JIvtju cmpfinbcn. 
ANTHROPOPHAGI, bte 2Jieiifc^ctt= 

ANTHROPOPHAGOUS, adj. bie 9J?cn= 

fc^en freffcnb. 
ANTHROPOPHAGY, s. bie 3JJcnfcl;e:t= 

ANTHROPOSCOPY, s. bic ^Peu'-t^eiliing 

bf g 6^ava!tci-« itac^ ben Stni mcntcn 

bcS ^orpcrS. 
ANTHROPOSOPHY, .9. T. bte Jtciintni^ 

bcr menfrf)lid)cn 3l<xtMx. 

ANTHYPNOTIC, "1 vid. Antihyi- 

ANl'HYPOCHONDRIAC, 1 notic, Anti- 
ANTHYPOPHORA, ( hypochon- 

ANTHYSTERIC, J driac, Anti- 


ANTI, pnrtie. in compos. wibCV, gcgctt. 

ANTIACID, atij. bcr i&aurc »»ibcrftcl)cnb, 
bie (Siiuvc bdmpfcnb, 

ANTURTHRITICS, adj. vid. Antarthri- 


ANTIASTHMATIC, adj. vid. Antasth- 


ANTIC (adv. — ly), adj. grotcgf, Ia(^CV= 

lilt, poffterlid). 
ANTIC, .5. 1. bcr ipoffcnrcigcr, ^JJarr, 

.§augmnrft ; 2. bie groteSfe t^tgur. 
To ANTIC, V. a. }um ^iurrcrt mad)en, 

ldd)erlic^ iiiad)cn. 
ANTICACHECTIC, adj. gitt tUtber VLtM' 

ANTiCATARRHAL, adj. gut tviber bcn 

ANTICAUSOTIC, adj. gut TOtbet bic 

ANTICHAMBER, vid. Antechamber. ■ 

ANTICHRIST, a. bcr 91ntid;ri)1. 
ANTICHRISTIAN, ndj. ttjibcrdjrifllid). 
ANTICHRISTIANISM, ) s. bie bflll 

t&um cntgegcngefcfete Sc^rc. 
iNTiCHRONiSM. s. bcr 9lntid)rDniS= 

inu8, Seblcr wibcv bic 3citrcd)nung. 

ro ANTICIPATE, » n. 1. BDV bCr Bcit 

tbun, soraugnchinen, vorhcr ivegiic^= 
wen, sorgrcifcn ; 2. »pvnn«gcnici)cn ; 
3. uprans empftubcn, nbnc'n; 4, sn= 

sorfoinmen ; to — payment, «or bcr 

3eit 3a()lung Icijlcn. 
ANTICIPATION, s. 1. hai 93orau8nc5= 

men, bie 3SorniegMa^me, i>ai 93or= 

greifeu; 2. bic iSorcinpftnbung, bcr 

iBorfc^mmf ; 3. bie ©rroartung; 4. 

ba« 3">'Pi^fPi">"f»- 
ANTICIPATOR, s. bcr corner n)eg= 

nintmt, sorgrcift, jnyortomnit. 
ANTICIPATORY, adj. Dorwcgneljmcnb, 

vpi-gcnicficnb, oorgrcifenb. 
ANTICLIMAX, s. Riict. T. bie ®egen= 




©cgner bcr UJcrfaffung. 
ANTICONTAGIONIST, 5. bcr ©cgncr 

ANTicoNTAGious, adj. gut wibcr 2[n= 


ANTICONVULSIVE, adj. anticonOUlft= 

uifc^, gut Juiber S^crji'idungen. 
ANTICOR, s. bie vcflbcnlcnartige ®e= 

fcbiintlfl an bcr 33vuft bcr -^Jfcbc. 
ANTICOSMETIC, adj. ©djijui^citjcrfiij: 

ANTicouRTiER, s. bcr ©cgncr ober 

Seiub bc« .§ofc«. 
ANTICREATOR, .?. ber ©cgncT obcr 

geinb beS Sd^iJVfcrS. 
ANTIDEMOCRATIC, ) o(7;.ber9So[f8= 

ANTIDEMOCRATICAL, 5 rcgicrungjit^ 


ANTmOTAL, \adj. «ls ©cgcngift 
ANTIDOTICAL, ) bicncub obcr jvir= 

ANTIDOTE, s, ba§ ©cgcngift. 

ANTIDYSENTERIC, adj. gilt Wibcr bic 

rot[)e 9^uf)r. 

ANTIEMETIC, md. Antemetics. 
ANTIENTHUSUSTIC, adj. bcnt ©nt^U= 

ftii^muS ^uwiber. 

ANTIEPISCOPAL, adj. bCr tifc^oflic^cn 

aSerfaffuug junjibcr, 
ANTIEVANGELICAl,, adj. bcm Wa^rcn 

(Sinn bcS (SsangeliitmS juanbcr. 
ANTIFACE, s. ba« ®cgtitgcftd)t. 
ANTiFANATic, s. bcr iictnb bcr ®Iau= 

ANTIFEBRILE, adj. tuibcr ba« Sicicr 

ANTiHECTiCw/7. gut nnbcr bie .gc!fif. 

ANTHIYPNOTIC, adj. gut Wibcr btC 


ANTIHYPOCHONDRUC, adj. gut lUtbcr 

bic .gi^vof^onbrie. 
ANTIHYPOPHORA, flrf/, iJAct. T. btc3ln= 

fiibrnng einer ©cgenbemciSfteUc. 
ANTiHYSTERics, "s. pi. 3JJiticl gcgcn 

bic ajjutterbcfd)i»crung. 
ANTILOGARITHM, s. Mat. T. bic ©r^ 

ganjung beg Sogarit^muS cineg ©i= 

mi, einer 2;angcntc ober Sefantc. 
ANTILOGY, s. bcr SBibcrfprud), in bcn 

aBorten ober <2tcUcn cineS (Sd)rift= 


ANTIMANIAC, \adj. gut witcr bcn 
ANTIMANIACAL, J 2Ba[;nfinn. 
ANTIMETABOLE, s. Rhet. T. bic 3lnti= 


ANTIMETATIIESIS, .f. Rkct. T. bic5ln= 

ANTIMETRICAI,, adj. gegcu bie atcgcrn 

bcr jDictrit. 
ANTiMiNiSTERLVL, adj. bcni 3JJintfle= 

rinm fcinblid). 
ANTiMiNiSTERiALiST, s. bcr ©cgncr 

beg iRinifteriumg. 


tintonard)ifct)c ; bcr ^a^ gcgcn bie 

ANTIMONAROHICAL, adj. anttnionar= 

d)ifd), gcgcn bic i)Jionard)ic. 
antimon'ial, ) adi ontimonifd),i(um 
ANTiMONic, > Svicijglafc gcprig, 
ANTiMONious, ) baraug bcrcttct. 

ANTIMONY, s. bag 9Inttmonium 

ANTIMORALIST, s. bcrgciub bcr (2ttt« 


ANTINEPHRITIC, adj. gUt Wibcr 9^tC« 


ANl'iNOMiAN, T. s. bcr 5lntinonticr, 
©cfc^fliirmcr, (?ctnb ober®cgnerbc8 
®efc^eg ; 11. adj. fciitbli(^ gcgcn baS 
®cfc^; 8U ber Sctte ber ^lutinomi* 
flen gcbijrtg. 

ANTINOMIST, s. vid. Antinomian. 

ANTiNOMLVNiSM, s. bic Sc^rc bcr 9Itt= 

ANTINOMY, s. bcr SBibcrfpfuc^ jwcier 

®efe^e, ober jwcicr 2Irti£el in ctnem 


ANTIPAPAL, )adj. bcm ^ap^' 

ANTiPAPiSTic, > tf)Uine fciublic^, 
ANTIPAPISTICAL, ) gcgcuVapfllid). 
ANTIPARALLEL, adj. in eittgcgcngc= 
fester *Hic^tung. 
ANTIPARALYTIC, adj. »ibcr bcn 

(Sc^Iagflup obcr bie SJd^inung bien* 

ANTIPATHETIC (— cal ; adv. —c al- 
ly), adj. von Slatur juwiber, ttjtbrig, 

antu'atIieticalness, s. bag 91itti= 
Vatbetifcfte, natiirlid)c STnJtbcrfck^n. 

ANTIPATHY, s. bic 9lntipatl)ic, bcr na^ 
tiirnct)e SBibcrnjillc, bic ^Ibncigung, 
SH'iberfircbung, ber .ipaf, 9lbfc^cu. 

ANTiPATRioi'ic, mIj. bent iBatcrlanbf 

antiperistasis, s. bcr SESibcvflaiib, 

A^fTIPIi3T^LENTIAL, adj. wibcr bi« 
^(^ bicnlic^. 

ANTIPHLOGISTIC, adj. 1. bent Srcntt> 
Irnrcn cntgcgcitgefc^t; 2. gcgcn bit 

ANTiPHON, s. bcr 20r(^feIc^or, bet 

ANTIPHONAL, ) ,. •„ q-o„Af„t 
ANTIPHONIC, i "l,."i?,..S*^''' 
ANTIPHONICAL, ) *''^ f'"3"li>. 
ANTIPHONY, vid. Antiphox. 

ANTiPHRASis, s. T. bic Slnttp^rafc, bcr 
ANTiPHRASTic, > adj. nntipf)ra= 

ANTIPHRASTICAL, S ftifc^, aufaSci= 
fc einer 9lntip()rafc. 

ANTIPODAL, Mij. jn bcn ®egcnfii^(f rn 
gci)ijrig, eutgegen ; the Americans, are 
antipndals to the Indians, biC 9jmcrita= 

ncr ftnb ®cgcnfii^Icr »bn ben 3nbia= 

ANTIPODES, s. p!. bic 2lntipoben, ®c-- 


ANTIPOISON, .1. bag ©cgcngift. 
ANTIPOPE, s. bcr ©cgc'npapfl, 9lftcr= 

ANTIPORT, s. bag dugcre S^or. 

ANTIPRELATICAL, adj. bcr bifc^ijfft' 

d)cn Jtird)e feinb. 
ANTIPRIEST, .t. bcr ^pricfierfcinb. 
ANTIPRIESTCRAFT, s. bcr aBibcr[laitb 

gcgcn ^vieftcrrdnfe. 
ANTIPRINCIPLE, s. bag ®cgcnprincip. 
ANTiPROPHET, s. bcr gciub bcr Spro= 

ANTIPTO.SIS, s. Oram. T. bte iBerwcc^- 

felung, ^Bcvfcfcun.t bcr (Safitg, 
ANTiPURiTAN, *•. bcr ©cgncr ber ?Pu= 

ANTiaUARiANiSM, s. btc 5irtcrtl;itine« 


ANTIQUARIAN, ) L .9. bcr 9tnttiiuar, 
ANTiaUARY, 5 ,^cnncr iinb ?icb- 

Ijabcr ber 9Utert[)iintcr, 9lUcrt!Htmg= 

fovfdjcr; u.adj. 1. uvalt, »eraltct; 2. 

To ANTiaUATE, ?). a. BCralfCn Obct 

abfommen laffcn, abfct)affcn, auf^c^ 
ANTiaUATEDNESS, s. bag iBcraltcte. 




ANTIQUATION, s. ba3 9lItcrtfMtm. 
ANTiauE, adj. 1. alt, aiitif ; 2. aUmo= 

btfc^, altoatfVtfd) ; 3. vid. Antic. 
ANTiauii s. btc 9lntife, *,>luticiiittat, 

nite Jlunftarbctt, ba«9Utcrt^um. 

ANTIQUENESS, s. baS JHUt, ^i\lkx= 

AiN'TiaurrY, «. l. bie a^or^cit; 2. ia-S 

Shtcrtbiim, bte-}lltcn; 3. bie '■JlntiiTut; 

tnt, bas altc Jluiiftwcrf, dtc ©tiicf; 

4. 9Utcr. 

(Staat§uiitn)a^mi(^, bcr ©mVonnig, 

bcm ^lufni^r fciiiblic^. 
ANTIRE VOLUTION 1ST, s. ber ©Cijntr 

ber ©taat^umwa [511113, ber 6"niv6= 

vitni], bes -Jlufntbvs. 
ANTiSABBAT.UUAN, s. bcr <SiXbhat^S' 


ANTISACERDOTAL, adj. bflll 5pi:tefler= 

t^time, ben ^rtcilcni feinb. 
ANTlsciANS, .5. pi. bie an bett »erfif)ie- 
beiicn Sciteii beS 5Icquatov§ wobiicii^ 
ben 23oltcr, ©eflenfr^attige. 

ANTISCORBUTIC, adj. Med. T. antifcOr= 

butifc^, tDtbcc ben Sc^arbotf, ©cfeav= 
botf beilciib. 


iuibcr ben Sc^nrbodf. 
ANTISCRIPTURISM, s. ba8 Sfblaitgucn 

bcr kt(ii]en ©c&rift. 
ANTiscRin'URisT, ,5. bet Slbtaugner 

ber l)etlt(^en Sc^vift. 

ANTISEP'riC, ad,i. Med. T. bet SauIttV 

njiberfieftenb, fanlnttjmibrif^. 

ANTISEmCS,s.pi. Med. T. 5B?ittcI gC- 

gcn bie e^iiulni^. 
ANTisPASia s. Med. T. bie Slbfcituug 

einet gcnc^ttgfeit nact) cincm anbcrn 

2;()ei(e f)tu. 
JtNTISPASMODIC, adj. Med. T. Wibev 

^viimpfe, ben ^vampf linbernb. 

ftilleitbe iDJittel. 
ANTISPASTIC adj. Med. T. bte 5cilC^= 

tijfeit tin ^i>rpev abtreibcnb. 

ANTISPLENETIC, adj. Med. T. bit @at= 

le abfii()reiib; Jrtber bie a.'Jiljfud^t. 
ANTISTASIS, s. Rhet. T. bie 9llltiftaft«. 

ANTiSTES, s. ber aSorfle^cr; Obev= 

ANTISTROPHE,s. T. 1. btc ®egcnflrD= 
);>i)t (in cincr :t.niibarii"c^cn Dbe, bcr 
jmcite 'JUifafe unter jcben brei 9Hjfa= 
fecn) ; 2. bie ®egcnfcl)rnng, Umfe[)= 
rnmj (bcS aScrftanbeS jwcter jnfam= 
mengcfc^tcr SBortc). 

ANTISTROPHON, s Rlirt. T. (IBCnn fid) 
incf)rc ©licber ctncS ^PiuiftcS init ci= 
ucrlci SEcrt enbti^cn), bie 3ietorftcn. 

ANTISTRUMATIC, adj. Wtbec bcn 

ANTITHESIS, s. Rhet. T. bic 51ntitf)efe, 

bcr ©cgcnfa^. 
ANTITHETIC, > o/Z-cntgcgcitgeftcUt, 

ANlTniETICAL, J «Oii Illit @'e(JC!lfa= 

ANTlTiiETON, s. bcr ®egcnfa%, 9ln= 

ANTITRINITARIAN, adj. bie 5)retet= 

An'titrinItarian, s. bcrSrcicintgs 

ANTiTRiiviTARlANlSM, s. ba§ £;ing= 

lien ber ©reieiuigtctt. 
ANTITYPE, s. ba« ©egenljtib, ©egen^ 


antitypical, adj. gcgcnbtlblid). 
ANtivenereal, adj. (intiocncrifd). 
ANTLER, 4-. .V T. ba« luttcrftc, crftc 

(Snbe am .^trfd^geioeibe nnb 9tcb= 

bocI«ge()i3rne'; brow-antlers, bie untcrn 

(Snbeh ; sur or bear-antlers, bte obcrn 

(*nbcn ; bes — , baS bent untern C?ubc 
AXTLERED, adj. gebin'ttf, gcftei[)tra= 



ANTONIA, s. 9lntonia ((Jranennamc). 

ANTONOLVSIA, s. Rhet. T. bte "ilwtO- 


ANTONY, vid. Anthony. 
ANTWERP,*. 9lntn)crpen (Stabt). 

ANVII,, s. bcr *]Imbl>9 ; rising — , bCr 

jwcifpi^ige 5Inibt?p, baS Sperrborn ; 

to be upon the — , fig. tit bcr Slrbcit, 

tin iBcrfe fc«n. 
ANXIETY, s. bie 9lngft, aSangtgfcit, 

a3cfovgniti, Snrc^t, aSedngftigung. 
ANXIOUS [adK. — ly), adj.\. angfiltcfi, 

bangc, nnvubig, befiimmert; 2. bc= 

forgt, forgfdlfig, fcbntid). 
ANXiousNESS, s. 1. bie i^Icngfitic^fcit, 

SBangigtcit ; iycfiinnnerntfj. 
ANY, nr(/. irgcnb (Sin, irgenb (SfwaS; 

(fiuige'; @tiual| jebcr, jebe, jebe«; 

— one, — body, trgcnb (5"tuer ; 3ebcr, 

^rbcnnann;'— thing, 9ll(c§; trgcnb 

^twaS ; ©troai", — • where, trgenb 

IDO; iibevalt; — wise (co/. — ways), 

anf irgenb cine SBcife • — how, vvJs. 
auf irgenb cine 5lrt, C3 fe\> line eg WPl^ 
Ic; not any (one),_ fcilicr, 9licma!lb ; 
not any (thinp), nid)tS; — more, cin 
2l'cnig mcbr; not — more, ntc{)tJ 
mcbv; nifi)t mebr; — farther, etn 
aBenig wetter, wetter. 

AORIST, *•. Oram T. bcr 9l0rifill«. 

AORLSTIC, a'lj. aoriftif(^._ 

AORTA, s. bie grotjc ^rf)lag= pbcr 

AORTAL, adj bic gro^c S^lagabcr bc= 

APACE, adv. gcf(t)winb,fc{jncU, §nrtig, 


APAGOGE, > s. Log. T blC 5lbbUC= 
APAGOGY, S tton. 

APAGOGICAL. adj. T. tnbircct, inittcl= 
bar (bcfonbcrS yon ben auS bcr Ungc= 
rctmthcit ciner (2a^e !}crgeui.innne= 
ncn !Ccrocifcn). 

APANTHROPY, .?. btc 3)ienfcbcnfc^en, 
?lbncigung gcgcn ^TJcufi-^engcfeU: 

APARiTHMESis, .o. bte ainf^dblnnrt. 

APART, adv. bcifcit?, bci Scite, abgc= 
fonbert, bcfoiifcerS, fiir ftct). 

APARTxMENT, s. brtS Bt'imicr. 
APATHETIC, adj. gefiibllot^, fitf)(to8. 
APATHIST, .?. ber gitbllofe; Siciben= 

fd;aft(Dfe ; ®leir^miit()tgc. 
APATHISTICAL, adj. glctti^giiltig ; fiilil= 

Io«; glctd)miithig. 
APATHY, .?. bie ^liblloftgfeit, llnem- 

Vfinblic^Ecit ; '.Hbgcfpatii'ubcit, Untl)n= 

APATURIA, s. pi. bag brcitcigigc 33aC' 

d)n«fcil in 5ltben. 
Ai'AUME, s. H. T. bie an«gefirctftc 

fladic |)anb. 
APE,/.-. 1. bcr 5lffe : 2. /s-. bcr 5Ijfe, 

91ad)dffer, albcrne S^ro^f- 
To APE, V. ^nad>iiTen. 
APEAK, adv. 1. auf bciu 5pnnEtc, in 

einer iStclIung jnm 51^pf)ren; 2. jv. 

7'. fenh-cd)t, obVr gcrabe iibcr obcr«n= 

ter bcin 91ufcr ; to ride — . mit gefa= 

jeten, {?. c. fenfvcd;t gcflclltcn) 3fiaaen 

Bor ".^Infer Itcgcn ; to run — , mit bem 

©cbiffe iibcr bent 3IiiEer ju flel)en 

APENNINE HILLS, s. pi. bie 91ppett= 

niiien, bic apcuninifd)cn ®ebirg£. 
APER, s. bcr 5Jad)abmcr, 37ad;atTcr. 

APERIENT, 1 adj Med. T. (belt ?eib) 

APERITIVE, i "i^ffncnb, abfiibrenb. 
APERIENTS, s. pi. Med. T. DeffnungS* 


APERTURE, s. bic Dcpnitg. 
APETALOus, nxij. D. T. ot)"« Slnmcn^ 

blatter, bldttcrlog. 
APETALOUSNESS, ,9. B. T. bie SSIiit-- 

APEX, .t. bte Sptfec, ber @ipfcl. 

APHyERESlS, s. Oram. T. bicaBegWCr- 

fnng cinr« aBud)ftabcn obcr eines 

©i/lljc ju 9Iufange cinci aSortcS; 

Med. r. bte aSegnabme cincS 2;f)ct!c3 

am mfiifrf)ltd)ch Jliuvcr. 
APHELION, ,'. .1st. r. bieSonnenfernc. 
aphilanthropy: s. bcr SDJaitgel an 

2JJcnfd)cnltcbc, bte SteWoft'iifnt. 
APHONY, s. bie Sprac^loftgfcit, 

APHORISM, s. ber 9Ipbori§inu3, furje 

fcmbafte Sa^, Scbrfprncfe. 
APHORiSMER. ,9. ber in 9lpbort8men, 

auf apl)i>viftifd)e 9Irt fc^reibt. 
APHORISTIC, )adj. a-- 

APHORISTICAL (adr. — ly,) ] p|)OVi= 

ftif($ in ?c^rfpriid)cit, in furjea 


APHRODISIAC, } afij. jiir uencris 
APHRODisiACAT>, j fc^eii ,fi:rant^ctt 

APHRODITE, .9. 1. 93cnn'S, 2. bicSee- 

raupc, ber ©olbiinivm. 
APHTHONG, s. eiii lautlpfcr i^nc^: 

APirrous, adj Med. T. bic Sc^wamme 

int SJinnbe betreffcnb. 

APHILLOUS, adj. bidttcrloS. 

APIARY, s. bcr ^iencnftaiib, bag ??ie= 

APICES, s. pi. vid. Ai'K.v. 

APIECE, ado. fiir bag Stiicf, fiir jcbc 

APISH (nr/r. — ly), ndj. i. affcnmcitjig, 

pofftcrltrf), ndrrifd), Idpvifcf) ; 2. 

nad)difcitb; an — trick, cin 9^arrcn= 

APiSHNF-ss, s. bag affcnmafiigc, Idp-- 

pifcbe 5Befen, bie Spcfilcrlidiifcit 
A-PiTPAT, adv. tid tad (bcfonbcrl yoti 

fd)ncllcm .^crjEIopfcn). 
APLUSTRE, s. bie (2d)ipfal;'ic, bcr 

f^Iaggcnwebet (in ben dhercn^cttcn;. 
APOCAl,YPSE, s. bic \'lppfa(v>pfc, Z)f: 

fenbarnng ^o^nnig. 

APOCALYITIC, ? adj. i . 

APOCALYPTICAL (adr. — ly), S npO= 
faliptifc^, aug bcr Offenbaruiig So^ 
^aniitg; 2. offcnbarcnb, cntbiillcnb. 

To APOCOPATE, v. a. Orivi. T. cillCll 

g3«cf)ftabcn obcr cine Snibe am @ube 
etncg 2Borte§ auyivcvfcn. 

APOCOPE, s. Oram. T. bic 3.1jCglOCr^ 

fung eineg Sudjftabcu obcr cincr 
Siilbe am (Snbc cincg iiUn-tcS (gram- 
mat. 5'igur). 

apocrustic, adj. Mei. T. jufammcn^ 

APOCRYPHA, s. pi. 1. bie aVDfn)pbt= 
fd)tn (nid)t aug gijtttid;'er(fingcbung 
gefct)ricbcnen) a3iid)cr bcv a3ibct ; 2. 
Sd)rtftcn nnbcfannter SSerfaffcr. 

APOCRYPHAL {adv. — i,y), adj. apr = 

fri)pbtfc^, oon ungennffcr obcr vici-= 
bdd)tigcr ©lanbiviirbigfcit, Hngc= 
«jt^, Dcrbd^tig. 
APOCRYPIIALNE.^, .?. bag 9UHifr«: 
^jbifcfte, Ungewitte ; aiscrbiic^tige. 

APODICTIC, \ adj. ap0= 

APODICrrCAL [adv. — ly). ^ biftifd), 

imwiberfprcdjlici^, bcivcigbar, mu 


APODOSIS, s. Rhet. T bcr 9Ltd'Ul^. 

APOGEE, *■. r. bie (?rbferiie. 

APOGIATURA, s. Mas. T. bcr 33 Or-- 


APOGRAPH, s. bic 6opie, 9lbf^rtrt. 
APOLLO, s. 9lpoIlo, 9lpoU. 
APOLOGETIC, ? adj. a^ 

APOLOGETICAI, (adv. — ly), J polo- 

gettfci), sertbcibigenb. 
APOLOGIST, s. ber '2d)nferebner, aSer- 

To APOLOGIZE, V. n. (—for), ftc^, ciner, 

ciitfd)nlbigon wegcn, nm a^eijebung 

bitten ; yertbcibigcn ; to — to, fid) cut" 

f4)ulbigen bci. 




APOLOGUE, s.btc ga6cl, tc^rrctc^e %a- 
l)cl, bfv yipo(o>j. 

A.POtOGY, s. 1. t>tc ^IpologtC, ©cf)U^-- 
rebe, &(^u^i"d)rift ; 2. ^crtl)ctbi= 
guilg, (SlltfdjulbiiJUlU]^ make no apo- 
logies, ciUfd)u!tii^}<it viie fic|) iiic^t; 
e§ bebarf {eiiiei- (5iitfd;ulbii}iuti]. 

APONEUROSIS, s. MeA. T. btc l)aitttiJC 
*Jlu«[n-ettuiig eiiici: 2)Ju3Eclfct)ue. 

APOPiiASis, s. R/i. T. bte 9lpop[)afc. 

APOPHLEGMATIC, adj. Med. T. bClt 

©c^leiin abfii^rcitb. 
APOPilLEGMATISM, s. Med. T. Ctll 

fd;Ictinafafut)reiibes 3)^ttiel. 

APOPflLEGMATlZANT, s. Med. T. Ctlt 

'Diittcf, baS beii ©c^teim burc^ bie 

9iafe abfii^vt. 
APOPHTiiEGiM, s. ba« 3lpDpf)tI;cgma, 

bfv Sciiffpruc^, ©tttciifpnid), ^cl;r= 

APOPHYGE. a. ^toA. t. bei' 216= unb 

yiulauf eiiieS ®aulcnfc^afte«. 

APOPHYSIS, \s. A. T. Hx JtllOrVCtt 

APOPiiYSY,J obcr Sortfafe ait Jliio= 

c^cit, ba§ UcOcrbciii. 
APOPLECTIC (— cal), I. adj. apPplef= 

tifd), 5iun (5d)la(]fluffe_(5f!)5rig; an 

— lit. ciit '^Iiifall Voin (S^dil'igc ; IT. s. 
fin yiMu S(^lac]c (Mctroffcncr^ 

APOPLEXY, 5. bci-od)lagfIu^,^d)Iag; 

to Call into an — ,»om SdpIaQf flcriil^rt 

APOKiA, s. 1. likci. r. bie Unfd)tiiffti]=^ 

fcit; 2. Mid. 7'. bit ftcl)ei-[>aftc 9lcii()ft= 


APOiUME, > s. ciite fcftmer ju lUfenbe 
APOKON, S 3tiifi5abc. 

APOSIOPESIS, s. Rkci. T. btf 'SQiX- 

fd)ivcigmisv ^Jlb&icc^ung bcr 3?cbc. 
APOSTASY, .■;. 1. bif Slpoftafte, ber 

'JlbfviU som ©laubeii, vom ©ctiibbr; 

2. jWi:</. 7'. baS ~,'lbfalleit ciuc« (^cbvoi 

d)fiieit Jliiodjen^ ; 3 baa 0)cfdjiviir. 
/iPOSTATE, I. ..?. bcr ^>!poftat, \>ilrtniii= 

iiii^c; x>lb(]cfa(lciic ; U. cdj. apofla= 

lifd), abtriiitiiig. 
<.POSTATiCAl^ ai'^j. apotlatif^, a&= 

Ti> APOSTATIZE, v. n. »pu fctiier 9ieli= 

gioit, feincm ©laubcii abfallcu, ab= 

triiunig njetbcn. 

To APOSTKMATE, v. n. Med. T. fc^lvni; 


APOSTEMATIOX, s. Med. T. ba§ 

APOSTEMATOUS, wij. baS ©efd^wiit 

APOSTE.ME. s. Med. T. baS ®efd)wiir, 

ba§ 'fcifwavcii. 
APOSTLE, s. bcr 9lpoficl. 
APOSTLESIIIP, ) s. baS Slpofiolat ; 
APOSTOLATE, f Slpoftclamt. 

APOSTOLIC ALNESS, s. t)a8\'lpoftoH= 
fd)e, iipcfiolifdjc 3lnfcben. 

APOSTROPHE, s. 1. Rhet. T. bte 9lpO=: 

ftropbc, Sliirebe; 2. Oram. t. bcr 
apoftropf), baS 2luSlaffaui3«5et= 
(^eit (•). 

APOSTROPHic, aiij. ctti ,Kiir5ung8;ci= 
d)cii bebeutcitb ; auf cine 'Jlpoftropbe 
{;)vcbeftgnr) --ycjnii b*ibcnb. 

7u APOSTROPHIZE, t). L a. or )). ftd; 

(mit bcr Sfifbc) an 3cmanb meiiben, 
awrcben ; ii. a. ein 'ffiort bnrcb 9hiS= 
wcrfitng etnc3 93ud)rt<iben yerfiiv^cu ; 

— cine'fo(d)e QScrfiirjnng bcjeidjncn. 

APOSrUME, vid, AposTEME, S,- To Apo- 


APOTHECARY, s. bcr 9tpi)tbefcr; an 
apothecary's shop, eine Slpot^ff. 
APOTHEGM, vid. Apophthegm. 
APOTII^^GM ATiCAL. adj. bcn!fprUC^'3= 

roeife, bcntrpri:d)Iidi. 
APOTiii'/iMATisr, s. ber i.immlcr 
bon -Dcnffpriid)cn. 

\ a'Ji. apo= 
0. — ly), i fiolifd). 

To APOTHEGMATIZE, v. n. 2cut= 

fpvitc^e fagen. 

APOTHEOSIS, s. bie iBcrglitfcning. 
APOTHESis, s. s. T. bic a3icbcrein= 

rcuEung etncS Jlnoc^eut^. 
APOTOME. s. 1. Mat. T. bcr Untcr= 

fd;icb 5mifc^cu sicei ungleic^cu 3*il)= 

Icn ; 2. Mas. T. bcr Untcrfcbicb 5an= 

fd;cit bent ganjcn unb nad^ftcn ^aU 

ben SJone. 
APOTREPSis, s. bie Scvt^cilung cincs 

APOZEM, s. Med. T. ber Jtraittertraitf, 

baS 35ecoct. 

APOZEMICAL, adj. Med. T. bCCOCtarttg. 

To APPALL, V. I. .1. cvblcic^en niad)eit, 

erfd;rccf en, cntmatfjigen ; ii. n. * »cr= 

APPALLMENT, s. baS (Srbtaffen »or 


APPANAGE, s. bte ?lpanage. 
APPARATUS, s. 1. bcr 5lpparat 

niSerfjenge jum auffenfc^aftlic^en 

©ebranc^); ber 23orrat^, b(t§3wbe; 

bbr ; 9lmineublemeut (etncS .t^au; 

feS); JlricgSgeriitl) ; 3ciifi; ©qut; 

i^age ; bie 3"i'uftuiig ; bcr ^wK bas 

©eprange; 2. s. r. bcr Stcinfc()nitt. 
APPAREL, s. 1. bie jtlcibung, 3:rad)t, 

baS@cii.ianb, bcr Sdjmutti 2. baS 

To APPAREL, 1-. a. ftcibcn, bcflcibcn, 


APPARENT (fl(/B.— Lv), adj. 1. frbftlt= 

bar, anfc^eincnb ; 2. ftdjtbar, ftd)t= 
lid) ; 3. angenfct)cinli4), unlangbar, 
bcfaunt, geiintj ; heir — , bcr geiintic, 
imftreitige ©rbe, ber ret^tmajjige 

APPARITION, s. bas ©cftc^f, ©efpciifl, 
bcr @cift, bie @rfd;einung, Sau; 

APPARITOR, s. bcr 2;biirftcf)er, ®e= 
vid)tibtcncr, ;7iat()«bicncr (Stabt= 
fitect)t), Spcbell. 

To APPEAL, V. I. n L. T. t\\\t ^lagC 

»or ctncu anbern 3licf)ter jie^en ; ap= 
VcIIircn, fic^ bcriifcn ; l — to you, 
tcl) bcrnfe mid) auf Sic, auf 3I;ven 
9In»fpruci); u.a.L. r. anftagcn. 
APPEAL, s. bie 9lppcHatipn, ^txw- 
fung, L. T. 9lnnage; 9Iufforberung 
anf eine'jllage ju'antworten, a3or= 

labung; court of appeals, bcr SlppcU 
lation'cibof ; ba« 2lppeIIattonSge1:idit. 

APPEAiA\«LE, adj. cincr 2lppeUattDU 

APPEALER, s. ber 9lppcUant. 

To APPEAR. V. n. 1. juiit 3}orfd)cin 
foinmcn, ftditbar wei:beit t>bcr fenn, 
crfcbcinen ; ftc^ jcigcn ; 2. auftrctcn; 

3. »pr @erid[)t frfcl)eincn, ftd) ftelleu ; 

4. crbellen, fid) ergeben; 5. fd)cinen, 

biiufcn, bCllc^teu ; to — on the stage, 
(auf ber Sitbne) aitftrcten ; to — for 
one, fiir ©inen auftrctcn, fid) ijffent= 
Itcfe fiir ibn erflarcn ; to — against 
one, wibcr (f incn aufticten; fic^ tbm 
offcntlid) tBtberfefeen ; to make — , be= 
Wcifen ; it shall — in jour credit, M. 

K. Co foil 3[)nen giitgcfd)rieben wcr= 
ben ; it appears, fS fd}cint, fS er[;elkt, 
ift bcittiid). 

APPEARANCE, s. 1. bie (Srfcfietnuug ; 
2. baS 9luftreten, ber Gintritt ; 3. bcr 
9Infd)ein, (gc^etn; 4. bie9Bal)rfd)etn= 
licf)fcit; 5.ba3 9lcni)cre, (inhere x>lnfe= 
bea^ 9lugfel)eu, bie ©cftalt; 6. ba« 
®cftd)t ; Phr. at first — , bctut .crften 
9lnbltife; to make one's — . JUllt 3jor= 

fd)cine fomntcn, erfdjcincn, fid) sei= 

gcu, auftretcn ; it makes a fine — , 

e» ftebt fc^iju au«; day of — , ber 
S'ermin vpr (55erid)t; defiiuit of—, 
bas! *Jlid)terfc^ctnen, firafbare 9lit?:: 

bteibcn ; to enter into liond for — , fic^ 

fd)viftli.-^ yerpf(id;tctt yor ©erid)t jn 

crfdjctnen; toaii— , a([cm ?lnfc{)ci« 

nacf) ; there is an — of . , CS lat't ftc^ 
an junx . . ; appearances are deceitfiii, 
yrou. berSciH'in triigt; to save appear- 
ances, ben iid)cin ycrmcibcn. 

APPEARER^. bcr, bie Cfrfd)eincnbf. 

APPEASABra, adj. scrftMiHcft ; Icti^t 
ju befanfttgen, 511 bcvul}igen. 

APPEASABLENLS.% .s-. ber 3»ft'tnb, 
bie ^fctgung, fid) Icid)t bcfdnftigea 
jn laffcn, 3.krfij[)iilid)fcit. 

To APPEASE, V. a. bcru[)igcn, befanfs 
tf|5en, ftillen, bcfricbigen. 

APPEASEMENT, s. bic ikrii^igung, 
baS fanfte SBefen, bic €tille. 

APPEASER, s. bcr 3iu!)eftiftcr, 58e= 

APPEASiVE, aij. befauftigctib, bcruf)ts 

APPELLANT, j. ber 9lppeUaut; 9luf= 
forberer, 4?eiMU8forbercr ; ,Klagcr. 

APPELLATION, s. bie s8cncunung, 
bcr 3!aine. 

APPELLATIVE, 5. Oram. T. ba« 5Ip= 
pellatiuuni, allgcmcine Sfienuivort, 
©attungSivort, bcr QIaffenname. 

APPELLATIVE {adv. — ly), adj. Sip* 

APPELLATORY, adj. ftUC QlppcHatioU 

APPELLEE, s. bcr 9lppcllat ; .g.cranJ:: 

gefiH'bcrtc; Seflagtc. 
APPELLOR, s. bcr 3lppcUant; .'ozx' 

ausfprberer; ^1ager. 
To APPEND. B. a. an 6tiva'3 b'liigf"/ 

anfeangcn ; beifiigcn. 
APPENDAGE, s. bcr 9lnbang, bie Sot= 

ge; ba« 3ii&tbpr, ^crtincn^ftiiif. 
APPENDANT, I. adj. aubangcu?, »er.- 

tninbcn ; IL s.bcr2inl;ang, ba§ ©cfols 

gc, 3itbcI)Dr. 

APPENDILE, s. ein Kciner 9ln[)a«fi. 
APPENDIX, s. bcr 9lnbang, b«S Sla* 

bangffi, bcr ^\\\<i%, bie ^Beilage, bal 


APPENNINE HILLS, vid. Apenniss 


APPERCEPTION, s. Ph.K. baS (Sclbfl= 

bewutJtfei)u, bie @elbfianfd)anung. 

To APPERTAIN, v. n. (— to) 5Uge()i>« 
ren, juflc^en ; angcbcn. 
APPEKTATNiMENT, s. baS 3"l'fWr. 
APPERTENANCE, vid Appurtknancb. 
APPERTINENT, vid. Appurtenant. 

APPETENCE (— cy), s. 1. bie i^cgier- 
be, ber Sricb, baS ftunltd)e SSe^Iana 
gen; tie Sinnenluft; 2. baS ■ictvt- 
ben; 3. bcr aSimfd), bie Sc[)nfur^t. 

APPETENT, adj. fcbr begterig. 

APPETlBiLriY, s. ba§ 9{iijuglid)e, bcr 
9Jcis, bie 91unebinlid)icit. 

APPETiBLE, adj. anjiiglic^, reijenb, 

APPETITE, s. 1. 53cgtcrbc, ba« Scrlan= 
gen ; 2. ber 91ppettt, bie ©pinft, bet 

APPETITIVE, adj. bcgcf)renb ; -- fa 
culty, ba§ -iBegefirungci'-icrmpgcn. 

To APPLAUD, V. a. Sctfall Jllflat= 

fd)en, 83cifafl gcbcn; bcflatfdjen; 

Ipbcn, mHigen. 
APPLAUDER, s. ber 93cifaU juflaf^r, 

gpbprcifer, 33etpflid)ter. 
APPLAUSE, s. ba§ SetfaHEIatfAcn, 

ber SBeifall, baS !^pb. 
APPLAUSIVE, orfi.bcHatfc^enb, Ipbcnb. 
APPLE, s. bev 9ipftl ; — of love, ber 

J^iebCiSapfel, ©Olbapfel {Solatmrn lycu- 
persiciim — L.) ; — of the eve. bet 

91ngapfcl; — coie, bcr (91pfcl=', 
(5)rpbS ; — graft, baS ^ilpfctveia jnni 
^frppfen; — john, ber 3pbaniii5= 
npfc[ ; _ pie, bie 9Icpff(paftetc ; — 
tart, tie Slepfeltorte ; —tree, bci 
Slpfeibanm, —woman, bic ^}leifclfrau 
Cbjif**!!; — J"'"i' I'd" Obftgavtcn. 
APPLiABLE, adj. anipcubbar. 




iTPUCABlLITV, Is. bie 5IuWCllb= 
liPPLlCABLEaN'ESS, > fcavfett. 
tPPLICABLE {ddv. — ly), adj. aitWCnb; 


APPLICANT, s. bcr fic^ uitt itwaS li- 
wtrbt; bcr ©efuc^flellcr. 

APPLICATE, s. G. T. bte SircuitmtgS^ 

APPLICATION, s. 1. btc Shiffcgung, 
••^lulcgung, 93erric;^t«ii3 eiitcg aSerfcS 
(J. Hi. bcs SIrstc?, aBuubav5te«, u. f. 
w.) ; 2. Qlnnjciibuiti], Stu^anmeubung, 
fccr ©cbmiic^ ; 3. bas migcroanbte 
SJJittel, .^iilf^mtttct ; 4, bcr aSer= 
taiib; 5. bic 93crn>ciibuug, S3en5cr« 
biiitg, 3Infuc^ung, 53tttc ; 6. 5Iuf= 
mcrffamfeit, bcr' glciS, Seritflcig, bie 
^ctricbfamfcit, G'lnftgfeit; to make 

— to a person, fic^ alt 3flH'11lbCtl 

tocnbeti ; upon the — of . . . , auf 'i(n= 
fuc^en . . • . 
APPLICATIVE, ffi/jf. aitrocitbciib. 

APPLICATORY, a,lj. aitlUCUbCttb. 

APPLIER, s. bcr 9(!imeiibcnbe, Oc* 
braucf)mac^cube ; bcr_ftcl) auf ^ivi<x% 
(bte SBiifcufc^afteit, epract)cn, u. f. 
tt.) Icgt. 

r</ APPLY, y. L n. 1. aiiffcgctt, flnlcs 
gctt, roorauf (cgett obcr briitgctt; 2. 
aumctibcit, gcbraiir[;cn ; auf (StwaS 
wciibcn, rtc^tcti, l)cftcn; 3. »crwcu= 
bcu; II. n. 1. gelteu ciucm obcr fiir 
ciucu ; 2. ftc^ fcl)i(fcn, )fA\i\\, iibcrs 
ciufttiumcn, aitgcmcucit fci;u; to — 
to one, fid) an 3cmanb Jtieubcii, aiifu^ 

rfjcn, nac|fud)CtI ; to — one's self for 

help to ... , ftc^ uin i^iilfc lucubcu 
an ... , Bwffud^t fucficu bet . . . ; to 

— one's self to something, fid) auf (St= 
wag Icgctt, ftc^ bcffcn bcflciyigeu ; to 

— a tiling to (a use), fic^ eiucr Sacfc 
bcbicncn, ju . . . . 

To APPOINT, V. a. 1. befltiuiucn, anfc= 
^cu, fcftfc^cn, bcf^licfjcu; 2. bcfc^ci= 
bcu, t»eficllcu ; 3. ucrabrebcn ; 4. cr= 
ncuncn ; 5. ycrorbitcu, yorfc^vctbcu ; 

I appointed to meet him to-day, ic^ i)H' 
. be (S init t()m vcrabrcbct, tf)u bcute nt 

trcffcn : well-appointed, gut eiugcrtci()= 

tct.a'O^Igcflctbct, tngufemStaubc. 
APPOINTER, s. bcr aSejiiiumeubc, %\u 

orbncr, @tiirid>tcr. 
APPOINTMENT, s. 1. btc 33eflimmung, 

(?;cftfcfeuug, Qlnorbnuug; 2. ScftcU 

lung; 3. JBcrabrebuug ; 4. bie 93cr= 

ovfciiuug, 93i5rfd)rifr, bcr 33efc|l; 5. 

bic ©iurid)tuug, ?lu8riifiung, 5}ln(ialt; 

6. bag bcftimmte ®c[)alt, bie 33cfol= 

bung, ba§ Sirum ; 7. l. t. bie .gtn= 

tcrlaffcufc{)aft an cine Oemcinbc, u. 

f. W. fiirmilbc^wccfe; to make an — , 

fscf) bcficllen, fict; acrabrcben. 
To .APPORTION, 71. a. in gcre^tc Xi)ii^ 

k tf)ct{cn, jutijcitctt, juni 3lntf)eil ge= 


U'PORTIONEE, «. bcr Bi'tbeifcitbe. 

APPORTIONMENT, s. bit Sutbcilung, 

aScrt^eilung nud) gcrcc^tcn >4Jortio= 

7'o APPOSE, 1!. a. + 1. ^vagcu soviet 

gen, eraininiren, priifcn; 1 anfiigcn, 

APPOSER, s. + ber Sxamtuaior, 5prits 


APPOSITE (adv. — ly), arfj. _gcfd)iif t, 

fd)tcflirfj, fiigli^, angemcuen, bc= 

APP0SITENE5.S, s. bic (Sd)i(ftid;fcit, 

Siigtic^feit, SJngemcffenbcit. 
APPOSITION, s. bic .^injufiigung, ber 

^Cifa^, 3l'f«fe ; Oram. T. bie VIV^P: 


To APPRAISE, V. a. abfc^a^cu, tavircit. 
APPR.USEMENT, s. 1. bie Sdui^uiig, 

aBiimigun.] ; 2. ber gcfdialjtc ©crtb. 
APPR.U&ER' (—ok), i-. ber Si^a^cr, 


APPRECTABLE, adj. fc^cifebar, bcr 28itr= 

bigung fat)ig. 
To APPRECIATE, v. a. fc^Sfecit, roiirbi= 

gen, ^jrctfcn. 
APPRECIATION, ,•>. bie 3Siirbigung, 

SBcrtbfdja^ung; bcr SBcrti). 
To APPREHEND, jj. a. I. gvcifcn, er= 

grcifcn, angrcifcn, iiert)aftcn, gefan= 

gen ne^mcn, cinjicTicn; 2. faffen, bc= 

grcifcn, einfet)cu ; 3. fitrd^ten, bc= 

fiirc^tcn, bcforgcn. 
APPREiiESDER, s. bcr eiufc^cnbe, 


APPREHENSIBLE, adj. bcgrciflic^. 

APPREHENSION,.'. 1. biiS ©rgrcifcn, 
Sinfangcrt, bie aScr^aftue^ijiung, 
©injicbung ; 2. bcr ikgriff, bie aSor= 
ficlluug, ajfcinuug ; 3. i5ovftcUung«= 
fraft ; 4. i5nrct)t, sBcforgni^ ; accord- 
ing to my — , Juie id) mir bic 'Sad^t 

SOrftclIc ; to be quick of — , fd)ncU 

faffen, gcfc^roinb begrcifen; to be un- 
der great apprehensions, in grower 
gurcljt lichen. 

APPREHENSIVE (adp.— ly), adj. 1. be= 
grcifcnb, fat)ig; 2. beforgt; to be — 
of, iStwai befiirc^tcn. 

APPREHENSIVENESS, s. 1. biC ?(a^ig= 
£eir, Icid)t ju begrcifen, bcr (£cJ)arf= 
finn; 2. bie 33eforgni§. 

APPRENTICE, s. bcr ?e^rling, 2c^r= 
burfc^e, ?e&rjunge. 

To Al'PRENTICE, v. a. in hit Sc^rc 

tbun, aufbingen laffcn. 
APPRENTICESHIP, s. bic Sc^rfa'^rc, 

Scbrjfit, Sctire. 
To APPRISE, V. a. bcnac^ric^tigcn, in 

J?euutuifj feijen. 

To APPRIZE, viil. To Appraise. 

r« APPRO ACH, V. I. n. nabcii, ftd) na= 

t;cu, fid) nat;crn, nSber fontmcn ; II. 

n. + nabcrn, naf)er brtngcn cbcr rii= 

(Sen, nabcr fc^en. 
APPROACH, s. 1. bte 5tnnabernng ; 9In= 

.fuitft; 2. ber Sutritt; Bnlauf, 9tn= 

fall; a()proachc.s or lines of approach, 

Mil. T. bie iiJaufgrabcn. 
APPROACHABLE, adj. jugiinglic^, er= 


APPROACHER, s. ber S^abenbe, 
APPROBATION, s. bie §8iUignng, @e= 

neftmignng; ber 33eifaU; it has my 

— , eg gcfallt mir. 

APPROBATIVE (-^ory), adj. btlligcub, 


APPROPRIABLE, adj. ivaS angcciguct 
iverben fann. 

To APPROPRIATE (—to), ?i. a. 1. an= 

^)affen, picigncn, toibmen, beflim= 
men; 2. ttcrmcnbcu ; 3. ftd) jucignen; 
4. /.. T. (cine 5}ifriiube) iibcrtragcn, 

APPROPRIATE (adv. — i,y), adj. ^irCif = 

mafJiji, :).mffcnb; bcqucm, bicnlic^v 

tudjttg; — to, angcmcffcn. 
APPRcipRiATENEs-S, s.bie 9Ingeme|fen= 

i)eit, 3werfma§igEcit. 
APPROPRIATION, ,« 1. bie 3uctgnung ; 

^Iniveubung ; ^efiimmung ; 2. l. t. 

bie Ucbcrtragung (cincr '4>fi"itnbe). 
APPROPRIATOR, *■. 1. bcr ^ueigucnbc, 

91u»cnber ; 2. ber a3cfi§ev eiucr iibcr= 

tragcucn ^Pfritnbe. 
APPROPRIETARV, k. ,bcr (WcUlic^C) 

5i3cfi^cr eiuer gciillicbcn '^Jfriincc. 
APPROVABLE, adj. bcifaUiSwiirbig, sn= 


APPROVAL (— ance), s. bic ®Uf^Ct= 
§ung, 33iHignng, bcr 'Bcifall. 

To APPROVE, V. a. biUigcii, _gcne'^mi= 
gen, genc^m l)aUcn, gut ^ctgcn, ancr= 

tegncn ; I do not — («r — of) your dis- 

cour.=e, id) miebilligc 3^re 3Ube, bin 
baniit nid)t jufriebcn; i — of your 
speediiiess, icb lDbc3f)rc @cf(^wtnbig= 
Ai'PROvEMENT, s. 1. ber Seifall ; l. 

T. 2. bic 3?erbcffcrnng cine* ®ntn»j 
ftiicfeS; 3. baS frciroiUige i^cEcnnt; 
nifj cineg ^Rerbrec^erS scr bergeiirt)r= 
lict)cn Untcrfuc^ung uub 9lngabc bet 
9)Jitfd)ulbigen, um jid) baburct) (^Hia-- 
be au8;nwivfen. 

APPROVER, s. bcr i^illigcr,i8eipflid;= 

To APPROXIMATE, r.L n. ft^ liai^tm ; 

nabcn ; II. a. nai)t bringcn. 
APPROXiMATio.\, s. bte SfJci^crung, 

APPULSE, s. 1. ber 9hifiof , bie 9lnfto= 

^ung, 33eriit)rang ; 2. bic Stnfunft, 

APPURTENANCE, «. baS 3uge^6r, bte 


APPURTENANT, aiij. jugebijrig. 
APRICOT, is. bie yiprifofe; apricot- 

APRicocK, 3 tree, bcr 2lvrifofcn= 

APRIL, s ber (SUonat) 9H)ril, jlcim= 
m^'^jat; an April foni, ciu ^IprUuarr. 

APR\i^, s. 1. bie <5d)nvi,t, bag ed)ur5=: 
fell; JV. T.2. bcr ^iuncuvorftcycn; 
cine S3cttuug yon ^Clautcn naiic ben 
(5'luthtf)iircn einer 3)0(fc ; — of a gun, 
bcr Sccfct auf bent ^•'"^'''rf)^ fin*""^ 
JTauouc, bas *$(attlotb ; — of agon.e, 
bic fette sBauc^iiiaut cincr ©ana, — 
string, bag i5rt)iir5cnbaiib. 

APROPOS, «(/«. jur rcd)tcn (gelcgcncn) 
3cit, cbcu rct^f; wic gcrufen (ali 
Ucbcrganggjeid)cn) was id) fagcn 
wolltc, cbcu fallt mir ein, cl}c id) cs 

APSIS, s. Ast. T. fp'. Apsides), bcr ?Ja = 
berunggs ober (J^ntfernunggvuntt cincs 
^.Uancren «on bcr Sonne ober bcr (?ibe. 

APT (adii. — ly), adj 1. gcfd)iiff, tiid) = 
tig, taug(id), ^.^affcnb, bcqucm; fcv- 
tig, fc^ucll; 2. fal)ig ; 3. gcncigt; n> 
be — , genctgt fenn; gernttsun; vfle^ 
gen; Ieid;t'mad)cn, u. f. \v. 

APTITUDE, Is. 1. bie @cfc^i(f(id)Ecit, 

APTNESS, \ S;itd)tigtctt; 2. S-af}ig= 
fcit ; 3. Siicigung, bcr lOang. 

APi'OTE, .9. Gram. T. bag unabanbcrH= 
d)e ^icunwort (iuclc^cguic()tbcclinirt 

AaUA, s. Ch. T. bag SSaffcr ; — fortis, 
bag (5d)cibc»affcr; — marina, bcr 
91quamarin, 5lU-ri)lt ((Sbclftein) ; — 
regia, Jlbuiggmaffcr (i).'Jifcbung yon 
(gaipctcrfaure niib galsfiiurc jur 
9lufli.'fung beg ©olbcg) ; — vita;, bcr 
2Iquayit/ @ewiiri=iiranntrocin. 

AQUARIUS, s. ./?.?«. T bcrSffiaffermaun 
(tin 3;biertreifc). 

AQUATIC, adj. iitt 2Bafcr Icbenb, obcr 

AaUEDUCT, s. bie 21?afferlcitnng. 

AQUEOUS, adj. ftjaffcrig. 

AQUEOUSNESS, s. bag 3Bafferige, bic 

AQUILINE, adj. ciucm Qlblcr (ibnlid) ; 
— nose, cine aiblernafe, .&abid)tguaff 

AQUiLOJf, s. ber giiorbwiub. 

ARAB, s. bcr 91rabcr. 

ARABELLA, j. SlrabcIIc (Srancnnos 

ARABESQUE, adj. axaUfd) ; — orn» 

mer>ts, 2lrabcgfch. 
ARABIA, s. 3lrabifn. 
ARABIAN, L adj. arabiff^ ; u. .•». ber 


ARABIC (a/ic— tally), I. adj. Crab if d) ; 

If. s. bag 9lrabifd)c, bie arabifdjc 

ARABis.M, s. tint ctgentbiimli^e ara^ 

bifd)c jHcbcngart. 

ARABiST, s. bcr Jtcnner beg 9Irabifcben. 
ARABLi-; adj. avtbav, vfliigbar, ocfer« 

bar, tragbar, urbar. 
ARACMNoiDES, .t. .4/1. T. iaS fptnnc« 

reebcnfbnnii^e ,t^autd)en (beg 5?'--«f 

uub ©ebirufg). ' 





ARAGON s. Slrnqonien. 

ARAIGNEE, 5. MU. T. ber 2}linengang, 

bie ©allerte ciuei- 2)^tue. 
ARANfcous, adj. ctiict SvinnfWeBe 

af)iilici), fpiunfn)fbeiifi3nnig. 
ARBALIST, s. bic 5lrmlnuft. 
/^^BALISTER, .s. bcv 31rmln-U|lfc^ufe. 
ARBITER, s. bcr SdjicbSttc^tcv ; @e= 

walthaber, Dbtv^cvr. 

ARBITRABLE (ad».— ly), adj. JciHEii^r- 

ARBrrRAMENT. s. 1. bie Slttfc^ft- 

biiui^ ; 2. bcr ©cfetcbgfpnic^. 
ARBITRARINESS, s. bie 22iUEiif)rIi(I)= 

teit, Unumfcl)rauftl)eit, bciSpotifc^c 


ARBn'RARY {adv. — auily), adj. m\U 

fii()rlid), etgeuatUiij, etgennuic^tii}, 


To ARBn'RATE, v. I. a. etltClt Sc^icbg; 

fpriid) tf)im; (imdj ©utbuiifcn) cnt= 
frf)cibcn ; n. n. iirtbctlen, nbfprcdjcit. 
ARBITRATION, s. ba8 gauje SScrfabi-en 
vjoi- ciuem &c{)ieb«vici)ter, bcv 3lug= 
fprii^) bcffclbeit, btc (Siitfcbcibung ; — 

of exchange?, M. K. btc SBccb'ci:-^!!":: 

bttva'iie CBcrrtleic^itiig mebrerer 
SSccbfcI^SLMirfc) ; — bond, J.. T. bic 

ARBITRATOR, 5. i. bcr (2c^ieb«nci)= 
ter; 2. mi^io^t, ©tattbdter, ^raft= 
bent ; 3. iinumfcf)ranEte 33ebervfc^cv. 

ARBITRESS, s. bie '3d)iebSi-icbtcrtun. 

ARBOR, s. 1. cine Spinbcl, ©pillc, 
23ellc, 9lct)fe, cin Srcbbanm, Srcb^ 
ftift; — stands, Tii-cbftiftftiible; 2. bee 
'i^iUIin ; 3. vitl. Arbour. 

ARBOREOUS, adi. ju bcn ©aunicu gc= 

bin-ig, baumanig, »du SSaumen, c'ber 


ARBORAToii, s. bcr 33aunUifran?er. 
ARBORESCENCE, s. bic gicbnlicl;fcit 

niit ciuem ^Baume (in Jtrpftallen, «. 

f. w.). 
ARBORESCENT, adj. jum S8anme»cr= 

bcnb, banmiibnlirf) wad)fcnb. 
ARBORET, s. bag sBaumc^eu, bcr 


ARBORIST, s. bcr SSaumfcnner. 
ARBORIZATION, s. bic 5lebulid)fcit niit 

eiuem 53aunie (in Jtri;ftaUen, n. f. ».). 
To ARBORIZE, v. a. ciucm kl^aitmc 

(ibnlic^ ntact)en (wie bet Jtri;ftaUen, 

u. f. w.). 
ARBOUR, s. bie Sommcrlanbe, baS 

ARBUSCLE, s. bcr Heine Strauc^, bie 

ARBUSCULAR, adj. eii'.cin 

<2traucbe iibnlic^. _ 
ARBUSTiVE, m/j. mit litvauc^cn obcr 

SBauincu bebecft. 
ARBUTE, s. ber ©rbbccrbanm ; .§ag= 

ARBUTEAN, adj. bcni (5'rbbeevP;rauc|e 

ARC, s. ber S3ogcn. 
ARCADE, s. ber i^ogcngang. 
ARCADIA, s. yirfabi'en. 
ARCADIAN, adj. avfabifcb. 
ARCANUM, s. tas ©cbcimnti!. 
ARCH, s.bcr S3ogen,Scf)anbbpgcn, baS 

©cwijlbc ;tr]'unipiiai — , bcr S^vtumpl;- 

bogcit, bie (Sbvenpforte. 
7'« ARCH, V. I. a. 33ogen marbcn, 'mbU 

ben; ubcrwiVlben ; II. v. fid) iviilbcn. 
ARCH (adv. — ly), adj. \d)Um, fd)alf= 

baft; an — wag, ctu Ietfi;tfcrtigcv 

(£(^alf, {in compos.) ©rj. 

ARCHAISM, s. bcr 3lrrt;at«mus, bic»er= 

oltete ajebcuSart. 
ARCHANGEL, s. 1. ber (Srjcngct; 2. 

(bie Stabt) SIrcbangcl ; 3. bie taube 

tHeffcI; ba3 i^erjgcfpann {Laminm 

— />.). 

VRCiiANGELic, adv. ju be:t ©rjcngeln 



ARCHAPOSTLE, s. bcr otcrfic Slpojle; 

(ber beilige spcter). * 

ARCHBEACON, s. bie SBartenbi-ibe. ber 

bijcbfte itub befte %U\% fiir bic ^.Jlu^; 

ftdjt, uprncbmftc ^la§ eincg Signall. 
ARCHBISHOP, s. bcr grjbifcbof. 
ARCHBISHOPRIC, s. baS (Srjbi^tbunt. 
ARCHCOUNT, s. ber (Srjgraf. 
ARCHDEACON, s. ber 5lrd)tbiacpnul, 

2Bei!)bifd)pf. . 

ARCHDEACONRY (—ship), s. ba« 9lr= 

ARCllDUCAL, adj. cvsbcrspnltc^. 
ARCHDUCHESS, s. bic ^rjbcrjpgiiin; 

ARCI4DUCHY, \s. baiS (Srsbevjog- 
ARCHDUIvEDOM, i tbuni. 
ARCHDUKE, s. bcr ©l-jbC'sOS/ ®rpf= 

ARCHEOLOGICAL {ado. — vt), adj. at- 

ARCHEOLOGY, s. bic ^Irdjaofpgic, 911= 

ARCHER, s. bcr 93pgenfd)ii^e. 
ARCHERY, s. baS iBogcnffbieficn. 
ARCHES COLT^T, s. bas ijeiftlidjeCbcr: 

(5crid)t, DbcrcpnjTftortnm (be^ 6r5= 

bifd)pf§ i'pu (Janterburs}). 

ARCHETYPAL, adj. urbilblic^, Jir= 

ARCHETYPE, s. bag llvbilb, Driginal= 

ftiicf, 3J?uftcr. 
ARCHEUS, s. T. ber Urgcifi, Urftpff, 


ARCHiCAL, adj. pbcrfi, crfl. 
ARCHiDiACONAL, adj. jum 9Ird)ibia= 

cpnu§ Pber SIrcbibiacPiiat gebbrii]. 

ARCHIEPISCOPAL, adj. CrsbifdlPfltd). 

ARCHIL, s. bie Drfeilie;'8avbcrf(cd)te 

[JJchoiroccelia — L), UUb bic bavaUo 

bcrcitcte vptbe Sitrbe. 
ARCHiMAGE, .?, bcr g-r^jaubcrer, bcr 

Dbcrfic bcr 3}Jagicr. 
ARCHIMANDRITE, s. bcr 9Ivc^imanbrtt. 
ARCHIPELAGO, s. bcr 9lrcbii'clagn^. 
ARCHITECT, s. :er i'auineifter, 2i3au= 

ARCHiTECTiVE, adj. }u cincm 93au 

ARCHITECTONIC, adj. ard)itcftPnifd). 
ARCHITECTONICS, s. pi. btC Scbvc UOn 

ber Siaufunft. 

ARCiirrECTURE, s. btc ^Baufiin^. 
ARCHITRAVE, s.^rcA. T. bcr^lrcbitrav, 

grove Oucrbcilfcii, tBinbebalfcit/ bcr 

i(5auptbalEtn, ©nrdjjng. 
AltCHlVAL, adj. JU bcu 9lrc|iiicn gcbij= 


ARCHIVES, s. pi. baS 9lvd;i'-». 
ARCHIVIST, s. bcr 2lrd)tsar. 
ARCHLIKE, ada. gcwcibjs bpgensa^n= 


ARCH-MARSHAL, .«. ber 6r5marfcf)aII. 
ARCHNESS, s. btc Sd)laubett, (£d;al!= 


ARCHON, s. bcr 9lrd)ont. 
ARCHWAY, s. bcr iSogcitgang, 
ARCHWISE, adv. bpgcn=artig, =fi5rniig. 
ARCTATION, s. baS 3"f«i"i"enbriicfcii, 

bie 3uf«"iinenpreffnng, (?i:iengung. 

ARCTIC, adj. Ast. T. noVblid) ; — circle, 

bcr ^potavfreis ; — pole, bcr ^Roi'bppl. 
ARCUATE, adj. bpgenfi.irniig, ge= 

fviimmt, frumjn, gebogcn. 
ARCUATioN, s. 1. btc J^riinimnng, bae 

Jlviimincu; 2, r. baS 5lbfcnfeii. 
ARCUBALiST, s. bie 9lrmbnifi. 
ARCUBALiSTER, s. bcr 9lrinbnijl= 


ARDENCY, \s. bte ^ifee, .§eftig= 
ARDEN'i-NESS, J fcit, ^nbrunfi. 

ARDENT {ado. — ly), adj. bci^, fci^rig, 

brcnnenb; Icftig, inbrftnftig, eifrig. 
ARDOUR (— ou), s. bic .^ifec, >&efttg= 

hit, ber Sifer, bic 3nbrnnft. 
ARDUOUS, adj. 1. flcil, \)i!6:) ; 2.. miib= 

fant, fd)wievig. 

ARDUOUSNESS, s. 1. !>ie (jicilc) ^Dbt 
2. (Sdjmicrigfcit, SD^iibfamfcit. 
AREA, s. 1. bie glnd^c, Ornnbfladie 

2. ber ^liicbcnraum, 51acbcniul)all 

3. frcie*$Ia^; 9iaum vpr bem uu. 
tern <StocfrocrE cinc'i .f)aufc». 

AREAL, adj. JU ciucr S'liicb^ flebi'vig. 
To AREFY, V. a. trprfucu, bijvreu. 
ARENA, s. bie 91rcna, bcr Jtampfpla^ 
SBiibncitraum (im alteu 3lpm). 

ARENACEOUS, adj. faubig. 

ARENATION, s. Med. T. Ui Saubbab. 
ARENOSE, adj. »pller Saub, faubig. 

AREOIA s. Med. T. bcr ^^pf (ciu rp= 

tber ^reiS) ber bci 2d)u^blattcni bic 

$Puftel Hiugicbt; bcr rotlje ^trci» \\m 

bic iBvuilniarjc. 
AREOMETER, s. T. bcr Suftmcffcv fjur 

33Jcffung bcr Scbtvcrc cer SUiffig- 

AREOPAGHES, s. pi. bie JJtrbtcr ini 

AREOTic, adj. Med. T. 1. »crbijuncnb; 

2. fd)wcivtreibcub. 

ARGAL, s. bcr SBeinficin, vid. Tartar, 

ARGENT, adj. 1. filbcrwcip, ftlbevfar* 
bcn; 2. filbcrn; 3. //. r. m\% 

ARGENT AL, adj. juut ©i[ber flcbiivig ; 
Silber entbaltenb; mit Silpcr,t)cv= 

ARGENTATION, s. bie 3?erft(bcrunfl. 

ARGENTIFEROUS, adj. Stlbcr \)iXM\iX-- 


ARGENTINE, I. adj. bcm <SiIbcv abn= 
lid), ftlbericbt; n. s. baS ®aufeblum= 

C^eit {PotentUla anscrina ■ — /,.) ; — 

ARGil^ s. ber 2:bon, bic 2:opfererbc. 

ARGILLACEOUS, adj. tf;ontg, tbpuars 
Mg, tbonid)t; tbijncrn. 

ARGlLLOUS, adj. t^ihicrn, tbonig. 

ARGONAUTS, s. pi. bic 9Ugpuauteit. 

ARGOSY, s. bte ^aracfe. 

To ARGUE, 1). i.n.i. (Sd^litffc luacbcu, 
fcblicficn, folgcrn, ©riinbe anfiibrcn ; 
2. ftrcitcn, biepufircn (mit with uiib 
ngainsl); II. a. 1. uitt ©riiiibeu ciiic 
(5ad)c befireiten, baviibcr ftveitcu, bi^= 
^putircu; 2. burd; @ritnbe ;ibervebcii, 
berDcgcit ; 3. ycrratbcn ; to — saga- 
city, ®d;arfftun ycrratbeu; iii.s habii 

argues liim a Christian, Uacb fciUCJ 
Meibung ifi cr ciu Gbfift. 

ARGUER, s. i. ber 5Bcnjei6fiibrcr; 2. 
i^cftrcitcr, Spplemifer, (Spiitrpycrtift. 

ARGUMENT, s. 1. bcr ^cwciigmub, 
ika'ci^, @ruub ; bic sPewcigfiibvung, 
bicSplgcviiug, ber(Sd)lntl; 2. Strctf, 
baS 3)i5putivcu; 3. bic JDJatcrie, £a= 
rt;e, bcr ©cgcnftanb; 4. Snbalt; 5. r. cin 33bgcu, rooburc^ man cincu 
anbcru uubcfauntcn i^pgcu, bcr bent 
cvftcn proportionirt ifi, fud;t; to hold 
an — . bi^pufiren. 

ARGUMENTAL, adj. bcivcifcub, ffbltc= 

jicnb, gegriiubet, enincfeu, gritublid), 

ARGUMENTATION, .9. bag 33eaicifcu, 
Sd)liejieu, ^[Jeruiinftclu. 

ARGUMENTATIVE (ndii. — -L\).ndj. bc= 

roctfeub, biinbig, fci)!ic{icub, folgenib. 
ARIAN, I. s. bcr ^Iriaucr, 9lnbangcr bc< 

91riug ; II. adj. nrianifcf). 
ARIANISM, s. ber 91riauisniul. 
ARID, ndj. biirre, trptfeu. 
i ARIDAS, s. bcr dJrajtaffct. 
ARIDITY, \s. bie Siirrc, SLrpdcu-- 
ARffiNESS, S bcit- 
ARIES, s. Ast. T. ber 23ibbcr (ini Xbicr= 

ARIETTA, s. btc 9Irtctte, ftciiie, tur5( 

ARIGHT, adv. vcd)t, rid)tig. 
ARIOIATION, s. bag 3Babrfagcu. 
To ARISE, V. ir.n. 1. aufgcbtit, aiifilci 

aen, anfiicben, auffpinmcii: 2. aiifep 




fte{)eu ; 3. eittflcf}ett, '^evfontnten, ftc^ 
ci'i)cbcit ( — from ... au§, «on) ; 4. f!c^ 
aufiucrfen, fid) auflc[;neit, auf)lcl)cn 
(— asaiiist, ... WtiJCr). 

ARisfocRACV, s. btc 3lrtflofratte, ber 

ARKTOCRAT. s. bcc Qlrtfloltat. 


AKISTOCRiVTICAL, (adv.— cxli.x), ) •'' 

arifioErattfc^, abcItierrfcfeaftHc^. 


fiMtifc^e, bie 5tnpngli(^Ectt an bfit 

altfti '^Ibcl. 
ARISTOTELIAN, s. I. etii 9lnf)attget: ber 

$f)tIofopbie bc« 9(riftotfteS; u. adj. 

ik ^i)i[ii^v\)l)it bes 9lrifiotctc§ ietrcf^ 


ARISTOTELIC, arlj. vid. Aristotelian. 

ARlTHMANcy, s. HS 2Ba^tfafleit au« 
ARITHMETIC, «. btc 9U-itf)metif, dlt' 

ARriTlMP^TIC, > ,. 

ARLTHMEl'ICAL (afio.— cally), J •'' 

ARiTii.METici.AN', 5. bct 5lrit^metitu§, 
ARK, s. bie 5tvrf)c, ber £afteu (Stoii^) ; 

— of covenant, bie SQuitbCSlabe. 

ARKiTfi, adj. jur %x(i)e (3floaf)3) gc= 

ARM. .9. 1. ber9lnn; 2. 2JIferf«anu; 
3. 9lft; Ljiff. btc 5y?a(^t, ®e»alt; to 
keop onfi at arm's end (length), 3cmait= 

ben sou fid) abf)altcu, ifeit ftc^ ntd;t 
auf belt '^eib fommctt laffeu ; he is 
my right — , Jig. tt ifi ntciuf rec^tc 

.^aub ; at arm's reach, fo tvcit milU 
intt bem 5lvme veic^en faun ; — fui, 
tJwS ber 9lvm faffcii Eanu ; — chair or 
armed cliair, bcv '!;ct)Ufcf)"e[, 3lrinftuljl ; 

— hole, bie *?lc|)fel9vube. 

To ARM, V. I. a. 1. ttiaffnen, benjaffucn, 
au^riiften ; 2. mtt (StmaS »crfci)en, 
einfaiJcn, befdjlagen ; n. n. ftci) n}aff= 
nen, fic^ riiftcti. 

ARMADA, s. btc JtcicgSffPtte. 

ARMADILLO,*. baS 5irmabilU[)ier, ber 

ARMAMENT, s. bie JlvtcgSmac^t, Sce= 

ina^t, Sxie^sflottc. 
ARMATURE, s. bic Dtiifluug, SBaffcu. 
ARMENIA, s. 3Irmciitcn. 
ARMENIAN, .9. L bcc 9U-mcuicr ; mlj 

II. arnteutfc^ ; — hole, bcv armcntfcte 

(blaue) ^3ulu5; — stone, ber armeni= 

fc^c ©tciii. 
ARMIGER, s. ber aBaffctttrajcr, ciu 

Esquire. T. rtitgelif&t, tu 3ttn= 
gen; eiucm Sivmbantic gleicfjcub ; — 
sphere, eiuc au§ ^{tngcn beftc^eubc 
.ftiigcl (wclc^e bie gropen afiinge be§ 
^§iinmel« sorptelleu). 
^RMINGS, s. pi. JV. T. vid. Waste- 
AR.viiNiAN. I. s. ber ?{rmtnianer, 9ln= 
(>irtgei- beg 3lrmintuJ ; n. adj. avmi= 
iVRMiNiANiSM..9. bcv 9trmininuiSinu«. 
ARMiPOTENCE, s. bie W.a^t im 

ARMIPOTENT, adj. ntaff)tig im,<lrieiie. 
ARMISONOUS, adj. uitt belt SEaffcu 
raffclub, titrrent'. 

ARMISTICE, g. bei- aBaffeuftillflaub. 
ARMLET, s. 1. ber flcinc ?Jnu (ber 
(See, u. f. m.) ; 2. bic Slrmfdjieuc ; 3. 
baS iJlnnbanb. 

ARMONICA, vid. Harmonica. 
ARMOR, s. vid. Ar.mour. 

ARMORER, U.i. ber 3Bafrcuf(f)mtcb, 
ARMOURER, S .Srtvnifctiniadjcr, 

Sc^mcrtfcgcr, Siidjfcnfc^micb ; 2. 

ABLMORI.AL, adj. ju bcrt SBa),'pcu ge= 

IlBrtg; — bearings or ensigns, b<l§ 

SBappcu, bie aBappenfcbtlbe. 
ARMORiST, s. ber^^eralbifer, 2Sappcu= 

ARMORY, >.<f. 1. b(t8 3fUilf'""*' bie 

ARMOURY, 5 jJiitftfammer; 2. ik'M- 
flung ; 3. bas aBctppeu ; 4. bie .^eraU 
bif, SBappcnfuube. 

ARMOUR, s. bic 9?ii(1ung, ber .*5ar= 
nifcfc; — bearer, bcr SBaffcutragcr, 

ARM-PIT, s. bie 9l(^fergrubc. 

ARMS, s. ;)/. 1. bie SBaffen, ba§ ®e= 
wct)r ; 2. SBvippen ; bie aSeinc ciuc§ 
9iaubyogcl« ; — of defence, <5d«:^= 
waffen ; — of offence, 2 vn^waffcn ; 
small — ,is:c^ic^gcftie^re, fleiue>a:c^u^= 
iimffcn ; a stand of — , ciuc vioUfom= 
ineue Solbatcun'iftuug; cessation of 
— , bcr aBaffeufttUftaub; by force of 
— , ntit geumffncter .Spanb ; profession 
of — . bcr i)iilitavftaub ; coat of — , 
b<I§ SBappcn ; — of an anchor, bic 
5Iufcrarmc; to be in — -, gesimffuet 
fcsMi, unter SSafeu ftcbcn ; to take np 
—, 5U ben SBaffen grcifcii ; fit to bear 
— , H5afeufdf)ig. 

ARMY, s. bie *?(rmee, baS .tricgSfecer ; 
i^eer; a flying — , ein fliegeubcS Sagcr. 

ARNOLD, s. 9lvup(b (jBiaunSuvimc). 

ARNOTTO. s. ber Drlean (cine gelbe 

AROMA, s. Ch. T. bcr (fcinc) @eruc^= 
ftoff, bie fliifftge Sub^aus DciL^ft'in^ 

AROMATIC, , } aij. arcmatifd', gc= 

AROMATICAL, $ iiMirjijaft, gewiirj: 

AROMATics. K. pi. has ©cwiir}, bie 
Spejerci, 2Bof)(geriid)c. 

AROMATIZATION, s. bie gScrmifd^uug 
mit ©cnsiirjen, bag ilBitrjcn. 

To AROMATIZE, v. a. 1. iinirseti, mit 
©eanirj oerfc^eit ; 2. ntit ©ciuiirj 
raudjern, W)oi)h'ied)eub niad)cu. 

AROMATiZER, s. bag wag ©eiuiirj 

AROMATOUS, aij. ®erud)floff ent^aU 

AROUND, I. adi\ im itieifc, runb ^cr= 
uin; U.prcp. nin ... l)crum, urn ... 
t)er, uiii, i)erunt, vnnb, riuggum, vid. 


To AROUSE. V. a. aufwccf en ; crwecfeu, 

cvregen, aiifregen ; (— from . . ., aug, 

von) ; aroused by . . ., aufgcvcgt sou . . . 

burc^ . . .. 
ARPEGGIO, s. Mus. T. Sredjuiig bcr 


ARPENT, s. cine .^ufe ?anbcg. 
ARQUEBUSADE, s, 1. bic *i(rqucbufabe, 

bag Sc^uwaffer; 2. ber ©djuy einer 

ARauEHUSE, s. bie 3U\iucbufc, .§a= 

ARQUEBUSiER, s. bcr 9lrqucbuftr, 

ARR.ACH, s. bie a)JeIbc. 
ARR.ACK, s. ber 'iirrarf, sRacf. 
ARRAGON, s. 3Irvagonicn. 
To ARRAIGN, v. a. 1. anftagcit, Befoul: 

bigcn ; 2. orbucit, ftellcu, bcric^tigeu, 

rcbigiren ; to — a prisoner, eincn @e= 

faugenen »or Ociidit, jam il>evf;6r 

fiil)rcii, ( — for. . ., lucgcn). 
ARRAIGNMENT, x. 1. iStcItling »or 

®crid)t, iu bag S^crljijr; 2. Sln'flage, 


To ARRANGE, v. n. DVbllCrt, irt Drb- 

nung ftcUen, einiid)tcn, cintfwifcn. 
ARRANGEMENT, s. 1. bie 9tnorbuutig ; 

2. Drbnung, Stcduug, (Sinvid)tung ; 

3. bic 8[?crbercituug ; A. ber 93crtrag. 
ARRANGER, s. ber 5li!orbuer. 
ARRANT, adj. fci)r arg, bijfe, fdjltmin, 

bnrdifriebcn, er^, recfet; an — knave, 
ciu (Si'sfdjclm, ^cillofer S8ubc. 

ARRANTLY, ado. aXC[„ fc^aubli($. 

ARRAS, s. bic gemirfre 5:a))ete, 2;ap«' 

5crei, ber Steppicft. 
ARRAY, s. 1. bie 9lei6c, StcriuHg 

Sfteibc nub ®licb ; <2c^Iacbtorbuung ; 

2. Jtleibung, bcr 2lujug, ^\\% ; 3. l. t 

bie (Srnenuung bcr @efcl)n3ornen unb 

bag 5Bcr5cid;uip bcrfelben. 
To ARRAY, J), a. 1. tu DrbUHug briu; 

gen Dbcr fteUcu ; 2. tlciben, BeEleifccn ; 

h. T. to — a pannei, bie ®efd)reornen 

crncunen ober uniblen. 
ARREAR, s. ber atiicf^aub ; in—, riitf-- 

ftanbig ; gcttJobltlicber tm ?>/. arrears,' 

riicfflciubige Snmmeu, 9iiitfftiiube. 
ARREARAGE, s. bcr Sliicfftaub. 
ARRECT.', adj. aufred;t; jig. aufmevl* 


ARRENTATION, s. L. T. bag (Siu^a* 

ARREFTITIOUS, adj. 1. CUtviffCrt, -eut* 

jcgcn; 2. etugcfdtlidjen. 

ARREST, s. l.'bcr »ilrrefl, SSerfiaft; 2. 
^iubalt, bie .^cmniung, Stocfung ; 
arrests, s.pi. bie SJciubc au ben ^xw- 
tcvfiipeu bcr ^ifcrbc. 

To ARREST, V. a. 1. arrctircn, in 33er= 
baft ncbnicn, '.^rbaften ; ntit 9lrreft 
betcgcu, in 3?efd)(ag uebnicu; 2. ju: 
riivfijalteu, auff)altcn, einbalten, bem= 
men, binberu; to — attention. 9luf^ 
mcvffnnifeit auf fid) jicbeit, fcffedi. 

ARRESTER, ? s. bcr 3lrretircnbc, Ser= 

ARRESTOR, > baftttcbmcubc. 

ARRET, s. /.. T. bag Urtl}cil, Urt^et, 

ARRIERE ( — oijard), s. bcr 9^ad)sug, 
3'{ad)tvab, bie 3lrriergarbe(i'!U Rear); 

— ban, ?anbfturm ; — fee, — fief, bag 
9lfterlcbcn; — vassal, ber Slftevlc: 

ARRIVAL, .s. 1. bie 9lnfuuft, Slufau: 

bung; 2. fg. ^rrcic^ung ciuer 91^= 

To ARRIVE, V. n. aufommcu, nnlau= 

gen, aulanbcn, eintreffen; to — at. 

igtwag crrcid)eu, ju (Stwag gelangcn ; 

to — to, jufallen, ju JJlicil werbcu ; 

ft(^ jutragen ; bcgcgueii. 
ARROGANCE, ) .f.'btc ?lumailung, ber 
ARROGANCY, ^ '3^iiiiEe(, ,P»od)'mutb, 

(2tolj,Ucbermutb, bic i>crmcffcnbeit. 
arro(;ant (ndv. — ly), adj. anma= 

f cub, bod^miitbig, fiolj, iibermiitbig 


To ARROGATE, v. a. ftd) auinaficu. 

ARROGATION, s. btc 9lumat5iiug. 

ARROGATIVE, adj. anmapcuf. 

ARROSioN, s. bie i^cnagnug. 

ARROW, .'t. bcr ^fct'I; — head, bic 
^fcilfpi^e; bag i)jfcilh-aut (Sagizta- 
ria — /..) ; — root, bic ^^^feilwurJ'(J^;/I- 
ravto — L.). 

ARROWY, oY/jf. 1. aug ^fetlen bcfle= 
^eub ; 2. pfeilfiJriuig. 
ARSE, s. ber c^iutcr'c, Steip, 9lrfc^; 

— smart, bag gtobfraut. 
ARsraiAL, s bag 5lrfenal, 3cug^au«. 

ARSENICAL, \ "''•'• ni"f«n'l^- 
ARSENI& s. ber 9lrfenif ; flaky — , bcr 
(^liegeuftciu, bag 3flattengift ; native 
(yellow) — , ber gebiegeiie ilrfcnif, 

bag 9luripigincnt;" crystalline (white) 
— , ber .P)iitteuraud), bag ©iftmebf. 
To ARSENICATE, v. a. Utit 'ilrfeuil 


ARSON, s. bag yovfa^lidje geueranles 
gen, bic 3}?orbbrcnucvci. 

ART, s. i. bic ,ftunft ; 2. ©cf^icflic^- 
tcit; 3. Sctubcit, 3Serfd)Iugenheit J 
the black — , bic fd)wavvc jtuhjl, 9Kas 
gic; the fine arts, bic fc^i^ucu .^ftufle: 
the liberal arts, bie frctCU JJiiufle ; a 
master of arts, eiu iDiagiflcr (nhhr. M Jl.). 

ARTERIAL, atlj. .1. T. 511 bCU *pulgtt. 

bent gc^ortg. 


' ASH 


ARTEiiioTOMY, s. s. T. ba« St^lajeit 
ober Oeffucit fccv •^utsnbcru. 

ARTERY, s. bie 3lrtcrie, ^ullober, 

ARTFUL. («(/«. — i,y), adj. 1. liinfiltC^, 

fmiftretci), rtcf£i;trft ; 2. Uftt^. 

ARTFULNKSS, *-. 1. btC JliinftUc^fcit ; 

2. Sift. 

ARTIIIUTIC (— ical). adj. 1. artfcrttifrf), 
gtc^ttfcJ); 2. 5ubcn®elenfciiget)orii]. 

ARTfiRiTis, s. has aicipcn in ben @lie= 
bent, bic @ic^t. 

ARTICHOKE, s. bte 2lrttf(f;D(fc, (Svb= 
fc^Dcfe; Jerusalem — , etue 5}(vt ^011= 
Jieitblume {HeOant/ius — J..). 

ARTIC, a'lj. vid. Arctic. 

ARTICLE, s. 1. ber 3lrttfel, S^fecil, 
S)}Un£t, ba« ©tiicJ; 2. bic sJicbinauui} ; 

3. Oram. T. bet Slvtifcl, ba§ @Cs 

7'« ARTiciiE, V. I. rt. artifel«aieifc a&= 
faffcn, iJIrtifel mad)cn, ciutljeileii ; to 
— one, (Sincn fdji'iftlid) yerfla^ciij 
to be articled to an attorney, fid) bci 

cinem 'ilbyocateu (uutcr Gciiti'act) in 
ber SuviSpnibenj iibcn ; to — tor trea- 
son, bes .^ocf)£>en-att)§ aiiE[ai3cn ; ii. 
n. Sebini'iimiiicn madjeii, capituliren. 
ARTICULAR, ad,j. Ji. T.bic ©licbcrunb 
©cteitfe augc^'cnb. 

ARTICULATJi; {adrt. — ly). adj. 1. Ottt= 

fulirt, »cvuc6mlic{), bcuttic^; 2. s. r. 
jufammciii^efiirtt (Jtnoc^cn). 

To ARTICULATE, v. a. 1. auf ftnc, 

^JUbeni ycnie()mlict)e, 2lrt biivd) 3Bov= 
te aubcutcn, fprcc^en, avtifuliven ; 2. 
s. T. jufammcnfiirtcn (Jtiiod)cu). 
ARTicULATE\Es.s, s. baJ a3cnicf)m= 
ltdje,bie 5)cut(id)feit. 

ARTICULATION, s. 1. Ji. T. bie ^U0= 

(i^cnfiifluitg. ba« ©clcnf ; 2. Oram. r. 

hai »erne()mlid)c yutafvvedjcn, bic 

bcutlic^c 3lu«fvrad)e. 
ARTIFICE, s. bcv .ftuiiftqviff, bic Sijl. 
ARTIFICER, .?. bcv Jtiiiiftier, .§aub= 

tDCvfer, SBcrJmciflcr. 

ARTIFICIAL («!/«. — ly), adj. 1. liiufi: 

lic^ ; 2. erfiinftclt, uad^i3cmad)t ; — 
nrfruments, T. sBcroeife yoni SJcbnec 
erfitnbcii, nid)t au« ©efcfjcn obcr *^lu= 
toritiitcn (icjoncn ; — lines, T. triijo; 
nomcti-ifc|c ^inicu; — numbers, T. 
bie Sogavitfimcu. 

ARTIFICIALITY, \s. 1. bic.Jviinfl= 
ARTIFICIALNESS, \ lic^Ecit, ©efc^itf- 

lic^feit ; 2. Svfiin^eluiu]. 
ARTILLERY, s. bte 3lrtiUcite, baS ®c= 

ARTISAN, s. ber JliinfUcr, .§anba'cr= 

ARTIST, .9. 1. b«r Jtiinfltcr; 2. Jtnnfi= 

verftiinbige, crfaljrne 9}Jaiin. 

ARTLESS (rt/Zj). — ly), adj. \. fuiif}= 

loS ; 2. nmjcfitnfleU, natiirlic^. 
ARTLES.SNESS, s. bic Jtuiiftloftgfcit, 
bic (nntiirlic6c) Slufricfctinteit, @ernb= 
I)eit, 9Iatiirltd)fc{t. 

ARUNDIXACEOUS, ailj. 1. 15011 3ioI;v; 

2. bein aJofjve ci^nlid). • 

ARUNDiNEous, adj. mit 3?o^r tcn3a(^= 

fen, »oHer 9?o^r. 

ARUSPEX, \ s. ein SSa^rfagcr, ber aitS 
ARUSPICE, 5 ben ©ingcweibcn bcS 

Dvfer»ie^e§ weiffagte. 
ARUSPrcY, s. bas aBal}rfas]en ans (S'uu 

KS.ado. 1. aU, wk; fo, fo wic, etcn 

fc; 2. al§, ba; 3. mil; 4. a{S (in 

ber (ligcitff^aft — ) ; — you please, 

wicfg.i^ncn gefallig ifl; — bigasain, 
noc^ einmat fo biif ; —soft — silk, fo 
vucit^ \vk Scibe ; — far — , iii ; — 
well — , fo gut al'S, fo wie, fo woM 
als and) ; — soon — , fo balb ali ; — 
many — there are. fo sicl i[)rcr aud) 
finb; (— ) rich — he is. cr fei) fo veid) 
jU er woUe, fo reid) er aitc^ t)T ; — 


sure — I am alive, or — I live fo 
wa{;r ic^ lebe ! — you regard . . . , S)ei 
ber Sl^tung vor; — I hope to be 
saved, fo \vc[^t ul) fclig jii ujcrbcn 
l)OffC; I thought — much, ias ^abcict) 
mir gebad)t; — it were, gteidjfam; 
fo ju fagen; — for,— to,toa§bctrifft, 
in >Jlnfe^ung,riicffid)tIic^; he was so 
moved — to weep, cr tear fo bciucgt, 
baB cr wcinte; — regards, mal be= 
trifft, l)infid)tlid) ; — for me, maS 

mic^ I'Ctrip, I was mistaken — to 

the day, id) tjatte mid; in bem S^ngc 
gcirvt; — per, M. e. laut (5. ^. — 
per bill of ladinc, laut prad)tl)ricf) ; 
such — , ber UH'[d;cv, bic wcld)c, bte= 
jenigen bic, |"old;cunc; jum ii3cifviel ; 
I tooksuch — I pleased, id; na[;in bic, 
n)cld;c mir gcfidcn ; — yet, nod;, an- 

nod); bi« jc^t, fd;0U j lam not done 

— yet, id) bin nod) ""^t fei't'g- 
AS, s. 1. bas 'M (vijmifdieg ©croic^t); 

2. ber 9lo (cine altrijmifd;e 2)Jiin5c). 
ASAFCETiDA, s. bcr 2:cufelSbreif. 

ASBEST, } ^ gig&cft 
ASBESTOS, J*-' *^'- -^^"^l^- 

ASBESTINE, adj. aabcflarttg, uniier= 

ASCARIDES, s. pi. bie ©pulwiirnier, 

To ASCEND, V. I. n. flufiVvirtSftcigcn, 

Ijinaufftcigcn, gcl;cn, obcr fab'ren, 

aufftcigen', auffa^reii ; ll. a. erfteigcn, 

ASCEi^ABLE, adj. erf}eii]Jicf>. 

ASCENDANT, I. s. sing. i. bic Uct'cr= 

Icgcn^cit, ©cwalt, bcr' ^"influf! ; 2. 

.siz. 7'. Oclmrtoftcrn; to have the — 

over, iibcrlegcn feyn ; iifccvfe^cn, tc= 
{;crrff^cn; ascendants. «. 7;/. 3jcnuanb= 
tc in aufflcigenbcr Sinie ; 11. ascen- 
dant, a^//. 1. iibcrlegcn; 2. jist. T. auf= 
ftcigcnb, iibcr bem- ^orijonte befinb= 

.ASCENDENCY, s. bic Ucbcrlcgcn^cit, 
(5)cn>alt, bcr ^•iiifluji, bviS Ucbcrge= 

ASCENSION, s. 1. ba§ 9luff}cti\ci!, bic 
9luffabrt • 2. jist. T. baS 'ilntfteigcn 
einc3 ®ct:irnS, bic Slfcenfiou; — day, 
bcr i§imiuclfaf)rt5tag. 

ASCKNSiVE. adj. 1. anfjteigcnb ; 2. 
am§ aufflcigcn'mad)t, ^iuaurtrcibcnb. 

ASCENT, s. 1. baS 5luf[tcigcn,.0iiiauf= 
ftcigcn, 2lufgel;cn, bic 9luflral)rt; 2. 
@rbof)nng ; 3. 31u[;o^e, bcr J^iigcl. 

To ASCERTAIN, v. a. 1. gClvi^ nM = 

d)cn, feftfe^cn, bcftimmcn; 2. in 
9iid)tigfcit briugcn ; bart^nn ; 3. ftc| 
erfunbigcn, erforfd)cn, ausfiiibig ma= 
(feen; to ■ — a balance, M. E. ciucn 
<2albo iicrg(cir[;cn. 

ASCERTAINABLE, adj. 1. 'beftimmtar; 
2. erforfd)bar. 

.ASCERTAiNER, s. 1. bi;r (jefifcfeenbe, 
53eftintmcnbe ; 2. bcr Ofrforfcijcr. 

ASCERTAINMENT, .s. 1. bic S'cfifc= 

iiung, 33eftimmung; 2. fcfte 9iegcl, 

9tici)tfd;nur, Siiorm; 3. @rforfd)nng. 
ASCETIC, I. adj. afcctifd;, ftrenggeift= 

ltd) ; II. s. ber 3lfcetifer. 
ASCIANS, s. pi. bie unfd;nttigcn SGi)(= 


ASCITES, .?. bie 33aud)aiaffcrfudit. 
ASCITIC (— ca.l), adj. tDaffcrfiic^tig. 
-■vsciTiTious, nrf7;.angcitomnicn, g'cgc= 

ben, jufaUig, ieifiigtg. 
ASCRiBABLE, adj. 5U5iifd)rcibcn. 

To ASCRIBE. V. a. (— to), jufc^vcitcrt, 

tciicgen, beinteffen ((Sincnt cine Sa= 

ASCRIPTION, s. bic 3nfd)vcib«ng, ?&c\= 


ASCRiPTiTious, adj. jugcfdiriclicu. 
ASM. s. 1. bie (f fd;c obcr 9lcf(^c ; 2. ia? 

(Sfd;cnbol5; flowering — ,biei^lumcn= 

cfcfcc ; mountain — , bie 5Bogclbccrc 

(Sorbus avcupiiria — ■ L.) ; priokij — 

ber 3a^:;iucl;baum. 
ASiLVMED, adj. fid) fi^autcni, be. 

fdjamt; to i.a — (of), fid) fd)«meii 

(eiuc^obcr eincr iSad;c); to make—. 

ASH-COLOURED, adj. afc^grau, a\d^ 


ASHEN, adj. (\d)cn. v)on (Sfd;cu^oIj. 
ASHES, s.p^ bic 9lfc^c. 
ASH-FIRE. s. Cli. T. baS flCbam^ftj 

geuer, bie Scucrnng bnrc^ gliil;cnb« 

5lfd)e obcr {)cipcn Saiib. 
ASHLAR, s. bcr sl3vud;ftcin. 
ASHLERiNG, s. .irrk. T. cinc^Irt Stii* 

fee obcr S;vagcr itntcr bent S)itd>c. 
ASHORE, ado. 1. mS Ufcr, mS Sanb; 

2. am Ufcr, am S^anbc ; to get — , an- 

lanben; a ship — , ein gcftranbctcS 

ASH-TREE, s. bcr ©fAenbauiu, bir 

ASH-WEDNESDAY, s. bte ?lfc^ermitt= 


ASH-WEED, s. bcr OicvS {_./j:<rop„diiin 

— L). 

ASHY, adj. 1. fltii)ig; 2. ofd)farte«, 
afitgrau i — pale, afd)cnblcic&. 

ASIA, s. 3Ificn; — minor, Jllctnaftcn. 

ASIAN, adj. afiatifd). 

ASi.ATiciSM, .<.. bic li|ac^at)miing afta= 
tifd)cr isittcn. 

ASIATIC, I. adj. aftatifc^ ; H. s. bcv 2lfi^ 

ASIDE, adn. 1. fcifwartS ; bct (Scttc, 
auf bie 'Scite; 2. befonberS, fiir ftd)j 
to lay (set) — , tci Scitc IcgcH, aifglc-: 
gcit, nic^tbrand)cn; an—, cine ^Bci^ 
uitc, was ein (§d)aufviclcr fiir ftc^ 

ASININE, a;//, ju ctncin (Sfcl gc^grtg; 

To ASK, V. a. 1 fragcn; 2. bitten; 
fotbcru, begebrcn, ycrfangen, bets 
fc^cn, CvforbcrU; to — leave, um Qxt 
iaubni& bitten ; to — one's pardon, 

nm 515crjcibung bitten; to— the inice, 
nac^ bem ^prcife fnigcii, forbcni; to 

— a question, cine gragc tl)u«, fra= 

am ; to — p(!opl8 in the church, cin 

5paar iBcrbbte in bcr J{!rd;r-mifbic= 
ten ; to — a thing of a person, IStlV a3 
son CSiiiem forbern;,to —for bread, 
nm i^vob bitten; to — for one, nac^ 
Semanben fragen ; to — after a thing, 
iiac^ (StiuaS fragen, ftc^ barnad) er= 

ASKANCE, ) ad.n. bcr Oiicrc, f(iief, 

ASK.ANT, J fd)rage, iibcvjtvcrr^, fciti 

ASKER, a. 1. bcr 5?ittcnbe; SriJgeube; .; 
2. bie aBaffercibcd)fe. 3 

ASKEW, adv. oou bcr Scttc, fcitwiirts, •* 

ASLANT, ado. fdjicf, f(^ragr, c\utt, son 
bcr Seitc. 

ASLEEP, adif. fd)lafenb, tm ©c^iafc; to 
be (lie) — , fd)lafcrt ; my foot is — , bcr 7 

i^uf) ift mir eingcfd;laffn ; to fail — , > 

ASLOPE, adv. fd)icf, nid)t fcnfrcd)t, tm 

3lbf;angc, abfdjiiffig. 
ASP, s. bie tl'fattcr. 
ASPALATHUS, s. bic Stofc I'on Scric^o ; 

bcr 9!&obifcrborii, bag 9i[)obifcrbolj 

(and) Rose-woo(i). 

ASPARAGUS, s. bcr Simviicl. 

ASPEcr, s. 1. ber 3(nblirf, bag 9lnfe» 
ben ; 2. bic ®cfid)t»5itgc, ?OJiencn, bai 
@cfid)t, ber S^liif; 3. bic 3iid)tung, 
9lnftd)t, ©cite; Jist. T. bie ?liVccfc'u 
(Stanb eincS ijiianctcn gcgcubcnani 

ASPEN (Asp TREE, or Aspen-tree), I. s. 

bie 'Jlcfpe, ber 9lcfpcubaum, bie ^iu 
tcrvappcl, wcific ^pappel ; u. ndj. i] 
X'cn, yen 9lfft^enl)o(5. 




AEPER, s. bcr SliSptr (turfif^c SilBer^ i 
muiije). ■ 

To ASPERATE, v. a. VaU^ lIKtC^Clt. 

ASPERATION, s. ba§ D?aut)mad)en. 

ASPERIFOEIATE, } adj. B. T. mit Xan= 

ASPERrPOLious, J t)(n Slattern. 
ASPEiirry. s. l. tie SJau^afctt, 9iau^= 

^cit; 2. ©treiige, ^arte. 
ASPEROtTS, adj. xanh, uiictcn. 
7'o ASPERSE, u. a. kflccfctt, ocrIcum= 

bett, fdjiiui^cn, fcdeltcit, tabclii. 
ASPERSER, s. bcr aSci-Icumter. 

ASPERSIO.V, s. Th. T. 1. btC ikfprett: 

flUHg (mit 3Bctl)Waffci-) ; 2. iBcr= 
leiimbuiii3, (Sc|imaf)uu(^ bet 2;abd; 

to cast an — upon on«, ^ClUanbC^ (5^= 

rc beflccfcu. 

ASPHALT, ) 5. baS 3ubeit= ober 
ASPHAETUM, S 33cr3pcc^. 
ASPHALTIC, a(// ct^pec^tg, crbf)ar5ifl. 
ASPHODEL, s. bie ®olbwurj, aiffobiUe 

(aUC^ King's Spear) {Jlsphodelus — L.). 

ASPHVXLA., .s. Med. T. bit @rl){agaber= 

fiocfuug, ttcffte O^nmac^t, ber 

ASPiC, s. 1. bic flatter, 91atterfc^Ian= 

ge; 2. cine Jtaiioiie (12 ^JJfiitiber) ; 3. 

— , or oil of — , ba!§ SaycnbclOl'. 
ASPIRANT, s. ber 5Ifptraut, Saiibibat, 

ber \\,\if (itxocii trac^tct. 
To ASPIRATE, v. \. a. afptrtrctt, mit 

bcm .§aud)e (pbcr .6) au^fprec^cit; 

II. n. mit bcm .gaiicl)c (obcr .5) au§= 

gcfprodjeit werbcii. 
ASPIRATE, \.-adj. afpirtrt, mit bem .^ 

gcfproc^eit ; H. s. Omm. T. bfr (£pi= 

rituS afpcr (im @rierf)ifrf)cn). 
ASPIRATION, s. 1. ba« etrcbcn, :^cfti= 

fle SJerlaitgen, bie ec&tifuc^t; 2. bie 

Vlfptratiou, SluSfprcdjung mit bcm 

To ASPIRE, r. n. fivckii,^eftii5 vcxhiu 

geit, trai^tCIt C— to, at, after, IMC^ St= 

wail ; cmporfireten. 
ASPIRER, s. ber iStrc&cubc, J^rac^tcit: 

be; (Smporfircbeube. 
ASPIRING, ndj. ftrcbcitb ; an -^ genius, 

etii emporftrcbeiiber @dft. 
ASPORTATION, s. L. T. ba§ SScjjtra- 

gea, 38fgtrcibcn. 
AsauiN'A ado. fc^ief; to look — , f^ic- 

ASS, s. bcv Qki ; sije — , bie Sfcliiin ; 

—like, cfel^aft, glci^ cinem (S\d. 
To ASSAIL, c. a. anfallcit, aiigvcifcit, 

befliirmeti ; assailed hy . ., aiigegriffcii, 

bcbrangt ooit... 
ASSAILABLE, adj. angrftf 6ar. 
ASSAILANT, I. adj. aiigrcifcitb ; H. ». 

— or AssAiLKR, ber Singrctfcv, ait= 

grcifenbc X^nl. 
ASSAPANICK, s. biiS (ameri£aiufci)e) 

flicgeube ^■ic^l)ijnid)en. 
ASSART, ». L. T. bie unevlaubtc 5Tu5= 

rottnng ber Saume im SSalbc, ber 

To ASSART, V. a. I,. T. bte SSSiimc im 

SKalbe o^ite erlaiibniS ait«rotteit. 
ASSASSIN, s. ber ilicudielmorber. 
To ASSASSINATE, r. a. mcuc^etmi3r= 

ierifc^ umbringeu, ennorbcii. 
ASSASSINATION, 5. ber iJJcud^crmovb, 

bte ©rmorbiing. 
ASSASSINATOR, s. ber 3JJeud)el= 

ASSAULT, 8.i. ber 3lngriff, Slnfaft ; 2. 

bie Sefiiirmiing, ber ©tiirm; 3. L. T. 

bie i^tii'Midje) iBcletbiguiig ; to iiake 

an — upon, befliirmeu, augreifcit. 

To ASSAULT, c. a. angveifcii, aiifalleit, 


ASSAULTAnLE, adj. aiigreifbiir. 

ASSAULTER, s. ber 5lngreifer, 33eret= 


ASSAY, 8. 1. ber 93erfu(6, bie tprobe, 

bie (fdjnjere) ^Iriifuiig; 2. /.. r. Uiu 

terfiK^iiug, 5}3rufung (beS i)ffe!»Uid;eu 

3Jiape§ mtb ®ewid)tes) ; bie @id)Uttg ; 

— balance or — scale, bic ::probin»age ; 

— master, vid. Assayer. 

To ASSAY,?;. a. 1. uerfitc^eii, probiveit ; 

2. eic^en. 

ASSAYER, s. ber ^robircr, 2)?itnj= 

wnrbain ; (Sid)cr, (»idimcifter. 
ASSECUTION, s. bic evhinguitg. 
ASSEMBLAGE, s. bie (Sammluug, ber 

.^aiifeu, bie 23ert'ammliing. 
To ASSEMBLE, v. L a. oerfammclit ; 

berufen ; 11. n. ftc^ serfammeln ; su= 


ASSEMBLER, s. bcr Qjerfammrer. 
ASSEMBLY, s. bie 33evfammlung ; — 

room, bcr ^Berfamiuluuggfaal. 
ASSENT, s bic Seiinlliguitg, (SinroiUi= 

gitiig, (Seitelnnigung, i(x sOcifall. 
To ASSENT, v. n' bcipflidttcit, bctfiim= 

men, bcifallen, iu'ifalt ober 9icd)t 

geben, jugebeit, beiinlligen, cinwiUi^ 

gen, gcnci)migeu ; [ — to it, id) pflid)te 

bem bei, gebe tS jn, fagc ja. 
ASSENTATION. .•?. bic ^etjlimmung 

au§ (£c^mcid)clei ober ^erfteUuiig, 

ASSENTATOR, .s. ber 3a^crr, 


ASSENTER, s. bcr 33eiflimmeubc. 
To ASSERT, V. a. 1. bclianpteu; 2. ycr? 

tf)cibigcu, geltcnb marbcu ; 3. bcjaben. 
ASSERTION, s. 1. bic 4^chanptnng, 

iBejabiing; 2. be[;anptetc 2}Jcinung, 

ba8 93orgcbeit. 

ASSERTIVE (adc. —h\-\ ndj. }Uverftf^t= 

lid), bejabeiib, nii«britriflid), bcflimmt. 
ASSEPa'OR, s. ber sOeljauptcr, 5Scr= 

tbeibiger, 93erfcc^ter. 
ASSERTORY, adj. bcjabcub, bc^anp= 

To ASSESS, r. a. fd)d|en, bcfcba^crt, 

tariren ; assessed taxes, bie ^irectcu 


ASSESSABLE, adj. fd)a;fe&ar, ftenerbar. 
ASSESSMENT, s. bie ©c^afeuug, 

ASSESSOR, s. i.btx 'S(i)aiimxqtn<x\\f= 

legt, (SteucvrrttI) ; 2. bcr i^ciji^cr. 
ASSETS, s. pi. L. T bcr Slacbla'J; M. 

K. ©liters pber ScrmogenSbcftanb 

eiiteS gafliten; bic 3}iaffe. 
To ASSEVER, \ V. a. crbartcH, bC5 
To ASSEVERATE, ) t^Cllcrn. 

ASSEVERATION, s. bic 33ct[)cucrung, 

ASSIDUITY, 's. bie (?mftg!eit, Uitiicr= 

broffcnt)eit, bcr (auf)altcnbc) %U\%. 

ASSIDUOUS (ad,\ — ly), adj. 1. Cmftg, 

unucrbroffcit ; flei^ig ; 2. an^altcnb, 

ASSIDU0USNES.<3, s. ber Sletp, bic 33e= 

f;arrlicbfcit im Slcip. 
To A^IGN, I* a. I. bcflimiuen, fejt= 

fefeeu, juerfenncn ; 2. afftgiiircn, an= 

weifen, itbcrtragen ; l. t. cebiren ; 

3. anfiibren, angcbcrt (eincn @runb, 
u. f. ».)• 

ASSIGN, s. bcr, bcm thMo.?, iibcrtragen 

ASSIGNABLE, adj. 1. bcfiimmbar ; 2. 

ansumcifen, it. f. t». 
ASSIGNATION, s, 1. bie 33c(!immung, 

51fftg;iattoii, 91iniieifung, Uebertra= 

guiig ; 2. bic 33eftcUmig X<i\\ einen gc= 

»i)iffcn Drt). 
ASSIGNEE, s. X. T. bcr, bciit ctmnS 

iibertragcit mirb, Curator ber SJiaffe ; 

•bcr 33cyoHmad)tig(c, ©efc^aftstragcr. 
ASSIGNER, s. ber !iSe)1immenbc, 'lU- 

.ASSIGNMENT, s. 1. bie 33ej!immung ; 

2. Uebertragnng ; 3. 5(mveifung ; 4. 

/>. T. Slbtrctuitg. 
ASSIMILABLE, adj. WaS fti^ cibniti-b 

madjen, »evg(eid;cu tiipt. 
To ASSiMiL.vrE, w, I. a. 1. gleic^, abn= 

lici^ mad;cn, vcra^nhc^en; »erg[ri= 

d)en; ( — to, ... mit); 2. bnrd) bit 
iiserbaunng in fcinc eigenc 'JJatm 
vcrwanbcln, uerbauen ; ii. n. 1. gleidi 
werben, fid) ucrcinen; 2. fid) aU 
Spcife in 9laf;rung«faft uermanbcln, 

ASSIMILATION, s. btc ®feid)mad)nitg, 

ASSIMILATIVE, adj. ftiicigenbnr. 

To ASSIST, J'. I. a. bciftcl;cn, belfen ; 
auS^elfen; bcitrai^cn; ii. n. beiwob^ 
nen, babei fe^n (bei einer ©cfefls 
fcf)«ft, tt. f. w.). • 

ASiBlSTANCE, s. bcr Sciflanb, bte 

ASSISTANT, I. c. bcr Seiftaiib, .&elfer; 
Slfftficnt ; ?5amuluS ; ll. aij. bcbulf= 
lid), bitlfreid;. 

A&SISTER. s. ber ®cbiilfe ; .<5clfcr. 

AS^ISTLESS, adj. biilflpi*, bciftaitbslos. 

ASSIZE, s. 1. bie <Sc!ftPn, Sitjung, 
baS ©erirfet, 2anbgerid;t; 2. bie obrig= 
feitlir^e sBeftimmuug beS OJJafsciJ, 
®cwtd)tcS unb >^rcife3 bcr Sefaen?^ 
mittel, u. f. w., S^nrmbming, 2:are ; 
— of bread, bic SBrobtare, b»i« syrpb= 

To ASSIZE, 7). a. ^xxis, ?^af! «nb ®c= 
wicbt obrigfcitlic^ befttmmcn, an- 
fc§en, cic^eh. 

ASSIZER, 5. ber ben ^xni, baS 2}iuB 
jinb ®cnjid)t beftimmt. 

ASSOCIABILITY, s. bie 9?ereinbnrfeit. 

ASSOCIABLE, ar^i. ucrcinbar, gefcUig. 

To ASSOCIATE, v. I. n. fid) (Suiem 

Pber einer Sacbc) jngefeUen, in @c- 

fellfcbnft treten, fie| oevbinbcii ; n. a. 

^ngefellen, oerbinben, vereinigen. 
ASSOCIATE, I. s. 1. ber (®efeU) @c= 

fabrtc, @efcUfd)nftcr, 3:bfil"cbmcr, 

(Sofkge, yimt^geno^, ©e^iilfe, WliU 

genrfi, S3iinbe«genofi ; 2. 3}ntfd)nl- 

bige, .<?)clfer5t)cl'fcr; II. ai/j. jugefellt, 

ASSOCIATION, s. 1. bic SScvbinbnng, 

93creinignng (ju eincm gemciufd)aft= 

lidjen ^md); 2. ©efcUfcbaft; 3. 

Sfiiiferinncrung; — of ideas, bic @e= 

fellnng bcr SScgriffc. 
ASSONANCE, s. ber unyonfommcne 

®Icic^lant, bie?[eI)n(id)feitbe'3,Tonel. 
ASSONANT, arf/. unyollfonimcn glcid)= 

lantcnb, bcm S^one nad) nbnlid). 
To ASSORT, v.a. 1. fprlircn, ?ufammc!i 

orbnen; -2. mit allerlei ucrfeben. 
ASSORTMENT, 5. 1. bag Sprtiren; 2. 

To ASSfTAGE, ?). L n. milbcrn, linbcru ; 

bcfanftigen, bcrnbigen, befriebigen, 

Pillen; H. n. nactlafie". abncbmen. 
ASSUAGEMENT, .?. 1. bic 2)Jilbcrung, 

Sinbcrung ; ikfanftignng ; 2. ?lb= 

nabmc; ba§%ici^!affcn, bas2Jti(ben!, 

u. f. n.1. 
ASSUAGER. s. ber Sinbcriibr, 9)]ti' 

bcrnbe, sBcfiinftigcr. 
ASSUASIVE, adj. milbcnib, linbenib, 

befanftigenb. , 

ASSUETUDE, s. .MC 9lngClPPf)"f'"l^ 


r» ASSUME, ». I. a. 1. aiuiohmcn ; 2, 
a\S roabr anncbmen, ypranffeiK"; 3 
fid) beilegen, ficb Ijcran-Jncbmcn, ftd) 
anmaticn; 4. ftd) jneigncn, fid) asi/ 
ncbmcn, anf ftd) anipcnben ; n. n. ficti 
gvpj) macbcn, grpfj tf)""- ftolj fei>it; 
to — a discourse, cin ©cfprac^ an= 
!niipfcn; to — latitude, 9lii«nabmc 
macben; to — tiie reins, bic £5ber- 
I)anb gcroinnen ; he assumes too much 
to himself, cr bilbct ftd) in siel cin. 

ASSUMEU, s. ber fid) yicl anmafenbc, 
ftpljc ?UJenfd). 

ASSU.MIXG, adj. flplj, annia^cnb. 

AS-SU.Mi'SIT, s. /..y. ber ntiinbliit* 
9?crtrag (ba man fid) 5U f^nvai an- 
beifd)ig mad)t). 





issUMPTiON, s. 1. bte Slime^mung; 
'^iiimaminfl; 2. aSorau^fefenug ; 3. 
HS ^UMliilotum, bcr 45ctf(i)efa^ ; 4. 
bcr 9}Jiiiov, llitterfai (tit eiiteiu 
fcd)litffc); o. 9)tavia .§tmmelfaf>vt. 

ASSUMPTIVE, adj. atigctiontmeit, yov= 
auSgcfctjt; — arms, baS you eiucm 
iMtrgevlicfceit jitm 3lnbciifeu nit cine 
ta^fcve £^at, it. f. w. angcuoininciie 

ASSURANCE. «. 1. btc Bitftc^enttig ; 2. 
3iis>crftd)t, baS 33orti-aueu ; 3. bie 
4. tie S-rcimiitl)igfcit, cble 2)rctfttg= 
fcit- 5. .<tul)iil)Ctt, Uiim'rfcfeamt|ett; 
(). i!]infid)Cfitiig, £td)cr[)cit, 33iirg= 
fcftaft; —of lands, /.. 7'. tie Uebcr= 
gate Bon Sanbeveictt bitrci) (Soutvact; 
yjffccurattj, (vid. Insurance). 

Vo ASSURE, V. a. (— nf ), 1. liCl-fld)t'ni ; 

2. (2icf)cv{)cit icirtcii; affccuviven; 
ftd)crit, ' ftdjei- iitad)cii; 3. juf{d;cnt, 

ASSURED, fl///.l. «crftd)cvt; gctutp; 2. 
brcifl, fcrf, fiihii, iiittcfd)fibeit ; you 
may rest — , Ste toilltCU ftc^ bavauf 

ASSUREDLY, adv. ftC^CVltd), geWtp, 


ASSUREDN'EKi?, s. bit ©cwififietf. 
ASSURER, s. bci: aSevftc^crer, sBiirgc, 


vid. To Assuage, &.c. 
ASSYRIA, s. Slffpvicu. 

ASSYRIAN, I. f. in 3lffv)vier ; ii. adj. 


ASTER, s. bic 5(fler, ©fcvntlumc. 
ASTERISK, s. baS Stcnir|)eit [*] (tin 

<Sd)rctbcu uitb Snicf). 
astp;rism, s. bns Stcviibtlb, ©cflint. 
ASTERITE, s. bcv Stcniflciit. 
ASTERN, adr. jv. T. till .t^i'ifcrtt^cile 

bc« (gc^iffc'S, Ijtittcit iiit Scfctffe. 

ASTEROIDES, s. pi. bif ItCtlt'lt CUtbCcf; 

teit ^Uattetcn (jmifd^cit 3)iavS iiiib 

ASTHENIC, adj. f($lVfld), fvaftlOi'. 

ASTHEXOLOGY, s. bif 5!cl)ve votiber 

ASTHMA, .■!. bie ^'iigt'rufltgfett, bcr 

fd)wcrc ^Iitiein. 
ASTHMATIC, adj. ettgbritflig. 

To ASTONISH, v. a tU grfJaiUtClt fcfecit, 

witubcrn ; erfrfjrecf eit, bcfli'tvjt inac^Pit 

ASrONISHED, part. I am — , tC^ it= 


ASTONISHING (adn. — ly), adj. <S- adu. 

crfiaiinlid), cvftattnett«iucrt(). 
\sT(:)NisHiNGNES.s, s. bie (Si-flaiiu= 

ASTO.N'isHMENT, s. ba8 erflauiieit, 

bie a3eftiiv5Uitg. 
To ASTOUND, vid. To Astonish. 

ASTRADDLE, adv. f^jertbetiiig, rettcub, 

ASTRAGAL, s. T. bfv 3ietf, 3Jtng (an 

ctttcr Soitic, u. bgl.). 
jisi'RAL. adj. jit bcii ©tcnicrt gc|ovig, 

flcniartig, gcftfntt. 
ASTRAY,' ado. 130 lit vedjtcn 3Begc ab, 

fire; to go — , trre gcbcn, fid) vter= 

irrcit; to lead — ,. yc'rlcircit, ycrfiit)= 

rcit ; irre fit()rcit. 

A.STRICT, ajij. sufammeitgcjpgcn, turj. 
ASTRicriON. .«. bic 3ufiiiii"ieiuif ^iitig- 

ASTRICTIVE (—cry), adj. 5UfantlltClI= 

ASTRIDE, ndv. ntit auSetnanbcr gc= 

fveiTtcn a.^cinen, fpcrrbciiiig, riir= 

7'o ASTRiXGE, ». 7. abflrtitgircn, ju= 

ASTRiNGENCY, s. bic jufammcitstcs 

bcubc SCvcift 
VSTRINGRXT. I. s. .MrA T. baJ 5nfain= 

OTCttjicbcnbc Slrjiicimittcl ; H. adj. at; 


ftringirciib, jiifainnuiijicbcnb, ^txhz. 

ASTIUNGER, «.bcr galfitcr. 

ASTROGRAPHY, s. bic Stcritbcfd)rci= 
bung, Stcntfuiibe. 

ASTROITE, s. 1. eiiieSlrt 3)iabrcpDrc, 
bic StcruforrtHc; 2. bcr Stcrnftcin. 

ASTROLABE, s. T.i. ba«9l)1roIabtuin 
(bcr .§o()cumcffcr bcr ^!oIe, Scunc 
unb Stcruc) ; 2. cine ftcvcpgrnpliifcbc 
aScr?cid)nuug bcr .riimiitclaurfcl auf 
bcr gliidic ctucS grojjen 3i»'tfl^- 

ASTROLOGER, ? s. bcr 9lftrolog, 

ASTROLOGIAN, 5 ©tcmbcutcr. 

ASTROLOGIC ( — cal, adv. — cally), 
adj. nfirologifc^. 

To ASTROLOGIZE, r. n. bic 9lflru- jJtC 

trcibcu, i&tcrnc bcutcn. 
ASTROLOGY, s. bic 'ilftrologic, ®tcru= 

ASTRONOMER, s. bcr 2lfircnpm, 


ASTRONOMIC (—cal, adv. —- wlly), 

adj. aftronoinifd). 
ASTRONOMY, s. btc 9l|irci.(omie, 

ASTROSCOPE, s. ./1st. T. bcr Stcrn= 

fegcl (ciit SttPi'umeut jur Icic^tcn 

(Srfeuuuug bcr Sterne). 

ASTROSCOPY, s. Ast. T. btC 9lflrpS= 

foi)ic (i^CDbad)tung bcr Sterne). 
ASTRO THEOLOGY, s. bie OlftrotbcO; 

logic (5*e|)rc oou ®ott auS bcu @c= 
ASTRUT, ada. ftrotjcnb, floljircnb. 

ASTUTE, adj. Itftifl, fd)lait. 

ASUNDER, adu. bcfoiibcrS, rtbgcfoiu 
bcrt; au§cinanber; cutswci'; to take 
— , auecinaubci' itcbmen, jcriegcn. 

ASYLUM, .s. bic ?«vciftatt, g-rciftattc, 
3uflnd)l, bcr 3uf!ud;tiSort. 

ASYMMETRY, s. Mat. T.tClS 2)iiiJyer= 


ASYMPTOTE, .9. T. bic ?lf»mptote. 
ASYMPTOTICAL, adj. T. aft)inVtotifc^. 
ASYNDETON, s. Gram. T. bttS 5lfl}n= 


AT, an, ju. bei, auf, in, nm, na^, 
iiiit, liber, gcgcit, fiir, «or, yon, ci\\&. 
u. f. ». ; — Londort, ^it (in ?onbou) ; 

— home, 5U.0aufc; — sea, auf bcr 
<£cc; — liand, bci bcr .Gailb; — 
large, 1. wcitlaufig. au§fiil)rlid); 2. 
im Svcicn, in Srcibf'f; — pariin<;, 

beim i£d)CtbCU; — that time, JU 

bicfcr 3fit; — n" ''">«. nicmalg-; 

— a minute, "auf bie (ju ctucr) a)Ji= 

nute; — twelve o'clock, UlU JWiUf 
lll)r ; — first, anfaiiglid) ; — length, 
enblirf) ; — last, jule^t, cnblid) ; — 
in end, am (Subc ; — all. gaitj unb 
gar, gar ; auf ivgcnb cine JBcife ; not 

— all, {etnegivcgS; — a word, mit 
cinein 2i5orte ; — oncQ» auf cinmal ; 

— one blow (dash, hout), mit ciuem 

Strcirfje, auf cinmal; — full speed, 
in bcr groiJteu@cfd)wiubigfcit, ©ilc; 
the favours I received — your hands, 

bie mir ton 31)"^" erjeigtcn aBol)(= 
tbatcn ; — second hand, n'u« bcr nvci= 
ten .§anb; — hi'st, auf baS 53cfte; 

— least, jum 2Benigficn, bed) gercip, 
ohne 3wcifel ; he is hard — it, cr xii 
rcd)t bariiber bcr ; — my hearing of 
it, ba ic^ c§- bi.H'tc; — odd.?, unciu3; 

— a stand (loss\ tilt 3>l'fifcl I «ngc= 
wip, in aSerlcgeubcit ; to be — liberty 
(leisure), frei (ntii^ig) fe»n; I am — 
the charge of it. id) inuij bic .itoflcn 
bavon tragcu ; she was aimed — . C8 
gait ibr ; what would he be — ? WaS 
boUte (IDiU)cr bcnn? my honour is 

— stake, inctue (5f)rc ftcbt auf bcm 
(gpiel ; — your pleasure, wic C§ 3bncn 
beiiebt; — the will of God, ivn^ott 
Uiid; to be — law, Vrojcffircn; to be 
laughed — , aU'Sgclact)t nu-rbcn ; I take 
you — your word, ic^ l)altc SiC bcim 

2Bort,' to plav — cairds, chess, billiaid* 
• &c., Jtartcn, S^ac^, SBilliarb, u. f. tu 
fpiclcu; to come — , bcifommcii, er-- 
veit^cn, criangcu; have — you! nitii 
folljt 5)u'S frtcgcn ! to throw (shoot) 

— a person, liac^ Scmaitb , tcerfcH 
(fc^icpeu); in — the window, JUm 
gcnfter ^inciu ; — ai_shilling a pound, 
baS $funb fiir cincuiid)iUing ; — half, 
fiiv bie ^Scilfte ; — a small expense, 
urn ein ©criugcl ; (a gale of) wind 

— s. E. (South East), Sitbofiwinb ; 
men-atarms, bcwaffnctc ^CUte; ser- 
geant-at-arms, bcr (Stabtriigcr; sei 
geant — the mace, bcr <£ccptcrtragcr ,- 
sergeant — law, bcr 3tcc^t8gclcf)rtc ; 
Siccntiat; barrister — law, Ctn 9lb'.i0' 

cat, 9lnwatt (bcfonberS in eiucm uit» 

tercn ®crid)te) ; Doctor — law, 5)oc» 

tor bcr 3led;tc. 
ATABAL, .». bic ,^cffeItrommcI (bet 

STJobrcu), ftciuc Srommcl. 
ATARAXY, s. bie Scelcnru^f, ®e* 

ATAXY, a'. J\te,d. T. bie Unorbuuttg (in 

ber 9lbaied)frluug bcS ?(tcbcr«). 
ATELLAN, I. s. ciuc fatHrifd)e, fa>liH.''f= 

rige, tbeatralifd;c 2?ovftellung ; ll. adj. 

atcUauifct), auf bie a^orjlctlungcn ju 

Sltcita iBejug babenb. 
A-TEMPO,f.rf« Mus.T. ju glcid)cr (rc(^= 

tcr) 3fit/ gcuau uai'^ bcm S'atte; 

giusto, in angcmeffcncr 33cw«guug. 
ATHANASiAN. I, s. bcr ^lubaugtr' bcr 

Sebrc bcS bciltgcu 3lt&auaftii«; ll 

mij. atbaiiaftauifd). 
ATHANOR, .?. Ch. T. bcr 3)igcrtr=Dfcn, 

d)emifdic Cfcu. 
ATHEISM, s. bcr 9lt()ci8uiu«, bic ®ot= 

ATHEIST, \. s. ber5lt6cifl, ©otteSlaug^ 

ncr; II. adj. atbciftifd;. 
ATHEISTICAL (— ic ; adv. — cally), 

adj. atbeiftifd), gottloS. 
ATiiEiSTiCALNESS, s. bie 5ltbc{flcret. 
ATHENIAN, I. adj. atfjcnicufif^) ; II. B. 

bcr 5ltbcuienfcr. 
ATHENS, s. 3Itf)Cn. 

ATHEOLOGIAN, s. ctit 5lftfrt!^cologe; 

®cgcntbcoIoge ; ?iidjttbcologc. 
ATHEROMA, s. Med. T. bie'^Bretgcs 

ffbiviiffl, %mu. 

ATHEROMATOUS, ndj. finilid)t. 

ATHIRST adr. bitrflig. 

ATHLETE,.?. bcr'JItblet, (jcd)tcr, J?ain= 

Vfcr (bci ben 51Itcn). 
ATHLETIC, adj. atblctifc^ ; ruflig, ftarf, 

ATHWART, L prep. Cfucr libcr, libcr; 

bitrc^ ; jV. t. rcdjt son ber Scftc ju ; 

— hawse, ivirb vou ctucm Sdiiffc gc- 
fagt, bag qucr yor ben ,i?Iiifen (aSor* 
bcrtbcil) etneS anbcrn licgt; — the 
fore foot, linrb gefagt, ivcnil bic Jtaiio- 
ucu fo nuf ciii @d[)iff gcriditct ftnb, 
bap bic .tngcln gcrabe iior bemfclbcn 
I'orbei fitcgcu, ober qucr burcb bic I't- 
nie auf irVldjer eS fcgc (t, iiin (S sum 
(Strci(f)cu (Scgclfirctrben) obcr bci; 
jubreben ju nctbtgen; — ships, gucr 
liber bcm Sc^iffc ; u. adv. unred)t, 
uugclegcn, argcrlic&, scrfetirt, fr^icf. 

ATILT, adv. 1. sovtoartg, gcinngt (nn« 
cin gccbtcr); mit gcfcitltcr ^aitje; 2, 

ATLANTIC, I. adj. atlailttfd) ; U.S. (tins 

— ocean), baS atlauttfitc aJiPcr. 
ATLANTIDES, Ast. T. biC 5picia= 


ATLAS, s. I. bcr ?(flas (9Jamc cinc3 
gfanjcnbcn inbifd)cn ScibcnscitgcS! ; 
2. baS >)ltlaf!gcbirgc in ?Jfrifa ; 3. bic 
Saubfartcufammlnng; 4. Arri,. v 
cine ?lrt Sanfc in 3J?enfd)citgcf!aIt, 
bcr 9Itrant; 5. ba^J 9UIas(=5^-prmor, 
@ro^=3oIio; 6. gcibcnvapicr; 7 




ji. T. ba5 cvjie 23trbclb;tii beS c§al= 

ATMOSPHERE, s. bie SUmofpbarc, ber 
SunflfvciS, SuftfreiS. 
ATMOSPHERrC. ) adj. ahnof\>i)lU 

ATOM, s. bcv 9Uom, bag iiut^etlbarc 
S;^cilc^cit ; ©oniienfiaubci)cii. 
ATOMIC, I adj. uo« SUomcii; cms 
A.TOMICAL, S Sltom? n ; — tlieory, bte 


>^roMiSM, s. btc aUontenlcl^re. 

ATOMIST, s. bcr Sltomift. 

ATOMLIKE, adj. atomciia&nltc&. 

ATOMY, s. ber'gUom. 

To ATONE, V. a. I. bii^cu, f^eitugtljun, 
befitetigfit; II. n. cttt (Srfatj (Slct^uU 
satcitt) cinc8 Stiigcs fci)n ; to — for, 
tmaS abbii^ctt, bafiiv Iciben, c8 er= 
fetjcn, vcKQiitcH. 

ATONE, adv. lutt citiaubcr, auf ctnmal. 

ATONEMENT, s. 1. bas SiitMiopfev ; 
i>k 9]erf ij^uuiiq, Suf)iiung ; bie S3upe ; 

2. bie ©cuiicitbiung, 3]evgittuu3, ber 
(frfit^ (9lbb'itte unb ©breiierflanmc}); 

3. 4- bie a?cvtraglic^fetf, lteberetii= 
ftimmutig, (Sinh-adit. 

ATONER, s. bci- ^SerflU^rtcr. 
ATONIC, atij.Mct. T. abgefpnitttt, cr: 

ATONY, .■!. .MrA. T. bigSlbgefpanittf^eit, 

Jtrafttofti^fictt, (Srinattuiig. 
ATOP, (uU. Dbi-i!, 5U obcvjl, obcit ouf. 

ATRABiLARlAN, (— ous), adj. ^4111= 

fiic^tiji, f(f)mcriuiit(nij, nic(aita)clifcf). 
ATRABILARIOUSNE^S, i. bie Sc^iuev^ 

ntHt^, 9Jklaii(^o(ie. 

ATRAMESTAL (— tous), adj. ttltttg, 
ATRIP, ndx>. vV. r. aufi]ct)ttit, Qclicfjtct, 

g. 23. the top sails are — , bic 3)JavSfe= 

(^cl fiii^aufgcbipt (/. e. aufije^ogctt, 
«n bie .i?o[)e gcjogcn). „ 

ATROCIOUS {adv. — ly), adj. abfc^CU= 

lic^. arafilic^, graufam. 
ATROCiousNESS, ) f. bie 9lbf(teit[id)= 
ATROCITY, i fcit, @ra§fi*feit. 

ATROPHY, s. Med. T. bic 2)ijvrfud;f, 

To ATTACH, v. a. 1. all (StmaS {tp 
mac^ett, antjcfteit; bcfcfliijcii, bcifii= 
flcii; an^aiiiieitj 2. oereiutgcii, eiitfii= 
(jett; 3. an ftc^ Jtf()cn, aiijicbeu, ein= 
iicbmeii,feffclu; — to, legciiauf; 
5. in 5Beif)itft Pbct 23cfcl)(ai] ncbmen 
('Perfpiicrt uitb £ad)cii), vcrfiaftctt, 
auf)altcii, ucrfiiinmcnt ; to — a iiiame 
to one, Semaiibein ©djulb 5ured)ueii, 
flcbeit ; to — credit, ©litubcn beimef= 
feu ; to — value to a thing, SBertt) auf 
cine <&ad)t Icgett; attached to, isuge= 
t^an, evgebcrt ; betgefugt, amieborig ; 
attached to n regiment, JU ciliein Sit- 
gtmciite gebijfeu. 

ATTACHMENT, s. 1. bte 9lnbang(id)= 
kit, @rgcbctt^ctt; *}ld)timg, 9liifnicrf= 
famtcit, baS 3"f''>i"''»; 2. bie 5Ber- 
Ijaftnebiuiiiig, bcr '.^Irrefl, i^efdjlag, 
bie SBcfd^Iagiiabmc, 3!]crfitmmeniiui ; 
to have an — {<v some one, Sf^matlb 
licbcn, i()m ^iigct^aii fetii ; illicit — , 
uucflaubtc Sfieigiiiti], vcrbotcnc !i!icbf ; 
foreign — , L. T. bcr Slrrcft rtitf bie 
Oiiter ctiicS gfcmbeii, feine @taiibi= 
ger bamit ju bcfi-icbigeit; court of—, 
bag Sorftgei'idjt. 

To ATTACK, r.a (feiiiblic^) aitgrcifeit. 
ATTACK, s. ber Siugvijf. 
ATTACKER, s. ber dttgveifeiibc 3;bcil. 
Tu ATTAIN, V. I. a. ait ober ?u (Itivtag 
fominen, gerat()Cii, gcfaiigi'it, (Sfroas 
trreic^en, erlaitgcu, crbalfeii; II. n. 
an eiitcii Ort gclangeit; in eineit 3"= 
^anb geratbcu; begrcifeit. 
ATTAINABLE, ndj. crvcicbbar. 
%TTAiNAiiLENFSS, e. bic ©rrcicfebar^ 

ATTAINDER, s. L. T. 1. bte Ucbcrfii^s 
rung, Uebcraicifung (ciucg SSerge= 
^eng); 2. ber SSornjurf, Sdjanbfleif, 

ATTAINMENT, s. 1. bie ©rrcidjuug, 
(Srlangung ; 2. bag (crrftd)tc, crlaug= 
te) @ut, Salent, bcr SBorjug, bie 
a3oIIEommcul;cit; bcr^ang, ©cwinn. 

ATTAINT, s. 1. ber 2Jiafel, SIccfcn, 
©c^anbfletf, bie 53efd;impfung ; 2. 
iBevle^ung, 2Bunbe (an ben ^iuter= 
fii^en bcr $fcrbe) ; 3. /.. t. eiu gc= 
riclttic^cr 58cfel)l jur Untcrfur^uhg, 
p& bag Oefc^roorncngeric^t eiuen fat= 
fc^cn Slugfprud; getban. 

To ATTAINT, r.a. 1. iibcrfiibrcit, iibcr= 
TOcifcn, fiir fc^ulbig cvEe«ncn (eincg 
iBerbrcd)cng) ; 2. bcftccfcn, befd)im= 
pfcii, »cruncl)rcit, cntabcin; to — the 
blood, fciiie gamilie bcfdiimpfen. 

ATTAiNTMENT, s. 1. bic Ueberwci= 
fung; 2. a3efrt)impfuni]. 

ATTAINTURE, s. bcr asbr»urf, ^abct, 
Sdtiiiipf, bie Sc^aube. 

Tu ATTEMPER, v. a. 1. burc^ Scimi= 
fdjung fc^macbcn, vcrbitunen, niiU 
bern;'2. lUiifiigcu, biimpfen, bcfaiifti= 
gen ; 3. gcbin-ig vcvmifd)cn ; 4. bc= 
ftimmcn, anorbiicn, ciiivid)tcn, fin= 

ra ATTRMPT, r. rt. 1. »crfnd)cii, iim= 
gen ; 2. angreifcn, ftcb ycrgreifen an. 

ATTEMPT, 5. ]. bcr 2jcrfucii, ba§ \\n- 
tcrncbmcn, Unterfangeu, aBageftiicf ; 
2. ber 5lugriff, ^'Infcblag, ?5rcycl; to 
make an — on a man's life, eiuClU uad) 
bent ?ebeu trad;tcu. 

A'lT'EMPTABLE, adj. ?(itgriffcu auggc= 

A'lTEMPTER, s. bcr llKtcviicbiuer, 51it= 

To ATTEND, r. I. a. 1. bcglcifCU, fcf= 

geu; 2. nadigcf)cu, nadjftcUcit; 3. 
abmartcn, bcforgcn, pftcgcn ; 4. 
ten, crwartcn ; o. jugcgcn fc^u; to. — 

mass, in bte 3}Jcffc gcllCll ; to — a meet- 
ing, eincr Scrfanimluug beiWDf)ncu; 
attended hy, bcglcitct V^OUj attended 
with diflk-uities, mit SdiuHcvigfcitcu 

yerfniipft; cmnfoit attending a misfor- 
tune, bcr S;roft bci eincm llngliiif ; 
II. JI. 1. auf (Stiuag ad)teit, aufm'evfcii, 
eg bcmcrfen ; 2. aufiuartcn, bebicncn ; 
10 — to, auf (Stiimg 9lcl;t babctt, 91d)= 
tuug gebeu, aufmcrffant fc»n ; to — to 
one's devotion, fciitc 'iliibad)t »crrid; = 
ten; he attendea at dinner, cr \l\\X 
tnittagg bci 2;tfc^e. 
ATi'ENDANCE, s. 1. bic SSartung, 
$flegc; 9lufamrtuug; 93cbicnuug; ber 
Sicitft; 2. bie sikglcitiitig, 3ricncr= 
fd)afr, bag ©cfolgcj 3. bie l'lnivcfci!= 
licit, ©cgcnmart, bag (Jrfdieiucn; 
4. bie 9lufmer£fainfcit; to he in—, 

ATTENDANT. I. adj. bcglcitcilb, fol= 

genb ; anrocfcub; lis. bcr *ilufaiartcr, 
bie ^lufiiHirtcrinn, ber SBcbicute; 23c= 
gleitcr ; Ticuftpflidjtigc ; gd^ii^ling ; 
>Jlurocfcnbc, .gicifer; a disease with 
its attendants. CtUC Jtrautbcit Utit t()= 

rent ganjcn ©efclgc, mit ifjrcit SoU 
AiTEXT. a'lj. aiifiitcrffam. 

ATTENTATES, s. ;»/. L. T. bag tinbcr= 

red)tHd)e SScvfabvcn eincg 0erid;tcg 
gegeu bobcre 5l3cfcb[e. 
A'lTENTlON, i.s. bic ^Infmerffainfcit; 
5(d)t; H. int. Mil. T. 51(|tung ! 

ATTENTIVE {adv. — iy), adj. aufmcrf- 

fam, ad)tfani ; {adj. — to, . . . auf. . .), 

ATTENTIVENESS, *. bic 9lufnicrf fant= 

ATTENUANT, adj. Berbiiitnctib. 
To ATTENUATE, v. a. ScrbiinucH ;^. 

ocrringern, yeriniubern, yerfleineri. 

ATTENUATE, adj. ycvbiiiuit, fn. yef 

ringert, nerflcincrt. 
ATTENUATION, (— ing), s. bie gSer> 

biinnutig, SScrringcrung j tai 9Scv 

biinucn, SScrringcrn. 
To ATTERRATE, v. v. i. »erscl)rcii ; 

2. burd) bag 3>crsebrcn bilben. 
ATTERRATION, s. bcr 9luwad;g beg 

Ufcvg, bai? 3;rpcfncu beg .^obeng. 
To ATTEST, v. a. 1. bcjcugcu; 2. jiun 

3cugcn aurufcn. # 

ATTESTATION, s. bic 5?e5cugnng, bcr 

Scuicig burc^ 3f"'lf« ; bag 3fi"l"il5, 


ATTESTOR, s. bcr 3cugc. 
i-"Tlc, I. adj. attif*, at(;cuicnftfd); — 

tLsc, cine 9lrt Supbcben, bcren ftc^ 

bte altcn S^aumciftcr in bcr jonifcbcn 

nub ciiiige DIcucre in btr borifc^en 

Drbnuujj^ bcbicntcn ; — story, ber 

cberfte fetotf, tag 'J^adjgcfdiofj ; H. 

s. .arch. T. 1. bie attifc^e'Saulcnorbt 

nung; 2. bie 2;ad)|lubc, bcr Ucbcvs 

fa(j, bag \jMtt Storfivcrf. 
ATTicisJi, s. bie attifd)e 5cint)cit im 

■3lcben, fciiie 3?cbengart. 
ATTlciZfc. t '.a. bcr attifd)cn Sicbciigi 

art gleic^fcrmig madjcn; ii. n. at= 

tifc^ rtben, ober fcf)rcibcn. 
ATTIRE, s. 1. bie Jilcibuiig, 5:rad)t, 

ber iJlnjug, %\x%, (Sd)mucf / 2. attires, 

s. fi. Sp. T. tag ©civcif). 
To ATTIRE, V. a. anflcibcit, bc!lcibc!i, 

fdjmi'icfcn, pu^eii, jieren. 
ATTIRER, s. bcr ^cflcibcnbc, (5(^mii= 

ATT'iTUDE, s. bie Steduug, Scibcg- 

A'TTOLLENT, adj. tn bic .P)6&e bcbcnb, 


To ATTORN, or Atturn, v.n. L. T. iU 

ncn neucn ^tgctitbiimer ancrfenncn 
nub ^ebcn unb 5pad)t von tfjm mi)- 
men, ii)m f)ulbigen. 

ATTORNEY, s. bc'r 9lnwalt, (2ad)»al* 
ter, 9lbyofat; fiscal; bcsplimac^^ 
tigte, 3lgcnt, ®cfd)affgfii()rer; — ge- 
neral, ber ®cncralfi»cal (bcr inncr= 
l;alb bcr (Sd;taufcn fvvid)t); letter 
(power) of—, bie fd}viftlid;e §BoU- 

ATTORNEYSHIP, s. bie Slnnjaltft^flft, 
Sprocnratnr; bag Btgcalat. 

ATTORNMENT, s. /.. T. bag Sc^engs 

To ATTRACT, v. a. anjie(}cn ; an ftdb 

Kicbcn; rcisen. 
ATTRACTABILITY, s. bie Sttljie^ 

ATTRACTABLE, adj. anjic^bar, ail' 

ATTiiACTiON, s. bte aiijicljcnbe jtraft ; 

2lnsiebung, 9Jeijung, bcr Sieij. 

ATl^E ACTIVE {adv. —ly), adj. ail' 

jij^enb; reijenb. 
ATT'RAOTiVENHes, bic 5lit5ic^ungg* 

ATTRACTOR, s. b -r cber bag 3lit- 


AITRAHENT, I. t. sivg-. bag ail ftC^ 

jiclicnbe, rcijeiibe "iing. 
ATTUECT.ATION, s. bag (oftcrc) Se=j 

fitt)Icn, SBcfaften. 

ATfRIBUTABLE, adj. SUJufd;rctbflt, 

To ATTKIBUTE, v. a. jufdjrctteu, 

beilcgcn, jucigucn; bcimcffcn. 
ATTRIBUTE, .'. 1. bag 9Utribut, bie 

(bcigclegtc) 6'igcHfd)aft, ri)arafteri.' 

ftifctie i^efd;affcubeit ober yjcigting ; 

2. bag l^cisciiteit, 3ctd)cn, luJcrf- 

mal, (Sbicii5cict)cn. 
ATTIUBUTION, .'-. 1. bie Buciguniig; 

2. C5-ig?nfd)iiff, bcr iUirjug; 3. bte 

C^mpfeblung, bag ^'ob. 
ATTRIBUTIVE, I. oi/j. jucigiteiib bkile* 

genb ; IL s bag 'i^eilegciuort. 




TTRrrE, adj. a'Ogcvicbcit, aOgcnu^t. 
ArTRiTENESS, s. btc ^Ib^evicbeiil^eit, 

ATTRITION, s. 1. btc 5lbrctbuiig, 3er= 

re tbuitj] ; 2. /«■■ 'A. T. '^ahmid)nng, 

bcS .^erseii^, ©eeleiiatti])! 
To ATTUNE, v. a. 1. ftinnucit, tijttcnb 

madjcti; 2. woblEHiigeub, l^avmouifd)- 

tbitciib mac^cit. 
AUBURN, adj. bitnfdbi-aitu, foI;i»ars= 

fciMun, lo^fai'teii. 
AUCTION, s'bic 9luction, iBcrfictjje; 

rung, QSevgnntuitg. 

AUCTIONARY, arij. jur 5lllctioit flC^ 

AUCTIONEER, s. bcr 5lucttouatov, 

7'o AUCTIONEER, v. a. VCraUCttOlli; 

reit, oerftcigcvit, iicrgaittcii. 

AUDACIOUS (adv. — Lv), adj. fiibtl, 

seviuegen, bvcift, fred?. 
AUDACIOUSNESS, s. bte iBcr>t>fgcn= 

f)ctt, Sretfttgfctt, Si-cri;(;ett, Uuuci-= 

AUDAcrry, s. bic Stuf)n^nt, S)vci= 


AUDIBLE {ado. — bly), adj. prbat, 

laut, yerncl)mltc^. 

AUDIBLENESS, s. bic .gorbatfeit, 

AUDIENCE, s. 1. bte Slnfionmg; 2. 
Slubtenj, baS ©cbor; 3. bie 3uWvcv, 
bus Slubitovtum; to give — , @c^6r 
nebert ; to be admitted to — , @el)Or 
jlllbClt; — chamber, haS 3(ubtCll5=, 

<B\n-ad>', 5tufprcc^= obcr 3iitvitt^= 

AUDIT, s. X. r. bic Untcrfucf^img unb 
giblcgmig ctncv 3ied)iiuug. 

To AUDIT, V. a. L. T. CtllC 9Jcc|)nU113 

uutcrfnd)cit, vriiffit. 
AUDIT-HOUSE, s. bcr .^Brfat. 
AUDITIVE adj. %\x Ijorcit fabig, nut 

gutcm ©ebor. 
AUDITOR,^. l.bcr3"lH^i^t'' ; 2.A.r. Uit= 

tcrfuci)cr ber 9ltd)iiuiigcn, (Joutrclciir. 
AUDlTORSHip, s. ba« (?iMilvoIIcurajiit. 
AUDITORY, I. adj. b.i3 ®cl)ci' bctrcf= 

fcilb •, — nerves, bie ®CpVllCV»Clt ; — 

organ, baS Ocfjoiov^rtii; II. s. baS 

9htbitovium, bet ^bvfaal; bie 3ii= 

AUDITRESS, s. bte 3llI)0VCVtlt. 
AUGER, s. T. ber grc^e 33ol)rer bcr 

3immevleutc, <Staitgeiibo()rcr, bcr 

©dnilvboljrer, 5Puinvenbo^vcr (bcr 

©d)iff^jtminerlcute) ; — bit, bte 

S3obrfc6iUjJe ; screw or twisted — , 

ber (£c|uccfcnbobrcr. 
AUGHT, s. tvgenb (StivflS, Gt»a3. 
r« AUGMENT, )). I. a sevme^rcn; ait= 

fc^eii ; II. n. ftc^ uevmeljreii, siiuefjineit. 
AUGMENT, isA. bie 93enucb= 

AUGMENTATION, > ritiig, Suna^mc ; 

(Stetgevuug ; 2. ber ^\\\<i%, ba3 Ser= 

mebrcit. « 

AUGMENiABLE, adj. ijcrmc^rbar. 
AUGMENTATIVE, adj. ucrme()reiib. 
AUGMENTEU, s. ber SGcriiic^^rcr, bag 


AUGSBURGii, s. 5Iitg«burg (Stabt). 
AUGUR, s. ber 2Ba^rfager (aitS bcm 

To AUGUR, V. I. a. tocifTagcit, inutl}= 

mageii, n^iten ; n. n. (nus 2>Jcrfina= 

leit) «crmut^cii kffen ; beiiten aitf. 
AUGURATION, s. bic SSciffaguitg, 

AUGURIAL, adj. jitiK SSa^vfagcu gc- 


AUGUROUS, adj. sortebcuteitb, atjnenb. 
AUGURV, s. 1 bie aSabi'faguitg, 51Bttf= 

fagung ; 2. iBovbcbcutuitg, 'atx^^ 31it= 


AUGUST, s. ber 3lu3iift, (Srittcmonat. 
AUGUST, adj. grop, evl;abc:t, fje^r, 

^errlt^, burc^landjtiflft. 


AUGUSTA, s. Slugmla (Jrniieitiiitme). 
AUGUSTAN, adj. 1. auguftifc^ ; 2. 

aiig»burgifr^ ; — confession, bie aug§= 

burgifcf)e (Joiifeffti?ii. 
AUGUSTINE, vid. Austin. 

AUGUSTNESS, s. bie .^o^eit, Grlja; 

beiit)cit, SBiirbe (in ben @eftd)t«= 

AUGUSTUS, s. ?lugujliiJ, Slugufi, 

AUK, s. ber 2ll£ (eiite 5lvt S)3apagct= 

AULic, adj.ya einem .^ofe gc^ijng; — 

council, ber J^ofratl). 
AUNT, s. bie :taute, 3)Ju^ine; Safe; 

great — , bic ©roB^S^aute. 
AURATE, «. bte Jtijniglbivn, ©olbbtni. 

AURATED, adj. bClU ®olbe glctc^. 

AURELiA, s. 1. 5lurelia, (5vaueitna= 
me) ; 2. bte $iipVf» S^i^iiUJ^c (ooii 
SufcEten in ti)rcr evfieit iBermaub; 

AURIC, adj. jiiiri ®Dlbe ge{)ijvig. 

AURICLE, s. 1. bag (inhere Dljrj i 

AURICULA, s. brtS aSariJbrlem, bic 

AURICULAR, adj. 1. bflS D&r ober.§o= 
ren bctvcffctib ; 2. bin-bar; 3. iiiiiitb= 
Itc^ iibei-Iragcit, fortgc(.ifIanjt ; — 
confession, bi'c D^rcnbcic^te; — tra- 
dition, ntiiitblid)e Ueberltefening ; — 
tube, cin.§iJrobi^. 

AURICULAULY, adii. XWh C^r, I)cim= 

AURICULATE, adj. bcm Obrc glctd). 

AURIFEROUS, adj. ®olb fii{)venb, golb= 

AURIGATION, s. bag gu^rwcfcu. 

AURIPIGMENTUM, s. vid. Orpiment. 

AURIST, s ber Obrenarjt. 

AURORA, s. 1. bie Slurora; 2. 9)Jor= 
genrotbe ; 3. ber .jpabucnfuB ('Jlrt 
JttanuiiEel) ; — boreaiis, bet 3flotb= 
fdtein, ba« 5brblid)t. 

AURUM FULMINAl^S, s. baS Jlllatt^ 


AUSCULTATION, s bag 3«!)'5rCU, 3"= 

(}Ot(tcn, gaufc^cit. 

To AUSPICATE, v. a. It. tegitnfligcn, 
»ot)i tvoUen; 2. vorauSbcbeuteu; 3. 
eiii @efcf)aft bcginncit. 

AUSPICE, s.\. bie 5Bogetfd)au, S?abt= 
fd)aii, bagaUabtfagch au« bcm Sdigc 
unb ©efange bcr iSiJgel ; bie aSovbc= 
beiitting ; 2. fig. ber eci^iife, <Sit)irnt 
(eiueS i§6bcrcu), bie 51iifftrt)t ; ber 
(giinftigc) 6iufliiji; bic 93egiiiifli= 
gung ; undi;r tlie an.spices, itntcr bcr 
•Seitung; aug bent 2)hinbe ; am Scf)v= 
ftu^le; * unter bcu Sittigeu. 

AUSPICIOUS [adv. — i.v), ndj. 1. 

®[M wciffagenb, gtiidlic^ ; 2. 9iin= 

fttg, geneigt, roofjhvollciib. 
AUSPiciousNESs, s. bet giinftigc 9ln= 

fd)ein, bag ©liicf. 
AUSTER, s. T. ber Siibwtnb. 

AUSTERE, [adi:. — ly) adj. 1. flrcngc, 

tiart, ranb, nnfreunblid) ; 2. fjetbe. 
AUSTERENESS, ' s. 1. bie Strenge, 

^Dartc, Unfrcunblic^feit; 2. bcr t)erbc 

AUSTERITY, s. 1. bic Strcngc, :&artc 

Sebcngart, Jlaftciung beg ?cibcg ; 2. 

jtrcnge, f;artc 3"d)t, ©ranfuniEeit. 
AUSTIN, .«. 5lugnftinug, 5Iugufitn ; — 

friar, bet l>luguftinctmijn(^'; — nun, 

bie *ilngnfti!i'ctnpnnc. ' 
AUSTRAL, ndj. fiibliit : — signs, bic 

fiiblic^en ^imntelgsctrocn. 
AUSTRALASIA, s. 9liifitalaftcn. 
AUSTRIA, «. Oeftrcid). 
AUSTRIAN, t. adj. oftteic^if^ ; H. s. 

bet Deftfeid)cr. 
AUSTRINE, (idj. fiiblid). 
1 AUSTROM.WCY s. ba« a8a[;tfagcn 

aug ben SBinbcn. 

AUTKENTIC:, \adj eSl 

AUTHENTICAL (idv. — ly). \ tbCBi 
tifd), glaubtviirbig, cc^t, ben?abrt. . 

AUTHENTICALNESS, > s. btC 3lutl)en« 
AUTHENTICITY, \ ttcitat, 

©laiibaM'irbigtcif, lSc^tl;eit, 93e« 

To AUTHENTICATE, v. a. IcglaufcU 

gen, bejeugen, beifafjven. 
AUTHOR, s. 1. bet Url)eber ; 2. ©tifter, 

©tiftcrin; 3. 5hitor (and) Sluctov), 

5Berfaffcr, Sc^jtiftftcIIer. 
AUTHORESS, s. 1. bic Ur^ebtrtn ; 2 


AUTHORITATIVE (adv.— hy), adj. 1. 

tcBoUinadltigct; 2. l;errtfc^, gebietca 
rifd), abfpredienb. 

iiiadittgEctt; 2. bag wititige 5lnfcben. 

AUTHORITY, .s. 1. bte rtcfefema^tge, 
rcd)tmamgc 2)iad)t nnb ©cnialf ; bag 
9lnfef)cn, bie ©ewalt, SSic^ttgEeit ; 
93Dllmad)t; 2. bag 3f"9"ii5 ('1M* 
Sdnnftcn) ; 3. bie®laubn)iirbigfeit; 
4. ©vlaabnif), gtcibeit; of one's own 
— , nad) cignein ®itfbiinfcn ; on tiie 
— of, Bcred)ttgt burc^ ; from good — , 
ang ftc^crct .§anb; authoritie.s, pi. bie 

Sebovbcn ; from the best authorities, 

aug ben beftcn OitJ^lIen, aug bcu 

AUTHORIZATION .?. 1. btc S8eyptl- 
miic^^ang, fe<-vecfetigung; 2. S8cfla= 
tigung, ©iiltigmac^ung, ^efabigung. 

T'/authorize, v. <7. 1. be«jpUmad)=! 
tigcn, Itcrcd)tigcrt ; 2. gutijeifjen, bil-- 
ligeitr rcd)tfvtccf)cn, fiir rec^tmapig 
crEKircn, rec^tfertige n ,• 3. fceftiittgen, 
giiltig inad)en. 

AUTHORSHIP, s, bic 5lKtorf^aft, 

AUTOBIOGRAPHY, s. bie (%dbflbc* 
fc^rcibnng feineg ?ebeng. 

AUTOCHTHON, s. bct ©rbc entfsrnns 
gene, ©rbgeborne, Itrcinmobner. 

AUTOCRASY, s. bte unat^b^^ittgisf. 
f}o^^t ®cn)alf, ©geninadit. 

AUTOCRAT, > ^ <BilMbtXX* 
AUl'OCRATER, ^*r J, '/ ^"«?iy"* 

ALT^ocRATic, } ndj. bie becbflc nn= 
AUTOCRATICAL, 3 brfdjtartEtc ©ctcall 

AUTO-DA-FE. s. bflS .tefecrgfvtc^t, bte 

Jlcfect»rtbrcnnung (in S^Jonien uni 


xVUTOGRAPH, \s.i. btc ^'igcnfdjttft ; 
AUTOGRAPHY. 5 2. Urfc{)rift. 
AUTOGRAPHAL, fadj. ctgcnbaubig, 
AUTOGRAPHICAL, > gefc^vtebea, wr-^ 


AUTOMATH, s. ber Selbflgclebrte. 
AUTOMATIC, ) adj. 1. ftci) felbft bc= 
AUTOMATICAL. > tcegcnb ; 2. unfrct- 

willig ; 3. getfllog. 
AUTOMATON, s. bag ?liitpmat, bt« 

ftc^ felbfl tierocgenbe 3)iflfd)inc. 

AUTOMATOUS, ndj. .ftC^ fclbfl lofKi- 

gcnb, antomatifc^. 
AUTONOMOUS, adj.^X^ felbft ®efe^<- 

AUTONOMY, s.'i. bte ^tcibeit nad) 

cignen ©cfc^en ni lekn, (scrniinf- 

ttgc) 9lIIeint)crrfd)aft; 2. ber €elbp=' 

AUTOPSY, s. bag ©elbflfeficn, bt« 

(5elbftbcf(^anung, bcr 51ugcnfc^etn. 

AUTOPTICAL {adv. — ly). adj. m\\ 

fcinen eigncn 5(ugcn gefebcn, nac^ 

eigncr a3cftd)tignng (g3cobad)tung). 
AU'ITTMN, s, ber .^'crlifit. 
AUTUMNAL, adj. {)erbftlid), 
AUXESIS, s. Rhct. T. bie 0?nticitenii!g, 

9lngcinanbcrff^ung, a]ermcbtiing, 


AUXILIAR, I I. adj. bclfcub, JUt •'oilU 

I AUXILIARY, S fc, i;iilfrfid) ; nux-i«n 




jfinres, ^iilfSoolffr, ^iUf§fnH)Ven , 

— verb. baS-^iilfsjeitaiovt; II s.siirff. 
Hv .^ulfelcifl'cube, ^^ciftaub, fcie ^:U= 

ft; pi. auxiliaries, Wte auxiliary forces. 
7'o AVAIL, V. I. a. liufeeit, ^clfci! Jll ; 

bcgunftts^eii, ljefi>vbcvu ; l»ci)tcf)cii ; 

to — one's eelf of. fid) JU 9'Jll^e jna= 

cftcn, l^eiui^f II, bebtcucn ; a. n. nufe= 
lic^ fci)it, iiii^eii. 
A.VAIL, s. bcv 91ufeen, 93ovt[)ciI, (gi-tvaa. 

AVAILABLE (.arlv. — bly), adj. 1. 

uiifelid), porthcilf^ift ; 2. /.. 7\ gul= 
ttfj, julafftg, flatf^aft, !rafttg. 
/lvailableness, s. 1. bic 9liiijlicbfctt, 
3lu^bai'fcit ; 2. 7.. v. bie Oiiltigfeit, 

AVALANCHE, s. bie ©d^itcctvalse, bev 
©cfjiiceHumpcit, bie Saiviiie (m ben 
fc^rBeijcdfc^eii Sllpeitcjegeiibeii). 

AVANT GUARD, vld. Vangd.*.rd. 

AVARICE, s. bci- Ocij, bie 4^abfuc{)t. 

AVARICIOUS (adv. — ly), adj. gcijifl, 

farij, ^aOfiic^tig. 

AVARiciousxEss. s. bte Stax^^dt, 
bet ©fij, ^abfiic^ttgfcit. 

AVAST, int. Sea Exp. I)alt ! ^alt alt 1 

mac^t foft ! 
AVAUiVT, int. fort! tuc^ ba ! I;inaus! 

Ijebe bic^ weg ! patfe bic^ ! • 
AVE-MARY, s. has 2loe SOiavia, ber @n= 

gclSgrup (gcijvu^ct [e^fi 2)u 2)?arta !). 
AVEN'ACEOUS, adj. jU bCIU cgaftC gc= 

feorig, I)afcvarttg. 
AVENAGE, s. bcr ^gafcrjiitS, bic ^a= 


AVENER, ) s. ber donh-ollcm; beS 
AVENOR, i 2)?avftaflc^, Staliucrwali 


To AVENGE, v. a. v'iA)tn ( — one's self 
of.. , fic^ — an . . .) ; a{)nbeii, ftrafen. 

AVENGEMENr, .9. bie 3iaci)e; ?U)ii= 
bung, S8cjtvafn«g ; ba« gjiuteii 
u. f. w. 

AVENGER, s. bcv 93eftvafcr, Slacijer. 

AVENS, s. ba§ 33cncbiftenEraut {Omm. 

— /,.). 

AVENTURE, s. L. T. ber ungliicflic^e 
3ufall, ber tUus iUJcnfc^cn iSob jnr 

Sofge t^at, vid. Adventure. 

AVENUE, s. ber (gcraninige, freie) 
3ugang (in einem sBalb)', bie i^lllce, 
bee @aug. 

To AVER, V. a. dXi \Vi\\)x beiceifcn, Be= 
«)al)rcn, befrafligeu. 

AVERAGE, L s. 1. ber Surd;fd6nitt } 
2. M. Ers. bie «&aferei, ^Piauavie, 
2l»arie, (bcr aSerluft, bcu cin Jtauf; 
ntaim buvc^ ^cfcbabignng bes Sc^ijf^, 
»»u "edjiif cbcr ^ajaarcn fcibet) ; small 
ir petty — , bic gcntftne ober Heine 
i^aferei ; general — , bie gvo^cgaft; 
rci; bie glcic^e S^fieilnug; on (upon) 
an — , iiit 2)urc£)fc^nittf, @in3 in« 
yinbere gcrcc^itct; u. adj. — price, 
bcr aJJittelprcig, 5)ur{i)fd()uitt«V''rei«. 

To AVERAGE, v. I. a. cineu Surcft= 
fcbni»«,vi"ci3 inac^en ; in glctcbe 
Sheilc t[)ei(crt ; IL n. iiu Surcbf^nitt 
rcc^neU ; the fall of snow averageii lull 
twenty inches, bcr Sci)Ufe lag (im 
Surcbfc^nittgeuoinmcn), solle iroan= 
jig 3oll lioc^. 

AVERMENT, s. 1. bcr 33cwei«, bie -Se= 
trdftiguug; 2. baS Slnerbieten be« 
33e£[agten, etue @rcc»)tiou \\\ bewci= 
fen, u'nb ber sSctpci^ berfelben. 

KVERNAT, s bic burgunbift^c 23ein= 
traube, ber cc^te 3}ur,ytnber. 

'ifo AVERRUNCATE, v. a. aulwursellt, 


wijRRUXCATiON,*. bie 5}Iu§vottniig. 
tVERSATioN, .«. bie 3Unicigung, ber 

aBibcrroiUe, 9Ibfd)eu. 

WERSE, aij. abgeneigt, itngiinfttg, 

juroiber ; I am — to or from it', ba« tfi 

miv jumiber ; he is — to physic, cr 

ainimt nic^t gem cin. 

AVERSELY, adc. mit aBibcriinllcu, 

AVERSENESS, s. bic Slbgcnctgt^cit, ber 


AVERSION, s. ber aBibcrwidc, 3lbf($cu. 
To AVERT, V. I. a. 1. ivcgwenbtu, wcg= 

fe^rcit, abjicf)en ; 2. abnjenben, ab= 

weiibig macf)cn; n. 71. ftc^ abwcnbcn. 
AVERTER, s. bcr SUnuenber, a3ertrct= 

AViARi, s. ba« 33ogclf;au3, bie ^OogcU 


AViDiousLY, adv. gicrig. 
AVIDITY, i-. bie SGcgierbe, CiJierigfeit. 

AVISEiVIENT, vid. Ad\isement. 

ADVOCATION, s. 1. bie Slbnifung ; 

9IbbaUung, ba5 .§inberni^; 2. ®c= 

frfjiift, bie 5Serrid;tang, bcr $)eruf. 
7'» AVOID, V. I. a. 1. nicibcn, »crmei= 

ben; ausweid;cn, auS bcm SBcge gc= 

ben; 2. cntgei)en, cnftommeu; 3. 

ucrliiffcn, vaumen; 4. ausiecrcu, wcg= 

fd)afTen, »on \X(i) gcbcu ; 0. scrciteln, 

aufbcbeit, iingiilttg macbeu; n. n. 

crlebigt ober leer werben. 
AVOIDABLE, adj. 1. ucrineibliit ; 2. 

anf^ubcbeii, wibcrruflicl). 
AVOIDANCE, s. 1. bie iBcrincibung ; 

2. 5lbleitung, 9(uff)cbung, bcr 3ijibcr= 

vuf ; 3. bie.(SrIebigung,'2?acan5. 
AVOIDER, s. 1. ber (bie, baS) SDJeibeu^ 

be; 2. 2Begfcbaffcnbe, 5lbleitcube, 

2Bcgfii()rciibe ; 3. ba« ®efap, worin 

(SlioaS iueggefc^ajft unrb. 
AVOIDLESS, adj. unvcrmcibltci). 
AVOiR-DU-POis, s. bag gcmeine ®t- 

wic^f, ,^ramergcmicl)t uon IG Unjcn. 
To AVOUCH, V. a. 1. bcbauvtcn, bc= 

tbfucrn, «evfid)ern; anfiil)rcn; 2. 

ved)tfcrtigen, gut beiecii. 
AVOUCiiKR, s. ber 33ebanVtenbe. 
AVOUCiiMENT, s. bie (Srflaruug, 33e= 

To AVOW. V. «. 1. gcfieben, bcfcnnen, 

anerfcnncu ; 2. ucrti^cibigcit, beljau^s 

AVOWABLE, adj. ju bcfcimcn, 5U »cr= 

AVOWAL, s. baS SScfenntnij}, ®epanb= 

nip, bic (Srfiarung. 3lusfage, 
AVOWEDLY, flrfe. frei,,offcntIi($ (bc= 

fennciib) nad^ bcm (eigenen) ©ejtanbi 

AVOWEE, s. bcr ,Jltrc^cn^atro«, md. 


AVOWER. s. ber S3elenncr, 33ef)anv= 
tcr, aScrt^cibiger, a^crfiinbiger. 

AVOWRY, .9. /.. T. bie SSertbeibigung, 
(Sc^nfefcbrift. _ 

AVULSED, adj. abgenffcit, wcggeviffen. 

AVULSION, s. bic ^Ibrcifiuiig, aBcgrei= 

Tu AWAIT, V. a. crwartcn, abwartcn, 

cntgegcufef^en ; awaiting your reply, 

&c., 31}rcr SIntwort cntgegcufcljenb, 

n. f. w. 

AWAIT, s. + ber ^interbalt, bie Saner. 
To AWAKE, V. I. a. itcifcii, aufa'Cifcn, 

cnuccf en ; IL n. erwacben, aufanifbcn. 
AWAKE, adj. tuac^, wacbcnb, munter, 

ld)IafIo§ ; to be — . warben ; to lie — , 

fc^laf(o« (im sOctte) licQcn ; to keep 

— , munter er^alteii, am ia4)(afc ^in= 

bcrn. • 

To AWAKEN, V. a. vid. To Awake. 

AWAKENER, s. bcr 2Bctftr, (Sr»c= 

To AWARD, I). L n. /.. T. ciu Itrtbcil 

fallen, m1[)citen ; u. a. gcrid)tlid) ju^ 

fpredjcn, suerfenncn. 
AWARD, s. X. T. bas lUt[)cil, bcr 

(fiticli»rid)tcvlid)e) 31u«fprud;, Q3c= 

fcbcib, bic Scntcnj. 
AWARDER, s. bcr 3^id;tcr, Sc^icb§= 

AWARE, ndj. gcivabr, anf fciiter .<5nt 

aufmcrlfam, ac^tfam; yen (StiiHis 

wiffenb ; unterrid)tct, iibcrjrugt feiin; 
to be — of a thing, (StllUlS gcivabl 

werbcn, Jlcnntnitl babrn »on, nid)t 
unbcfanut fesjii (ciiicm) ; 3ld)t gcbcu ; 

. not — of, nid)t abncnb; ere' l was — 
clje ic^ cS mir serfab, cl;c id) ca vcr^ 
mutbcte, cl}c id; mid) ba»or biitec 

To AWARN, V. a. + teanicn. 

AWAY ado. 1. abrocfeiib ; 2. weg, 
fort; 3, fovt! wcg! bimi-'tg! to make 
— , bas ®arau3 mac^cn'; ftcljlen, 

»crfd)mcnbcn ; he drinks — his eslRt«-. 
er ycrfaiift fcin SScrmiJgcn; he mad*-.. 

— with himself, cr ^at'fid) baS £cbe;i 
gcnommcn; — with her! >veg mil 
tbv ! — with this ! wcgbamit! nebmt 
bcS weg ! laugh — ! ii'iir ju gelac^t ! 
file — ! fcbiep JU ! come — ! tocg ba ! 
lomm t)cr! 

AWE. s bic (?brfurd;.t ; (2d)cu, 'gnrc^l ; 
ber Sd'i'iucr'; bai5®raufcu; to stand 
in — of, fid) fd)eucn, fiivd^fen yor 

To AWE. ?;. a. @brfurd)t ciiiflijpcu ; in 
^•^rfurc^t, in gurdtt baltcn, ?iurc^t 
ciujagen ; f4>eu mad[)cn ; graufcn ; m 

— one into obciiience, (Siucu (burc^ 

Snrd;t) juiu ©cborfam bringcn. 
AWEARY, adj. mitbc, crmattct. 
AWEiGH, adj. jV. t. nufgclittit (fent- 

red)t) ; the anchor is — , bcr 5lnfcr '\\\ 


AWFUL {ado. — fclly), ndj. cbrfurr^t= 

crrcgcnb, furc^tbar ; gra'ncnhafr. 
AWFULNESS, s. bic (\iivd)tbavfcit, 

geierlid;feit; ba34^)raucnbaftc. 
AWHILE, ade. cinc 3cit laug.' 

AWKWARD {adn. — ly), adj. UUgC* 

fd)trff, liuf, tijlpifd), unmanicrl[(fe, 
unbef)olf<n, grob; vlumy, fd;werfdU 

AWKWARDNESS, *. btC Ungcf(^irf= 

Iid)fcit, ba§ tolvifd)c SBcfcii, tic 
^Inmpbeit, 2)umml;cit, Unbcl)plfciu 

AWL, s. bie 9lble, ajfricmc, bcrOrt. 

AWLESS, adj. 1. uncbrcrbictig ; 2. ebr- 
furd)t§loS, unanfc()nlid) (gcring an 

AWi\, s. bie 9U)me, D^mc 

AWNS, s. pi. bic ® ranncn, ^.;igcn, Slgctii, 

AWNING, 5. ba« 3flf/ (5onncn|cU, bie 
2;ad)ung (2)ccfe iiber eincm Sc^iffe, 
?pad'ctbootc, ®ampfi"d)iffe, u. f. w.). 

AWORKiXG, adv. ill bcc ^Irbcit, iiber 
bcr 5lrbcit, arbcitcnb. 

AWRY, adj. c^- ndo. 1. fd)icf, friimm, 
unebcn, ungl.cid); son bcr Scitc, 
fcitn.nirt§; fcbiclenb; 2. uerfcbrt. 

AX, AxK, .1. bie 9U-t, bas iki(; bie 
.§auc, .§acfe ; — head, bcr Dbcrt^cil 
ber 3lrt; cross—, bie Stid^ajt; fell 
ing — , bie 23albart; junk — , ba3 
J?erbbcit (jnm Jta).ipcn bcr Slane) ; 

pole — , (boarding — , battle — ), bt? 

Streitart, bag G'ntcrbcil; — vetch, 

— wort, bag i^eilfraut, bie SSogcliDts 

uC {Sccvridict — 7^.). 

AXIL, s. bie 3ld;fcrgvnbc. 
AXiLLAR, > ndj. jur Slcbfclgnibc ge* 

AXILLARY, 5 biJrig- 

AXIOM, s. Ph. T. bas 3b-ipm, ber alls 
gemcin ancrfinnte ®niiibfa§. « 

AXIOMATIC, \ adj. gcioiH, (bwr* 

AXIOMATICAL, J ficb fclbfi) ixmix 
fen, ancrfannt. • 

AXIS, s. T. bie 5Id)fc. 

AXLE. .1. bic '.)Id)fc am 3Libc ; — bed, 
bag 51d;fcnfnt{er ; — box, bic 3I^fen= 
bitd)fc ; — hoop, bcr S^Jabcnring, bag 
giabcnbanb; — nut, bie 9ld)fen= 
fdjraube ; — pin, ber Slc^f-nagcl, bie 
Situfe am 3Jabc^ — tree une A.\le 

— tree arm, bie isd)Wcugctftangc ; — 
tree.s JV. T. bic ';>ld)fcneiheg3tapert* : 

— washer, bcr 3ic^fenftop. 




KY.jidB. va'ff. j<t, jrt t>oc^ ; fvetltc^, (je= 

roip, bcfitllimt ; Sea Exp. ay, ay. Sir ! 

la, meiit .§ciT ! ((^ewofjnltc^cSlntnjovt 
bcr 3)fati-ofeit auf ba« (lomfitanbo 
bcS dajJttaua); —and no, {pi. ayes 
and noes, Sttiumcii bafiir uub bawi= 
ber) ja unb neiti. 

(VY, Aye, adn. 1. jit fvcitid^ ' 2. Aye, 

tmiitcr, eaiiij; for aye, auf immcr. 

AYRY, s. bie ^porfl, r;"/. Aerie. 

aZAROLE, s. bie 3l5arole, Sasarolc 
G'lrt aJJiSpcl) ill Stalicii unb bcv Se-- 

rVziMUTH, s. ^.s«. r. ba-S 9l5tmut^, ber 
(£ci)eitclfrci»,93ertifa[:3irfe[; — com- 
pass, JV. T. ber 5l5tinutl)a[jtrEcl, — 
dial, bie 3lsimut[ja[=2o»iieuu()r. 

AZOTE, s. Ch. T. ber (SticJitoff, bie 

AZOTH, s. Ch. T. ber ©ruiibfici? ober 
2»erfuriu§ ber g^ctalle. 

AZOTIC, adj. ©ticffloff eut^alteitb. 

AZURED, adj. biiiimeiblau gefarbt, 
l^immelblau, lafurfarbig. 

azure; adj. IjimmdhUui, f)oci)Mait, 
* ajunt; — of copper, bie ,^u^fcrla= 
fur; — stone, ber Safurflein. 

7b AZURE, V. a. (Stwai blau farbeu 


B.s. bas 33, b, ber jwcite Suc^flabe 
&eS 5l(p()abet«. 

Tb BAA, V. n. blofeU, viilg. bSeii. 

BAA, s. ba« SliJEeu (cines ©c^afcS). 
BAAL, s. aSaat. 

7'o BABBLE, c. I. n. I. Vf'lUbcril, 

fdjtua^eu, ^ilapperu, f(atfcl)cn; 2. 

flainmeln; IL a. aulplaubeni, mi= 


BABBLE, s. baS ®cfd)»;i^, OclWiifc^. 
BABBLEMENT, s. baS '$l'1Uberit, ©6= 


BABBLER, s. ber Sdjioa^er. 
BABBLING, arfj. fd)wa|haft, vtaubenib ; 

the — echo, ba8 i}efc^UHi^i(3C (Sct)o ; 

the —stream, ber rtcfelube Oh"i^i»c1u= 

be) Sac^. 
BABE, s. baS ftciiie Jtinb, ^Pii^Jp^en, 

BABEL, s. 1. a3abl)lon, 33abel ; 2. fig. 

SSenuirrnug ; uuregelmatjiges @i- 

mifd) ; Sdnn. 
BABERY, s. ber Jltnbevfram, ^uppeii= 

Irani, ba« Spicljeuj, bie .Rinberci. 

BABISH {adv. — i,y), adj. fiubifc^. 

BABOOX, s. ber ^ayian. 
." ABY, I. s. ba« Eleine Jtiub ; bns 3Bin-- 
jclfinb; bie!jJn^)pe; II. «rfj. aleic^ et= 
ticin J?iube, f ieiu mie tin jttub ;■, — 
house, bao ipuppeu{)au«, bie 5Pupi)eu= 
To BABY, V. a. vnk t\\\ Jlinb be^an= 

UBYiiooD, s. bie Jlinb^eit. 

BABYISH {adn. — i.v), adj. firtbifc^. 

BABYLON, «. Sabv)Iou, iBabcl. 

BtB^LONlcAL, '^. "i"^«'^''3. »Cr= 

BACCiVLAURiATE, s. bit SBiirbe eiueS 

BACCHANAL, I adj. trunfen, frbtuar: 
mcub, bifcdjautifc^ ; II. s. ber Sct)mel= 
a,tK, 3frf)brubcr. 

BACCHANALIAN, s.S,-adj. Wie Baccha- 

BACCHANALS, s. pi. bie Sacc^aitalien, 
ba« Sacd)u4fefi. 
BACCHIC, adj. baccfjatttifc^. 
BACCHUS, s. *-8acc^u8. 
BACCIFEROUS, adj. 58eeren trat^enb. 
BACCIVOROUS, adj. i^eereu frcffenb. 
BACHELOR, s. 1. ber S8accalaureu« 

furtferfle afabcmtfc^e SBiirbc); 2. 
SunggefeU, .^ageftols ; knight — , ein 
atitter BOrt ber niebrtgfleti Slaffe; 

— 'sbuttons, bie 3BaIbh)c^ui§, @am- 
metrofc, baS 2}kricnr6«(i)eu ( Lychnis 

dicecia — L.) ; bie Jtombtume {Ccn- 
tauren, montana — Z/.) ; — 'spear, bte 

fcirna^nlid)c Bfrui^t cineS auf bcu 
amerifanifrf)cu Snfelu einfjcimifc|)eu 

S'iac^tfc^attenS ( Solanum mammos-u.n 

— L). 

BACHELORSHIP, s. 1. baS 2?accalaH= 

rcat; 2. ber SuuggcfcUcufianb, bie 

BACK {or Bag), s. 1. bcr SHa^m : 2. bie 

^ufe, J. S. beor— , bie fflierfnfe; 

brewing— , ber Jliiblbottig ber 33rauer. 
BACK, s. 1. bcr aiiicfen; 2. baS J?reuj 

(eine«$ferbe«, u.f. w.) ; 3. ba«.§in= 

tertbeii, bie Slitcffeitc (eine«Singe«) ; 

JV. T. ber 9Jiicfeti eincS «tiiif Jlrumin: 

botjCo (int ®Cgcufa^ sou belly) ; — 

of tlie stern post, bcr SDutcuficyeu ; — 
of the rudder, bte f^iitterung ober 33er= 
bOppelUUgamStcuer; —of the hand, 

bie umgefef}i-te 43aub; — of a chair, 
bie Scone eines StubiS ; — of a 
coach, ber.^intcrt^cil einer Jtutfcbe ; 

— of a chimney, bie ^iutere SBanb 
ober Spfatte eincS Jtanitu* ; to lay on 
one's — , @iucm aufbiivbeu; he has 

no shirt to his — , cr \)at fciu .6cmb 

auf bent 'i(\\>t ; his — is up. er ift ge= 
rei^t, aufijebracftt, wilb (mie bie x<i- 
%m ben 9f iicfen ffiimmeu ; aut^ iron. 
von 33cr>iiac^fencn) ; to breai< one's 
— , (Sinent baS Jtrcuj ciufc^Iagen; fig. 
ibu 5U ©I'unbericbteu; —basket, bcr 
2;ragcforb, ba« 9Jcff ; comp. — blow, 
bcr S^Iag mit umgeivanbtcr 5anb ; 

— board, J^. T. bas ScbutH'et I^intcii 
an berSifebantcincS 93oote§; the — 
bone, bcr Cfiiicfcn; baS ^liicfgrat; the 

— bone of a liare. bic Seubcu etUCS 
.fiafeu; — door, bic ^intcrtbiir; ./i<r. 
bte 5IU'5fInrt)t; — freight, bie 3Jiicf= 
frac^t; — friend, ein wcrflcfltcr 
(5reunb, bcimlic^crgeiub; — ground, 
7'. ber ..^in+frgrnnb'bic SSerttefung 
(in ctne'm ©emalbe, u. f. m.) ; — 
house, ba«L6iufcrbau«, .fiinte'rgebani 
be ; — light,' bag .^intergla'J in ciucr 
Jl'utfc^c ; — part, ber iPimtcvtbeil; — 
piece, ba« SUiicfcufliiif cincr SfJiiftuug, 
U. f .W. : — paintin?, T. bic -ilxt fcf)lliar= 
jc auf ® fa* geflebte jlnpferbrucfe \n 
Del 5U malen ; — room, ber l)interc 
3?aum ; bic .^intcrflubc; — return, 
bie abermaligc 9liicffc^r ; — shop, ba« 
45iittergcro6lbc; — side, ba§ .<3inter= 
tbcil, bie 9iii>ffeite; ber i§of ober 
CfJaum ()intcr bent .^aufc ; bev 5inte= 
re ; — statr, JV. T. ber <Sounenboben= 
meffer ; — stairs, s. pi. bie .^intcrtrcp: 
pe, bfiinlift)e j;reppe ; a page of the 

— stairs, cin Jcamiitcrpage ; — stays, 
.TV. r. bic ^avbuuen, ©tags (flavfe 
2;aue jur 53cfeftigung bcr SJJafien) ; 
after — stays, ^ai'buncrt an bcu Sci= 
Uw bes (sd)iffe« l)inter ben SJJafleit ; 
breast — stays, (Scitcncarbuncn ; 
standing — stays, flcbcube ^arbuncn ; 
travelling — stays, SBorgparbuticu ber 
Stcugen; -i- stitch, bcr Stcppftic^ 
(bcim -J^abeu) ; — strap, bie ©truppe 
am Jtutf^gefc^irr ; — stroke {vid. — 

blow) : — sweep of the waves, JV. T. 
bie SBibcrfce ; — sword, ber ^anbbc; 
gen, .$icbcr, .fSaubegen, fpallafd), baS 
eiufdj'ncibige Sd)wert ; — sword man, 
bcr Seri;tcr auf ben Joieb ; — tools, 
!?i(etcn, ©tric^ ober J^abenfiempcl ber 
5.^ud)binber jum 3]crjteren bcr (S"in= 
biiube ; — woods, ./jm. bic von ben 'i\h 
legbauV) ©ebirgen u^cftlict* liegcnbcn 
llnuiilber; — woods' men, bie weigen 
"BcTOof;ner bicfcr SSalber; — wr^-m 

{vid. FiLANDEiis) ; — yard, ber .Gitttf?* 


BACK, (mZb juriicf; binteruniitg ; — , 
or — .again, Wicbcr, totebcrum ; to giva 
— , juriiifgebcn ; to look — , fig. in bte 
33ergangeubcit blicfen ; to keep — , 
nid)t yc'rabfolgcn laffcn ; a few yean 
— , »or cinigcn Sabren. 
To BACK, v.a.i. ju -^fcrbcflcigcn, (ein 
•5Pferb, n. f. xo.) beftcigen, btiiten auf-- 
ft^cn ; 2. (eiiiem) ben jRiirfcn baltcn, 
unterfiii^en, »crfbcibtgcn, red)tfcrtii 
gen, bet)aupteu ; 3. riicf anirtil trctbcn ; 
to — in, riitfmartg f)incinfabren, ge= 
()cn, 11. f. nj. ; juviicfl)aten ; jv. T-s. 
to — an anchor, ciucn Sliifcr serfats 
ten ; to — the oars, riicf luarta rubern ; 
to — the sails, bie <2c^gel bacf (juriicf) 
legen; to — a stern, btc^lientcn fireii 
c^cn ; — all a stem, (irctc^t iuSgc^ 

To BACKBITE, v. ir. a. aftcrteben, »erj 

BACKBITER, s. bcr 3?erleumber. 

BACKGAMMON, s. baS 2;i-irftracf, ^:puff= 

BACKS, s.pi. Ji/. E. bag Sobllcber ftii 
f)albcn v^iiuten). 

BACi&ET, adi. im Clitcfcn angefallcn. 

To B.\CKSLibE, V. n. jnriicfgcf)en, f,n:> 
riicfwcic^cn ; abtriinnig roerben, yow 
ber Sieiigion abfailcn. 

BACKSLIDER, s. bcr juviiif ivctt^t ; ?H>:= 

BACKWARD, Backwards, I. adv. i. 
.riicfmcirt^, juriicf ; rnrfgcingig; 2. ocrs 
M)xt; II adj. fig. 1. abgcueigt, wibrig : 
2. laugfam, tvagc, yerbroffcn, fd;laf= 
rig ; bliibc ; 3. fpat ; to be — in one's 
duty, fcine ^flici^t »ernad)tafftgcn. 

BACKW ARDL Y, arfo. 1. abgcncigt, wi' 
bcririllig ; 2. ocrft^rt, iibef. 

BACKWARDNESS, s. 1. bie9lbgcucigt= 
l)cit bcr SEibcrmiilc ; 2. bie Sangfain* 
feit, SSragbett. 

BACON, .?. bcr ©pecf ; a gammon of — , 
ber S^infcn; — hog, baS ^Waft^ 
fcfjweiu ; to save one's — , vu7g. ffc{l 
vor ©cbabcu f)iiteit, fid) bcranJmi- 
cfelii, mit bcifcr c^aut 'i>c[)>on fommcn. 

BACULOMETRY, s. Mit. T. boS aJJcf* 

fen (einer ©ntfcrnung) mit etabcn. 

BAD {ad.v. — ly), adj.i. fOjlcc^t, fd^lillltn, 

bofe, libel; 2. fc^abltcb, ungefmib; 3. 

franf ; — fortune, Ungliicf ;'— hours, 

SfJadjtjlimbcn (in jtranfbeitcn) ; to 

keep — hours, beg SlbcnbS fpcit nad) 

i(5aufc fommcn. 
B/XDGE, .?. ba« Sfifften, ^^ennjetf^eti, 

5l)Jcrfmal ; Drbeng5cid)cit. 
r« BADGE, P.O. i5cid>eii, bcseic^nen. 
B.\DGEll. s. 1. ber £^ad)«; — lesged, 

barf)«bcinig : — gin, bie 2iac^«faHc, 

bag 1)ad)gcifen ; 2. ber @etrctbcaiif= 

taufer, jtornmuc^crer. 
BADINAGE, s. bag Ieid;te, fc^crj^afte 

BADNE.SS, .t. bie©c^feii)tf;eit, iibfe 93e= 

fc^affenbcit ; iBofibcit. 
BAFFETAS, ) s.pi. etu weipcr unb blaua 
BAFTAS, > er pfltnbifc{)er SBaum= 
BASTAS, ) iuolknsciig. 

To BAFFLE, u. a. 1. wcitclu ; J» 
©d)anben mac^cn ; 2. bintergcbrn, 
tiiufc^en ; ho was baffled in his expec- 
tation, fcine (Snuartung fcilug febf. 

BAFFLE, s. bie SSereitclung ; bcr 23c« 
trug, bie ^aufd)ung. 

BAFFLER, s. bcr 3SereiteInbe, Sefi-l)iv 
mcnbc, i^ctriiger. 

BAFTAS, vid. Baj-ktas. 

BAG, s. 1. ber Sacf, 93cutel ; .<5aarbcu= 
fci; 2. .s>. T. bag5Ir5encifacfd)en juni 
9lppetit=errcgcn bei ^^pfevbcn ; 3. iai 
(?utcr; -fox, bcr jnr 3agb einge* 
fangcrtc ^itcfjg : — lo^'k. bag Scliei* 
fenfrtjloil; screw-barrd — le -k, ba* 




(sd&rau6cnfi^loj) ; puzzle — lock, ba3 
5l]crivf(^lof J — net, baS Sacfiie^; 

— pipe, bte Sacfpfcifc, ber S)ufceU 
faif; — piper, bet" Sacfpfeifcr; — 
pi;dding, bcv '^Jiibbtng, ettglifc^c Stlo$ ; 

— truss, 7'. baS ©u^vciifortum, ^c= 
bcbniib; — and baggage, Saii Uilb 

To BAG, O.I. a. 1. tit cincii <Bad ti)un 
ober jlcdeit, cinfatfcn; 2. befacfcn, 
telabfii; II. n. auffdinjelleu, ftc^ fa= 

BAGATELLE, s. btc ^frinti]!eit. 

BAGGAGE, .5. l.,btc 53a>]a,j'o, baS ®c= 
padf, ®cvat^; 2. ba« -JPciifrf), 

B.\GG1NG, s. bie (gvobe) =^-,ii(eiiiroanb, 
'43acf(fiinuanb, ba§ eactaicl;. 

BAGXio, s. 1. baS 33abef)aii« ; bie S8a- 
befiiibe; 2. baS i5ui-ciif)a!iS;33orbelI. 

BAGUET, s. jjccA. T. haS Sfa6cf)en am 

Bail, s. 1. bie 33uvgfc^aff, St^cr^ett; 
ber sOiirge; 2. bie Oreiije tit eiitem 
SSitlbe; 3. bte ^aiibfjabe, ber iSeii= 
let; — bond, ber 28urj(fcfeaft^)fc6ein. 

To BAIL, V. a. 1. sBurgfc^aff leifleit, 
58urflcn ftellett, iiiivgc mcrbeii, fii^) 
serbiirgcn ; 2. (ctii 33oot) au«ij^fcit ; 
auSfcf)opfeii ; I will — him, tc^ mill 
fiir t()it tnirqcit ; (— one, fiir 3cntniu 
belt), aU ^mvimi anne^men; bailed 
(out of prison), 10^ ^ebiirgt, biivcfe (jc= 
^.ellte SSitrgfcbaft mif frctem gufi. 

bailable, adj. burgfc^aftgfdfjiij, «er= 

bailee, s. l. t. ber 2)e})pjifartu8. 


Bailif, Bailiff, s. ber 5lmtmami, ?anb- 
uojit; Scftlo^oppjt; a?ogt, (2cl)ult= 
bct9, @erici)t*bteiier ; ^erwa[ter, 
Sc^affiier, 3Jeiitfii=gtnncf)mcr ; high 
— , ber Obcramfinaiui, ii. f. w). 

bailiwick, s. bie ^Cogtet, ber ®e= 

bailment, s. l. t. bas 5)evofttum, 
aituertvaute ©ut. 

BAIRN, Barn, s. ba« Jtillb. 

BAIT, s. 1. ber .Rijber, bie ?o(ft"petfe; 
2. fiir. gjcisuiuj; 3. D}Jaf)l5eit ober 
(Srfrifc^mig auf ber »Retfe; — worm, 
ber ajefleumurm jiim Siitgcln. 

To BAIT, V. I. «. 1. foberii, antontett ; 
2. auf ber 9teife fiittent, ttiS gutter 
ue^meu, ftelleu (oou Spfeybcu) ; to — 
one's hook with . . ., au bie -jlugel fte= 
(fen; 3. augreifeii, flufallcit, belje", 
betjen, V^ageu, quiilcu ; il. n. etiifel)= 
ren, auljaltcn. 

BAIZE, «. ber S13dv (mollene 3eug), 

To BAKE, V. I. n. bndeu ; ()arten, bren= 
Jteu ; II. n. bacfeti. 

BAKEHOUSE, s. ba§ 93acfbau«, bte 

Baicemeats, s. pi. Sraten, 33it-ic- 
reieu. ^ 

BAKER s. ber iBiicfcr ; — foot, col. ber 
mtigeftaltete, Bcrbrcbte (5ulJ ; — leg- 
ged, fc^icfbeiutg, femmelbeiuig. 

BAKING, s. fin ©cbiiif ; — dish, bte 
aSacf fdjiiffel ; — pan, bie 5?a(fpfanne, 

BALANCE, s. 1. bte SCage; 2. ba« 
©Icio^gewic^t; lleberi]'canii)t, ber 
9luSf4(ag ; 3. ber Ueberfcbup, Sa(= 
bo ; 4. Jig. bie 33erglei^ung ; 5. t. 
Unrube it: riiicr Ubr; m. i:-s. — in 
our favour, Salbo in uufevn ©uitfien, 
fomint unS ju gut; amount of—, ber 
•calbo=Setrag ; — bill, ber <£albo= 
2Beci)feI ; to strike a — , eiue 9ted)= 
nung nu^gleic^en, aufgcf)cn laffeit; 
you vtill find upon the — •, that, &e., 
iiai-b rcifcr grwiigung tixibcn Sic 
fiubcn, ball, u. f. \v. ; — tish, ber 
(£cl;lagelfii"rt) (cine 'Jlrt .*3'iiftKb); — 
maker, ber 2Siigenniad)cr ; — tool, ein 

2)cifbre^ilubl; — webs, Unrnf)feilen ; 
— . wheel, itii ?iab an ber Unrube, 
©tetgerab ; — wheel engine, ein ©teis 
gcrab, Scf)itcibcjeu3. 
To BALANCE, v. \.a.\. iiHtgcn, wiegen ; 
2. fig. abwagen, erwiigeu ; 3. balan- 
circii, tn^ @leid)getiiid)t bringen, iiu 
®leid)gcand)t erbaitcn ; 4. baS @lci^= 
ober ©cgengeroic^t l)altcn; 5. JV. T. 
etnnebincu, einbtnbcn (ein Sicef), 
bergen (bie Segel) ; 6. M. E-s. fd)li'? 
fjen, au8g(cid;nt, f.ilbircn ; to — an 
accoimt, eine 3{ed;nuiig abfit)licpcn, 
ben i^albO bciablcii; to — the ledger, 
ba§ .jpauVtbucp fd)ltctieil ; the exiKjnses 

— the receipts, bie *ilii§gabe tft ebeii fo 
Bid a(S bie ©innabme ; ii. n. I. im 
®leid)geaud)te bleiben; 2. fid) bc-- 
ftiincu, idnftaub 'Jct>ineit, unfdjliiffig 

BALANCER, s. be: JPJfigenbe, aBage= 

BALASS-RUBY, s. ber 01ubtn=93alai 

BALCONY, .?. 1. ber 33akoii, grfer ; 2. 
JV. r. bie^^intergallerie. ■ 

BALD (ci/c. — ly), ailj. U^\, narft ; fig. 
fd)iHUif(o«, gtatt, fd;leri;t; — eagle, 
ber aSei^f opf; gifc^aar ; — buzzard, 
ber (2uinpficeif)e ; a — filly, cine ab= 
genu^te Stute, alte SDJabre ; — kite, 
ber i^ufiaar, SBupbnrt', SBcibc, Wmu 
fcfnif ; — pate, s. ber gefrf)orne .ilppf ; 

— pato {or — pated), ni!j. fai)(fijpfig ; 

— rib, bie Scl)njetnSrippe. 
BALDACHIN, > s. bcr S?atbrtd)in, 
BALDAQUIN, ) *^]rad)t(;iminel,2:f)rou= 


BALDERDASH, s. bcr 3JJif(^mafd), ba« 

To BALDERDASH, v. a. Bermifc^CU, 

Bcrfalfd)en (befonberS 3Bcin). 
BALDNESS, s. 1. bic jl'ablbeit, ®fa§e; 

2. fig. platte, fd)led;te Sd)rci6art. 
BALDRIC, .■?. + 1. ber ®:irtel, ba8 

SBcbrgebcinge, 3)cgcnge^en£; 2. .ast. 

T. ber XbicrfreiS. 
BALDWIN, s. 93atbuin (aJJannSnamc). 
BALE. s. 1. bcr §i3aHe» (2Baare) ; 2. 

ba8 mm, mth. 

To BALE, c. a. embanircn, cinballen, 

B.\LE1''IJL {aih. — ly), «'//. 1. clcflb ; 2. 

Bcrbcrblid), Bermiiftenb, fd)ablid). 
balister, s. bie i^allijte. 
B.\LK, .<!. 1. ber ^Balfen ; 2. ^<s\\\ ; bie 

?^urd)e; 3. fig. fcblcrfjafte 9lu6laf=, 

fung, bcr 5^crfitoj5, «5ef)Ier, Oiierftrid) ; 

he lias had a sad — . cr bat fid; fcbv 
geirrt, b<it einen 33pJ gentad)t; cr ift 
mit einer langcn ^lafc abgc.?pgeii ; 

— book, bie 2)Jufterfarte, baS $ipbe- 
bud; ber S:ud)^dnbler. 

To BALK. r. I. n. SlirdjCU %K\t\\ ; n. 

a. 1. tdufcf)en, yercitcin; 2. Borbei 
gebe", firf) »prbet fd)Icid)en; 3. + 

BALKER, 3. bcr taufcf)t, BcreitcU ; ber 

BAi,KERS, 3. i§aring«bctcii, .§artngg= 

BALL, .^. 1. ber 58alf, bicJlugcI, (jeber 
ruube ober runblid)e Jlin-per) ; 2. ber 
Qlpfcf (^Jlugapfcf, gflcid)«apfel) ; 3. 
bic aiallPti: Pber 2BabIfugcI ; 4. bcr 
(5^ocon bcr Scibenraupe;'3, 33aIIcn 
(ber 53ud)bru(f er) ; G. bcr 33aJ {%(x\\i- 
gefcUfcbaft) ; ball and socket, ciu Jtu= 

To BALL, «. n fugetfiinnig tverben ; 
fid) ballen. 

BALLAD, s. bic S^alfabe, ba« @affen= 
lieb ; — maker or writer, ber 5^aUa= 
bcufcbreibcr ; — r monger, ein iI3aUa= 
bcnufrEdufcr ober Sanger; — singer, 
bev i^allabcnfdngcf, SBdnfelfdngcr; 

— style, bie Sfbvcibart (bie SSeife) 

einer ©allabe ; — tune, bte ®f fang** 

weife einer sSaUabe. 
To BALLAD, v. n. slkllabcu obcr ®af» 

fenlicber madden ober fingcn. 
BALLADER, s. bcr s8aUabctibid)ter obct 

BALLAST, s. bcr g3aHafl; shingic — , 

SBallaft sou grobein .iltefcl; to go on 

— , nur mit ^-ballafi belaben fei;n. 
To BALLAST, v. a. mit Sallajl belaben. 
BALLET, s. ba§ ©allet, ber Singetauj, 


BALLIARDS, s. pi. + vid. Biluards. 
BALLISTER, s. vkt. Baluster. 
BALLOON, s. 1. bcr grope a3all, Suft= 

ball, ^allpn; 2. bie groiie Jlugel; 3. 

T. Stern=Se«crfugel (bei (^cucrmcr^ 

fen) ; 4. Jlugel auf eincm 5]Bfcilcr ; 5. 

Ch. T. bcr gro^e Siccipicnt. 
BALLOT, s. 1. bie aSablfugel, SooSfus 

ge(; 2. baS 53allotircn, 5:opfcn ober 

<&tintmcngcben mit ,5tugcln; — box, 

ba« JlugelfdftdKn. 
To BALLOT, r ». ballotivcn, burd; Jtu« 

gein Ipofen obcr ftimmen. 

BALLOTADE, s. vid. Balotade. 

BALM, s. jcbc foftbare moblricdjcnbe 
Salbc ; jebc« fdjmcrjftillenbe 2)itttel ; 
— of Giiead, bcr ccfte SBalfaiu Bom 

33a[fambanme {Jimyris GHeadcnsia — 

F.); bcr Salfam; bie aJJcIiffe; — 

apple, bcr 23alfaniapfcl {Mommdica 
b'l/.fwi.'m) ; — gentle, — mint, btC 3)?e= 

liffc; — tree, bcr Salfaiubaum, bic 

To BALM, r. a. 1. balfaniirctt ; 1. fig. 

linbcin, ftillcn. 
BALMY, adj. 1. balfaiutfc^ ; 2. fig. \\\x-. 

bcrnb, faiift, woljlrtccljcnb. 
BALNEAL, adj. vid. Balneatory. 
BALNEARY, s. bic ©abcftubc. 
BALNEATION, s. ba« ^abClt. 
BALNEATORY, adj. JUltt ^abCU gc^ 


BALSAM, .s. bcr 93alfam; Ilungnrian 
— . .(lruinml)o[}iJl; — shrub, bie 

BALSAM.\TiON, 5 bo* 3?alfamiren. 

BALSAMIC (— cal), ndj. balfamifc^. 

BALTHASAR, s. Saltljafar (i)2anii^= 

BALTIC, I. s. ba« battifcl)e SOIecr, bic 
Dftfce; iLaij. yon V-cr Cftfce, baju 

BALUSTER, s. btf flctnc Sciulc, ®e= 
Idnbcrfdule, sBalluftrate, baS @elan» 
bcr, 2:reppcnh|)iic. 

BALUSTRADE. ... bic SBaluftrabc, ba« 
burd)brocbcue ©eldnber. 

BAMBOO, s. ber iBambul, ba« 33am- 

BAist s. 1. bie offentlic^e 31u5rufuiig, 
S3cEauntmad)ung; 2. baS 9hifgcbP( 
ber 8.!crIobten ; 3. bcr SBanii, bic 
91d)f; 4. bcr Sfut^ ; 5. ba« fetcrlidjc 
©crbot; 6. cine 2lrt Dftinbifd)cv 
iOJu^lin; —of the enipire7btc9Jcid)S= 
acbt ; to proclaim the bans, ba^ 3lltf= 

gebot ttyxn, aufbteten; — dog, bet 

To BAN, c. I. a. Bcruninfcbcu, Berffn= 
d)cn ; II. n. flurtjen. 

BANANA, s. bic 'SananaiSfcigc, 5para» 
biesfcige. * 

BANAT, s. beriPanat, ©cfpannberr (in 
Ungarn nub Sicbenbiirgcn). 

BAND, s. i. MS Sanb, bic 55tnbc, 
Srftunr, bic j?ottc; 2, ber 9luf= ober 
lleberfdilag, Jlragcn; 3. bie Sanbc, 
DJptfe, (Jompagnie ; — box, bie '$u§- 
fd)ad)tcl, ber Spappcufaflcn ; — roll, bic 
gjiuftcnollc, Stfte; — string, baa 
3?ragcnpanb ; a — of a sail, JV". T. 
eiiic sBcrbPppclung, qncr iibcr ein 
Scgcl; bands .../>;. Icbcrnc Sc^niia 
re bcim 9Jccpfd)ldgcr ; — of a saddi-j 
T. jtiH'i cifevne ^-iMtiibcr uin bic ©at- 





iclbogeii in tf;rer Sage ju er^altfu. 
i« BAXD, V. I. a. I. btiibcit, uerbttibeii; 

2. vicreiutgen ; ii. n. ffc^ vcvbinbeit, 

urf) jufammcnrotfcn. 
BANDAGE, s. bic sBiitbc, bet 3Ser&anb. 
lUXD^VNA, .<^. bag feibeiic (Scl;inipf=) 

XnO) rtu« Dfiiiibieit. 
BANDELET, > a. jlrch. T. iaS 93inb= 

BANDLET, > d)i.n, 33aiibrf)eit ; bte 

flctne Seifle. 

BANDIT, I s. ber SSaubif, ©trajjcn^ 
UANDiTTO, i raitbcv. 
BANDITTI, s. pi. bie ininbiteu, (Stra= 

BANDOI^ERS, s. baS 23anbelter ; bic 


BANDORE, s. btc ^anbore (5lvt Saute). 
BANDOW, s. bie 33titbe, Stiriibiubc ; 

Xi-anevbinbe, Sdjitepve. 
3ANDR0L, s. i>a§ gaf)uc^cit, bte Sait= 

rtANDY, r. s. ixiS 3?a(fet ; n.adj Irumm, 

gcboijcu ; — leg, ba§ fntmine aSciii ; 

-~ legged, Jrummbeiitig. 
ro BANDY. V. I. a. 1. ftit cittauber 

frl>laijci!, I;iu iiiib ^cr fdjfaiKn (ben 

mciU); 2. fig. bin nub hei- ftveiten, 

iibevlegen ; to — words. SSorte ivcc^= 

fcin ; to — looks, 53Itcfe wcc|)felu ; 

II. 71. fireiten, ivettetfevn. 
BANE,s. 1. ba« @ift; 2./^.93erbevlJcn; 

they are tlie — of human society, fie 

fiub etnc 5pefl bcv menf^Itc^en ®e= 
fellfitaft; — berry, bie fci;marjc 

'SrfjiangeuaniVjel {Actc^a racemnsa — 

J..) ; — wort, bei- (giftige) 3'iac^t= 

fd)atten {So.'anum — J J. 

TO BANE, V. a. vergiftcn. 

B.VNEFUL, ndj. 1. gtftig ; 2. fg. tobt= 

Uc^, scrbcvbltd;. 
BANEFUU^ESS, ... 1. bie (5)iftiii!eit: 

2. fig. a3evbei:bltrf)Ecit. 
7>i BANG. V. a. viiia. fd)Iagen, Vri'gcf", 

fd)mci9en, abbrcfc^cn, jubecfca, burd;= 

BANG, .<r. vuig. bet Sci^Iag, (gtreid), 

(2c^miti, (5tc5, spuf. 
B.\NGLE, s. vui*. bei- *^?ritge!, Jtiioren= 


To BANGLE, v. a. vu'g. Sevfc^IfUbevn, 

vertanbein, oerjctfeln. 
B.\NUN. s. 1. bei- Sdjfafrocf, kaftan ; 
2. iubifc|er ^anbeUagcut; — tree, 
ber inbiauifi^e' Seigenbaum. 

BANIAN (— D.A.Y), s. Sea Kxp. bCV %Cl^= 

tag, Jjnngci-tag, Xaci an ivcldjcm co 
fein gictfd) gtcbt. 

To BANISH, V. a. uetbanncn, yei'Weifen, 

BANiSHER, s. ber SSerbanncr, aSertrei= 

BANiSH.MENT, s. 1. bic aSevbannung; 
2. i>a9 @i-i(, bic ?anbc«ycnueifuug. 

BANK. s. 1. ba« lifer, ©cftabe; 2." ber 
.^iigct; 3)amm, SBall; 3. bic iBanf, 
a\S: SantbanE; 4. (S^)ielbanE; 5. 
SSed)felbanf; 7'.t>aSSBaneo; fi.Sauf= 
bret cm eincr 53ud)brucfcrprcffe; — 
ncio, ba8 Sancp=i?Igto ; — biii, bie 
sBanf=5lftie ; Saufiiote, ber SBanE- 
jettcl ; — cresses, ». jti. bcr .(5cbcrid) 

(Erysimum — /J — note. 5>antnOte, 

• 5Bant5etteI ; — money. baS i8auco= 
@elb; — post-liiii, ^BanEuDte; — 
stock, ba§ (Stgentbum in 3.^auf=^2lctieu ; 
— of circulation, bie ©irobanE; — 
for loans, bie Sciljbanf ; — of oars, 

2)uft= ober DhtbcrbanE. 
T> BANK, V. a. 1. biimmcn; 2. in bic 

SanE legcn. 
CVNKEU. .«. 1. bcr 33anEicr, 9Bcd)«Icr ; 

2. baS Sd)tff eines 33aEeljaufifd)crS. 
3AN!a[NG-FiousE, s. ba« iBed;6ler= 

bans, 33cc^fcIcomvtoir. 
8AN-KRUPT, I. a'lj. banEcrott, faint ; 

to turn (become or grow) — , baitEcrolt 

mad)cu, reerbcn; il. .♦. bcr -Saufcrot- 

tircr, gallit. 
To B/iNKRUPT, v. a. baiifcrett nia= 

4cn, ju ©runbc riditen. 
BANKRUPTCY, s. bcr SauEcrott, ba§ 

gaUimeut; court of — ba« 3aliiten= 

BANNER, s. bas 5)?antcr, bie jJa^stCr 

Stanbarte; ba^S (Val)nd)cn. 
BANNERED, wij. 83aitner fiif)renb. 
BANNERET, s. bcr 58annert)err. 
BANNEROL, s. vid. SaubVot. 
BANNISTER, vid. Baluster, Balus- 

BANNOCK, s. bit ^aferEuc^cn, @tbfeu= 


BANNS, s.pi. bag SJitfgebot; via. B-an. 
BANQUET, s. ba« ^BauEctt, ba« gro^e 

©aftmabl, bcr (Sd}maii«. 
To BANQUET, v. I. a. eirt ©afima'^l 

gcben, tractireu; n. n. teirirt^cn, ga= 

fiiren, fcpmaufcn. 
BANQUETER, .?. 1. bcr Sd^maufcr; 

2. ©aftmablgebcr. 

BANQUETlN(i-HOUSE or Banquet- 
house, s. ba«. Spans, tvorin®aftma^le 
gcgebcn luerbcn. 

BANQUETTE, 5. Mil. T. baS SrtnEctte, 
ber aintritt (er[;nbene S^ritt Winter bcr 

B.rVNSHEE, or Besshi, s. einc «?ee 
>veld)c burd) ©cfang nnter bcin ?^cn= 
fter ben Sob tociffagt (cin irlanbifc^cr 

To BANTER, v. a fpptfcn, fi^rauben, 
aufjiebcn, jum Scftcn |abcn. 

BANTER, s. bcr ©djerj, ©pott. 

BANTERER, j. bcr (Spajjyogcl, (£))5t= 

BANTLING, s. vulg. ba« Elctrtc ^inb. 

BAPTISM, s. 1. bieSaufe; 2.^. (in 
bcr sBtbcI) bie ^Priifung bur^ Seiben j. 

BAPTlSxAlAL, adj. uir Saufc gci)ijrig ; 
— font, bcr S:'auf|letn ; — vow, bcr 

BAPTIST, s. 1. ber Sciufcr; 2, ahhr. 

uon Anabaptist, bcr 2Biebevtaufcr ; 3. 

33aVttfta (3}iann«namc). 
BAPTISTERY, .•». bcr Saiifflcin. 
BAPTiSTic, \ adj. bie Xaufc be= 
BAPTISTICAI., S treffciib. 

To BAFPIZE, V. a taufcn, 

BAFnzER. .<:. bcr 5:aufenbe. 

BAR, s. 1. bic Stange, Sarre; bcr ^k= 
gel, ba-J SJtcgclbolj, Ouerf^iil^ (am 
Sobeu cinc'J 5^affc«, u. f. w.) ; i^alfen, 
93aHm; berStallbanm, Staiibbaum; 
.§cbcbanm ; 2. bic SanbbanE, '4krrc 
ober gjcibe Jyelfcn »or ciner Siufabrt ; 
bie (Sc^vanEcn ; 3. fia-. bcr niit ®d)ran= 
fen cingcfd)loffeac Ort, in ben aBcin= 
unb J^affcobanfcrn Jvo bcr 2Btrt^ ba§ 
(SSctriinf au^gtcbt nnb ba§ @elb ciu= 
nimnit ; 4. bic Sd)ranEcn in eincr 
@erid)t«fiube ; biefc fclbft, ba« @e= 
ric^t; 5. bie Slbvofafen barin ; 6. bcr 
Oucrftvid), ba« .*5tnbernitl ; 7. //. r. 
bcr SiagcnalbalEcn; 8. Mus. t. bcr 
Sact, Sactftrid) ; 9. /.. r. pcrcnipto= 
rifctjc (vvccption, ivrldie bic miction 
bc>3 JtlagcrS vollig bcmnit; at the --, 
«or ben ScbrauEcn, yor @crid)t; a — 
of silver, goM, &c., ctuc Stlber= obcr 
®p!bftaugc, n. f. \v.; — iron, ba§ 
Stangcueifcn ; — keeper, bcr 9luf= 
tinirter in etuem .^affccbaufe, «. f. n>., 
bcr biiS (MctraiiE au^gtebt, ©d)cn£= 
wirth, ba« 2clieiiEmabci)cn ; —master, 

T. bcr (fruncffcr; mosquito — , ^m. 

ba« 3}Ju§EitD=gic^ ; — pump, bic 
.«'cd)8piinivc ; — room, bic <Sd)cnf= 
ftubc, ba§ (?rcbfn,?^immcr; — shot, 
bic (StangcnEngel; — Fteei, bcr ge= 
mcinc StabI ; — womi, ba« <ifriEani= 
fd)c Siotbbolj, (Saiibcli)ol5; .». pi, 
bars of a borse, bcr obcrc SOU 3^bncn 
cere Xhtil bc8 Jlimbfrfcnd ' bcr 

5pfcrbc, 5mifd)en ben i'acfcn nitl 
(yangjabnen, anf wcldjcm baS Ocbit 

rubt; bic5Barre; — of the capsiem, 

JV. T. bic .§anbfvctd;cu bcs @ang= 
fpilU ; — of rest, J\ins. T. ^Hiufen. 
To BAR, c. a. 1. scrricgcln, juricgeln, 
fDcrrcn, uerfperren, ucrgittcrn, niil 
<Sd)r«nEcn umgcben; 2.fg. bcmnifn, 
bincern, ycrflopfcn, cbbalten, niis-- 
fd)lic|jcn (mit from) ; 3. scrbieicu. 
unterfagen, G'invialt t^nn; 4. /,. v. 
cine (S'r'ccptipn mac^cn (cine ^paitc; 
von i^ebauptung eiitc§ 9tcc^tc§ ous- 
fdjiictjcu); 5. (tn einigen Spielcu) 
flrafcn; I — tha throw, id) ftrafc 
bicfcn SEurf; I — your quint, (iin 
^iirfft) icfe firafe 3^re Ouinte, 3brc 
Qnintc gilt nid)tS; to — a vein, bie 
9lbcr finc« '4>fcvte6 an jtvei Drten 

BARB, s. 1 ber ©arbar, SSarber, 53cr= 
bcr (cin 5)>'|trb ang ber JBarbarct; ; 2. 
fig. tttaS an bcr SteUe eiucS 3.^arte3 
Jiuid;)! i. ©. ber SBart betSifdicn; 
3. bcr SBiberf^afen {an eincni ^ifcil 
obcr einem 9lngcll}afen; eincr ?anje, 
n. f. w.) ; barbs 5. pi. bcr 5pfcrbebar= 
nifd), ba3 ^sfcrbeseng, @efd;irr (be3 

altcn 2)iilttarg), md. Barbels. 

To BARB, V. a. 1. cin '^iferb auffd)trren, 
anfd;irrcn; 2. mit 9Btberbafcn iht: 

BARBAC.\N, a. 1. baS 9aifjcnwcrf. 
bie ©d)an5e, 5?riiifcnfd)ani(c, bcr 
i^riicfcnEppf; 2. ai!ad)t(()nrni, bie 
2Barte; 3. iSAicjJfdjartc ; 4. ba3 
SfJinnloc^ O'Jitcn in eincr 3JJa«ev jum 
aiblaufcn be« SBafferg). 

BARBADOES, s. bie Sufct SarbaboS ; 

— aloes, bie Scber=3ll0C; — clierry, 

bic uieflinbifd)e J?irfcfce {Mntyighia 

— L) ; — flower-fence, ber $fauf na 
fd)»anj (Poinciana — /..) ; — nut, 

bic wcftinbifc^e 5j3urgirnu9; — tar, 

ber 33ergtt)er. 
BARBARA, s. ^Barbara, SBarbel {'Sxaxu 

BARBARIAN, I. odj. barbarifd), nnlb, 

rp^, unmcnfc^Iici), granfam; li. s. 

sivg. 1. ber 5krbar, unlbc, robe, 

graufaine SJIcnfd), Uiimcnfd) ; 2. bcx 

vlnSliinber, ^rcmbe (cntgegcngcfc^t 

ben altcn ©riccben tinb jRpn'icrn). 
BARBARIC, ndj.' anJKiubifd;, frcinb, 

anS fcrncu ?anben bcr. 
BARBARISM, a. 1. bcr 2?nvbari!?nin« 

(5c()Icr gcgcntteSRcinbeit bcr Spva- 

fbel ; 2.'bte grebe Unuuffeubcit ; 3. 

BARBARITY. .^ bic 23arbaret, SBilb" 

beit, Siobbcit, ber'DJangel an (Jnltur; 

bie Unnicnfd;lid)£cit, ©ranfamfcit. 

To BARBARIZE, v. a. in bcn ^UJtallb 

bcr 3{obbcit yerfc^cn, bie ^"ultur \\k-< 

BARBAROUS («(/". — ly), adj. 1. bar- 
barifd), wilb, rob, plump ; 2. wnmy- 
fcub; 3. unmcnfd;(id), graufam. 

BARB.AROUSNESS, ..^. 1. bie Sl^ilbbcit 
in bcn Sittcn ; 2. bcr nngefittctc 3«= 
ftanb; 3. bie 33arbarci, Unmenfd)^ 
lidiEcit, ©raufamEcit; 4. »ibcr bie 
SJeiubeit ber Spradte. 

BARBARY, s. bie iiarbarci (Sanb); 

— falcon, bcrSTManberfalfe; — horse, 
x^id. Barb. 

B.\RBATED, adj. bclrtig. 

To BARBECUl'^ v. a. ctu gnnjcJ 

<5d)wcin (SpanfcrEcl, eincn Deafen, 

u. f. xo. gauj) bratcn. 
BARBECUE, .?. cin gcbrateucS (gon^eS) 

(SpanfcrEcI, cin gcbratcncr rganjei) 

Dd)«. ' * 

B.XRBEL, s. sing. 1. btc 3?arbe (^ifd)); 

2. barbels, m- harlijes. .<!, ;;/. bic ,Hr5te 

(©ciiHidiS untcr brr3inigc bcr 5)3ferbf 
unb Dd;fen) 




7>; BARBER, v. a. + jlufeeil, \>H^m, 

Vittevn, u. f. w. 
liARBER, s. bcv sDiirtncr, Savtfc^crcv ; 

— monger, + bcr .jjafcitfu^, (Stiller. 
BARBEitRY, s. bie ©evbcvi^e, i8ei-btS= 

bCCie {Berberis — /,.) ; — , m- — 

tree, bic sBevbcrteftautc. 

BARBET, s. bcv 53artf;unb, jottiflc, 
laugotjrtgeSSnffcvbuiib, bic barbette. 

BARD. s. 1. bcr 33arbc, Stater; 2. 
bcr •^fcrbe&arnifd). 

BARDIC, I adj. ju belt 23arben gc^i)= 

BARDiSH, i rig; yon ctncm Savbcii 

BARDiSM, s. bic (Sftc^ifamfcit bcr 

BARDULPH, «. a3arboI})^ (2)Janu8= 

BARE, adj. I. (bar), nacft; 2. bloB, 
fal)I, oinic .giaarc, j^tatt; 3. cntblijpt; 
4. iccr, arm, biirftii?; 5. iiitge= 
((tmiicft, ctnfart) ; 6. cutbctft; thread 
— , fo fat)t, bat! bcr gabeii bcS 3e"9«^ 
burc^fcbeiitt, fdjabig; — of money, 
ol)Ue @elb ; — bone (or bones) bcr 

tiiuuc, uiagcre SOJciifd; (bci bcm bic 
.(litodjcii bcr»orftct)cn), ^aut uiib 
,y{i!ocl)cu ; — gnawn, gaitj abgcua jt ; 

— ground, bcr pUtttC SUobeit; — pick- 
ed, bi^ auf bcii Jlnod)en nbgcnagt; 
a sliip under — poles, JV. T. cill ©c^iff 
mit bcfct)[agciicii (Scgclii; — pump, 
bcr .§€bcr, (•^iimve, uin SBctn, ii. f. 
W. ou« Saffci'll JU Jtcf)cn) ; — ribbed, 
mit cutbUipfcu Siipvc" ; — truth, bic 
teiite 2Ba^rbcit; — words, blojje 
(iiic^tg aleij aSortc. 

To BARE, V. a. itacff, faf)l ma(^cn, citt= 

BAREBONED at'j. trpcfcitC flcifc^lofc 

33ciue ^abciib, biirrc. 

BARRFACED (nd«. — ly), adj. 1. mit 

blojjcr.; ©cfic^tc; 'I. jig. unucrfc^drnt, 

BAREFACEDNESS, s. bic Srctfligfcit, 

Uii»crfc^dmtf)cit, eyrccbl}cit. 
BAREFOOT, a<ij. barfu^i, o{)ne (Sc{)uf)e 

uiib Striimvfe. 
BAREFOOTED, adj. barfii§, barfiitu^. 

BAREdE/VDED, part. adj. mit cntblOti= 

tcui .^aiH)tc, mit btofjcm ilopfc- 

BARELEGGED, pact. adj. mit blojjcil 

33ciiicii, barbctuig. 
BARELY, adv. 1. iiatft, fat)I; 2. blog; 

3. arm, biirftig ; 4. faum, rait gc= 

tiaucr ?lotb. 
BARENECKED, adj. 1. mit nacftcm 

.P)ali"e; 2. Jig. auSgefc^t (ciiicr @c= 

•fabr, II. f. ».). 

BARENESS, s. 1. btc 9'la(!t|cit, SBIogc ; 

2. ?lrinutf), Siirftigfcit ; 3. iJJiagcrfcif. 
BARGAIN, s. 1. bcr ^anbcl, Jlaiif, 

biUi^e (§intauf; ©ctviitn, 5]3rofit; 2. 

bcr (2;(^litmp ; SSorfaU ; a — ! toi)p ! 

cS fci! a bad — , ciit bi^'cr .§;anbcl ; 

ciii Ubler 3"f<tU< «'•' ilugliicf| a 

chance — , ciit (jufdUigcr)' biUtger 

(Sinfauf; into the — , ttt bcit Jtauf, 

Obcu brcirt ; to make (buy or strike) a 

— , cincu jl'auf obcr.§aiibel fc^Iicjjcn; 

to have hard bargains with, ii gctiau 

ttcf)mctt mit, ftrcng {)anbcht mtt ; to 

sell one a good — ,(Smcm ©tiuag WObl= 
fcil «crfaufcn ; by — , >uie ocrabrcbct, 

To BARGAIN, v. T. n. taubcllt (— for, 

mn (ItaiaS), ciiicit 6<tiibcl mac^cii, 
fct(fcl)cit; ll.a. ucrfaiifctt. 

BARGAINEE, a-, bcr Adufer. 

RARGAiNER, s. bcr aScrEaiifciibc, gSer-- 

UARfJE, s. i. bic 53arfc, ba§ ^oot, 
iJititboot; 2. Sci(t)tfci)iff, bcr Stcf)ter, 
©liter tit unp aiis ben Scbirrcit 511 
bringcit (ciit !aiigc§ SJaftfd^iif'; — 
cniipic, bcr QiierOaltcii; — man, bcr 
SSootsfitcc^t, Sc^iffcr; Scfc^lst)aber 

cincr^ SBarfe; — master {or bargerl, 
bcr lic^ijfcr; (Sapitaiil cincr Sarfc. 

BARGER, 5. bcr 33cfct)Ul;a6er cincr 

BARILLA, s. bic fpanifc^c €oba; 
sweet — , bic fciiiftc "JUicaut=Spba. 

BARK, s. 1. bic sBinfc, OJiubc; 2. (or 
barque) 33artc, bcr Jtaliit, 51acf)cn; 
armed — , bcr iU'anbcr, ciit Sc^iff mit 
bcantffncten Solbatcu jiir 6'rftitr= 
mung «ou SBattcricu; water — , tin 
flciuc'j 93oPt jam Slvansvoi't bc« fri= 
fd)Cn SBaffcrS in >0oHanb; Peruvian, 
or Jesuit — , bic GbiltitrtllbC; Indian 
— , incense — , bic aBcil)ranc|rinbe ; 

— bared, abgcriiibct, abgefc^dlt; — 
bound, bicfrinbig. 

7'o BARK, I'. L K. 1. bctlcn; to — at, 
anbcUcn ; 2. fg. vcrfd)icicn, f^md- 
bcn, Idftern ; Sp. E. a dog, a fox barks, 

cin i6unb, cin 5it*S Jldfft (in bcr 

^anfjctt) ; IL a. (bic 3iinbc) abfcfjdicn, 

BARKER, s. 1. bcr SDcIIcr; Spoltcrcr, 

S4)rcicr; 2. bcr 3lbfcl)dlcr. 
BARKY, adj. borfig, rinbig, ypngtinbc. 
BARLEY, s. bic ®crftC; naked — , 

bic natfte ®cr)lc ; peeled or hulled — , 

gcfcibdltc ®crftc, ©crflcngraupcn ; 

pearl — , ipcrlcitgranpcn ; winter 
(square or bear, bci cyiigcn an(t big) 

— , yieljciligc SBintcrgcrftc (Hordeum 

hezasticlwn — L.) ; spring — , oicUCiUgC 
(Sommcrgcrfic {H-vulgare—LJ; sprat 

— , jtucijciiigc Sommcrgcrftc, (H~ 

distechon — L.) ; battledoor — , Piilhain 

— , Patney — (uou cintgcn glctd)faU8 
sprat — gcnaitiit) ; ffici^gcrftc, 93art= 

gcrflc (//- zcocriton — />.) ; Siberian 

— , )tbcrifd;e Pbcr siucijciligc nacfte 

®crflc (//- distichim midum — L.) ; 

— liird (Essex), bcr ©riiiifin! ; — 
brake, bCr (SmtCtOHJ ; — bread, ba§ 

@f rflcnbrob ; — broth, bcr ®crftcn= 
frtft, bic @erftcufi4>l.ic ; — corn, i>aS 
©crjlcnEorn ; baS flcinfte cngl. 5Ra6 
(f 3oll); — mow, bic @cvftcnmat)b, 
bcr Di't fiir cingecvntctc ©crftcngar= 
ben; — sugar, bcr ©crf^cnjudcr ; 

— \\M»ter, bcr ®crficnfd;lcim, ®er= 

BARM, s. bic >5cfcn, bic SSdrmc (fiir 
58icr unb SBvob). 

BARMY, atij. ^'Qt^iu cnt()altciib, Ijcftg. 

BARN, s. btc Sdjeucr, S^cunc; — 
door, bas Sd)cunt[;or ; — fiard, cine 
2lrt ©tnrmiiogcl; — floor, bic 2;cnnc, 
Sdjcuntcnne ;' — owl, bic 33obcneuIc. 

BARNABY, s. 83arnaba3 (3)ianu§= 

BARNACLE, s. 1. bic Gntcnmnfd)cl ; 
2. — ,ar — bird, bic fd)otttfd)c *Baum= 
ganS; barnacles, s.pi. T. btc S3remfe ; 

iron, bic ©ville. 

BAROMETER, s. T. ha§ Saromctcr, 

BAROMETRICAL (arfr. — cally), adj. 

T.' baromctrifd}. 
BARON, s. 1. bcr i8aroit, ?5retbcrr; 
2. />. T. §err, (S()c[)crr, ©bcmann ; 

— of the exchequer, cilt 9^iff)tcr im 

^(inanjcollcgium ; lord chief.., bcr 
Dberrid)ter, ^rdftbcnt barin ; — and 
femme. L. T. haS (Sbcpaar als cine 
mova[ifd)e ^crfon bcfrac^tct; barons 

of the cinque ports, bic 33efcf)[8l)abcr 
bcr fiinf .Pjafcii ; a — of beef, bic jirei 
a^orbci'siertcl cines SlinbeS unjer= 

BARONAGE, s. 1. btc S^aronc unb 
^isiirS (alS ^iirpcr) ; 2. il^arcit«iintr=: 
be ; 3.kronic; 3. 3ret^errfd;aft ; %xd' 

BAROiNESS, s. btc 93aroncffc, Svcifraii. 

BARONET, s. bcr Saronct. 

BARONETAGE, s. 4ic aSiivbe ctnc.s 

BARONiAJ^ adj. ciiicn 33arDn, cine ^^a 
rente u. f. w. b'trcfenb, frcil;ertlicl^. 

BARONY, s. I. sic ^Baronic; 2. 55a= 
rongnjiirbe, " 

BAROSCOPE, s. T. bas SSarp^covc, btt 

BARorcif F, s. bic 53arutfc^e {.a.), tint 

BARRACAJV, s. bcr SDcrfau (cin fraiijij' 
ftfdjcr U'oUencr3cng). 

BARRACK, s. 1. bic ^Bartafc, gclbl;iit» 
tc, Solbatcnl^iittc; (Jafcrnc; 2. gis 
fd)ert)iittc; —bed, ba« gdbbett; — 
master general, ©cncvalquartiermcis 

BARRATOR, s. i. bcr Simgcnbrcft^cr. 
6t)icancur, S^infcr; cin clenbcr ^Ib* 
yocat, bcr 9liibcrc jnm ^procefftren 
rcitt; 2. cin treulofcr 6a^itdn eincS 

BARRATRY, s. 1. btc B»i!genbrcfd)e= 
rei, 6f)icanc; bag uureblid)e ^Bcrfabs 
rcn in ^procefjfac^cn ; 2. bic aSaratrie 
pbcr aScnmtrcnung, bcr Untcvf^lcif 
(i'on (Seitcn beS Sdnjfcrg, [(5api= 
tdn§] Dbcr bc§ Sc^iffevoIfcS). 

BARREL, 5. 1. bag Sap; bic2;Dnne; 
2. bas ©cbdufc (cincr 2;afd)cnul)r, 
cincS iBratcuivcnbcr'J n. f. m.) ; Sc= 
bergcf;dufc, o^er btc Srcmmcl cincr 
S.afd;cniibr; 3. bcr !^anf cincr Slinte 
u. f. w., bic Scclc; 4. bic ■!QlH}k, bcr 
(^»linbcr, btc aEaijc; — chain, bie 
Jtettc in bcr Ubr; — of the ear. bie 
Cbrtvrmincl ; — bellied, ruig. bicf= 
bdi!c{)ig; — maker, bcr Jliifner; — 
organ, 'ciuc 'Srcb^DrgcI ; jv. r. — of 

the capstern, bic SBcllc bc3 ®ang= 
fViUS ; — of tl-.e wheel, bic aBcUc bc8 
(£tcncrrabc» ; .'JU. T. nre barrels, 

mit ^rennmatcvtalicn, ©ranaten ii. 
f. 11). angcfiillte Sdffcr; 5. — of earth, 
mit (frbc nngcfiiUtc gaffer, wclc^e 
cU Srufiiccljr bicnen. 

To BARREL, v. a. ill cilt ^afi t^Un DbCt 

fiiUcii, ciulegeit/ eintonncn. 

BAliREN (adv. — ly), ndj. \. nnfvnd)*' 

bar; 2. biirrc, Eabt, trccfcn; 3. arm, 
biirftig; 4. abgcfdjmadt, albcrn ; — 
money, ®flb, baS fcinc 3''tK'l tl-'igf. 
cin tPbtcS Capital; — privet, bie 
.^au^ivnrs; — spirited, geiftlp«; — 

wort, bic 4!ifd;pfgniii^C (Epimedium 

— /..). 

barrp:nness, s. 1. btc llnfruif tbar= 
feit; 2. 2}iirrc (bcS iiJpbcno) ; 3. bcr 
anangcl (an 33rbciitung, on @rftn= 
bniig3fraft, an ?l}fatcrie ; an Slnbad^t). 

BARRB'UL, orf/. + biiibcrlic^, bcfc^»cr= 

B.VRRICADE, s. 1. btc aScvfpcrrung, 
SScrramnnuig, 33crfd)an5iiiig, 33prld= 
ge, 2Bageiib'urg ; bcr (Sd)lagbanm 
2. fg. ba§ .^inb'crni^ ; — of trees, be; 

To BARRICADE, v. n. ycrrammcn, bci 
fpcrrcn, serfcfjanjcn- fpcrrcn, bcm 
men ; bint'ei""^ ab[)aucit ; to — a ship, 
M T. bie Sinfcnettcn nnb Sd;aitjnet= 
bcr urn HS Sdiiff |)dngen. 

BARRICADO, s. >?- 7!. rid. Bauricade. 

BARRIER, s. si,>g. 1. bic Scifcbanjiuig, 
syefcftignng, bcr (gd)lagbanm, btc 
?i;-cftiing, ©rcnsfcftniig, @d)nfewc^r, 
aScrmaucr ; 2. fg. (Sinfjalt, baS ^tn= 
bcrnifi ; 3. fig. btc 33egrcn?ung, ©renjc 

barrister, 5. bcr aiigcfjenbe 31bsocat, 

BARROW, s. i. bie Srage, 5Pat)re (vid. 

Hand-barrow) ; bcr igcbttbfarren (vid. 
WiiEKL-BARRow) ; 2. bcr.^itgcl, ©rab;- 
biigcl (in G'nglanb, ruie man ycrmu^ 
tbe't vpn ben 9^i,imcrn) ; 3. ba§ gc= 
fdjiitttciic Scbliicin ; — grease, ba§ 
SdiTOciufctt, ferbmccr; — hop, bet 
gcfd;nittc!tc C?l'cr, $olf; —barrows, 
k ;;/. r. aBcibciifiJrbe in ®cflalt cine* 





3ucfcv^utf8 in ben Sar5wcrfcii, jum 

2;i-o(fiieit M ©a^cS. 
BARSE, s. bcr 33ai-fcfc. 
7b BAifTER, V. I ».2;aufd;{)nnbel trct- 

htn, taiifc^cii ; IL a. i^ertaiifc^eii. 
BARTER, s. bcv 3;aufct)fianbel ; 3:;aufc^. 
UARTERER, s. ber 3::aufc^^;inblcr ; 

Xanfd)(x, 33cvtaufc^cr. 
J3ARTriOLO.ME\v, s. SBartboIomSuS, 

BARTON, s. ba§ 3ttttcvg:it, .^evvctif 

f)ai\S, i^tntcrl^ait?, iiicbcitijebifube. 
BAiiTRAM, s. bcr 33crtiam, bit i^^ti^ 

ci)ehlMtV5 [Jlnthemis tyrcthrum — L\ 
BARYTES, s. T. ©cljlVCrcVbC, ®VUnb= 

erbe bcS Sc|[;rocvfpat()S. 
BARYTic, aiij. jii (£cl)iBcvcrbe fic^orifl, 

Sctjircvcrbc fiit[)altciib. 
BARYTONE, .?. L ciii aBort Itltt bciit 

fcfjwcveu Slcccut mif bcv Icfeteit -Syltc; 

2. bcr 33aiitpit, t*5pci)batj. 
BARYTONE, aiij. b'cu ^3avitott (f4)»e= 

rcit 3Icccnt) l}abcub. 
BASALT, s. bet 33afaU, Saittenfictn. 
BASALTIC, a'lj. fllliS (VOn) Sl^ilfalt. 
BASE {adn. — ly), atlj. 1. tlicbrig, ntC= 

fccrtnicljtig, flciii, fcl)mittti], scvaci^ts 
Hd); 0fnim, flcviitgOaltia, fcl;lcrf)t, 
uncbcl, uitcci)t, falfcf); 2'. (ucm2;one) 
ttef ; — ball, '-BiiU niit Srctflattcii (etn 

Spiel) ; — horn, Ulicf;clic^ ; — broom, 
vid. dyer's-broom ; — coin, falfc^C 

^JJiiitje, fdjlcdjtco, flcvtnnf>altige« 

@elb; —, (or — court), bCt 5Biel)I)Cif; 

— pstato, bcr gcrtnge Stanb, ba§ gc= 
metne i^crfommen ; 33aiiergut; — 

knot-grass, bcr SBegctritt; — metals, 

iiiicblcOJietaUfovtcit (alle, aufjcr ®olb 
uiib Silbev) ; — minded, tttcbrig gc= 

ftmit; — mindedness, btC S!3o^f)ett, 
9Hc^t«wurbig£ctt; tiie — part, bcr 
•93(lf) ; — ring and ogee, Omi. T. biji 

>g»tttterfrie3 nil etiicr JlaitPiic; — 
rocket, btc geiiiciue grofjc jltctte 

(Arctium lappa ■ — ■ /,.) (flUC^ Clotbur) ; 
a — sound, cill ttcfcr SiOIt ; — string, 
btc SSa^faitC; — tenure, b(lS SBaucvs 

Iel)cn (mic — estate) ; — trick, bcr 

ff^lcittc Stvcid) ; — viol, (iibcr bass- 
viol) bie SBa^gcige; S3ratfd}e, ^M- 

BASE, s. 1. bte iBaftS, ©nmb^a^e, 
©ninblage, ©runbltiiic, bcr ®ruiib; 
S3cbett; 2. Sufi, bagSutlgcflcH, gu^= 
gcftmfc, Untcrgcfiell, ^pftcmcnt; bcr 
eanlcnflul)Ij 3. bcr iky; bie Sa5= 
faitc: 4. bcrjeiuge Dvt, vpu uieldjcm 
(bie 33arrc iion bcr) ba« 2Bcttlaufcit 
cber 2au5eubvcd)cu bcginnt; 5. cin 
altcS ldiiblid;c3 SKcttldiiffvnel, (au^ 

prisoner's base, fiir prison bars), bill 

sBarrefpiel ; to bid tiie — , I)erau6for= 
bent ; (). + cine (f (cine) Jtanone ; 7. 
— , s. ;;/. + bcr [)crabbangciibc 2;()eil 
eincr 3jcvtierung (glcid) cincr S(^iir= 
}c), Svobbcln, Sd)a&ratfcn u. f. w. ; 
gcfticftc SJiiintet Don ben S^ittcrn ju 
H5fcrbe getragen ; 8. + bie ©tritmpfe, 
bcr ^arni|VI) fiir bie 33e(ne. 

roB^vsE, V. a. griiuben. 

BASEMENT, s. cinc fortlanfcii^e SQaftS, 
ber gnjsbobcn, bie Unterlage. 

BASENl'::ss, s. 1. bie S'licbrigleit bc« 
StanbeS «. f. »u. ; 2. (Scringfialtigfcit 
bc^ 2}JctaUc3; 3. unebclid)c ©elmrt; 

— ofsoid,9^ieberh\ic^ttgfcif,Sd)Icd)t= 
Jieit bcs ®cntiitl)cS; — of tones, S^ie^ 
fc be3 Stones. 

BASENET, .«. cin Ieid)ter cffner .^elm. 
To BASH, V. n. ftit fchantcit, crviir()cn. 
BASHAW, s. ber ikffa. 

BASHFUL (adr. — i.y), ndj. fc^am^aft, 

cerfdicitnt; blijbr, fd}iid)'tcrn, fc{)eu. 
BASHFriLNKSS, .t. bic (2d)a]nbaftig- 

fcit; iMotigfeit, (£d)iid)tcrn[)eit. 
BASIILESS, adj. fd)aintcS, uiiyerfd;amt. 


BASIL, s.l. SSaftlinS (3Jlamt«uamc) ; 
2. 33afcl (bie ^tnbt) ; 3. baS sBaftlicit:: 
fraut, SSafilicnin (auc^ sweet basil) 
(Ocijmum — I>.) ; American field — , 
9)Jonarba (jVo»jarrf(i — /J;stone— ,bcv 
S:bi)mian (Tinjmns — L.) ; 4. baS gc= 
gcrbte Sc^affcU, bvaunc <2d)aflebcr 
(beffer Basen, qil. vid.); 5. T. bic 
(5d)rage, ®el;rc, ©cbntng; baS 
@ci)vagmaS ; bcr (fd)icfc) 2BinEct 
ciiteS aiJcipelJ, .g)pbc(eifcn« u. f. s».). 

To BASIL, V. a. T. fctiriigc, fd)iefnjin= 
fclig ju fd)(eifcn. 

BASILIC, s. 1. Med. T. bic luittfcre 3lbcr, 
^auvtaber bcS 5lrin« ; 2. ber spallaft, 
$£empel, bic ^jvad)tige ^ird)e. 

BASILIC, I ndj. 1. jnr ^anptaber bc8 

BASILICAL, J 2lrmcS gcbi3rig ; — vein, 
bicfc .(^nnptabcr ; 2. paHaftat)ntid). 

BASiLicoN,s. bie JJi.intg«falbc, aBunb= 

BASILISK, s. ber 23aftlif, Jtijnig«bra= 
rf)c; 2. cine 9lrt gvp^c Jt'nnone, bie 
bPVVcltc 3eli'fd;Iange, bic 100 ^^.ifunb 

BASIN, s. 1, bas SBccPen, bcr S^apf, bte 
(2d;ale; !^. aSagfd)ale; 3. bic ctfcvne 
gorm bcr .§ntmad)er ; 4. ber Jteffcl 
(ba§ SBerfen) cincs SprinfjbrnnnenS ; 
5. bcr f Iciuc Xd(i), SBaffcrbebalter ; 
bic 3)p(fc, fle<iie -^afcn, (£d)iffpla^; 

— of a dock, jv. T. bic Jtnijtmc tci ci= 
ner l)pcfc. 

BASIS, s. bie ©aft«, ©runblage, ber 
@rnnb ; Saiilcnfin^f, ba« ^ppftemcnt, 
?^nijgeftell; bic ©rnnbfanic, @rnnb= 
ftii^e, ba« (^uiibamcnt, rid. Base. 

To BASK, V. I. a. fpitncii, fpiniucm ; II. 
71. fid) fonnen, fid; warmcn, 

BASKET, s. bcr J?orb; or — hilt, 
bcr Jlorb, iibcrffpd)tcnc ®rtff ober 
Siiget am ©iibcl, ^nnbegot u. f. w. ; 

— hiited, mit eincm Jlprbc(Pber ciner 
©Ipcfc) »erfcl)cn ; — maker, bcr Jlor6= 
inac|)cr; —man, tcr Siafttragcr; — 

salt (sugar-loaf salt), ba5 2:afelfalj 
(fcinfU nnb lueiijeflc ©alj) ; — trade, 
ber .ftorbbanbcl ; — woman, bic,$lorb= 
ina($crinn ; %xn\l ; baskets of earth, 
s. pi. tlcinc SdianjEiirbe. 

BASON, s. vid. Basin. 
BASQUE, s ber iMSCdttCV. 
BASQUISU, adj bi'jCa»)ifd). 

To BASS, V. n. ticf flingcii, trninmen. 

BASS, I. .9. 1. bic ?JJatte, (Strcf)=, 33afl= 
pber 33infcnbccfe ; 2. (in Cumberland) 
cin Slllfibarfd); (in Hampshire) cin 
gccbarfd;; 3. j\ius. T. bcr23afi; II. 
adj. Mus. T. tief ; — relief, ber 35a8rc= 
lief, tpkitbi^pcl^bilb; bie balb erbnbcne 
SIrbeit; — , or — string, bic ikiijfaite. 

BASSA, s. bcr 33affa. 

To BASSET, V. n. ftctgcn (uon ben 

BASSET, s. ba« Saffct, bn« 33affetfviel. 

BASSOC, s. bic SDIatte, a3aftbcife (rate 

BASSO-RELIEVO, s. vid. Bass-relief, 

nnter Bass. 

BASSOON, s. ber Saffpn, ba« J^agpt. 
BAST, s. ber s^aft; ba* i^aflfeil. 
BASTARD, I. s. bcr 33aftarb, ba3 3?ei= 

finb, .^iirfinb; 2. cine 3lrt fiificr 

(ita(.) 9Bcin ; H. adj. (mln. — i,y), 1. 

nncbelic^ ; 2. uned)t,'falfd), scrfalfc^t ; 

— dittany, ber WilbC Siptam ; —hel- 
lebore, bie railbe Stiefnunrj ; — oats, 
ber taubc -^afer, aBiIb= pber SSinb; 
l)afet ; — parsley, bcr jtlctten!crbct 

CnucaJis — /. ) ; — ribs, bic hlvjcn 

Pber falfdtcn Siippcn; — venn-i, bcr 
racilfcfie ScncSbiinni, 33lafcubanni, 
wiilfcfje ?irtfen ; — .s-ifTron, bcr Saf= 
flor ; — title, bcr ©c^mufetttcl. 
To BASTARD. »:.«. yiiu iBaflarb ma- 
d;ett ; Saftavb ncnuen. 

BASTARDfSM, s. bcr Snfivinb, bic Vage 

eineS iBaftarbS. 
To BASTARDIZE, v. n. 1. ber ut',ebcli= 

ctidx ©eburt jiberfiifjren; 2. cincn 

Saflarb jengen.- 

BASTARDY, s. bie unef)c[id)e ©ctmrr. 
To BASTE, V. a. 1. priigcln, an6prii= 

gein; 2. init njciten ©tic^en nal)cn, 

Bcrltorcn l)eftcn, anfd;lagen ; 3. (cincn 

ih-atcn mit ©utter, Sett u. f. ra.) bt- 

gicjicn, betrppfcln. 

BASTINADE (Bastikado), s. 1. ba« 
-ijiriigeln, bie ^ritgel, <2tPcffcJ)( ; 
2. 93nftonabe ((Sdjlagc auf bie duh . 

To BASTINADE (Bastinado), v. a. pvn- 

geln, flbpviigcln, fdjh^jcn. 

BASTION, s. bie 33aftf i, ba« Q3oUroerf. 

BAT, s. 1. bic glebermau« ; 2. ber ik- 
^cn (iDhinse); 3. bcr ^tniittcl, ^rii= 
gel, bie Jleiilc; ba§ 9iacfett; — fow 
ling, bie 5'icfcljagb (befpnbcrc5lvt Ui 
iSpgclfangeS bci ber 3Jad)t). 

B.ATABLE, adj. ftvcitig ; — ground, iili 

fircitig gemcfcnc Sanb. 

BATAVIA, s. 33atayia. 

BATAVIAN, I. adj. bataoifd) ; II. s. bci • 
siJataocr, .^pllaaber. 

BATCH, s. i: ba§ ©ebatf, bcr Sd)ub , 
(Semmel ober SBvob; ; 2. jifr. bi« 
Dnantitat onf cinmal cbcr jiiglci^ 
verfevtigter 5)iugc, cincr ilrt^ ypn 
bcmfeibcn Sd)Iage, ypii eincm ^ac^vot 
unb JlPrn. 

BATE, S. + ber (Strcit, ^awti .§aber; 
— breeding, + 3'lllf briitcnb. 

To BATE, V. I. a. cbbrcdicrt, ncrmiii' 
bcrn; iiad)(affcn, nblaffcn, raeuigci 
fprberu; n?egiicl)mcn, abfd)neibcu; 

he won't — an inch of it, cr rail! nic|)t 

ba3 ©cringflc nacljdtffen, nid;t cm 
^aar breit nad)gcbcn; ii. «. nbuc^» 
men, fic^ serminccrn. 

BATEFUL, adj. jailfifc^. 

BATELES.S, adj. uuuntcrraerflic^, unbe= 

BATEMENT, s. bcr -}lb&ruc^, bie S3ev= 

BATH, s. i. ba§ 99ab; a dry—, fin 
tvDifnc3 i^iib (ypu 9l)d)c, Salj unb 
Sanb) ; ber Drt in bcr Sabeftubc, 
wo man fdirai^t ; — , or a hot — , bte 
SBiibnng ; 2. cin $ebraifcfec3 d}}n\i oon 
7i ©allon; foot — , cine fd)ni)fi.n-mige 
33aberoannc; — keeper, bcr ikbcr, 
SSabcmcifter ; — metal, bcr Sombacf, 
baS ^i'vil'SlllCfall ; knight of the — , 
9iitter bcS 58ab=Drben3. 

To BATHE, V. T. a. babCU; tuibcn, 

fc^cn ; 11. 71. ftd) babcu ; ein ^Bab gc-- 


BATHER, s. bcr 33abcnbe. 
BATHING-TUBS, s. bie Sabcraannc. 

BATHOS, s. iron, bic S^icfc iU bcr ippcflC. 

BATISTE, s. ber SBatift. 

BATLET, s. bcr a3lane(, aQafc^blaucI 

(bie ^einraanb }u flopfen, racnn fie 

au8 bci: 33cud)c fommt). 
BATMAN, .?. cin ®eraid)t in ber Scyante 

(ungef. 16^ lb. cugl.). 
BATOON, s. bcr Jtniittct, ?PviigeI, bic 

.ft'eute, bee (Sommanboftab, iy}ar= 

BATTAILOUS, adj. Sc^Iar^tcu af)nlid), 

BATTALIA, s. 1. biei2d)[ad)tprbmtng; 

2. ba* ^aupttrcffen (.3)Jitteltrffeu] 

cincr 3lrniee. 
BATTALION, s. 1. ba^ SSataillon ; 2, 

+ bie 9lrmcc. 
BATTEL. .9. 1. ?tuSgabc=s8ercc^nunii 

cineS Stubciitcn in iVgenb eincm (5ol= 

Icginiu jn Drfprb; 2. bic i2d;lac^t, 

vid. Battle. 

To bati'EL, v^ii. auberDrfpvbcrUni= 
serfita^ al^ 'ec^nlbiur fiir(Sffcn unl 
Xrinfcu ftcben. 




SAITELER or Battler, s. Ctll Stubcnt 

(Stipcitiiat) ju Dxfovb. 

T., BATTEN, v. I. a. i. mafictt ; 2. 
Buiij}cii; 3. latUn; II. n. fic^ ma= 

BATTEN. >'. T. bte biimif ?atte; — 
door, cine Seifteiitl)uv; — ends, Um- 
uene ^^attcit bi^ an acl)t Tvng S^angc ; 
battens, s. pL j^. 7'. Stot5fd;akn tcr 
•Jiaam nnb SJaftcn; — of the hat- 
ches, bte ^nfeufcl;almS. 

To BATTER, v. I. a. 1. fci;lai]cu, BKiUCtt, 
ftannjfcn ; 2. jcifcfelaacu,' jcifc^incN 
tern ; 3. ftavf bcfc^iefjcn, lieftur= 
men ; to — down, nicbcvfii)mettern, 
iitebcrveipen, ntcbevfc^teijcn ; li. n. 7'. 

BATTER, s. ber gefcl)[aacne S;ctg (yon 
5l){el)l, 6icr« unb sBHic^ ju ,illoptn, 
u. f. w.) 

BATTERER, s. ber ©c^lagcr, 3ftti'um= 

BATTmiNG-RAil, 5. ber Stumitocf, 

BATTERY, s. 1. MS <£d)Iagen; 2. 93e= 
fct)ietJcn, Seftiirnten ; 3. /,. r. 9Iu§= 
fc^lagen ; 4. bic S3atferie, @turfbet= 
tung; 5. (gal'jamfc^c, eUftrifc^e) 

BATTISH, adj. tvie BlcbermSufe. 

BATTLE, s.l. biet5^lad)t, ba8 Xreffen ; 

2. — or wager of—, + L. T. ber gOt= 

te«geri(^tlid)e 3n3eifam))f; to give 
(join) — , cine 2ct)larf)t licfern ; fit for 
(a) — , flf^higfertig; — array, bie 

Sc^Iadjtorbnnng; — axe, bie iStreit- 

avt, ^ellebarbe ; — holders, bic Se= 

tuiibontcn bci cincm ^auvtfampfe. 
7v, BATi'LE, 17. 1, n. cin S:reffcn liefevn, 

firf) frf)lvtgcn, fiimpffit ; H. a. mtt be= 

antffnctcr 2}jad}t becfcn. 
BATTLEDOOR, s. 1. ba3 3f{a(fett ; 2. 

bie *^l=b=c=tafef. 
BATi'LEMENT. s. biciDiancr mit ^iit- 

ne:t ober <2d)ietJfc§artcn ; 2. biefe 

3innen felbft. 
BATTLEMENTED, atij. niitStuneu ycrs 

BATTLING, s. brtS .ganbgcnicng, 2:ref= 

B.MTOLOGY, s. bte unnii^c aBteber= 

bolnng in eitter ditit, irai lecve ®e= 

fffcwa^, bic SBortfriimcrci. 
BATFRiL, s. ber 2Bafrf)blauet, vid. 


BATTY, aiij. su ciner ?5tcberniiius ge^ 

i)ijrig, bcrfelbett abnlid). 
DATZ, s. ber aSa^en. 
baubee, s. ber bnlbe 5?cnnn, 2)reicr 

(in Scftottlanb unb 9i=engl.). 

BAUBLE, T)(VZ. Bavvble. 
7'j BAULK, vid. I'u Balk. 

BAULKS, I. pi. jV. t. (Spieren obcr 
©liume JU 9caaen, Stengcn, u. f. w. 
BAVARIA, s. syaiicrn. 

BAVARIAN, I. adj. ba«crifc§; IL s. 
ber S3ai)er, bic i?a»evin. 
BAVAROY, s. ber Uebcrrocf, SJIantel. 
BAVIN, s. 1. bcv einer3Jci§buubrnt[)e 

(ifjnlidje (StOCf ; 2. bavins, s. jd. J\i'. 

r. bie ©rcnnbijnbef cincS 33ronbcrl 
RA\\T3LR, L s. ba« Spicfwcrf, ber 

IJanb, bic JtlcinigEeit, baa glitter^ 

ii'cvf, bie !!!apvcrei, Jii4)t6Wiirbigc 

BAWCOOK. s. col bet lofe 33ogeI, 

feine ^Snrfdje, baS 53iirfti;d)en. 
BAWD, s. ber Jinpvlfr, bie Jln).''V= 

i\< BAWD, V. n. fup^eln, .6uren »er= 

r.AVVD-BORN, adi. son cinem Jlu^ps 

Icr (ciner jtnpplerin) abflammenb. 
liAWDiLY, ad„. nn^iid)tig. 
BAWDiNi'SS. s. bfl« .^urenwefen, bie 

^fAWOUtCK, s. ber OitrtfT. 

BAWDRY, s. 1. bie Jtuppelei ; 2. 3o= 
tenrci^erei, ^oitw. 

B.WVDY, adj. fdjmu^i'g ; to talk — . 30= 

ten rciyeti ; — house, ba§ .§uren= 
Ijaug, 5i3orbdl. 

To BAWL, V. I. n. fdjvcictt, frcifd;en ; 
II. a. ausrnfen. 

BAWLER, s. ber Sc^rcicr. 

BAWREL, s. ber jvawnf)abid;t. 

BAWsnsT, .<;. ber SadjS. 

BAY, I. s. 1. bic iBav, i^nc^t, ber fieinc 
iOJcerbnfen ; 2. bie sBanfc (ciner 
(gd)euer); 3. ?i!(fe ober Deffnnng in 
ciner 3)iaiier ju ciner 3;i)iir oter ei= 
ncm Scnfier ; bie edjiefifrijavtc ; ber 
9iaum jiuifdjcn jivci 5lViUen ; 4. ber 
2)amm; ba? <gd)Ufegatter ; bie 
(2d)U-ufe ; 0. ber iiorb'cer, Sorbcer^ 
baiim ; 6. bays pi li^ortccrfranj ; 7. 

(!3«/. the following phriutes) to stand at 

— , \n ber griiyten Stctb fcyn, in le^: 
ten 3iHlcii licgenj fid) wiberfe^en, 
bic Spiic bict'cn ; to keep at— , (be= 
fonbers soin 23ilb) wcnn bie i^unbc 
cineti .§irfd), (Sber, u. f. w. jum @tc= 
^en gcbrac^t babcn, unb ibn aufbat= 
ten, bis er »oiu 3»igfr criegt >virb ; 
fi<r- flbbalten, ]\^ vom Seibc balten, 
binbrtUcn, mcbren, abmei;rcu ; — 
berries, iiic Jlforbeercu ; — ice, baS 
2)ainmei« ; — leaf, ba« Sorbccrblatt ; 

— oil, ba§ Sorbcerol, Sorii; — piece 
goods, Stiicfgiiter, nnS iicngaien; 

— salt, ba* ibabfalj, Secfvilj ; — 
tree, ber Sorbccrbiinni; — wax, ba§ 
griine aBac|)« ; — window, bal ge»»i3lbtc 
yeiiftcr, JUpgenfenfter {Tiii. Bow- 
wiNDow) ; — yarn, baS wollcue ®arn ; 
n. uiij. brann, brnunrot^, faftanien= 
braun ;' — horse, baS braune ipfcrb, 
ber Sraune ; a bright bay, ber 

To BAY, V. \.v. bcllcn; If. n. 1. mtt 

33ellen ^c(jeu, jageu ; 2. einf^licfen, 

einengcn, unigeben. 
BAYARD, s. 1. baS faftaiiienbrnunc 

-$ferb, ber ^Braune ; 2. bcr-ITiaulaffc, 

uiibefd)eibne 3"fd)itucr. 

BAYARDLY, odv. blobC, bniltm. 

BAYONET, s. baS i3ajonet, ber SHit= 

To BAYONET, v. a. mtt bcm Sajcucttc 

ftec^en, forttreibcn. 

B \YS J ' 

YiW'/V \ ■'■ ^'^^ ^^^' ^"'" ^'^^'^■°- 

BAZA, vid. Basot. 

BAZAR, s. ffliarftvlalj mit .f aufnifinus= 

Semijlbcn (ber orientalifdjcu 3>oltcr, 
efonbcrs bei ben ^crfern;. 

BDELLIUM, s. bas Sbclliuin. 

To BE, J). j>. n. 1. fei^n; 2. hjcrben; 

. 3. bleibfU ; to 1)6 readina. Icfcn ; to be 
esteemed (ioved;, gcfd^ii^t (gcliebct) 
lucrben ; he is to l)e excused, cr ift JU 
entfd)nlbigcn ; it is not to be imagined, 
man fanii fid)'S itid)t sorficllen- to 
be for sonielhing, @t«?a§ Wiinfcpen, 
babcu ivollen, uac^ ^tmaS trad;tcn ; 
if so be that, &c. eg fei bcnii, bai5, 
u. f. iiv, lucnn ja, wcnn ctwa, it. f. m. ; 

be it so (if so be), WeiUl eg fo Wiivc, 
gcfctjt e-0 fe« ; wliat would sl;o be at 'i 
bag roill ftcrbennV JraS bat fie uor? 
iuflg mill fie bamit fagcn? be your- 
self! iseige 5)icb in S)einer wabren 
©eflalt ! bauble 5}einer luiirbig ! be= 
finnc 3)id) : k-t (it) be. ritbr' ee! nid)t aw. 

BEACH, s. bag fiacbc Ufer; ber 
Stranb, bag ©cflabc. 

BEACHED, adj. 'jou bcu 3BeIIen be= 

BEACHY, adj. mit fladjcii Ufern. 

BEACON, s. I. bag Sarnifener, Signal, 
2Bad)feuev; bie ^kfe ober S3'aafc, 
Sl^abrtonnc, 2lnferboi)c; 2. 2cnd)t= 
tbnrm, bie gencrmarte ; 3. * ber !2f it= 

BEACONAGE, s. inS ^Dafcngelb. 

BEAD, s. 1. bag Jtiigel^en, rbet Jlnipf^ 
d)cn (befonberg amjiofcnfranje) jbie 
tlcine Jlugel, 5|jcrle, ber 2;ro]pfen; 
2. s. pL beads, bcr 9lofenfran5; — 
proof. »(//. bie^Perlenprobe; probcbaU 
tig, fta'rf son '^crlen obcr Slafen 
(bet ben Teftillatcurg) ; — roll, bie 
^ille bcr in bag JTirrbengcbct finju- 

.fd)licfjeiibcn '4icrfonin; — man, bet 
^etcr ; 55etbruber (fiir 5Inbere) ; 
beads tree, or bead-tree, bcr 5l«aterno = 
ftcrbaum (.We/jffl azedarach — i.) ; — 
woman, bie 33etfd)Wefter ; to say ovet 

one's — , ben Sfiofcnfranj (bag $atcr=> 
nofter) bcrbeten. 

BEADING, *. T. bag Scijlcuwcrf. 

BEADLE, s. ber 5pebeU ; iMittel. 

BEADLESHIP, s. bag 5JImt cincg 5{?e» 
bellg, bie Ocric^tebicnerftcUe. 

BEAGLE, s. ber Spiirbunb (jur .gaa 

BEAK, s. 1. bcr Sc^nabel; 2. bi« 
Spifte, bag Uebereifen; 3. — , or — 
head, bcr (5d;iffgf4)nabel, bag @aU 

To BEAK, V. a. mit bcm ^(^xiaM fefi- 

BEAKED, adj. f^ntabclfijrmig, fV'^'9 

BEAKER, s. bcr i^cdjer. 

BEAL. s. bie iknlc, bag ®efd)n.n'ir ; 
bie Siiiitc, flatter, bag 331ag^en. 

To BEAL, V. n. frfianircn, eitern. 

BEAM, .■;. 1. bcr SBalfen, UittcrbaUcn, 
bie Sd)tvcllc ; 2. ber SBagcbalfen; 
fiff. bic SOage ; 3. bcr 3?aum, .g)ebc= 
banm, 2Bf bcvbaum ; 4. bie 5)eiri)fcl 
5. (£tange(am.^irfcbgen)cib);fi-9'iu= 
the (am ^ihifer) ; 7, be"r Stvabl, Sid)t= 
ftrabl ; geuerfircifen, bie Scnerfiiulc 
(am .C^immcl) ; — board, bic biJIjfrne 
2Baagfd)ale •, — compasses, ber 'Btaxu 
gensirfd ; — feathers, sp. E. bie langcn 
mbern ber ?yalfenfittige ; — tree, etne 
91 rt beg SiseiOborng, ober luilben 
(Spcicrlinggbanmg ( Crata-crus — l.) , 
draw {or wind) — , bcr aBcnbcIbaiim 
((5tamg bamit umsnbrcben) ; horn {or 

hard) — , bic .§agebud)e {CnrpUms — 
7,.) ,• .V. 7'. main {or inidsliip) — , bcr 

Segelbalfen ; beams, pi bie 2:c(fbaf= 
\'i\\; orlop — , bic a3alfen ber .itnb= 

briiife; right on the beam, red)t SOU 
bcrSeite, vvlfr. bivarg ab (/. c na(jj 
bcr 3lid)tung beg mittclften 33alfeii8) ; 
the weaihcr -^,bie ?nyfeitc be j (Sd)iffeg 

the Khip is on Jier — ends, bag Sd;if( 

licgt (ganj) aufber Seite. 
To BEAM, V. V. s,- a. firal)Ieu ; Sfrab= 

len teerfcn. 

BEAMLESS. adi. fh-ablciilog, matt. 
BEAMY, ndj.'i. ftrablcnb ; 2. ba«m= 

fd)n.Kr ; 3.' mit ©emcibcu, gebiJrnt. 

BEAN, .■^. bic S3pb"f; —caper, bie 
S^Obncnfaper, {Zysoplnjllum fnbiso — 

7J ; — cod. 1. bie ilobneiibiilfc ; 2. 
ein ^'(ifctKr; ober ?otfcnboot in 5Por= 
tngai; — fiat, bag $iobncnfelb ; — 
trefoil, bcr fflobncnbanm (Cytisus [a- 

hm-nvm -— L.) ; horse — , bic (grOpC) 
$ferbcbol)ne; running beams, .R'rnp: 
bobncn ; stinking — trefoil, bcr (5tin£= 
banm {.Inagyris fwtida — /..). 
To BEAU, V. ir a.&- n. 1. ttdgcil, b"'-' 

oorbringen; 2. fiibren ; 3. biir.gen, 
iiberbringcn; A. fig. tragen, balteii, 
fliifecn, linfeifiii^'en; 5. gtbiibrcn ; fi. 
trad;tig fe\}n; 7. {m fid)) baben; 8. 
ertragen ; augbaltcn, biifbcn, Iciben ; 
9. iH-rttattcn ; 10. fegein ; to — one'.-i 
self, fid; betragen, ftd) yerbaltcu \ 
to bring to — , angfiibrcnb ; geltcnb 
mad)cn) ; benn^cn ; gcltngcnmad)cn : 
to — a body, (irt bcr 5J)(afcrct) ?rarbc, 
OJrnnb balten (>renn ftd) bie S'arben 

gilt mifd)Cll) ; paper that bears ink, 

^tJap'cr, bag nidjt burcbff^Iagt ; this 




.vord does not — that sense, baS 3Bc;t 
hat ittcJ)t jfue 33ebcutintg; to — a 
price, gelteu, Eoftcit, wtrt^ fei)tt; to 

— an office, ciii 5lmt serroaltfii ; to 

— a child, fdjmaiigerr fjel^cn (com 
^ki), blcyto — , trac{)tti} fc»n) ; to 

— one good will, ©ttieni flClUOjeil 
fe^U ; to — one a grudge (a spite, a 
spleen). Jpaj} obcr ©roll gcgeii 3c= 
inaiib ticgc'n ; to — a part, 2;^cil t;s= 
belt ; cine diolU fptclcit; to — coals, 
+ SSelei^t(5UlI(]eIl bulbcil; to — com- 
pany, ®efcUfd>',ft Iciftetl ; to — date, 
batirt ffpii; to — love, licbeit, Siebe 

l)CgCn ; to — obedience, (]Cl)OVC^Clt ; 
to — witness, 3ci'(l'ltP ablCiJClt, jCU; 
gClt, Sciige ffV«; t" — (upon) one 

hard, (ifiitcii haft bc^aitbclii, ftrciig? 
mtt t^m ucrfabven ; to — all hefore 

one, vid. to carry ; to — resemblance 

to, 51e[)nlic^tcit f)abctt mtt; to — 
sway, (rule), tie Dbcrf)aiib {)aben, 
berrfct)eii ; to — sea, "See f)alten ; the 
ship bears, baS Scbiff(}ci)t JU tiff; fit 
to — arms, »XMff^Cllfat)tg ; to — away, 

bacon (]fi)eu, bie giiid;t crgvcifen; 

bacon fCi]ellt ; to — away the bell 

(palm, pr'ize), bcu ©ifj (ben --Prcig) 
bacon tfagen, efl)altcn ; to — back, 5U= 
riKftreibeii ; to — down, nicbei-laffeit, 
niebei-fenfen ; nicberbviicfeii, uicbcr= 
vciBcti, nicbev|1itrsen; fic^ fcufcii, nic= 
berfinfen, fui) fctjcu; to — in with 
the harbour, geiMbe auf ben.^afcn ju^ 

ftgcin, einlaufcn ; this mountain bears 
west of the promontory, biefci" sBetiJ liegt 
im SUeften be J isorgebtvgcs ; to —oil', 
wegfiihrcn, cntfiU)rcn; jiiriitff)altcn, 
flbl)alten, abiucnbeit, au^variren ; com 
SSiube abfCjielii, com ^anbe abfabren; 
in See ftccpcu: to — on, aiitvciben ; 
to — on, or upon, ]id) bejicben anf, i]e= 
nau jnfammenbauiien; auf QuiciS 
beniljen, fid;) auf (5troa§ ftii^cn, leb= 
Kcn ; to — out, unterftitfjeii, be h'afti= 
(jert, beftatijen, cerfcd)teit, cevtbeibis 
gen ; to — one out in, 3entanb cnt= 
fd)ulbii}eu UH'gen, ibn bci'ansreifjcn ; 
-T- up the helm! la^t baS Sd)iffmcbi; 
mit bem 2Uinbe gebcn ! to ^ up, 1. 
tragcn, baltcn, tihtciftitfeen; an»bnt= 
ben, rtUSbarven ; 2. fic^ empor bcbeu, 
mbic^^obe belJcn, mi\>ox fommen; 
to — up against, bie Spiije bieten; 
fid) wibcrfe^eii, wibcrftfeben ; to — 
up to one another, fid) fiuanbev na= 
bem ; to — up against misfortune, tm 
Unglitif ben Wliiti) nid^t fiufen laffen, 
flanbbaft blciben; to — up before the 
wind, cov bem SBinbc ijin feijcln ; 
to — up to a ship, auf etn ©rbiff ab= 
balteti, 5ufegeln; to — upon, tfciknt, 
britden auf'. . ; jtelen auf . . ;.— and 
forbear, leibe uub meibe, cci-flib unb 
oergit) ; rii — the blame, icfi Wage bie 
Sc§^u[6 ; id) nebmc eS aufmicv; — 

a hand! Sea Exp. ffifc^ JU ! riibvt 
@uct)! f)Ufttg! 

3EAII, s. bet: sBar; she — , bie S8a= 
riu, Jlst. T. the greater and the lesser 
— , ber gvoijc uirb ber f leine 53ar (auc^ 
ursa major and ursa minor) — baiting, 
bic Sareuhe^e; — barley, bie cictjei: 

ligc 'iBintergCVPe {Ilonleum hemsH- 

choii — /,.) ; — berry, bie SScrbcrifte 
(,vid. B-vuberry) ; — berry, bie 33aven= 
tvaube {Jirlmtus uva, ursi — L. ); — 
bind, bie 58ai'Cnn)inbe {Convolvulus se- 

pium — L.) ; s-breech, bie SBareit^ 

flau {Acanthus — L) ; — 's cub, eiu 

jungef 53ai' ; — dofr, bcv 33uIIcnbcif= 
fei- ; — '.s-ear, baS Sareuobvleiu, bie 

9lutiEe[, { Primula auricula ■— L.) \ ber 
^^aifanifcl {Curtusa—L.); —fly, bie 
55areufliege ; — 's-foot, bie sBarenflau, 
b(v iBSrenfuB (vid. Bear's-breecu) ; 
bir fltuEettbc 3lie8t»urs {Hdieburus 

fxiidug — /,.) ; foot bears {or rope^ 
lears, ^otf^'i'^^iftf/ Saulmatteit, 
■ Dverfmatten ; — garden, 1. ber 93a= 
reu5annger, ®areup[a§ (^ur ^areu= 
be^c) ; 2. etn Drt ivo eS toll (wilb) 
f)crgebt; — herd, ber 5J3arcnn.>artcv, 
SBarenbiiter ; — leader, ber ii3aven= 
fitbrer ; — ward (wie — herd); — 's 

wort, bie 33aVantrS (Ileradeum Sphomly 

lium — L.) ; ber Siopiimmcl, .§aar= 

ftrang {Peuredanum — /-.). 

BEARU. s. 1. ber ©art; 2. SBiber= 
bafeu ; 3. ba§ .*3aavige, bie 3<»fcrn 
(an 3yurjclii u. f. tu.) ; — of a letter, 
Tijp. T. tie raube Seite an einem 
(2"d;rifttegel uad) be m(J3u^, ber Sart; 
— manic.a, ber fpi^bitvtigc 2aug= 
fd;wan5 (etuc 9lvt iiJieifeJ \^Parus bar- 

ba, nigra — K.) \ — of a horse, ber 

5::bcil am Sllaut eineJ i^fertie?, roeU 
djer bie Jlntmmc be« ©cbiffcg tragt; 
to one's — , iuS (5)cfid)t, uim 3;vo^. 

To BK.\RD, V. a. bci beiii i^arte jupfen, 
raufcu ; fig. to — one, cinein Xvo^ 
bietvn, eineu betcibigcii, rcijcn, l)ob= 

BE/VRDED, ff(Z/. licirtig ; flacbeltg; a — 
arrow, ein ijjfeil mit 2Bit)crbafen ; — 
grain, cyctrctbe mit ©rauucn. 

BEARDt.ESS, arij. unbiirttg, bavt(o3. 

BEARER, s. 1. ber Sirager; 2. ber Uc= 
berbrtugcr; 3. Ar.k. r. cine ^fofte, 
(Saute occr SJfaucc jur Stiifenng ei= 
nts *-l^a(fen§ ; 4. Typ. r. ber (lolum= 
nentrager, 2:iager am 9tabmd)en, ba§ 
U3aufd)cf)cn, bie Uutcrlage; 5. trag= 
bare iVium; fi. //. r. ber Sd;i(bbaU 
ter; SBappenbalter ; the — of this, 
Ucberbringer biefei5. 

BEARING, s.l. bic Stelhtug, WmK, 
®ebcvbc; 2. //. T. 45auptfigur cincs 
SiJappcn^; 3. ber Stii^puuft cines 
53alfcug ; — of the land, jX. T. bie tci- 

ge (.^ijbe) be« Saubel, in Slnfcbuug 
beS Sc^iffeS obe r eincS auberu @egcn'= 

ftaUbeS; — cloth {or bear-cloth), ber 
S;aufmautel, baS j:aufflctb ; armorial 
bearings, bag SBappcu, tic 2l5appcii= 
fc^ilbe; there is no — of this, ba5 ift 
Unertragli($ ; a woman past — of chil- 
dren, cine 5rau, ivcld;c i'lber bie tyc= 
biibrjeit tfl. 

BEARISH, adj. barcubaft, plump. 

BEARLIKE, adj. )cie eiu i^iir. 

BE.VST, s. 1. bag aSief), S;bier; — of 
burden, baS Safttbier ; 2. fig. ber nie= 
brige, robe 9}cetifii) ; 3. rba«) ^abct 
(>3lrt ,^artcnfpieO ; bieSete (ber ®in= 
fafe beS 23crlierenbeii). 

To BEAST, V. n. T. labct ober tcte »cr= 

BE^VSTISir, ? aijj. t^ievif^, «ir^= 


BEASTLINESS, s. 1. baS ciebifd)e 3Gc= 
fen, uuccrniiiifiige 33etragfrt ; 2. fig. 
bie UnptbigEeif, Sc^weiuerct. 

BEASTLY, ar//. .?-af/r. tbierifd), cicbifc^, 

brutal; 2. m S;btergffialten; "i. fig. 
fc^iDciitifd), uusiid)tig ; efelbaft. 

To BEAT, V. ir. a. i- n. 1. fd)(agert, 

fc^mcipen; 2. tiopfen, pod)eu ; 3.'an= 
pod)cii, anflopfeu; 4. brefd)en; 5. 
ftojicn, ftamufeu; 6. jerftopen, jer= 
bred)cn; 7. ftiirmeu ; 8. Typ. T. anf- 
tragen (bic Sarbe bet ben S8ucbbru= 
(fern) ; 9. bcfiegen ; iibertreffen ; 
Uberfteigen ; 10. betreten ; to — .a 
ship, jV. t. eiu Sdjiff iiberfegedt, »or= 
bei fegclit, tobt fegelu; to — the drum, 
bie Srommel riibreii; the drumbeats, 
bie iXrommet gebt; the general heats, 
ber (SJeneratmarfd; Wirt gefd)ragen 
(jum Slbmarfd)); to — (an) alarm, 
i!arm fc^tageu; to — the reveille, bie 
S}JecciUe fc^iagen (jum Vlufbrud; anS 
bem Qiiartier); to — a char^-e, \nv 
'^Ittadc b(ai"'-u (bei ber (Jacallerir) ; 

}u»-. ©turmlaufen fd;lagen (bet b« 
Snfanteric); to — the ta-'too, ben 3>J- 
pfeuftrcic^ fd)lagcn; to — the trooj^. 
jur Sabue fd)lagen (um bie Sabuwa* 
d)e }u cerfammclu) ; to — lo arms, 5:1 
jen ®affcn f]d)lagen {vid. general) ; ta 
— a parley, bie 5)lufunft etueS '4>arle* 
meutarg fiignaliftreu (burd) bic Xrom» 
pete ober Xrommel) ; Sd)amabc fd;la» 
gcii ; to — time, bcu Xact fdjlagcit ; 
to — the way, ten 2Bfg babncn, «ie= 

bcvtrcten ; fig. to — the field, to — 
abroad, bag "We.'b burd)ftreid)eu (befous 
berg beim Sageu), auf ben "Jluftanb 
gcbcu ; to — th(! dust, (bct ^^fcrbcu), 
tccntg ^Boben nebmcu ; to — upon the 
hand, (bei *4}ferben) bag Sc^ncUen, 
(Serfcn) mit bem Jtopfe ; to — tho 
price, iibcrbicten; to — the air, (©treis 
d}e in bie !i!uft tbuit) fid; cergcblic^ 
bemiiben ; to — about, berumriibren ; 
umbcrtreibeu; JV. t. hmbe''.:eujcn, 
lacircu; fig. fid) bemiiben, forfdjcn; 

( for, auffudbeu) ; to — down, uie-- 

berfd)(ageit, nicberrcipeu; (ben -^ireig) 
berabfe^eu, ober ccrmiubern, abban= 
bcln, tuciiigcr bietcu ; to — down, w 
up and down, Sp. T. balb btc fiuc, balb 
bie aubcre9iid)tung im S^auf finfd)Ia= 
gen ; to — in, biiieiufd>Iagen, trcibcu, 
ober ftopen, einfd)(agcii ; to — some- 
thing into one, eiucm ctivaS eiitblauen ; 
to — off, jurudfd)lagcii, abfc^lagen ; 
Tijp. T. abflopfcii, abfUitfdieu (bie 
2ctteru bei ben Sd)riftgicficru) ; vi-- 

one's head or brains about (with) a 

thing, fid) itber (mit) (Sticagbcn,i£opf 
Sevbred)cn; tc — out, aiigfc^lager, 
augbrefrbeu; {;craugtrcibeu ; to' — 
out, JV. 7'. wiiibwdrtg gebeu (fegcln). 
lacireu; to— over, {jinbiipfeu: bt-s-= 
galoppireit, burd)fliegen, biufc^iucbfu ; 
to — up, qiiirlen ; (iufammeu) troms 
mein -. angrcifeii, bcftiirmeu ; to— up 
for recruits, tvcrbcn, auf Sllcrbuufl 

fcilU ; to — u|) the enemy's quarters^ 
ben <5eiub im Stager angreifeu; to — 
upon, auf G'tUHlg lOgftiirnu'U; thesnu 
heats (on the Jiead), bie Souuc ftid)t. 

BEAT, .?. 1. ber Sdilag; 2. Jius. r 
ber 3]lorfd)Iag ; — {or bea'ing) of the 
pulse, ber !)5ulgfcf)lag ; — of the druni, 

ber 2;roiumclfd)lag._ 
BEATER, s. l.^bcr_(id)tager; 2. bic 
iUHn-ferEculc, ber fctampfir. 

BEATIFIC, I aj!j. fe= 

BEATIFICAL {alv.—r.\i.i.\'\ ^ lig WUTi- 

d)eub, felig ; auf ciuc feligmacpeufe 

5lrt ; bcfefigenb. 
BEATIFICATION, s. bic <Seligfprc= 

To BEATIFY, v. a. 1. fcIig mad)cn ; 2. 

fclig fpre^en (in ber romifdicii Stiv- 

c^e) ; beatified spirits, felige (?)ciftfr. 
BEATITUDE, s. bic 'Seltgfeit, ©liidfes 


BEATRICE, s. ^?atm (^raucnuamc^ 
BEAU, s. ber (Stn^er, galante >§evr, 

BEAUFKT, s. bcr Sd)enftifc^, (5rebct!j= 

BEAUISH, a,ij. ftufeermaiJig. 

BEAU-MONDE, s. I^CUtC COll fctUCr SCj 


BEAUTEOUS {alv. — ly), adj. fcboil. 

BExiUTEOUSNF^s, s. bie (2d)5nbeit. 
BEAUTIFIER, «. bcr 23erf*onerer. 

BEAUTIFUL {adi: — ly), ndj. fd)on. 

BEAirriFUiJ^ESS, s. bie (2d)oiibeit. 

To BEAUTIFY, r. I. a. fd)OU luadlflt, 

cerfi-^iJMcrn, auSfd)mitcfeii ; ll ?i.|dK<i 
ner merbcn, ficb ccrfd)inicrii. 

BEAUTY, .9. i. bic Sdjijubeit, baS 
Sd)i.ine; 2. bie (Sc^ouc ; — spot, ba3 
(5d)oupflaflcrd;en, Sdjiniufpflafiers 

iiKAVEa, s. 1. bcr 'Biter, (Jailor; Z 




baS ^Jijiv ; 3. — {or — iiat), ber (Sa- 

BEAVERED, adj. lUtt Ctncilt 6aflOV^U= 

tc; mit ctitcm •6elme, gchelmt 

BEBLTJBBERED, p'r«. adj. CJlUi^eit) WU 

3:i)i-aiicit, upin SBfiitcit aitgcfcf)woU 
I en. 

RECAFfCO, ,5 bic f^etj^cnfc^ncvfe, 
■yaiimtiacftttgair, ©raSmiicfe. 

T> BK'JALM, V. a. fttUcn, bcfaufttc:(en, 
bfrubii^en ; m r. lo — a ship, etitcm 
Scl)iife belt ffitiib aiiffaiigen, fo bap 
btc Sci^cl blinb (trnetl ; to ho I)ecalmed, 

von etiter SBinbfttUe ii&ei-falien, aiif= 
geljiiUen lucrbcn. 

BECAUSE, conj. WtU: because of, prep. 

roegcn, nm . . . njtUen. 
To KECHANCE, v. n. + tcgegnen, l»t= 


To BECHARM, r. n. (bltvd) 9fJctJC) CUU 

ne[)men, fcffeln, bcjaitbcrn. 
BECHics, ,<!. pi. JKcd. T. Mittd gegcu 

ben .f)uflcn. 
BECK, s. bcr aSinf, bag Jtopfntrfen ; at 

the — (and call), auf (nac^) bem 2Stnf, 

bet bcr .6anb. 

J'o BECK, To BECKON, r. L n. ftn 3et= 

c^cn mit bem Mo^k obev ber .§anb 
(^cbeit, iBiufen, niifen (mit to) ; il. a. 
buret) eiu fo(c^e» 3f irf)cn rufeii, locfcn, 
obct (citen. 
BECKET, .0. jV. T. — of a Iiloek, bcr 
.gnnSfott Cinc3 ^i^lpcfl; beckets, .». p/. 

.gafcn unb iBanbe, i:m laiifenbeS 
Sauttjerf, 3iuber, Sparreu, n. f. m. 
auf5uf)an(^eu (aufjufnebein). 
To BECLo'uo, V. a. uiunjijltcn, umbii= 
ftcrn, umnebcln. 

To BECOME, J). I. ?i. WCrben; what will- 

— of mo? was wirb auS mir ttjer= 
ben ? aiic tyjrb cS mir i^cben ; II. a. 1. 
ftd) (cincr &arf)c gemafj) bctrajieu, 
ftfft benchmen ; 2. flc^iemen, anftc= 

i^en ; fifben, fktbcn ;' he becomes his 

title, er bctraiU ftcf) nacb fcinem j:itel, 

fctncm Sbarafter gcmiit!. 
BECOMTNO, adj. (nd-. — ly). anfliinbii], 

(^ejiemcnb ; fd;i(flid) ; >vo^lanfle= 

BECOMiNGXESS, s. bcr 3liiflanb, bie 

BED, s. 1. ba§ SBett; 2. Strombett ; 3. 

©cet; 4. btc Sartf, <Sd)icbt; 5. bte 

^Bettuuf^ ; fi. fff. bie Gbc ; 7. .$erber= 

fie ; 8. r bcr 9[^obcnflein {in ciner 3)Jitb= 
e) ; 9. bie ?afFettenwanb ; bie 9iafl= 
banf ciner .(laupnc ; 10. .v. r. bic 
(fctcllc bc3 5^uf(fi'rietg, wo fid) bcr 
firijptc 5)urc^ineffer bcffclben befin= 
bet ; — of the bowsprit, ber .^topf beS 
iSorflcVicn? ; — and bedding, ^ett= 
flflle unb ^ebcrbctt; — of state, ba§ 
SParabcbcIt; — of ease, ba3 JRnbe: 
bett, Aaulbctt; — of de.-ith, ba'3 (2ter= 
bebett ; to go to — , sn SBcfte (jf ben ; 
toliea-bed, tin tycttc licficn; toliesick 
a-bed, bettlaiKVii-; felin;^o take to one's 
— , bcttlai^cvii] werbcrt, )"id) Ici^cn ;./?«-. 
to be brou;,'htto — of . . . , nieberfom= 
men mit . . . ; one brought to — . cine 
Jlinbbcfterintt ; of the second — , jn)ei= 
ter Cf he ; — of snakes, ctu TJcft jnn= 
<ter Sd)(ani5en; canopy —. S3ctt mit 
93orbani^cn : — castors, Settrollen ; 

— chairs, !i?cttfiiibte fiir .itranfe; — 
i-hTtiihpr, ba§ (Sd)Iaf5immcr, bie 

©dlUlffammer ; a uentlermn of tlio 

kind's -, ein Hniiijlid)er ,(f ammcr= 

tieuer ; Lords of thj , ■<?ammer= 

beircu ; — clothes, ;>/, ba« Scttjcug ; 

— curtains, 33ctt5prbani^e; — feiinw 
(— matc\ bit Sc^laffamerab, 5^ctt= 
genpfi ; — har.i^inds, ber ^eua ^u 53ett= 
5or[)an(^cn; bie 9?orban!ie feUM"t ; — 
mouidinn;, Jirch. T. baS .(^aruicll '3ter= 
rafb an cincr Scinteunter ben J?ran^= 
leiftcit! ; — plates, pi. baj 2ta«f)pts ; 

— post, bic 33ettfanlc, Setfyfofic, bcr 
23ett|"toHcn ; — rid, or — ridden, bett; 

Im^erig ; — rite, baS (Sf)eftanbSrec^t, 
bic c^clid)e 5pflid)t ; — side, at the — 
— , am ^iitt • — staff, bie S3ettleiflc, 
ba« i&citcnftiicf; — stead, bie tBett^ 
ftelle ; — swerver, ber ©rtraflauijcr, 
@(;ebrcc()cr; — tick, bie 33ett5tecbe; 

— time, bic (2d)l«fS?it; 9<ubc^eit; 
©cfifafftunbe ; — ward, nad) bem 33et= 
te, \\i Sctte. 

To BED, ». I. a 1. \\x 5^c(te brinf^cn, in 
ba§ sBett legcn, uircd^t legen, betten ; 
2. Typ. T. baS sycfc^icercn ber fvifc^= 
gcbrucften 33o3en ; 3. cinfaen, iiflan= 
sen; ij. «. cincr $erfon bcirootinen, 
bei tbr fd)Iafen ; fie befd)Iafcn. 
Tb BEDABBLE, «.s.bcncicit,befprifecrt. 

To BEDAGGLE, v. a. vidg. bcflunCcm, 


To BEDASH, V. a. bci'pri^cn, bcnefecn. 
To BEDAUB, v. a. bcfd)miereit, befu= 

To BEDAZZLE, v. a. btcnbcii, ijerblcti^ 


BEDDER, } s. T. bcr 53pbenfiein in 
BEDETTER, ^ ctncr Oe(miif)lc. 
BEDDING, .t. ba« Settjeng, @ebctt, 

9?ett, bic a3ctten ; bie (itrcu fiir ba« 


BEDE, s. 93eba, 23cfa (9JJann«namc). 
To BEDECK, v. a fr^miirfcit, jicrcn. 
BEDELRY, .". ba« il^iertcl (bcr .ft'rei«), 

ba§ (ben) ein *^3cbeU ya. bcforncn bat. 
To BEDEW, V. a. bct^aucii, befcud)ten, 

To BEDIGHT, V. a. + fc^miiif cn, jtcrcit, 


To BEDIM, V. a.!jerbunfc[n, »?rfin(lcrn. 
To BEDiZEiV, V. a. vidg. rtusftaffircn, 

BEDLAM, L s. 1. baS 2:oIU)an«; 2. bcr 

3:;ollbau#(cr ; II. adj. 5U cinem 2:otl= 

f)aufe gebiJrig, beffcii wiirbig. 
BEDLAi\UTE, s. bcr 2;pUl)aits[er, Sia- 

BEDOUINS, .<!. j^. bic 58cbuinen. 

To BEDRAGGLE, v. n. vidg. bcfhinfcvn, 

To BEDRENCH, v. a. bnrc^njatfertt, 

trantcn, befend)ten. 
To BEDROP,i7. a. bctriiufcln ; bcflcrfcn, 

flecfig macbcn. 
To BEDUCK, V. a. + etnt«an;cn, iintcr= 

taud)en (in [iiv] SBaffer). 

To liEDUST, V. a. btftiiubcit. 

To liEDWARF, V. a. jnjcrgarttg, ober 
tlcin mad;en, am aBad)Stl)umc l)iu= 

To HEDYE, V. a. bcflcrfcn, bcfubcln ; 

BEE. s. bie 33iene ; — eater, bcr 3?ic= 
nenfved)t, iUcnenroolf; honey — , bie 
^Piiijjbiene ; — flower, baS JEnaben-- 
fraut {Orchis — /-); — garden, ber 
53ienen(]arten; — gine, ba« 2tPVf= 
warb3 ;' — hive, bcr S3ieneni!pcf, *^^ic= 
ncnforb; —lark-spur, cine '}litbeS3ltt= 
tcrfporug ; — master, bcr 53if ncnbaU 
ter, ^-8 tencniHitcr ; jv. v. bees, bic 3Sio= 
linen Pbcr 5J3acfcn beg 5^)ngf;irietg ; a 
swarm of — , ein 53ienclifd)roarm ; 
bee*' wax, ba« 23ad;§. 

BEECH, or Beech-tree, .'. bic Sucbc, 

ber 'Cud)enbanm ; — mast, btc 4^nd)- 
maft, ^i^iidiedern ; — oil, Del an« 

beK(;hen, adj. bud)ert, biidien. 

BEEE, L .». 1. m ffiinbflcifd) ; 2. {pi. 
beeves), 9iinb>,nch ; corn — (salted or 
powdered — ), ba« ''I.UifcIrinbfleifcf) ; 
— eater, bcr 9iJiiibfIetfrf)frcffcr ; fig. 
■Opftrabant ; Ilamhro' smoked — , baiiu 
bnvgifitcg jRandifleiffb; hung— , ein= 
flefaifeiie?, in frcicr ?nft gebijirteg 
J^iinbffein-b ; — knife, ba8 grpjje SXiu 
cbenntcffer ; roast — , or roasted — , 

S^iinblbrafcn ; — steaks, bie gerpfietcn 
3f{iubfleifd)fc^nitteit, Pber Sd)ciben ; 

— wilted. vvJir. pd;fenbumm ; n. aitj 
upn SJinbflcifd). 

BEELZEBUB, .?. bcr giiegcnfitvfl, Dbcr> 

teufcl, Secl^cbub. 
BEER,s. L ba« SBicr; — barrel, ba§ 

55ierfap, bie ^Biertpnnc; — louse, -f 

baiS 53icr^au«: small — , .fialbbtcr, 


BEESTINGS, s. vid. Biestinos. 

BEET, s. bie ?3cetc, bcrSDJangpIb {Betn 

— L.') ; — , or red — , bie rptl)c SUiibe. 

BEETLE, s. 1. ber 53etel, ct./. Betlk; 

— nut, bie 33etel ober 9lrefaimg; 2. 
beetle, bcr iiliiucl, SBafd)btaueI; 
StPiJer, bic 9iamme, Sungfct (bet 
Stetnfefecr): bcr (gd)la(}el ; reeming 
— , JV. T. ein Jlalfatbammer ; — stock, 
ber Stict am 93laucl, 'Sd)IagcI, «. f. 
w.j, 3. ber ,Staf"", 3?oefafcr/.6irfcf)= 
fafet; — brow, l)crabl)an9eiibc Slu^ 
genbrauncn; — head, bcr 2)idfp^f, 
SCummfopf ; — browed, nrf/. iiberbiins 
gcnbc ?lugenbrauiicn I)abcnb ; — 
headed, fcl/rocrEopftg, bumm. 

To BEETLE, v. n. iib'eri)angen, {)eroor; 

BEETRADiSH, ) s. bie rptbc 3tiibe, ber 
BEETRAVE, S 9iiibcretttg. 

BEEVES, s. pi. vid. Beef. 

To BEFALL, v. a. &■ v. bcfallen,'begcg= 

nen, snt'to^eii, uubcrfabren; ftci) cV= 

cigiicn, fid) jutragen. 
To BEFIT, V. a. ]id) fdjicfctt, fid; gcjic^ 

To BEFOOL, V. a. betf)ijren ; jnm ?ilar: 

ren babcit, mac^cn. 

BEFORE, I. prep. UOr; IT. conj. bcUPr, 

cbc ; IH. adr. »orn ; Jiiyor, verbcr ; 
ebcr a\S; cbcr;^^. liebcv; bisber; 
bercits, fd)pu; — one's face, (Sinem 
iu« ®eft(^t; — now, fc^ou, bercitS ; 
to get — , psprfommen, iibcrleger. 

BEFORE-HAND, adr. pprait?, im yor= 
auS, i(usor, vorbcr; sprliiufig; an= 
fang(id); to be — with ...\ ciner 

<B<lcb( Mt'.'Pl" fPmmcn • to he — in the 

world, in gntcn Umftanben feiin,im= 

mer (StiuaS iibrig baben ; gliirflicft 

To BEFORTUNE, ». a. begcgncn, b«= 


To BEFOUL, v.a. bcfubclii, befd)muljen. 
To BEFRIEND, v. a. ?(reiinbfcbaft, @e= 

falligEeit erjeigen, bcgiinftigen, gut 

metnen mit, bcfreunbcn. 
To BEFRINGE, v. a. bcfraiifcn, mtt 

Sraufcn befcfeen. 
7'oBEG, V. 1. a. 1. biftcn ; 2. bcttclu ; 

I — your pardon, ic^ bittc (Sic) lint 
9?er5cibuiig ; to — for, urn (UvaS 
bitten; to — the question, bie Srage 
jnm Safee mad)en, etwa« Unencte= 
fencS a\S ernjicfen yoraiigfe^cn; ir, «. 
bcttein geben ; yom SScttcln Icbcn. 

7'o BEGET, V. a. jcugcn ; bcn)prbrtn= 
gen, cr^cngen ; God's only begotten 
Son, 0)otte8 cingcborner Spbn. 

BEGETTER, s. bcr (Srjcugfr, 9.>atcr. 

BEGGABJ>E, adj. was crbetcii, blU'd) 
5Citten cvlangt ivcrben fann. 

BEGGAR,.'!, bcr i^Cl tier; a — of prin- 
ciples, bcr, ii*cld)er ntwaS llneranc; 
fene3 al§ craucren »prauJfe&t; — 
boy, bcr iicttlerjungc; — man, ber 
?^ettler ; — woman, ( — maid) bic 

To BEGGAR, v.n.i. an bcn 93cttel)lab 
bringeit ; fig-. 2. cntblijfjen, beranben ; 
3. erfd)opfen; it beggars description, 
e« ill liber alle 33cfd)rcibnng. 

BEGGARLiNESS, s. bte 33ettcl^aftiga 
feit, 3)iirftigfcit. 

BEGGARLY.' ndj. X- ndv. bcttclbilff 

lumpig, bitrftig, aniifcltg. 





p.EGUARY, s. bic Settclarmutf), 5lr= 
niut^, ©iirftiijtett.. 

I'.EGILT, adj. mit ®0l6 fccfc^t. 

Tj BEGIN, 7-. n. c<;- a. L.tiitfiiiiijen, an- 
t)ebcn, t»ci]iuncu; 2. ciufiebeii,_ «jer= 
&CU ; to — a journey, ciitc jleife an- 
treteit ; to — the world, ciit VInfangcr 
fenii, in bie SBelt tveten, ftt^ ttci- 
bltvcu, ftc^ eiiivic^tcn, ftc^ l)«»oi"S"= 
tbiiit anfaiigcii. 

BEGINNER, s. bev 3liifanflcr, Uvbeber. 

BEGINNING, s. 1. ba3 iJlufaugen; 2. 
tcr 3lufait(?, Uvfprutig; beginnings, 
pi. bie ainfaiigggriinbc. 

To BEGIRD, V. a. giivtcit, uitigiirtert ; 
2. fig. umgebeit, eiitfci;lie^en; 3. hioU 

To BEGNAW, v. a. bcnagcit. 

BEGONE, int. wcg ! fort ! \)aSt cu^ ! 

DEGORED, adj. iiiit (ijcvpuiicnan) 33Iut 

To BEGREASE, v. a. (Illtt Sett) be= 

'To BEGRIME, v. a. berufjcit, ctiifc^TOar^ 

To BEGRUDGE, v. a. beilCtbeit. 

Tu BEGUILE, r.n. 1. btntcvgcbcit, betru= 
gtn, benicfeit, »evfiit)vcn ; 2. etitlocfcii ; 
to — one's time, ftcfe bie 3ctt ucrtuvjeit. 

BEGUILER, s. ber syctriiijet. 

liEGUlN, s. bie iBegitie. 

BEHALF, s. ber S3c[)uf, Slufecn, 93or= 
thcil, baS grommeit, SJefte; in my 
— , ju meiiiem Scfteii, meiiietmegcii ; 

on (in) — of his riglit, V.m ftilie^ 

:iitd)ts mifiett. 

To BEHAPPEN, v. n. wibcvfabrcn. 
T.) BEHAVE, V. v. ^aubelii, ftc^ betrrt= 

geit, ftc^ ucvbattcii; ficb gejaben; 

ill-beliaved, uoit fd;U'c^tcn bitten; 

well behaved, WObl gefittet. 

15EHAVIOUR, s. bas i^etvagen, (fitt= 
lic^e) aScr^aiteu, bic 5luffii^i-ung ; to 
be bound to one's good — , /-. T. 

3icc^cnfcl;aft wegeit feiiicS SBcrbaltcitl 

gebcil miiffcn surety for good — , 
i?iirgf^aft fiir ba§ (gu(e) Scrbalteit; 
;o be upon one's — , untcr 53iirgfd)aft 
km, jcegcit fcine8 ^JevbaltcuS ; col 
fid) bet)utfam gegen Scmaiib «tv= 

To BEHEAD, v. a. cntT)au)Jtf It, liJVfi'"- 
BEHEMOTH, s. etii uitgcbcurciS S:i}icv, 

has fogenannte *^lu9pfcrb ('Jlilpfevb). 
UEHEN, s. ber 33e|enbaum {GuUnndina 

Moringia. — L) ; biiS iad)ad)t£raut, 

3Biberflo5 (Cucuhalus Behead — L,.) ; 
ter Sgalbviait (Valmana — L). 

BEHEST, s. * ba« ©ebeijj, ber Scfebl. 

I'.EHIND, prep. <S- ado. 1. i)'mttV, btlltett, 

suviicf, bintei'WattS; 2. nad;[tet)eub, 
ubcrtroffen (»on) ; I left my money 

— lor — me) id) Hf^ meiit @clb 511= 
riid ; to be — , biufeit, juriiii fei)U; 
^^.iio^afiiidpitbe ju bejablcu babeit; 

"to be — one's time, fid) Devfvnitet ba= 

ben, itbcr bie 3cit auSgebliebeii fcDtt. 

BEHIND-HAND, adv. btuteil, Sltviid, 

vitcfroartS ; im 3fiitcf)iaube ; fig. to bo 

— in the world, juriicfgcEpmmen (im 
33crfrtU) fei)ll ; to be — with one, fid) 
von cinent iibertrcffeu laffen, ii)m 

T> BEHOLD. V. n. 1. fcben, fd)auen, 

crblicfen; 2. aufet;cn, anfcbaueii, bc= 


Bi'HOLD, int. fiel)e ! fcbet ba ! 
BEHOLDEN, adj. »er!|.ifli4)tct, verbun= 

ben, gebnUcn. 
BEHOLDER, s. ber 9Infd)aiter, >3u- 

To BEHONEY, v. a. mit .^onig i.^cr= 

BEHOOF, ■ s. ber Se^uf, 93ortf)ctI, 

Olufecn, bas ^rommen. 
To BEHOOVE, V. imp. gcl'iibren ficb 

gtbiibrcn, ftc^ gesiemcn, ftc^ fd;i(fen ; 

it behooves (behoves) me. eg gcjicmt 

BEHOOVABLE, ? adj. + 

BEHOOVEFUL (adv.—vvu^). <j m%= 

lidt, jutrdglid), tnuglid), ^Jaffcnb, cv= 
fprieijli^, uort^eilbaft. 

To BEHOVE, V. imp. tvie Behoove, y;/. 

BEING, s. 1. baS @c5)n, S)afci;n, bie 
(Srifienj ; 2. ba« 2)iitg, SBefeu. 

To BELABOUR, v. a. vulg. bUVd)avbci= 

ten, fluSpriigcdi, flbbrefd)en, buvd)= 

To BELACE, v. a. 1- JV. T. feft fd;iui= 

ren, ein Xaw befeftigen (^ia!. To Belay) ; 

2. mit S^ifeen be'fe^en, sevbriimeu; 

3. abpriigeln. 

To BELAY, V. a. (bcii SGeg) »ertegen, 

sertreteu. jv. t. an()altcn; belaying 

pins, 3*^Pfc"' flii bencn ba« laufenbc 

SauroevE befcjiigt roirb, ,ftD»einnageI. 
To BELCH, V. I. n. anfftogcH, riilpfcn ; 

n. a. au^fpcien, au^rtP^f"- 
BELCH, s. Slufftotjen, 3{iilvfeit: ber 

BELDAM, s. ba« alte SKiittevc^en, baS 

alte aSeib, bie alteJBcttel; ^cre. 
To BELEAGUER, v. a. belagcm ; fig. 


BELEAGUERER, s. ber Sclagever. 
BELEMNITES, s. ber Sekmnit, ^ud)S= 

jieitt, ^feilftein. 
BELFRY, s ber ®Ip5entf)nrm, ®Iof= 

fenftul)t, ©focfengalgen, ba« ®loifen= 


BELGIAN, ) J. s. ber Selgier ; ii. adj. 
BELGIC, 5 belgifd). 
BELGIUM, s. 53elgien. 
BELGRADE, s. sSclgvab, ®riectifd;= 

To BELIE, V. a. 1. beliigcn; 2. Siigen 

ftrafen, iBibcrfpredieii, jmutber l)au= 

belu ; 3. scvleumbcu ; 4. nadjiiffen, 

BELIEF, s. 1. ber ®[anbe ; 2. baS 

®LiubeiiSbefcitntnip, 6rebo ; 3. bie 

3leligion; lisht of — , leid)tglaubig; 

past all — , ungdinbliri). 
BELIEVABLE, adj. gUiublid), glaub= 

To BELIEVE, v. v. i- a. glaiipen ; to 

— in God, an @ott glauben (and) 5u= 
wctlcu mit on); I — so, id) glaiibe, 
ja ; baS glanbe id) ; I — not, icb 
glaube, nciu ; to make one — , (Siuen 
eiucy Sad)c liberreben, ibm ctmas 
mcii mad)eu ; it is not to be believed, 

eS tft unglanbiic^. 

BELIEVER, s. ber ®Iaubige. 

BELIKE, adv. vermntl}lid), »ielleid;t, 

BELL, s. sing. I. bie®!orfc; S^cUe ; 
.Sliiigel; 2. ber 33Iumenfc(d) ; 3. 
®locfcnblnme; alarum — ,bic ©tnrm= 
glocfe ; ber SBecfer ; — bit, ba«® lotf en- 
gebifj ; blue — , bie blane @[DcfenbIu= 
mc; — clapper, bcr J?li.^pi?el; — 
cranks, ®Ic(fcn5iebwirbrI ; 2Bin!cI= 
eifcn, .ilnie ober ®emcrbe fiir ben 
@lcrfcnbraf)t ; diving — bie S:and)er= 
gtoif e ; — fashioned, gtocf euformig ; — 
flower, bie ®[pdcnbuimc ; — founder, 
ber ® (oifengiepcr ; — glass, bie @[a«= 
glocfe (fitriMumcn, .Safe, u. f. w.) ; — 
leaver, ber 5fi>anbgIo(fert5ieI;er;' — man. 
ber (SJlbrfner; 9Ui§nifcr; — metal, 
bie ©lodcnfpeife, baS ©locfcngut; 
passing — ' bie !£obteng[oiie ; — ■ pear, 
bic @lo(fenbirn ; — pepper, ber ®lo{= 

tenpfiffcr {Capsicum — L) ; ■ — ringer, 

ber (^Hocfcnmann, ®lD(fner; — rope, 
ber Stvicf jiim Santcn; — sound, 
bcr iU'llfunb (bei Svi^bergen); — 
spring, ber ®locfeubiigcI; — stone, 
ber ©locfcnftcin ; — string, bic Jllin= 
gclfcfcitur ; — wether, ber ?eitbam= 
iitcl ; — of a horn, ba8 wcitc (Snbc 

eintC 2L'aIbboru§, u. f. ». ; to nn| 
the — , bic ®locfe liiutcn ; tlingclir 
fd^eUcn ; ring (ringing) of bells, <n 
chime of bells, ba« ©eliUlt, ©locfcit- 
gcliiut ; to bear the — , fig. allc SJiit- 

bcwerber iibertvcffen ; to carry (bear) 
away the — , bcu Spvei^ baoon tragcn 

{vid. To Bear). 

To BELL, V. n. gtotfcrffijrmig uuid)fcn. 

BELLADONN.'i-LILY, s. bic SScUa 

bonna, ffieUaboitnlilie {AmanjiUs Bel 

ladonna — L.). 

BELLE, s. bic Sd)one. 
BELLES-LETTRES, s. pi. bie fct)ijnen 

BELLIGERANT, adj. fricgfu[;renb, Irtc-- 

BELLING,.?, s. r.baS au^^ren, Sc^reien 

bc« .C»irfc{)eS, 
To BELLOW, J). 71. bU^fen, briilten; 

BELl,ow, s. baS SBUifcn, ®ebK>f, 

Sriiileii, ©ebriill. 
BELLOWS, 3. pi. or a pair of — , ber 


BELLY, s. i. ber 58aHc^ ; 2. jv. T. bie 
bobleSeite be« JlrnmmboIjcS ; T. {Ui 
£onmcrfi(engcn) ber Jfaften; the lower 
— , bcr Sc^nicrband), llnterleib; my 

— aches, id) babe Seibfd)ucibcn ; 

— ache, baS 33and)aicl), bie !^eibe8= 
fd)mer^\:i, ,\toIif ; — band, ber ^auc^^ 
obcr Sattetgiirt, $*aud)riemcn; — 
bound, serilovft, b«ftleibig ; — fret- 
ting. 1. bal2Bunbreiben y'om So«c^= 
gurte; 2. bie ikiid)fd)mev5en vou 
aSiirmeni ('=i3eibe§ bei bcu 5pferben); 

— full, vidg. ciii Sand) wU, bit 
©eniigc; — god, bcr ikitd)bicner, 
@d)lcmmer, SSielfrat); 35icfuH-iuft; 

— pinched, vu/g. auSgcbuiigcrt; — 
roll, bic ^BaljlDunc, 'SBaljc (beim 

.('vclbbau); — sKave, bcr (Sclaoc feicc« 
5IVpetite5 ; — worm, bcr Sarmwurnt, 

To BELLY, V. 71. i?- a. biUlC^ig fcDIt 

ober ii'crben ; auffc^wellcn, anfc^weU 
leu, anfiillen ; the wsil bellies, bic 
3)2ancr trittanS; bellying sail?, fd)iviel= 
Icnbc Scgcl. 

To BELOCK, V. a. »crfc^Ite^en, ein= 

BELOMANCY, s. baa 2Ba^vfflgen aw 

To BELONG, r. n. 1. gcborcn, jiigc= 
bin-en, augebbren; 2. angeben, bc= 
treffen ; it does not — to me, cS gcbt 
inict) nic^t an. 

BELOVED, adj. gclt^bt (— by, . . SOU), 


BELOW. L prrp. WUUx ] it is — you, 

11a. e§ tfl nnter Sbi'cr SBiirbf, nnau= 
"ftcinbig fiir Ste; ll.adv uutcn; I)ie= 

BELT. s. suig. 1- bcr ®iirtcl; baf. 
Segengcbent, bie Scgenfup:pel; — 
maker, ber ©iirtlcr; 2. the belts, bic 
beiben 33elte (bcr grofic unb ber tieiue 
5i>elt), ?yiccrcngc 5iinfcf)en 2)anemarf 
unb beffcn Snfcln. 

To BELT, V. a. bcgiirtcn, nmgiirten. 

BELVIDEIIE, s. 1. baS 33e[yeberc, bic 
Suflwartc, ba« <2icb=^id)=nm ; 2. bet 
befcnartige ©anfefuji, i^cfenpac^3 

{C/ienopodimn scnparia — /^ ). 
7'«BELY, V. a. vid. To Bklle. 

To BKM.lNGLE, v. a. jcrrcifccn, jcr-- 

To BEM.\SK, t;. «. ycvbccFcn ; »crbcf)lcii. 
To BEMiRE, V. a. lotfjig uiadjcn, be= 

To BE.MOAN, v. a. bcllagcii, bcivcinci'^ 

BEMOANER, s. bcr SBcbnagcnbe. 
To BEMOCK. V. a. ycripottcii, bi3bncn. 
I To BEMOURN. v. a. bciucincn, tefla. 
I flcn, bctraucrn. 




BEMUtTED, nrfj. in ©ebntifcn, iin Jiraiu 

mo, yevticft ; ^j?. beiifbelt. 
BEN-NUT, s. fctc Salbnuf ; oil of — , 

BENCH, s. 1. bic Sanf; 2. ®cric6t«= 

banf, ba« ®erifi)t; 3. (p/.)bie9fiic^tcv. 
To BENCH, V. \.a. 1. Sanfe fcfeen ;; 2. 

nitf etnc Saiif fcfeeii ; u. 71. auf ciucv 

53anf ft^cu. 
UENCHER, s. I. bci SBaiifdltcflc ; 2. 

ro BEND, c. I. o. 1. bte.]cn, fiiimmcn ; 

2. virt)tcit; 3. fpauiifii; 4. bcugen, 
bciubiiicit, bcjaniiaeit ; to — back, sus 
riirfbtcgeit ; to — the bow, bcii 33o= 
(jrtt fpauucil; to — the brow, bic 
^ttvn rmijclii; to — planks, ^J^ian- 
fcii tnimm brfunen ; to — the cable 

to the anchor's ring, ba§ STaU ait bCIt 
5Infer biiibcii ; to — two cables, jirci 
Uintcvtauc aiif eiimiiber ficc^cti ; to 
he bent on snnielhini,', JU etiinvJ slCltcigt 

fc»it, auf ctamS ev))icftt fe»u ; with 

bended knees, flticilb ; II. n. 1. ftrf) 

bte(ieu ; 2. fif^ bii(f fit, ft(^ uctgcii ; 

3. fig. geiieigt feijn ; to — forwards, 
firt) iicigcit, biiifeii. 

BEND, s. 1. bie Siegutij, Jlriimitie; 

2. T. ba« Jli-umml)0(5, aSaiidjftitd: 
(bic auKVC gorin am Sc^iffc, son 
bcm ^iel bia an ben 58ovb) ; Jv T-s. 
ein etid) obcv Jtnoten; a — of 
moulds, cill tStfll 2)JaUcn; common 
— , or sheet — , cin Sd)Oteuftid; ; 

3. //. T. bie SSappfi'biiibc. 
BENDABLE, aiij. bicgfam, gcfc^mcibig. 
BENDER, s. bie ^Pevfon Dbc£ Sa^)?, 

roclc^e bicgct, fviiminct, bcr feVaniier. 
BENDLET, s. H. T. bic flctuc 53iube. 
BENDWITH, s. btc 2Babrcbc. 
BENDY, s. H. T. bic '!}lbt!)ciluug cincS 

?5clbc8 buvrt) bic 3)iagonale. 

BENEAPED, adj Jf. T. fcftfifecnb, UtC^t 


BENEATH, I. prep. UntcV ; H. ade. Un= 

ten; ^ieuicbctt; — him, unter il}m, 

uutei- fciner SBiivbe. 
BENEDICT, s. 35tucbict (iUJanu^uamc). 
BENEDICTINE, s. hi<: JOcucbtctiuer 

BENEDICTION, s. 1. ta Scgcu, bie 

Scgnung, (Sinfcgnung ; 2. bcr 'Banf. 
BENEFACTION, s. 1. bag 2Bof)ltl)un; 

2. bie aBo£)lt^at. 

BENEFACTOR, s. bcv SScI)[H)ater. 
BENEFACTRESS. «. bic SBotdtt^atcrtim. 
BENEFICE, s. bic ':}ifriiubc. 
BENEFICED, adj. bcpfuinbct. 

BENEFICENCE, «. bie 3yo()ltl;attg= 
h'it, ©utthatigfeit. 

BENEFICENT (ndo. — ly), adj. TOOf)l= 
tbiitig, gntt()atig. 

BENEFICIAL (ado. — ly), adj. »Ortf)ei[= 

baft, bienlicf), l;eilfani, wol}lt[)atig, 

BENEFlciALNr':ss, s. bie .^eilfamfcif, 

BENEFICIAUY, I. adj. bntc^ ®UUfl bc= 
fi^cnb, nutcrgcbcn, abl^angig ; II. s. 
1. bcr ^pfriinsner; 2. ber eiiic ®abc 
cinvfangt, bcr yon 5Umofcn ev^alten 

BEXEFlilENCY, s. bie ®iite, ^tn= 
fc^enfreiinblid)fcit, aUobltbatigfcit. 

BKNEFIT, .s. 1. bic aBoi)lti)at, ®ut=: 
that, ©efalligfcit; 2, bcr gfJufecn, 
i^ertbcK, ©cminn; 3. 33c[o^ming«= 
(*43cncficc=) ajorilcUung cincsec^au= 
fpiclcrS Pbcr 5)irf)fcrs/ba8 Scncficc; 
•t. i>. T. bag ^Jrioilcgium, iOonccbt 
dicfonbcvS cbcbem ber ©ciftlic^cn, in 
6vtmiual=Sa(len bcm 33ifc^of auSgc= 
licfcrt ju wcrbcrt). 

To BENEFIT; 9, 1. «. 1. niifecH ; 9hl§Clt, 
Sewinn bringcn; 2. tjcilfam ftun; 
begunftigen; 11. «. to — by, ?iufje3 
oon etwaS b>ibcn, geiinuncn. 

BENEVOLENCE, s. 1. ba« aSoblrooU 
Un; bic SSobltbatigfcit; 2. bie ®utc, 
©uttiiat, ®iinft. 

BENEVOLENT (arf(5. — LY), ndj. WobI= 

wollcnb, gittig, gutt[)dtig, freunblid), 

BENGAL, s. 1. 93cngalcn=?anb in Dfl- 
tnbtcn) ; 2. bcr bcngalifci)c (Stoff. 

To BENIGHT, v. a. 1. buvc^ bcn (5tn= 
bruc^ bcr 3itarf)t iiberrafcf)en, umnad^s 
ten ; sevbunEctn ; 2. fig. bc§ 8id)tc«, 
^e« Scrflanbcg bcraubcn, \n Uuivif= 
fcn^cit nnb Srrtfjnm ocrbtiUcn ; i was 
benighted, btc ''Tta^t iibcvficl mid). 

BENIGN (ad,i. — -LY),adj. 1. giitig, mi(b, 
licbrcid), bolfcffl'3. ii'o^ltlidtig; 2. 
bcilfam, gutartig ; 3. giinfttg. 

BENIGNANT, adj. vid Benign. 

BENIGNITY, k. 1. bie @ittc, 23?ifbc; 2. 
aBobltbdtigfcit ; 3. .§ci[fain!cit. 

BENisoN. s. + ber Scgcn, ^ebfpvncb. 

BENJAMIN, s. 1. SScnfamin (2}Jann«= 
name); 2. baS 33cnsoe, bicS'tngfevrti 
mild) ; — tree, bcr ©enjocbauin (/-»«- 

rn.'s benzoin — /-.). 
BENNET, s. ba§ SBcitCbictcnfraut {Oeum 
— /-.). 

BENT, .». 1. bie jtriimmc, SPicgnng; 
2. bic 9f{id)tnng; ^JJeiguiig, bcr.ftang, 
3ng; bic Stimmnng- 3. bic 5Iit)lven= 
gung; 4. Spanming (cineS 33ogcn«); 
the full — (of the mind), bie bob^ Jt^raft- 
anftvcngnng (bc3 ©cijleS) or Bent- 
grass, bic iMnfc, bag (Stranj5gva« 

(Jitnciis ■ — J,). 

BENTINGTIME, s. bic .SitiigcvKit bcr 
Jtaubcn vor bcr Sicife bcr.§iilfen= 
frii d)tc. 

To BENUM. ? V. a. crflavrcit, flcif ma= 

To BENUMB, S (ticH, ciSEalt madicn 
(OOC C^rftauncn) ; benumbed with cold, 
«or .rWItc crftarrt, fteif, cistalt. 

b1':nzoin, s. ba§ Seujoe (oftinbifc|c 

©nmini) ; — tree, vid. Benjamin. 

To BEPAiNT, V. a. bcnialcn, fc^minfcn. 
To BEPiNCH, V. a. fncipcn, baburd; 

To BEPOWDER, v. a. bciUlbcm, lUtt 

^pubcr bcfircnen. 
To BEPRAisi;, v.a. bcrauSflretcl^en, mit 

Sobeserbebungcn iibcrbdufen. 
To BEPURPLE, v.a. mit gJuvpur, (Vnr= 

Vnrrotb) fdrbcn. 
To BEQUEATH, v. a dm 2;eflamcnte) 

uermac^cn, bintcrlaffcn. 
BEQUEATHMENT, .-j. 1. baS iBcrma= 

cf)en; 2. SSermdd)tni9, i(c\at. 
BEQUE.ST, s. bae 33ermd(^t'ni9, ?fgat. 

BERBERRY, s. vid. Barberry. 

BERE, «. cine yirt ®crftc (in 2c^ott= 

To BEREAVE, v. ir. a. bcraiibcn, rau= 
bcn, entiucnbcn. 

BEREAVEMF^s'T, s. bic 33craubung ; 
bag ©cvaubcn. 

BERGAMOT, 1. iBcrgainpttc, 3^crga= 
mottbint; 2. ba« ikrgamottbl; 3. 
bcr mit hcfcm Ode mobIricd)enb gc= 
mad)tc ed)uui.'ftabaE ; cine *?(rt j:cv= 
Vid)e aus ycvfd)icbcncn3c"gcn (®ci= 
be, 3B(jllf , *^aumiBoIlc u. f. w.) 

BERGANDER, s. vid. Biroander 

To BERHYME, v. a. iron, irt SfieilUCn 

beftngen, bcrctmcn. 
BERUN, s. 53crlin (Stabt) ; — blue, 

bits *ikrlincrb(au. 
BERLIN. .1. bic li^crlirtc (bcqueme »ier= 

fi^ige i)tctfcfntfcbe). 
BERME. .9. Fori. T. bie SQeritie, ber 

BERMUDAS, s. bic bermubtfi|en (!5om= 

mcr=2:enfcl8=) 3nfcln. 

BERNACLE, s. vid. Barnacle. 

BERNARD . s. sOemtjatb (2Uiav.nSna= 

BERNARDiNE, s. bcr 33ernbarbincr 


BERN OWL, s. bie Jlird)cnlc, .fiacj* 

Cnlc {Ulula aluco — /-.). 

BERRY, s. bie S8cerc; 3.^of)uc (»ca 
■itaffec) ; 2. bcv.®rabbiigcl (fiir Bar- 

BERRY-BEARING, adj. SSecrcn tragtiit ; 
— galls, fd^wammige ®allavfcl. 

To BERRY, V. n. S'ccrcu tragctt Pbct 

BERTH, .■!. A". T ?TJaum, 5tnterVlafe ; 2. 
bcr a3erfd)lag (fiir bie Dffictere u. f. 
>v.) ; 3. bic ?agerfteUp. 

BERTHA, s. 33crtl)a (Svauenname). 

BERTRAM, s. 1. Bertram (3}ianiiS« 
name) ; 2. ber 33ertram {Jinthemis jiy 

rethrum — i.) ; — tree, bcr 3a^nn)clij 
banm (Zant/ioryhim — L.). 

BERYL, .9. ber Scri)!!, ^Iqnamarin. 
BERYLINE, adj. bcri}Ilartig, griinlidi, 

To BESCRAWL, v. a. bcfvi^cin. 

To BESCREEN, v. a. bcfc^inucii, bcic 
tfcn, scrbevgen. 
To BESCRIBBLE, v. a. bcfri^cllt. 

To BESEECH, v. a. bringcnb bitten, cv= 

fucbcn, anflc^en. 
BESEECHER, s. bcr (bvingciib) 33tttcn= 

ii, syittftcUcr, 9lnfud)ciibc, Slcbcnbc. 
To BESEEM, V. v. fic^ gcsicmcn, fid) 

fc^iiicn, vmffcn, anftcbeii. 
BESEEMING, s. bcr 'ilitflanb, bie 9Utig= 

BESER^ILY, adj. artig, anfldnbig, 

To BFii^RT, V. a. 1 . bcfcfecn ; bcf(tl«gcn ; 

2. cinfdiliepcn, nmgcbcn, bclagcru; 

3. in bie Cfngc, in 23crlcgcnl)eit brin^ 
gen ; 4. + iibcrfailcn, diifallcn, an= 
licgcn (cincm), befiiirmcn. 

To BESHREW, o, o. oerwitufc^ett, »cr= 

BESIDE, L prep. 1. ncbcit, bct, bic^t 
bci; 2. au^er, aupcrbalb; 3. nid)t 
gcmdfi, iibcr; II. adv. auficr bem, iibcr 
biefi, cbnc bic^ ; — the purpose, nid)t 

JUKcf mdiiig ; 'tis — my pre.'sent scope. 

C'J bicnt ntd)t jn metncm 93pr{)abt:,, 

e.vcopt myself and a few — , id) an§ge= 

npmmcn nnb npd) cinige Sfflcnigc; 
a 1 his troops — , allc fctnc jibvigcit 
5;rut.'Vcn ; fig. to be — one's self, fiu= 
fier ficl) feiju; nid)t bci 3Serf!anbc 
BESIDES, I. prep. <yVL\nt, a«9erl)alb ; 11. 

adv. vid. Beside. 

BESiDERY, s. ciite 5lrt Sirnen. 

To BESIEGE, v. a. bclagcm ; the besieg- 
ed, pi. bie Sclagerten. 

BESIEGER, J!. bcV Sclagcrcr. 

To BESMEAR, v. n. befd)iniercn, tj. 
ftrcic{)cn ; befubeln. 

BESMEARER, s. bcr ^cfc^micrtr, (iitb= 

To BESMIRCH, v. a. + bcfd)mn§cn, 

To BESMOKE, v. a. bcraudjtm ; r(iu= 

ToBESMUT, V. a. bcrugcn, fd;n.iarj 

BESNUFFED, aiij. mit Sc^uuvftaOnE 
BE.SOM, s. bcr SBcfcn. 

To BESORT, V. a. + ftcb fd)tif CU ; paf= 

fen, anftebcu, anftdnbig fciin. 
To BESOT, v. n. buium luad^cu, bctt)c-- 

rcii ; sevnarrt madjen (m. ii.). 
BF.SOTTEDLY. wle. tl)pvid)t, iidrrifd) 
BESOITEDNE-SS, .«. bic S^or(l(rt, 

Summ^eit, i^tbotntng. 
To BESPAN(;LE. v. a. lUtt (slittcm 

(obcr anbcrn gidnjcnbcn i^icrrat^tn/ 

befcfecn, jicrcii. 
To BESPAiTER, t;. a. bcfprifecn, befle= 

To BESPAWL, v.a. befpcicii, bcfpucfcn. 

To BESPEAK, v. ir. a. 1. bcftcHcU, be^ 

fi5red)cn; 2. * anfpicd)cn, anrcbcu' 





•3. rovi)cr vcvfitnbt(]cn, yor^erfaaen; 
4. aiijcisifii, aiitiintiii^cit, ocrrarpen; 
tlijg bespeaks the hand of a master, 
&ic9 ueriati) eiiie iOJctfievbanb. 

!!ESPEAKEI{, s. tCV ©cftcllcr. 

To BESPECKLE, v. a. fleifcn, fpren= 

flill ; bespeckled, geflecft. 

To BtsPlCE, V. a. wiir^cn. 

To BESPIT, V. ir. a. kfpetClt, BcfpUlf Cn, 


To BESPOT, V. a. flcrfen, tcffcif Clt. 
To BESPREAD, v. ir a. bcftveueit. 
To BESPRINKLE, v. a. bcf^rciigeit. 
UESPRINKUNG, part. s. Ht ^efVreit= 

BESPRINKLER, 5. bcr (StwaS befprifet, 

bcr sBcfvrcngcv. 
bf:ss, s. nbbr. (fiiv Elizabeth) Sie8rl;cn, 

BKST, sup. (OOn Good), adj. i?- ado. ber, 

bic, bag sBcfte ; am !8efteit, aufS S8e= 
fte; he thoucht — to, fcc, cv (;telt c§ 
flit bag ikftc 511, II. f. \\>. ; the — 
part, bcr gvbiite Sfceil; bte aBcfleit; 
iai 3}Jet)}e ; to put the — construction 

upon a thing, Qitmcii aiif bas ©efte 
bcutcn; f turns giinftig auSlcgcit; 
wliat liad I — do 7 waS fofltc id) WObl 

t|)uu? ane tt)ue tc^ e§ ant ikfteii? 

she had the — of it, fte fcattc bcil 33or= 
ti)(il; to make the — of a tiling, auf 
ba« *ofte mit (St»aS iinijicbnt, tS 
auf« sBcfte benii^cu; bcu mpglic^ficu 
yi^prtljcil auS (Sums jicI)fU;'in order 
to niake the — of it, Jim bic <Bad)t 

vccfjt gut jii macfien ; to do one's—, fcin 
JBejlcs obcr OJJbglic^ficg tf^iiti ; to my 

— (or to the — of my) remembrance, 

fo gut (fo iHcI) i^ mtc^ cvinuevn 
Eauu ; I will do it to the — of my 
power, t{^ will cS mac^fu fo gut aU 
h mir mbglid) ift ; to the — of our 
observation, \iad) uufcrer gcnaufftcii 

■■yccbad)tuiig ; speak to the — of your 

knowledge, fagcit Sie alkg, was Sie 
bauon njtffcn ; at (tJie) — , ixH'ni<]ftcit§ ; 
aufg i^bd)fte ; — of ail, am iitebftcu ; 
1 like that — of all, mir ift ba3 am 
licbftcu; gefallt mtr am mciftfii ; the 

— is the cheapest, beim Sefteu ift ber 
befte Jtauf; — beloved, am mcifteu 
{»tcU) flelicbt; — natured, am gut= 
iuiitt)!gfteu, gutavtigftcn. 

To BESTAIN, B. a. befleifcu, bcfc^niu= 

To BESTEAD, v. a. 1. UUfeClt, SluftCU 

bringeu; 2. bciDirt^cu, untcrljalteu. 

BESTIAL, {ndij. — ly), ai/j. Vtellird), 

tbievtfd), tm i)S(^ftcu ®rabc ftnuliii). 
BiiSTIALiTy, *. bif vicbiffbe a3efd)af= 

fenl)ctt; bag yici)ifrt)e aBcffU. 
To BESTIALIZE, v. a. belli sBtc^e glcic^ 

obcr afjulic^ mac^tn. 

To BESTICK, V. ir. a. beflecfcu. 

To BESTIR, V. I. rrfi. (to — one's pelf), 

ftcl) aiiftveni^eii, ftd) beetferu, bcftre= 
ben; ftd) tiimmclu; citeti; 11. a. au= 

•/■'< BESTOW, H fi.i. ert&ci(en, gebcn, 
fci)cuEeu, yerlcibeii, geani^rcn ; 2. 
luenben, anwcubeit, yfrwciibcn (Scrg; 
fait u. f. w.) baran lei^eu ; ;i. lei^en, 
ftellctt, fc^eu, aufbewalircn ; to — cost, 
,«"often aufaienbCll ; to — a great deal 
of pains upon . .., wl )QUl\)t auf C?t- 

roag loenbcn ; to — a dausThter, eiue 
'i'.odjter »erl)etratl)en, ausftatten. 
TiRSTOWER, s. bcr (Svtl^tiUi; Oebcr, 
!'.i«TOWMENT, s. 1. bic ©rt^eilung, 
(iSabe; 2Imi3eubung u. f. w. ; 2. ba» 
'Srtbeilen, ©cbcii, QlniDcnbeu u. f. ». 
To BESTRADDLE, v. a. vid. To Bk- 


To BESTREW, v. a. btltrcucu, bef^rcii- 
jcn, bebcden. 

ru BESTRIDE, v. a. 1. ilbcr ^tWClS 

ft^reitcu, iibeifitreitctt, bcfc^rciltu ; 
2. reiteii, rittlingg bcftetgcn. 
TtfBESTUD, ». a. befd)Iagcu, befefeen 
(mit Jlnovftten, Stciueii u. f. w.). 

BET, bte 2Bctte; bets ran liigh, man 

mad)te groic SBettcu. 

To BET, V. a. WCttCll, fffeeU. 

To BETAKE, v. reft, to — one's self to, 
ftdt begebeu, scrfiigen; erareifeu; 
fid) ju iStmcii wenbcu, fctue Buftuc|)t 
p (gtirag nef)mcn, (StvoaS aufaugeii, 
ftc^ auf iStivaS lei]cii ; to — one's self 
to the weapons, jii beu SBaffcn gvci= 

BETEL, s. vid. Betle. 

To BETHINK, v. rrfl. ( — one's self) flrf) 

bebenfen, fic^^bcfiniieii, fic^ erinuern 
(— of, eincr eac^e). 
BETHLEHEM, 5 1, Sct^Icfecm ; 2. ba§ 
S'JarreubauS; — star, bte ^ul)uer= 
mild;, ©teriiblume {Omithogaium — 

BETHLEHEMITE, s. 1. eiu 3}Jbn^ SOU 
bem 33etblebemiterprbcn ; 2. ber 
2}Joubfitd)tige 11. f. W. vid. Bedlamite. 

To BETIDE, V. n. fr a. bcgegiieii, 8ufto= 
jjeu; fid) jutvagcu, gefdiebcn; crgc= 
l)en ; tvcrben, eutftcljcu u. f. w. ; wo 

— thee ! lUct)C 2)ir ! 

BETIME, \ adv. bci 3eiteii ; balb ; 501= 
BETLMES, 5 tiq, friilje. 
BETLE, s. ber 5Betcl, aEaffcrpfeffer. 
To BETOKEN, v. a. aujcigeit, beuten, 
uorbebeuten, yor^evfagcu'. 

BETONY, s. bic ^BctPllic {Bctonica. — 

L) ; Paul's — , ber (S()reupreig {Vcro- 
nki — D ; water, — , bic ^rauil=: 
WUVJ (.Scroiihularia — // ). 

BETORN, p:irt. adj. cittriffeii, geivaU= 

fam getveiiut. 
To BETOss, V. a. cifd)iittern, (beftig) 

To BETRAY, v. a. 1. serratbcu; 2. 

scrleiteii, Dcrfiibreu ; 3. seigcn, ent= 

bedeii ; 4. »eruntieucn. 
BETRAYER, s. bcr iscvvatbcr. 
To BETRIM, V. a. fdjiiiiidfit, stercii, 

i;)\x%i\x, aufpuljeu. 
To BiyrROTH, V. a. 1. Dcrlobcn, »fr= 

fpredicit; 2. ftcfe yerloben; 3. ju ci= 

uem 5yi^tl)ume crneuueu (bamit ber 

tJniaunte eingemeibt »»erbc) ; to — a 

wile, fi(^ mit'einer Svau oerlobeu. 
BETROTHMENT, s. bag ebcfcrfprc^ 

c^rn, bte S^erlobung, bag I'erlijbui^. 
To BETRUST, v. a. ahuertraucu 

BETSEY, s. vid. Betty. 
BETTELLEE.S, \ s. citic 9lrt 2J?U5liU 
BETTELLIES, 3 aug 2JJabrag. 

BET'I'ER. comp. (UOII Good) 1. ndj A- 

adv. beffcr; mebr; IL s. bcr Dbeve, 
a3oriieiimere u. f. n\ ; to bo — , beffer 
feyii, mebr W(\ti) fe»ii ; to have the 
-^ bic Dbcrbanb babeii ; to make — , 
beffcr mad)eu, »crbcfferu; to grow—, 
befl'er luerbcii, ftd) bcffcvu; to love 
(like) — , lieber babeii; you (had) . — , 
&c., Sic tbateit beffcr, u. f.u\; I had 

— not to have told it, tc^ l)attC bcfffr 

gctban, wcim id) eg ntcfct gefagt bat= 

tc ; so much the — , bcfto bcffcr ; I 
love him the — for it, ic^ licbc tl)U 
bc^wegeu nur befto mc^r; what shall 
I be the — for it 1 waS luiib eg mir 
bdfcnV wag lucvb' id) gcbcffcrt ^con'^ 
to get (he — of, beu SSorjug, bcu >S0V' 
tbci: I)abeu vor..., ben "i^orfiiruug 
abgciuinnen; iiberwinbcn, newinueii, 
be|icgcn; .^err ivevbeu itber; who 
has got the — ? ivcr bat gcrooniten ? 
I thought — of it, id) l)abc\nid) beffcr 
bebac^t ; she (be) is no — than .'he 
(he) should be, bag ift mir a\id) fo Gi- 
11c (©incr), ciii faubcreg *BiIb (3ct= 

fig) ; for — for worse, auf ®lii(f itiib 

Mngliicf, auf alle mijgtic^e Salle, auf 
@crathe>»ol)l ; for the — . cincr (£a= 

d)e sum 58cftcn; to alter I'or the — . 
fid) befferit ; he is much the — man, 
er ift bet weitem bcr 3?orjiigIict)crej 
our betters, uiifcvc Dbcru, JBorgcfcj^- 
ten; aSorucbmciC alg ivir; their bet 
ters would he hardly found, fd)nicrlic^ 

miH-^ten fid) spcrfoncn fiiibcii, bic fte 

an qutcu (Sigcitfc^aftcn iibcvtreffcn. 
TttBElTER, V. a. 1. ycrbcffcru ; 2. 

ubcrtreffeu: 3. befiivberii, untcrflii; 

^cu, begiiuftigcn ; to — one's self, fid; 


BETTOR, s. bcr 2Bcttcr, SBetteiibc. 
BETTY, s 1. bag 58rcd)cifcu ; ber5)ict= 

rid) ; 2. abbr. (fiir Elizabeth) Sicg= 

BETTIMBLED, adj. uuorbciitltd), yer:' 


BETWEEN, > prep. JUufdjCll, UUtcr, ia- 
BETVVIXT. S JWifcbcu; between-decks, 
JV. T. 3»ifd>en='Decfg ; — wind and 
wjiter, smifc^eu 2Qiubunb2Baffcr, ber 
Sbfil beg (Sd)iffcg, >«elcbcr bieDbcr= 
pd)c beg aBaffcrg beriibvt ; —whiles, 
yon 3fit 5U ^tit. juweilcn ; space — , 

bcr 3rotfc^CUVaum ; — ourselves, uu= 

BEVEL, I. s. T. 1. bic (2d)mie(^e, 
@d)Wci, ber SEiiifclpaffcr, SBinfclfafr 
fer, bag (ccfjragmafi, @el>i'ma9 (b.ctJ- 
gleid)cu im 2Bappcn); 2. bic fd^iagi* 
obcr fc|)iefe 9iid)tuiig ; jv. T. — , or 
bevelling, ciu aBtuEcl grijfjcr obcr 
flcincr alg ein red)ter; 11. a;/;, fc^ief; 
— angle, bcr fcfeicfe 2BinEcl. 

To BEVEL, V. 1. a. fcbrag fcbncibeu, 
fc^icf rid)ten; J^. t. ciu 'Stiicf ^olj 
uad) eiuer 9)Jall beljauen ; u. n. ftd) 
Iriimmeu, ftd) f^icf rid; ten. 

To BEVER, V. n. ycgpcm ; fril{)fM(f cu. 

BEVER.^GE, s. '.. bag ©ctrauf, bet 
S;raut: 2. ber mit 2Saffer yerbiiuutc 

BEVIL, t. &■ adj. vid. Bevel. 
3EVY, s. ber .paufeii, bic S:d)aar, ^er= 
be, u. f. w. ; eine ®cfcllfct)aft ; bet 

Slug (5?ogcl); a — of partridges, T 
ein molt (cine Jlettc, obcr JtittejJRebs 
^iibncr ; a — of quails, ciu Slug 2Bad)= 
telu ; a — of roes, ciu 9iubcl(SV"i"fl' 
^Ticbe; a — of roebucks, cin dixiUl 
(Xnipp) gjePocfc. 

To BEWA1I-, V. 1. a. bcftageu, be»ei= 
nen ; 11. 71. feinen j^ummcr'augbrcc^cn 
laffcii, webtlaflcn, trancrn. 

BEWAILABLE, adj. bctlagciigwertl). 

BEWAILER. s. bcr SBcbEfaficubc. 

To BEWARE, V. n. ftd) t)iiteii, ftd) yov= 
fcbcn ( — of. yor) ; — nf that ! l)iite( 
(Sud) bafiir! tbutbag janid;tl he win 
— . cr mirb ftc^ !)iiteu. 

To BEWILDER, v. a. strirreii, trrcfiif)= 
rcii ; yeriDirrt, beftiirjt mad)en. 

To BEWITCH, V. a. bcbcrCU ; jig. bc= 
jaubern ; he is bewitched with her, Ct 
ift gauj in fte yerfd)offcn. 

BEWiTCHER, s. bcr JBcjaubcrcr, ,^e= 
reiimciflcr. ♦ 

iicjaubcrung, 3aubcrEraft, bcr ,3aua 
ber ; jig. ber'unn>iberftcblid)C Sicij. 

BEWlTCHFUL, (m// rci^ciib, bcsaubcrub 

To BEWRAP, V. a. bcbcrfcit, ycr^iillcn 

To BEWRAY, V. a. ycrraf^cit, cntbe 
(fen ; seigen, ftd)tbar mad)cn. 

BEWRAYER, s. bcr iBcnat^cr. 

BEY, s. ber iki; (tiirEifdjcr gtattbal' 

BEYOND, Trrep.,&- adv. jcufcity auf tt! 

oiiberu Scite ; iibcr, iiberl)iri{"l)trtau8, 
mel)r alg, aupcr; bariibcr; yor; — < 

measure, Uber bicSJtaficn; — memory 

iibcr a)Jeufd)engcbcnfcn ; — belief; 
iiujilaublid) ; — all dispute, au^cr aU 
Iciit Strcite; — recovery, auf tiumci 
yertoi'Cll ; thev engaged them.selves — 


retreat, ftC licgcil ftct) fo ticf ill3 ®C= 

fec^f ciii, bay fcttt dlM^nn ubri.3 

tlif b to be — tlie reach of the dart, 

aiifici- bciu i2ci)in|e fcsni; — what is 

.-umcieiit, mcl)V al-3 gciiug ; to eat — 

diL'estioii, ftci) tm (5'iTtu iibevlabcn ; to 

stay — one's time, iibcv tie 3«tt "^f!l= 

blctbcn; to go — , I'tbcr (Stwci§ t)tiiau« 

ijrtjen, RKiter gel)cii, iibn-fit»"ettcii ; 
/^. iibertrcffcu ; ^iittei-geljeii, bcyor= 

tbcilcit ; to CO — one's depth, btS iibci" 

ben ^opf iiiS 2i?affer, u. f. w. gcl)eii ; 

jii wctt (ttcf) biiictniKbcit. 
DEZAN, .?. ettic 9lrt 33aum»oncitfloff 

auS 33cugalcn. 
BEZANT, s. 1. ber 93»3aitttitev ; 2. H. 

r. bcr (SilbtC' ober ©otbpfeiiutg tm 


BEZANTLER. s. bCV JWCttC 91)1 am 


BEZEL, s. bfv Mci^m (bc§ 3?tngeS, 
tvortii bcv Stciiifi^t), ba§9itngfuttcr. 

BEZOAii, s. ber ikjoar, SBcjoariicnt ; 
German — , bic ©cmgfiigf 1 ; ox — , eiit 
gclblirtiei- Stctit tii ber ©nllenblafe 
ber Drf)fe:i ; — nut, bie molutfifd)? 

BEZOARDIOK. t. adj. Med. T. llttt 33c= 
joar iJCrff ^t ; II. l)i;zoardlcs. s. pi. 2Iv= 
jeitetett mit i^^^oar yerfe^t. 

BlA, s. itauxi, is;d)iiccfcufovf- 




BIAS, s. 1. bit' 3iic^tuiig, ber naturltd)e 
.Gang, bie Stctijuttii, '^iuuctgung 511 
^artbcilic^Eeit, i^orurtbeil; 2. ber 
SIricb, 9liitrie6 ; 3. eiii ©ewir^t an 
eiiier Seite einer .ftiigel ; the — of in- 
lerest, bie 'SU^t tii (SigemuifeeS. 

7'« BIAS, ». a. auf bic eine Seite uei= 
gen ; fin-, neigen, Iciten, rid)ten ; to — 
one. 3f"^^"i^en auf feiue(2eite jie^en, 
einnebmen ; to — by interest, buvdj 
ba^ 3uterctTc ycvieiteu. 

B!B. s. 1. bag (SK-ifcrtucfi, Sa&c^eu; 2. 
eiiie 9lrt iStocffifrf; {Otuius luscus — 

Til BIB, V. n. nippen, gcrn trinfcn, bes 

BiBACious, adj. bcui 2:ruufe ergebcu, 

BIBBER, s. bcr 3iippcr, Bf^^brubcr, 

BIBBS, s. pi. .V. r. bie l)er«orflef)cnben 

S;bcile btr 53acfeu eines iOJaftcS. 
BIBLE, «. bie 5.MbcI, beilige (Sd^rift; 

— oath, bcr Scbmnr auf bie 33ibcl. 

BIBLICAL, ad/, biblifct). 

BiBLiOGRApiiER, s. bcr 5?uc^cvfeni:er, 

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL (— xc), adj. bie 33ii= 

dicrfenutnifj betreffeub. 
BiiiLiOGRAPdV, a. tii iBitc^erfunbc. 
BiBLiOMAXCY, s. baS Slubcutert iu= 

fitnfttger Segebenbeitcn au§ jnfallig 

aufgefc^Iageiien Stellen bcriBtbel. 
BiBLiOMANiA, s. mod. bie33iid;erniutt;, 

BIBLIOMANIAC, s. mod. bcr 33ii^er= 

liebf)aber, 33iicf;ernarr. 
BIBLIOPOLIBT, s. bcr 33ue^baiib(er. 
BiBLUTfHECAL, adj. lu ciucr a3iblio= 

tbef gebiJvig. 
BiBLibTHEC.\RY, s. bcr SBibttotbcfar, 

lUBLlOTIIEKE, nd. LiBR.tRv. 
BIBLIST, .?. ber 93ibeHcfcr, 5BibeIbcfcii= 

iicr, ber fic^ fircug an ben Xixt bcv 

i^ibel ^alt. 

BIBULOUS, adj. fc^iuammtdjt. 
BiCAPSULAR, adj. Bui. T ^ivcifad)erig. 
BlCf^,<:. 7. blue — . bic Mane Savb'e, 

ba« iMaSblau ; grt-t-.n — , bie gviine 

'Varbc, baS SBIa^griin. 
BICiPITAL (BicipiTous) adj. JWeifiipfig, 

7'o BICKER, V. B. 1. jlretten, janfe". 


babcrn ; 2, ftc^ ^in unb l)er bemegeu, 

BICKEllER, s. ber ©treiter, 3an!cr. 

BICKERN, s. T. baS fptljige (Sifen, Sicf= 
ciTcn, ber '43oI)rer ; Sperr^aEen. 

BICORN, I adj. niit jroct .gorucrn, 

BICORNUS, 5 jwcibi^rnii^. 

To BID, V. a. 1. bcipcn,bcrc^(en, gebie= 
ten; 2. bietcn; 3. aufbiefen, abfiin= 
bigcn, auSrufeu; 4. bitten, laben; 5. 
bicten, uiiinfft)en ; — him come in, la^ 
H)n ^ercinfommcn ; to — one good 
morning, (Siucnt ciucu gutcu aJJorgcu 
bicten (fagen, wiinfc^en) ; to — one 
farewell, (linciu !^cbemo()l fagen; to 

— the bans of matrimony, (ciu ISl}C' 
paav) i^ffcnttid) auf bicten ; to — fair, 
ftd) gut anlaffcii, ju .^pffnungen be= 
rci-^ttgeii ; to — defiance. 3:ro% bictcu ; 
to — a boon, uiu cine ®abi, ®nabc 
bitten; to— the beads, ben 3Jofen= 
franj beten. 
BIDDER, s. ber S3tctec (in einer 9(nc= 

tion I ; the best or highest — , ber 

To BIDE, V. 1. a. cvtragcu, bulbcn ; ll.n. 

bteiben, )uof)ncn, babei blcibcn. 
BlDENTAL, adj. ju'cisahnig, jivcijinfig. 
BU)ET, s.i. ba^ ticinc $feib, ber.Rlep= 

per ; 2. bic ^Kcitbanf, ba« 3leitbcifcn 

(sum aSafd;cn fiir 2)amcn). 
Biennial («//!). —ly/. adj. 5weiiaf}rtg. 
BIER. s. bic 33a[)re, 5;Dbtcnbabre ; — 

balk, ber Jlird;iwg ^u ikgrabniffcn. 
Bii:.<riNG.s, A-. pi. bie fflieftntilcf), erjie 

93iild) (nad) bcr ©eburt, bcfonbcrg 

bet .ftiiben nad; bcm .italben). 
BiEARious. adj. jwcifad), jweibeutig, 

BiFEUoiJS, «,//. bcS Sabre? jwei 'UJal 

(>^riid}tc) tvagcnb. 

BIFID, )pait. adj. in JWCt X^t'lit 

BIFIDATE, S getbcilt, gcfpaltcn. 

BIFOLD, adj. },mi\Cl(i), bOppclt. 

BiFORMiTY,s. bie boppcltc fflcflaltnng, 
SJfppclfovm, jwcifadje Ocftalt. 
BIFURCATE, i adj. iii'cijarfig, jwci^ 
BIFURCATED, J jillfig. 

BIFURCATION, n. bic gaticlformtge 
2;bei(ung, Spaltung. 

jiia,adi. („dv.—\.\} i. bicf, gvo«r*2. 
fd)inangcr, tv>u-l)tig; jio-. 3. «oli; 4. 
ftolj, aiifgcblafcn, t)iid;,grDp; —with 
child, ^ fd)wangcr ; — wiih youns, 
trad}tig; — with expectation, /£•. !JoU 

ler (5'rwartung ; — with picassure, 
Jvonnetrunfen,tit 33ergniigcn fd)mim= 
menb ; my heart is — , meiii ,f>cvj ift 
yoU (mit Jlunimer bclabcn) ; to look 
— , ftolj, tvo^ig, faucr au'ifeben; to 
talk — . gvctJ tbun, anffc^nciben ; — 

with priile, aufgcblafcn ; — bellied, 

birfbaud;ig ; fd)aianger : — bodied, 
birflcibig ; — boned, ftarf, fraftypU, 
»icvfd)rbtig ; — corned, — grained, 
gvof)Ei)vntg ; — named, bcriibmt; 
bcmbaftifd) benannt, voUmanlig; — 
soundinjr, bc>d)ti.inenb, crbabcu; — 
swoin, ftarf anfgcfd)aHinen; — ud- 
dered. lllit V'ollcn^ ©Utcvil ; — words, 
ftolje, trofeige Jl'ovte. 

BIG. s. bic oiclsciligc iBintcrgcvfte. 

BIGAMIST. .9. bcr iligamift (bcr jmei 
SBciber ^uglcid) bat*, Sn-'fin-'fibter. 

BIGAMY, .v.'l. bie ^igamie, 5)oppcI= 
chc ; 2. (im faiuinifd)cn ^ed)te) bie 
•Ciciratb einer jwctten grau, ober 
2yittme, cbcr einer fd;on serfii^rten 

BIGGEL, s. ein Dfttnbifd)e« ^t^ier von 
9?enntf)iergvijf)e mit fdncarjen ^or= 
nern nub gcfpaltencm .&uf. 

big<;ln. .«. 'ba4 .itinbcrbaubdicn, 2)Jiife= 
dicn ; bic SBeginc, Slonncnbaubc (^er 


BIGHT, .5. .v. T..i. bcv 5)ug, bie 93ugi 
(ber Umfang eii'e« sufammengcroll= 
ten ©d)ifftaucg) ; 2. bic i^udit, eia 
fleiner >f)afcn; 3. bcr Sug am £ri;eu= 
fel (ber >Pferbc). 

BIGNESS, s. bic 2)i(fe, ©ri)(je, bcr llm= 

BiGfjT, Ls.ber 'bigotfe 2JJenf(^, Hiubt 
9Int)anger einer yjicinung ; he is such 
a — to these books, cr i)a\\ci,t fo an 
bicfen Siidjcrn ; ILorf/.bigott, fromm* 

BIGOTED [adu. — ly), adj. itgott, bltul) 

BIGOTRY. 5. bie SBigottcrie, bitnbe 

9lnbanglid;fcit, bcr bfinbe 3^vommig» 

BILANDER, s. bcr 55innenlanbcr (fleU 

neS Saftfd)iff oon ungcfaf)r 80 2;oni 


BILATERAL, adj. |Uietfeitig. 

BILBERRY, s. bie .*?eibelbcevt. 
BILBO, s. bie 2;egeiiflingc, baS 9iap- 

BILBOES, s. pi. bic {?(uf)banbe,ber Stod 

(fiir •Berbrec{)er auf ^Sdjiffen). ^ 
BILE, s. bie ©allc. '* 

BILGE, s.jv. T. 1. bie SScitc oberSvettc 

beS ®d)iff!Sbobcng, ber @4)ipraum ; 

2. bie aSeitc cinei! SaffeS ; — pump, 
bie 33obcnpumpc ; — water, 28affer 
tm (id)iffcfraum, bas niri)t nad) bem 
^$umpcn|'oob laiifcn fann, Jtimmnjaf- 

r<; BILGE, « V. jr. T. Icrf iDcrbcn ; a 
bilged ship, ein im 31ad) Iccfcs (cingf- 
fc^citevtcei) (Bd)iff. 

BILIARY, adj. \\\x ®aHc gcbin'tg ; — 
duct, bcr ©aUcngaiig. 

BILINGUOUS, ad,j. jwcijiingig. 

BILIOUS, adj. gallig ; gallidjt, gallcn- 
artig; gali(cn)md;tiij; — fever., baS 

To BILK. v.a. fd;ncUcn, prellen, te(T&s 
gcrt, ill} Stic^e laffcn, (befonbevS itm 
bie rmtt ber] 93cjablung) ; joe. eiuen' 
.Oufaren madicn. 

BILL, s. 1. bcr Sd)nabcl: — full, ei 11 
Sd)nabcluoU; 2. cine 9lrt, Sic^el, 
bie .ftippc, baS Oartcnmcffcr, Sd)nitt=: 
meffcv; h.and — , ciue fuv$e >§ippe; 
hedge (hedging) — , cinc laugc ^pippC; 

3. bicJtrummaxt; Streitavt; ><5eUc- 
Imrbc ; brown — , cine %xt SSurffpic^ : 

4. fbcfoiiber« J\i. K.) ber Bettcl, fcaS 
aSillct ; bic ^ifte, baS iferseiiljniB ; bie 
SRote; 5. DJcdjnung, bcv^ilusjng; 6. 
ber (Sitcin, bic ^cfd)cinigung ; 7. ber 

2Befl)fcl; 31ppoint («s point, vid. Ap- 
point) : 8. bic @d)vift, bic^daubfc^rift, 
i£d)ulbverfd;reibnng, Obligation ; 9. 
,Hlagefd)vift, (fd)rifilid)e) jtlage; ba« 
9lb»ertiffement ; 10. bcr ?lufd)(ag?ct= 
tel; gutsbangejcttel; 11. bic 'i^ill 
(ber CSntmurf [3!>Drfd)lag] ju cincm 
©cfcfec ober \\\ einer $avlamcntg>,ier= 
orbnung), bie 9Icte (bcr »cvbinblid)i 
^pavlamcntSfd^luH, baS ©cfcfe) ; to 
pass a — , cinc iAtll im ^arlamcnte 
anncbnien, bcfiatigcn, bnrrbgcbcn laf^ 
fen ; to find the — J bic Jllagc anncb= 
men, ft* baranf cinlaffen ; a — sei 
up, bci- 9lnf(^Iag (angcfd)(agcne 3^^' 
tcl; J — under one's hand, Cinc .fiaubs 
fd)rtft ; taker of a — , bcr 5;vaffant, 
C?ntnebmcr ; circulation of bills, ber 
2i?cd)fe(ocvfebr ; due — , (m- hand — ), 
ein 45anbrd)etn, ^anbfd)ulbfd)ctn, 
cSanbroccfefcI ; a long — , ein Iaugficfc= 
tiger 2Bcd)fc( ; a short — , ein furj^ 
ftd;tiger 2Ecd)fcI ; a single (sole, or on- 
ly) — , tin (trorfcner) Sola=2Bed)fcI; 
bills in sets, iG?cd)ffI tu 5)uplicaten; 
— book, ba4 2Ued)fe[contO ; — broker- 
nee, ai?ed)fclcouvtagc; — iiolder, bcr 
3nbabev einciS 3Bcd)fcI§; — sticker, 
ccr 3cf*fl anfc^lagt, antlebt ; — wai 




let, iaS Sl'afc^cnBitcf) sum Bcqiicmcn 
'iragcn bcr ^Banfuotcn iiiib SBec^fet ; 

— in chancery, bilS 5pVOtofoIl, btC 3i«- 

ftflratur; — of complaint, bic J?liig= 
i-t)vtft ; — of debt, bet Sd)ulbfrf)ein, 
bte @d)iilbyfrfc^reibmia ; — of di- 
vorce, bcr l£cf)ctbc=33ricf; —of entry, 
bag (5iit= iinb iliigjaujjg^BoU^^Bfr: 
jet(^iii§, ber aBaflvenau(iebefrf)cin ; — 
in equity, ,5tla0e= pbcr sBtttfd)vtft in 
'>£aci)cn bcv SQiUigfctt ; — of exchange, 
bci- aBecfjfeltirtcf,'2B(;d&rcl; —of fare, 
bfv gjJarftjcttel, Mcbcnjcttcl ; Spei- 

fojettcl ; — of fount, Trjp. T. bev 
<Bd)xi\ti,tUd, ©tcpjCttel; —of health, 
ber ©cfimbfjeitspap (ber (Sct)ip= 
jnanufcf)aft) ; — of indictment (Wic — 
of complaint); — of lading, b(l8 (?0= 

itoffement, ber Sabuitosfctjein, %va(ht- 
brtff; — of mortality, bie Sttibrtifle, 
Sobtcnlifte ; — of parcels, bie (fpcct= 
ficivtf) aBaavenred)min(5, gaftiir ; — 
of the play, bcr ,f omSbteuscttel ; — 
of rigiits, bte StcbcrljcttSacte (bte 
Mcc^te iiiib Srctljcitcu ber Untert^a= 
ncn fd;ii^cnb) ; — of sale, bev .ft\tuf= 
brief, Jtauf= obcr ^faiibcoiitvact ; 
?reat — , ber Scilbrief (i. r. (^cricfetli= 
d)e8 Sfitgntt'- bafjein Sd)iff coiihrtct= 
iiicitiij^ (^cfunbcn wcrbett tfl) ; — of 
sifrht'Cview). ber Bpllfrl'iiibiiiijfd^ciii, 
®iitcr o[)ue Sitcfur abjnlabcii ; — of 
store, bcr Spro»tantfd)ein ; — of suf- 
ferance, bcr ©rlaiibitififc^etii, SSanrcn 
5iillfrci aiiS^iifiUjren imb bamit smi 
cittern brittifc^ctt <§afeu jum oitbcnt 
ju baitbelit; to accept a — , cincii 
aBedjfet aecepttreii; to advise a—, ci= 
iten ^ecfifet ayiftrett ; to draw a — , 
ciiieit aEccf)fe[ ciiili3fcit, einjichen ; to 
!?ive a — , ciiieit^ ai'erl)fcl aii«ftc!Icii ; 
to issue bills, SBccijfcI aujflcllcti, in 
llntlaiif brittf^eii ; toprotestn — , cineii 
il'ecfjfel pvotejiircit, Vroteflircu laf= 

To HILL, V. L a. fbiirt^ ctn 9Irfrtiffe= 
ment bcfannt mad)en, anSbvciten ; ii. 
71. fid) fdMici^elu ; liebeln. 

BfLLAUD. s -KX 33aitarb=j?ni.Miin. 

BILLET, s. 1. ftaS iBillct, iivicfcf)en, 
ber Bettcl ; Onartier^ettct ; biiiet- 
doux, taS Siebcobriefdjen ; 2 bag 
'Sd)cit; — wood. Srennbolj, S(teit= 
bolj ; — head. JV. T. bnS gcfriinimte 
33prrcrt[icii (ber Sdniabel) ant 3?pr= 
ftcyen, ba§ 2_efriimmte (5iibe bC'J .(UcIS 
einc'3 Sc^ificS, luclctjeS feine Sifli"^ 

j'o Bii-iiET, V. a. ba8 Oitartier rtntvft= 
fen, einciitartieren ; to — sold ic^rs upon 
one. (>incm Solbaten ins Quavtier 

ia,LiARD, s. 1. JV. T. etne eiferne 
i5tan(ie obcr ctn (atojjer, bic cifcrnen 
K3anbcr mif bic 3)?aften ^u treiben ; 2. 
billiards, s. p.'. iaS S3illarb, S:Uf(arb= 
fvtel ; to play at — , S3illarb fpiclcn; 
billiard-ball, bic Si((arb!itnct, bcr 
'Bc'd; —stick, bcr Sillavbftoit ba3 
Duenc ; — table, bie 33inarbtafcl, 
baS iBilliirb. 

RiLLlON, s. bic 9?iflipn. 

BILLOW, s. bic aSogc, <^ro0e Sl^elle ; 

— beaten, v'on bcn SScilcn l)in unb 
ber (^cfd)leubert. 

T'l Bir j-ow. r. n. (wertenfiimiifl) «uf= 

fd)aiellen, fid) auftt)iirmcit, aiifiuo= 

flcn, ivallen. 
niLLowY, aiij. wcgig, aufgcfc^njol; 

;eit, i^etbiirmt. 
i;i>fANOUS, attj. jwei^Snbtg. 
'tiMEDL\L. adj. rational mittlcr, — 

lino, K. rational 9}?itteUinte. 
I5IN, .S-. bie ?abe, Jlifle, ber ,$?aflen. 
3INACLE, a. jv. 7'. ba« CSom(;a§ba«8= 

iien, 3Bacf)l^an?; — timps, a8ac^t= 


BINARY, aiij. (lejtDeit, <tu« jivci (Stn- 
t)eitcn bef!ebenb ; — arithmetic, ba§ 
9'Jcd)ncn mit jwci S^^U""; — mea- 
sure, Mus. T. bcr flcrabe iZaU. 

BINARY, s. bic ^\VU\)tit, 3l^I S''" 

BIND, s. bte i^o).ifcnran!c, bcr .^o^jfcn ; 

— weed, bic 2Btnbe (Convolvulus — 
/,.) ; black weed — , bic Sticf antr j ( Ta- 
miis — L.), 

To BIND, J). I. n. 1. binbcn ; einbinbcn ; 
»erbinbcn ; 2. >.^erpflid)tcn; 3. fcfi, 
gtanp inadjcu; 4. ^emmen, binbern ; 
to — with galloon, ntit Xrcffcn cibcr 
i^ortcn bcfe^tll ; to — an apprentice, 
cincn ?cl)rlinii aitfbingcn laffcn, 
@incn in bic ?ct)ve Qcbe'n ; to — a 
servant, cincn 5)icner bard) 9}iiet[;= 
gclb obcr Sontraf t binbcn ; to — ^ a 
bargain with earnest, cincn .(patlbct (]C= 
ti'ifi mad)en; to — over,' (citircn) 
iiorlabcu laffen ; to — up, ycrtnnbcn ; 
cinfd)ran!cn ; il. n. 1. ftarr wcrben; 
2. oerftovft iiierbcn; 3. »crbiiiiy<l) 
fc«n; ftopfcn. 

BINDER, .9. 1. ber 5Ptnber; 2. ®aiben= 
binbcr ; 3. ^>nd)binber ; 4. bie 53inbe ; 
5. Med. T. basbinbenbc M'Wki, a3ev= 

BINDING, s. 1. bcr ginbanb; g?cr= 
banb ; bic iBinse; 2. Sp.E. (yom %\U 
fen) baS ©rmiibcn, 6"rreid)en bcr 
ikutc ; the iron — of a dead eye, ^V. 
T. bcr s8cfci)lag cincr Snnj^fer; — 
and loosing, bac! ^e()aUen uiib (Sr(af= 

fen bet SitnbC; — beantree, bcr 

{5cf)Iccnborn;— joist, ber scrbinbcnbc 

Duerbalfcn ; — notes, Mus. T. 

(Sd)[cifnotcn ; — strakes, bie Sct)tcr= 

ftocfc bcS SecfcS. 
BiNt;. .s. (in Sllauniucrfcn) ciu .§au= 

fen 'Jllaitn. 
BLNOCLE, .9. r.Jba§ (Secro^nnit bov= 

pcUen aiotircn fiir bcibe -ilugcn jn= 


BINOCULAR, adj. jnjCtflUgtg. 
BINOMIAL, adj. Aig. T. buiontifd; dV.^ 

ja'ct 3::bei[cn, ®rbj}en bcficbenb. 
BiNOMiNous, adj. iiiit swci SJaiiicn, 

BIOGRAPHER, j. bcr 33iogra).'^, ?c= 


BIOGR.^PHICAL, adj. biograv^i'"c^. 
BIOGRAPHY. .<r. bie SBiogra^.^l)ic, 2c= 

bcn«bcfd:)reiburtg, bag Seben. 
BIPAROUS. adj. jwct Suiigc auf cin 

9}ial gcbarcnb. 

BIPARTIBLE, ? adj. in JWCt 2:^cilc 

BIPARTILE, 5 tl)cilbar. 

BIPARTIENT, adj. \\\ JWci Xltxk 

BiPARi'iTE, adj. in jtoci2;f)cile get^citt, 

BIPARTITION, s. btc ^f^cilung \\x 

jaiei 2;t;cilc. 
BIPED, s. bag 5n)cifii^ige ober jwcibct- 

nige 2:^ier. 
BIPEDAL, adj. jwet %\\^ laug ; jtvci: 


BIPENNATE, adj. mit J»ci Sliigcllt, 


BiPETPALous, adj. sttjctbisttcrig (son 

BiaUADRATE, ) 1. s. Alg. T. bic ^'u 

BiauADRATic. Vmabratjabi, »icrtc 
?l<oten^ cjner 3«()t; n. adj. baS iGort= 
gc bctvcfTcnb. 

BiRADiATE, \ adj. mit ?n)ci 'Stra'^^ 

BIRADIATED, 5 Icn, boi)iicIftraf)!tg. 

BIRCH. «. 1. (— tree) bie SBirfc, bcr 
$^irfcnbaum ; 2. bic birfcnc CfJntbc, 
bag *.8irfenrcig ; — broom, bcr SIMr= 
fenbefeit ; — oil. baS 93irfcntbecr ; — 

—, 2Bcin aiia 5?irfenfaft. 

BIRCH. ^ ,. ,. ,^„ 


BIRI f. bet aSogcI ; — of p.tssage, ber 

3ug»ogeI; birds of game. iBogeteiib* 
Ijret ; — boit, bcr 5?ogclboljcn ; — 
cage, bag SSogclbaucr; — can, bij 
Sodpfcife, berSogelntf; —catcher (-. 
man), ber ffiogclfanger, 5^ogeIftcllcr 

— cherry ( — s-cherryJ, bic 33ogclfirfd) 
(Prunns Padvs — Ij.) ; birds'-eye view 

Jig. bic 93ogeI=Spcrfpcctioe (51iifid)i 
I'on cincr ifcioljc); — eyed, iTgci-. 
(iugig ; Icbbaft, mmtter ; — fancier, 
bcr iBogeUtebftaber, iBogeltobiciS; 

— fly, bcr jt'olibri (in &ittabc) ; — 
grass (foul-meadow-grass), fc^niolbI>ir= 
tcrigcg S'Jis^cngrag {Poa angustifvU.t 

— h.) ; cine 3lrt (gc^waben {Pmun,m 

capUlare — L.) \ — lime, bcr a>Ogel = 

leim; — hmed, mit S^ogcUctm bes 
ftrid)cn ; — nesting, 33ogclneftcrau83 
nc{)ntcn (fioren) ; — pepper, bcr a]ogclj 

V'fCflCr (Capsicum minimum — Z,.) ; — ■ 
seller, bcr ^OgcI()anbIcr ; — skewer, 

(— spit), ber ysogclfpcilcr (Spicii) ; 

— s' eye, bag 2lbbnigrbgcI)Cn, (.Adonis 

— L.) ; bie (gcbliiffelblume (Primu/a 
L.) ; — s-foot, bcr iBogclfn^ (o™«- 
thopus, — /,.) ; — s-nest, bag UJogclncfl 

(Daucvs — fj.): — s-nest (svvnllow-nesl), 

bag pftinbifc{)e cjjbarc 93ogclncft, 
S^unlinneft; — s-tares, bie syogcU 

wide (Vicia cracca — Ij.) ; — s-tongiie, 

bic ajogeljunge, S3itc^tt)inbc (Poiygv 

vum convolvulus — /..) ; — s-trefoil. bet 
Stcinflce (Lotus — L.) ; — wittcd, 

ol}nc aiufmcrffamfcit. 
To BIRD, V. n. SSijgcI faitgcn Pbct 

BIRDER, s. bet 33ogeIfielIcr, iSogeU 

BIRGANDER, s. bic ?^u^ggang. 
BIROSTRATE, \ adj. mit boppcttoiu 


BIRT, s. btc Stcinbntte. rid. TuRBOT • 

— wort, cine 3lrt 6'rbapfet juni 

BIRTH, s, 1. bie ©ebuvt; 2. .Picrfunfr, 
Slbftammitng ; 3. bcr llrf;nung; 4. 
bag Snngc, Si\\\\>, bic 5rud)t ; 5. .v. 

T.rid. Berth; new — , bic aBicbcr= 

geburt ; — day. bcr ©ebuvtgtag : — 
night, bic®Cb«rtgnad)t ; — place, bet 
©ebitvtgort, bic .tjcimati) ; — riiilit, 
bag @eburt6rcd;t, 3'iccl)t bcr drftge^ 
gcbuvt; — : sin, bie ©rbfiinbe; — 
song, bag ©cburtglicb; — strangled, 
in ber ©cbuvt erftidt; — wort, 
bic Dflcrlujci, i^o^lwurj (Jiristoio- 

chia — //.). 

BISCAY, s. S3tgcat)ff (fvmiiif(^c SPro* 

BISCOTIN, s. bag Bndcrvlafedicn. 

BISCUIT, .s. 1. bcrBwicbacf, tai (I)artc) 
Sdiiffbrob ; 2. vaube <2tctngnt (cine 
9lrt ^t'ofjella't Pf)nc ©lafnr). 

To BISECT. V. a.. Mat. T in Jft'ci glci: 

d)e Xi)tik t^eifcn, biivd)fd)ncibfn. 

BISECTION, «. Mnt T. fcicSitjeiluug in 
jtiici gleid;c 2^cite. 

BiSE(;'MEN'r, s. bcr cine 2beil cincr in 
jroei gleid)c i<5alftcn getbctltm i'tnie. 

BISHOP, .?. i. bcr 53ifd)'of ibobc ge iflli= 
d)c aBitrbc) ; 2. ein ®etranE anS 
91'ein, Drangcti unb 3ndcr ; 3. ber 
^^liufer im (tdjad; ; — 's-wced, bie 

9lmmei (..Immi — /..) ; — 's-wort. bCt 

fdnmuK Jtiimmcl ; — like, or — iv. '■,;;. 

bifd)Liflid\ fid) fiit eincn 3j!ifd)ii| 

fd)idenb, jiemciib. 
7>; BISHOP, 1'. <7. 1. jiim 93ifd)of cin= 

a>ci()cn, cinfcgnen, firmeln ; 2. .*-> /; 

einem aiten ^-'fcrbc bag 3cid;cn an 

bie 3'if)"c brenncn, nm eg 511 scrjiins 

gen : to— the baii.s. Typ. r.bic (i^nd); 

bni(fcr=) ilallen bcneeen. 
BISHOPRIC, s bag 5.iigtl)ui)t. 
BISK, s. bic ,ilraftbriibf, Jliraflfnvpt 

BISKET, s. vid. BisnniT 




.iiSMUTH, s. bet StSinut^, JKcrcaftt 
(5Ut ^albmctalJ). 

BisMUTHic, adj. Jit SBt8mut0 geliotig. 
BISON, $. bcr 33:foii, 2luero(^S. 

BISSEXTILE, (— year), baS (5^fllt= 
jafjr; (— day) bcc Sc^alttag. 
BISTER, Bistre, s. bet 53tlter, baS 

BISTORT, s. btc Sc^langcnjurj, ^aU 

tiXXOWCl {Polygonum bistartn — L.). 

BISTOURY, s. s. T. ba§ Siftouri, 

BisuLCOus, adj. mit gefvaltcncit 

SIT, s. 1. bet SSifffit, ba§ Stitcf; 2. 

Heine Stiicfc^cit, 5lU9cf)cn; 3. ®etn^ 

(am 3»i»i"t mit alJem ,Jletten»rerE) ; 

4. Sol)vcifett, bie (Sd)iilpe eineS SDi)= 
rerg ; tiie — of a cannon, bic 3taum= 
nabcl ; the — of a key, bev i^art eincS 

©C^liiffelo; a weather — of the cable, 

jv. T. eitt bopveltcr 58atin3fct)la(5; 
not a — . j5an5 uiib gar nicf)t, itici)t im 

(5Jei-illi]ftctl ; every — , 9l(Ic«, ba« 

©anje u. f. ». — by — , in ficiitcu 
Stiirfeit; to tear to bits, in ©tiirfen 

To BIT, V. a. baS ©ebip gc6cn. 

BITCH, s. bie §iinbtn, $c^e. 

To BITE, ». jV. a. 1. bcifien ; 2. ficc^cn, 
fd)nciben, einfc^nciben ; 3. »crtt3un= 
ben ; jig. friinfen ; 4. v^dg. tetriigcn ; 

5. d^cn, bci^en ; to — at, anbeitien ; 
to — otr, abbetpen; to — the dust. 
ins ©rag bei§en ; to — the nails, an 
ben S'iagelrt faiien. 

BITE, s. 1. bei- 53i^ ; 2. baS 9lnbei^crt ; 
3. j)«/^. bei- iktntg, Jtniff; iktriiaer. 

BITER, s. 1. ber^eipcr; 9lnbcipei'; 
2, ber iSctfiiger, Jtuiffmacfjcr. 

BIITACLE, s.+vid. B-.NACLE. 

BITTER («d«. — ly), I. ailj. i. bitter; 
2. jig. ftvenge, raub, uiifrenublid), 
l)art, graufam, ^cftig; fcfemersbaft, 
franfeiib, bitter ; erbittcrt, bofe ; bci= 
f;etib, fpottifci), fati;rtf(^ ; a — blast, ein 
fc^ncibcuber 2I?inb ; a — quarrel, ein 
I)eftiger, graufamer Streit ; — con- 
sequences, traurige Sofgen ; — apple 

(—gourd), bie goloqmnte;— dam- 
eon, bie Simaruba ; — end. A': t. 
ba§ um bie '-BatiiigS gelegte 9ln!ertaii ; 

— salt, bag '^itteVfaij ; — sweet, ba« 
93itterfii^ {Sdamimdulcamman. — J,.) ; 

— vetch, bie Sto^wicfe, 3i?albrebc 
(Orohis — L.) ; — wood, ba« 5l3itter- 
bolj ciw^ Samaifa; —wort, ber gelbe 

(fnjian [Oentinna Intra — L); II. s. \. 

JV". r. bcr SSiitingfc^lag ; 2. hitters, 

5. pi. 5.Utterfeitcn. 
BITTERISH, adj. ein weiiig bitter, bit; 

BiTTERisiiNESS, 5 bie maptge SSittcr^ 

feit, 53ittcrlic^feit. 
BllTERN, s. bie Siobrbommel; brnwn 

— ber braune 3'ieif}er ; small — , bcr 
griine S'Jacfjtrabe. 

BITTERNESS, s. 1. bie SSittcrfeit ; 2. 
fig. .Sarte, ©raufamfcit, .^efttg!cit; 
33ug^eit; ber bitteve >5af;; 3. ber 
©rant, Jlummer, bie Sorge, ba§ 
frciiifeiibc ©efiibi bei 93prroiirfen. 

BITTOUR, Bi-n-oR, «. bic Sio^rbomiuel, 

vicl. Bittern. 

BilTS, s. pi. J\r. T. bic 5^;itiitg«bij(5er. 
To BiTT, 7). a. JV. T. (ba§ S;au') niit bie 

93ating«[)oljfr tvinben. 
BITUMEN, s. bag ©rbped), gvb^arj, 

BITUMINOUS, adj. evbpcd)ig, bcrg= 

BIVALVE, ) adj. jU'etid^altg, mit 
BIVALVOUS. > 5»ci Oeffiiungcn (you 
BIVALVULAR, ) ben Sdjaltbicrcrt.) 
BIVOUAC, .c. bie 33eiivad)t. ba« ^Sam-- 

tMren tm ?ager rim freiem (^cibc) bei 

2:age unb ?{ad)t. 

To BIVOUAC, V. n tm freien Sclbe Ite= 

gen, bt»oa<iuircrt. 
BixwoRT, s. eine sppanje »on ber 


BIZANTINE, vid. Byzantine. 
BIZARRE, adj. fcltfam, wuiibcrlid). 
To BLAB, V. 1.71. fd)i).in§cit, plaubcrn; 
II. a. to — out, aiisplautcrn. 

BLABBER, Blab, s. ber Sd^tDii^cr, 

splauberer, >?liigebcr. 

BLACK {ndv. — ly), adj. 1. fc^Warj ; 

2. fig. fiuftcr, miirvifd), faucr; 3. 
tram-ig, uiigiiirfliit ; il. s. i. baS 
(Sd)it)arj, 'bie fc^ivarsc Sarbe, 
Sdjiudrje, bcr !J?ufi; 2. ber (Sd)Hiar= 
je, 9legcr ; 3. bie 2;rauer, 2:rauer= 
fifibutl'g ; a — man, woman, ein S^IC; 
ger, ciite -ilfZcgeriu ; cine fc^njdrslid)e 
^tcvfpn (''yrituctte); a — deed, cine 
fd^amrjc, laftci-l)afte X\)at; — and 
blue, biaitn unb blau; bag braune 
nub bag bloue "Diaal ; to put on — , 
fid) fd;n.Mrj flciben; to have a thinjr 
under — and white, Sc^roarj auf 
2ijci^ (fd)riftlid)) \)(Avi; to look — 
at (upon) one. bpsl)aft (mit ftuftcru 
SUirfen) anfc^cu ; — aidertree, ber 

gaulLntnm (Rkanmus fravgula — /J ; 

— amber, bcr @agat (fcb»ar5eg Grb= 
Ved)); — art, bie fdjroar^e JluntX 
3auberfuuft; — ball. 1. bic fcbwarje 
.itugcl ; 2. Sd}uf}fd)ronv^e, baS ed)uljj 
w<id)S ; — beer, bag ^Brauubicr, ban= 
)(iger3^0VVcl6ier ; — berry, bie 33rom= 
becre; — berry bush, bie 53rombccr= 
ftnubc ; — berried, fd^roarjc i^eeren 
tragcub ; — heath, bag (51ad)gfraut, 

t^aruEvaut {Jlntirrkinum Linaria — />. ; 
bird, — bie -Jlmfcl ; the fjread, — bird, 

eine '^lrt2)oble mit gcn.ti3lbtem<2(^na= 

bei {Curniz garrula mnjor — K.) ; — 

blend, bie ^a'cdiblcube ; — boil, mit 
(Scbcibcwaffcr aufgcBficg Jluvfer 
,jum Saubern ber 3JJetallfniipfe ; — 
book, L. <S- Mil. T. bag ©trdfliugg; 
bud), /"-. bie Ungcrabe; — browed, 
adj. mit fdjwar^cn 9lngenbrannen ; 
fig. miirvifd), fiufier ; broljenb ; — 

brown, adj. fd)mar5braUU ; — bryony, 

bic fd)ami-5e eticfiuuv^ (Tamus — U ; 

— cap. bie fc^warje gcEopptc iDJcifc; 

— cattle, bag .Spruinc^ ; chalk, 

fcfewar^c Jircibe ; — choier, fig. 
bie ©c^roermutl), 9)Ic[aucbolie ; — 
cluster, bie burguuberSciutvaubc; — 
cock, vid. — game ; — currant, bic 
fd;warje 3obauiiigbcerc, ®id)tbcere ; 

— devil, ber -4ictergftfd), bag $ctcv- 
mdnndjcu ; — earth, bie 55ammcrbe ; 

— eyed, fd))V)ar5dugi0 ; — faced, 

fcf)n)arsbrauu («om ®cfid;t), brii.nctt ; 

— fish, cine 9lvt ^Barfd) (Perca nigra 

— J,.) , — friar, bcr S^ominifaucr ; — 
game, baS Sdjwar^witb ; ®ifEI)n^n, 
.t3afcll)ubn, SDJoorbubu; — guard, 
bcr S^rofibube ; gcmciue, frbmu^ige 
ift'erl, li!umvcnbunb , — hafted, mit 
fd)anir5ein ©riff ; — jack, ber 
(Sc{)(nud), bie 'Sd)feiffanne, ber 
fd)njai-s (af irte 93ierErng ; — lead, bag 
2Bafferblct, 3Jcitib_Ici,_ spottlot^;- 
lead pencil, bcr ^Btcifiift; — lead pow- 
der, bic ©ifcnfd)anir5c; — leg, cant. 
ein Spider, ©auuer ; — legs, eine 
@c^af= unb .SldlbcrEranf[)cit »on at 
fcud)tcm Sutter ; — letter, gotf)ifd)e 
€d)rift ; —mail, ber SJdubcrfolb, bag 
©c^ufegclb ; — mastcrwort, bic fc^war^ 

je 93JeiftenUUr5 {impcratm-ium ob- 
structiiun — L,.) ; — monk, bcr QScnC: 

bictiuer ; — moor, ber ^DJcbr {vid. 

Blackamoor) : — mouthed, fc^tuarj: 

miiuiig ; fig. ein lofcg aJJaut babenb ; 

— oak bark, bie Qucrcitrpu:9Jinbe ; 

— peopled, mit fcbwarjcu iDicnfcbcn 
bcyolEcrt; — pudding, ber S[ut=$ub^ 
bing, bie 53lut>ruvfl ; — rents, pi. bie 

3infen iu SRaturaltcn ;— rod,usiieror 
the — , ber 5;^iirfie[)er mit bent 
fcbwavjen <Stabc ; — smith, ber ©rob- 
fci)micb, 45uffd)mieb; — str.iUe, .v 
T. bie fi^tuar} gefdvbtcn ^lauEcn 
iiber ben ^evgt)i.^ljeiu ; — tail, be; 
JtauUnn-fc^; — tea, ber 2;i)ecbut), 

— thorn, ber (Sct)n3av5born, Sdjlet)-- 
bpvu ; — tin, bag gevon;te unb getua= 
fd)cne unb jum (2ct)mcljen jubereitcte 
Sinucrj ; — turnip, SJiJicenbtatt [Leort- 
t/cc — /I);— varnish, bcr SteinEo^len- 
t[)ecr (jum 9InftveicJ)cu bcr Sd^iffe); 

— visaged, mit fd)WarKm ©eftc^t ; 

— vomit, bag fd)warse (Srbi'ec^en ; — 
wad. ein aug Svaunftein unb (Sifen 
pfammeiigefcfeteg (Srj; — wood, 
fd)roar5eg (Sbenljolj aug 9Jiabagag- 
car ; — work, bie ©robfdjmiebgars 
bcit ; — worts ( — whortleberries, bil- 
berries), .gcibelbeeven. 

To Bi,ACK. V. a. fd^warj mac^cu, 

BLACKAMOOR, .t. bcr ^JJcgcV, ?DiObr ; 

— 's teetii, col. Jtaurig, a)jufd)elgclb. 
To BLACKBALL, v. a. biivd) fdjiravjc 

Jtugein (im ^Ballottircn) ccvaicvfcu. 

Tn BLACKEN, v. 1. a. fc^u'arj mac^cn, 
fdiaHirjeu; fig. aufc^iudvjen ; ll. n. 
fc^amr^ werbeii. 

BLACKENER, s. bcr ©tanig ycrbuuEett. 

BL.\CKiNc;, s. bic £d)nl;fri)mdrje, 
Spictjfc, bev iSd)wdvjcl; — bail, bie 
lidtwavjEu gel ; — brush, bie SSic^gs 
bitvftc; ber Sd)aiavjpiufe[. 

BLACKISH, adj. fdjanarjltc^. 

BLACKNESS, s. bie ©fbwdvjC; fi.s, 
2)unEeIi)eit ; 51bfd)culid)Ecit. 

BLADDER s. I. bic Uriublafc, 53fafe 
2. bag 33ldgd)cu, iBldttcrcben ; —nut 
bic *pimperuuB; — senna, Slafcu:" 
fenna {Coiutea — iJ. 

BLADE, s. Lbag 581dttc^cit, ©rdgc^eii, 

^dtmcben, ?anb ; a— of grass (straw), 
ein ®rag= (v2ti'o()=.) .*3alm; 2. bie 
jlliugc; 3. z^-. ber Jtcrl, J^auj, ®c= 
uoij; — of an oar, bag 33latt eiueS 
SfJtcmeug (9tuberg); — of an anchor, 

bag dnjicrfle Stitcf beg 9lrmeg eineg 
Slnferg, auf welcbcg bcr gliigcl ange= 
fd)aieit)t tfi; blade-bone, bag (3d)itlj 

tcvblatt; — mill, bic Sd)leifmu^le, 

— smith, ber (£d)»uertfeger. 

To BLADE, V. a. mit ciiicv ,E!inge »er= 
BLAIN, s. ber Sd^wdren, bie SBeutc. 

BLAMABLE (adv. — ly), adj. tabelng> 

wiirbig, ftrafbar. 

BLAM.\BLKNESS, .t. bic 2;abeInSa''iir-- 
bigEcit, StrafbavEeit. 

BLAME, s. 1. bie 3ii''ft^)"i'"!^ f''"f3 
gcl)(crg, eineg 3]erfcl)cng, bie Sd)ulb, 
ber Sabel ; 2. bag Sergebcn, 93evbvea 
cl)cn ; to bear the — , Sd)ulb fe^n. 

To BLAME, V. a. tabcllt ; to — one for 

a fault, (sinen woriibcv tabcln, viiger, 
to bo to — ; jn tabcln fcnu ; I am tc 
— , mir fommt bie Sd;ulb 5U. 
BLAMEFUL, adj. tabcliigiucvif), ftraf^ 

BLAMELESS (adv. — ly), adj. tabcllOg, 

untabelbaft, unflrdflid), uiifd)ulbig ; 

— n(;ss. .?. bic 5;abcIlofigEcit, Untabd- 

ftaftigEcit, Unfd)ulb. 
BLAMER, 5. ber S:abtcr. 
BLAMEWORTHY, adj. tabehigauirbig. 
BLAMEWORTHINESS, s. bic ^.abelugs 


To BLANCH, v. a. wcif; mafbcn, aict» 
fien, bleid)eu, meil} ficbeu; abbiilfcn, 
fd)dlen; to — almonds, iDJanbelii 

BLANCH, or Blanche, 33lanca ((SiVaUCU' 

BLANCHER, s. bcv 33tcid)cr, 5J3ei$fte» 

ber; Sp. E. 2;rctbcr, :"iiagbbunb. 
BLAND, adj. mtlb, fauft, l)plb, giittg. 




BL.VXDILOQUENCE, s. bte fai'.ftcn, 
ni^cit 2Borte, tidjincidielet. 

To BL^VNDISH, v. a. fcl)mctct)cllt, lifB= 


BLANDISHER, s. bcf Scf)mctd;Iet. 
BLANDISHMEXT, s. bie Sc^iucic^elct, 

Stebfofung, greiiiiblic^fcit. 

BLANK iado. — ly), I. a'lj. 1. ttailE, 

»uet$ ; 2. blap, initt^Iol ; 3. luciti, 
unbefc^ricbeit, (ccr; 4. befitiimt, 
bletc^; 5. rcimloS; —bond (— char- 
ter), bciS Slaitquct 511 titter Dfalii]a= 
ttOIt ; — credit (or credit in — ), M. E. 

cifctter (^latico) Grcbit, 2Serf)fclcrc= 
bit; — licence, ciit blo^Eir (Uiiau*3e= 
fiilUcr) 2:raufrf)etti ; — manse, bie 
rocipe ©allerte; — verse, rei'mlpfer 
55cvg; — endorsement, ba^ ©irireti 
ill SBlrtitco ; to look — , befd)amt, be= 
jtiirjt, oerrotrrt- aiiofcbett ; 2. sA. ber 
jvetpe (lecve) ipia^ auf bent 'papier 
ober in etitem 53iid)c, bie Siide; 2. 
bits unbffrfjiiebeite 4i\ii.ncr; 3. bie 
?iicte (ill ber Sotterie) ; 4. ber Scbrbt^ 
litii] (bie itiif)fVi''i)]te iDJiiitjplatte); 

— blanks, 53(lUbinittI5e; to draw bills 
in — , M. E. ill 'iMiiiico iraffircn. 
7!) BLANK, v. a. 1. ailSUifc^flt, lH'rilicb = 

ten, a:iff)ebeu; 2. befd^amcn, mutl)= 

lo3 madjeit. 
BLANKET, s. 1. bte tueipe njoHette 

-^ettbecfe ; 5ffiitibcl ; 2. eiiie 2lvt Som= 

inerbivii (fran^ofifcft Manquette) ; 3. 

Till). T. eiit ©tiicf weipeS 2;itc^ ober 

5vi(^, bag iinter bcti iiogeii in ber 

^rcfK (li'IfBt wivi). 
T.> BLANKET, v. a. I. (iitit cinev 5je= 

(fc) jnbecfen, bcbecfett ; 2. to — one 

(or toss one in a blanket), (S'ilien ^jre(= 

len ; mit (in) ciner Secfe in bte .§i)= 

be f^Icubern. 

BLANKLY, (I'/B. weiy ; Icer: befd)aint. 
T,> BLASPHEME, „. a. >S- «. @int laftcvil, 

flnc^en, Idfieni, gottlofe Stebcit iul)= 

BLASPHEMER, s. bcc ©otteSKificrer, 


BLASPHEMOUS (adn. — ly), adj. QOtttS' 

liiflerUf^, Icifterlirf). 

BLASPHEMY, s. bie ©otteSlailemiig, 

BLAST, s. I. iaS Slafeii be« aBinbe«. 
ber SUinbfioB ; 2. (bet Git'eitTOcvfcn) 
bieSuftfiiiile, roeld)e bent 5^ener ^nge= 
blafeu wirb; 3. ber Sc^aH, 2;on yoni 
maUn, Srompetenflop; 4. SBetter^ 
fcfeabcn; 9Jicbltl)ait, Oiranb tin ffle= 
treibe unb an 33anmen ; Seuc^e, ipla= 
qe ; 5. bag 3cvfl)ringcn. 

Tj blast, v. a. 1. fpvengen fiiiit ^nU 
»cr) ; 2. fd)laiTen, vernic^ten, ver= 
bvennen (burd) ©titrm, .§agel, 3.Mi^ 
n. f. w.); 3. oereitcln; ^u Stidtte 
mad)cn; uevwa^vlofen «. f. w. ; 4. 
fludjetl, ljcrf(ud)en ; to — one's repu- 
tation, (Sincn unt feinen guten SJiamen 

BLASTER, s. bev 3crflorer. 

BLATANT, adj. (Di-y.) bUifenb (wie ein 

T; BiiATTER, v. n. + blofcrt, fc^reien, 

BLAY, s. ber SBeipfifd), bie 58fcie. 

BLAZE, ,9. 1. bie (belle) ?^(amnie, Tin- 
(fei, ®lutfi, ber ?id)tiiraf)l ; ba§ !i!o= 
ban, (5rner; 2. bie SSerbveitung, ber 
*)iuf, baS ®eriid3t; 3. bie SSIaffe an 
ber Stirn einei ^PferbeS; 4. ber Xw- 
iniilt, ?ariit. 

To BfjAZE, V. I. V. flammen, facfein, 
lobern, leu^ten; ginn^en, fc^iin= 
mevu; H. n. 1. perbveifeu ; 2. i^eid)- 
tien (i^annie bnvd) tfiiifdniitf, inbem 
ragSBcipe [ber Splint] beryprfitid)t); 
to — abroad, aiisbrciteii, rud)bar ina= 
d;eit, auSpofaniien. 

iJLAZER, s. ber 2ln8pofauner. 


BLAZON, s. 1. bie aBappenfnuii; bnS 
2Bappen; 2. Slugpofaunen, t|3reifcn, 

To BLAZON, V a. i. blafoniren ober 
aSappen crflaren, fc^ilbern; 2. au§= 
framen, i(ur ec^au anllegcn ; 3. jie= 
ren, ocrfitonern; 4. oerbreiten, be= 
fannt mad)en, aaSppfannen; 5. bfr= 
an«ftreid)en, ritbnien, prcifcn, feiern. 

BLAZOXER, s. L ber SSappenljerolb; 
2. >ilnSpofantter. 

BLAZONRY, s. bie 2Sappcn!nnbc. 

To BLE.\CH, V. a. ^- n. 1. bleic^Cn; 

mctp macben ; 2. uieiij wcrbcn. 
BLEACHER, s. ber a3leid)er. 
BLEACHERYjs.bie ?51eicf)e, berSIetc^= 


BLEAK (n<i».— ly), I. adj. lalt, frofiig ; 
tranrig, frenbenlo«; II. s.—, or Bleak- 
fish, ber SBeipftf^. 

BLEAKNESS, s. bie MUt, Srofligleit. 

BLEAR, adj. — eyes, rinneitbe *?liigen, 
S^ricfaugcn ; — eyed, triefaiigig. 

To BLEAR,».a.triefaugigina4!eh, yer= 

BLEAREDNESS, s. bie 2;rtefaug!bfeit, 
bag 5Ingcntriefcn. 

To BLE.vr, V. a. blijfeu (wie ein @d;af), 
mccfevn (wie eine B'fgc)- 

BLE.\T, Bleating, s. bag iMiJEen. 

BLEB,s. bte 33lafe, baS 2Safferblagd)en. 
To BLEED, V. I. n. bliiten; tropfeln; 

auglanfeit ; to — at the nose, 9iafett= 

blnten baben_; il. a. 1. jur 2lber laf= 

fen ; 2. ben i&aft ang ctnem 33aume 

To BLEMISH, v. a. 1. iiernnflalten, 

fd)anben; befcbmifeen, befdiimpfen, 

branbmarfen ; 2. sp. T. »om Scbiucip 

BLEMISH, s. 1. ber glecf, (ac^anbftccf, 

aiJafel ; 2. bie igdianbe ; 3. Sp. t. ber 

abgebroc^ene ^m\.(\, bag iDierfmaal, 

bie «pur. 
BLEMiSHLESs, adj. utafellog, fe^Ier^ 

fi'ci, »onvurfgfrei. 
To BLENCH, v. n. vor (£d)rc(Ien ixu 

5urii(ffi:f)ren, fin^en, iiH'id)en. 
BLENCH, 5. + bag 3liiffal;ren, bie 9lb= 

BLENCHER, .t. Wag l)iitbert, Der^inbert, 

ober erfdtreift. 
To BLEND, V. \. a. iitifdjcn, iiiengcn, 

sermifc^en; ii. n. gemifc^t iverben 

u. f. ro. 

BLENDER, 5. ber 93ernttfcber. 
To BLESS, V. a. 1. fegnett ; einfegnen ; 

2. begliicfen; 3. preifen, riibmeit ; — 

me! lfte§ ba! wie! ift eg mijglid) ! 

God — you ! lebe wobl ! ©ott fei; init 

®tt! tvobl befpmm'g! 
BLESSED (.-<iw — ly), adj. 1. gefegnet; 2. 

felig, gliicffelig ; t> — (the — spirits^ 

bie (Seligen ; the — rirgin, bie boc^= 

gclobte 3nngfrau ; — tiiistie, ber (Sar= 

bObcnebietcn (Ccntaureabcnedkta — L.) ; 
— be (the Lord) God! ®Ott fe» ge= 
lobt ! the queen of — ineinory. bie 

boc^felige Jtbniginn (col. glorreidjcn 

BLESSEDNESS, s. 1. bie ©liiiffeligfeit, 
bag ^eil, ber <Segen, bie giittlid)e 
^nlb, @nabe; Scligfeit; 2. J^eilig= 

BLESSER, s. ber 93egHtifcr, Segtier. 

BLi^siNG, s. 1. bie feegnnng;' 2. ber 
(Segen, bag .6eil, bie gottlidK .|5ulb, 
®iinfl, ®nabe ;3.pvppbetifd)e5Berhet= 
fniiig titnftiger ©liidfeligEeit; 4. ber 
iPprtheil, SSpr^ug ; 5. (bei ben alten 
.&ebraeni) bag ®efd)cnf, bie @abe. 

BLEYME, s. bie SteingaUc am ^nfe 
eincg -$ferbeg. 

BLIGHT, .». 1. ber DJtebltban, 93ranb ; 
2. bag ^-Prenncnbe, 3fvft6renbe; 3.* 
ber ©iftband), '4>eftatbem. 

To BLIGHT, V. a. 1 'burdi 3}ie[)ttbau) 

!)erbcrbeii ; 2, sereiteln, veniic^ten. )» 
SBobcu fcblrtgcn. 

BLIND (aki.: — ly), I. adj. 1. bltnb.. 

bli3bftd)tig; 2. bunfel; 3. gehetm; 
uiifid;tbar ; 4. nnanffcnb ; — of one 
eye, auf eilictn 2lugc bltltb ; — to one'y 
defects, bliitb gegen [eine (eigenen) 
9}Jangel ; a — aiiev, bag ©apdieii 
Pbne '^Inggang, ber Sacf, bag Sidjx* 
tticber ; — coal, in ber ^jrbe yerfobltt 
Steiufoblen; —, ber aSlinbc; 

— man's buiT, bte blinbe Mni^ (tin 

Spiel) ; to play at — man s bufT. 
blinbe .^iib fpiclen; — nettle, bit 
blinbe dU\]il, sBraunanirj (Scrofuiaria 

— X,.) ; — side (of a man), Seilianbeg 

fitwadK Seite ; — vessels, ck. r.@e« 
fdue, njel4)c nur auf etner Seite eine 
Dcfrnnng bnben; a — wall, bie 22anb 
pbnegcnfter; a — way, ein bnnfler 
(ffbiiH-r ju finbenbcr) SCeg ; a — win- 
dow, ein blinbeg j^enfter ; — worm, 
bie i51inbfcbleid)e ; 11. s. 1. bie 2)crfe, 
.giille (eigentlicib unb nneigeutlid)) ; 
2'. bag 33ijrgeben, ber S^orwanb, bie 
2lugflnd)t, syemdntelnng ; 3. bie %\» 
Ipufie ; rollinn — , Jtolljdlpuftcn ; Ve- 
netian — , Satpuften; — turns, 3alpu» 

To BLIND, V. a. 1. blinb madieit ; bteits 
ben; nerblcnben; 2. ucrbunfeln, «er= 
Rnftern; blinded by, — at..., ver= 
bleitbet burcfe, itber, u. f. w. 

BLINDFOLD, adj 1. niit sevbunbeneit 
Slngen; blinbltngg; 2. fig. bliiibliitgg, 

To BLINDFOLD, v. a. bte 9lngen »cr» 

BLINDNESS, s. 1. bte 33linbl;eit ; 2. jig. 

BLINK, s. ber fliid)tigt 93lirf, (Sditms 
mer, bag 331tnfen; S:: T. ber abge= 
brpd)cne ^mtuj,, bie 2yJarfe, Spar ; 

— of the ice, Der uicipe (2(tcin am 
.^prijpnt, in ber 9'iorbfee burd) baS 
§ig venirfad^t. 

To BLINK, v.n. i. blinfen, blinjelu; 
2. bunfel fc^en; 3. Sp. E. fet;len, »er= 

BLINKARD, Blinker, s. ber 93Iin5ler, 

BLINKERS, pi. bie Sdjeuleber (am 

j?ppfgefd)irr eineg ^Pferbeg). 
BLISS,' s. bie Seligfeit, ©littfeligfeit, 


BLISSFUL (adv. — ly), adj. fettg, gliicfs 

fclig, rooniieupll. 
BLissFULNESS,s.bie Setigfeit, ®Iiicf= 

feligteit, SSpnne. 
BLLSSLESS, adj. ungefegitef, unglii(f= 


BLISTER, S..1. bie 33tafe; ^Blatter, 
^i^blatter, bag 23ldgd)en ; '2. bag 
SSU'.fcnpftaPer; to raise blisters, ^U- 

fen jiebeit. 
To BLISTER, v. 1. n. ^Plafenpflaflcr 

u. f. 11^ auflegen, Slafen jieben, 5?la= 

fen inad)en ; II. n. SBlafen befommeit, 

blafig wcrben. 
BLITE, s. bag asinttraut, 9JJaicrtraut 

ber ?D?aieraniarantb (liutum — /.) 

BLITHE (adc. — ly), ndj frob, fl"iJb= 

licb, lufitg, »ergnitgt, aufgevhiimt. 
BLITHENESS, \ s. bie Sr61)ltd)= 

BLITHESOME (— ful), adj. fr^l)!!.^, 

sergniigt, ninnter 
To BLOAT, r. I. a aiiffcbwellert, aur= 

blaf)en, aiifbunfcit ; If. n. anffdjivel- 

Icn, ailflaufen ; bloated herring, be» 

gcraiidierte .faring ; a^iiicHing. 
BLOATEDNESS, .•=, bag Sdjwelfeit 

ber Sd)\i'ulft, bie ®efd;n>ulft; eiti 

anfgebunfeiieg 21eufiere. 
BLOBBERi.iP, s. bie bicfe Sippe. 

BLOBBEUUI'PED, adj. biif lippig fltP^- 





BLOCK, s. L bcr SBIocf, Rlo^ ; l. tie 
^onii, bcr s;tc(f ; 3. m: t. bic 3uit9= 
\tx, Sc^ctbf, bcr SBIocf, tie ^iolle jit 
beii Sc^iffstaueu; 4. fig. ber Ji(o§, 
pl.impc, tumme Jteil ; 5. baS .g>tu= 
bcviiis; — head, bcr Summtopf, 

.UlOfe; —headed, bumill; — headly, 
line ciii Summtopf, buinmf opffi] ; — 
house, bag SOIo(ft)aus; — like, bumin, 
eiufviltig; — m.-iker, ciit aSlocfbi'c&cv; 

— mast, ciit ©alecvcu- obcr Sdje^ 
bccfeii^iDJaft nut sjtfvciftacn Siopp 
ititb Sc^ciben ; —tin, bafi sulocfjimi; 

— sheaves, 58(o(ff(i)cibeU ; — stones, 
vol)c Stctnmaffeii. 

V'o BLOCK, r. a. bcmiiicii, I)tubcnt, 
fpcvrcn, «erflopfcit; eiiifd^Uepcu ; to 

— up, blorftveit, iicn-ammelii. 
liLOCKADE, s. bie S31o(fabe. 

To BLOCKADE, v. a. blocfircit, ciu= 


BLOCICISH {ndij. — ly), ailj. bUlUlU, 

Vlitinp, ti5(ptfc^. 
BLOCKisiiNESS, s. bte2)umml)ctt, baS 

tijlpifdie aBefcit. 
ULO-MARY, s. r. baS grifc^ffUfr, obcr 

bie crfte S^micbe in beii @tfcii= 

ULOND-LACE, s. bie 5?Ionbcn (cine 9li't 

fcitte ®pi(}cn, luit uiib ot)nc i^lumeii). 
BLOND- SILK, s. bic Spi^cufcibc. 
BLOOD. «. 1. baS^Iuf, ©cbliit; 2.ji<;. 

bie 9lbftaminiiit(^, ^^crfiiuft, !BIutS= 

freuubfc^aft; 3. * bcr Saft {.\. 33. the 

— of grapes, bcr 3;raubciifaff ; 4. ba^ 
?cbcn; 5. bcr 3)?orb, Siobtfc^lag; 6. 
6er Sc^Kigcr, (S'tfcnfrcffcr ; a genile- 
iiian of — and breeding, Celt >5crr SOU 
flUtCV Siliuiltc linb ®cbUl-t-"a young 
— , ctii jiitifjcr rafd)cr 2JJcitfc^; to let 
one — . I'iii'u'ii! jur 5lber laffcn; to be 
let — . 511V "Jlbcr laffcn ; his — is up, 
uiii aSlitt tft in iSalluujV in 9luf= 
rulu';/^. ec ift nnfijebrac^t, bcftig; 
to breed ill — , bic ©cmiit^cr crbtttcrit ; 
a distemper that runs in the — , Ctll 

l^ainilieniibcl; the whole — , »oU= 
bih-tt0e Jlinbcr; — bespotted, blut= 
bcfpri^t, mit 33lut bcfnbelt ; — con- 
suming, blutserscbrcnb ; — fiower, 

baa iBlnth'iint (Rumex sanguiiieus — 
/. ) , bie SiUtutblumC {Nmmantkus — 
/J; — frozen, crf}arrtc3 33Iut 5a= 
bcnb ; — guiltiness, bie S3Intfc{)ulb ; 

— horse, cin cblc«, fcnrtijcg 5)]ferb 
(»on eblcin [arabifc^cm] (Sebliit) ; — 

hot, lau {vid. — warm) ; — iiound, bCI 
gd)iucif)l)Uitb ; ./?<r. 531utbimb; to let 
— , jur giber laffcn ; — letter, bcr jur 

9lbCV lafit {fid. Bleeder) ; — letting, 

ba« Slbcvtaffen; bcr Siberia^; abcr= 
laffcnb ; — money, bcr 2obn fiir bic 
Ucbcvfiiln-ung von 9}ibrbcrn, diim- 
bcrn, u. f. \v. ; — pudding, ber 2ilut= 
pubbing, bie iUiitourfl ; — red, blut= 
vDtl) ; — shaken, crbi^t, niifgcrcgt ; 
—shell, ba« Slutocrgic^cn ; bci-33l'ut= 
ycvUift; — shedder, bcv3JJbrbcr, ?3lut= 
buiib; — shot, »on Slut aufi]cfd)rool= 
Icn ; sollbliitig ; — spavin, vui. Sv.wis ; 

— stained, niit 33lut bcfprtfet; — 
sione, ber iUutftein, Saipts a»« )Sla^ 
bagaecar; — sucker, bcr ^ilutcgcl ; 
'-yamp\)r ; — tinrster, cin blutbiirfti= 
grr, tncfelofcr 2)h'nfcJ); — thir-ty, 
blutbiirftiii ; — ve?sel, iaS 33(nti]cfat5 ; 

— warm, fo Warm <iH 33(ut, tan ; — 
vood, ba5 '^hitbolj, 9Iifarai]ual)Dls ; 

— worf, bie S8lutl«ur$ {Oerainum saii- 
^iilncum \ &• TurmentiUa — Jj). 

•0 BLOOD, V. n. 1. blutig maci)cn ; 2. 
in Slut gcroSbncn; 3. fam. jur "Jlbcr 
iaffcn; (aucb To Bloop-let) ; to — a 
bound, -v T. ctucn gagbbuub brcffiren. 
ELooDiNEs,-^. ,0. baS Slutigcj ber 
Slutburfi, bic Slutgicr. 

BLOODLEiSS, aih. btutlo^, tcblol ; a 

— conquest, ctne (Sroberung o|ne 

To BLOODY, V. a. blutig mac^cn, mit 
Slut bcfnbetn. 

BLOODY (adu,— dily), adj. L bluttg ; 

2. blutgierig, blutbiirjiig ; — minded, 
blntgic'rig, graufam ; — twig, bcr 
(Sovnclicnfirfc^banin ; — warrior, bie 
gjjancrblunic, ba« gclhe Scilc^cn. 

BLOOM, s. 1. bic Sliitl)c, Slumc; bcr 
glor; 2. baS Slanc, ober ber Cicif 
auf $fl"»'"c"' "• f- ">• ; 3. T. cin 
Stiicf robes (Stfcn, cin 2)euling, 

3)cill; —raisins, $Ottroffncn. 
To BLOOM. r,«. bliibcu; (alsSIuincu) 

crjcugcn, fproffen. 
BLOOMY, aiij. XXI Sliit^c, blumtg, ljlu= 

BLOSSOM, g. bie Sliitf)e; — colour, 

bic bliibenbe ^arbc; — horse, cin 

pfirftdjfarbncS ijjfcrb. 

To BLOS30U c n. bliibcU. 

To BLOT, V. n. 1. tlccfcu, tlccffcn ; 2. 
bcflecfcii, bcfubcln; 3. frijanbcu; 4. 
scrbnnfcin; to — nut, au3fticid)cn, 
au'jR'fdjcu ; auSanfd)cn; fg. »ertiU 
gen ; to — out from the mind, fig. Ctu8 
bcm ©cmiitJ) scrvuifc^cn. 

BLOT, .-.. 1. bcr SXkd. Jilcif.5, S;intcn= 
ficcf; 2. Scbaubflccf, 5JJafcl; 3. T. 
bie Sliifie, bcr nnbebccfte Stein (im 
Srettfpiclc) ; to hit a — , (int Srctt= 
fpiele) cine Slijfje bccfcn. 

BLOTCH, s. bie ginne, Slattcr. 

To BLOTCH. V. n. fd;ivarjcn, bc= 
fc{)mu^cn, bcflccfcn. 

To BLOTE, V. a. riiuc^crn. 

BLorriNG-PAPER. s. ba« ?i5fc|paptcr. 

BLOW, s. 1. bcr S^lag, Strcid), 
<54mi§, (StoS, SBurf ; 2. ba§ Sc^mct= 
^'cn bcr 3nfcctcn ; 3. fig. bcr (£d)lag, 
Strcid), Wnfall, »J!nfalI; a — of the 
fi,st, ciit 5iinftfd)lag ; a — up. einc 
(Irplofion, cin 2lnebrudv fluffing; 
at a — , plb^ltr^, auf cin ?OJai ; 'tis 
but a word and a — with him, cr 
fc|)lagt ben Slugenblicf auS ; to make 
a — at a thing, nad) (ftwas fd)lagcn ; 
without blows, pbne 5^einbfcligfcitcu ; 

— ball, bie trorfnc Slnmcufr'onc be3 
^bwcni^abns ; — pipe.r. baS S!i.itf)robr ; 
bic CJi^bre jum Slafen (»on @la«, 
u. f. tu.) ; — point. + bag Spiclmcrf, 
Jtiiiberfpiel mit D^abcln. 

To BLOW, V. a. <s- n. 1. blafcn, wcbcn, 
ftarf atfimcn ; 2. fd)naufen, fdinicbcn ; 

3. fdjallcn, crfd)allcn (v)om Stafcn) ; 

4. anblafcn ; 5. anfbiat'eu ; fi. fig. 
anfblabcu, auf blafcn; 7. ocrbrcitcn, 
aUobrcitcn ; to — a bladder, cinc 
Slafe aufblafen ; to — the nose, ftd) 
fc^nausen ; it blows, bcr 'ffiiub gcbt ; 
to — (with; the trumpet, bie Xroiilpcte 

blafcn; to — away, to — oa; ii'cg= 
wcbcn, wcgblafcn, abblafcn; to — 
down, umnic^cn, umblafcn ; to — in, 
l}tncin tueben; to — out, aueblafcii, 
au»ivcf)en, audofcf)cn ; to — over, 
XHTWcbcn, scrtrcibcn, fraftlo^', i?()ne 
aSivtung aoriibcv gc^cn ; to — up, 
aufblafen ; anblafcn (in bic ?nft) 
fprcngen, fpringen laffcn ; aufflicgcu; 
to — one up, fig. cinen angbun^en, 
fcficltcn ; to — upon, barauf blafcn. 

To BLOW, ». n. viJ. + To Bloom <$- To 

BLOWER, s. 1. bcr Slafcr, Bubliifcr; 

2. bcr Btnnfcbntcljer, Scimct^cr; 3. 

Sdiicbblcd) XXX cincm Dfen obcr 


BLOWTH. s.bie Sliitl)c (ciuev ^CflanKc). 
BLO WZE, s. col. ias rotbe bicf e Sauern* 


BLOWZY, adj. bau^baJ ig, c otb. 
BLUBBER, s. 1. bcr SBallftfc^fPccf, 

Sbran ; 2. bie (Scclunge (cin <Scc= 

fif^) ; 3. vu/g. bie Slafe ; — cheeks. 

bicfe ficifctiige Sadcn ; — knife, nai 
(£pe^meffcr ; — lip, bic birfe 'liippc ; 

— lipfcd, bicflippig, gvopmaulig. 

T. BLUBBER, v. n. (with weeping) fid} 

Itffe Sacfen meinen, bculcn, planen. 
BLUDGEON, s. bcv fur^c, fc^wcrc Sti^cJ 
(»cld)cr an cincm (Snbe bcfc|)la> 
gen ifi). 

BLUE (adn. — ly), I. adj. blau ; true — , 

ed)tc«, fcfeoncai Stan; fig. cd)t; to 
look — , ftnftcr, triibe ausfc^cn ; — 
bell, bic ©locfenblnme; — bice, ba3 
Safurblan ; — black, bie Sid^tohk ; 

— bottle, 1. bie J?ornbtumc; blanc 
^t)acintf)e;2. blaneSlicgc, <2c^mci^- 
^icge; — cap, 9lame cincr Sacfesart, 
mit cincm blaiicn ?^lc(f am ,$topfc ; 

— devils, pi. bcr 2RiiJmutt), Siriibftnn, 
iible ?anne ; — eyed. adj. btaucingig ; 

— glass, bie St^malte, Slaufa'rb'e; 

— haired, blaubcarig, griinbaarig ,; 

— stocking, s. fig. bcr Slauftrnmpf, 
bie gclcbrte Stiiu; — veined, blaus 
abrig ; li. s. sing. baS Slau, bie blane 

To BLUE, V. a. blau madjcu obcr far* 
ben, blauen. 

BLUENESS. s. bie Sfciue, blaue «5arbe ; 
s. T. bcr aBnitbranb. 

BLUFF, L adj. bid, ptuiitp, taii^, un- 
I;i.iflid), barfri^ ; tro^ig, n. f. w, ; a — 
bow. Sen Exp. ciii sollcr obcr brciicv 
Sug ; a — headed ship, cill (£d)ifT, 

bcffcn Sorbcrftcucn mcnig Sorfcbn^ 

\)<lt\ the — bank of a river, baS i)Oi)t 

(ftcite) Ufcr cincS 5tuffc« ; a — point 
of a rock, eiuc fd)roffe gelfcnfpi^e 
obcr Mtttt, bie fid) in« SJJcer erftrcrft ; 
a — look, cin floljer, trofeiger Slid ; 
to look — , fid) gro^ mad)cii, groi 
tbun ; ir. s. cin bobeS /faft fcnfrc(^tc«) 
Ufcr, Selfenufcr, Scl«gcflabe. 

BLUFFNESS, s. bic 2)icfe, $lumpT)cit, 
©robbcit, Sarfdibeit. 

BLUISH, adj. blaulid). 

BLU1SHNE.SS, ,?. baS SKinlid^c, bie 
blauli(^e, blajiblane (?arbc. 

BLUNDER, .t. ba§ grobc Sevfeben, bcr 
Scblgriff, SDiipgriff, Scrftoi), Sod, 

S^l'ti^cr; — head, bcr Siilpcl, 
Snmmfopf, (5d)af«Eopf. 

To BLUNDER, o. 71,. ciucu Sod, 
Sdjni^cr madjcn, pnbeln, fid) grob* 
licl) iiTcn; (— upon, in (§tnja§) ; ftol= 
pern ; to — about, blinb jufaljrcn, 
jutappc-n, jnptaljcn ; to — out. unbc= 
bad)tfam angplaubern, bcran-jpla^cn, 
mit bcr 2;()iir inS ■.^ani fallen. 

BLUNDERBUSS, s. bcr 5)oppclbafcn, 
bie grofje 9)JuSfcte, bic 2)onncrbiit^fc. 

BLUNDERER, s, ciu unoorficbtiger 
^OJcnfd), ^ptaubcrcr, Stiimper, 

BLUNT {adv. — ly), i. adj. 1. ftltmpf; 

2. ./jo-, plump, vanb, grob,bcrb, gcrabe^ 
^u, obne Umftanbc, nngcfdjliffen, 
baiicrifcf) ; 3. bumm ; biuntwitted, 
bumm, plump ; il, blunt, s. baS 3tap= 
per; c^»^ ®clb; blunt (blunt-needles), 
ftumpfe 9labcln. 

7'o BLUNT, r. a. flumpf macftcu; fig. 
abftumpfcn, fdjroacbcii, linbcrn, nnter= 
briidcn ; to — the pain, bcn <2d)mer< 
ftiltcn ; to — the ap|.etite, bcn 5lppctit 
fct)n.\icl)cn ; bie Segierben untcr= 

BLi NTNESs, ,f. i. bic Stnmpfbcit; 
2. fis-. spiiimpbcit, JUaubbcit, robe 
91ufrtcbtigfcit, bcr 2}Jangcl an 8c= 

BLUR. .». bcr SIcdcn, Mka; fig. 

To BLUK, V. a. bcftcdcu, bcllcden, bc» 

To BLURT, r. a. to — out, nubefonncn 
beransfagen, ^crausplaljcn. 
To BLU-SH, V. n crrotI)en, rot^ f««n 




pbcr ftterben ; to — for , crrot^en 

»or Sincm ; she blushed at it, fte er= 
rbtbcte baviibcr, fc^iimte ftcb bcffeti. 
BLUSH, s. 1. bie 3Jot[)e, vot^e Savbe; 
2. ©c^amrot^e, taS 6iTDtf)cn; to put 
one to the — , (Stitcii fcijamrott) ina- 
d)eii, befc^amcit; at first — , bcim cv» 
ften 3lnblicf, gletcf) im ''.HufauflC. 

BLUSHLESS, n///. litlSCVfcfedmt, fvCC^. 

SLUSHY, (ulj rptt)ltc^. 

To BLUSTER, r. n. traufcH ; tobcH, 

tuut^eit, Volffvn, tvamarbafireu, 
:t3raMcit, fic^ biuften— , at.., iiber, 
It. f. w.; to — down, untnje^cu. 

BLUSTER, s.iaS Sraufcn, bcr Sturm ; 
baS Sioben, ©etofc, ©criinfct); bfr 
SJarm, Sumult; (ba«) Unacftiim, ba« 
aSiit^fti, bte SSutl), ba« 5pfaf)lcii, 
Stuf^cbcrt, spoUn-n. 

BLUSTERER, s. ber 5)3cUerfv ; 33raufe= 
bculel, (Saufemtitb, SBiubbcutcI, 
®rogpraI)lcr, ?pi-af)I^ane, S3fa= 

BLUSTEROUS, adj. (^eraufc^»oU, Iar= 
mcub, tobciib, migfftiim. 

BOA, s. bie Siiffcnfct^laiige. 

BOvVR, s. bcr ©ber ; wild'—, ba§ ivilbe 
Sc^wriii, ber .6auer ; — pig, ber jungc 
(5ber, Srifcbltiic] ; — spear, ber (S:au= 
f'^)teg, bas gaiigcifcit. 

BOARD, s. 1. has 33rett, bic Siiele ; 2. 
ber ^orb (ctiicS Sc^iffcS) ; 3. ber 
Sifc^, bie XaUi ; 4. .fe. bic J?ofl, ber 
Unterf)alt; 5. bte 2;afel in ciiicm 
®ericf;te, it. f. w.; 6. ba§ ®eri(it 
felbjl, ba§ ^iJlnit, CJoUegium, ^iireau ; a 
chess — , ein Sc^ad)brctt ; — wages, 

baS .^oftgelb ; to be on — wages, 
Siejift= obcr *}|rbett«[cutc:i jlatt ber 
.Soft, Jtoftgelb gcben ; to put out to 
— , in bie Jlofi gcbcn ; a — and men, 
cm (S))iclbrett mit bcit baju gcf)Bri= 

fleit (Stctnctf, a ineinhp.r of the — , eill 
Siiit^iSglteb ; the council — , bcr fButg= 
Itc^e gebctme 3iath ; — of agriculture, 
bie 9lcfcrbaiicintiinitTtcm ; — of trade, 
has i^aiibelSgertrijt, §atibeIgcolIe= 
gium ; jV. t-s. a good — , ciit Scbdig^ 
bug, Strctfbug ; lar— side, bic ^aii- 
borb= (liufc) ©cite ; star — side, bic 
Stcucrbovb= (rccijtc) Seite cincii 
Sci)iffeg ; weather — , bie 2itufcite 
«ue« (SittffcS; to be on — (col. 

aboard), aiif bciu S^iffe, am iBorb 
feiJU ; to n)ake a — , or — it up, hl'A- 
reu, auflauivcn ; to slip by the — . uom 
53orb t)cruutcv glitfc^cu; to shoot a 

6liil)'s iiiasls by the — , etlicm ©C^iffe 

bie JRaficii abfii^ic^eii ; quoted on — 

(or free on — ), M. E. frci <im 3?0rb 
JU licfcnt; a book in boards, CtU tU 
^appe gcbunbciicS Suc^; drawing 
boards, ^cidjcitbtattcr. 

To BOARD, r. I. a. 1. bicleu, tafclu ; 
2. an l^orb Icgcn, ciu @d)iif mit &i- 
nxilt erfteigcii'; '3. in bie Jtofl gcbcn ; 
4. in bie Sio\t ucf)incn ; n. n. in ber 
,Soft fei)n ; boarded floor, ber brettcrne 

BOARDAHLE, arij. juganglicfe. 

BOARDER, s. 1. bcr Jloftgaugcr ; 2. 
bcr sunt K'utcrn bcflimmtc 3)latrorc. 

BOARDiNO-€AP, s. bte ©tunubaitbc. 

BOAPcDlNG-HOUSE, s. haS Jioftl)aiti°, 

BOARDINO-PIKE. s. btc (Jntcrpifc. 
BOARDING-SCHOOL, s. bic JUiftfrf;!t(r, 

BOARisii, rer/; fautfd), vne[)ifd), gvob, 
uiiveriiituftig, graufam. 
Tu BOAST, r. I. a. riihiitcn, crbcbcn ; 
n. 71. ficb n'tbmcn, prablcu, grof) fpre= 
<{)eit, ftolj f£i)n '.of, anp, fiii rii^incn 
ciner Sadie. 

BOAST, s. \. bafi 3?itbitten, ®vofifpre= 
(feen, ®rpf ttjuii, tit ^]Jral)lerei ; 2. ber 


9lu^m, (Stolj; to make a — of a 
thing, ltd) eincr Sacbe viil^meii. 

BOASTER, s. ber ^ral;lcr, ©rojj- 

BOASTFUL, adj. ru^mrcbig, pral)U 
baft, vral)(ertfd), grotJfpvemerifd). 

BOASTLESS, tuij. aiifpruc^Slo^, be= 

BOAT, s. bas 33oot, ber Jta^n, ba8 
tictne ©^iff, S-luvfdjtff, ber ?iacbeii, 
bie Sd^rc ; — "s load, t'x (Sc^iffi5la= 
bung; —man, ber SBootSinann; — 
hook, ber S00t«l)ilEcn; —rope, ba8 
Scbaluppcntau ; — 'snmte, bcr Untct- 
bootgmann ; — swain, s. bcr .§od;= 

BOATING, s. has jtiiflcufa[)rcn (mit) 
2]crfenbcn, 3?erfii[)rcn (oon SBaaren, 
u. f. m.) ill ciuem iBoote. 

BOB, s. 1. etu baumelnbcS ^ing ; 2. 
bie Stu^perriicfe, berStufe; 3. baS 
S^icfcn; 4. ba« ©cldut bcr ©locfcn ; 
5. — cherry, bie 33auinclfirfd)e (cin 
,$tinberfpiel) ; earth — , bcv 9iegcit= 
wurin juni 91ngcln ; — major, gviMJe 
®lo(f en, gro§ ®eldute ; — stay. JV. T 
bcr ^i^ugfprictgftag ; — tail, ber ©tute= 
fc{)aianj; bie Spfeilfpifee; —wig, bic 
Stu^perriicfe, ber Stu^. 

To BOB, V. h a. fc^ncllcn, vrcUen, ftcl;= 
len; H. 71. banmeln, ()dngcit. 

BOBBIN, s. hit i&p:ite, ber Spi^ciiEliJV= 
pc(, ba§ «uub, «iinbct (giaci)«, ii. f. 
W.) ; flat — , bie ^lattfc^nur ; round 

— , bte 3Junbfd)niir ; thread — , 
3n.nriifpi^en ; — net, bcr ©pi^en= 
gvunb ; plain — , glattcrSpi^cngrnnb; 

— net sprigged, gciiiuftcrter Svt^en= 
grunb ; — work, (tnrJIlIgcmeincn) bie 
gcEUipt'cItc 5lrbcit, gcflbypclte <Svi= 
%in, i^orten, Si^en, @d)niire, u. f. w. 

BOCASiNE, .«. bic fciiic Stciflciuivaiib. 
BOCKELET, ) s.bcr langgcfliigctte.&a^ 

BOCKERET, J bidlt. 

7'fl BODE., B. I.n. tior[)cr bcbcutcn, bc= 

bcutcn, abneu ; ii. ,i. wn a3orbcbcu= 

tnng ic\)n, vod)tv jcigcn. 
BODICE, s. bag !iJetbd)cn, bic (2d)ni'tr= 


BODIED, a<lj. gcfialtct, (in compos.) Ici= 

big ; big — , bicf (cibig ; full — wine, 
ftarf gebedtcr SBciit ; strong — , von 
flarEcin Jlorperban. 

BODILESS, a<!j. uiiforpcrlid). 

BODILY, adj. &:ado. 1. fiirpevltd), Icib= 

Itc^ ; 2. wirflic^ ; — pains, forpcrli^ 
ct)c Strafe, Eijrpcrlid)cr i&djmcrj ; to 

drive — upon a coast, JV, 7'. mit bcm 

Stttffc qucr auf bie .Slitftc trcibcn. 

BODKIN, .«. bic 91blc, ■^ifricme (bcr 
58uci)brncfer, Sdjubmacher, ©d)uci= 
bcr, u. f. w.) ; .Saavnabcl, Sd)niirna= 
bcl, Spidnabel, (^vinmabcl ; 2:du= 
pcf jaiigc ; baS jtrdiifckifcu. 

BODY, .5. 1. bev S^cib, Jlih-pcr; 2. 
Siunipf; 3. Seid)nant; 4. bie 5pcrfon, 
bcr I'lcufd), SJaun ; 5. haS 6orpS, 
bcr .<3anfcu ; fi. bie .fianptarmce ; 7. 
bag .6aupt= obcr ?0}itteItreffcn; 8. 
bie 5)Jenge, a)Jaffc, ©cfammtbctt, haS 
®aii5C;''J. bic ©cfcllfr^aft, 3ii"ft. 
?!nuuiig, ©emcine, $avtei, 33crbtn= 
bung; iO. bag Ssiflcm, bic Samm= 
lung (©cfcfee, n.'f. w.) ; 11. bcr 
.6auPtbcfianbtbci[ ctucr i^a^^t ; 12. 
bcr Jlijrpcr (fi3vpcr(tdic Sigur [n bcr 
©fontctric); 13. baS 3i3cfeit, 2Befciit= 
Iid)c, bie 2inrf[id)fcit ; .any — , irgeub 
3cmanb, einSebcr; every — , 3cVcf= 
luann, 3eber ; no — , g^icmaub ; 
some — , Semaiib ; in a — , 5ufam= 
men; ycrfainmctt, auf ctnmal; cin 
fiir altemal ; a busy — . cine gefd)df= 
ttgc 'y>cvfDn ; >>. _gc|d)dfttgc 9J}artbc ; 
eih miiliigcr SfJcuigfcitgfrdmer, 3:;agc= 
btcb ; wine of I'tliat has or bears) a 
pood — , eilt frdfttger 28cin ; a con- 

cealed— . (soin 5Bctn) cine pcvbss? 
gene.$lraft, Stdrfc; paper of a goor, 
— , ftarfeg, fcftcS $aptcr ; — cloths 
bic Sl-ifcrbcbeifc ; — guards, bic !;^cib> 
nrnc^c ; — plane, bcr Spannvip cincg 

©C^iffeg; the — of a building, baj 

2)titteU obcr e^auptgcbdiibc ; the — 
of a cannon, ber 2;i}Ctl ctucr Jlanone 
jiDifc^en bcr %n, bcm (ssdiilbjapfcn 
unb bcr J^raube; the — of & country 
bag Suiicrc ciiicg S*anbcgj a— of di- 
vinity, cin t^cDlogtfd;eg feiM'tcm ;' the 

— of a fortress, bic .ftauptfcftuug (5U1U 
Uutcrfd)tebe bcr Slupcnan-rt'e,' ; the 
— of a letter, bcr Subalt ciiicg ^ric= 
fcg ; the whole — of mankind, hii 
ganje 2)Jcnfc^cngcfc^Icd)t; the — o/ 
nobility, bcr gcfammte 9lbel ; the — 
ijoiitic, bcr Staatgforpcr ; the — or a 
river, bcr .^auptfirom ; the — of a 
tree, bcr Staiitm etncS 58aunic«. 

To BODY, V. a. foriucii, bilbcii, ctuc @e= 
ftalt gcbcn. 

BOG, k bcr Suinpf, bcr 2)iorafl, baS 
gjicor, bic Siarfdigcgcnb ; —, 
bcr sBiberEfcc, SBaffcrflce {Meuinnthts 

— /,.) ; — house, vitig. bic ©d)unb= 
gvnbc, bcr ilbtritt; — land, ba8 
5yjarfd)lanb ; — moss, ba§ S^in-fmooS ; 

— reed, ba« Sd)ilfrobr ; — rush, baS 
jlnopfgrag, Strtifgrag ; — trotter, bcr 
Snmpfgdngcr, Sieljculdufcr. 

To BOG. V. a. till .ftotl) l)cruiimnilscn > 
im Scblamm ucrftiifcn ; bofircn. 

To BOGGLE, r. n. 1. ftu^cn, 5urii(ffa&s 
rcn ( — at, liber, scv), juriidtrctcn ; 
nufd)tiiffig fcnn, anftcbcn, i^cbcuEcn 
tragcn; 'jitHnfctu; 2. 1)cud)cln, fid) 

BOGGLER, s. bcr Uuft^Iiifftflc, Snrdjt* 

BOGGY, adj. fuiiipftg, moraftifct). 

BOGLE, s. cin ,5itobD'lb, ©cfpruft. 

BOHEA, .?. ber 2;(}ccbu^, fc^irarje ge* 
mctne Xi)tt. 

BOHEMIA, s. aSobmcn. 

BOHEMIAN, I. .t. 1. bcr Siiftnte ; 2. 3i» 
gcuncr ; n. adj. bb()mtfcb ; — rosoma- 
rv, luilbcr 3^pSmarin. 

RtbiL, A btc speulc, bcr Sd)wdrcn. 

r« BOIL, 1). I. n. Ell d) en, ficben; waU 
Icn, braufcn ; to — to pieces, jcvEo- 
d;cn, ucvEodicn ; tobt Eod^cn ; to — 
away, einEod)cn; to — over, iibcvEos 
cficn, libcrlaufcn ; to — over with rage. 
Jiff, vox Siinti) Eod;cn, iinttbcnb, ra= 
fenb wcrbcit ; H, a. (StwaS ficben, Ep* 
d)cn, in fiebcnbcs 3Baffcr tbun unb 
Eijcbcrt laffcn : boiled meat, gcEod)te3 
gtcifd), gcEcicfite Spcife. 

BOILER, k I. ber Sicbcr; 2. Jtoc^Eef^ 
fct, (2)ampf=) ^cffcl. 

BOISTEROUS (adr. — i.y), adj. Uligc= 

ftiim, ftitrmifd), I)cftig, braufcnb, (i(c= 
rdufd)',iolI, tpbcnb, Idrmcnb, uuvufiig, 
aufviil)i'cvifd), unbditbig. 

BoisTEiiousNESS, .?. bcr (bag Unge= 
ftitm, bag 3::i)bcn, flitrintfdje aScfcit. 

BOLARY, aij. bolugartig, tI;onart{g. 

BOLD (oJb. — i.y), adj. tiiljn, Ectf, uucr^ 
fcfcro jen, unyerjagt, muttitg ; brcifl, 
gcrabcju, uuycvfdjamt, fred),"frci ; jje=: 
nnigt ; to make — , fic^i crEiibncu, iit^ 
bie grcibctt nebm.'n ; etiuag obnf 
wcitere Umftdnbe tbnn ; to put on a 
— face, cin .^crj faffcit, 'Slntt) fd)ijp= 
fen ; it is a — word, bag ift uicl ge= 
fagt ; — face, btc Unyevft^dmtbcit, 
'><<vcd)t)ctt ; — faced, iin«crftt;dint, 

To BOLDEN. V. a. Eiibn, brcifi maci^cn; 
3uoerftc^t cinftiiTlen. 

BOLDNESS, s. 1. bie jtii^nfiett, ltner= 
fd)rDcfenbcit, bcrSJiutb; 2. bie5)rei= 
ftigEcit, SScrroegenbcit, 9?ei-meffcnbcit ; 
3. 5rcd)bcit, llnyerfd)dmtl)eit ; 4. bal 




SOLE. s. Ux 53oIu«, ^etKjon. 
BOLis?, s. tie fcuriije j?ugei in berSuft, 

bcr flici^eiite Svac^e. 
7'y BOLL, V. n. ©teitget treiben. 
ISOLL, s. bcr StCllijel;. — snipe, boll 

snipe, ba«9tot()fu§ct)eit, 9iotf)bciiic^en : 

bte 2BaffCvfcl)tU'iAfe {Qlarcda — K. 
Calliinjs — • Bellon?, 

BOLLARDS, s. p'. ^r. T. Hi '3)al1jen an 
bciiSctteu ciuev2)o(fe, bie Sitiibcl, 

BOLSTER, 5.1. has ^polflcr, ^ftifffit; 
bn- 5pfit^(; 2. baS 53aufd&ci)cit auf 
2Buubctt, bic Sompveffe ; 3. jv. r ein 
{plinbevformiger Slmbog its Qliifcr^ 
fitmiebS, bcr o&en in bcr WitU ciit 
?oc^ bitt; 4. bolsters, s.y. ^albeit Dber 
.^tiampeit sou aicit^cm ^olje (im 
S:opp bcr 2)Jafteii ; 33ef leibuusjgf iffcit 

To BOLSTER, v. a. 1. :))Dlflcrn, Jttffcit 

uuterlciicit ; 2. mit cinem ©ctte ucr= 
fcl)en ; 3. domprcffcit auflcijen ; to — 
up. aufpolftcrit, unterflii^cn, Senianb 
ten :)Jii(fcu ^altcii. 

f.oLsrERER, s. ber Uittcrfiu^er. 

BOLT, s. sine-. 1. bcr ©olscit, -^fcit ; 
2. 2)oiiiieffcit; 3, Sfiicgcl; a — of 
cnnvas, (28 edcti) tin ©tu(f (33unb, 
^itnbel) Scfldtiic^; — drawer, ber 
^olicnaitsbtbcr; — driver, bcr Sul- 
jeiitretbcr ; — head, ber Jlolbcn, 
>Mrcnnfotbcrt : — rope, JV. T. iaS ?cit 
Hm ciu ©C(]et, bcrScgcIfaum; — up- 
right, pfctlgcrabc, fcrjcugcvabc. 

Tu BOLT, V. la. 1. juricgclit, »crrte= 
gchi ; 2. bciitcln, ftdjteii, ftebcit ; 3. 
fepfifeit Pbne fte ju faiicn biuunter 
fftjliltijeit ; to — a case, ciwc 9lccf)tS= 
fa4)c yerbaiibctrt ; to — a coney, Sp. 
r. ciu jtantuc^et: aufflcubcrit, a'ufja= 
am, mit 5rettd)cu ans bcr .§ijble 
iinafliiicn ; to — a ship, JV. r. ciu 
©(^iff ycrbol^en ; n. 7t. 1. (mit out) 
beraueftiir^cit, plofelici) berauSfvtbvcn ; 
ba'joit laiifcit, nu«frafeen ; 2.^o-. mit 
dAwaS bcraiiSpIa^cit ; to — in or in- 
•,->, plij^Ucf) ctiitreteit, l)erctii|liirscii, 

BOLTER, s. I. bcr Seutcl, 3)?uf)tbcu= 
tel ; ba^ Sieb ; 2. 3lt^. 

BOLTING, part, in compos. — bag, bcr 
a3cutc[ (ill 2Jliif)Icn) ; — cloth, baS 
SBeiitcltitcb ; — house, bnS 33cutcU 
bans, bie ©icbcrei ; — hutch, ber S3eu= 

BOLUS, s. ber mebtsinifc^c fiisjclf6rmi= 
ge SBiffcii. 

BOMB. s. i. bie 33ombe ; 2. iaS bumpfc 
©ctoff, bcr jJitall; — chest, bie 
33ombcn!ifi;c ; — ketch, — vessel, bie 
Sombarbir - Oaltote ; — proof, bonu 

7'<) BOMB.A.RD, v. a. bombarbiren, bc= 

3(:)MB.\RDIER, s. bcr Sombarbtrcr. 

BOMB.VRDEMENT, *. bie SBombarbi^ 
rmisi, a3cfct)te9urtg ; ia.S 33ombarbe= 
meitt, 33ombarbireu. 

BOMB.\siN, s. ber Sombnftn. 

BOMB.\ST, s. 1. bcr 93ombafl (Bcug) ; 
2. bcr 3ci;wulii (in iJIuapritcfen), 58om= 

BOMB.\ST, adj. BoMB.^.STIC. 

BOMB.-vstrc. adj. fcf)njitlflij], ^oc^tra= 

bciib, groijfprec^crifd). 
BOMB.\STRV,s. bcr ©rbwutfl, SSulii, 

^ombaft, bie ^oc^tbiicnbe, iu4>tsfa= 

gcubc 9lebe. 
B0MBYCL\OUS, adj. fctbctt. 
BONA, ill compos. — fide, aitS rcbliefjcr 

iShiiutug, obne^lrgliii; wa^vltd),aiif 

Xvtiit uiib ©laubcii ; — roba, bic (]c= 

J>u^tc SiiL)ircbwefter; eiit \MntS 

BONAsus, s. ber 9li:erof^«, S3uclcl« 


To BOND, V. a. I. ©liter (SBnarcit) in 
baS foniglictje 'DJiagajiii nifbcrlcgcti ; 

2. burc^ cine 93crf(^retbuitg |trf)erii. 
BOND, I. s. I. ias sBaitb, bie Jlctte, 

Sfffcf;^. bas SBaub, bie aScrbiii= 
bung; 3. bie 93erf.-brcibung, ^aiib= 
ffbrtft, Sfbalbscrfcbreibung', DbUga= 
tion ; aSerbinblic^fcit, 33crpflicf)turtg ; 

3. pi. bonds, bie ©efangcnfc^aft, Sef= 
fcln, ©aubcn ; — of fiiendship, Saubc 
bcr (^rcunbfcbaft ; — of amity, ba§ 
i^reunbfd)aft§banb ; goods in — M. E. 
SBaarcn im {ijiiiglid^cn SScrfcblu^j 
n. adj. gcbunbcn, Ictbcigcn ; «n com- 
pos. — maid, btc Ictbcigcnc 23^igb, 

Scfaoin ; — man, — • servant, bcr 

Sctbcigcnc, Sclauc- — service, bie 
Scibcigcnfcfjaft, Sclascrci, bcr1)icnft= 
jwang ; — slave, bcr (bic) Seibcigenc, 
<2f[aye (eclaviun) ; — s man, bcr 
gcibcigcnc ; ffliirgc ■ — \voman,_ — 
s-woman, bic ^cibcigcne, (Scla»inn, 

BONDAGE, s. 1. bic ®cfangcnfc^aft ; 
2. 5)iciifibavEcit, Jtncct)tfcbaft, Scla= 
iH'rei; 3. gScvvfitct)tung, ^Jerbiiiblic^- 

BONDUC, s. bcr inbianif(^e yiamt ci= 
ncr 9lvt Us Sd)uftcrbaume8 {Ouiian- 

dina bonduc — /..). 

BONE, I. 3. stnff. 1. bas SScin, bcr ,^no= 
cften ; 2. bie ©rate ; in compos. — ace, 
cine 5lrt Jtavtcnfpicl ; — ache, iaS 
dlti^tn in ben ^cincit, bie ®icj)t, has 
^obagra; — bbck, baS gcbranntc @U 
fcitbci'ii ; — breaker, bcr sOciubvcc^cr, 
gjJccrablcrj^— chopper, ein ,ilitoc^cn= 
bcil (fitr ert)Iad)tcr); — flower, bic 
©anfcblnmc; — glue, bcr Jlnoct)cn= 
Ictm ;^ lace, gciucbtc, ober gctiops 
pdte vijpi^cn ; • — nippers, bie Stno^ 
cbcnjaitgc ; — setter, bcr 22unbar^t 
(b.'r ucri-cuftc ©licbcr wicbcr cinrid)/ 

tct) ; — spavin ( — spaven), bcr .&nf= 

fuatl), SJcift (cine *i)crbartung jan^ 
fd)cn bcm Jlnorrcn iinb ^ufe bcr 
^lifcrbc) ; — ■ of contention, bcr 3>anU 
apfct; to give one a — to pick. Ji^. 

Scmanb cine ^JJiiiJ ju tnacfcn gebcn ; 

he hiade no — of it, vitlir. tv madjtc 

tcinc Umjlanbe bamit, bcbad;te fic^ 

ntd)t lange; li. adj. bcincrn. 
To BONE.'u. «. 1. ausbcinen, bie ,^no= 

(|ctt ausncbmen; 2. (Jifc^bcin cin= 


BONELESS, adj. bcinlcS, fiiofbcnloS. 
To BONESET. v. a. ucrrcnfte ©licbcr 

uncbcr einrid)tcn, einrcnfen ; ^no= 

(f)cnbriic^e l)ct(cn. 
BONFIRE, s. bag Brcubcnfeiicr. 
BONIFACE, s. 53iinifaciu§ (3)Jannlna= 


BONiTO, s. bcr 93ottnitftfcb. 
BONMOT, .1 bas Soniitot, tot^igc, 

fmnrci^c SBort, be; »i^igc obcr lnfti= 

ge ©infall. 
BONNET, s. l.bie SKiifee, ^ap^C/ ba« 

Sarctt; bera?amenbut ; 2. jv: r. bie 

U3onnctte, ba§ Scifcgel, ^icff; 3. mu. 

T. tag 5i3cinnct, afiaaeltn (5tut5en= 

wtxi) ; — boards, *]jappenbecfe[ (^u 

Samcnbiiten) ; — cane, Slec^trpf^r (jn 

BONNILY adn. muntcr, wo^I, gut »on 

■Jlnfcbcn; n3of)lbelcibt. 
BONNINESS, s. bic 33?unfcrlcit, 91ufge= 

ranmtbcit; aSot^lbelcibt^eit; fc^ouc 

BONNY, ndj. biibfd), artig; muntcr, 

nufgcwecft, luftig; icoblbcleibt, bicf/ 

fctt) plump 
BONY, nrf; 1. bcincrn, fnoc^crn; bei= 

nig, fnbdiig; 2. flappcvbiirre, baB 

man bie Jlnocticn ficbt ; 3. fiarHno= 

d)ig, »icrfct)rBtig. 
BONZE, s. ber *43c>n}c (inbifc^e 5j3ric= 


BOOBY, s. 1. bcr (Scefiorc^ in Siibame/ 
rifa; 2. bcr Solpel. 

BOOK, s. 1. baS 93ud) ; 2. bic ':>lbt[)ei= 
lung, bcr *}lbfc^nttt cinei 33ud)c» ; 3. 
bag .OanblungSbud); to icnm one's 
— , fcine Section Icrncn; witimut — , 
auS bcm Jlopfe, nu«wenbig ; to get 
without — , nugwenbig Icrncn ; to 
mind one's — , flct^ig Icrneu ; to bo 
in a person's — , fg. in ScillQUbeS 
©nnfiftcbcn; to run into one's — , bct 
©incm in i^d^ulbcn gcratbcn; he is 
in my—, ic^ \)aht ibn uotirt, er ift 

mir fc^uibig; to got into one's — , 
®d)ulbcn mad)cn ; ScmanbeS SBob^ 
wollcn criangcn ; to get out of one's 
— . ©incm bcjablcn ,- 3ematibc3 
®unft Dcvlicrcn ; by the — , fiinftlid), 
liftig nac^ ^ovtcbrift; intompcs. — 
binder, ber 33ucbbinbcr ; — case, bcx 
a^iicbcrfcbranf; bie ilJappe; baS 
?3ud)fitttcral; — debts, 33nc^fd>nl= 
ben ; — fashion, in gonn cincS 3^u= 
ci)cS; — keeper, bcr i^ud)[)altcr ; — 
keeping, bie ^ud)baltcrct, 5ihid)ba[- 
tung ; — learned, bucljgclcbvt, fc&iU 
gclcbrt, bclefcn ; — learning, bic 'iMm' 
(©tuben=) ©elcbrfamfcit, 33clcfcRs 
^eit; ber Sdnilroife ;— linen, bieQ3uc^s 
Icinwanb ; — maker, ber ^Biic^crma- 
d)cr, Siidierfc^rciber ; — making, bie 
<Sc^rift)tcllcrci ; — man, bcr @clcbv= 
tc ; — mate, bcr Sdjulfamcrab, ?!){it^ 
fdjiilcr ; — oath, 6ib, bcn man anf 
bie SBibcl fc^wiJrt ; — seller, ber SBud)^ 
banblcr ; — seller's shop, bcr S8uf^la= 
bcn, bie 58uct)banblung ; — selling,— 
trade, bcr 93ud;f)anbcl ; — shelves, bie 
§l3iid)crbrcttcv, 9?ealc; — shop, bcr 
a3ucf)labcn ; — stall, bcr 33iid;cvfianb 
(bcr Slntiquare) ; — stand, baS ^Hn- 
cbcrbrett ; — taught, bclefcn, bucbge= 
Icbrt; — vvorm, bcr a3ud)cni3urm, 
eifrig ©tubirenbc; account — , baS 
eonto=U3ud); blank — , cin icci^eS 
93ud) ; news — , a paper — , eirt 
@d5rctbcbud) ; a stitched — , einc 
SBrofcbiire ; a — in sheets, tin unge= 
buubcncs ilnd) ; a — in folio, cin go= 
liant ; — of rales, />. T. baS 3oHbud) ; 
to keep the books, bie 33iicbcr fiit)rcn. 
To BOOK, V. a. bud;en, eintragcn, auf= 
fd^rcibcn; to —down, ctnfdjrcibcn, 
onfcbrciben, notircu ; to — one's place. 
fid) (cincn) einfc^vcibcn laffen (auf 
bcr 5|3ofi). 

BOOKFUL. adj. fcBr bclcfcit, abcr ba= 
bci o|ne Seiirtf)cilnnggfraft. 
BOOKISH (adii. — i.y), ndj. bcii 33iid)crn 
5u fcbr ergcben, f(t)ulfud;ftg, flubcu« 

BOOKisHNESS, .». bic SQiic^crlicbc, bal 
ju cifrige Stubircn. 
BOOKLESS, adj. bnd)[o3, bcr fciite33ii- 
dicr l)«f» ^fi" bie aQtffenfd)aftcn »cr= 

BOOM, s. JV. r. bcr SBaum, btc lange 
©tangc, iSorflcngcDnci-ftaiige; 9lrt 
Segclftange o&cr 9}iaft; —of a har- 
bour, bcr Sanm (bie [ftarfe cifcrnc] 
jlette) cpr eincm .^'mcu ; ba3 Scc= 
!icid)cn, bie Safe, sBojc ; —irons, bir 

33i ■ • '■ ' ■■' ■ 


jn ftotJf". , , ,, 

7'« BOOM, 7). w. JV. T. ( — out) 1. a lie 
<2egcl ausfefeeit, mit »ollcn Segcln 
fabrcn; 2. ^yon aSellcn) fief) tl)iir= 
men; 3. fdtrcicn, wic bcr dloi^x- 

BOON. I. .■!. 1. bie 0abc, haS (53cf(^cn!, 
bic 2Bobltbat, ®nabe, ©efalligfcir; 
2. 2^ittc ; II. adj. muntcr, aufgcwcif t, 
luflig; angcncbm, gcfcillig; a — com- 
panion, ciii gutcr @cfcllfd)aftcr ; bct 


Migcl jnbcnSccfcgclfpicrcn; fire-, 
in Scnerljafcn urn 43vanber yon fid) 



Rijijph, «. bcr J^eutcni] (etn (Sccftfc^) 

(Spurns — /..). 

BOOR, s. bee i^aucr ; bcr grobe, unge^ 
ftttetc a)fcnf4). 

BOORISH ((wte.— ly), adj. biiufvifcft ; 

grob, V0&, tSlpifc^, ungcfc^ltffeitv 
BOORISHNESS, s. iai bducvifc^c 28e= 
feu, bie @i-otl)eit. 

To BOOSE, I +,.;„«.„ ,„j..« 

r,, BOUSE, \ "■ "• *''"f^"' 5^*^»- 

BOOSY, «(/;. bctninfcit. 

MOOT,*, i. b.-v vSttcfcI; 2, fvantfc^e 
Sticfet (x'IrtJovtur); 3. bcr jiaflcn; 
4. bcr Sfiii^cii, ©crottiii, g3ort()ctt ; 
Ucbcvfci)u9; bte Bugabc; — of a 
C0.1C11, bcr ,5luti"cf)faftcu; ^utfd)cii= 
bocf; bte 3BagciifcUe ; — toppitif;, or 

— hnse-toppi ig. JV. T. baS 3^ictttij^CU 

bc« i2d)iffeS «du Unratl) ; — hooks, 
bie Sticfclhafcn; — hose, lier (Stie= 
fdilrumpf, bit ®amafcf)c ; — j.ick, bcv 
Sticfcl£iicd)t; —list, bcr etiefcllci= 
ftcu; — les, bcr iiticfclfcbaft; — less, 
col. ofaite ©ftcfcl; — •hooks, —pulls, 
bie ©ticfc(an5tcl)er ; — stockinss, bie 
Sticfclftriimvfe; —strap, bie ©trii^^ 
vc; — stretchers, Sticfclbebiicr, 3{ccf= 
biJljcr; —tops, ©ttcfcldulvicii; — 
tree, bcr SticfcUctftcii, ©ticfclblocf, 
bag ii:tiefel[)ol5; -screw — tree, bcr 
Stiefclfc^raubcbocf; — vamps, <\\i 
5yorfd)iiblcbcr au»gcfc^uittcue Stiicfc 

JIl ©ticffht ; — webhing, bag ©ttcfc(= 

^anb; jack hoots, ftarfcftcifeiSttcfclit 
fiir btc (Sauallcric, (Jourtcre. it. f. xo. ; 
jockey — , bciiglcicbcit Sieitfttcfcln ; 
laced — , Scbuiirfticfc[it, 45albitiefclii ; 
lurii over — , ©ttcfcl mit Umfd)ld= 
gen ; to — , obciibrcin, iibcrbieli, iiorf) 
baju ; 't is to no — , eg bat fciiicit ?J;t= 
%tn, ift nmfoiifl, man gciiniiut ui(bt» 

babci; what will you give to — ? tliil^ 

ivoUt 3^r uod) siijcbcn? 
ro BOOT, V. a. 1. eticfclii anjietjen, 
flicfelit; 2. iiufccn, frommcn; it boots 
little, ti tfi wciiig baran gelcgcn; 
what boots it ? llHlS bilft eg ? 
BOOTEES, s. i>l. Jim. .^albllicfel. 

BOOTES, s. Jist. T. bcr 2l3arcul)utcr. 
BOOTH, s. bie i^iibc. 

BOOTHLESS {adi). — ly), adj. Utinii^, 

DOOTY. s. bie g^cute, bcr 9f?aitb ; to 

play — , ftcft inir eincin \'liibcrn ini 

fepidc ucvflcbeii, mit SIcip I'crlie-- 

ven, bctritgcit, vrcllcii. 
BOPEEP, .9. to phy at — , 33crflecfciig 


BORACic, adj. ju bcm Sorar gcEiBrig. 
BORAGE, .5. bcr SBoragen, JBovretfil) 


BORATES, s.pi. Ck. T. bic g^oravfal^c. 
BORAX, s. bcr SBorar. 
BORBORYGM, s. bag ,5ttmrrcn in ben 


BORDAGE.s. bcr Seji§ cincr Dpinane. 
BORUEL (— Lo), s. bag sQctrbclI, .§u= 


BORDELLER. s. bcr .6urcuiinrtfi. 
BORDER, s. 1. bie ©rcii.^e ; bcr 9?atrt ; 

2. bag ©cflabe, bag Ufer; 3. ber 

(Samn, bie 53orte, 33orbiruni^ ; paper 

borders for rooms, ^^apctcnbortcn; T. 
btc Siabattc; sBucbbrncfcrleiftc. 

To BORDER, V. a. s,- n. 1. grcnscn, an= 
ftosen (— upon, an); 2. boibtrcn, be= 
fcfecn, ctnfaffcn, beranmen ; 3. fig 
nal)e fontmeii, abnitd) fcttn; this 
word bordiirs upon that sense, btcfcg 
2Bort fpinmf bicfcr iBcbciitung nabe. 

BORDERER, .». bcr 2iniuo()ncr, ®xt\\\' 

BORDIJRE..9. brr3ianb,'Saum ; btegSors 
btrung, (Siiifaffung, ikfefeuug, ©orte. 

BORE, s. 1. btr iiobrer; 2. bag 33ol)r; 
loc^ (\. ii. ciner ^^umve); Sod), 
»te ^6()lung bcr SSlaginftrnmentc, 



n. f. «3. ; fam. 3. ctn unertv'iglt<^er 
$laubercr, cine cfclbaftc jutrmgltcbe 
$crfon; 4. bie ©pringflntb; t.— 
of a gun (cannon), bcr Kalibcr, bic 
©Ccle cjncc Jtanone ; bricklayer's — , 
eiu ©ruiibbofjrcr; —cole, bvauner 
^obt; — tree, ber .Piolunberbaum. 

To BORE, V. a. ^ n. bobrCU, biJblctt, 

burct)ftcd)cn, buvcbbringcn; T. (con 

spfcrben) bic y\ci\t big auf ben ^Bobeit 


BOREAL, adj. norbUcb. 
BOREAS, s. ber Sorcag, ?lorbwinb 


BOREE, s. bie il^onrrcc (cin Xm\i). 
BORER, s. bcr i!ol)rer. 

BORN, part. gcbCVCU. 

BOROUGH, s. ber gicrfcu, Surgflccfcn, 
2Jf arf tflccfcn ; — holder, — master, 
bcr ^Sitrgenneiflcr. 

To BORROW, j;. a. auf grcbit ncl;mcn, 
borgcii, crborgcn, entlcbnen. 

BORROWER, s. bcr SSorgcr, @d)ulb= 

BORSHOLDER, s. bcr SBiirgcrmeiflcr, 

BOSCAGE, s. bag ©cbiifcb, Sufdiwcrf, 
Untcrbolj, gcbiifcbigc 2anb. 

BOSKY, orf/gcbiifd)ig, bufd)tg,n)albig. 

BOSOM, s. 1. ber sBiifen, S^oo^, bic 
Uiruft, bag ^crj ; 2. .^g-.Qnnerc, bcr 
Umfang, ^cjirf, it. f. iv. : the — of 
the earth, bag ^nitcre ber ferbc ; the 

— of the sea (deep), bic Si^icfe, bcr 
Qlbgrunb beg 3}i'ccvcg ; — of a shirt, 
bcr ©d;li§ yorn am .(5i'iiibc, SBnift= 
fcbli? ; — enemy, bcr bftmlicbc *veinb, 
falfd)e Srcunb ; — friend, bcr iMifcn= 

To BOSOM, V. a. in bag .Pjcrj fd)lict)cn ; 

oerbcrgcn, ucrflccfcn ; gdjeim ballcu. 
BOSKET, ) s. bag sl^ogiiuct, !i;uft= 
BOSaUET. S ii'albd)cn. 
BOSS. s. bic Snifcl, bcr Jtnovf, ber 

BOSSAGE, .9. jirck T. bcr vorfpriu; 

gcnbc Stein am 2}^iner»erEc. 
BOSSED, ndi. uiit 5>3iicfcln vcrfcbcu, 

bcfc^t; biicflig. 
BOSVEL, s ciiic 51rt ^eg .&abncnfu= 

tjcg ; bie SuiJangcl. 
BOSSIVE, adj. iuotu], bocfcrig. 

BOSSY, adj. vid. Bossed. 

BOT, s. vid. BOTS. 

BOTANIC, > adj. \>\[an= 

BOTANICAL {adn. — i.\). S ;cufitnbig, 

botanifcb; bcr 53ctani£ gct)iu-ig, aiif 

bptanifcbc SBcife. 
BOTANIST, ."!. bcr 5?i}tanifcr, SpfI»Tt= 

Scnfcnucr, '^flanjcnfuiifigc. 
To BOTANIZE, v. ,i. ^;)>!flaiijcn fudjcu, 

ftubircn, botaniftrcu. 

BOTANOLOGY, s. bic $p't»5f''tc(H'e, 

BOTANY, «. bie 5?ptanif, Jtrautcr= 

unb ".jJflanjcnEunbc. 
BOTARGO, s. bcr ^^ptargo, G'auiar. 
BOTCH, s. 1. bie syciile, bcr @d)ani-- 

ven; 2. glidcn, %kd. ^cinai; 3. 

bag (^Itcfiuprt ; (^licfmcrf. 
To BOTCH, V. a. 1. fltrfcn, fiiiifcn ; 2. 

bcfierf'cn; 3. bunjen, ycrberbcn; to 

— up. jitfammcintiiifen. 
BOTCHER, s. bcr 51tcffd;ncibcr, $fn= 

BOTCHY, adj. 1. ypltcr 93culen ; 2. gc= 

flicf t ; 3. g'cftiimpcvt. 
BOTH, 1 proii. adj. ^cibe, Sctbcg ; H. 

coiij. fpiupl)! ; — . . atui, fpWPbl . . alg ; 

— as to., and. fpivpbl in 3tiicffiitt 
anf . . , alg aucb, U. f. m. ; — by sea 
and land, fowpbl S" SBaiJct aU jU 


To BOTHER, vid. To Pother. 

BOTHNIA, s. S!3ptt)nicn (fc^wcbif^e 

^:)3r(^!>tn5). . 

BOTRYOH), adj VBciKtraubcniSrmtg. 


BOTS, s.pi ©agcrlingc, furjc bttf e 3B;tn 

mer in ben (Singewcibcn bcr i!fcr^e. 

BOTTLE, s. I. bie si3putciUc, 51afd>e ; 

2. bag Ouart; 3. Siinbcl, ^l^iiiib 
(,§eu, U. f. «).) ; —{or bottled) iil.\ 
bag glaffbcnbicr ; — brush, bic (Sia= 
fdjcnbiiiftc ; — carrier, Slafc^ciitragct 
(fiir ftcbenbe glafd)en) ; —case, bag 
glafc^cnfuttcr, bcr 51afd)en!elJcv; — 
companion, — friend, bcr 3frf)brubcr ; 

— ilower, bic jlpvnblume; — head, 
sjiamc cincr >!lrt bes aEallfifdjcg; — 
jack, bcr fcntrc^tcsDratcnivenbcr; — 
i;ibels, S'liiffbttt^'^lfci'ffffii' 6araffcn= 
Jtragcn ; — neck, bag giafd)engcftc(I ; 

— nose, vuig. bic i^ranntmcttiguafc ; 

— no.sed. rptb=naftg, biinaftg ; — 
rack, cin i5Kifd^en=c)itcf,gtafd)cn=9^c= 
ppfttorium ; — screw, ber Jlprfjieber ; 

— stand, ber 5?outeilJcutcIIer; — tray 
bcr gtafcbcntrager. 

To BOTTLE, v. a. anf glafc^cn fiillen, 

BOTTOM, s. 1. ber SSoben, ©riinb ; 2. 
bic S;icfej 3. bag (Sitbe; 4. bcr S3p* 
bcnfa^, btc >§efcn ; 5. bcr i^pbcn et= 
neg (2d)iffg, J?icl ; /«■. bag Sc^iff, 
Sabr5cng ; 6. ber .§intcre; 7. sp. k. 
Jtraft, ©tarfe ; 8. bcr ,$lnaucl ; 9. 
bie Siriebfeber ; the — of the stairs, 
bfr nnterfte S^bcil cincr J^rcWf ". "t 
the — of a street, am @nbe (utttcn 
in) ciner Strafic ; the — of a per 
riwi-r, bic untcrften tndm ciner S)icr= 

riiifc ; to stand upon a good — , jld) 
gut ftciicu, in gutcn Umftanbcn fein ; 
iove was at the — , Sicbe tear ber 
@vunb, fta£ babintcr; — Uinds. jim. 
vcidjc ^anbevctcu <m l^liincn, Ufer= 
laiiber; — line, btc ©djl'.itlseiie anf 

■ cincr ©cite ; — pit, bie untcrftc iiefe, 
bcr \>lbgrunb. 

To BOTTO.M, r. T. a. 1. griinbcit ; 2. 
aufmiifeln, iviubcu; to — a cii.iin, 
cine Jtctte aitfiuinben; n. ». ficji 
griiubeu, auf ©taiag rnbcn (mit on, 

BOTTOMLESS, ndj. bobculpg, giunb= 

Ipg; fig. unergriit'tblicb. 
BOTrb.MRV.s.x.r. bic sGpbmcvci ; — 

letter. ( — i)ond). bcr gSpbmcrcibricf, 

©d)iffg = ^tifanbbricf, &d)iffgbricf, 

BOUCHET, .s. bie 3i'tfn-birnc. 
BOUGH, s. bcr 9lft, ,3uH-ig. 
BOUGHT, *. 1. bcr i^ng,' bag (SicIcHt, 

®licb; 2. ber ,5?nptch, bit QIcd)te; 

3. Jlriimmung, S^icguug. 
BOUGHTY, adi gcfrii'mnit, geleitftg. 
BOUGIE, s. s'.T bic ©aiibe. 
BOUILLON, s. bie 93riil)e, gicifd;brlif)e. 

BOULDER, s. vid. Bowldkr. 

BOULETT, s. cin $ferb mit fc^lcr^ 
baftcm gufigelenf. 

To BOUNCE, V. n. 1. fradicu, virt&f". 
fnallcn; 2, fd)tagcn, !lppfcu; 3. 
fpriugcn; 4./^. )jvab(en; ta).ifer, 
fiibn fe»n ; to — in at the door, 5Ut 
S^biil" bfl'ft" ^Jfilfef'l ; to — a person 
out of a thing. 3cmaub burd) -Drp= 
bungcu (iubcm man ibn fcigc mad)t) 
beranbeu; (spu fd)[aucn' 'iirbcn) 
fid) ^ut■d) ?lffectirnug ypu SJaug unb 
©tanb aug ber ©d)linge jicbcii ; m 

— upon a thing, iibcretivag berfcillen. 
barauf Iogfd)ic§cn. 

BOUNCE, .f. 1. bcr ,^racb, $hlj, 
,ftnall; farm, bag ©ctPic; 2. viUg 
bie 5)3vablevci; 5)rpbnng; 3. bci 
(V(ij4lic£)c) Sprung; to give a — , 
frad)cn, platen, Enallcn. 

BOUNCER. !>.coi. 1. bcr '$rabler, ©rou" 
fprcd)cr, eifenfrcffcr; 2. cine groSi 
i*itge ; 3. cine fette 5>erfpn. 

BOUNCING, wij. bicf, gvof). 

BOUNCINGLY, adn. prablcvif*. 

BOUND, L a/ij. v.o.s^ ciitcni Cric bfr 




fiirant : whither are you — 1 WO Wollt 

31)r ^tu ? wo c^(i)t bte Sictfc ^iii V we 

are — to (for)" New-York, Wtr l;abcn 
aiif 9leiu=3)orE gefvac|)tet ; we are — 
from Hamburgh to Hull, WCV foinmctl 

ooti ^gvambur.] uiib wollcii iiad) ^giuU ; 
a. s. 1. fcev (Spruiii]; *Jluft>vuni], 
atiirffvruug, 5)3rnU ; 2. bie ©rcuje, 

bcr 3JJavf ftetn ; fiff. withjn bounds, mit 

i?ia6fii, miijjtg, in bcitad)rauEeu bcr 

a'Ja^trtfett; keep within — , fcl; mafitj}. 
Tj bound, v. I. n. fptingen, ijiipfcn ; 

juviicffpriiigeit, a«f= (ab=) fv»riiisjcii, 

VraUeti ; li. a bcijrciucn, ctufd;vaii[cn. 
I50UNDARV, s. btc ©leiijc, bcr (J)i'eiij= 

BOUNDER, s. 1. bcr ©reitwuffc^fv ; 

3}iavftfcbtibef; gelbmcffcr ; bie 

©vciije. ' 

BOUNDIN'G-STON'E, Bound stone, s. 1. 
ber @fcit5i1cin; 2)iar£ftciit ; 2. baS 
Sc^ncllfuaclcl)cit, (2d)ueUfaitl(i)cit, 
bcr Sc^uffcr. 

BOUNDLESS, nilj. (jrCllJCtllOg, UllbC= 

BOUNDLESSNESS, s. bic ©rciIJCttlofti^; 

BOUNTEOUS {ado. — ly), (u/j. giittg, 

BOUNTEOUSNESS, ». bic j^retgcbigfcit. 

BOtrNTiFUL {ado. — ly), fliittj], fcct= 


BOUNTiFULNEsa s. btc (^rcigcbigfcit. 
BOUNTY, s.l. bic 55rcigcbtgfcit,28obl= 

tbatigfctt; 2. @abe, ©attbat: 3. 

^^nimie fiir bic 3lu8fuf)r ucvfc^icbe- 

iicr aBaarcit. 
BouauET, s. ctii Strang. 

To BOURGEON, v. n. fllO§Dcit, fprof= 

feu, bliiljeit, trcibctt, aii^fcblaiicit. 
KOURN, s. bcv iBcjirf; bie ©vcnjc. 

To BOUSF^ B. n. JCC^CIt. 

I50USY, aij. bcitcbelt, bctruitfcr.. 

BOUT,*:, bas '?}ia£)l; bic Sftcibc: bcr 
(strciit, ''l^crfud); this—, bicjj 3J?al; 
a merry — , CtllC ^uftbarfctt ; I must 
iMve a — wiih him, wir [)abfll Cttt (?i 
init ciiianbcr ^it fc^atctt; id) muy 
mic^ mit il)m fd)(agcii. 

BOV.'VTE, a. fo ','icl iiattb, a.i wait mit 
i;roct^Oc^ifii brt« 3al;r biitburc^ bc= 
fttllcii faun. 

BOVINF., adj. ju ben Dc^fcit gcbijvi;^. 

To BOW, B. I. rt. 1 . bici^cti, bciiacit ; ba= 
(fen, ncii]cn ; 2. uutcrbviictc n, ycr= 
nic^tcn ; ii. ». fti-^bicgcn ; ftd) biidfcn, 
fid) ucigcu ; to — down, ftd) 
biitfcii, ntcpcrfaftcii, friimmcu; gc= 
Icugct ly^rbcii; nicberfiiifcn; bowed 
down, llicbcrgcbcuat ; to — one's as- 
sent, fcine ©cnebnitguui] juuirfcu. 

UOVV,s bic ^Kcrbcuguni], bcr i^iicf ling. 

«u\v, s. 1. ber 5l^cigcii ; 2. 9.Vag, bic 
^icgc : 3. bcr *Biigc( ; 4. bnS 'jod) ; 
1. bcr 33iolutbogctt ; 6. t. bcr ®rab= 
Sogcn ; 7. .ftnotcn, bic Sdjicifc ; —of 
ft hilt, bcr 58itgc[, baS jtrcit? am t)c= 
gi'ngcfayt ; —of a key, ber Sdiliif- 
(e[ring; — of a saddle, bcr (gattcl= 
oUrt,- on the—, jv. r. frabitbalfS: 

WCtfc ; a hold (lean) — of a ship. Ctll 

brcircr (fd)malcrj Sag cincS Sc^iff^ ; 

pron. 10 htivB two strings to one's — , 
mcbr 2!nittcl habcu iim fid) i,v. bcU 
fen ; bows of ribbon, Saubcrfdiieifcn ; 

JV. r-s. the bows of a ship, bic 5i3a(feU 

einc8 Sd)iffc8 ; how anchor, ber S8ug=: 
aufcr, CMabclanfer ; — hearer, bcr 
ifvovftliiufer, .^ol^sogt ; — bent, ge= 
friimmt, fniinm, Vtiigcbogcn ; — 
chases, 93iigftiicfc, 3agbtliicfc (mic — 
piece) ; — grace, cinc 3Banb (ciit 93c= 
bange) am 28ng uon altcm 2'auaicvf 
(2Siirftc itnb SBielcn) jum (£d)n^c 
gegen ba« (fi« ; —hand, bic (ben 33p= 
ach b'lltcttbe) linfe >6anb ; — knot. 
bit f-itlciff; — leg, ba§ fnimmc 

33cin ; — leased, fritiitmbetntg ; — 
line, bie Sotlctnc, baS ©citeutau; — 
man, bcr i^pgcnfc{)ii^ ; — man of a 
boat, bcr crfte j)iubcrcr in ctnem 33oo= 
tc ; — net, bie 3?cnfc, g-ifcf)rcuf|c ; — 
piece, ba3 ^ugftiicE (cine ©($iff«fa= 
iiouc) ; — pin, bas ScfeUigbolj ; — 
pot, ciii Slumcntopf (ait cmcin %m= 
fter) ; — saw, cine ^L>gcnfrtgc mit 
Sacfcrt ; — shot, bcr SBogcnfcbup; — 
sprit, bas 5Bugfpvict, bcr yin«lcgcr; — 
string, bie (schnc am 53pgcn ; — win= 
dow, cin .^oblfcnftcr, 33ogcnfenftcr ; 
to bend the — , bcu i^pgcn iX'aiincn. 
To BOWEL, V. a. 1. aiiSivcibcu, aii§= 
ucbmcnj 2. fiiT. bis in baS Suncrc 
bringcn, cinbringen. 

BOWELLESS, adj. gcfiibltog. 

BOWELS, s. pi. 1. bag (Jingewcibe ; 2. 
jis- bag 3nncrc ; 3. ber <5i^ bcS WdU 
IcibcK'S, BartgcfublS ; ba« 2)Jitlci= 
belt, ©cfiJbl; to have no — ,fcin^l)Ht= 
Icibcn l)abeii, gefiibUoS fcl)n; 2.* cine 
.§iittc, cine fcpattige ilBof)nung. 

BOWER, s. \. bcr'^Bpgen, bie SBi>f= 
bung ; Ziiwht ; 2. + Jtammer, bal 
3iutmer, Q)cmad). 

BOWERS, s.y.btc bicgcnbcti 5)iu«fcln. 

To BOWER, V. 1. a. Ctufc^Itcpcn, um= 

gebctt; n. 71. + n3of)neu. 

BOWERY, adj. »oUer Saubcu ; einfc^Itc: 

BOWESS (Bowet), s. bcr Qlcfiltrtg, iuu= 
ge .(^abicibt. 

To BowGE, V. a. burd;bo^rcn, burc^= 

BOWL, s. 1. bcr gfJapf, bie ©diiifrct, 
Scbale, bag Scifen; 2. bie .^ijblc, 
.JDiJblung (ciuc§ Siiffcl^) ; 3. bic .^n= 
gel ; to play at bowls, ba8 jt'ugclfpicl 
UMclcn, bpficln; — of a pipe, bcr 


To BOWL, V. I. a. Ingclu, rolleti ; n. n. 
rait bcr Jtugct we'rfcn; well bowled, 
»obl gctroffcn. 

BOWLDER, in compo.'!. — stone, s. bcr 
Sicillftcin, Jticfelftctn ; — wall, bic 
Jlicfclftcinmaiicr, bcr @tciiibamm. 

BOWLER, s. ber Jtugdfc^icbcr. 

BOWLING-GREEN, s. btc S3oyc(bafin, 
bcr ^iJoOdpiafe; baS 3iafenftucf, bcr 

To BOWSi::, V. a. JV. T. jic^cit, taljcn, 
a"ficl;cn: — away — ho! (ftarf 
ric{)en) 9UIe auf eiumal! allc ?!}tanit 
bet bn' 'S^a'ih \ to — the guna, btc Jta= 
nortcn ju 53orb ^oten. 

BOWYER, s. 1. bcr ©ogucr, Sogcn= 
iriwc^cr ; 2. 33o.icnfd)itfee. 

BOX, $. 1. ber ^ucf)«baum (auc^ — 
tree) : — thorn, bcr Suci^Sborit, .$trcuj= 
born {Lijcium — i.) ; — wood, i^ud)g=; 
baumbol? ; 2. ber ©d)Iag mit bcr 
^^anb (*Vau(l) ; — on the ear, btC Obr= 
fcige, gjjaulfcbctle ; 3. bic 33iid)fc, 
ber ,,^aflcn, baS J?aft(ftcn, btc <B^<i&i^ 
tcl, 2)ofc, ©parbiic^fe; 4. ?ogc (tm 
S^bcatcr, n. f. «j.) ; bcr 33crfd)lag ; 
5. ;ftutfd)erft^ ; ^utfc^cnbocf ; 6. ba« 
.^au5d)cn ; 7. bcr .^toffcr, bic ,$tifte ; 
a' nest of boxes, bcr gtllfa^ (baS -Jicft) 
Sdjaitfcln; — hauling, JV. t. baS 
Ummcnbcn vor bcm SQinbc ; — iron, 
cin ^i^iigclcifcn mit cincm .^faf^en, in 
wcldKii btc gliibcnbcn 33ol5cn fom= 
men ; — stays, (2d;crf)angcn fiir Sici- 
ftcn, .Suite, it. f. w. 

To BOX, V. I. a. i. in eine Siicfife, in 
cin ^;ifld)cn, u. f. w. tbnn, cinfd)lic= 
^cn; 2. mit bcr "^an^ fcf)lagcn; 3. 
umfcgeln; 4. anS^npfcn (ben 8aum= 
faft) ; to — up, ocrfpcrrcn ; to — th-; 
compass, JV. T. bic (FDinpaOpiinftc 
I'crglctcbcn ; n. n. fid) auf bie Sauft 
fd)laacit, baren, borcn. 

BOXEN. "'//. b!id;«baumcn ; bem 'Bu^s= 
banm cibttlid). 

BOXER, s. bcr gauflEamvfer, SSajtt, 

To BOX-HAUL, V. a. J\r. T. umlcgcu, 

umwcnbcn (»ov bent SIMnbc). 
BOY, s. i. bcr ,^nabc, SBiibe, Sunge ; 

iron, cin juugcr unfcifcr 3JJcnfd; J — "a 

play. ba§ Jilnabenfpiel. 
To BOY, V. I. n. ,ffinbcrct treibcu, al8 

cin Jtnabe b>iubclii ; il. a. wit cincn 

Jtnabcn bcbaiibcln. 
BOYER, .?. bcr 5?Dier, 5Bu{cr (cinc 2lrl 

f)ollvittb!fd;c (£d;aluppe). 
BOYHOOD, ,?. baS JtnabcuaUcr, bic 

Jlinberja^rc, ,^inbl)cit. 

BOYISH {adv. — ly), ailj. linbtfd), Vip' 


.BOYISHNESS, ? s. baSfiitbiu^c SQctra^ 

BOYIS.M. ^ gen, btc Jtinbcrci. 

BRABANT, s. iirabaut. 

BRABBLE, s. rxiig. bcr 3anf, .Qabcr. 

BRACE, J. 1. ba« ''Banb, bie 33inbc, bcr 
Sflicmen ; .6alt ; 2. bie jtlammcr ( ^ ) ; 
3. ber 9lnfcr (in cincm 4^aue), .i?a= 
ten ; Stii^balfen ; 4. bic Spannutig ; 
5. Siiiftnng, bcr .garnifcb ; fi. _ba3 
5Paar ; 7. trans, pi. Jv. T. bic fflra)lcn, 
(Scgclftricfc ; a — of pistols, bucks, 
foxes, hares, &c., ciu $Paar ^^ijlolcu, 
cin 5Paar t<bcr cine Jtoppcl Sfiebblnf i', 
(^ud)fc, .gafcn, u. f'. W. ; in warlike — 
5um Jliicge gcviiftct; — si)riiig.s, 
Jpangricmfcbcrn ; braces, s. x. T. 
bic 43raffcn, Scgclftritfc; coach 
(main or spring) — , btc Sd)WUngvie= 
men, .^iingricmen ciner 3tutfd)c. 

.To BRACE. V. a. 1. bittbcu, an=: (ein=) 

' binbcn, fcbnaUcit, anfd)nallen, fd)nii= 
rctt. anbcftcn, bcfcftigcn ; 2. fiarf an= 
jicbcu; fpanncn; 3. ft;irEcn ; jv. t. 
braffcn ; to — the yards, btc 9Jaacn 
bci bcm SBtnbe braffcn. 

BRACELET, s. 1. baS 5lrmbaub ; 2. bie 
Slrmfdiicnc. ' 

BRACER, .<!. 1. bcr®nvt, ®tirtc(, 2,vag- 
rtcmcu fiir ilrbciislcute; .5pfciitia= 
gcr; bicSBiubc; baS Slrmitiid (jnm 
©aUfpicl) ; i.Mcd. T. bie 5ufammcn= 
Jicbcn^e x>Ir5eitci. 

BRACH, s. bcr Svacf (?lrt 2piivl)unb) ; 
bic 5l>c^e. 

BR.\CHIAL, adj. jum ^Ivmc gcl)i)rig. 

BRACHIATE, adj. mit 5lrmcn. 

BRACHMAN, s. vid. Bramiv. 

BKACHYGRAPHER, s. bcr ©d)nclts 

fd)rctbcr, bcr mit furjcn Bfifbeu 

BR.\CHYGRAPIIY, s. bic Jvlcinfd)rct' 

berci; Jitunft mit 2lbfiir}ungcn ju 

BRACHYLOGY. s. bte Jliifje (tit bct 

gjebe obcr ©dji-eibart), Bitubigfcit. 
BiLVCK, s. bcr ikucb, bic 'iM(-, i^rc^ 

fc^c ; ba§ SBrud)ftihf. 
BRACKEN, s. baS ^amfraut. 
BRACKET, s. 1. bic ?ciftc, Uittcrlagc ; 

2. ,$vlammcr (]); 3. baS Oncrbot?, 

bcr .^vcigcr ; 4. bcr Spicllciid)tcr. 
BRACKISH, ad}, braif, ciit ivcnig faljig. 
BRACKlSHNESS. s. baS i3raifc, bie ge- 

riitge Sat^tg^fil. 

BR..\D, s. bcr ^ttft, 3:npctcnitagcl. 
Tn BRAG, V. n. prabicit, aiiffcbncibcn, 

fid) riibmcn i— of cincr 2acbe),ftPi? 

fcPrt . . . auf, juracilcn auc^ (jcbod) 

tinric^tig) mit on. 
BRAG, .?. 1. bic '^irabtcrci ; 2. cinc ?lrt 

j?artciifpicl, in wcWjcm bie SBubcn 

unb 9^cuitcn .^auptfarten finb ; — 

wort, cine 9U't von fd}aMd)cm 2)ictb 

ober .^ontgnjaffcr. 
BR.A.GGADOCio,s. bcr ^ra^ler, 5pra^I= 

BRAGGARDiSM, s. btc ?Pra|Icrei, ^lllN 


BRAGGART, ) T. i>. bcr iprafjfcr, ?{uf» 
BRAGGER, i ft^nctber, ©ro^fprc: 




<8cr; II. bra.sgart, adj. (jrO^fprCC^C: 

To BRAU), ». fl. ffi'f&teii ; jufammc 11= 

BRAID, s. 1. bic Slec^te, .§aavffe(i)tc ; 
bcrJtnotcit; ba«®eivct>c; bie fictiie 
©ptfee, ?etfie, 33ovbe ; bcr (Sc^uuvcn= 
befai (etrtcS CfJcdfeS, ii. f. nj.) ; 2. ba8 
9lnff^vecfcn, ber i2rf)vccf. 

BRAIL, s. 1. JV. r. bic iBeffljiai^leine, 
tcii ©citait; 2.Sp. T. eiit9fliemeii}uin 
gcflbtiibeii bet Sittisic eineS Salfen. 

7tf I5RAIL, J), a. i. M. T. flufgcieit ; 2. 
s,,. T. bie ginige eincS ^iogcl'S (gaU 
feu) binbcii. 

I5KAIX, .9. (Brains, s. p^.) ba« ®cl)trn; 
2. .fiir.itt a^crftaitb, Jtopf, bag @c= 
bad)tuijj ; to spin, puzzle one's — about 
a thing, fic^ ben ifJopf iibcr GtroaS 
u-rbrc^cn ; cracked — , nir^t bci ^(x= 
ftaiib ; — pan, bie .^intfcbale ; — 
sick, — sickly, roaf)nfiimii], l)inifiic{)5 
tii^ ; iiiibefpnucn, albern; — sickness, 
ber ffi5a^nfitm ; ©djwtnbcl, Uu«er= 
flaiib, bie Uubefonneufjeit. 

To BRAIN, V a. bell Stopf jcrfd^met^ 
tent; ent^inteit. 

BRAINISH, adj. toIIfoVft;], Itngeptuill, 

l)ifetg, f)efti|], iiiittbcitb, flrimmijj. 
BRAINLESS, adj. t)ivnlo3, iiitycvitiiitf= 

tig, unbefonneit, gcbaiifenloa. 
BRAIT, s. bet: vo^c Siamaiit. 
BRAKE, s. 1. bag (5arnfvaut, jVarnge; 

biifcft ; 2. S^ontgebiifd;, si3fombecri}e= 

biifii ; 3. bie a3rcd;e, ^^cdjel ; 4. ber 

4>umpcufd)me!igct, ©edftocf; 5. 

513adtrog; 6, bag fd)arfe ©cbijj ; 7, 

bie 43renifc. 
7'< BRAiCE, V. a. bred;c:t (fionf obcr 

BRAKY, adj. 1. boriiiij, fiad)It9 5 2. mtt 

Sonti^cbiifc^eit ubfniHidjfen. 
BRAMBLE. 5. 1. bcr '-BroiitOcerfiraucfe ; 

J)onibiif(^ ; brambles, /;/. ih-Dnibee= 

rcit ; brambie-busii, bcr Srembecr- 

bitfri); — scythe, bie .(pccfenfidjcl ; 2. 

— , or bramblincr. bcr SSiutcrftltf ; 

hrainhle-net, bag giufettlic^. 
IJRAMBLED, ) fl(i/.ijttt33voiubcevflrau: 
BRAMBLY, $ c^cii uber»»act)fcn, »oll 


BRACHMAN, ) .„. «3„,a 

BRAHMIN, ( ^y^rZln^'"'^ ' 

BRAMIN, ) ^''T""'f- 

BR.'VN, s. bie ,4?Icte, Jtteteit; — new, 
CO.'. gaiij neii, fuufcdiaf^clneu. 

BRANCH, s. 1. ber Bweii], Sift, (Sd)og ; 
2. 9trm (citieg SliitTeg, ciiteg ?eitc^= 
tcrg. It. f. ».) ; 3. Xkiil, 9lbfd)nttt ; 
4. bie SJiiiie (in @efd)Icc^tgrc9iftcrii) ; 
•J. (im ^ergbait) cine (Srjaber; 6.^^. 
ter ^.Jlbfommltttf! ; 7. branch or branch- 
es, ;;/. bcr *.?lrmlcud)ter; — of traffic, 
ber (Srtverbg^weiii ; 8. branches, pi. 
jircii. T. bic gfJtppcit (5303C1I) ber go= 

t^ifc^eit ©eiuSIbe; branches ol'a stag's 

head, bie (Siiticii am .§irfc^gcaieii)c ; 

branches of a bridle, bie Staugeil fltn 
Oebiffe ; branch peas, Stccfober @tab= 
erbfctt; branch-stand. Sp.E. bag Slic= 
gen beg galfeit uon ikitm ju Saiim 
big beri^utib bic 3iebf)iif)iier aufjagt. 

To BRANCH, v. I. n. (— olT, — out in- 
to .. .), 1. 3>i^e'ilf troibcit, fic^ tit 
3wcti3C augbrriteti ; fid) verjU'cigcn ; 
2.fii!.^\A} ucrbvcifeii, fid) aiisbreitcti, 
aitglaufcn, in Siucigcit auc'iaffen, 
ti.ieitfd)»ciftg rcbcn ; to — out upon a 
thing, uiel gjcieiig yen (Stipag iita= 
&it\\; n. a. 1. in Bwcige obcr Sfteilc 
tljcilcn ; 2. S^Jniifen iitad;eii, blitmeit. 

BRANCHED, adj. gcranft, gcbliimt; 
voUcr 5Icfte ober 3iucigc, «cr;;tvcigt; 

— with gold, init gplbenen S'Jaufeu ; 

— candlestick, ber 9lrmlciid)tcr. 
ARANCHER, f. 1 waS ftc^ ti! Sivcigc 


ausbrcitct; 2. bcr Sllcflling, junge 


BRANCHERY, s. bag 91|lnjcrf, ©efafcr. 
BRANCHiNESS.s. bag Biccigige, 9lcfti= 

ge; bic 5li:gbreituiig. 
BRANCHLESS, ar//. l'. JWcigtog, faf)I ; 

2./^.nacft, blop. 

BRANCHY, mij. jiDcigig, afitg. 

BRAND, s. 1. bcr sBranb, gcucvbranb ; 
2. -f bag Sd)n)cvt; 3. bcr '©onuer^ 
feil; 4. bag SBranbinaal ; jcbcg 3ei: 
c^cit bcr (Sntei)rung ; — goose, bie 
SJotbgaiig, sBauiitgang ; — iron, bag 
Svcimcifeii, bcr S)rcifup, (yeuerbod ; 

— new, rid. Bran-new. 

To BRAND, V. a. braiibiiiarfcit, branb= 

maalcn, fc^cinben ; branded with sus- 
picion, bur^ bbfen3>erbad)t get)ranb= 

To BRANDISH, v. a. fd)anngcn, fc^mcn= 
fen; fd)(eiibern. 

BRANDLING, s. bic ^fiifemabc, bcr 
(feViilanirnt (iitm 9Ingcln). 

BRANDY, s.bcriBraniitrocin, G^pgnac ; 

— faced, branntrocingliibcnb (im @c= 

To BRANGLE, ». n. fcifcn, janfcn, ^a= 

bent, ftrcitcn. 
BRANGLE (— mknt), «. be? ^anf, bic 

BRANK,s. ber 93uc^n.Hn;cn. 

BRANK-UESIN, s. bic ^BarCltflaU {Mean- 
thus — L). 

BRANLIN, s. cine 9Irt Jvifd), 5um ®c= 
fd)leti)t ber ^ad)fc gdiiirig. 

BRANNY, adj. flciig, flciic^t. 

BRANT, adj. ficil,' I)OC|» ; — fox, bcr 
a3ranbfud)g {Canis alopex —L.); — 
goose, vid. Brani)-goose. 

BRASEN, adj. vid. Brazen. 

BRASIER. 5. 1. ber Jlupfcvfc^niicb ; 2. 
bie ,5lol)lenpfannc, bag J?ol;Ienbedcn. 

BRASIL, s. ^rafilicu: — ink, bic rOtf)C 

.'Sinte; — nuts, ^Nef^urinniiffe ; — 
pebble, bcr (trrigc) 9Jamc eincg rcincn 
gclfctifn;jla(lg auf ajfabagagcar ; — -, 
or — wood, bag §Brafiliciii)oIj, bcr 

BRASILIAN, adj. brafitianifd; ; — 
root, bie (brauiie) 53rcd)ipurjcl, 3pc= 

BRASS, 1. s. bag ?0?cffing, ^rj ; 2. f/r. 
bie Unocrfd)amtl)cit; in compos, cast 
— , ®utjmef)lug; ingot — , Stiirf^ 
mefftug ; latten — , !ijattunmcf|"tiig ; 
black—, Scfcmavjmcfftlig; shaven or 

scratched— ,gefd)abtcg 9)JefftngbIed) ; 

slieet — , S^a'felmcfftng ; red — , Jlll = 
pfcr ; 93ronjC ; yellow — , SO^cffiiig ; 

— battery, jtcffclmeffiug, ?iJJcffiiig= 
blec^; — colour, bie (^rjfavbe; — 
founder, bcr 3)ie allgicijcr, @e;bgic= 
$er ; — foundry articles, @clbgie§cr= 
waaren 5 — lumps, (bet ben S8erglcu= 
ten), bie ruubcit Scuerpeine, bcr 
Sd)Wcfclficg ; —ore. bcr ©aliitct, (Sa= 
lamiutficit: ; — visagcd, iniucrfctamt ; 

— wire, bcr 3JJefltiigfra()t ; 11. adj. i. 
cbeiu, iitctallcii, fuprcrn; 2. ^^. un= 

BRASSINESS, s. bic ©rjavtigfcit. 
BRASSICA, s. ctiic ?lrt Stohi. 
BRASSY, adj. 1. crjavtig, fupfcvH ; 2. 

fi,<r. el)crii, itiiscrfci^amt; — pyrites, 

evjavtiger SiiiS. 
BRAT, s. i. bag Jliub, bcr 33alg; 2. 

BRAULS s. tiibifitc Stoffc mit blaiicu 

intb lucificit 'Sfrcifcn. 
BR.WADO, .9. bic i>vablcrci,bag ®rt>f)= 

fprcdjcn; 2:ro^bietcn. 

BRAVE (ailv. — i.y), I. adj. 1. bra», ta= 

Vfer, fiilin, uncrfd)rocfeu ; 2. rcijctib, 
aiimittl)ig, cbel, gvofj, erbabcii, cerr= 
lid), praditig, fdjijn ; 3. flatilid) (ge= 
flcibrt); u. '.V. 1. bcf 2i?agcf)alg; 2. 

Svot, bic .*5cvaiigfpvbening. 

To BRAVE, ,;. a. 1. Xvo'^ bictcii ; .^obn 

fpred)en, ^erausforbcru ; 2. mit (St= 

wag pra^Icn, eg jur Sr^aii aiiglegen. 
BRAVERY, s. 1. bic Xapfcrfcit, ber 

)Sluti), ebelmutf), bie ®rp§miitf), 

llncrfd)rocfenf)cit; 2. (Stattlid)Eeit, 

^rad)t ; 3. !^>ra^leret, bag ©rotithmi; 

4. ber duperc ©lanj (im Sln^ngc jc.). 
BRAVO, s. (ital) bcr aJJcuc^cliiiorbcr. 
BRAVURA, s. Mus. T. bie ^rauour^ 

9lrie, bcr 3}Jciftergcfang. 
BRAWL, s. bag @e ferret, ©ctofc, bcr 

8drm; 3anf, ^abcr; ,Erafel, bie 

To BRAWL, V. I. V. 1. fd;rcieu, larmcu; 

murmelu; 2. janfeu; frafclen; n. o, 

burd) barmen »crjagcit ; f^r. nicber: 

BRAWLER, s. bcr <Sd)rcicr, 3;iiifcr 

BRAWN, ,9. 1. bag Sberflcifd), 5poteI:= 

fletfd); 2. bag tcrbeSlcifcft ; bcr flct:. 

fd)ig£2;^eil; 3. bie fin))cvlid)e aJJaffe 

unb itttdrfc. 

BRAWNED, adj. flarf, »icrf($ri)tig. 
BRAWNER, s. bag @d;lad)tt"d)tt)ein. 
BRAWNINESS, s. bie gieifd)igteit, 

aSerl>irtung beg i?Ieifd)cg, Stdrfc. 
BRAWNY, adj. fleifd)ig, iicruig, fcf)ntg, 

BRAY, s. 1. bag (gfclgcfc^rci ; 2. bet 

5)amm, grbiimfl. 
To BRAY, V. 1. a. fiogcit, flampfcn, im 

ftoSeit, ficiu veiben; il. n. (tuie ciii 

@feD fd)rcicii, fd)mettcrn. 
BRAYEit, s. 1. bic 3fJiit)vteu[c, bcr ?var=i 

bcnlaufer, womitbic i^itd)brudcrfar= 

be abgcriebcn wiib ; 2. ber ivibcrrodr' 

tige (ed)reier. 
r« BRAZE, v.a.i. lot^cn (mit ?!}^etafO ; 

( — over), mit (Srj ober Jlupfer iiber= 

jie{)en, bronsircii ; 2. jig. abbdvteii, 

iinverfc^dint mad;en. 
BRAZEN, adj. 1. cljcrn, mctaUcn, inef= 

fingen; 2. (ado. — ly), jig. xnwtX' 

fc^dni t ; — browed, — faced, Tc|)amlDg, 

iiiiocrfd)dmt ; — face, bcr (bije) llii' 

«crfd}dmte; — footed, mit eljerueii 

To BRAZEN, v. v. uuycrfd^amt fel)i! ; 

to ■ — out, nipjcrfcbdiitt bel}aiiptcn 

obcr Bcrtbcibigcn; fcif, mit btciftcr 

©tirn ablditgneii. 
BRAZENNESS, s. 1. bic ©rjartigfcit ; 

2. fig. Unocrfc^dmtijeit. 

BRAZllvR, s. vid. Brasikr. 
BRAZUiL, s. vid. Brasil. 

BREACH, s. 1. bfv_«riic^, 3Ballbru(*, 
bie iSreff^e, tcturmliicfe; giivfc, 
Ceffnung, bcr 3iiil, bag ?oc^ ; 2. 3fv= 
bvcd)cn: 3. fig. bic llebertretnng, 
^crlc^iing (bcr ®cfe|e ti. f. w.) ; \ 
5Bclcibigung ; 5. Uneinigf'cit, ber 
3wift, 3'i-'iffP'ilf/ ^ts a)iif))cUigfeit; 

— of covenant, ilkacft cinos SBcr= 
tragg; — of duty, Ucbcrtrctung bcr 
^!fli(^f; — of peace, bcr $vrie'bc;i»= 
britd) ; — of promise, bic S2ortbrii= 
d)igfcit; — of trust, il.!crlc^ung beg 
9.vertraiicng, SScrniitrcuung. 

BREAD, .9. I. bag ^ro^; 2. fig. ber 
Scbcngiiutcr&alt ; — ba.^^ket, bcr $3rnb= 
forb ; — chipper, bcr 33rcbragpelcr ; 

— corn, bag 33rObEorn ; — fruit, bic 
(srudit beg 33robbaumcg ; — nut wood, 
cine 2lrt feincg ,§0(5 fiir J?unfttifcf)= 
Icr; — room, bcr S^robraitnt, bie 
33robfammcr auf cinem Sd)iffe; — 
toaster, bcr 33robrDrt; — tree, ber 
33rObbaum; ammunition — , bag(?Plll = 

mipbrob; biscuit — , (Sd)ipjnncbacf; 
ginger — , Spfcffcvfud)en ; household 
— , bag Ijaiigbadcne 33rob; leavened 
— , gefditertcg ©rob; St. John's — , 

bag 'SobanuisbvOb (Ceratonia — L.) ; 

to get one's — , fciii Srob pcrbiciicu j 

— and butter, SBllttfr (Ullb) 35rob 




BREADTH, s. ik 53vcitc, SBcik; main 
— , jv. r. bte griifjte SBvette ciucS jc= 
ben @Vrtitiif^. 

BREAUTHLESS, adj. O^lte Svcife. 

7'o BREAK, V. ir. a. i- n. 1. brcf^cn ; 2. 

loSbrcrfjcn; 3. fprcngeti; 4. ))la|en, 
vctiifn, auffprini^en, aufj^eftett; 5.jcr= 
bvfdjfit, serreiucii; 6. jcVt^ctten, jev; 
trcniieii; 7. jerrtuiicii; 8. cibrec^en, 
offiteit, loc(;eni; 9. fc^iiifecu; /^. 10. 
brcd;eit, aiibrec^cn, aiifanncn, baf)= 
ncn; 11. ausbrecticn; 12. uiiterbve= 
c{)cu, auf^altett, ftijren; 13. u6ertvc= 
!cit; 14. umilogcit; 15. abbrcc^en, 
fc^unit^cn, fiitfcaftcii; 16. abfaUen; 
17. alt roerbcn; 18. junic^temncten; 
I'J. siibmen; biinbigeti ; 20. abbauEeii, 
futlaffeit; 21. auflbfcii; 22. jcrftB^ 
vcii; 23. abue^inen, 53ottferott ma- 
d)f II ; 24. baiiferott, baiifbriic^ti} wevs 
^cu ; 25. ftc^ bfccfjfii, fic^ aubcrit ; to 

— a bank, etue sBaiiE fvrcitijcit ; to — 
ine of something, ciltcm (fic|) f t«ja§ 
.ibgcnjoblieil; to — a business, it\0&% 

in 5Borfcf)lag (auf§ 2;avet) brtngni; 
to — a ciiiid of its tricks, einem Jtiube 
feine Unavten abgcmo^nen ; to — a 
fall, tm SallfU auffangeit; to — a 

horse (to the reins), Ctn'^^fcvb (auf bte 
Staitgc) jurettcn; to— a law, ciucm 
®ffc^e juanbcr ^anbeln, cs iibertve= 
ten ; to — a match, etiie .§cti\ttf) auf= 
l)cben ; to — an officer, fee, eiiiem 
Dffictcr u. f. ». ben Slbfrfjteb geben ; 
to — a swelling, etn ©efchiuiir oftncn ; 
to — ofte's back, eiitciu beu Cliiifcn 
jcvfrfjlagcn ; fig. ju ©ninbe ric^ten ; 

to — one's fast, fvubfliicfen; to" — 
•one's heart, Semaub ju 2;nbe iirgcrn-, 
butc^ jlrcinfungcn in§ @rab bringcn'; 

to — one's mind, ft<^ ^eMUSlaffeit, 

fein .§crs auSfcbiittcn, entbccfen; to 

— one's pride, (Siucn bemiittiigen ; to 

— one's rest, 3einaiibc« 3ftn[)e iti3ren ; 
to — with sorrow, ftd; bnrci) ©rrtm 
ycrjcbven, yoi- ©mm uergc^cu; my 

heart is ready to — , mil" ni6rt)te ba§ 
•6er^ jevfprtngen; her beauty — s,tbre 
erf)Duf)eit »ergc[)f, tf)irt 3ngcnbblu= 
t{)e f(troinbct; to — bulk, bte Sabung 
JU I6|"d)en anfangen; to — dow^,ntc= 
cerbrec^cn, abbred)en ; to — down a 
press, Tijp. T. dm ^Prefj'e abf(t)lageu; 
to — forth, ^ev»orbvc4)en, ^enu'rctucl^ 
len, auSbved)cn ; to — from, fid) ent= 
ipinDcii, fic^ IPSreitJen ; to — ground, 
Vflugcii ; jyii^. t. bte ?aufgraben Bff= 
neti; Sea Erp. bte 5ln?er Uc^teit; to 

— the ice, bte ^ai)n bvedicit, 93a&n 
mad)cn ; bte Untcr^altnng bcginnen ; 
to — in, etubved)eu, cinbriiigcit; uber= 
rafd;cn; to — in upon, bevein platen, 
etnbvtiigcu; iiberlaufen; ©tngviff 
tbun in ...; to — into ..., ausbvc= 

ri)en in . . . ; to — into a trench, in 

bie Saufgrab^n bringcn ; to — loose. 
loSbrcrfjen, ftr^ loSreipen; ftc^ fret 

inad)en; to — of abgcwii^nen; 

to — off, abbrcc^ieit, fd)wcitEen • to — 
off from . ., ftft) iD^rcipen, loSrotnbct; 
wn ...; abfleben uon . . . ; to — open, 
.tnfbvedjen, erbredien ; to — out, nnSs 
bvedjen, gevatbcn; ftd; ergtcBcn, ms- 
fd}n)eifenb wcrbcn; am'Sribe an^ 
fr.bren, auSfd)lagcn; the breakin?out 

(of the war, &c.), ber Stitsbruc^ (bee 

^rtegeS U. f. «J.) ; to — out into 

pimples, e5tniitrt (im ®cftd)r) beIoin= 
men ; to — out into wrath, in SButJ) 
gerrttbcn ; to — outj'nto unchaste ex- 
pressions, Bofcn Veipcn ; to — prison, 

auS bcm ®efangntB brcd)eu ; to — 
small, in ffeine (Stiicfe bvcd)cit, ficin 
fio^cn, piibern ; to — through, bitrc^= 
bred)ctt,^ibevh-eten ; to— tiirnu2h ditS- 
cuities, Sii)wicrtg!etten iibcrnjiuben: 
13 — up, auf t)cbcH ; fid) auflofcn ; ficp 

aufflciren ; abbrcc&cn, nufbredjen ; in 
©tiicf e bvcd)cn ; jevlegett, trandjiren, 
anf=, an^ vorf4)neiben j fid; }ertf)ei= 
Icn, cerfltegen, sevfdiwinben ; auf^o- 
ren; fcicrii, Sericn befemnicn; to — 
up a deer, &c, eiu dlih u. f. TO. jei'le^ 
gen, ausroiften; to — up house, feine 
^auSbaftung anfgebcn; fein .§au§ 
ucvlaffen ; to — up tiie army, bie 9lv= 
mee au^cinanbev geben laffcn, anp= 
fen ; to — upon the wiieei, vabetn ; to 

— way, auSroetcben ; to — wind, vtUg. 

SBinb geben laffen ; to — with one, 
mtt 3emanbem bvcc^icn, bie Sveuub= 
fcl)aft aufi;ebcn; to — wool, SSoIle 

BREAK, s. 1. ber fflrud) ; aBclIenbvnd), 
bie 33vartbung; baS Sod), bie Deff= 
niiitg, ber 3wifd)enraum ; 2. bie Uit: 
tcvbred)nng, ^aufe; 3. ber "Jlnbrnc^; 
4. iaS Spatiuin (tiu 1)rncfen); ber 
Stricb, Oucrftrtri), ©ebanfcnfirid) ; 
grgansnngsflrtd; [— ] ; SScrbin^ 
bunggftvic^ [-]; by — of day, bet 
S:age»anbrud) ; — joint, ^srcA. t. bie 
uerbunbcne SRaurcrarbeit; — neck, 
baS .§a(«brec^cn ; fig-, ber ja^e Dxt; 

— stone, ber Steinbrcd; {Saxifraga 

— /J ; — water, ber 2lnfenvad)ter ; 
bie 9lnEerbot)e- baS cerfentte 2Sratf 
(alte @d;iff), ^vanbungen ju brec^en. 

BREAKAGE, s I. bag 33rcd)cn, 3er= 
bredten u. f. W. : 2. M. K. bie 9{efac= 
tie (iSergiitung fiir beft^abigte 3Baa= 
rcn, Slbgangsrcfbnung). 

BREAKER, s. bcr U3red)cr, 93ve= 
djcnbe; 3f rprf i' ; bie ^ranbung, 

BREAKERS, s. pi. 1. bie SSraiibung, bte 
SBeUcn, ber aScUenbruc^ ; 2. blinbe 

To BREAKFAST, v. n. friibfiiiifcn. 

BREAKFAST, s. ias Sritt)fiii(f, 9}Jor- 
gcnbrob ; breakfasting, baS Sriibftii^ 
(jen ; eine ©efeUfdjaft junt (^viibftittf. 

BREAM, s. bcr aSraffen (^(ugftfd)). 

To BREAM, r. a. JV. T. ein St^tff inni 
anficn rein brennen, abbreunen, rct= 

BREAST, s. 1. bie aSrufi, baS 3?ritfi= 
blatt; 2. bie ©cite ctne§ Sd)i|tcS ; 
fig. 3. baS ©eniiit^, bie Sfietguttg bco 
@einiit(}eS; baS ^ers; ©eiciffcn; it 
lies in his — ., bic <Sacpe Htbt anf t^in, 
er l;at cS anf fetnein ©cwiffcn ; to 
keep in one's — , ge^cini baltcit; — 
of a iiili, bie gronte eine« .§iigcl« ; — 
of a tiock, JV. T. bcr .gcrb cities 33(o= 
(feS ; — backstays, btc ©citcnparbn^ 
ncn; — board, "ba3 Oitcvbolj cincs 
(£d)4ittcn8 (beim Slcepfdilagcv), »pr= 
in bie cifeincn 2)i"ebcr fi^cn ; — bone, 
bte 53ruftcnoc^cn, ba§ QSrnftbein ; — 
buckle, — broach, cine 53nfcnfpange; 
SGafennabct; — buttons, a'Oeft'en= 

f nopfe ; — caskets, JV. T. bic ?^a.H' 

biinbcr; — cinth, bcr S3nifllafe; — 
deep, aus obcr in ticfer 33ruft; — fast, 
JV. 7'. ba« Rngtau ; cine i^anbfcftung 
an bcr Scite beg Sd^iffcS; -glass 

( — fountain: — pipe), bcr 3}iilc^sie= 

t)cr, bie 3}ltkl)pumpe ; — high, bt§ 
aw bie .^ruft; — hook, Jv. r. ba§ 
^-I3ruc9fiftct'; —knot, bie g3rnftfd)Iei= 
fe ; — pin, bie SBnfennabct; — plate, 
bcr JliiratJ, 5?ruftbarnifd) ; baS 58rn)l= 
fd)ilb, ber Q3ruftgnrt; bic S8ruftplat= 
tc, syo{)rpIatte ; — plough, ber Sorf^ 
ficdjcl (9lvt ipflug, ben man »or ficb 
bcr fd)icbt) ; — rail, JV. T. bte 3tcgc= 
ling an ber bintcru ©allcrie nnb auf 
bcm 9]orbcrtbetl bcr Sd^anse; — 
rope, JV. r. bag 3J?af!taU; — work, 

bie Sruflwcbr; jv. t. bie Sc^otcu 
auf ber SBacf nub S(^ansc. 
To BREAST, v. a. gcrabc entgegen obcr 
auf etivaS bagebcn ; tro^e'n.' 

BREi^.STED, adj. in compos, broad - 

great — , uiit ftarfcr Sruft. 
BREATH, s. 1. ber 5Ubem, ^^Itbemjug : 
has i!iiftcben ; .§auc^ ; 2. ba« Seben 
3. bic Jiube, fevt)oIung, ber 5Iuff(^ub, 
bie 3n.nf4en?eit, 5}}aii{c; 4. bcr Slu-- 
gcnblicf; shortness of — , fccr furjf 
*Jl(bem, bic (Sngbritjiigfcit; I am 
scarce in — , id) bin UOCl) Utd)t JU 
9lt[)cm gc!cmincn; take — , fti^ij^jft- 
2ltbcm, «crfd)naufe; give mo some 
— , ucrgonne mir 9Iuffd)ub, QraifdjeK^ 
Jcit - you spend your — in vain, bcin 

9tcbcn ifi uinfonft ; his — is out o( 
liim, er ifl ucrfi-bicben ; to be out oi 
— , aufcr '^Itbcm fel}n ; the least — ol 

commotion, ber gcriugfle 2lnfiianb, 
bic gcriugfle 93ei»cgung; to menace 

and court one in a — , tU cinciu -ilu-- 

genblitfe bvoben unb fcbincicbclit. 
BREATHABLE, arij. waS mail atbmtM 
fanu; atf)cmbar; — air, atbembnvc 

To BREATHE, v. a. &■ n. 1. atbmcit, 

SJtbein boffii; ♦etnatbmcu; frifd)cn 
5Ubem fd)i.ipfen, jii Sltbem foinincn 
2. Icbcn- 3. au§ru[)cn; 4. auSbau 
dien, biiftcn, bunftcit; 5. blafeu: (i 
in J'}lti)cm fcfecn, jagcit, trcibcn • 7 
ailtiern ; to — a secret vow, cin gc. 
I)cinic« ©cliibbe ti}un; to — a vein, 
cine 9tbcr ijffneuj to — vengeance, 

^<\A)t fd)nijitben ; to — a wish, eincn 

2Bunfcb aUt5Crn; to — a word (to "one, 
etncm) ctn 2Sort ju^ (inS Dbr) j^it- 
ficrn ; to — into, einf)aud)en, cinbla» 
fctt; to — on (upon), anbaut^cit, an- 
blafen ; to — out, auS^aucljen ; awi 
bunften ; amSftopcn. 
BREATHER, ,f. 1. bet ?Ubmcnbe, I'c 
benbe; 2. (Sinl)au4)cr, (gingebrr. 

BREATHFUL, adj. Ooll &lft . '.« 

9ltbem ; «oUer aSoI^lgevudi. 
BRE2VTHING, s. l.bas vltbincn u. f. lu. 
ber 2ltbem; Seufscr; 2. bas Siift 
U^; 3. bcr gebcime SSuiifd;, ba« 
fiillc ®ebet; — place, ber 3fiuf)cpla^ ; 
2lbfd)iiitt (in cincr ^Periobe); a fine 
— sweat, etn fanftcr (gelinbcr) 
©c^rocifj; — time, bie aJu^ejeit, 3tafit, 

baS 91U6ruben; — while ar space, 

Beit juui 9ltbemf4)5pfen ; ein 9Iu= 

BREATHLESS, adj. 1. at^Cinlog ; 2 
tObt; to be — with joy, »0r grcubf 

autJer fi^ fe\)n. 

BREATHLESSNESS, s. bic 9Itl;emlofig^ 
fett, bcr '^JZangel an Suft, bie (Sng= 
briiftigfeit, gahsUc^ic 6rfd)i?pfung. 

BREECH, s. 1. ber ^intere, Stcip, 
(Si§; 2. ber biutere X\)t'\\; breeches, 
pL bie SBeintlcibcr, ;&ofen; fig. to 

wear the breeches, bie .^ofcn babcil, 

bie .§ervfd)aft int >^aufe t)aben; — 
pocket, bie .§ofentafd()e. 
7'o BREECH, v. a. i. .§ofen aujicbcn : 
anf)ofen ; 2. ben 45intern pcitfckn ; 
to — the guns, bte Jtauoucu barcii, 

vid. Britch. 

To BREED, v.l.a, 1. 5eugcn, gcbarctt : 
cvsengcn, Ijeruorbrtngen, icrfcn; 2. 
aufjicbcu; erjieben, untertid)ten; 3. 
ausbrijten, au§bc(ffK; erbcnfcn; 4. 
errcgen, veranlaffen, verurfadicu ; 5. 
evfiiinen, auSfinncn, einen ^ilnfc^Iag 
fc{)micbcn; to — cattle, 93ief)jud)t 
treiben ; to — (cut) teeth, B'Jbne be- 
lommcn ; to — ill blood, bijfeS Slut 
madjen ; H. «. fic^ crscngen, erjeugt, 
geboren njerben; wac^fcn; ftd) »cr-- 

mel)ren ; a woman that breeds, Ctltc 

fd)i»angerc %xa\x. 
BREED, s. 1. bie 3«<^t, 5Irt, ©attuitg ; 

2. ©cburt, ^erfunft. 
BREEDER, s. 1. iBaS (JtwaS crjcugt, 

ber (Srjeugcr, bic ©rscugcrinn ; ®f- 

bdrerinn, frudjtbare SJiutter ; '2. bet. 





©rjie^er; 9lufjicT)er; he is a. — of 

cattle, er txtibt 58it>()juc^t. 
BREKDING, s. 1. baS Scugeit, Qithix' 

re«, erjeiigcn it. f. «3. ; 2. bic (Svjte^ 

buiifl, bev Uytcritcbt; 3. bic (fctnc) 

Silbuiig, ^cbcngavt; of good — , 

wo^lgcjOGf"' iuotjlgcjtttet. 
BREEZE, s. 1. ber fiible 2Binb (;uv 

(ace); ?anb»tub, baS frifdje ^iift; 

d)cn ; 2. bte Srcmfe. 
BHEEZELESS, afij. obnc 2Btnb, uniib= 

iltUc, fttU, vu^iij, faiift. 

HREEZV, aiij. lufttg, DOtt cillClJl fvt= 

fd)eu, fiif)lcn 3Btiibc beftvtdjcit. 
BREHON, s. (tit 3vlanb) ciit 9lici)tcr. 
BREMEN, s. (bic ©tabt) SBrcmcit. 
BRB^T, s. ci(i. Brand-goose. 

BRE.ST, s. ^rch. T. bcr Stab, 5Pfaf}t 

am ©aitlcilfugc; — summer, (tci bCtl 

Bimmci-lcutcn) bic Uttterlagc, i?attc, 
3UpVf' ^" ^aitptbalfcit, baS i8latt= 
jliicf, gta^mftucf. 

BUEVE, s. Mus. T. bic SrcV'C. 

BREVET, 5. 3lu«fevt(giitig i;it ctnem 
®ttabcitncfcl)ciiE (iit grniifreirf)) ; 2. 
^Patent fitf (5ubalterii=Dfftcfcfe. 

BREvrARY, s. 1. ba« ^vciner; %ix- 
f^cngcbctlnicft (bcr fat()olifc^eu ®cifl= 
lid)fctt); Jtird)cubitc^ ; 2. bcr 2lu§= 
jiig (eincr @cfci)ic^tc u. f. lu.). 

BREVIAT, bcr 31u«jug, ba« (Som?)cn= 

BREViATURE, s. bic 5lbt)rc»iatur, 51d= 

BREVIER, s. bic 33rc»iarc, f [ciitc 2)nttf= 
f^rtft, qjcrlfc^rtft. 

BREVITY, s. bic JtitVJC. 

To BREW, V. a. c^- «. 1. bvaucii ; 2. mis 
fc^cit, »cvmifcf)cn ; 3. /g-. ciiimcngcit, 
jubcvcitcn ; 4. fdiinicbett, atie[)crfcti ; 
to — a plot, cine ^cvfd)n)5niiig (x\u 
jfttcln ; a storm brews, cilt Ultgcicit; 

tei: jicbt aiif. 
BREW, s. brtS ©ctn-iiubc; —house, ba§ 


BREW AGE, s. bitS ©ctviiubc, ©ctrcitif c. 
BREWER, s. bcf 35icvbi-aitcv, 55fattcr. 
BREWERY, s.bic SSfaitcrci, ba8i8vau= 

BREWING, s. 1. ba« 93raucn ; 2. ®e= 
brciube ; 3. jv. T. bic SfficttcrgaUc, baS 
•Jtufftctgcu bcv ©etuittenuplfctt; there 
is a storm — , c8 jic^t citt UiigciDittcr 

BRIAR, s. vid. Brier. 

BRIBE, s. baS ©cfc^enl (Semanbcit ju 
beflcc^cit), bic 93cftcc^ung. 

Tj BRIBE, V. a. bcficdjCll. 

BRIBER, .'. bcr 53cflc4)er. 

BRIBERY, s. bic 58cflcd)uitg. 

BRICK, s. 1 . bcr ailaitcrftetn, 3tfgcl= 
ftcttt, QSacfflciu ; 2. ba« 58ri.ibc^cn, bcr 
Srctting; — bat, ba« ©tiid QicgcU 
flctii; — built, mit 2}?aucrfieiii gc= 
jjauet; — burner, bcr ^tegclbrcnticr ; 
Jft- clay, — earth, bic ^tfgf Ic^be ; — 
dust, b«8 3'cgpli"cbt; — floor, bcr 
^u^bobcit aui Sacf= obcr 3icgclflci= 
licit; — kiln, bic 3t<^9«'()iifff- Bifgfl^ 
fd^euttc; — layer, — mason, bcr9)Jau= 

ret; — maker, bcr Btegcljlrcic^icr; — 
trowel, bic 9JJaitrcrtcUe ; — wall, bic 
58«(fitcinmauer ; — work, bic dJlm- 
terarbcit; compass — s, .itcffclftciuc ; 

draining— s, Slbjltg^sicgcl; Dutch, or 
Flemish — s, ©tallfliltfcv ; pilaster or 
buttress — s, SBiltbcftctll ; samel, or 
sandei— s, SBIcic{)ftetnc, fc^Icrfit auS- 
gcbranntc Sacf ftcine ; oil of —s, ba§ 

7b BRICK, tj. a. 1. mit SBflcfflcincit 
mattcrii, obcr bclcgcu ; 2. jicgdfavbig 

BRIDAL, I. ,s'. bic .^Dc^jctt, ba« .§0^= 
jettfcfi; If. aii. l)oc^jcitHc^ ; — bed, 
taS Srautbett ; — dress ( — attire}. 

ia8S5tautflcib; —guests, bic ^pd;- 

BRIDE, s. btC Sraut; — bed, ba§ 
^rautbctt ; — chamber, bie ^Braut; 
lammcr; — s maid, bic 58raiit|uttg= 
fcr ; — s man, bcr SBraiitfit^rcr. 

BRIDEGROOM, s. bcr 33raiitigam. 

BRIDGE, s. 1. bic ^vMi ; 2. bCV ©tcg 

(aufSaitcitinftnimcnt); 3. J\r. T. bic 
3wiitgc beimSTlccpfc^lagcr; — .bote, 
bcr S^riicfeitsoU ; draw — , ciitc 3tig= 
britrfc ; — of boats, bic @d)iff6rii(fc, 
bcr !:pi)nton ; — of the nose, bcr 9la= 
fctifattcl, bcr obcre 5:;beil bcr SfJafc. 

To BRIDGE, V. a. 1. cinc SriicEe fc^!rt= 
gcit, obcr baiicn ; 2. mit ciner Srucfe 

BRIDGET, s. 93rigtttc. 

BRIDLE, s. 1. bcr'3iium, 3iiget/'^k'i^P= 
jaum ; — of the tongue, baS 3i"igf"= 
bailb ; — of the bowline, JV. T. bag 
$?olicttfpvict; — s of the moorings, 
bic 2;auc, bcr .^afeitanfcr ; — hand, 
bic '^aiib, Jcclc^c beu3nuin i)alt, Itn= 
fe .^anb. 

To BRIDLE, c. I. a. 1. Ctltcn 3<l'l'n ««= 

Icgcit; 2. saitmcit, aitfjaitmctt ; 3. jig. 
( — in), im 3'Tiine ^altcit, rcgicrctt, 
jiiijmcn, baiibtgcti, citifcbraitEcit ; II. 
71. bag Jtiitit ciitjicbctt, ftcfe briiflcii. 

BRIDLER, s. bcr2lufsaumcr;/o-. 58ait= 

BRIEF, I. s.l. bie (5d)rift,fitri;c(2 thrift; 
2. bcr fd)riftlii1)c 53efci)l ; 3. ba« 5pa= 
tent, bcr offcue ^ricf (jur (Silaubnt§ 
ciiic Sciflcuer eiitjitfammcln) ; 4. bcr 

51llgjtig ; JIiis. T. vid. Breve ; U. adj. 

(adv.-'-h\), htr^, biinbig. 
BRIEFNESS, s. btc jliirjc, Siinbtgfcit. 
BRIER, s. bcr Strand), 5)ornftraud) ; 

sweet—, ber .O^igcbnttcnftrand) ; 

wild — , bie WilbC 9Jl)|C ; — book, bcr 

Sornfiorf mit eincm ^afcn. 
BRIERY, adj. bomig, ftddjlig.raiib. 
BRIG, s. 1. bie SBrigatttiuc; 2. vid. 

BRIGADE, s. bie 33rigabc ; — major, 

bcr ^vi3abK=33?a)or. 
To BRIGADE, v. a. til ciuc 3i?rigabc 

formircit, ycvfainmcln, sufamincu= 


BRIGADIER, — General, s.bcr 53riga= 

bier, ©encral ciner 53riga6e. 
BRIGAND, s. ber Stratienraubcr. 
BRIGANDAGE, s. bic ^jaubcrci, §plillt= 

BRIGANTINE, ... 1. btc Srigautttic ; 

2. (—dine), + citic 5lrt ^Panjcr, 5iBaf= 


BRIGHT {adv.— ly), adj. 1. bcU, glan= 

jciib, flar, Iid)t, ffbeiiiciib, bnrd)ftd)= 
tig ; 2. fff. bcutlicb, augcnrd)cinlid), 
flar; 3. aufgcflart, t)cU ; 4. beriitmit; 
5. oortrcfflirp ; — bay, ber <Bci)wu^= 
fnd)«; — eyed, mit glanseubcti 5Ut=: 

Sen, fiar=,l)eUaugig ; —haired, glanj= 
aarig; blottb; — harnessed, mit 
glaujcnbcr, btanfcr, funfclnber Cl{ii= 
ftnng, fitnJchibcm ©cfc^imcibc ; — 
shining, {)cllglanjcnb. 

To BRIGHTEN, 71. 1, a. 1. bcll mnd)cn, 
erbcUen, ai.fbcKcn, crlcud)ten; glan= 
jenb rnac^cn, polircn, gliittcn (mit 
up) ; 2. fig. anffliircii ; aitfbcitern ; 
anfgcaicdt, luftig, fd)arf, wi^ig, ftnn= 
reid), bcriiE)mtiiiadu'u, <jer{)errlid)tn; 
II 71. 1. bell ivctbcn, fid) anfbcfleii, 
fid) aitfflarcu, fid) anf()eitcrn ; 2. 
glanjcn, funfcdt, fd)immern. 

BRiGHTNEgs, ,■;. 1. bcr Oianj, bcUc 
Sdicin, btc .6cilc, Jtlarbeit; 6eitcr= 
tcit (be« .*5tiiimcl5, bcr ?uft):"'5)]plt- 
tur, ©lattc; l)cllc 'garbe; $rad)t; 
2./^. ?Iufgo!lart^cit bcs aSerftanbci?, 
bcr Sdiar^ftnn. 

BRILL, s. cinc iiitigc 9}iccrbuttc. 

BRILLIANCY, ,t. bh'SIan;, bic ipradit. 

BRILLIANT, I. s. 1. bcr SrtHtant, 

Olaiuftcin, SRaiitcnbiamant, edig. ge^ 
fctiliffcne iSbclfiein ; 2. etn Iebl)aftc«, 
mut^igcS ^fcrb sou ftattlic^cmOttC: 
bcrbau ; II. adj. {adv. — ly), gliin-- 
jenb, flimmcrnb, fc^ciueiib; {)eruor4 
ftcdicub; prac^tig. 

BRILLIANTNESS, s. vid. Brilliancv. 

BRILLS, J. pi. bic .&aare ait ben yiu« 
gcnliebcrn bcr ?|]ferbf. 

BRIM, s. 1. bcr Oiaiib irgcnb ciner ©a» 
dK; 2. bcr pbcrc X(ml (JHanb) ciner 
giiifl'tgEcit; 3. baS Ufer ciner OacU 
le ; to the — , bis an belt 3ianb, jum 

To BRIM, V. I. a. Us an bcu diani »oU 
gie^cn, gnnj i>oU fiilUn : II. n. geflrt^ 
^ciisoufcpn; itbcrlaufen. 

BRIMFUL, adj. kdII big an ben gianb, 
ganj »oU, iibcn^QlJ. 

BRIMLESS, aJj. uncingcfa^t, ot>ne 

BRIMMER, .». ba§ geflricfecn i>oUe ®k«, 
bcr »p11c 53cd)er, Lg>umvcii. 

BRIMMING, adj. bt« obcu an soil. 

BRLMSTONE, .s. bcr ©(^Wcfcl ; — mat- 
ches, ©C^iuefclfvane ; — niedals, 2lb= 

briide in Sc^wcfcl; — wort, <B^vot' 
fctiDurj, ©aufcnd)ct, .^aavflrattg 

(Peucedanum — i). 
BRIMSTONY, adj. fcbwcfclig. 

BRINDED, arf/.fc|)cii3,gcflctft, gcfpreit: 

felt, gcflrcift. 
BRINDLE, s. ba« ©^ed'ige, ©ejireiftt, 

Sprcnfligc, bic ©c^ecfc. 

BRINDLED, adj. vid. BrindeA 

BRINE, s. 1. bag ©aljivaffcr, bte ?afi; 
*2. bie (Sec; 3. bic^()ra«en; — p,in, 
bie (Salspfanne ; — pit, bic (Saljqutl^ 

To BRINE, V. a. ctnfaljcn, cinvBfek. 

To BRING, V. ir. a. brjngcn, (lierbef) 
fcbaffen, obrr fiifjren, trageii, h. f. "». 
jig. yerurfacfeen ; (to— to, ju (StmoS) 
bringeit, v>ermi)gcn, bcivcgcn; lo- 
an action against one, H)iber3fIWftnb{n 
gcvidjtlic^ flagcn ; to — a thing to 
one's remembrance, 3cmattbcn (tn (St= 
Wag cvinnern; to — a woman to bed. 

cinc %xan jn Sette bringcn, fte tnt* 
bitibcn; to — acquainted, bcfamitwa- 

d)en ; to — (to pass, or to bear) about, 
anbringen; umfiti>ren; bcwcvfflcUt^ 
gen, augfiifjren, jii (Stanbe bjingcn ; 

to — a design about, fctlte 3lbfid)t er= 
reid)en ; to — away, wegbringen ; to 
— back, jnriicfbringcn ; to — by the 
lee, JV. T. cinc (Siile faiigen,- inbem 
fid) bag (5d)if an bcr ?ccfcitc berum^ 
bret;t unb in ben 3Binb fommt; to — 
down, l)intinter obcr berunter briiu 
gen ; entEraften, fd>iiiad;fn ; beraiV 
tl)igen, {lcinmad)cn; to — forth, bcr= 
»or (ang S2id)t) bviiigcn, barpellen, 
auffiellcii, ftcllcn, bringcn ; gcbiiren, 
jcugcn, tuerfcn; to — forward, wr^ 
antrtg bringcn; befijvbcrn, treiben; 
to — in (into), btncinbrinc^cn ; ftnge= 
wiUntcn; in bic@cwohnbcit bringcn, 
cinni^rcn, cinbringcn ; @en.Mnn brins 
gen ; one thing brings in another, ©I' 
iicg folgt nuf bag 5lnbcrc ; to — in 
guilty, sernrt()eilcn ; to — in not guil- 
ty, logfpred)cn ; to — in a horse, Sp. 

E. bem $fcrbe bag S^ncUen (mil 
bcm itopfc) abgciiiijbncn ; eg bfvtet^ 
bringcn ; to — into practice, in ^Xwi^ 
fii^rhng bringcn ; to- — into disrepute, 
in liblc'n Diuf bringcn ; to — one into 
an aflVay (trouble), (Silicn in .^lillbcl 
veriBicfcln ; to — low, nicbcrbringcii, 
iiiebcnucrfcn ; crntcbrigen, bcmiitljia 
gen, fdjwad;cn, entEraften ; to — ort; 
abbringcn; berangjicben, rcttcn, ba= 
yon bcifen ; ang bcr aScrlcgcnbcti 
reipcn; abratben; to — on, 'anjlcl* 
' Icn; I'cranlaffen : f crtragcn, sprncb* 


»c« ; til 2Sii-ifam!eit fe^cn, anfuf)= 
rcit, ntileitcu, gclegentd'c^ {)ev»pr6vtit= 
flcii ; to — over, fjCfuOcv brtitgeii ; fiir. 
bcrctcit, }u etner aubcni ^4^nrrct brin= 
gen; befci)rcii; to — out, [jecaujibi-tn- 
gen, brtugeu ani . . .; aiisbmcjcn, 
crjdf)lcu; bavftelkit, 5fti]fit; to — 
out a story, uiitcv bie Scitte bringeu ; 

to — round, »orfa()rcil ; to — salva- 
tion, fc(t3 inac^eii ; to — to, mapigeit, 
gahmeit, bdnbigeit, jinit @cl)in-fant 
bringeu ; to — one to justice, (?incu' 
sjccflagcn, »or ®erid)t briiigcn, een 
^lon^ mad)eu; to-— one to his 
death, ©rfjulb a« 3emaube§ 2;obe 
je\)n. ; to — to life again, wieber inS 
iJebcn rufeu ; to — to light, an ben 
"Sag bvitigen j to — to poverty, an ben 
SBctttliltab fartugcn; to — to subjec- 
tion, untei'mcrfcic ; to — one to him- 
self, or to his wits, (Stneii 5U fitf) fclbft 
fenngen ; I shall never — him to do it, 

ti^ waH t^n nif baju bcaiegcu f onuen ; 
I cannot — myself to it, tci; fann eg nicfet 
"ibei'8 .§evs bringeu ; to — together, 
.'•erfij^nen; to — to a ship, jv. T. tin 
fcc^ijf beicre^cn, auff)itUen, einfeofcn ; 
ta — under, bejwiagen, iiberantUigen, 
Knfcvroerfcu ; to — up, (jcraiif, bin= 
«uf bviugen, bvingeu niif . . ; aufbrin= 
gen; Hac^^olea, iiact)tritgcti (fauf- 
mduttifc^e ^Biic^cr, u. f. m'.); au^k= 
^eit, etjtebeu, bilbeu; fiiln'cn, anfiif)= 
ten, befct)ligcn ■ anviirf en laffen ; au8= 
tt»f cfeii, au*ft)eien ; • to — up to one's 
hand, auf cigeue SSeife erjjie^ett; to 

— up a chilli by hand. ftU Jl'inb 0|)ne 
SBvuft anfjicben ; to — up children to 
one's ou-n i.railc, ifttllbevil ba§ ua(cclt= 
ii)t i^nntirctf (evncu laffen ; to —up a 
ship, ein Sc()iff aufbvingcn, crobern 
(«0H Ji'juffabreru itnb .(toblenfc^ifi 
feu) • ben 'iluEer auSroerfeu, »or 'iln- 
fcv (f^eu ; to — up phlegm, ^a^eu 
SdMciin auSmerfen ; to — up the rear, 
bie "Jli'ftcrgarbe bcfebligeu; beu'J^id^= 
jiu^ bilbeu, bcu Jiiicfjug becfeu; to — 
(ipon, yeruvfarfieu, sujieben; to — 
word to one, (Siaent 9'Jaci)i'ic^t bringeu, 
^efc^eib ^cbea. 

BRINGER, s. bei UebcrOrtngcr; — in, 
bev QtmaS briugt, bcrein bringl ; — 
up, bfr ©rjicber; '•,'I«fiti)rei-; —sup, 
pi. bits biutei-fte ^jlieb beim iDZilitdr. 

BRINISH, adj fdjtg. 

BRINISHNE3S, s. bte Sat^tgteit. 
FJUNK, s. hit 3ianb; ^3ot!>, baS (St- 
BRINV, <i>y. faljig. 

ORISK (aio.— ly), ndi-ftiftii, fliuf, [cb = 

^aff, muutcr; froblic^; madfer; — 

demand, i'dufigcSflatl)frage ; a — gale 

of wind, etu fiifcl)er Wm, aOtubflop ; 
a — sale, etit fc^tteller Slbfa^; we 
gave them a — charge, Wir fcaerteu 

loacfer cmf fte etu, griffcu fte mut()ig 

To BRr*-;K/pp), V. a & n. frtf<^, Icbliaft, 

mutbtg anrii(fcu, f^i^mll ^erbei font: 
men; barauf loSfKir^en, angeftiirmt 
fontuteu ; to — one's self up, ftit auf- 

mnntccn, ftc^ lufltg mad)eu. 
luiHKET, s. bie *:6i-uft {eiiic3 2;6ic= 

re§), ba« ^ruftfliicf ; a3ntftbeiii ; bie 

boble sBrnfl. 
UUi.SKNESS. x. bie Sebfiafttgfeit, ■iKun- 

terffir, (JlefdMcinbigfcit, iaS geuer ; 

bie 8riJ^ltcl)!ett. 
URISTLE. s. bie 33orfte, ©d)aKin§bor= 

fie ; dressed — s. fortirte i^orftcn ; 

undressed — 3, uufortivte iHivfton. 
T,i BRISTLE, I!. I, a 1. bovfteit ; 2. to 

— a thread (bei ®d)ubmad)evu), eiiie 
Sorfte an ben 'Dvabt fe^en, jnfpi^en, 
anbceben ; ii. n. fid) ftrduben, fid) bor= 
<leu ; my hair hristles. taS ^aax 
ftrnubt fic^, fieijt mir ju ^crge ; to — 


up to one, tro^ig auf 3cmanben fo«- 

gc^en, ibin tro^en. 
BRISTLY, (K/jr-.borfiig, wie23orfien. 
BRISTOL-FLOWERS, .■!. (—nonsuch) bie 

?9(^nis feitie mt 3lelfe). 
BRIT, s. ber Srit (^lauic eiueS 3i= 

BRITAIX, s. 1. 3?rittauuien, ©ng^ 

lanb ; 2. ber 53ritte ; Great-Britain, 

BRITANNIC, > 04 brittifc^, brittau= 

BRITISH, 5 liifd) 

BRITANNIA, s. * sUrithtunicu, 

BRiTANY, s. SBretaguc. 

BRITCH, s. ber f)iutere X^dl einer ^a- 
none, Slinte, u. f. w. 

Ti> BRITCH, V. a. (bic Jlauoueu) ntit 
Scihucrf bcfeftigeu. 

BRITCHING, s. bag Seitiverf au Jtauo= 
ncn, ber ^Broof. 

Tu BRITE (Briout), v. n. iibcrreif n3cr= 
bcu («30U®etreibeartcu). 

BRITON, I. «. ber *Brittc, Srittannier "; 
n. aiij. brittauuifd). 

BRITTLE, adj. briid)ig, jerbrec|)Ii«^, 
jerbrDcfelub, fprbbe. 

BRITTLELY, ado. $erbrcd)Iicft. 

BRrrTLENESS. s. bte 3crbrectlic^fcit 

BRIZE. s. bie Sremfc. 

BROACH, .».l. bersBratfpic^; 2.€tif; 
bie Sproffe, ©pi^e (an bent ©emeibc 
jungcr.6irfd)c); 3. 3:ud)nabel ; bic 
Sieibable, (S)ldttaf){e; Spiubel; 4. 
bie 2>rcl)orgef, ^eier. 

Tn BROACH, v. a. 1. an bcu 93ratfpieB 
ftecfen ; anfpie^eu, auffpiefien ; 2. aii= 
bot)rcu, anjapfen ; 3. f^ ^erauSlaf= 
feu, aualaffeu; nugerit, augbringen, 
aufbringcn , uerbreiten ; — to, JV. T. 
eiiie (Sulc faugeit, ober auf bein SBinb 
laufen (plijfelid) mit bcm JBinbe gc= 
{)eu, inbeni fid) baS (Sd)ifT lu»mart« 
berum bre[;t, uub in @cfa(;r Eommt 
uingcworfeu 5U merben.) 

BROACHER, s. 1. bcr SratfpieS ; 2. ber 
Slujapfer ; 3./^. ber erfl aitjjert. 

BROAD (ado. — hY),adj. i. bxcit, WClt, 

weitidufig; 2. pffeu/bcli; 3. breift, 
frci ; unfeufcfe, fchmuljig, fc^titpferig ; 
raub, grob, vlatt; to speak — , platt, 
grub, rauf) fprccfecu; frcirebeu; to 
make — , cnueitcri:, aueiaffen; (as) 

— as long, fo laiig wie brcit, auf (SiuS 
biuaug laiifenb ; tlie — of an oar, bie 
Siubcrpfatte ; —awake, vt'llig mun= 
ter;— ax, baS il3rettbei(, bie 3i'>i= 
mcrart; — blown, uoUig reif, jur 
Cleife gebieben ; — breasted, breitbrit= 
ftig ; niit ftarfer 53ruft ; — brimmed, 
niit eiuem breiteu diauix ; — • cast, 
einc 3lvt, SelbfritdXe ^u baucit, inbent 
bcr Same mit ber ^anb auSgeflreut 
Wirb ; — cloth, (breitcS) feiueg Xnd) ; 
a — conviction, ctue ci)ilige Uebcr= 
fttbvuug, Ueber^eugung ; — day-iiffht, 
belter lid)ter Xac[ ; — eved, groBdu^ 
gig; njcit fel)cub; — faced, mit brei= 
tent @cftd)te ; — fronted, breitftiruig, 
breitfijpfig ; — garlic, ©iegnjurjel' ; 

— horned. gro6= obcr biffborutg ; — 
leaved, brcitbldttevig ; — noon. peHer 
flJIittag ; — seal, bag groge (fi)uig(i= 
ri)c) Stegel; — shouldered, brcitf*u(= 
tcrig; side, JV. 7'. bie ^attcriefeite; 
yolleSage (*i(bfeurung aller Jlauo= 
uen onfeiiierScite be* ©c^iffeg auf 
etu )SUl) ; Ti/p. T. ber gro^e ^iSogen, 
tlJiaubatbogeu, bag Duerformat ; to 
give a — side, viil. eiue uoUc Sagc gcben, 
befdjictJeu; —spreading, fic^'augbrci= 
tenb, anggefpreijt ; a — stare. baS 
f^arre 9lugaffeu (mit wcit aufgeriffe= 
tttn 9lugcn), ber fredje unoerfcbdmtc 
33licf ; — miicb, ipiattftid) ; SBortcn^ 
fticterei ; - sword, bag SiV^ert, ber 
.*paubegc ':j?allafd) ; — stone, bcr 


Duartevflein; — tai;ed, brci(. bitf- 

BROADiSH, a///, nac^ bci' (iu bic) SBrci» 

tc; frei, f^liipferig. 
BROADNESS, s. 1. bte SSreitc, ^ffietrc ; 

51ugbcl)nung ; 2. ©dbliipferigfett ; 

^piattbett, @robJ)ctt. 
BROADWISE, adv. uaci) bcr Srcite. 
BROCADE, .5. ber Srocat, feibeneSeug 

mit ciugcwcbtcn 33lumeu. 

BR(3CADED, adj. 1. tvic Srocat flCr 

webt; 2. iu Srocatgefleibet ; 3. bro= 

BROCAGE, s. vid. Brokerage. 

BROCCOLI, s. bcr broccoli. 

BROCK, s. bcr Sa_d)g. 

BROOKET. s. ber fepieger, Spiegfjirfc^ 

(jn)cijdl}rigc ^§irfd)). 
BRODEKLN, s. bcr .(oalbfticfcl. 
BROGUE, .9. 1. ber ©(^ub ; 2. bie »er= 

bcrbfe Slugfprac^e, bag Jtauber= 


7'o BROIDER, r-. a. fticfcu. 
BKOIDERER, *-. bcr gtiifcr, ber Jllci^ 

bet itfefet. 
BROIDERY, s. bic ©ttrfcrci. 
HROIL, s. .Ser ?drm, bag ©etbfc, ber 

?lufrui)r, iSumult ; ^ani, ©treit. 
j 7^0 BRoiis »). I. a. aiif bent Stofte obcr 

am Seuer braten ; XL v. in ber .§i^c 
I fc\iu, bratcu. 
BROILER, s. 1. ber3Jofl; 2. ber auf 

bcm ;"){ofk, u. f. w. bratct; 3. bcr 


BROKEN', part, of To Break, gcbrc- 
C^CU, U. f. W. ; to speak — English, 

gebrod)cn ©ugiifd) rcbcu; — letter. 
Typ. T. bie yerfd)obcite ?«orm ; a — 
officer, ein abgebauftcr Offijicr ; — 
merchant, bcr ycrborbeuc Jtaufmau:;, 
gallit ; — hearted, mit jcrfuirfcbtcii; 
i*5erjen; — wind, bcr 5)ampf; — 
winded, mit uutcrbrod)enem 3ltbent. 

BROKiiXLY, adv. uutcrbrodjcu, ftiirf= 

BROKENNESS, s. bie Rerbrocfteubcit.. 

BROivJiNWiND, s. bcriDampf (J£rauf= 
bcit bcr Spfcrbe). 

BROKER, s. 1. bcr WlalUv, ©cnfal, 
Unter()dubler; 2. Srbbter, 5:r^j^el= 
niauu ; 3. ^eirat[)gftiftcr, Jluppler 
pawn — , ^^fdubleiber. 

BROKERAGE, s. 1. bag aJJdficrgcIb, 
bic 2)JdtlcrgebiiI)r. ©cufarie, Gour= 
tage, ^romfiou ; 2. bie 3}2dfclci ; be: 

BROKERLY, adj. trbbe(md{iig ; uic= 
brig, friec|cub,"gcmein. 

BROME-GRASS, *. bic XrfgpC. 

BRON(iHlAL, I adj. j;ur iiiuftrbtjrc, ®ur= 
BRONCHic, ) gel gcbiJrig. 

BRONCHOTOMY, .s. 6'. T. btC ?uftrot)^ 

reuoffuung, bcr @urgclfd)uitt. 
BROND, 5. -I- bag ©cbicert, vid. Brami. 
BRONTOLOGY, s. bie iJe^rc «om 2)011= 

BRONZE, s. 1. bte 93ronje, ®Iccfeii= 

fpeife, bag (§ri,; 2. bie eberue Sigiir 

ober alte Sciifmiiuje ; •— powder, 

To BRONZE. V. a. 1. broujircii, becr= 

jeu, mit (5rjiiberfd)Iag iibcvjiei;ciu 

(Srjfarbe gcben ; 2. ^drten. 
BROOCH^ s. f. bag ©efdjmetbe, bcv 

©d)muit bie 3umefe, Suioclen; bos 

Jtlcinob ; 2. bie ilurcnuabcl ; (£pan= 

ge ; 3. T. bag eiufarbige ©emdlbe. 
To BROOCH, V. a. mit SuTOclcu fcljmii: 

To BROOD, V. n. & n. 1. brutcu ; augs 
briiteii ; pflcgcit, mdrmcii, fovgfaltig 
vcnuabrcu ; bie Jtiirblei" "tit bc« 
§(itge(u bcbccfen ; 2. fig. in 3^ac^bctt» 
fen yerfuitfeii fci)U, briiten. 
BROOD, .'■•. 1. bic iBrnt, .^etfc ; 2. a — 
of pijj'-ons. ciu SUid Saubett; — 
hen. bic i>riitt)enne, @lu(fe. 





nROOK, s. bet 93n(^; — hawking, 
Sp. T. bic (Sntenjagb mtt ^^alfen ; — 

lirae, bie S3arf)buni]en (reranica be- 
cambunga — J J : — mint, btC 28affcV= 

miinje, tinbc Jiivaufemiinjc ; — ur- 
sine, bie SBareiittau, vid. Brankursix. 

To BROOK, V. a. ixtx%tn, aiiS^altcii, 
crbulbf n, ycrfc^mer^en ; leibeii. 

RROOKV, ndj. yoti ^Qac^cn bur(^fc^nit= 
ten, luafferreic^, beroaffcrt. 

BROOM, .?. 1. bie ®inftcr, bie ®enifle, 
'i&% ^Pfricmenfi-aut ; ba§ Sl^obifet^ 
obei- Cfiott)f)o!5 ; 2. bcr 33cfcn ; — land, 
bie .§cibe (iro yiet ©enific wiii^fl) ; 

— lime, ber ©^rcnpreiS {Veronica — 
/J ; — man, — maker, bev ©efen^ 
biuber; — rake, bct ©riiib, J?opf= 
avinb; — rape, bie @cnncn«Mir5 

(Orobanchc — />.) ; — staff, stick, ter 

Sefenftic! ; — woman, bie ^-Bcfciitiii; 
beriitn ; butciiers — , ber 3)Jaufebont 
(Ruscus — //.) ; flaff — , whisk — , bcr 

3Jet«bci"eit, bie iJieiSbiirPe, ber Jtlei^ 
berbefeti; turk's head — , eiit Sefcn 
jum ijegeii bcr Seppic^c; sweet—, 

i6cibe {Erica — /J. 
BROOMY, firf/ W\l ©ciliflf. 

BROTH, s. bic ?Vleif4)briil;e, jtraft= 

BROTHEL, Brothemiouse, s. baS 

Sorbefl, .§ureiihau8. 

BROTHELRY, s. bflS .gureiimefeii ; 
©eil^cit, Uitjucfct. 

BROTHELEi^, s.bcv liebcrIic&e3J?enfc^, 
vufg. .^iireiijaf^cr. 

BROTHER, s. bcr 53niber; — in-law, 
ber ©c^wagcr ; half — , step — , ber 
©ticfbrubev ; foster — , bcr 2)iilc^- 
bntbcr, 3JJitfau(]lin(j; — officer, 
aUitofftcicr, Jtrici5«Ea'mcrab. 

BROTHERHOOD, s. bie 35riibcrfci)aft. 

BROTHERLESS, adj. brubevlO§. ' 
BROTHERLIKE, adj. flleift) cillCm 


RROTHERLOVE, s. bic a3rubevltcbe. 
LiHOTHERLY, aiij. briiberlid); glcicti 
einem Sriiber. 

/ROW, s. I. bie 9htgenbrauite ; 2. 
©tirn ; 3. baS SInfcijcn, bie ^Olknt ; 
i. Jig-. '^^il)t, €pifec, bcr ©ipfet; to 
bend or knit the — , bic Stint riltiscllt ; 
to clear ui) the — , ftc^ aitf[;eiterii, cr= 
beitcnt ; by the sweat of thy ■ — , till 
©^wei^e beiiieg 9lngcfi(^tS; the — 
of heaven, btc ^^U)t be3 i^tmillclS ; 
the — of a hill, ber i}lbl)ang, (@ipfcl) 
eincS 53erge« ; — antlers, bie Stirn= 
(Srtben ani @eweif)e; — hound, * um= 
txixn^t, umbttnben (mit ?oibccreit, 
«. f. n).) ; — post, ein Diierbalfcu. 
To BROW, V. a. bcgretijcn. 
To BROW-BEAT, v. a. buret; cin fro^t: 
;c8 5lnfei)Crt erfcftvetfcn; ciiif^iid)= 
fern; finftcv anblicfen. 
BROWED, adj. umgrcnjt niit 91ugcn= 

BROWLESS, adj. unocrfd^Smt. 
UROWN, ndj. braitn ; — bill, eine 9lrt 
cine? SSit'rffptctJe* ber alten engli= 
fc^cn 5nfantcrte; — bread, (24'wntj= 

bvob ; — owl, bcr U()1I ; — paper, ba§ 

• ^-Cacfpnptcr; — study, bie biifiern 
(S)cbanfcu, bcr Siefftnn ; — stout, bn§ 
ftarEc (boppcUc) ^ortcrbiev; —sugar, 
bcr t^arinjiicfcr ; — wort, bte S3raun= 
wurj {Scrofuiaria — L.) ; Sruitelle. 

BROWNISH, adj. braunlicft. 

BROWNNESS, s. bie ^raune, braune 

BROWSE, s. bic (Sproffe, bcr Spvij!l= 
linc^, bag Saub ; — wood, baS £trauc^= 

To BROWSE, V. I. a. bic Sproffcn ab= 
freffen, abmeiben ; n. n. roeiben (mit 


To BRUISE. V. a. ()uctfd)en, jcriittft= 
'i<^en, jerflo^en, jtrfc^Iagen; tuunb 

(braun iinb blau) fcf)(agen; to be 
bruised all over, njie jcrfci^lagcn (ge= 
rdbert) fepn. 

BRUISE, s. ^te Onctfdmng, SBunbe, 
J^raufiijc, Stricmc; — wort, bic 
2BaUiinir5 {Si/mpiu/him — L.\ 

BRUISER,,? 1. cin SScrfjcng jnni^po^ 
lircn optifd)cr ffllcifer; 2. vit.'g. ein 
(5«"flfanipfcr, Scorer. 

BRUMAL, adv. jtim SBiutcr gel)i>rig, 
ttintcrlid), im SBintcr. 

BRUNETTE, s. bie Sriincttc. 

BRUNioN, s. bie 33runcUe. 

BRUNSWICK, s. SBraunfc^weig fStabf). 

BRUNT, s. ber @tp§, Slnfall, 9lngriff ; 
^txiid), ©ctjlag {iaS Ungliicf) ; to 
stand the first — , bcn crficn 51ngriff 
miS^aUen, abfialten; after the —of 
battle, uacb bem Xrcffcn ; to stand the 

— of ngcs, bciu ^ai)n bcr ^tit 

BRUSH, s. 1. bie aSiirile; ber grofc 
■^Jinfcl, ^orflenvinfef, Ouoft'; -2. 
Sdimanj (beg Snct)fc«, it. f. w.) ; 
3. ba« ^icis^olj; 4. Sicficbt; bcr 
Strrtup ; — maker, bcr i^iir)tcnbin= 
bcr ; — wood, baS 9tci§{)ol5, SJciftg, 
eti-ai:c6t)o[5; ©cnifle. 
To BRUSH, r,.Ln. l.biirflcn, abbiivflcn, 
auSbiirflen ; 2. nnpinfcln, anflreid)cn, 
fc^micrcn; 3. jcifcbcn, abwifdjcn; 
U. V. flicgen, fortcilen, fireictjcn; to 

— away, to — off. abbiirftcrt ; n>eg= 
fii^rcn; ft^ ba»on (fort) inacben, 
wegnjifcben ; to — by, yorbci )lrcifen ; 
sorbei flicgen. 

BRUSHER, s. bcr Qlbbiirfier. 
BRUSHY, adj. rauc^, t)aarig, fiacf)elig, 

BRUSK, adj. iin[)ofIic^, bovfc^, tro^ig, 


BRUSSELS, .•». SSriiffcl (Stiibt). 
To BRUSTLE, r. n. raufd)cn, fnarrcn, 

frac^en, fnittern ; to — up to one, auf 

giucn loSgct)eit, IoSfaf)ren, t^m bie 

<Spi§e bieten. 

BRUTAL {ndv. — i.y), adj tfiicvifc^, viC- 

bifrf), unincnfc^licb, it'itb, rob, gvob. 
BRUTALITY, s. bic Uumenf(|Ii4)Ecit, 

Orobbcit, 9iobbcif. 
To BRUTALIZE, v. n. <c- v. oic^ifd), «n= 

mcnfrf;lid), njilb inac^en, Juerben ober 

fei)n; »erwilbcrn. 

BRUTE {ad<\ — \.\), I. adj. tbicrifci^, 

iiuyernijnftig. roilb, raub, ungcfittct, 
ungc^ogcn, iinbanbig, griinmig, grob: 
finnloS ; — violence, tbicrifdje ®e= 
wait; II. .«. 1. ba§ iinyevnunftige 
Sbier, SSieh; 2. bcr itngcbilbctc, g'c= 
fiibllofe/ graufanic 2JJcnrd). 
To BRUTIFY, r. a. ^um ^icbe iiiadjcn, 
beS SSerfianbcS bcvaiibcn, cntmcn= 

BRUTISH (ndv -v), ndi t1)imf^, 

vicl)ifd), ftnnlid), fltifcblid), nnjiic^^ 
tig, wilb, grob, rob, granfnm, unge= 
ftttct, ununffenb. ' 

BRUTiSHNKss. .■>. biiS sic^ifrfje SBc^ 
fen, bie tbierifdjc SButb, SBilbbeit, 

BRYONY, ,•.■. bic 3>TIllViibe {Bryonia 

— L.). 

BUBBLK, .•!. 1. bie SBafferblafc, SBtnfc ; 
l.'fig. bas Uiibing, Vm nicbtswcrtbe 
Sac^c (bn- ^>ftffevling, Sicut, Onarf) ; 
3. bcr lec^cin, Sctrng; ba§ tcerc 
SPvojcct; 4. bcr i^ctrogcne, 3\axx ; to 
make a — nf one, Kinc'n juin 9Jarvtn 
babcn ; — and squeak, gfiinbfleifd) unb 
•iiobl snfammcn gcfottcn. 

To BUBBLE, V. I. n. (to — up) 1. 58la= 

fen wcvfen, anfiDnllcn, fprnbctn; 2. 

inurmcln, riiiifd)cn, ricfetn; ii. a. 

vuig. (iffcn, Ijintfrgcben, betriigcn; 

to — out of, &c., betViigen urn. 
BUBBLER, s. bcr SSctriigcr, 5PreI!er. 
BUBBY, s. ru'a. bie wetl'lic^c SBrnft. 

BUBO. i. bie ?ciflenbcule, vcnerifcfci 

BUBONOCELE, s. bcr >gobcnbrn(^. 
BUCANiER (— eer), s. bcr $^ucanicr. 

BUCCELLATION, s. Ch. T. bic 3eitbct» 

lung in grijfcre Stitcfc. 

BUCENTAUR, .t. 1. bcr spuccutaut 
(balb 3}knfri) balb ©tier); 2. (fonft) 
"o'm gvof>e @taat§''c^iff in sBencbifl 
bti bcr SBcrmabtnng beg Siogcn mil 
bent abriatifd;en 3}iecve am ^tmmcl= 

BUCK, s. 1. bcr 5Bd3, baS lOWnudjcn 
ycvfcbiebcncr 'Sl^int ; 2. bcr Stumer, 
33Jobcnarr; 3. bie 23auc^e, Sauge ; 
4. ilJ3dfc^e; —ashes, bie ?augcnafcpe ; 

— basket, bcr 2Bafcf)forb ; — bean, 
bie 33o(f^bobne, bcr 53ittcrflcc, gie= 

berflce {Meni.avt.hes trifo'iata — L.) ; 

— goat, ber Sifflfnt'otf, ®ci§bocf; 
— 's hoin, bas i^unbSgraS {Piantngn 
Curonojius — /J; bic yJcafrclc; — 's 
horn tree, bcr !jirginifd)e Suniacl; 

{Rhus tryvhinum ct glabrum — Z.) ', — 

mast, bic ®ud)maft; — skin, bctfs 
Icbcrn ; — stall, Sp. T. eine 91rt eincS 
grofjcn SfJc^cS jum S^ngcn bcS JTiotb^ 
wilbcS; — thorn, bcr jlrcujborn, 
©tcrbborn, SScgeborn {Rhammis — 
/J; — thorn berry, bic J^rcnjbccrc , 

— weed, ?■(■(/. Monev-wort; — wheat. 

bcr SBucbiveijcn, baS .^cibcfrnut. 
To BUCK, T). I. a. SSafcbe einwcidjen, 

bauc^cn, roafdien ; H. n. fid) bclaufen, 

befDvingcn, fid)- paaren (son .g>afc!!, 

.Sam-^ctjcn, u. f. «j.). 
BUCKET, s. bcr aBaffereimcr- baa 

Sturmfafj, bie ScuevEt^'c, bcr 'Jcuci-^ 

BUCKING-STOOL, s. ber aSafc^bocf, 

BUCKLE, s. \. bie Stftnalle, Slinnge; 

2. ^ocfe, .§aavlo(fe. 

To BUCKLE V. L a. fr()na!lcn, an: ebt j 
fluffd)nallen ; II. n. fig. 1. fid) riipeii, 
fid; jubcrcitcn ; 2. ^c| friimmcn, ftrtj 
biegen ; 3. nnjlogen, angrenjeu ; 4. 
banbgemcin werben, fid) fd)la3en, 
fid) ranfcn ; to — to a thing, ftc^i auj 
^\\\:<xi Icgcu, i\\ ^{-K^i anfcbicPcn ; 

he buckles himself to stiidv, cr Wirfl 
pc^ auf bie 2Biffenfd)nftcn. 
BUCKLER, s. bcr Scbib; — s, ;7. J\". T 

bie Jlliiejapfen. 

BUCKRAM, I. s. 1. bie Stciffcintimnb, 
ber (5d)etter ; 2. — s, bcr luilbc Jtnob- 
laud), 9?amfel; ll. a?;. ficif, formlid). 

BUCOLIC, L .5. 1. bcr ihifolift; 2. ba« 
4!)irtcngebicf)t; ir ndj ju cincm buEo- 
lifd;cn ©cbicbt gebijrig, Idublir^. 

BUD, s. bie .5ino«pe, baS 9luge; bcr 
Jteim; — tree, bcr SubaSbauiit (wilbc 
3obanniSbrobbflnm) ; nipped in the 
— , im Jtcinte erfiidft. 

To BUD, 1-. \.n. 1. fnospen, 9higcn gc-- 
n.nnncn, aiisfd)lagen; 2. fcimVit, 
fproffcn, tm 2Bacbfcn ober im 331it= 
bcn fc\)n ; H. a. ciitjttieigcn, oculircu, 
Vfropfcn, inipfcn. 

BUDA, s. Ofen (Stabt in llngnrn). 

To BUDDLE, V. a. Min. T. (Srs'lVOfdlcn. 

BUDDi,E, s. Min. T. bcr aBafd)trog jii 
ben 'Srjcit, bic SBdfdje. 
BUDGE, s. ba§ gcgertte SammSfelt; 

— barrel, baS blcci)erne mit Scbcr be- 
becfie 5)3ulycr= cber@ranatenfd^d)cn. 

To BUDGE, V. n. vuig. ficb rcgcn, fid; 

riibren ; don't — , nic^t »on ber ©telle. 
BUDGER, .t. vii/g. ber ft^ (»on fcinct 

©telle) riibrt. 
BUDGET, s. 1. bie Icberne S^afdie, bet 

aScutel, <Bad; 2. fig. bcr SSorratt); 

3. T. ber ©d)afebcftanb, bie ©cfia^; 
iiberftc^t, ©tnat'Jfaffenbcrecbming, bet 
5)ilan ju ccn Sarcn fiir ein 3abr. 

To BUFF, V a. + Viiffcn, ftofjcn. 
BUFF. I. .^. I. ba« 33iiffelleber : ba-S ^'c 




At, tie .f aiit ; 2. bte Seberfarbe ; 3. 
Med. T. He gcrinnbare Si^mp^e; all 

in — , (ill pu7-is natitralibus) ]\>littit' 

nadt ; — belt, ber Scbcvguvfet ; — or 

— coat, (— jerkinl, baS I'ebenie JloI= 
Icr, (iolkt obcr SBammS, bie Icbcnte 
obcr Icbevfarbcne Sacfe; u. a<ij. kitv^ 

fiUf-FALO, '• i>(x Sujfel, SQuffflo^S, 

3luei-ocl)g, Uv. 
BUJ'TET, s. ber Stlterfc^i-ant; (5vc= 

btnjtifc^, (gc^cnfftfcf). 
BUFFET, s. bev ^iiff, gauftfct)(aa, bie 

3»aulfrf)cUe. " 

To BUFFET, ». I. a. VnfFfH, Hlit bCV 

Jaufi fcftlagcn, o^rfetgcii ; ii. n. fti^ 
aiif bie (vaufl fc^lancii, ftct) balncn. 

BUFFETER, 5. ber Scfelager. 

BUFFLE, s. bet Suffcl, »iifFelo*8 ; 

— head, viUg. ber SiifelSfovf, 
SummEo^f; — headed, buium, tol= 

To BUFFLE, v. n. ijctbliip, bcfiiirjf, 

«etlegcn feijit. 
BUFFOON, s. ber ^Poffcttrciper, Su^tg^ 

tuacf)cc, @auf(cr, 9iarr; to play the 

— , $otTeurctpeu; — hke,a4/.pof|ler= 

lic^, fVapf)aft. 

To BUFFOON, v. a. ISc^crlid) IllrtC^eit. 
BUFFOONERY (— inq, —ism), s. bic 

i'ofTcii, ?larreiis»pfffit, JTlarrcrei; 
Sjjoffeitceigeret, 2Btiibbeutctci, 
BUG, s. 1. bie SBanje ; 2. — or — bear, 

ber ^opanj, SDiummel; to bugbear,?). 

a. f(^r«(feii, bange inact)eu. 
BUGGiNESS, s. bte aWeugc (ba§ aSim= 

melti sort) SBaujeti. 
BUGGY, adj. waujig, yolt SSanseit. 
BUGLE (or — HORN), s. 1. ba§ 3ager= 

^ortt, ^uft^orn, 2Ba[b^orn; 2. ber 

tvilbe i)<i)i ; 3. — (or bufjuie), ber 

@ituje[ (.^juffa — L.) ; i. biefctjwar; 

je ®la«Eoralle. 
BUGLOSS, s. bieOc^fenjutige {.Unchusa 

— L.) ; the viper's — , Wtibe D^feit; 
innge (EcAium — L.). 

To BUILD, V. a. i,- n. baueit, belt 93au= 
iitcifiei; itiac^en; to— up, attfbauen, 
aufiibceii;^. erbnuett; to — upon, 
nuf (Stwa« baueit, fit^ barauf yer= 

BUILDER, s. ber SQaueitbc ; 33aiil)evr ; 

BUILDING, «. bflS ©ebaubf. 

BUILT, s. bie Snuarf, ba« ©ebaube, 

BUL, s. bit aSutte, ber sptnttftfrf).. 

BULB, s. baS JRunb«, ber .^iiollett, baS 
3atebeIgcn>acl)S, bie 33Iumcit5tDtebcI. 

To BULB OUT, v. n. ()cn)orragcrt, i)er= 
auSfrctcH; bulbed, Jtuiebelforutig. 

BULBOUS, adj. jwtebelartig, fnoKig, 
nittb; — root, bie fuoHige fflurjel, 

BULCHIN, s.bas^tb. 

BULGARIA, s. bie ©uigaret. 

BULGARLVN, I. adj. bulgatifd^; II. ». 

feet ©ulgarier. 
BULGE, a. bcr Sauifi, oorrageiibe 

To BULGE, ». n. 1. vU. To Biloe; 2. 

ciueu Sauii^ madben, Borvagcu. 

BULIMY, s. ber .^cifibuitger. 

BULK, g. I. bie 3)kffe, bcr ,Klumvcit, 
.ft'5rpct- bie ®riipe/ SJieiige; ber 
grotle ^aufcu; 2. gro^te .|5nufeit, 
flrS^te S;b«[, 3luiniueC, ^«uvfH)eil; 
3. ber vorfuriiigeubc ibeii; 4. ber 
gaiijf iimivc Siaiim eiiie« Scfeiffeg ; 
laden in — . luit Stiirjgutcctt bcdibeit ; 

— head. A*. T fcer 33erf(^Iag tit eiiieiu 

BULKINESS. ... bte ©rSflic, 2Het«gc, 
a»affc, ^deibt^tf, fiarfe «ctbe«gr6= 
H. S(fltur> 

BULKY, adj. gro^, ft^mcr, fiarf, fi;im= 

BL'ij.,*. Lt>fr Sulle, SSuttod^^, ®t«r; 

2. T. ©tier iin 2;bierfrcife ; 3. 
broUigc Sebler, <£c^nifeer, ^ocf, ^iu^ 
bel; 4. bie sBiiIIc (pcivftlid)e 33erorb= 
tiling), Urfuilbe ; in compos. — baiting, 

bie Dcbfcitbat ©tierbcfte; —bee, bte 
58rcmfe, SBeSpe ; — beef, baS 33uUeu= 
flcifd), Oc^fenflcifd) ; — beggar, bcr 
^opaiij, ba« Scbrcif bitb ; — calf, ba« 
53iiUeiifalb, Oc^fciifalb,/™-. eiit bum= 
iner 3)Jciifci); groier !iiiimmel; — 
dog, bcr 53ullenbfi9er; — 's eye, eiue 
flciite Oeroittcrivolfe; JV. r.ciiieboU 
jcrtie .^taiif^ ; — 's eyes, bie vunbeit 
genficrglafer im ©(iiffsuerbecf iiber 
bcr Jl'ajiitc Jiiib bem JHaiiin ; — eyed, 
fiier= (Sarreiis ober grotJ=) liugig; 

— 's-eye glass, bitS ©itllglaS ; — face, 

baS grobc, fret^e ©efic^t ; — faced, 
mit frcf^em ©ejtc^t; —feast, —fight, 
bag ©tiergefcfbt; — finch, ber 5)om: 
^faff, ©impel, iBiiitjtiif; — fly, bie 
aSremfe, ai?c8pe; ber geiierfc^roter, 
.^irfc^fafer; — frog, ber amcrifani= 
fc^e gro^e «?rofc^ (Dd)fciugrofrf)) 
(Rana catisbeiana — C.) ; — liead, bcr 

D^feiifopf, '5)uminf opf ; 2;burmftfci), 
gjiaufcr;' bteOimppe, 3rofcI)iiuappc; 

— trout, bie 56bvc, gro^e Sorellc; 

— weed, baSglorfcnf rant, grD§eS:ait= 
fcnbgiilbenfraiit; — wort, bcr ^ilmmci 
\Ammi — X.); wild — , bcr SBiiffeU 
orf)8, Slueroc^S, Ur. 

BULLACE, s. 1. bie tuilbc Ocfifetijiiiige 
(Eckium — L) ; 2. Sc^lcf)C; — tree, 
ber ©c^fc^enfiraud). 

BULLARY, s. ba§ ?3iif(citbuc^, bie 
©ammliiiig ber ^jcipftlicbeii 5Bcrorb= 
iiititgeit, bag 33uIJariiim. 

BULLET, s. bie JEiigcl, ^linteiifugel, 
Jtaiioneiifugel, u. f. »u. ; — bore, bcr 
Jtugelfnopf ; — dividers, ber Jlolbeii= 
jirtel ; — forceps, s. T. bic Jlugel5an= 
ge ; — hole, ba« Scbublod) («oii eiiicr 
^ugei); — iron, fci)mcbifcbeS (£tatt= 
geiietfeit; — mould, bie J?iigeIform. 

BULLETIN, s. ber 2:agbevicl)t, bie 2;ag= 
jeituiig, iiiXS 33ulktiii. 

BULLION, .?. bag uiigemiiiijte ®oIb 
ober ©ilbcr. 

BULLISH, adj. febferljaff, fprad)mibcr=^ 

BULLiST. .t. bcr <5crttgcr VapP'ifi'fi-" 
©ulleii, iBuIlciifct)reibc'r. 

BULLOCK, s. bcr jitiige (uicriabrige) 
Dc^g, garre ; — 's eye.^, bag Dd)fcii= 
aiigc, Jtavploc^ ; — hide, bie £)4)feit= 

BULLY, s. bcr ©iu'iifieffcr, D^enomift, 
^raf)ler, yicrfrtirijtige Sttxl ; bcr son 
eincr .<?iipplcrinn otcr ciiiein Srcu= 
bcnntiibdjcn untcr^altcne Mid; — 
tree, bcr mcfitnbifc^c 3wetfd)ciibaiim, 

Ullb ^tenu\pfd {C/irT/.wp/iyUam cainito, 
<S- CUr.glabrum — 1..). 

To BULLY, ». L a. iibcrtaubctt; prel- 
Icn ; to — out of, biirc^ Srobimgcn 
{tuiiigen; mit (burd)) ?armcn mi 
bcm sBcfi^ jagen; ii. «. larmeii, poU 
tern, jaiifeu. 

BULRUSH, s. bie glfltte Sinfe. 

BULWARK. ... 1. bag iBollmerf, bic 
Saftci ; Scfeftigiing ; jv*. T. bie an= 
ijcre (5]]lanfeu=) sScflcibmig an eincin 
@d)iffc ; 2, Jig. ©tufec, ©c^u^, St= 

To BULWARK, v. a. bcfcfiigcii, ycr= 

BUM, s. ru/g. ber .^intere, <Stti^ ; — 
boat, vuJg. bag "Warftboot, $ro»iant= 

BUMBAUD, *. vid. Bo.mbard. 

BUMBAST, s. I. bag mit buntcn ?5Iecf= i 
c^en befe^tc Jtleibtsnggftiid ; bcr 
burrfjncibte 3e:ig, bic ©tic^ciorbcit; 
cine *ilrt ikrd)c'nt ; bic 33auimyone; 

2. ber ©d)rrulft, vid. Bombast. 

BUMBLEBEE. *, bic pummel. 

BUMKL\,s. I.JV. r. bic i^ugftange 
bie furjc Oucrftange; 2. iru. Bvm^ 


BUMP. s. 1. bie ©culc, ©efdjtouljl; 2. 

bcr '^uff, ©c^Iag. 

To BUMP, V. I. a. fcblagcu, floDn ; ii. 

71. mit bumpfcr ©timme fc^reten, 

bvumnicn, cin bumpfeg ©etijfe ma> 

Bu.MPER, 5. bcr .gumpcn, bag ^a^- 

glag, «oUe ©lag. 
BUMPKIN, s. bcr (ungebobtitc) Sanb: 

jiint'cr, Xijipcr, ©robtan. 
BUN, s. bcr giabeii, Jtnd)cn. 
BUNCH, s. 1. bie ilcule, ©cfc^ttMilf}; 

bcrJViiovren; .^ocfcr, Sutfel ; 2. bic 

2;raubc ; 3. ber Siifd;el, ©cf)opf ; 4 

bag SOiinbcI, Sunb; — of feather.?, 

bcr Scberbuf(^; — backed, ,fnoteii 

auf bein Siiitfen ^abcub ; biidlig. 
7'o BUNCH, V. a. in ciii Siinbel btiibeu. 
To BUNCH OUT, V. v. l)craugtrcten, 

ober ftc^en, auffd;iucUcii, flio^cn. 
BUNCHINESS, s. bag Jlnorrigc, i§ijdc= 

rige ; 2;raubenformige, 
BUNCHY, adj. fnorrig,' ^odcrig; tran-- 

bcuforniig, biifd)clig. 
BUNDLE, »-.bag Sunb, aSiiubel, ^acfct,- 

bic 9fJo!Ie; S^afi, Siirbe; — wool, 


To BUNDLE, v. a. (to — up), trt ciu 

sBiinbcl (obcrjufammcn) binben; jiu 

fanimcnvacfcii, cinparfen. 
BUNG, s. ber ©punb; — hole, bai* 


To BUNG, V. a. fptiut^!;, ?ufpnnben. 
To BUNGLE, u. n. i- a. jtiiinpcrn, pfu= 

ff^en, fubdrt, yerbnnjen, uerberben. 
BUNGLE, s. bie ©tiimpcrei, 5)ifufd;e' 

ret ; bcr grobe feebler, ©c^nifeer, SBotf, 
BUNGLEii, s. bcr ©tiiiiiper, ^fuf^cr, 


BUNGLING (ado. — ly), adj. fiiimper= 

BUNN,s. bag 5)rcierftiJIlc^en, cin Hei- 
Iter Jluc^eii. 

BUNT, s. JV. T. ber aufgcfd^roollcnc 
Zi)di, 33audt (eiiieg Scgelg) ; — line- 
cioth. JV. T. cine Siitternng bei gro= 
tJcn ©egcln; — hnes, bie ^Bauc^gor^ 

To BUNT,».n. (to — out},l. auffcbWcl^ 

leu; 2. wogegeii laufcit obcr anfto= 

BUNTER, s. bie JJnmpcnfammlcrinn ; 
bic sOcttclbure. 

BUNTIN (ine) vid. Buntino. 

BUNTING, s. 1. bag giaggentud) ; 2. 
bcrOrtofan; bunting iron, bag Slafe= 
robr in@lagi)iittcn. 

BUNYON (Bunnion), s. jVed. T. ©Ut= 

^iinbutig ber ©acfcijeu iicben ber gro= 
Ijen 3ebe. 

BUOY, s. .V. T. bic Soje, gintcrbojc, 
ber Slntcnuac^tcr, bie ilOa^rtonne, 
S3afc; — rope, bag 53o^ereep, bie 

To BUOY, ». L a. 1. (—up), fd^ttjilh. 

menb (iiber bem 2Bafifer, obcii) cr_bal= 

ten, (iitt SBaffcr) bfbcn ; aufbojeu ; 

2. ^ojcrt aniegcn; 3. fg. »crtbeibi= 

gen, uutcrftii^cn ; biiibaltcn, fcbmei^ 

c^cln;.iLn. f^wimincn, ficb i)(ben; 

buoyed up with— ,/^.cri)Obcn son.., 

u. f. xo. 
BUOYANCY, s. bie ©djwtmmfraft ; 

bcr leid^te, frobe ?Siuti). 
BUOYANT, adj. fcbrcimmcnb, wogenb, 

BUR, .7. bte Mktte ; — reed., bcr 3gelg:» 

folben, ©c^iuertriebel, ba« 3iicbgra« 

(Sparganium — X.). 

BURBOT, s. bcr ©tickling (Stf^). 

BURDELAis, s. einc9lrt2Betrttraiiben. 

BURDEN, s. 1. bic 2aft, ?abung, Siir«: 
be ; 2, Saftigtcit ober iJaft (^onnti:.^ 
ge^olt) tines ©c^iffeg; the ship's — 





Js . . . , ba8 <S(|tff tvant . . . ^CL^m ; 

3.f<r. bcr Srurfj 4. bie ©fSiirt; 5. 


beast of — ,taS !2aumtl;ier, ^aflt^ier; 

— of a song,baS afittovnell, fccr 61)or. 
7'« BURDEN, V. a. bclateii, bclaflcn, 

BURDENER, 5. bft Sclaficiibf ifig. 33e= 


BURDENOUS, ) adj Kitlti], bcf($n)cr= 
BURDENSOME, 5 ltd). 
BURDENSOMENESS, s. bit 8rtft!g!eit 


BURDOCK, s.bte M:ktte (Arctium — L.). 

BUREAU, s. 1. bie (Fommpbe; bcr 
Sct)i'cibfecvetnir ; 2. baS 5lnit, 
Sc^reibftube, ©ef^aft^-Stiibf, 5tu£i= 
fevtigungSjiinmer, u. f. nj., vUi. Of- 

BURG, s. vid Burqh. 
BURGAGE, s. baS §8uv(}cvlc^en, Stcib; 
tekf)en. » 

BURGAMOT, vid. Beroamot. 
BURGANET, > s. ciiie altc -Uxt 'Stlirm= 
BURGONET, $ t)aubc: bcr .§elni. 
BURGEOis, s. 1. ber Siivger; 2. Tijp. 
T. bie Sor{5tSf4)rift. 
To BURGEON, v. n. tnoSfxn, au§f(^Ia= 

BURGESHIP (BuRGEss-sinp), vid. Bur- 


BURGESS, s. 1. ber SDikf^cr ; 2, 2)evu= 

tirte eitifS glcifcnSim -^Javlamcut; 

iiursess^iiip, bie 3Biirbe ctitc« fold;cii 

BURGH, s. ber S3urj]flc(fcn, 3)Jav!tf(e= 

cfcit, 'gkcfen ; — mote, has ©tabtge: 

BURGHER, s. bet SSiivgcr; — shipjbaS 


BURGHMASTER, > s. bcr 53iirgevmei= 
BURGLAR, / s. bcr 'Stfb, wcIr^cr 
BURGLARIAN, J ciiibvir^t, aufbrtd)t, 

u. f. m., 9lac^tbteb, 

BURGLARIOUS (adu. — ly), adj. burd; 

(Sinbrucb : xoaS fid) nuf ba§ Scrbrc= 
c^cit bCiS iOiiugciiibred)cn§ be5ic[)t. 

BURGLARY, s. L. T. bcc ©iiibrud) (bci 
ber Sftac^t). 

BURGRAVE, s. bcr Surggraf. 

BURGUNDIAN, I. a^/. biirijiiiibtfd;; n. 
a-, ber ^itrgunber. 

BURGUNDY, s. 1. Surguub, 33ourgog= 
ne; 2. ber Surgitubcr^'iBeju ; — 
pitch, buvgiinbtfd)c8 ^pcd). 

BiiRLAL. s. baS ScgriibuitJ, Setcftcnbe- 
gaiiguip; bie sSeerbigimg, S8eftat= 
tung ; — ground (— piacft), bet 53eer= 
bigitiiggovtobcr Scgrabiiipplafe, ®ot= 

tCSilifer; — service ( — solemnities), 

bcr ©otteSbicitjl bci cincm S8egrab= 

iiiffe, bie ?cid)ciH)rcbigt (•■Begra'butji; 

BURiER, s ber SBegraber, itobtcitgni; 


nuRiN, .'T. bcr ®rabftid)cl. 
Tn BURL, V. a. T. iioppcit (baS ZmA) : 

bieJtitofcn bason absundett). 

BURLACE, s. vid. Burdei.ais. 
BURLER, s. T bcr Stopper. ■ 
BURLESQUE. I adj. biirlc^f, ^joffterlid) ; 

H. s. bag ^Pofftevlic^c, bie ^.iofilerlid)e 

©c^retbdrt, bie S^rayeftic. 
To BURLEsauE, v. n. Iad)erlic^ ma= 

c^'eii, ^offievlic^ ciufkibcn, traycilt= 


BURLEsauER, s. bcr !poffcnveificv. 
BURLLnTA, s. mod. etHc inuftfalifd;e 

nURLiNESS, s. 1. bie ©rojjc, ^itffei; 

bigfeit; 2. giobbeit. 
PURT,Y, adj 1. biif, ftarf von J?5rver; 

»oU, fctt, mit Sett bcnnidifen, aufge= 

blafeti; 2. fiitrmifc^, 
7'»nuRN, V. n. \- V. 1. bveiiuctt; »er= 

brctineti ; 2. mit Seiter senpuni>eii 

ober ©c^merjett »crttrfad^cn ; 3. beit5, 
niitbcnb iiiac^cit (2Ccin, u. f. ».); 4. 
fitiifelii, leud)tfn, glaitseii, ftrablcii; 
5. bcftigc !i;cibcnfd)aft emvfjnbcit ; fi. 
jcrftorciib wirEeii (yon gciJieiifd;af= 
ten) ; to — away, njcgbreiincn, ab= 
brenncn, ycrbrenucn; fici) yevjcbteu ; 
to — out, to — up, ycrbreuncn, axii- 
troif nen, ycrjcf)rcn ; ft(| (ibjebren. 
BURN, s. bcr Sranb, bns 33raiibmaa{; 

— cow, ber D^fentiJbter (dn Jlafer). 
BURNER, s. bcr 93erbrenucr, ^Brenner. 
BURNET, s. bie $impinclle. 
BURNING, adj. brcnncnb, bei^, glii= 

bcnb ; Jiff, ^eftig ; — glass, bag ^renn= 

glaS, ber 93rcn!ifpiegel ; — thorny- 

piant, bie @itpl)orbenpfIanse. 
To BURNISH, V. I. n. glausciib tverben ; 

II. a. glanjcnb inadjcn, Volircu, bru= 

nircn, glcittcn. 
BURNISH, s. bcr ©fanj. 
BURNISHER, s. 1. ber SPolirer; 2. 

©Kittjaljn, bie 5PolirfeiIe, baS 5poKr:= 


BURNT-OFFERING (— sacrifice), s. 

bas ^Branbo^fcr. 
BURR,.?. 1. baS D^rlapp^cu; 2. Sp. 
T. bie Inottge SBurjel ant .6ivfd;= 
gcrocil)e, bit afofc; 3. bie ^Sruftbriife; 

— pump, cine Sc^lagpumpe. 
BURRAS-PIPE, »\ s. T. bie ^^ulyer^ 


BURREL, s. bie rotf)e Sitttcrbirn ; — 
fly, bie 53remfe ;—,(»■ — shot, bie 
Jiartatfdje (Sc^rot, get)adte8 Kifcn, 
u. f. w.). 

BURROCK, s. baS fleine 3Be(^r, ber 

BURROW, s. 1. bie ^o^Ie, Jlauin(^cn= 
biJble ; 2. vid. Borough. 

To BURROW, V. n. in eiue Cfrbf^i^bte 
fricdjcn, in ben *5an fd)(i:pfen, fic|) 
barin ycrbergcn, fid) eingraben. 

BURSAR (— er), s. ber Sccfclmeifter, 
©clja^meifiter eincr ®cfcllfd)aft, u. f. 
nj. ; ©c^affner einc« JlloiterS, 9icnt= 
mciftcr, sBcrwaltcr; —ship, Hi 
Sd)a§nicifteramt, n. f. ». 

BURSARY, s. bcr <£d)a^ eincr I^e^tn 

BURSE, s. .1/. E. bie SSovfc, J?aiif= 

To BURST, V. a. <S- «. bcrjicn, pfa^cn, 
fpringen, auffpringcn ; fprengcn, 
anfi>rcngcn, jcrfpvciigen, scrbve(t)en ; 
(— out), entfpringen ; Vli^fe'irf) fpi"= 
men, an3bred)cn; to — forth, au^= 
brer^cn; itm fic|) grcifen; to — into 
tears, in 2;i)rancn au8brcd;cn; to -;- 

out into laughter (a laughing), in cin 

@clad)ter nusbredKn ; to— upon, fic^ 

anffrangcn; to — upon one's sight, 
fid) bcm SBlicf ))li}^tid) bnrfielJcn; to 

— with laughing, »pr Sad}cn btvften 
ntogcn ober niodcn. 

BURST, .». 1. bas QScrflcn, ^faftcn, 
.itracben ; bcr SRijJ, S3rnc^, b-ieSpalte ; 
ber '}hi«bnid) ; 2. ber 2)armbnic^ ; 

— of thunder, bcr Sonnerfdjlcig ; 

burst-worf, bag 33ri)CfeEvailt {Hcmiaria 

— /..). 

BURSTENNESS, s. bcr 93rnc^, S)<irm= 

BURSTER, .?. ber etwaS jetbrid^t, fnt= 

5Wei fd)Iagt. 
BURT, s. bie (Sd)oHe, mxt^Ajt, ^[aiU 


BURTHEN, s. md. Burkek. 

BURTON, s. M-. T. boS Heine (5d)tffa= 
feil, ber Jllavplaufcr ; bie (Sd)iffg= 
toiube; — tackles, bte Scitentaljen 
an ben Stengen. 

To BURY, V. a. ycrgrabcR, begraben, 

BURYING-GROUND (— placeI, ,9. bcr 
33cgr\ibntBpIa6, ®otte«ftcfcr. 
BUSH. .1. 1. ber 35ufc^, (2trau4>; S3m- 

fc^cl ; 2. bcr ,^rans {dU ayctn= obo 
S^ierjcic^en ; 3. Si>. T. ber f5Kd)«j 
fri^roanj; 4. 3^abenring ; bie 2Bagen« 

To BUSH, V. n. bufd)ig wcrben, jii 
SBufc^ fd)Iagcn. 

BUSHEL, s. i. ber (Scbcffel; 2, bte 
9ia»cnbiid;fe (vicbtigcr Bush, qd, vid.} 

BUSHiNESS, s. Ui s8ufd>ige; 93u» 

BUSHY, adj. gebiifd)ig, bufd)ig ; bit* 

BUSiLESS, adj. unbcfd);ift!gt, niiiiiig. 

BUSINESS, s. 1. ba« @cfd)aft, bie as?r=: 
rid)tung, bcr SBctricb, bie '^lngelegen= 
l)cit; 2. bcr^'Tibel; 3. bie <Satl)c; 
what — have you here 7 Wfls i)nbt 3i)r 
l)icr 5n fd^affen? 'tjs none of your 
eS gebt bid) nic^tg an; he makes it hra 
— , cr liifjt ftct) bicfc3 angelegen fei;n ; 
one word will do the — , cin ^ffiort tfi 
J)inlanglid) (gcnug) ; tiie — of a 
merchant, ein .g)a"'^f'*!3cfd>aft; !''>« 
of — , bcr ®efd)aft«5uicig ; to set up 
in — , .(?tu'a§ (ein ©cwtibc/ anfait* 
gen, ftd) fcfecn. 

BUSKET, s. ber i'ufd), b(t§ llogquet. 

To BUSK, V. n. gcfd)aftig fei)n. 

BUSKIN, s 1. bcr.^albfttcffl, (£d)nijr=- 
fiiefel; Jtottjurn (bofce Scfent) bet 
olten 2;rag6bicnfpiclf V) ; 2. jig. eiii 

BUSKiNED, adj. in .^albfticfcln ; fg. 
im ,^oti)urn ; '^oc^trabciib, tragifcb- 

BUSKY, atlj. vid. Bosky 

BUSS, s. fam. 1. bcr Mu^ baS- iSUiil' 
c^cn; 2. bie 33uife (SBoot kirn ^k* 

To BUSS, V. a. tiiffcn. 

BUST, s. ba« S^rnftbilb, bte ®iifte. 

BUSTARD, s. ber 2:rappe, bie Xvapf» 

BUSTLE, s. bcr ?arm, ba9 ©ejauft^i 
®eti.>fe, 5lHffe^tn ; ber 2Gitrj»arr. 

To BUSTLE, V. n. gefi^ftig, lurtubig 

BUSTLER, s. bcr nnrii^ige S9?eafd). 

BUSY, adj. i. befd>aftigt'; 2. gefc^af:^ 
tig, ffcijjig, tl^itig; 3. Idftig, jnbring* 
lid), nngeftiim ; — body, bcr nnrnbtje 
Jlopf, mit^igc^Jfcuigfcir^framfr, 'Z<i' 
gebieb; SDJenff^, bcr fii!^ in SlUcS 
mifd)t; fir. cine gffd)affige SStWt^a; 
a — day, ein i^.inptgfrrbat"t&fc}g. 

To BUSY, V. a. bcfcbiittigcil ; to he buss 

ed witii a thing, an' ^tivaS arbcitcn. 
BUT, cavj. i. aber, fanbcnt, «llcin, abtr 
b0(^ ; 2. beffen nngc(5d)tet, nid)tS bcfii> 
njcntger, it>beffen'; 3. ba§j 4. bod> 
nur, 'iDcnn ; cs fci benn, baf; ; yoraus - 
gefc^t, baS ; 5. aufier, aaSgenpninicii, 
btSonf; 6. nnn, nun aber; 7. ftl«; 
aubcra, anf cine anbcve ^^Irt qM; nitr, 
nid)t mc^r al-S, eben; erfi, rb ::i(tt ; 
death — entombs tl»e bmly, burcfc ben 
S;»b n>irb uuv ber ?cib begraben ; 
you left me — poor, and poor I find 
you are ootne l)»cb, (nur) arm gtUgS 
bu yiMi mir, nnb arm, wie irb fehi, 

fomnift bn JUriid; — b(! — aa gorni 
as thou art handsome, (aber) fei nur f» 
gut al'3 bi:l fcbiin bift; — a white 

since; Kur vor furgcr Scit, evfi ftirjp 
lid)-; not only .., — , nifbt nur.... 
fotibern; — yet, aber borf), btnnoefr. 
inbeffen; — still, aber niMd) immer; 
— for all tijat, abcr IcfPen mtgeaditct; 
there is no doubt (question) — , C3 ji^ 
ftinem 3>^''f iff' untcriv&rffn, bop ; 
I do not doubt — , \^ jTOcifle nt^l, 
baij, U. f. >U. ; there is none — knows 
ba tfl 9tiemanb, bcr ntd^t witpt*. 
t». f. TO., ein Scbwr mnp tyiffcn; no 
dav — , (what) . . , &c., fcin Sag »eri 
gebt, bft^ if^ nkbt, «. f. ». ; ail — , 
antjcr, anSgenommen, big anf; inu 
iiicit; tivo kUt liny — ojuA, bie uosle^i 




geile; aothing— , iiic^te als. aU nuv; 

BO 801-ner . . — , llic^t fo haii . . 
(faum . .), aU, u. f. w. ; I cannot — 
(choose), id) fault uift)t aniexS a[S ; I 
could not — smile, idj fouiite itui: la- 
(i)c[n, foiinte mid) HS 2ad;ting itid)t 
cnttjaltcii; — that, •weiiit iiic^t, wo 
iitd)t, b(ittc nidjt; jwar; .. — that I 
Jove hsr, uiciia ic^ fie nid)t liebte ;not 
-that, nidjtbatj; tiid)t aiS iueitii; 
obglci^, obfc|)ou, jWvtv, fvcilid;, and^ 
nto^t JBcnitjcv; augi^eupnimcti ba^; 
wlio knows — , &c., Wix wetjj ob iiid)t, 
u. f. JU. ; may I die — , iflj iinlX )"ter= 
ten, wcun (id)) nic})t, u. f. tu. ; — 
for. JDcnn c» (fcas) nic^t (f^ewcfcn) 
vuare, mate c8 nirf)t urn, auiicr; — 
for you, roavcn ©te uid)t, ware c§ 
iiirtjt S^r^trocgcu ; I would — for 
hurting her, ic^ luiivbe eS tl;un, weiiii 
c^ pf)ne i^v 511 fd;aben geff^cljeu 

fOIUtte; — for her sufferings, JVCtlll 
(te liur llid)t litte ; it is — necessary, 
Co ifl (gcvabc) not^wcnbtg; it is — 
reasonable, c8 ift (fc^r) billtg; yes 

— I have, ja i»ol)l l^ahc i^, freilich ; 

— just, fo ibni, ebtn erfl, faum ttoc^ ; 
imr UOd^; she is — just gone, fte ift 
cvjl: iit bicfem Sliiqcubttcf fortgcgau= 
qeu; — sparingly, fct)r fvarfaiu ; 
ii. s. ba« (Snte ; bic Qi)ieu5e, bcv ^laiu 

fcnfopf; — end, — sliaft, vid. Butt; 
tic -JButte ; I will have no buts, ic^ Will 

Eciae ©iuiucabung, man foU miv nic^t 

To BUT, V. a. auf ciucr "Scite Bcvii^vcit 
{»ou ©fbiiuben, u. f. lu.), bcgvcnjcu. 

BLFl-CHER, s. 1. bcv STJc^gcr, <^6)U\^' 
tn, Skifdtev ; 2. fg. biut^eitge 
9)leaf4), 'iUJovbcr ; — bird, bei- yicuu= 
tobter, Siiivgengcl (Sj^flf U ; — '»- 
tiroorn, bcr ftarfjcUgc aJiaufcborn 

(Rusciit aeulcatus — 1^) ; — 's cleaver, 

J>a8 Sfiejjgerbeil ; ■ — 's meat, baS fri= 
fdic Slciff^ ; — 's saw, bie ;vItifd;ci-= 
fdgc; — 's steel, bet 2Bcfe)la£)l bcr 

To BUTCIimi, v.a. fd)lac^tctt ; mcfeelit, 
11101.1)611, n)urgcn, n'lviirgcn, jdmmct= 
lic^ umbriiigei:. 

BUTCHERUNESS. s. bie ©lutgicv, 

BUTCHERLY, adj. Mutijietig. firnufam, 
^enfev()aft, grot uiib mtgcfd)itft. 

CUT'CIIERY, .5. 1. bflg glctfd}crl)aitb= 
wixl; 2. bic Sd;lart)tbanf ; ba8 
Sc^(ac^t()«it8, bci- Sc^Kid;tl}of ; 3. 
fcie 2J}efeeUi, bas 33(utbab. 

uurLER, s. bcf Jlcflermfiflcr, JlcKncr. 

BUTLERAGE, s. bic 2Sciuftciier, bcv 

BUTLERSHIP, s. bttS Jlellucir-- obcv 

BtrniE.VT. s. .irch. T. bev 2tnfbvit(f, 
.§altcc (ciiiCs @cn)olbc«). , 

BUTT, s. sing. 1. bie. Sitttc ; bfl« groge 
5?ai5; Stiicffati ; 2. bicfr (Sube; 1 bic 
©cense ; baS 3ifl L^fi" «d)cibenfhttib; 
(£d)icBj)la(}; 4. ii=totJ (im fsc^lfcu), 
.R'opffto^; 5. (Siiicr, bcr rtl8 Bicl= 
fcbcitw be« SUDttci uitb ©da^tcrS 
ticitt; to run full — at (against) one, 
init beni .Ropfe mtbcfScmaiib Idufcii; 

— end, bnS (bicfe) Sitbe, bcr ^olbcn, 
®ritf ; JV. T. ca8 6nbc ciucr 33ol)lc, 
ji'e(d)cS (in tin aubercS ftoft, bcr 

To BU'iT, D. 71. m\t bem J£opfe^ijf)cii; 
to — at, gcgcu . . . ftoBeit. 

8UTTER, .». bie SBultCl- ; — boat, CtU 
SBultcrgufj ; — box. bee i3uttcrbiid)fc; 

— l.jinp, bic Siodvbpnimcl; — bur, 
^te SRojivapiJcl, ^Jjcftifeujuinvj (Tus- 

tUago Petnsites — /,.) ; — churn, ciu 

SButterfiiB (;um SSuttcrii) ; —crock, 
.bcr Suttcrto^)f ; — cup, — flower, bie 
©ntterblumc ; — fly, bcr gc^ntetter^ 

ling, Sutiersogcl ; — man, bcv 5But= 
tcr^cinbler ; —milk, bie Suttcrmild; ; 

— print, bic Suttcrform ; — sauce 

bie sDuttcv&rii[)e; — tooih, bcr brci' . 
iSorbcrjaljn; — trowel, ciu tgutf c^ 
fpan ; — tub, brtS 33 uttcrfd pencil; Die 
Suttertiite ('Diufct;cl) ; — woman, 
bie ^uttcvfrau ; — wort, bie 33utter= 
tlHU'J {Pingidcula — /,.) ; — of anti- 
mony, ifepicvgla§0uttcr; — of tin, 
3iuubuttcr; bread and — , Suttcr= 
brob; toast and — , gcrofletcS 33rob 
niit gutter bcgoffcu; a slice of bread 
and—, cine Suttcrfd)uittc, a3uttcr= 

To BUiTER, r. a. xttxi Suttcr bc|lrci= 
d^en obcr 5urid)teu. 

BUTTERis, s. T. baS SBirfcifctt bcr 

BUTTERY, 1. adj. buttcvid)t, buttcrar* 
tig; buUevaf)ulic^; 2. .?. Vit £Vf'ff= 

BUTTOCK, .?. bcr .S^iiitcrt^cii ; — of 
beef ba§ &uben|liicf (innn Deafen); 
buttocks, ;)/. bic .Oiiitcrbatfcu, 5Ivfd)= 
bacfeu, ber.^iutcrc, «tciv; ba§ Jtreuj 
(eiiics ;:)>fcvbcS) ,-_jV. t. bic sBiUcn 
(:JJunbuug cincS c; duffed). 

BU'iTON, s. 1. bcr jliiovf ; 2. bic JtuoS: 
pc, ba'J 9Iuge ; — fi.-;h, ber ©ceigcl ; 

— hole, bad ^UO^flod) ; — maker, 

bcr JtnDpfmnd;er;— paper, bie Jlnopf; 
VappC; — tree, — wood, ber au§ldu= 
bifd)e 9ll)oriibaum ; aud) piane-trce 
(Piatamis — i.) ; bcv .RnopfOaum ; 

3irbelbaum {Cephalanthns — L.) ; (Cu- 

nocurpua — />.), bcfiglcid^cu JlUDpf: 
baum ; — ware, Jiuopfmacbcrwaarc ; 

— and loop, JV. T. ciu furjcS 2;aii, niit 
ciuem (SdiilbEuppf am ciucu uiib ei= 
ucin 3tuge am aiibcru©ube, berjtnc- 

To BUTTON, r. o. jufuij^feit, anfUOps 


BU'iTRESS, .?. T. ber StrcbcVfciler; 
bie ©tii^e; bie Spi^e ciucr Sd)an5e. 

To BUTTRESS, v. a. ftitfecit. 

BUTWINK, s. ber Jl'ibi^. 

BUTYRACEOUS, ^ .. r,,,^,.,. ,,..,„ 
BUTYROUS, '^ «-/./■ turtCUUtig. 

BUXOM (ado. — Lv), adj. i. fliuf, vafd), 

Icb^aft, muutcr; 2. liiftevu, lofc, 
iuutl)willig ; 3. fd;clmifc^, luftig, 
frijtjiid); 4. uppu]. 

BUXOMNESS, s. bic Sriiifl)cit, 'Slmu 
tcrteit ; bcr i!)iut£)iinlli'. 

To BUY, V. a. c»;- n. Jaiifcu, baubcfu, mu 
terl)aiibcln ; to — in, (bei \>luctiouen) 
juriicfuebmcii, juriiiffaufeu, ttjiebcr= 
crftc[)cn ; to — of, faufen . . . uon, u. 
f. w. ; to — one oif, (Siiicu crfaufcu, 
bcftcd)cu : to — out, auSEaufcu, ab= 
faufeu, cirt®efd)nft ucbfi bcm gaujcu 
SBaarcuIagcr, (A5crdtl)fd)aftfu u. f. m. 
son Scinaiib tduflid; iibcntcl)mcn; to 

— and sell, baubclu. 

BUYER, s. bcr Jtdufcr, giufdufer. 

To BUZZ, V. n. ,<i- a. fummcii, fumfcii, 
brummcn ; muvmclit, fliiftern, juflii: 
ftcru; to — about, au^plaubcnt, au§= 
breitcn, bcflatfc^cu. 

BUZZ, s. ba« (i)efumfe; (Scmunnel, 
gliiflcru, ©cfliifter, ©cvlaubcr. 

BUZZARD, I. s. 1. ber 33ittlaar, a)Jdufc= 
falf: 2. fg. Summfopf, (5-infalt§= 
inufel; II. adj. finuIoSj unyerniinf= 
tig, bumm. 

BUZZER, s. bcr BiifliiflEVfV; Df;rcu= 

BY. I. prep, bei, ucbcu, na^e, an, «uf, ju, 
nad), mif, gegeu, iibcr, fitr, iit, urn, 
burc^, vou; axis, untcr ; Ji. adr. babct, 
bancbcn, vorbci, jngcgen, bcifeitc, 
fcittiidrt^, fcit; — candle light, bci 
Sic^t ; — constitution, yon 9tatur ; 

— chance (fortune). UOn ungcfd()r; — 
good luck, sum ®iitcf; — so inwcU 

more, um fO lliebv ; — force, mit ®tf 

njalt; —stealth, ycvfloljlner SBcife 

— birth, »0U ©cbuvt ; he goes — the 

name of..., cr fii^rt bcu S'lamcu u. f. 
K>. ; — his office, fcincg 5hhte^ ; he is 

— trade a tailor, cr ift fciucm i§aub= 

W-'crE nad) ciu (ad)iieibcr ; he is there 

— himself, cr ift gan^ allcin ba; they 

live — themselves, fte IcbfU fliv ficf) ; 

put it — itself, fc^e iS allein, bcfou= 

iil'S ; there is no other person — , ei» 
ift wciter SfJiemaub ba; to stand — 
one, 3cmaub bciftebcn; she is witn 

child — you, fie ift you Sir fr^t»an= 
ger ; turned — the lath, gebrc^ct, gc= 
bvccbfclt; — word of mouth, miiub- 

U(^ ; — your desire, auf Sfer 33egel)- 
rcu ; — ray watch, nad) meiucr tl&r; 

— degree.s, aUmdi;Iig ; — little and 
little, nad) nub uacft ; — course, — 
turns, nac^ bcr 3ici()e; point — point, 
Stiicf fiir Stiicf; day — day, Xiia, 
fiir 2;ag ; — and — , ndd)fteus, balb, 
fogleic^, aHmdi)lig; one — one, giner 
(-SJ itac^ bcm 3luberu, ftiicfroeifc, ciu- 
jclu; — one tenth, Um ciU 3ef)Utcl; 
fifty feet — twenty, fuufjig Suji laug 

uub sroansig breit; G (f.) — 2, 6 gu^ 
laug unb 2 %u^ bod); east(K)— • 
norUi (JV.), Dft ju DIovb, ober Dftcii 
}um 9Jorbcn; — Avest, weflrodrtS; 

the ship served as a model to build 

others — , iciS (^cbiff bicute al8 3)?o- 
bcU, um anbere baruad) ju bauen; i>e 

advised (ruled) — me, laffcu Sic fld> 
rat^cu ; l find much good — it, ic^ be- 
fiubc mi^ fcbr »yo()l babci; — what 
has passed, nae^bcm xiwS fid) suge= 
tvageit i)at? siiouid l do — you iis you 
do — mo, weuu iit au'i)ir fo t)anbclu 
woUte, tyic ®u an mir ; to set store 
— , feljr ad)tcn, lieben, gem b*ibcu : 
hard — , close — , J;art a'u, bic^t bei ; 

side — side, ncbcit ciuaubcr ; — this 

time, jcfet, jefet fdiPU; fc^on (yor bic' 

fcr 3fit); — tills time (a) twelve- 
month, fciuncn t)ier unb einem Sabre; 

— twelve o'clock, gegcu jwiJtf Ubv ; 
times gone — . ycrgaugcuc ^dUn ; to 
pass — , yoriibcr gctcu ; a shake — 
(oT-of) the hand, cin .-Oviubcbrucf ; — 
all means, auf alJc iiur moglid)c 5lrt, 
auf fcbcu gall, «. f. k., buvd)an8 ; 
freilid?, geiuip ; — no means, fcineS: 
wcgeS; — the bulk, imSau^en; — 
detail, iuiiJlleincu, cinjcltt, ftiirfiucife ; 

— the pound, pfuUMveiff ; — heart. 
auSiycubig ; — the — , — the way, tni 
iBo»beigei)eu, nebcnljcr, obcnbin, «. f. 

to. ; —the way of France, iibcr 3ranf= 
rei^ ; — water and — land, JU 2Baf- 

fcr uub ju ^.iaube; —way of yermit= 
tclftj^burd); auftatt; — way of jest, 
im '2d;crs : a bottle — way of candle- 
stick, cine Slafdic ftatt cihc« ilend)^ 
tevS; —dint of, fraft, burd), »crmtf= 
telft; — virtue of, fraft, uermiJge; 

— reason of, Wcgcn ; — the side of 
' ucbcu ; the School for Scandal — She- 
ridan, bie ^dftcrfc^ule yon i&bcriban ; 

— my honour, soul, &c., auf (Sbrc, bci 
meiucr Scelc, n. f. W.; — the head. 
JV. T.yoriaftig; in compos: ucbcii, bci, 
babfi (ba=) nebcn, u. f. w. ; — coach. 
bcvS3ciiyageu, 5parf»yagcu einer^Poft, 

— coffee-house, ctue 2Biufc(fcbenEc, 

.JJncipe; — concernment, ba§ ^JcbcU; 

gefc^dft, bie 9^cbcufad)e; @ptfobe, 

— corner, bcr '>£;d)fupfiuinfel, ?iebcu: 
»yiuEcl; baS ^icbcnjimmcr, bcr 2llfo= 
yen; — dependance. ber 3lu^ang ; — 
design, bic 'JK'bcuiibftdjt; — di.^h, ba« 
SBcicffcit, Bi«ifd;cucffcu, 3>»if<tengf= 
ricbt; — drinker, bev aBinfclfdilutfer 

— drinking, ba8 (ycbcilU= Obct SfV' 

ftoblue 2;viuteu ; — the end. bic ^Ic 
beuabftc^t, gel)cime Slbltdit; — fai; 





m ?iebeumefie; — gains, ber 9leben= 
gewiimft; — • gone, uevgrtiisien; — 
;nterest, iiiiS bcfonbcve Sntfreffe, ^vi= 
vatintcreffc ; —job, bte SJlebcnarbett, 
iaS ''Jltbmxatxt; — lane, ba« dltbau 
flci^^crt ; — law, bas @ffc& pbcr 
:Reglemcnt (eincv 3unft, fiue« a3cr= 
ttn« u. f. w.); bag afJebengcfcfe; — 
iiiaiter, bie ^icbci'fac^e ; — name, bcv 
53fiuame, ©Eelname, ©pifeiiamc; — 
path, fcer 9tcbeitwei5; — place, bcr 
5ct)[m)fannEeI ; bie S'lcbeitftfcanse ; 
bcr ^iiitcrbalt; — play, iaS 9JJtciicit= 
t>iel bes ui(i)t rebcubcn (Sct)aufvte= 

Uxi ; — profits, btf ©portctll ; — re- 
spect, bie SJlf beitabftcbt ; S'lebcuriicf= 
fic^t; — road, bcr Sfiebemvcg.Sf^leif: 
wcg, J^reit^wcg ; .^oljwcg; — room, 
tag vevborgcue 3iiii"'ei". bie S'iebcn: 
ftube; —sack, bcv aBatfarf, Ouer= 
facf ; —speech, bie 3luS= (51b=)fcl)mci= 
fung in bet 3iebe; aBinfcI^iigc; — 
suinder, bcv Umfleijcubc, 3uf4)ai|cr 

(and) stander — ) ; — • street, bic iJiC- 
beuftrage, (Scitengaffe ; citt ®aiig, 
ber Bwiugev ; — town, bie (ooii bcr 
Strafe) abgclcgciie (BUbi, eeitciu 
jlabt; —turning, bcr ^tcbcuwcg, 3lb= 
\ucg; i§elbtiicg, Jlrcujweg, diain; — 
view, bie 5Jh'bciiabftc^t; fScvflccft^eit, 
bag t)intcr bcm a3evgc .6altcn; — 
walk, bcr abgclcgene (Svajicrgaiig, 
3'lebeiigang, 9icbenweg ; — way, bcr 
Sciteniueg, Jlebenwcg, Umwcg, 3lb= 
lucg; — word, ba« gVvtci)roort; — 
work, baS Slebenroerf ; Dtcbciigebau; 
be ; a passer — , eitt 23oriibcrgcl)eiibcr. 
3YE, s. (fafftfc^) bie 2Bobming ; good 

— (adieu), iebe njoi)I ! by the — , tilt 

a3orbeigef)en gefagt, timS ic^ fagcn 

WOUte, It, f. »., vid. By. 
BYSSUS, s. bcr 33l)ffuS ; — nsbestinus, 

eine 31rt 3l«bcfi auS @d)Wcbeii. 
IJYSSINE, adj. CMS fciiicr cgi^ptifc^cr 


:% .1. bag 6, c, ber brittc Suc^ftabe bc« 

l:abal, s. 1. 7: bic jlabbata ; 2. mc^= 
rere ju einem gchciineit 93or^abeii 
sevcintgte *4>fi"ftmcu, cine (Sabale, 
©ebctinrotte; 3. bic (Sabale, dtimk- 

To CABAL, V. n. 6abii[cii maiden, 
l)ctmlic^ SiiiuEe fd)micbeii. 

t^ABALA, s. vid. Cabal 1. 

i;.\BAUSM, s. ein Xi)iil bcv fabbali^i-- 
fd;eit aBiffeufct)aft. 
CABALiST, s. r. ci« ^Rabbatiit. 

(CABALISTIC, I adj. T. in 

CABALISTICAL M«.— ly), S ber J?ab= 
balagcgritnbet ; ciitcii ge^cimeu Sinn, 
eiitc uei-borgciie SReinuiig bnbenb, lnh- 
baliftif*, auf fabbaliftifc^e 5U-t. 

v)> CABALIZE, V. n. firf) ill ber ©pra= 
d)C ber Jtabbalifteu aitSbriicfcii. 

L'ABALLER, s. bcr dabaleiimacfjer, 

i^ABALiNE, adj. ju ^fcrbcit gcbSrig ; 

— aloes, bit Slopaloe ; — oil, baS 

("ABARET, s. bic <Sd)en!c. 

t'ABARIC, s. bie c§afelirur.j [Asarum 

— /..). 

CABBAGE, .*. bcr JlobI, ,$?Opffo!)t; — 
hark, Jlobtriiibe (ctit aBunnmittcl) ; 

— caterpillar, bie j?0^1ranpc ; — head, 
bet JtoJ)|{opf ; — lettuce, bcr JlrauS= 
fobl; — plant, bie JJol^IVflanjc; — 

tree, bic iloblVallltC; — wrnip, bie 

.^toljlriibe ; — wood, ba« Jlol^ltiolj 
;au8 Siiba urib Samaica) ; —worm, 
6te ,SoJ)lrflUVc 

To CABBAGE, v. I. n. ^P)3fe fcfefU, ficf) 

fci)lief)cii, fcfi rocrben (yen .5{'rautar= 
ten) ; II. a. vnig. ficblcn, manfen. 

CABIN, s. 1. bag (Sabitiet, flciite 3iiii= 
mer; 2. bie ,ft'aiiitc; ©c^lafjieUc, 
jl'ojc; 3. fleiiie ^iitte, 93nbc; 4, baS 
Belt; — boy, ber ©ci)ip;ungc. 

To CABIN, V I. n. \\\ ^iittctt wo[)ncn ; 
II. n. eittfvcrren. 

CABINET, s. 1. \)<[i Heine 3immcr, 
gc^cime Stutiirjimmer, (i)cfc^aft§= 
limincr; 2. (^abinett; 3. (gamm= 
lungSjimmer; 4. bcr ©cbrauf mit 
mit vnclen Scbiibfaftcti, ber ed;rcibe= 
fcferaiif, baS (Sc|)rcibcEaftci)eti ; a — of 
minerals, coins, &c., ciu ^yjilieralicn^ 

(Sabinctt, SDtiucralienfammtnng, 
2}?iiii5=6abinett, a}Jim}fammlung, 
932iiujfammcr ; — council, ber da bt= 
nct§rat(), baS ^ibinctt; — organ, baS 
spofitio, bie .§aiib ober Stubcnorgct ; 

— maker, bcr jtuiifttifc^lcr, Jtll'llfts 
fd)reincv; — ware, Jl'unfttifd)lerar- 
beit; — wood, feine« .§cf}. 

CABLE, s. K. T. btc Ober ba§ .^'abel, 
ba§ Jtabeltaii, 9lnfcrtau, Sd)ipfcil ; 
— 's length, bie Jl\tbcUdiige ; — tier, 
bcr Drt, wo iai S:anroerE aufgf= 
f.ttd)tet ill ; cabled, adj. mit ciiidu 
Jau bcfeftigt. 

CABLET, s. jX. t. cinc 5pfcrbflinic, ba« 
fleine 5lnEertau. 

CABLIAU, s. bet JJabeljau, ,Jlabliau 

(Oadus Morhua — 7^.'. 

CABOOSE, s. jv. t. bcr Jtiic^enycrfc^Iflg 
auf einem Jlauffabrcr. 

CABOSHED or CABOciiED,i/. r.getopft, 

of)nc Jtopf. 
CABRIOLET, s. bag (Sarriol, bie 6av= 

riole; baS Kabriotct. 
CABURNS, s. Jlabclgarn, Scilfcibcu. 
CACAFUEGO, s. bcr (Sifciifrcffer. 
CACAO, s. ber (Sacao; — nut, bie 6^a= 

caouiif), (Sacaoboljne. 
CACHECTICAL (— ic), adj. ungcflinb, 

»oU bijfer ©ciftc. 
CACHEXY, s. bic ©ac^cric, SBo^artig; 

teit ber ©cifte. 

CACHINNATION, bad laute ©elac^tcr. 
To CACK, V. n. vvig. fadcn. 

CACKEREL, s. vid. CacivRel. 

Tu CACKLE, V. n. 1. gacfcm; fc{>nat= 

tern ; 2. Eidjjern ; 3. augplaubcrn, «er= 

CACKLE, s. 1. bag ©egatfcr, ©efr^nat- 

tcr ; 2. ©cplappcr, (^cplanbcr. 
CACKLER,s. bcr ©acfcrcr, Sd)nattcrcr. 
CACKBEL, .T. ber .^cutcng, a}Jecrfc^ci= 

|er (ein Scefifd)). 

CACOA, viiL Cacao. 

CACOCHYMICAL (— ic), cdj. »1>U uer= 

borbener ©afte, iingcfunb. 
CACOCHY'MY, s. bie^Bcvborbcnljeit ber 

CACODEMON,s. cin bofcr ®eifi, S;cu= 


CACOETHES, s. 1. Med. T. cin Kn^Ctl^ 

bares ©efc^wiir; 2. cine iible ®e= 

CACOPHONY, s. T. bcv Uebclffang, 

CADAVER, s. ein tobtcr (mcufd;lid)cr) 

Jtiivper, ^ctdjnam. 

CADAVEROUS, adj. aaft£, fabaycrartig. 
CADDIS, s. 1. eine *Jirt i=:erge, baS Jta- 

bigjcug ; 2. ber Strobnjufin. 
CADDOW, s. bie Soblc. 
CADDY, s. ein £i;ec-3u<f"'f'ifi*fn ; 

— shell,— shovel, — sprjon, eiuS;bee= 

CADE, I. s. cin Sdpc^en (.§drtnge) ; li. 
adj. 5af)iii. Hrre, fanft; — iamb, bag 
•Sauglaium ; — oil, bag aBad^bol^^i^- 
Bl ; — worm, vid. Caddis 2. 

To CJADE, r. a. i<x^m. aiifjicbeit, sal)m 
CADENCE — cy), a. 1. bte 5lbnai)mc, 

bcr Untcrgang ;_2. T. bte (fabcii;, "tn 
«) &rf)IuB ober SmII cinct 
9)?ujtf, Ober einer 5^eriobe; 3. bet 
Sact im Sanjen ; 4. bcfiglcicfccn bet 
©Icic^fcbritt beim ajjilitdr; 5. Sp. 
T. bie f(tu(gerccf)te 58emegnng eincg 
5l5fcrbcg; 6. h. t. bie Itntcvfc^cibung, 
ber Unterfc^ieb bcv gamilien. 
CADENZA, s. (ital.) bie enbnng (bag 
6nbe) einer Stropf)?/ fincg @efan= 
gcg, bie SaBenj. 

CADENT, adj. faflcilb. 

CADET, s. 1. bcr (Sabctt; iiinger*. 

jiingPe 5?rnbcr; 2. cin j^reimiliiget 

bci ber 3lrmee, fttcldjer h\ (Srnjar* 

tiing einer Offtcicr=Stcllc bient. 
CADEW, s. ber ©trpf)uniriH. 
CADI, s, jcr &ibt. 
CADiLLACK, s. eine 'Jlvt S3ivncn. 
CADIZ, s. (Sabir (etabt i\\ Spanicn) 
CADMiA, s. bcr ®almei, vid. Cau^mine 

— of zinc, Ofcnbrnd). 
CADUCEUS, .9. bcr Sabnctug, 2}Iercur« 

gcpiigelter ©dilangcnftab. 
C^.CIAS, s. * bcr gibrboftiinnb. 
C^SURA, s. T. bic tSdfnr, ber 'Jlbfc^nltt 

in aScrfen. 
CAFFEiN, s. ber bittfre ©rtracttyfioff 

bes JtaffccJ 

CAFFRARIA s. cie .Saffcrci; Caff>e, 

ein staffer. 
CAFTAN, .?. ber &,ifrau (bas d^^vcn* 

fleib bcr S^itvfen). 
CAG, s. bag 5d6d)en, vid. b. b. Kko 
CAGE, ir. 1. bcr 5SogcIbaner ; M'^l^- 

2. bie Umjdunung, bag ©ebdge: 3. 

©efdngnip ; — work, bic grbroc^ene 

To CAGE, ». ffl. in etncn Jtiifid) t!)iiu; 

cinfte^n, einfpcrven. 

r^^o^"^' \ s- fin ©afcercnbOTt, Sd:= 
CAiSuE, \ f^^'ff ^'' ''""■ ®'^'"«- 
CAIMAN, s. ber ,$taiinaK (bag aiiicri* 

CAIN, s. Jtatn (©igenname). 
CAiRN, s. cin fegelfijrmigcr©teiut)a«3 

fen ; bejjglcictjen cin ©rabmaal. 
CALSSON, s. 1. bcr 2}iunitiongn»agea ; 

2. bie 33ombcnfipc ; 3. Untcrlage ei* 

ner Sriicfc. 
CAITIFF, Caitif, s. bcr STenbf, ?i{m= 

penbuiib, @rl)UvEt. 
To CAJOLE, w. n.f(tmc!rbctn, fireiclx'ht. 

flattiren, licbfofc'n, lodfcn. 
CAJOLER, ,9. be* Sc^meic^kr, g«i.1>S= 

CAIOLERY', s. bte @c^mei(fy.-{et, fiipe? 

CAKE, s. 1. ber ,Kudicn ; 2. b-te Stolle; 

— of coals, jufamincngeftntci-teetein= 

!ot)lcn; — of ice, Ptuc ©tgfc^olk; 

wax — , ein Soben SSa^g; — bread, 

bie 22e(fc, Semniel; — hncp, ein 

Jtud)cnrcif, Jlud;eubanb; — hnuso. 

bag ,R'uct)cnIviug; — woimn, bie ^vl^ 

To CAKE, V. a. Sr n. jufamnienbacfcH. 

CALABASH, t. bie (Salabaffe, ber ?\{a= 

fcbenEiirbijj; — tree, ber (§aiaboffen= 


CALABRIA, s. (Salabricn. 
CALADE, s. Sp. T. bcv abbdngcnbe Or» 

auf ber Dicitfdtule, bte ^ffi"i»e «ia 

©aloppiren jn iiben. 
CALAMANCO, s. bcr ,Jintmaiif (iDoHeRi 


GALAMARY. s. bic ?Jiecvfptnnc. 
CAL.'U1BACK, s. bag ^arabicS=2lii)e» 

CALAMIFEROUS, adj. '^tngt\\MXm\^ 


CALAMINE, s. ber ©almfi. 
CALAMiNT, s. bie JlaUimiutb, Jta&cn« 

inuuje, 31cEcrniitnie. 


CALAMITOUS, adj. elcttb/ ttourtg, jam= 
merooli, triibfeltg. 

CALAMITOUSNESS, ) s. i. baS ©tcnb, 

CALAMITY, S Unsliidf, Un= 

geiiind), i>n Unfatt, bteS^rubfal, 2Bi= 
bcrwdvttgfcit; 2. bcr briicf cube Jlum= 

CALASH, s. 1. bie Jlalef^e; 2. ctu 

CALCAR, s. c/i. T. ber ©alcttttvofcn. 

CALCARIOUS, adj. fcllfavtiij ; — earth, 

bte J?alfcrbe. 

CALCEATED, adj. Sefc^U^Ct, tit ©f^U- 

CALCEDON, s. bei' Salceboit. 
CALCiNABLE,a</7.5uin iBcrfatfeit laugs 

To CALCINATE, Calcinating, vid. To 
Calcine, Calcininq. 

CALCINATION, s. bte a3crfa[fung. 
CALCINATORY, s. ber ^alctiiti-tiesjcl. 
To CALCINE, V. I. a. calcttiireit, vers 

fnlfeit; »er5el)tett, Kerbrcnitcu; ILn. 

p(t vevfalfett, ju JlalE wcrbeii. 
CALCOGRAPHY, s. bic JJalfsurc^jetc^; 

CALCULABLE, adj. jii^U obet t)ere= 


To CALCULATE, v. a. Sr n. trec^neit, t)e= 

rcdjtien, auSi'cc^neit, jufammcuved); 

itett, iibcrrcc^uen, auijcibleit, ait§= 

CALCULATION, ». bte 3?cc^nung ; 93e= 

ted^itung; ba§ 9lec{)tteit; to he out in 

one's — , ftcft (ill ber 3fJec^iiuii9) 

CALCULATiVE, adj. £)erecj)ncnb ober 

CALCULATOR, s. ber SBevec^tier, ^t- 

(^etimcifler ; Cflecanuu(i§fiibvcr. 

CAjLCULATORY, adj. Jliltl 9iCtt)llClt (je^ 

CALCULOua axij.i. fleittartiij, fatibtjj; 

2. am ©teiiie tranf. 
CALCULUS, *. 1. btt 33lafeitflciit, 

©teiit ; 2. ber Sakuf, bte 2)iferctt= 

ttal= unb 3!itei^vaI=?Jc^iiung. 
CALDRON, s. ber J^oc^topf, Aeffcl. 

CALECHE, s. vid. Calash. 

CALEDONIA, s. * JlaUbottteit, (S^oit- 

CALEDONIAN,- I. s. ber J?aIebonter, 

©(^otte ; u. adj. fateboiiifd), fd^Ptttfrf). 
CALEFACTION, s. ba8 ^et^mar^ett, 

bte (Srroarmuttg. 

CALEFACTIVE (— tory), atlj. f)cipnta= 

cfcciib, errodrmenb. 
To CALEFY, v. I. a. f,(i^ iitflc^eit, er= 

wdrmeu; il. re. Ijcip ober warm u>er= 

CALENDAR, g. bcr ^a{citbcr. 
To CALENDAR, ». a. iiu Jlaleitber auf= 

CALENDER, s. T. ber ^ilatiber, bte 

Xndf' ober 3«ii!lPveffe, SBarmpreffe, 

$re|mafct)ine, 3.f"3fofIe ober 9JJait= 

jie[ ; — stone, etit (Sldttflciii, ®itte= 

To CALENDER, v. a. T. 3;uc^cr ober 

Settle warm preffeii, rollcit, maii(3elti, 

maiibeln ; (^dfii)e) pldtteii. 
CALENDRER, s. T. ber ScuoV^cffcr, 

CALENDS, s. pi. bte galcnbd (ber erflc 

Xaq tints jebeu SJiotiatS bet bcu aU 

ten jyiomerit.) 
CALENTURE, s. HS btfet.^e ,^Itittafte= 

ber, 2;otlficbcr ber ©celcute. 
CALF, «. (pi. calves) 1. bas Jtalb ; i.f/r. 

iter, ©infaltgpinfel, SiUpel; 3. bte 

3Babe ; — 's foot, etn Jl'albSfug ; ber 

5lnnt, beutfci^e Siigroer (etiie ^flanje, 

3rum. — L.); — 's head, ber jtalb«= 

fopf; — like, gletc^ einem ,ft:albe; 
albcrrt ; — 's pluck, bag J?albSge£ro= 
fe; — '8 skin, baS Jtalbleber. 
CAJ,iBEB, 8. berSaltbcr, 2)ut(^meffer, 


ba§ ©^ugma5 (ober bte SBeite ber 
2)Juubaiig bc§ ®cfc^iifee«, u. f. w.); 

— compasses, T. ber S^afterjirfcl. 

CALIBRE, s.mod 1. ©cftalt, 3ll[)alt,;t ; 2. ©iite, SBertb, 55efd)af= 
fenbctt, *,>lrt, ©c|lag ; ©tempel, 6f)a= 

CALICE, s. bcr ^e(dj. 

CALICO, s. ber 3 tfe- JtattUU; —print- 
er, eitt ,^attunbritcifer. 

CALID, adj. f)ei§, brciiueitb. 

CALIDITY, s. bte ^\%t. 

CALiDuar, s. T. bie iffidrmeroftre, ber 

CALIF, s. ber Jlalif. 
CALIFATE, s. ba« ,Kalifat, .$?altfen= 

CAUGATION, ) s. bte tmiifel^'cit; 
CALIGINOUSNESS, \ 5)u:ifcll)Ctt tv'J 

CALIGINOUS, adj. bunfel, biijicr, ftn= 


CAIJGRAPIIIC, ajJj. faligrap^tfd). 
CALIGRAPHY, s. bie JlaltgrapJjtc, 

CALiN, s. ein aiis ai3let iiubBinn ljefle= 

bcnbc« SRetali. 

CALIPH, X .,„ . „ 

CALIPHATE, \ '■ «'<^- Calif & CALIFATE, 

CALIVER, s. bie ^afenbud;fe, ber5)op^ 
^elbafcit ; bcr Caliber. 

CALix, s. B. T. bcr !8lumenfeld;. 

To CALK, V. a. jv. T. frttfatcrn. 

CALKER, s. JV. T. bcr jtalfatcver. 

CALKING, .9. T. 1. bas Jtalfiren, 5Jiad)= 
jeic^neit, ^,>lbbru(f en ; 2. jv. r. ba« ^al= 
fatern ; baS SBerg ober ber -Sanf ba= 
jn ; — iron, ber ©topfmeipel, baS 

CALKINS, s. pj. bic StoUeit an ben .§uf= 
eifen tcr ^pfevbe. 

To CALL, V. a. ^- n. 1. mfcn, au^rufcn, 
fd)reicn; anrufen ; bentfen; jnfam^ 
menrnfen, forbern; 2. nennen, ^ei= 
9en ; 3. crnennen ; 4. sorfvred)cn, bc= 
flld;en; what do you '^ that? Wic 

nennen Sic bas ? what d'ye — him ? 
vu'g. im'xz betut cr bod) ? id) wcip nid)t 
>oo_ id) tbn bint()un foil; fann nid)t 

aitf ibn fommert; to — one names, 

Semanbem Sc^impfnamcn ^cbcn ; to 

— one's game, fcin ©ptcl anfaj^cn ; 
to — to accoimt (task), jlir 3IJcd)cn= 

fd)aft (5ict)en) forbern, 5ar3tebe ftcl= 
Icn ; to — to mind, ftc^ crtnnern, bc= 
benfen; to — one to mind, Semanbcn 
wieber ertenncn ; to — aside, hti Sci= 
te rufen ober jiebcn; to — at vofs 
fommen; anfpred)en, einfprecben; to 

— away, ttjcj^rufen, abrnfen; to — 
back, jnritcf rnren ; tvi^errnfcn ; to 

— down, bfvnntcr rnfen ; to — for, 
rnfen, nad) S'tmaiS rnfen ober fvagen, 
e6 ycrlaiigen, forbern, boficUcn ; to — 
fortli, ^crauS rufen ; aufbieten, in 'ile= 
loegnng fe^en; to— in, bercin rufen ; 
cinforbern, cincafftren (— one's debts, 
ffine ©djulbcn) ; ^ufammenberufen, 
cinlaben ; tuiberritfen, tcfud)en, ein= 
fl'rcd)cn ; to — in question, tn ^\OtX' 
fel jtef)en ; so to — it, nm eg fo jn 
nennen, fo ju fagen j to — off, abru= 
fen; ab^alten, abstcbeu; abrntben ; 
to — on (upon), aufriifeu ; anrufen, 
anfpred)en, bitten; ermahnen, rrin= 
nerii ; to — upon (to) one, fid) auf 3e= 
maitben bernfen; Scmanbem cinnt 
fiirjeu sBcjud) ntnd)en ; I find iiiy?eif 
called upon, ic^ febe ntid) bernfen, ge= 
nbt^tgt, ge^wungen ; to — out, ang= 
rufen ; beraus rufen ; f)erbeirufen ; 
berausiforbcrn ; to — over, (cine !i!ifte) 
tibcrlefcH, t)er5dl)!en, bie SfJamen yer:= 

lefeU; Mr. N. was called to the chair, 
^err 31. warb aU S3orft^enbcr er= 
wd^lt; to — up, beraufrufeu ; aufru= 
fen, aufroccfenj ert»ecfen, ervegen; 


berbeisai.(iern ; to — up spirit^-, ®ci» 
^er befd)wijrcn, citiren. 
CALL, s. 1. bcr Sduf, ©c^rei, ©emails 
©to^; 2. bie 93erufung, i^enennuui], 
bcr aftuf; sBcrnf; 3. ber Slufprnci), 
baS 58cgc:^r, bie Sorberung ; 4. 2Jor= 
Icfung ; 5. bcr 53efud) ; 6. Sp. T. bet 
SSogclrufj bte Socfpfeife, SlBactteU 
pfeife ; 7. MU. T. ber 51ppe(l (bte 3n* 
fammenforberung burd) bie S;rom= 
mel) ; boatswain's — , JV. T. bie (5om= 
manbopfcifc beS ^pcf)bootgmonnc§ ; 
to wind a — , mil ber ©ignalpfetfe 
commanbiren ; 8. Min. t. ber 5:ung= 
flein, roei§e 2Bolfvam ; — of the house, 
bie 3"f'"it™<'"tfi'"f""(1 ^<^3 $arht« 
mentS ; ber 9'lameng=''Jhifrnf ber ©lie* 
ber im ^Parlamentc ; to give one a—, 
eincn (!urjen) 39efnc^ niad)en ; to be 
ready at a — , auf jeben SBinf bereit 
fei)n ; within one's — , ju Scniaubea 

S9efe^I ; there is a great — for coffee, 

M. E. Ma^tt ift jefet febr bcge^rt, ge= 


CALLER, s. ber dinftx. 
CALLING, s. bcr SBeruf, ©taiib, ba? 

CALLIIERS, s. pi. T. ber 55i(fsirlel. 

45ang5ivfel, aJ?a|lcn^ir!el, 33ogen}ir- 

fel, Safterjirfel, Saf^er. 
CALLOSITY, s. bie ©c^wtelt, l)arte 


CALLOUS (adv.—-Ly\ adj. fd)n)teltg. 

lavt^duttg, scr^drtct, fnorrig; jig. 

unempftnblic^, hart. 
CALLOUSNFi5S, s. bic 9Strt)drtung bet 

.^aut, bie ©^wiele ; fig. Unempft«b:» 


CALLOW, adj. ungeftebcrt, tt))). natft. 
CALLUS, s. ber eaHug, Jtnorpel ; btj 

©c^wtelc, a^crl)drtung. 

CALM, (adv. — ly), I. adj. fiill, mljlg, 

{)citer, gclaffcn; Icibenfc^aftslog j -^ 
sea, bic'rubige (f(ac{)e) ©ce; to fai 
— , JV. T bebaarcn ; n. s. bie ©tille, 
mnl)t ber eicmcnte; SBiiibfttUe; 
■9^ni)C beS ©emiitbd; a dead, a fiat </» 
a stark — , tobtenj^illeS SSctter. 

To CALM, V. a. ftilleii ; 'bevntjiflcn, If 
fdnftigen, befricbigen. • 

CALMER, s. ber Scruf)iger, ^efdnfs 

CALMNESS, s. bie ©tille {Mn^t dci 
(Slcmcnte) ; @emiitb«ruf)f ; Setbeii^ 
fd)aft«lofigfeit; iDJilbe. 

CALMY. adj. ftill, rilbig. 

CALOMEL, s. C/i. T. ba« fubtimtrrf 

CALORIC, s. ber SBdrmefiofr. 

CALORIFIC, adi er.hi^eiib, bi^ig. 

CALOTTE, s. bie ©alotte, 5)jlattniufec, 
.itappe, .^ciuht. 

CALTROP, s. 1. Jiw. r. bie ^ugangel ; 
2. Sp. T. bag SBoIfeifen, eine 3lrt 
©pie9 bei ben SBoifSjagbcn ; 3. bic 
©ta^elnut), aBcgebiftcI {Tnbnius^ 
/J; water — s, bcr Srofdjlatttg. 

CALUMF/r, s. (bei ben iiorbamcrifanti 
fdten aBilben) bie Sriebenspfeife. 

To CALUMNIATE, v. a. .$• n. SCrfcuniJ 

belt, fd)mdben. 

CALUMNIATION, s. bte gScrleumbunfj, 
CALUMNIATOR, .?. bcr ^Berlriiniber. 
CALUMNIATORY, adj. iH'rlcuniberifc^, 

falfch. ^ . 

CALUMNIOUS {adv. — ly). adj. «er« 

leumbcrtfd). ^ , 

CALUMNIOUSNESS, «. bte ScrlCUtlte 


CALUMNY, «. bte SBcileumbnng. 

c\LVARY, s. bie ©d)flbclftdttc (tn ?u-- 
tbcro 33tbeliibevfe^ung), ber Scrg 
©olgatba hti Sernfafem ; — cross, 
H T. ein .(tren? auf brei ©tufcn ru« 
I)cnb, «)eld)e ©laubc, ^offnung utt» 
Siebe bcleutcn. 




To CAi,VE, V. n. UlUu, wcrfcii, au«= 
.■:!ALVES-Slv;OUT f mouth), s.bfvDvaut, 

ba§ SiJnjtltmaul (^Antirrhinum oronti- 
cum — L,). 

CALVrLLE, «. bev Sd)(ottcraVfeI ) 

CALVINISM, s. bcr dalijtiiismu^, bic 

Sel)re bc8 (Jalyiii. 
CALVINIST, s. bcv 6'a(yiiiit% 9Jefor= 


CALVINISTICAL, (— ic), adj. Citloillis 
CALVISH, adj. Wit till Stci\b. 

CALX, s. c/i. T. ttx ^ait (ciitc» 2}ie= 


CALYX, s. bci- SBtumcufcIc^. 
CALYCLE, s. B T. ber flctue 33Iunicn= 


CALYCULATE, atlj. B T. felcbfoVlltig 

(uoit 531umcii). 
CAMBIST, s. fill 2SecI;§Ier, 2Bec(;fcI= 


CAMBRIC, s. bfl§ Jlamincvhtd;. 
CAME, s. baS Settftci'blei. 
CAMEL, s. baS Jtnmcet; — backed, 

butfltfl ; — driver, bci-J?amcdti;etI)cr; 

— 's 'hay (sweet rush), Jtaineelf)eu 

(cine ^pflaiije ; jjndropo^on — D. 
CAMELOPAIU), s. bcr ^aiueclvavbel, 
^ainclovavb, bie ©iratic. 

CAM A IN, ) 

CAMAYEN, [ a.bei-6ameo,33itbcvfletu. 


CAMERADE, s. vid. Comratje. 

CAMERA-OBSCURA, s. bie &imcva= 

CAMERATED, adj. ((Cfviillimt, gOUOlbt. 

CAMERATION, 5. btc SBolbuiig, ba3 

CAMISADE, s. bcr iiacl;tlirf)c 3liiqvtf^ 

obcr Ucbeifall. 
CAMISATED, arij. jiiin nac{)tlic^cn llw- 

flvifr" fevtig. 
CAMLET, s. berSamcIot: bSvnc 3e«3. 
CAMMOC,.?. btc^nubfcbcl, ba§D^fcu= 

Dber ©talltraut {Ononis — L). t 

CAMOMILE, *. bie jlaiinllc {Anthcmis 

— L.). 

CAMOUS,.> adj. vlatt, flumvfnafii] ; — 

C:VMOYS,'j hose, bic Stumpfliafc; 

Caninused, adj. gcfriimiut, jvumni, 

fc^icf; PCVbrcbt; Camously, arfB. (Itur 

•ocit bcv 9lafe) !nnnm, fc^ief; sonbev 

CAMP, s. b«« Sa.!]cr, {jclblager; — 
dress, btc (Jeibiitoutur ; — figiit, bie 

•15'Clbfcf)lad)t ; — ineetings, Jim. aot= 
tc^bicuftlir^c 33cvfammluiic]eii in frci= 
cm S"«tfe; — quarters, ba§ Oiiavtici; 
in moriiciilaubifcbcn Stdbtcn fiiv cu= 
ropnifci^e Jlaiiflciitc ; to pitch a — , 
eiii Siigcr (luffdjlagen; a flying—, 
ctit fltcgcntfS !i*ai3cv Dber (5ovi)§. 
To CAMP, V. a. s,- n. fill Siigcr auffd)Ia= 
(^eit, campircn, fici^ lagevii ; lagcvii, 
flckgert fci;n. 

CAMPAIGN, CAMP Am, s. 1. bie ©bene ; 
2. bee Seibjug. 

To CAMPAIGN, v. n. cittClt getbjltg 

r'AMPAiGNER, .t. bci' alte »ei-fud)tc 

golbat, Sivjalib. 
CAMPANA, s. bie JJiic^eufc^eHe, baS 

CAMPANIFORM, ? ,. „Tn^<.fifKr,«;A 

CAMPANULATE, r"-'- alott^nfonntg. 
<;ampanula, •«. bie Olocfeitblume. 
CAMPEACHY-wooD.s. ba§ (5rtmpecl)e= 
t)ols, iyvafiiicnbolj. 

CAMPESTRAL (Campestrian), adj. illl 
j^clbe n)ad)feiib, wilb ; \id) ouf baS 
Sclb bci(i€[}eiib. 

camphor, s. ber Jtamijfer ; — tree, ber 

^&\n\>^exhciiim{Launi8camphora — /J. 

mit .ftaiiivfer aiigeiitac^t. 

CAMPION, s. baS ^fmmetrl «C^en (Lych- 
nis — Li). 

CAM-WOOD, s. brtS ^ctmboh-, afrifani= 

fci)e momoh. 
CAN, s. bie J?anue, 2^rinlfaime ; — 

hooks, bie 33teri)nfen, Sc^infclbtifeit, 

,itaiitl)afcn, g3anb^afeu (jum 2luf= 

wiubett ber Siiffer). 
CAN, V. 71. fijtmcit, vermiigen ; ho can, 

cr faun ; i can not, ict) fann uici)t. 
CANAILLE, s. iaS ©eftnbel, ber rtieb= 

rigfte ^obcl, bie 6efen beS aSolfs. 
CVNAKIN, s. dim. ciu jicinitc^en, Jlci= 

neS Srinfgcfiip. 
CANAL, s. ber\, 2Baffcrgang, 

©raben, Jlunftftvom ; tie Sitnne, 


CANALICULATED, adj. auSgeljiJ^U 

(line eine 9tij^re). 

CANARY, s. 1. bcr .Ranaricnfect ; 2. + 
eine 5lrt luftigcr, lcbl)after Xcini; — 
bird, ber ,^anarien'.HigcI ; — grass, — 
seed, ba§ jtanarieitgras, ber Stand' 

rietljame, {Phalaris canariensis — L.) ; 
' — islands {or Canaries), btC J:anarien= 
infeln ; — weed, bie Jlrciuterorfeille, 

garberPeC^te {Lichen roccdla — /,.). 

.To CANCEL, c. a. &n. 1. buvc^ilrcicl)en 

(in Sorm ciiieS ®ittcr§, als : +) ; 2. 

aufbcbcn, abinadjcn, anuuUircn, uer= 

nicibten; 3. T,jp. T. einjclne ^ogcn 

anf bie Seite mevfen iiiib frifd) 


CANCELATED, adj. scrgittcrf. 
CANCELATION, s. bie 2'urdifirei^ung, 

CANCER, s. 1. ber .<lrebs ; 2. begglei= 

c^cn Ast. T. im 3:f)icrfreife ; 3. ber 

JirebS, Jtrcb^fcbabcn. 
Tu CANCERATE, v. n. frcbSartig j»cr= 

ben, ben Jtrebs bcfpinnien, 
CANCERATION, a bie 6iit|lel)iing be§ 


CANCEROUS, adj. frcbgartig. 
CANCRIFORM, adj. mt Cancerous, qd. 


CANCRINE, adj. wic cin jtreb«, frebS= 

CANDENX adj. gliibcnb, weiggltibenb. 
CANDIA, s. bie 3iifel ganbia (6reta). 

CANDICANT, adj. Wetjjlld). 

CANDID (arfr.—LY), adj. reblic^, bic= 

bcr, aufricJ)tig, offen. 
CANDIDATE, s. bcr 3Imtsbtl»erbcr, 

CANDIDNESS, ,<!. btc ;yicblid;feit, 33ie= 

berfcit; 5lufrid;tigfeit, Dffenljcit. 

CANDIED, ;w;t adj. Cilllbirt. 

CANDLE, s. baS ^id)t, bie MiX\(; dip- 
ped — , m gcjpgcne ?ir|t; mould — , 
ba§ gcgoffcne 8id)t; —berry-tree, bcr 

jlcrjenbccrbanm {Myrica — L.) ; — 
bomb.s, J?uaUgIdfcr ; —box, cine Sic^t= 
labc; — branch. ein5lrmleud)ter ; — s 
ends, l^ic^tftiicfdjcn ; — holder, bcr 
Siicbltrdgcr; fi^. entferute Unterftii= 
fecr,.^elfcr, i&vie^rttfell ; — light, ba« 
!^id;t (bie 5[>imnic) an ber Jl'erje; by 

— light, bei 2id;t ; — nmuids, jinucrne 
Sici)tformen ; — saves, ^ic^tmanfd)et= 
ten, ?ic^tfparer; — screen, ber5*id:t= 
f^irm; — snuffer, ber 8ic^tpu§cr; 

— snuffers, bie Sicbtpllfec; — .stand, 

ein ^cud)tcrhdger, !^cuc^tcrtifc^ ; — 
stick, berSiudUer; branched (or armed) 

— stick, ber 9Xrmleud)tcr; > — stick 
shade, CtU ?eild)tcrfd)irm ; sticking 

— shade, ber &d)tpleucbter, ©tecfcr ; 

— stuff bie ?id)tmaterie, ber S^alg 
u. f. IV. ; — waster, bcr (^id;t=) 93er- 
fcbiDcnber ; Stdnber am ?id)te ; — 
wick. ber'I)od)t, ^id)tbod)t; —wood, 
baS Sitroncnbclj. 

CANDLEMASs, s. bdS ;?ep bcr Dteini= 
gung 3)2arid, ^tdjtmcffe. 
CANDOC, s. bo8 Siu^flval 

CANDOUR, s bie -3flcblid)feit, Stebct- 
feit, 9lufrict)ttgfeir, Dffcnbeit. 

To CANDY, V. a. 6,- n. \. canbircn, be» 
ober iibcrjucPcrii, (mic mit 3uder) 
iiberjieben, in B«cfei" eimnad^en ; 2, 
friftaUifiren, in Jtriftallcn anfdjies 
ijen ; mit Jlriftallen iibcrsicben. 

CANDYTUFT, s. bcr 33aueriifenf (/';* 

ris — /..). 

CANE, .9. 1. ba§3fIobr ; 3udcrni^r; 2. 
bcr ©tab, ©tcS {mi Sioljr); — bill, 
baS Jtap^meffer ; — blinds, oflinbi= 
fc^e 9iol)r=,3alOUficH; — bottomchair 
ber Jiol^rflu^l ; — brake, "bai ®cr6b= 
ric^ ; — eyes, bie Siicmciiici^cr am 
Stod ; — ferrei, bie Stod'sroiitge ; 

— head, ber ©tocffnopf ;— man, bcr 

(Stpif bdnbler ; — pencil, bie in 'Si\i'c)X. 
gefa&te ©Icifeber; — platting, baS 
giecbtrol)'^/ (jw Stiiblen, .g)iiten, 
u. f. m.) ; — spirit, 3weferroI)r=<5vi= 
ritu« ; — string, baS <2to(fbanb ; — 
tobacco, ©tangcntabaf ; Bengal — , 
fViitiff^eS 3tol;r ; clouded — , gcflcif = 
tc« gfjoi^r; crutch — ,cin Jtrii(finftorf; 
dart—, ein Stodbcgcn, S)pld){io(f; 
walking — , bcr Spasicrftprf. 

To CANE, V. a. ©tocfpriigcl gebcn, 
Vriigelc fdjiagcn. 

CANESCElxT adi wcifigrau, weigtid). 

CANICULAR, adj. jum .punb^ficrnc gc= 
{)6rig ; — days, bie i0uub§ta^e. 

CANicuLE, (Camccla}, s. ber .:^unb§= 

CANINE, adj. I)iinbifd> ; — appetite^ 
bcr .^unbsbllllfler; — madness, bic 

i§unbSroutb, SBaffcrfd^cu ; — teeth, 

CANISTER, s. 1. baS Jlprbctcu; 2. bit 
S;beebiid)fe, ^iic^fe ; — shot, ^au 

CANivER, s. 1. 73. r. bcr Mx(H (an 
SBdumen, «. f. ».) ; ber Jl'anEer (atr 
ben 9?elfcn) ; 2. ch. T. bev %x(i%. 
9ipfl iflu ©ifcn, 9)leffing, n, f. ro.) ; 
3. eine freffcube geud)tii5fcit (in ben 
©dftcn); 4. cine .(trant'l)cit an ben 
f^iigen ber 5Pferbe, in ben Dbren bcr 
^nube, bcfglcid;en in bcr Jleble bcr 
S;auben ; —, or — fly. bie 33drcn= 
raupe, — , or — rose, bie .^iiiibsrofe, 
luilbe iTipfe, ber .^agfbnttcnftrauc^ ; 
— , or — worm, ein bcii Sriic^tcii fc&db= 
liitcr 2?urm, bcr (2d;rijter; — bit, 
angefrcffcn, uergiftet. 

To CANKER, ». I. a. 1. anfvcffcu, jcr^ 
freffcn, ucrbcrbeit ; 2. anftcden ; l(.»j. 
angefrcffen, jcrfreffen, augejiecft i»er= 

COHERED {ado. — ly), adj. mfirrtfci) , 

uul)pflid) ; mpralifc^ »crfcbrt. 

CANKERLIKE, (Cankerous), adj. ^n- 

ftprenb wic bcr ,i?reb§, h. f. to. 

CANKERY, adj. rcfiig. 
CANNABINE, atlj. bdllfen. 

CANNIBAL, I. s. bcr Siiniiibal; 9)fcn= 
fdjcnfreffer ; IT. adj. {ade. — ly), caii= 

CANNIBALISM, s. 1. bic ?JJeiifd)cnfrcf:= 
ferci; 2. bie ©ranfamfcit. 

CANNON, s. bie Jtanpiic ; bal Stiiif; 
collect, ©efcbiitj; — ball, blc Jtauo^" 
ncufugel ; — proof, aii^er bent Se-- 
rcic^ (fiwer vm') bcr jtai'pne; — 
royal, bie ,^iirtbaniic ; — shot, bei 
:fi:anpncnf4utJ ; bic .^tonwientugel; 
to mount a — , cine jlaupite anf bie 
gaffctte bringen. 

To CANNONADE, r. I. a.fanonircn, be* 
fcbiepen ; H. n. tciS gvobc ©cfc^ii? 
abfeuern, fpiclen laffcn. 

CANNONADE, ii bie Jfanpnabc. 

CANNONEER (— ier', s. bcr J?anoniec 

CANNOT rfiir can not), faUU llicflt. 

CANOE, s. bcr ,tf abn. baS fleinc -.BciH 
ber atac&en, bas (Janoe. 




CANON, s. 1. bcr .taitoit, bic tRcgtl, 
SSorfchriff, baS ®efffe,,Uirri)citgc)>lj; 

2. ber'iO^t'gfaiioii, baS OJJefigcbct ; 3. 
bcv JtanoutciiS, Stift^bcrr, 5)om= 
^erv, (S^ort;m-; 4. Vyp. 7'. bic Jtanoiie 
(5lrt grobrr ®rucfj\t)vift); (sreat— , 
lean -r-, bte grobc, bte t(ctnc it.); 5. s. 
T. tin Snftrunieiit juiii .Ocftcii bcr 
25unbcn; 6. Mus. t. bcv ^anoit, Jlct= 
tcngcfang, bic Jtvcisfugc •,—,or~ bit, 
ba« ^otjte iDiunbftiicf am ^^ferbcgcbip ; 

— law, baS fanonifd^C 9?e*t; — re- 
gular, eiuDrbcnggctfliic^cr ; —secular, 
ciii 3SeUgeiftlict)er. 

CANONESS, s. bie Jlaiiouifi"init, (Sttft«= 
frau, 6I)orfi-au. 

CANONICAL (arfy.— ly), adj. lattOtlifc^. 
CANONICALNESS, s. baS Sanoittf^c, 

bie fanonifc^e ©igcnfc^aft, Jlirc^cns 

CANONICALS, s. pi. bie Jtauouicaltcit, 

bcr Somi)crrnfi^mucf. 

CANONICATE, s. vid. Canonry. 

CANONIST, s. ber Jlniioiitfl, Jlcnnev 
(Scorer) bc3 frtitonifc^cn 9icc^tg. 

CANONis-nc, adj. lajionifitfc^. 

CANONIZATION, s. bie .^ciligf^nc- 

To CANONIZE, v. a. faitonifircit, fiei- 
tig fprc^eu. 

CANONRY, \s. ba8 ^aiioiticat, bic 

CANONSHIP, i Jtaiionie, ;DDin^ervu= 
ftcUe, g^orfteUe, ©tiftgpfriinbc. 

CANOPIED, adj. mtt eineiJt sBalbacbiit, 
ti. f. "m. bcbcdft. 

CANOPV, s. bcr SSalbac^itt, $rac[)t= 
l)immcl, JEvag^immcI, .^imincl; — 
couch, ba§ aju^cbctt, daitavt. 

To CANOPY, V. a. uiit citicm Sprac^t- 
^immel bcbecfcn. 

CANOROUS, aiij. \wU tijitcub, ineIo= 
bifc^ ; — bird, citi Singvogci. 

CANOROUSNiss, s. bcr 3Sol)UIang. 

CANT, s. 1. cine bcfonbcrn Sloffcn liiib 
(^crocrbcn cigcuttjiimlidie (Srpradjc, 
bie Jtunfkfprac^e; .^aubcrnjclft^ ; bic 
Siebesfvrad)e ; 2. fctc afcctivte Svra= 
chc, bas (yenjafcb; (fc{)cii:l)Ctlige) ®c- 
Winfcl; a — word, bilS ,ftutlfl»OVf, 

bcr cigcH(I)iimlt(fte 5Ju«bru(i ; uncblc 
9lu«bmif, Sol6ci«mu§; 3. cine DJi- 
fc^c, sfilcnbe ; 4. jv. T. iaS Jtcntcin 
(Umlegcn ciiicS (Sc^ifcS) ; — hooks, 

• .9. pi. vid. C\N-HooKS ; — pieces, brci= 

crftge ©djijflattcn obcr t^oljcr ; — 

timbers, fi^rdge i&V'l''"'"- 

To CANT. V. I. n. I. uuycrftaublic^, 
faubevrodfc^ ober vcrbrcbt fpvccl;cit ; 
rotbivclfd) rctcu ; 2. affcctirt, obcr 
gcjievt rebcn, winfcln, qucifcn ; f)cudi= 
icrifc^ rebcti, ■ fci)ctiil)citig fvrcc^cii; 
II. (J. 1. jv. T. umlegcn, fautcn, tcn= 
tern ; 2. fd)itttelii. 

CANTATA, s. bie (i'antfltc. 

CANTEEN, s. jVii. T. 1. bic 9JIarfctcn= 
bcr=58ufce obcr Sd^cnfe ; 2. bie iin= 
ucrne obcr bi3(scri;c Selbflafdjc. 

CANTER.*. 1. bcrSBiuffler, ^fScuc^Icr, 
5Inbad)t(cr; 2. unycrftanbliii'e $[an= 
bcrcr, iaiiberwalfd)e Sprcc^cr, J)Jabc= 
breeder, in ,^unftmi>rtcrn SfJebenbc; 

3. bcr lcid)te obcr fnvjc ©alopp. 

To CANTER, V. n. Uid)t obcr angc= 
iicbnt galoppircn. 

CANTERBURY-BELLS, s. bic @[Oifen= 


CANTiiARiDES, .?. p.'. bic fpanifc^cn 
gliegcu, Qlftcrlcudjtfiifcr. 

CANTHUS, s. ber ^ilugcnwtnfcl. 

CANTICLE,.?, bcr ®rfang; pi. Canti- 
cles, baS 1;pI;c Sicb fSalbmoiiiS'). 

CANTIJ3T, g. Ui gtiiif, 58rud)ftiicf. 

CANTO, s. 1. ber ©efaiig. bag ^nd) 
('Jlbtbciluiig cincS @ebiH)tS) • 2. bic 
2)i»caiitftimme in'ciucr mufiratifdicn 
gompofitiou — fenno, c inftimmigcr 

CANTON, s. 1. ber (Janton, 33ei(irf ; 2. 
H T. baS in bcr (?cfc cincS 2Bappcn= 
fc^ilbeg bcfiiiblic^e ©tiicf. 

7b CANTON, v. a. 1. (tn Scjivfc) ab= 
tbctlcn,tf)cilcn ; 2. eiitquarticrcn ; re-- 
gimcntrecife bieOuarticre uertl;cilcn. 

To CANTONIZE, v. a. ycrt^cilcn, {in 
^ttjhk) t{)cilcii. 

CANTONMENT, s. jyiii. T. bie (5anton= 
nirnng ; ba§ gantonniren. 

CANVAS, s. 1. bcr(5anncyaS ; ba§iSc= 
gcltnd) • bie iprcfcuning ; 2. fipr. bic 
fecgcl eincS ScbiffcS ; bag 5|?acftnc6, 
bic'3cltlciitwanb; cine 3lvt 93ovbang 
obcr ©cbtcbcbrct »cr J?utfd)fcnftern ; 
3. (bci ben DJialcrn) bcr crilc (Snt= 
Unirf; a ship in all her—, ciu Sc^iff 
luit atlcn (fccgcln auggcfpannt, bct= 

gcfc^t; — Imga Fort. (Svbfatfc Jltm 

*.Jlufivcrfcn ciner53iufiiiH't)r ; — yarn, 

bag Scgclgarn. 
CANVASS, .•?. bic 3hisforfc(jung, 5Prii= 

fnng, {)cimlicl)e SScrbung bcr 32a\)U 

To CANVASS, r. L a. ^riifcn, crtDagcn, 

gcnan untcrfncben, eri.n-tcvn ; ll. n. 

(etimmcn I)fimlid) mcvbcn, cabali= 

rcn ; 10 — for, ftfb nut ctwag be= 

CANV.\SSER, s.ber Unferfnc^cr; Stim= 


CANY, adj. 9on 9io^r ; BoIl 9iot)r. 
CANZONET, s. baS ?icbd)cn, Sicb. 

CAOUCHOUC, .";. bflg (5cbcrbars {Ucsi- 
na clastica.) 

CAP, .5. 1. bie jtappe, W.\\%z, ^anbc, 

bcr .^nt, 2)C(fcl ; 2 Arch. T. bag ^Ci- 

Vital ciiicr ©anlc, bcr Jlnauf, ©an= 
icntopf ; 3. Typ. T. bie jtrontccfe (an 
bcr ^.jjrcffc); 4. JN-". T. bic Spifec 
«orit am Srijiffc, bag ©aliion, bcr 
■9}ioi)rcnf»pf; bag (Sfclsbaupt (bicfc 
.§ol5 <XM jcbcm '■.nbfafee cincg iDJaftcg) ; 
bic Stcngc, ber Sopmaft ; — bos, 
cine >^aubcnfd;ad)tcl ; — maker, bcr 
2}JiJ^enmad)cr ; bic .^anbcnftcdcrin; 

— scuttle. A". T. bic Springlufc; — 
Bguares, bic Sl3cf4)lage beg j)lapcrtg ; 
(Sifcnf4)iencn, joclt^c bie jtanonen 
anf bcr Saffctte fcftbaltcn, giappcn; 
black, — , bie (5alottc, bag fd)aHiijc 
(S)iricftcr=) ,J?appd;cn ; cartlinaiv, — , 
ber Jtarbinalgijut ; miiit^iry — , bcr 
2;fc^affo ; — and bells, bic (£c{)cilcn= 
lappc, OJarrciitappc ; — of wool, cine 

IVOUcnc tStappC ; — of a dead eye, JV. T. 
bag .*^cv5 eincr 3nngfer ; — of a gun, 
bag ^:)>lattlott) fjiir iicbctfung beg 
3iinblDd;g cincr ^ftanonc) ; — of main- 

lennnce. — of difinity, cinc Sd)U^= 
obcr (£ti)irmbanbc, ivcldjc bent ,51b: 
nig bci bcr JtriJunng Borgctragcii 
wivb ; — i p6, or — , a pie, »bn Jlopf 
bis anf bie Siij)c (gcriiftct). 
To CAP, V. n. 1. obc'n bcberfcn obcr bc; 
ftcibcn, anffc^cn, aufftcrfcn, Jtappen 
nufc^cn ; 2. bic ilJJii^c abne{)mcn ; to 

— to one, (Sincn (^viifjcn ; Jv. T. cine 
<£pi^e obcr cin ^fcUbaupt aitfc^rn; 

to — a rope, JV. T. bag (SllbC cincg 

%a\\ti mit gct[)certcm ScgcUud) bc= 

berfcn ; to — a pair of shoes, ©cbnt)e 

tcfappCll ; to — verses, SBcrfc njc4)fcl= 

wcife ^crfagcn. 
CAPABILITY, s. bic Sabigf cit, bag a3er= 

CAPABLE, ndj faffciib; fabtg, cinficbtg; 

ooU; gcfd)i(ft, bcwanbcrr, tanglicf) ; 


CAPABLENESS, s. btC j^Sfeigfcit, ®C= 

fc^icf licl)Ecit ; (Stiific^t, ber'^Jjcrfianb. 
CAPACIOUS, adj. gcraumig, mcit, yicl 

CAPACIOUSNESS, s. bie ©cranmigfcit, 

To CAPACITATE, v, a. fa^ig, gcf(t)itf t 


CAPACITATION, s. Hc Bcibigfctt. 

CAPAcrrY. s. 1. bie ©crciumigfcit, U\ 
Umfang, DIanm, ©clay ; 2.' bie Sai 
l)tgfcit, ©cfc^icf (id)fcif ; ^affnngl^ 
fraft, eiiifidbt ; ©cwalt, SJa.-bt, ba« 
33ermbgcii ; 3. bcr Stanb, 3m1anb, 
6baratter, bic SBiirbc. 

CAPARISON, s. bic ^Pfcrbcbccfc, S(^a= 
bracfc. ' 

To CAPARISON, v. a. 1. bic Scfiabratff 
auflcgcn; 2. augjlafftrcn, pompljaft 

CAPE, s. 1. bag (Sap, gSorgcbirge; 2. 
ber .Slragcn (am 2JJantcI) ; — of Goo<{ 
Hope, bag 93orgcbivgebcrgntcn .Soffa 
itnng; — town, bie (Sapfta'bt bafclbfl; 
— wine, bcr (i^apnjcin. 

CAPER, s. 1. bit Jtapcr; 2. bic gaprto» 
le, bcr SBocfgfpruiig, Suftfpnmg; — 
bush, — tree, bic jtapcrftaubc, be» 
Jlaperbaum ; — sauce, bic ,$taper= 
briibe ; — spurge, Springflirncr (\)om 
@rtract beg .)?apcrbannig) ; to cut —a 
Snftfpriinge niad)cn. 

To CAPER. V. n. 6aprio(cn mac&cn. 

* ^iipfcn ; to — about, umfcer fpringcn. 

CAPERER, s. bcr Springer, (£cil 

CAPILLACEOUS, adj. mic Cami.lary 

qd. vid. 

CAPPI1X.A1EE, s. bcr (5;rauttt[;act- 


CAPILLAMENT, s.'i. bic f;fl(trbunne 
fvibcr bcr ?lcrucn ; 2. bic fafeiigcn 
(gtanbfabcn, bag i^aarige an bcii 

CAPPiLLARY, Lai?/. l)aarfprmig,T)aar= 
fcin ; — veins, ^aavgcfajjc, .^aars 
abern ; it. .?. bag .giaargcf.if;. 

CAPiLOTAPE, s. bag Stagpitt \m\ Hria 
gcbarftcm Slcifdie. 

CAPITAL, I. s. 1. bie .<?anpt)labt; 2- 
bcr 9liifanggbnrf)ftabe ; 3. Arth. T. bc« 
jl'nauf, bag Jtapital eincr Siintt; 4, 
M. E. bagStammgclb, (Capital; float- 
ing — bag gro^e imaginarc Capi- 
tal; u.{ndr.'— i,y). n(/7. l.Seib «nb 
^cbcn bctrcffcnb, anf ben Sob, peirt= 
lid;; 2. banptfad)lidjP, i'orsiiglid>fi; 
3. .§aupt.. , sorn^-brnf^; — city, 
bic .^auptflabt • — crime, cin .ganpti 
obcr 2;obcgsfrbrcd)cii ; — letter, fin 
>*,''aupt= obcr 9InfanggbHr^flabe; — 
siiif), cin Stniciifd)iff'; — stock, baS 
.^auptgclb, (Stammgeb, nrfpriing: 
{td)c (Capital, bcr rtoub. 

CAPITALLY, adij. pciiiHcb, bii)ggfrirf't- 
licb; to proceed — a'jainst one, gtgcti 

Scmanb p*tin!irb »cvfnl)ifit ; — coi>- 

victed, cincg pcinlic^cn 3Jcvbrc(|en3 

itbcrti)icfen, beg Sobcg fctmlbJg. 
CAPITALIST, s. fin Sictitircr, ^infens 

bcjieber, gapttalifi. 
CAPITATION, s. 1. bic Bobliing narS 

ben J£i3pfcn; 2. bag Jlopfgclb, tie 

,Scv>f)lcucr, Sd^a^nng. 
CAPITOL, s. bag Kapitofiiim. 
CAPiTOLiNE, ndj. jum (Sapitol gc^orsg. 
CAPITULAR, .9. 1. bcr gapiiulitr. 

©tiftgberr; 2. bag (Sapitulare. 
To CAPITULATE, v. n. ctnen iltrglctc^ 

fc^lic9cn; capttulivcn. 
CAPITULATION, s. bcr SScrglcicJ), Jtf 

CAPITULATOR. s. cincr bcr 3jerglcki6« 

cingebt, capitulivt. 
CAPivi-TREE, s. bcr St^tibnng; weip* 

^alfambaum (Copai/em — /J. 
CAPNO\LANGY, s bie ilCabvfogfref ani 

bem Dpfcrrandic bci ben 9Uten. 
CAPOCH, s. bic 3)?bnd;gfappc, ^wttt. 
CAPON, s. bcr Jtapiiuu ; — 's tail, bet 

r.(CAP;)N, V. a. lappcn, fapauncn, c«* 

ftrircn, «erfrf)uciJ>cn, ciitmanncn. 
CAPONNIERE, s. Fort, bcr bebcdftf 

@ang in einem ge{lunag(jraben, 




;apot, s. bcv Sa^Jpt, obev iDtatfcf) (im 

To CAPOT, V. c cavot mad)en, mat= 

cv'.PPER, s. bci- aniifeeuma^cr, 3]?it= 

UAl'REOLATE, adj. vaiiEeiib, mit 3iaii= 

feu obcr ©abeldjen. 
CAPRICE, s, bev ©iacuftnn, -ic ©vitte, 

gaitnc, bet (Stnfau. 
CAPRICIOUS, (arfi).— ly), a*/^. 1. eigcn= 

ftnntij, tounberltrf), fcltfant, gi'illti] ; 

2. iniit^n.HUtg. 
CAPRICIOUSNESS, s bte njujibcvttc^e, 

etQenftimigc ?amie. 
CAPRICORN, s. Ast. T. bcf Steiuborf 

(im S^tei-fi'ctfc). 
CAPRiFiCATlON, s. ba» j^ortpffaiiscit 

anb 3Jetfeii bev grurt)te (getgcit). 
CiAPRiFOLE, *. ba§ ©etpblatt, 3flau= 


DAPRIFORM, adj. glctc^ filter 3if(5f' 
CAPRIOLE, s. bie Sapi-iple. 
CAPRIPEDE, adj. jiegeubodfsfugiq. 
CAPSICUM, g. bet fpaiitfd;e ^fcffev. 

To CAPSIZE, V. a. Sea Exp. Uimi'Cl-feU ; ' 

umtcljrcit, umbre^en. 
CAPSTAN, ? s. JV. T. bet J?abc|1aii, 
CAPSTERJV, y bag ©angfptU, bte 
<B\>iUe, ©c^iffstciitbc ; gear — , bag 
fkiite Oaiigfpili; main— , baS gvope 
@au(]fptll ; to come up the — , »Oin 
©aiigfviU \i^ abtvinbeit coon S:aufrt). 
:'APSUL,AR, (— y), adj. fapfelformti]. 

CAPSULATE (Capsulated), a>j. tit etlte 

^apffl etitgefc^loffctt. 

CAPSULE, s. bie (fcaiitcnfa^fet. 

CAPTAIN, s. bcr 3lufitl)rer, i8efc^lsf)a= 
bet, gclb&err, i^auptmaim, (Sapttati ; 
(sea — ), (^c^ipcaptfiiit ; post — , eiit 
Cdjtpcapttati bev etn Sd^tff t>oit 
gsoatijig obet meljt: jtaitoncii coiu= 
Btaiibtrf ; — of loot, .^auptiitaim bet 
bev 3ttfantci-tc; — of horse, 3iiltmft= 
fier; — general, bcv @etteral=e';clb= 
mavfcbalt, Db€rbcfe()l6l)abcv, Selb= 

l^crf; —lieutenant, bCr @tabSCiVlpi= 

«<in ; — of the fore-top, ber 51it«= 

c^n^ct flHf bem ^Sormavs, 
CAPTAINCY, 6'. bte .gau^tfieUe; 45aupt= 

maniifitaft ; 9lnfubning ; ,^ciegS= 

erfabrenfjett, ^vicgSfunbe. 
CAPTAiNRy, s. 1. 'bie .^«injtmaiirt>- 

(ciiaff ; 2, ,grtert§mannft^aft. 
CAPTATION, s. bie SSciuerbung (um 

9{jibever @unfl ober SBeifaUj; 6r= 

fd^Uicijuiig ; (Si^mcicfeclct. 
CAPTION, *. bte 6a))tiiv, a3cr'^aftnc{)= 

CAj'Tious (adv. — ly), adj. i. »evfang= 

lid) ; avgltflig, nac^fteHeiifc^ ; 2. U\= 

bclfitd-;ttg, jauffiidjtig, fsiinfifd). 
CAPTiousNESS, s. bie 3nn£fud)f. 
To CAPTIVATE,, v. a. 1. gefangctt ucfe= 

iiifti, fangen, eroberti, erlangcit, bci 

3vei()cit beraiibcit, (fid)) uiiteniier= 

felt ; 2. Jig. feiTeltt, eiiiiic^mcii ; be= 

CAPTIVATE, ad/. juiK ©efiingenctt gc= 

CAPTIVATION, s 1-te ®efaitgctiucl}= 

muitg, UntcvtDerfuug; gcffehing. 
CAPTIVE, I. s. ber itrteg«gcfangcnc; 

©efaiigejie (eigciitlii-^ tmb uuetgciiN 

lid));ii. a//; fVicg'Sgcfttngeit ; gefan= 

gctt; etiigciiomiiteu. 
CAFPiviTY, .9, bie ©efaitgcitfc^aft; 

Jtitcd)tfd)aft, iSclflyerci. 
CAl'TOR,s bfi'20egncl)iiter, ©rbeutcr. 
:;apture, «. I. ta& Sangeu, 3Bcgticb= 

men; 2. ber yaiig ; 9Jau6 bte 's8eu= 

te, ^Jrife. 
CAPUCHIN, g. 1. ber (5■a^^uctncv; 2.' 

©aViidjoit, bie S^egcufappe. ^ff 

grauett-3}Jaiitel niif' ctitem @apii= 
. ^ou ; 3. bte ^avventaubc. 


CAR, s. 1. bev ,^avven; SSageii; * ber 

^viurnvb^^kirtfil' ©faatewagen; 3. 

^st. T. bcr gvofic sUar ; — jnan, ber 

CARABINE, .». bie aiieiteviiici^fe, (Stu6= 

biid)fe, bcv (Sarabtncr. 
CARABINEER (— ikr), s. bcr 6arabi= 

CAF^c, Carack, s. bic Jlaracfe (vovtu= 

gterifd}C« 8aftfd)iff). 
To CARACOL, v. n. l)Mt 3Bcnbuugcn 

mac^eit, cavacolivcir. 
CARACOLE, s. 1. bic ^albc Sisfubung, 

(2d;n3ctititiig, fvumme Siic^tuiig, 

Jlveistuiiim'elujig i'cr 3lettevet; 2. 

bte SSfubeltvevve- 
CARAT, Caract, s. baS ^axat. 
CARAVAN, s. bie Saravaiie. 
CARAVANSARY, s. eitie grofjc .§cr= 

bcrgc fiiv ^ictfenbe, it. f. to. in ben 

CARAVEL, s. bie garayelie (*}lrtlfic^= 

ter ruiibcr Sd)tffc). 
CARAWAY, s. ber Sclbtitmmel, 3Bic= 

feiifiimntei ; — comfits, iibcrjiicferter 

jliimiitcl ; — seed, bcv Aiimmelfaiue. 

CARBINE, s. vid. Carabine. 

CARBON, s. bcr Jiof)Icnftoff. 

CARBONACEOUS, a(/j. Jiol)lenftoff Ctlt= 


CARBONADE, } s. bte davbtJitabe, ber 
CARBONADO, J 3Jofibvalen,baS 910)11= 


To CARBONADE, Carbonado, v. a. Jfr= 

^adeit, jcvbaucn. 
CARBONATE, s. bie Jlo^Ieiifauve. 
CARBONIC, adj. fc|)leitarttg ; — acid, 

CARBONIFEROUS, adj. Jlot;Ipitftoff er= 

7'o CARBONIZE, v. a. ill JJ:ol;Icnfloff 

CARBUNCLE, s. 1. ber Jlarbunfel; 

Jiavfuiifel; 2. bie ^Pcftbeule, rot[)e 

CARBUNCLED, adj. 1. mit ,$tarfuuMn 

befc^t ; 2. rotbftniiig, uoller SBculcn. 

CARBUNCULAR, adj. jltllt Jlavfuiltel 
gebovtg, xoti) wit etii ,tavfiiiifel. 

CARBUNCULATION, s. bCV jtavbuilfcl, 
®vaiib in JtuoSpcn. 

CARCANET, s. bivJ .gttl«gefc^metbc. 

CARCASS, s. 1. bas C^evtppe, (gfelett; 

2. bcv 8ctd)uani, tobfc ^iJvper, baS 
3la8; 3. bte Sriintmcr, lleberbleib= 
fel, Ufbevrcfte; 4. bte 93ranbfugel 
(5}lvt Sombc); Kaicaffc; p. — 
butcher, ctii gleiff&cv till CSJvopcn. 

CARCERAL, adj. jum ©cfaiigntig g«- 

CARCiNOMA, .?. 1. bcv ,$vvcb«, baS 

Jlveb?gefd)aiiiv ■ <. iXoxn nm ?liige. 
CARCINOMATOUS, adj. fvcbeavtig. 
CARD, s. 1. bie Stai'k, baS ,$lavten= 

tlatt; 2. bie Spielfarte; 2. T. bte 

3i5inbrofe untev ber 50JagnetnabeI ; 

3. bie Jlremvcl, bcr aiJolifamm, bie 
J£nrbatfd)e, jlavbc ; —box, etn ©viel= 
fiiftdjcn; —maker, bcv Jtiivtcnma^ 
ci)cv; — match, bie SptclpavHe; — 
room, tCli SpicljtmmeV; — table, 
ein ©picltifd) ; a pack of — s, etii 
©ptfl litartcn ; court — s, bie i-5ilbfr 

(in bcv ,R\utc) ; pressing — , Typ. T. 

bev ^pvejjfpnu; small — s, iticbvige 
^nvtcii ; a trump — , bcv 2;vumpr ; 
visiting — (message — ), bie Si?tfiten= 

favtc ; to leave a — , fidi cmpfcblcn 
(inbem man etnc jlavtc mit fctiicm 
■Jlaiiien an bie ^4>cvfpn an bie man 
cnipfobicu ift, abgtcbt obev ubevicn= 
bet) ; — board, baai Jlvempelbvet, bie 
.fi'avtenbauE ; — wire, bev ,5tvaUbvabt. 

To CARD, V. a. fvcillpcln (aBolic, 

u. f. ttJ.)fammcn. 

CARDAMINE, «. * 'e aSicfcnhttTe ; 

CARDAMUM, s. bie ,Savb.imouif 
(^flanje); bcv J?arbainom (©ameu) 

CARDERS. 1. bcv Jtavtcnfptclev ; 2. 
bev SBoIIfammcv, 2BoUfrcinplcv. 

CARDIAC, I adj. jiim J^cvj gel;ijcig, 

CARDIACAL, J l^cvjftavfcnb. 

CARDIAC, s. bie .gcrjftdvfung. 

CARDIALGY, s. ba« .i^cvsttcb ; Sob:' 

CARDINAL, L a<//. vovnc^mfle, '^aixpt- 
fa^Iidjfie, .^aiipt . . . ; — 's flower, 
bte J?avbtrtal«bhiine ; — numbers 
bie Jvavbinal«5cti^cn ; the four — 
points, bie yicv ^imineUgcgcnbeit ; 

the four — virtues, bie »icv Jtavbi^ 

naltugenben ; the four — winds, bie 
»icv §auptaiube; ii. s. bcv Staxiiu 
nal ; scarlet — , ein (2djavlad;mautel. 



CARDOON, s. bie fpantfd)e2Irttrd)od^c. 

CARE, ,?. 1. bie gorge ; UnvHl)c, 93e= 
forgnip; 2. ©orgfalt, bcr glci^, bie 
iBorftd;t, 9(d)t; 3. ^Pflcge, DbI)Ut; 
to take — , forgeii, (Sovge tvagcn ; to 
take — to, fid) bemii^cn ; tvad)tcJi ; 
to take — of, fic^ in -.Jlc^t nc{)iiieii, 
ftd)I)iitcn; to have a — , fid) yovff= 
|cit, bitten, yevma^ven ; have a — : 
yovgcfe^en I to cast away — , fid) bcr 
©orgeu entfd^Iagen, "bie Sovgcn 
Bcrbannen; to the — , &c. an bie 

aibVf fff, U. f. 10. ; — of Mr. N, per 

3lbveffe bcS i^evrn 91. ; — crazed, 
abgcijarmt; — defying, bie (£ovg« 
sera^tcnb; — tuned,, tlagenb, tvau= 
rig, mifig^ftimmt ; — worn, oon jtitni' 
mev unb eovgen jcrnagt ; — wounded, 
son .Kuinmcr uubSovgcnyerwunbet. 
To CARE, V. n. fovgcn, fid) befiim^ 
mem; to — of or for, fiir etiual 
forgen, Sovgc tvagcn, ts ad)ten; 
fic^ um . . . fiimmcvii, fic^ febren an 

. . . ; to — for or to, JU (StWaS ^ufl 

l)r;bcn; what do I— ■? waS fitmiiicit 
mivf) bas? waS ge^t'3 mic^ anV i 

don't — a pin (rusli, straw, fig) fot»it, 

id) mac^f miv ntc^ts bavaitS ; she cares 

for nobody, for nothing, fie fiimilltvt 

fid) um (febvt fic^ an) S'Jicmanbcn, 
um SiJid;tS; for aught i — ,mcinetivc= 
gen ; l — not or I don't — , tS 0cr= 
fc^Iagt miv 9lic^t«, eS gilt miv g(eid>. 

To CAREEN, r. I. a. (cin Sdjiff ) uni'- 

Icgcn, um e§ ju falfatcrn, ficU)olen ; 
11. n. umltegeu, falfatert locvbcn; the 
ship careens, ba§ ©djiff fcgclt fdbicf. 
CAREER, .?. 1. bie aiciinbabii, Sauf-- 
cber (Sted)ba()n; 2. bcr oolle Sauf, 
fc{)i!cnfie @alo).iv ; ?auf; bod)ite ifU 
le ; to pass the — , ctitcn 5lulauf bctm 
2;urnicr net)mcn. 

To CAREER, v. n. rciltteit, fitllcU kit:. 

fen, cileu. 

CAREFUL (adv. — ly), ndj. 1. fpvg= 

fiittig ; aditfam, «ovfid)ttg, bcbutfam, 
fovglid^, bcfovgt, bcfliffen, bcbad)t= 
fam, toadifam ; 2. fovgcnuoH, bc- 
jiimmevt, angftlid), bangc. 
CAREFULNESS, s. bicSovgfalt, (Spv= 
ge; 3Id)tfamfett, Sovgfamtcit, Sc= 
i)Utfamfett, iBovftd)ttgfc!t ; 33cfitm3 

CARELESS (adv. — i,y). adj. forgloS, 

fovgenfvci, bciter, fvijbltro, aufgc=! 
rciumt, unbcfiimmcrt, nad)iaffig, gt- 
banfenIo«, uiiad)tfam, unbei)utfaW, 

CARELESSNESS, .?. bic Sovglofigfctt, 
S(?acft(afftgfcit, Unad)tfamfeit, \hu 

To CARESS, V. a. licBfofcil, licbcltt, 

firetd&ein, fdimctdiciii. 
CARESS, s. bie i^ijcbfofnug, liebveidx 

CARET,.«.ba« (Sinfc^altung«5eid)fni s\. 
CARGASON, \l\ it. vid. Caiioo 




OAKGO. s. bit (Sd&iplnbuufl. 
CARIBEE, s. 1. bie carabifd()C 3nfe{; 

2. ber ilaraibc. 
CARICATURE, s. hit ^nxUatm, ba§ 


To CARICATURE, v. a. 'm ^tXXhilH 


CARICATURIST, s. ettt ^iXX' CbiX 

CARicous, adj (sDtt ®f(^n>uren) fci= 

fleitcirtig ; — tumour, bie BeiO">avje. 
CARIES, y. bie jjaulnip, bet: Seinfrap, 

CARINTHIA,« ^erjogt^uitt jlarn= 

CARIOSITY, s. vid. Caries. 

CARIOUS, adj. (spu bcii Jtiipc^en) an= 
flefveffeit, faul; to make — , jcrfre[= 
fen; to grow — , faul luerbcit. 

CARLiNE ( — thistle), s. bic eiigltfc^e 
®tftef, ebci-wurj. 

CARLINGS. .9. pi. jv. T.bte Jlielf^fe.- 
neii, Sc^erftocfeii (3lrt s8l5cfe). 

CARLOCK, s. bte ^aufetiblafe, vid. 

CARMAN, vid. unteir Car. 

CARMELITE, i.s. 4.bev darmclitcv ; 
2. bie Kflrineliterbirii ; il. adj. jit beit 
's^vumeliteru flcbijrtg; — nuns, bie 

CARMINATIVE, I. (KZ/.^Sla^mt^eit 3cr- 
tbcilenb, lijfeiib ; II. s. ba3 (5anntiia= 
tiy, pbei- WlitM bajii. 

CARMINE, s. ber (Sariuin, baS C?armtii= 

CARN.^GE, s. 1. iaS S^iac^tett, 2)ie= 
^t!it; 2. bas ©ciuf^el, ^Blutbab, bie 
')tiebfrlniic, Jliaffe^emeljeltcr ,Siir= 
\>(x ; 3. Sp. T. baa asilbrec^t (Slcirrf) 
ba« bie i^iinbe unb S'.itfcn sou bent 
SSilbe bcfommeii). 

CARNAL (ad,,. — ly), adj. 1. ftcifd) = 

'.ic^, ftiiulirf); 2. woUiiftiij, uiisiid)^ 
tig ; carnal -minded, flcifa)(i(^ ([(- 
ftllttt ; — mindedness. bie ®VObftUU= 
lic^Eeit, SBclluii, 5feifci)eglu)l; — 
pleasure, bie fif ifc^Iicf)e Sltfl ; to have 
— intercourse for carnally to do) vvitli 

a woman, citie ?!;vaii fieifc^Iicft evfcn= 

nnt, fiii) fleif4)!ic^ mit i^i- »ermifc^en. 
CARNALIST, s. ber 2BoIliiftItng. 
CARNALITE, s. bcr wcUH* qcftiiutc 


CARNALITY, > «. bic IVfcifr&eSlufl, 
CARNALNES.S, 5 (eiiitilicbfett, ti)it' 

vifc^e ?^cgievbe. 
To CARNALIZE, r. a. ftllllltt^, Wols 

Uiflig mad)en. 

CARNATION, s. 1. bte 5?Ietfc^farbe, 
baS 3ucarnat; 2. bie ©arteituelfe, 
5JSinbrpfe; 3. r. SIcifc()()aUiing, 
SavftcUung itiibefleibeter Xi)tiU bi'S 
iitenfcf)lic^cn Jlijrpers ouf ©emalbeu. 

CARNELIAN, s ber (lanieol. 

CARNEOUS, adj. fleifc^tg. 

CARNEY, .?. bei- gfofc^ i[5!J?itnb!ran!= 
^eit ber 5)3ferbc). 

CARNiFiCATiON, s. s. T. baS 93cvflet= 

To CARNIFY, v. n. ("fleifc^ ailfc^Clt, 

^Icifc^ werben, 

CARNIOLA, s. baS ^er^pgtfjum^raiit. 
CARNIVAL, s. ba§ (Sarna'oal, ber 5^- 


c.\RNiV0R0us, adj. flctfc^freffeitb. 
CARNOSiTY, s. baS Sfeif(i)gewad)§. 
CARNOUS, adj. fleifd)ig. 
6'.\ROB-TREE, s. bcr 3pf)aimi'36rob= 

CAROCHE, s. bte Garoffe, 5Pvad;tEut= 

CAROL, s. 1. tas Stcb, Siibedieb ; ber 

Sobgcfang; 2. (geiftlicfKr) ©efang. 
To CAPOL, V. n. /s- a. ftitgcii, jubelii ; 

beftngtn, lobftngcn, lobprcircn. 
CAROLINA, s. Carolina (iiorbnineri= 

f«ntfc^er (gtant). 

CAROLINE, Jtaroltne (Sraucitiiame). 
CAROTID, adj, ji. T. jii ben ^al«pul«= 

abcnigei)ijrig; — arteries, bte ^al3= 

Vul«= Pber ^auptfd;Iagaberit. 
CAROUSAL, s. ba^ (SaroufeU. 
To CAROUSE. V. n. jecfcen • faufen, 

reicbltd), ycrfc^vuenberifd) trinfen. 
CAROUSE, s. 1. bieSec^e, bas ®elag, 

©atifgelag; 2. eine retc^lit^e 3)Jenge 

flavfcn ©etranfeS. 

CAROUSER, s. ber ^c^tx, 3ec&bruber. 
CARP, s. bcr Jlavpfcn. 

To CARP V. n. (to — at), itbcr ©ttDaS 

Dbcr .Jcr iSmn) fpottcn, ftid)eln, 
((StroaS) tabcln, befritteln, burc^jie= 
t)eH, burc^bfc^fl't/ augbiJbnen. 

CARPENTER, s. ber ^intmermanrt ; 
— 's vA'ork, bic Stntmeravbcif. 

CARPENTRY, s. bit .Btmmerfititil, bciS 

CARPER, s. ber S;abler, S^iJtter, 

CARPET, s. bcr Xippi^, bie 2:aVcte, 
gupbecfe ; fig. to be on the — , auf 
bein Xa\)tk (in Seroegung) fei)n ; to 

bring upon the — , tnS ©cfprdc^ bvin= 

gen; — binding, ber 2:eppid)bcfa|; 

— knight, bcr, n3eld;cr9iittcrimgi-ie= 
ben unb nid)t n>egcn 9lu§jeic^nung 
iin Jiricge rourbe ; — walk, bcr Sia= 

To CARPET. V. a mit XcJ^VtC^f" i>b«V- 
legcu, tapejieren. 

cariuagp:. s. 1. baS giibrcn, gabren, 
gprtbringcn, bie ^ortfc^affuug, ber 
2;ran5port; 2. biejubvc; ba8'Suf)r= 
Jvcrf, ber aB.taen, Jlarveu'; 3. bie 
(^vad)t, baS '5ubrlof)n; 4. jry.ba3 53e= 
uebincn, sBetrageu, SSerbalteu, bic 
i'ianier, .&altnng, 9luffiibrung ; 5. T,jp. 
T. btx Jlarren, kii Siaufbrett (an ber 
iJJreffc) ; — of a horse, bie ^altung, 
bcr 'ilnptanb, (®aug) eincS $ferbe^; 

— of a coach baiS Jlutfc^cngeftcll ; — 
of a innrtar, bic ^cttung, bcr 2)JiJrfer= 
blocf; beast of —, baS Safttt)icr ; — 
stopper, bcr :i3rein§. 

CARRIC, s. in compos. — bend. -V. T. biX 

platte Jfnopf ; — bits, bie @eitenba= 
tinge beS Spitfa. 

CARiiiER, s. bcr Ueberbringer, Stirrer ; 
bcr Su^rniann, jlarner ; s8ote, 2;ra= 
gcr : — pigeon, bte SBrieftaitbe, Spofi= 

CARRION, L s. bHi 5IaS; \l. adj. 1. 

aafig ; 2. aafenb, 9lae freiTeiib. 
CARROT, s. bie 55J?i)bre, gelbe 3Iiibe ; 

— scoop, ber Diiibeniiec^cr. 
CARROTY.arf/. iu6f)renfarbig, roti)^aa= 

rig, fud;fig. 

To CARRY V. a. & n. 1. fii^ren, tragen, 
fabren, briiigen ; 2. fig. fovtfiitjrcn, 
fortriicieu (aulbe^ncu, j. 93. einc 

1 9}taucr) ; 3. tragen (uon (5cf)ie9gc=. 
ttjebrcu); 4. treiben, betrcibcn, befor: 
bcrn ; 5, forffefeen ; 6. beroerffleUi= 
gen ; 7. ba»on tragen, eriangen, gc= 
anuneu ; 8. mitfiibieit, bci fic^ tra= 
gen, <x\i ftd) l^abcn ; 9. (iupern, jeigen, 

DCrratljcn ; a pillar that carries false, 

cine (isiiule bic nic^t fcufrcc^t auf ber 

SaftS jicfct ; to — it fair with one, flc^! 

gegen3emaub fceuubfcfeaftlirb bene!); 
men; to — one's self, fic^ betragcn, 
ftc^ benc^mcn, fic^ tjerbaltcn; to — 
the cause, etiien 4>ro5c9 genjtiincn ; to 

— the day, bie Sct)Iac|tgcnjinncn,fic= 

gen ; to — coals, (SImkspeare /?.<$-. J.), 

©cftintpf, ©eleibigung ertragcn; to 

— hops upon poles. .Oopfcn an Stan= 
gen in bie ^obe leiteu; it was carried, 
ts wurbe befc^loffen, ging burc^ (ein 
aSorf^iag, u.,f w.); to — a 'town, 
eine ^tabt crobern ; to — it, bie 0= 
berbanb bcfonimcn oberbebalten ; ftit 
brjcigcn ; to — it high, ftplj tbun ; 
to — into the book, tuS 93uc^ etntra- 

geit; to — to account, in ^lec^nunft 

bringen ; this horse carries well, bieftl 

^ferb tragt ben ^opf gut ; carries 

low, Icipt ibn t)dngen ; to fetch and — , 

(5on4?unben) apvorttren; to — awty, 
wcgtragcn, n)cgfiit)rcn, niitne[)ineU; 
Sea. Ph. abbrec^en ; ba«ou tragen, er- 

^altcn, UCrlcitcn; carried away witii ad- 
miration, son Sewunberung (bcjanbert) 
fortgcriffcn ; to — before, uoran tra» 

gen ; he carries all before him, cr un= 
terwirft ftrb 9lUe3 ; to — forth, or out. 
oorwdrts ober binauS tragen ober fiib^ 
rcn; }ur ©djau tragen; aupcrn, }ci= 
gen; to — forth an assertion, ClltC 

aJJcinung aufjieUen, »ovtragcn, be- 

l)auptcn ; amount carried forward, Af. 

£. (vSunima) S;ran8port (ju) ($olio2; 
to — off, bavpn tragen, ivcgfiU)= 
rcn, uiegf)oicn, entfiibrcn, abfii()rcn, 
Dcvtrcibcn ; wegfdjaffcn, ivcgrnffeu ; 
to— on, fii^ren; antrciben; bctrci= 
ben, fprtfefeen, fortfiiijrcu; bcfi)r= 

bern ; lie carries on great business, cr 

mad)t grp^e ©efc^afte; to — out, 
burd)fc^cn, au§fiil;rcn ; to — over. 
f)iniibcr fiii)vcn ober tragen; iibcrtva= 
gen, tranSportircn ; to — through, 
burd)fiibrcn, burd;fefecn, ausfiibreu; 

to — to and (fro) from, l)tU Unb micber 

fii^ren, bin mib ^cr tragen ; to — up. 
I)inauf fiil)ren, tragen ober bringen; 
to — (along) with, bei ftc^ fut)ren.' 
CART, s. bcr Jtarrcn, bie Jiarre; bai 
%nl)xmcxi, bcr 23agen ; — grease, bic 
ai3ageufd;micre ; —, bad 3ug= 
Vfer'b; — jade, bcr jtarrenganl; — 
house, ber 23agcnfcf)oppen ; — load, 
bie J?arren=(2Bagen=)labung ; — rone, 
baSiJtarrenfeil ; — rut, ba« Sabrgr- 
Icife, &\(ii, — saddle, bcr ©attcl anr 
wcld)em bic j?ette ober bcr (Strict* 
licgt, (in tveld^em bie I)cid}fc(n einca 
,5tarrcn befeftigt ftnb; — 's tail, bad 
.§tntertt)eil am Jlarrcn ober SBageii ; 
— tilt, ber©ptege(, bie SBagcnbede. 
S3Iadbe; — way, ber (5al;rmcg; — 

wheel, ba3 ffiagcniab ; — wright, bcr 

Jtarrcn^ ober SBagenmac^er, ^tell= 
maci)er ; — timber, bai SBagcnbol?. 

TrtCART, V. a. (jnr Strafe) auf ciuem 
SBagcn ober Jlarren fe^cn, |)intcn an 

cartage, ». 1. baS Jl\urengelb, ?5;ubr= 
lofiu; 2. bie2Sagcufrad)t,'bie33cfpr- 
berung jur >ildjfc. 

CARTE-BLANCHE, s. ba§ SBlanqnct, 
bie uneingefc^rdnftc 33pllmaf^t. 

CARTEL, s. 1. bie fd)riftlid)e i^eran8= 
forberung ; 2. baS (kartell, per yi>cr= 
trag, *^ergleic^ (bcfonbcr^ >t'cgcn'.JIu«= 
tce^felung bcr ©efangencn, ober gc- 
genfeitigcr SluSlieferitng bcr Ucbcr^ 
Idufer) ; 3. baS ^larlcmcntdvfdjiif. 

CARTER, s. bcr Jldrncr, gubmianK. 

CARTESIAN, L s. bcr gartefiaitcr ; n. 
adj. carteftauifd). 

CARTHAGE, s. (?art^ago. 

CARTHAGINIAN. I. s. ber Sartljager ; 
II. adj. fartt)agifc^. 

CARTIIAMUS, s. btX Safflor ; — seed, 

CARTHUSIAN. \. s. btx .ftartbdufer- 

mond), .ft'artbdufcr; ii.adj. bieJtar* 

tbdnfer betreffcub. 
CARTILAGE, s. ber Jlnorpcl. 
CARTILAGINOUS, adj. fttorpclig, fuor» 

CARTOON, .?. ber (Sarton, bie 5patronf 

(3)Iuftcrjctci^nung auf ftartem 5Ua^ 

CARTOUCll, .-;. 1. bte 5patrontafcbc ; 

2. Arch. T. bie^ioUe (nn bem Jtarutcti 

eiucr (siinlc). 
CARTRIDGE, s. bte ^Puluerrolle, 5J3a=- 

tvane, iiJabung; — box, bie ^atrou- 






OAirtTcr-ARY, «. 1. bas Urfmtbenbtt(i& ; 

'ilrdjio ; 2. bee Slrcbiuar. 
OARUCATE, s. bcr aJJovjeit, ber spflag 

i^anb, bie ^ufc. 
CARUNCLE, s. bte Dritfc, bev %Ui^ci)= 

CARUNCULAR,a-/;". eiitcvDriifc al)nlid). 

CARUNCULATED, nrf/". llUt eillfllt 5IU§= 

j»uc^«, ctitcr @ef($roulft «evfel)cn. 

To CARVE, V. a. <$■ 7i. 1. fc^llCtbeil, l)au= 
t\i; 2. fct)ui^en, auSfc^nebcit, n!i«= 
Ifeaucn ; 3. uovfrf)ncibcu, jerlegcn ; 4. 
bie Uiilbl)iuici-et tret[H-it, 33^l^t)auel• 
fe'.nt ; 5. fg. scrt^etku, wiUfiibvlic^ 
ftnitc^tctl ; carved-work, bie gcfc^tli^: 

te 3lfbcit ober3'W«t^fn. 

CARVEIj, s. vid. Caravel. 

OARVEii, s. 1. ber (Scfini^cr, 5?ilb= 

fdjiii^cr; 3lu3^aitcr; !Bi(bl)nuci-; 2. 

Sjovfc^itdbft ; 3. taS 3?orlegemcf[cv ; 

— 's work, 5Btlbf(^ni§ei'= obcr 5J3iIb= 

JARVING. s. 1. baS ©c&iictben, «. f. 

;u,; 2. Sdmt^TOcrf; — knife, ba§ 


CARYATES, ^s. pi. ^rr.k. T. i)k(S(l- 

CARYATIDES, ) v^atibcii (©(iulcn 

ebiT^4^fttlci- ill lueiblidjer ©efialt). 

CASCA15EL,, s Gun. T. bie S^Vaubc ObCt 

bee Jtiippf fjintcit nil bet Jlaiioue. 
CASCADE, s. bee SBafferfall, 38affer= 

CASE. s. 1 . bal 'gutf cra[, gutter, ®et)mi= 

fc, bie Jl\ipfc( ; bie Scfeeibe ; bie .^iiU 

ic, .§ulfc, CDecfc, ^R'oviJft berUeber= 

jni]; 2. b<i§-ileitt»ere eiiieS ©ebaiibcS; 

3. bcvgad, Umfrtiib; SBetreff; 4. 

3t€^t^fa!( ; 5. Orim. T. SafuS, %M ; 

6. bie Jiifle ; 7. Typ. r. ber ®d)rift=: 
Jwfteu ; a — for pens, cill ^fttnol ; — 
of bottles, ciit 31afct)citnittev, Slnfcbctt: 
teller ; — for a chair, eiiic <Btnl)\{a\>- 
^e;— ■ knife, ba§ ^liid^fiiiueffer ; —of 
knives, eilt ifJcfferbeitccf ; —of a mast, 
jv. T. cill 2)i<iftentofcr ; — rfiot, bev 
,^avtarfc^eiifrt)ii§, bie ^'artatfc^e : — 
stake, bcr Sccibaiiiboti (jit UbvgcoSu' 
fen); — vvomi, bie ;)Jaupe, taS 
Sp.inninfcct ; to put case?, grafjeii 
aufivevfeu ; in — , im gall, bafcni, 
gefc^t ; ill the — of ill iktrcff ; to 
te in good — , gefutlb feiltl ; to be in a 

little better — , ctii If eitig beffcv bci 
Seibe fei)U ; — of conscience, ber @c= 
wiffcii«faH, ©eiviffcugpunft. 
ro c.-vsi; ?;. «. 1. in eiii giittcral obcr 
©ehciufe tbitii, ficifen, eiiifieifcn, scr- 
(leacn, oerbcrj^eu ; iimgebcii ; 2. iiber= 
lieben, beflcibeit; to — a 'wheel, eiii 
3{flb befc^lageit. 

To CASR-HAilDEN, v. a. SOn Qlugcn 

^ai'tett, vcrftiibleit. 
CAt*E.M.\TE, s. Mil. T. 1. bie (Jafcmat= 

te, ber Jtanoneiitclicr, SD^orbfeller ; 2. 

CASE.MKNT, s. 1. ber gciij!fr))f[ii(^(t; 

baS gt'tiiterbefdjlage ; 2. T. eiii etwai 

gemiJlbter Xragcfteiit; — staples and 

.Slavs, (yciiflerh-ampcii uiib .i3atcii. 
CASEOUS, mij. fafeavtig, fa|tct)t. 
CASERN, * biegiiferiie, ®olbateitwob= 

CXSiI, *. bie daffe; ©arfcbaft, ia& 

@e!b; ready — , bavcS @e(b; run; 

fiini; — , firciilireiibeS ®elb; to be 

straitened for — -. tlUll'V ail @elbe fc«n ; 
— book, ta& (Saffcnblld) ; — keeper, 

bcr Saffivcr ; to pay — , baar bejabieit. 
Tu CASH, V. a ci«n.iccl)fcln, 511 @clbe 

macheii; to — a bill, eiitcit aBeci)feI, 

cine >Red)iiiiug bcjal^feii, ciutofeit, eiu= 

CA.S(iEVV-NUT, s. bic (Slev^aiiteiilauS, 

CASHIER. s. ber (Saffircr. 

Ta CASHIER «. n. 1. CafjlVCrt; ahbail= 

feU; 2. ucriiic^tfu, imgiilttg macfeen. 


CASHIER, s. ber Safftreiibe. 

CASHOO, s. (Sacijii, 6n«[)ii. 

CASING, s. 1. ba« Sutteraf, bie Sc^ei= 

be ; ber Ueberjiig, bie (Siitfaffung ; 2. 

baS ^yevavvc", Ucbcrtiinct)cii, bie 5Bev= 

fleibung (of timber-work, of a wall, bcg 

i^oljtBcifcg, an ^aufcni, eiiiera}?au= 

CASK, s. 1. baS ga5 i bic S;oiine ; 2.. * 

ber .§elm, bie Sturinbnube. 
To CASK, V. a. til ciu 5a^ fiJUcit, ciii= 

ober aiipUen. 
CASKET, s. iaSSta^Ann, (3ci)mucff;ift= 

CASPIAN SEA, ». ba8 caSptfc^c Slccr. 

CASQUE, s. * ber ■<Q(\m, vid. Cask. 
CASSAMUNAIR. 5. ber n)p[)lricc^eiibc 

©algaiit (aiig bem Drieiit). 
CASSATION, s. bie (Saft"iruiig, 9lbban= 

fuiig ; 3lufi)cbiiiig. 

CASSADA, ? s. i>aS SBiirjcIbrob, 
CASSAVi (—a), i gjjaniofbrob (in 

Slmcrita), ber@affa«a {jatropUa — L) 

CASSEN.E,' \ '■ ^'^^ Safftiicnflanbc. 

CASSIA, s. bie O'afna, Gafftcn {Ca-tsia 

— A); — berry, bCV 'eiibfeCsJEilCC, %tf 
ragnai^tljce ; — berrybush, ciiiCASSK- 

NA {,- CaSSINK. 

CASSiDONY. s. bcr fran5?fifd;e?a»cn= 
bcl, St6c^a«. 

CASsiNO, s. ba8 ©afiuii) (tin ,ff:arteit= 

CASSOCK, s. 1. ber engc ^ocl, ?eib= 
rocf, ba§ Uuterfleib bcr ®ci)llid)cn; 
2, + ba« Dber£leib (bcr Solbatcn). 

CASSOWARY, s. ber Jtaffuar, S^oxn- 

To CAST, V. i.n. 1. WKrfen ; 'binwcrfen, 
iun-njcrfcu, tiicgrocrfcn ; aiifiucvfen, 
auSmcrfcn ; 2. oon ftcfe gebcii, init= 
tt)cilcn, ycrbrcitert; 3. abivcifcn, ab= 
legcn, fto^cn, ftiirjcn, fcbicbcn; iven= 
ben; rirl)tcn ; 4. iimroerfcn, nieber- 
tvcrfen, bcficgcit, iibertrepn (im 
aisettlaufc, u. f. in.) ; 5. nieberjiebcn, 
jibermiegcn, ben 3lu«fc{)!ag gcbcn (j. 
i^. bcim Slbfitiinmen, u.'f. n).); 6. 
ycvuvtbei(cn; 7. cntracvfcii, abreiden, 
jcid)ncn; 8. gictJcn, mpbclii, fonni= 
reu; 9. an§vtv{)ncn, bered)ncn; 10. er= 
unigen, beuvthcilcn; (3ioUen) aug= 
tbetlcn, ucrtbcilcu; 11. n. l.nad)bcit= 
fen ; 2. ficb giciicii laffen, cine Sorin 
ncbmcn; 3. frumm werbcn ; 4. ab= 
fallen (beim Sic^ten bcr 'Winter) ; to 

— anchor, anfcril ; to — beams, firal); 
Icn ; to — candles, Sic^tc jicbcn ; to — 

clothes, bie Jtlctbcr abiucrfen obcr 
wer^fetn ; to — heat, i^t^c geben ; to 

— lots, loofeit ( — upon, uin) ; to — 
lustre, glanjcn ; to — seed, fiicn ; to 

— the feathers, fid) maufern ; to — 
the skin, flit hailtfll ; to — the teeth} 
bic gabneucrlicvcn; to — an account, 

cine jHcdjnnng anfi'e^cn ; to — a cri- 
minal, ciiicn 3ierbved;er v»entrtbeilcit ; 
to be — in a law suit, bctl 5)Svo5C§ »cr; 
licvcn ; to — one's nativity, (Sincill 
bic OJatiuitiit flcilen ; to — in one's 
mind, or with one's .self, bct fid) iibcr= 

Icgcn, fid) bcfinneii ; to — about. nin= 
>verfon, untber Jucrfen ; aiif ^DJittcl 
iinb 3Bcge fiiincn, beiuin benfen, ii= 
berlcgcn'; to — against, UDrwcrfcn, 
yprriirfcu; to — aside, bci Scitc lc= 
gen; to — away, wcgwcrff 11 ; ycr= 
fd)tcnbevn, »crfittuenben; to be — 
away. <5d)iffbrnd) (cifen ; to — behind, 
Snriidnjcrfen, jnriij laffen ; yorfpvtn= 
gen, ?nv>or fominen ; to — a look be- 
hind, fid) ttnifcben, binter fid) feben; 
to — i)y, yenuevfen ; ablcgen , to — 
down (on(;'s eyes), llicbcrfdjli.gcn (bte 
?lugcn ) ; to — forth, t)inau8 werfen ; 
anSiverfen, son fid; gebcn ; vcrbrct= 
ten ; erftrc(fen ; to — in, \}\Mm wtx- 

fen, einwerfen; Jcibrtngen, .infu^* 
ren ; to — into a sleep, einfd;Iafern ; 
to — off, abrjerfcii, abfdyiittclit, iion 
fid) tocrfen, ablcgen, anSjiebcn, fab= 
ren laffen ; scvivcrfcn ; rtbbnnfen; 
vicvftopcn; nbrocifen; ycvlaffcn; jn= 
riiif laffen ; iiborbolcn ; Sp. E. IoS= 
laffen (bie 3flgbl)Hnbe) j to — out, 
binan« luerfcn obcr flottcn; au8wcr« 
fen, flueflopen ; fid) Suft mad)cn 
(buvc^ bcftigc 3Sorte) ; to — outdeviia, 
(in ber 4Mbel) 3::cufcl auStreiben • "to 
— up, anfa'crfen ; »omircn, aucfpcis 
en; an§rcd)nen, bcred)nen, anfc^la= 
gen ; jnfamincnsablcn ; to — np (a cal- 
culation), einen 3lnfd)lng mad)en; in 
bie ,§61)6 wcrfcn, obcr vicbtcn, ouf= 
fd)!agen; to — up noisome vapours, 
fd)ablic^e 2)iiufie auSbaiicben, yon fid) 
geben ; to — upon . . , fcbicbcn auf .. ; 
bcred)ncn, anfd)lagen ; to — one's 
self upon one, fi^ ciuf Scmanbcn »er=: 
laffen, fid) an tbinocnbcn; com■p^>.^. — 
away, bcv 9liisnjHvf; iBevTOorfejie, 
SScrbanimte 5 adj. mcggouorfcn ; — 

iron, ba« Outjeifch ; — steel, bcV gJ» 

qoffenc ©tabl. 

OAST, s. 1. ber 3Bnrf • bad SBerfcii ; 
2, bcr ®u§; ba8 gegoffcnc Silb ; bie 
gorm ; fig. ®cftalt; 3. bcr aiiilert 
9lnf(^ein; 4. bcr *-8ltrf';5. bcvStreic^ ; 
6. bic ©attnng, 9(rt ; Sla\it ; nn^n oi 
our — , Seute nnfercS (Sd)!agts ; — 

of the eye, bcr iMiif ; to have a — in 
one's eye, fd)ielcil ; — of nnnd, tit 
@einiitt)8-, bie Senfnng^art; — 01 
drapery, bcr galtenantrf (tincS @e= 
n.ninbc§, bet ben 'JJJalcrn); — of parts, 
"bHi 3?0llcnfaf{) ; measuring — , ber 
HBuvf (al§ ?aitgcnma§) ; to be at the 
last — , auf« yicugcrfte gcbr«c^t (ia 
bcr Jltcmmc) fc«n ; — of green (!i 
greenish—), Wa« in§ ®riinc fiilJt; 
the — of the periods, ber ^eriobcnbon ; 

a — of merlins, (hawks), Sp. E. fo t\d 

galfen alS auf rinnial onS ber^anb 

^croorfcit njcrbcn ; a stone's — , eij! 

CASTANKi', s. bic (Jailagncttf, ,Rlap3 

per jnm %n\\\. 
CASTELLAN, ,9. bcr (JaftcHan, !Sd)loB= 

yogt, SQurgypgt. 
CASTELLANY, .s-. bic (SafiellaHct, 

Sd)lo9vpgtei, 53nvgBogtci. 

CASTELLATED, adj. 1.' UntbaUt; 2. 

iitit 2;biivmri)en yi-rjiert. 
CASTELLATiON, s, ba« iCcfefiigen et' 

nc« ,§anfc«. 
CASTER, s. 1. ber SBcrfcr ; 2. S'led)«cr, 

9lu§ved)ner ; 3. bie ©araffine ; 4. baa 

(mcffingenc) 9ii31Id)en ; pepper — , eis 

lie ^fcfferflrcubiid)fc. 
To CASTIGATE, v. a. jiifbtigcn, bcftra= 

fen, ocvbcffern. 
CASTIGATION, s. bic 3iic^tigimg, 93e= 

ftrafung, aScrbcfferung. 
CASTIGATOR, .<r. bcr 9?cvbeffcrfr, Sc= 

ric^tiger ; 3»d;tmeifter. 
CASTIGATORY, adj. jum 3iid)tigcn 

CASTILIA, s. Cfafiilicn (fpanifrf)c«)3ro= 

uinO; Castilian, bcr (Saftiltaiier ; ca= 

CASTING, s. 1. baS SEerfcn, 5^ercd)= 

ncn, u. f. lu. ; 2. baS ®egpiTene; — 

net, bag SBui'fgavn, 3Bnrfnc^; — 

voice, — vote,bicentrc^cibcnbei2tim= 

me, bcr ?ln5fd)ia3. 
CASTLE, s. 1. bag Sd)lpfj, Jlaflell ; 2. 

JV. T. bic SBacE; 3. r. bcr Sod)e (im 

<5d)n(^); — builder, cin ^vojccteiia 

marbcr ; — pate. ba§ Sc^Io^tbor ; — 

keeper, bcr iQurgsogt; — top, bet 

,5tvcifet; castles in the air (air-built or 
airy castles), Snftfd)loffcr ; — war4 

bie 23urg»ogtei, sBurgbut. 
To CASTLE, V. n. T. rodieit, rpd)irttt. 




OASTI.ED, adj. rod^ftt. 


CASTLET, s. cm tkiiieg JtafteU. 

CASTLiNCs. bic imseittije ?ett)eSfvud)t, 
bcr <Sterbltit0; — skins, gelle son 
uit(]cborncn tammern. 

CASTOR, s. 1. bcr 33ibcr, ^a^ot ; 2. 
—s,pi. dioUm fiic S;tf(t)e, (S(ul)(e, u. 
f, lit. ; — beans, 5|3»rgii:Ei5ntcr ; — 
nut, bie ^urijiinutfi; (castory) — oil, 
bag 3fitctuuSbl (Del »oii ber 6f)rijl= 
Valine) ; Castor and Pollux, Meteor. T. 

ciit fcurtgei- 5)uiift auf bem 2)?a{t; 

j?s«. 7'. bic 3wtUiit(5e. 
CASTOREUM, *. bas ^ibcraeil. 
CASTRAMETATION, s. baS gagcrfctjla^ 

gcti, bte .^uttfi eiit ^agcv ab^uftecfen. 

To CASTRATE, v. a. 1.' caftvircn, »«•= 

fdjiteibeit, entmaniien; 2. ji^. »er= 

CASTRAOON.s. 1. bte aSevfc^netbung, 

(Iiitmannuiig ; 2. .^o-. a3etiiiimme= 

CASTREL, *. ter SiSaunentoekr (2lit 

CASTRENSIAN, afZ;. jii eiuettt 2agcv 


CASUAL (a<io.-— ly), arf;. JufaUtg, Un= 

CASUALXESS, s. bie 3ufaHto,fett; ber 

CASUALTY,* 1. bte3itfaritgfeitj 2. 
berSufall; la« Uni]efa()v; 3. berun= 
gefci^ve 2:i)bc=fan, ilnaliittSfall. 

CASUIST, «. bee (Safutft, (4)emtffcn8= 

CASUISTIC, > , ,^f.,;„,-fA 
CASUISTICAL, \ "''> "n'tP'W- 
CASUISTRY, s. bie {5afuifKt,(aBifren= 

fc^«ft, ©ewiffcnsfvai^cu ju cntfci)ct= 

CAT, s. 1. b> ,ffate, bcr Jlater; 2. ba8 

Jtatf(^{ff ;^, bas S;onft(3cflcU ; — o- 

(— of, or — and) nine tails, bte <Stl't(f= 

Vettfcbe; —can, bic Scftveipfctfe (^um 
9hi«pfeifen tut 3:;i)eater); — 's eye, 
Jiin. T. bie Jtaljcnaiiije, (Soiiiienaii= 
rtc; —eyed, fa^cniiugig; — fi?h. bic 
Scefa^c ; — 's foot, bcc Jla^eiifup, 
Gibcp^eu ; — put, bte 2)armfatte, bcr 
9JJarlt) (Cin Bc»$) ; — liarpings, A". T. 
biinne Sdiitf^fcifc ; — iioies, JV. 7'. 
fctc JlatliJclKr (tiinten nm ec^iffc); 

— iiooii, jv. T. bcr ,Jlat^a£cu ; — like, 
fa^cn^aft fa^euartig; — mint, bie 
J?atjcnmiiU5C {.mpcta — i); — a 
iiioun(ain, bic pjarbclfa^c: — 's paw. 
Sea Exp. cin Icicfctco ^iiftc^ett, baSfid) 
tueincr 3Sinciltlle eri)cbt, aberglcid) 
iDtcber Bcifcbiviiibct; begglcid^cuctiic 
9U-t Scblinge in cinem 2;au ; ein 

SScvfjCUg ; to make a — 's paw of one, 

jemaub a(5 MitUi gebrau^cu; — 
rope. jv. T. ein Jtatiaufer ; — salt, 
Stfrbfalj; — silver, baS .^afecnftl= 
bcr; —'a sleep, cin iHtftcUtcr ©cblaf ; 

— sup, vid. Catchup ; — tall, bcr ,S?a= 

^cnfdniHins, bie 3:cicI)EoIbc, baS M%' 
^cn an @cmaf^fen. 
CATACHRESis, «. T. bic jtntad)rcfe, 
ber 2J?igbraurI) ciiitr gignr (in bcr 


CATACHRESTICAL (>idc. — ly), J 7'. 

gfjnjungcn, itbertrieben. 
CATACO.MRS.S. pi. bic 5Begrabnt^griif= 

tc, Jtatafpinbeii. 
CAT ACOUSTICS, s. p>. T. bic Sc^re som 


CATADIOPTfirC (— cal), adj. baS StC^t 


CATAfiMATlC. m!j. Mr.d. T. fcftmac^cnb, 

^arfcKb, SriicJjc beilcnb. 
CATALEPSis, I s. Med. T. einc ?lrt 
CATM.EPsy, ^ cpnBiil)unfd)cr@tarr= 

iu^t ; 3crriittnng be« ®c^irn«. 

To CAT.\LOGUE, f. n. ctncn Catalog 

fertigen; \\\ eirttn Jtatalog bringcn.' 
CATALOGUE, !.. biTT Jtatalpg, bo3 58er= 

CATAMITE, s. bcr jur Unjuc^t gc^rtl= 

tcnc J?nabe. 

CATAPASM, s. s. T. ba§ ©frcupitlycr. 
CATAPiioNics, s. p/. bte Sebre som 

3uriirfvraUen be§ Scfiancg. 
CATAPHRACT, s. bcr aflcttcr in feincr 

solligcn OJitftuKg. 
CATAPLASM, s. s. T. ber erwctc^cnbc 

Umfcblag, baS .ilrantcrpflafter. 
CATAPULT, s. bie Jtatapulta, a3urf= 

CATARACT, s. 1. bcr (grofjc) aBnffer= 

fall ; 2. ber Slugenftaar. 
CATARRH, A bcr itatarrl;, glnp tm 

.gianptc, ftarfe Sct)nupfcn. 

CATARRHAL 'Catarrhous), adj. ta- 
tarrbalifc^, Riifftg, fcfjnupfcnfvan!. 

CATASTROPHE, s. 1. bic Jtataftropb?, 
fr^nelle SBcnbung, (Sntancfelung (ei= 
uc8 2;raucripicl8; ; 2. ji^. baS (trans 
rigc) @nbe. 

To CATCH, V. a. Sr n. 1. fangctt, faffcrt, 

crgrcifcn; nnffangen, cvmifc{)cn, cr= 
tappcn, erbafc^cn ; erbaltcn; fd)niip= 
pen; erreidjen; 2. anficcfen, anftc= 
cfenb fei;n; 3. jig. einiiebincn, fcffeln ; 

to — a glimpse of, Crblicfcn ; to — one's 

eye, Stitew tnS Singe fallen ; to — 
cold, ft^ evEaUcn ; to — a fall, eincn 
?;all tbnn ; to — iioid of . . . , ftc^ an 
(Stwiio anbaltcn, (StiuaS crgrcifen ; to 

— one in his own words, Sinen nitt 
fctnen cigenen SBortcn fangen ; to — 
at, nad) (Stwas grcifcn, rdjnappcn, 
bafd)en,.^^. trad)tcn : jn fangen fu- 
*cn, nadjftcllcn; to — on, bangen 
bleiben; to — up, anffangcn, itic(ftct= 
^cn, retteiu 

CATCH, s. 1. ber {^ang, ©rtfj; SRanb, 
bic Scnte; 2. ^er 9Jnnbgcfang,2ijcc^: 
fclgefang, ba§ Slnglicb, bi? Qngc, ber 
Jianon; 3. furje Biuifdjcnraum, 3lb= 
fa^ ; 4. Saner ; 5. bcr .(jafen ; — of 
a lock, bcr Scblic9bnfcii ; — "f 'i door, 
bie S^biivtiinfe, bcr ^fortcnring ; to be 
(lie) upon the — , anf ber *>Janer liegen ; 
by catches, abgcfc^t, iscd)felmeife ; 

drunken catches, XrinfltCbcr ; — fly, 

ber SHcgcnfangcr; — line, r?//>. T. 
bie Sc^Iufiseile ; — poll. bcr.Odfd)er ; 

— word, Typ. T. bCr ©ufloS (CtlteV 

CATCHER, s. bet Stinger, Grgreifer, 


c.VTCHKG, adj. anflccfciib. 
CATCHUP, *. cine pifante aiiet ycvf(^ic= 

bencn Jtrautern (bcfoiibcrS aw^ 

(5b>iinVignon§) bercitetc Sauce. 

CATE, s. vid. Cates. 

CATECHETICAL (ado. — i,y), adj. &■ 

adn. fatccictifcf), fragweife. 
To CATECHISE, v. a.'l. fatcd)ifitrcn, im 

Jl'ated)iSinu8 untcrrid)ten ; 2. bcfra= 

gen, eruminircn, ocvbiircn. 
CATECHISER, s. btr jlatccfciftrcnbc. 
CATECHISM, s. bcr .5tated)i«muS. 
CATECHisT, s. ber ^atet^et. 

CATECHISTIC, } adj. Wic 

CATECHISTICAL(a(2i3. — ly), 3 cateche- 
tical and — ly. 
CATECHUMEN (— knist), s. bcr Jlatc- 
d)anien, ©laubcn^lebrling. 

CATECHUMENICAL, axlj. JU bCll ^tatC- 

d)nmencn gebijvig. 

CATEGORICAL, (adr. — ly"). adj. fatcgO= 

rifd), bcftimmf, au«briidlid). 
CATEGORY, s. T. bie Jtatcgoric, 6taf= 

fe, Ovbiiung, baS 5}Jrabicamcnf. 
CATENARIAN, ) ,. «^..„„^,.f,- 
CATENARY, ' ^ «''>««cnaitig. 

ToCATENATE, c. a. fettcn, fcffcIn ; scr^ 
CATENATION, s. btc 3SfrfcUuiig. 

CATER, s. 1. Me 3Stcr auf .Karteu JutJ 

SBiirfelll J 2. — or Caterer, bcr Sin: 

fdafcr, ^rooi(;ntnicificr ; Catereis, bic 

Sln^gcbcrinn ; in compos. Catercousin, 

bcr jueitldnfige :ibcr cntfernte 3>cri 

To CATER, V. n. (— for), (?cbcn«mtt=: 

tel) anfdjaffcn, fceforgen. 

CATERPILLAR, s. bte S^aUpC. 

To CATERWAU.^,».7i. miaucn ; f^irci-- 

en, Idrnicn. 
CATERWAUL (Caterwauling), s. Hi 

^'a^cngcfdjret ; @efd)rci, Oetitfe. 
CATES, s. pi. bic ^cdcrbiffen, 9lal)= 

ruugfimittc!, Spcifcn. 
CATHARIST, s. ein 4>uritnner. 

CATHARTICAL (Cathartic), adj. I.' 
yurgircnb, abfiibrcub ; 2. cathartics, .j. 
pl. $urgirniittcl. 

CATHARTICALNESS, s. bflS 5lbfii^= 


CATHEDRAL, I. adj. bifcbofltti), fiift§s 

ntdgig; II. s. bte .iRatbcbralfirc^e, 

CATHEDRATED, adj. ben 2fbrPut)lbc= 

CATHETER, s. s. T bcr ilat^ctcr, bas 

CATHOLIC, I. s. bcr J?atbo{if ; ii. odj 

(adv. — ly), 1. fatbolifd), allgcnmn ; 

rcd)fgi;iubtg ; 2. uoiurtbeilafrci (li 

CATHOLICISM, s. 1. bcr fatbolifd^f 

®inube; bie 3(nbdnglid)fcif an beB= 

fclbcn ; 2. Sorurtbctlsfrcibcit. 
CATHOLiCNESS, s. btc *Jlllacmcin^ett. 
CATHOLICON, s. bic Uniscrfolatiscnei. 
CATKIN, s. ba3 j^d^d)cn an @ti»ad}= 

feu ; bic jufammcnbdngcnbcn (2anicn= 

Jtapfclu; iaS iSlooS an )viil}d>cn 


CATLING, s. 1. ba§ 3)?00« r™/. Catkin) ; 

2. s. 7'. ba« Jlnorpelmcffer, 3«*"9l^'= 

CATOFraiCAL (Cat.jptricJ, I. adj. T. 

fatoptrtfcb ; II. catoptrics, s. pl. bit 

J?afoptrif, Spicgclfuufi. 
CATSUP, vid. Catchup. 

CATTLE, s. boS (3ug=) SSie^, ja^me 
S3ieb, 9Jtnb»ic^. 

CAUDATE (Caudated), adj. gcfctiwdnjt. 

CAUDLE, s. bie Jlraftfu'ppe, sUraut^ 

To CAUDLE, V. a. fine^raftiH^pe ma» 

CAUF, i>. ber Sifcbfaficn. 
C.\UK, s: baS Pcffige <5ranciiglas. 
CAUKY, adj. frauchglaSarfig. 
CAUL, s, '1. bas 9^6, .gaarne^ bet 

(^vauenjimmcr; 2. bie SQc^bont ; to he 

born with a — , ciu SoiintagJf inb f«V)n. 

CAULDRON, s. vid. Calpron. 
CAULIFEROUS, adj. ©tcnqct tretbcnb. 
CAULIFLOWER, s. bcr SfuincnEcbl. 

7b CAULK, vid. To Calk. 

CAUSABLE, adj. aiiSfiibrbar, miigfid). 
CAUS.AL (.adn. — ly), adj. nrfiid;lid;, 

CAUSALITY, 5. bie SSirfung eincr Ur- 

facbe; »rtrfenbe Uri'ac^c. 
CAUSATION, s. bie aScrnrfac^nng. 

CAUSATIVE (adv. — ly), adj. T. etne 

Urfacbe anjcigenb, urfdd)Iid). 

CAUSATOR, s. bcr 93cruifacbfr, Urbc^ 

CAUSE, 5. 1. bie UvfadK; 2. bet 
@runb, UmfEanb ; first — , ber llr= 
gvunb aller Singe; 3. bcr ^'ro.^c^. 
bie Sttci)c, bte spartci; toMandfoj-thu 
(rood — , c§ nitt bcr gnten <2ad)e haU 
ten ; do as you see — , tbuc, Unc e« biC 
Sacbc erforbcrt. 

To CAUSE, v.-a. ycrnvfad;cn, »erat>!af= 
fen, bciinrfcn ;'to — to dn-, &c., tbnn 
iaffcn ; to . — to vi-ite, fcftrciben l_af= 
fen; — liim to come hither, lap ibo 






CAUSELESS (ado. — ly), adj. O^lie Ur= 

fai^e, gvunbloa. 

CAU6ELES3NESS, s. bic ®l'Unblofti]!cit. 

CAUSER, s. bci- Uvtjeber, bie Urfadje. 
CAUSEWAY, ) s. 1. bie 6[)auiTce, bcv 
CAUSEY, ) ^orfjmcj^ ; 2. 2)amm. 
CAUSiDiCAL, adj. etitcii 3lbvocatcit bc= 

CAUSTIC, I. s. has 9le^mittcl, 33reitn= 

inttfcl; n. (— cai), adj. fauftifd), 

a^eiib, breiiueub ; — stone (caustone), 

fccr ^ollenfteiii. 
CAUSTICITY, s. C/l. T. Hi a%mH 

Jtraft, Sc^arfe. 

CAUTELOUS (adv. — ly), adj. + SOrflC^= 

til], bc^utfain ; tjiuterlifitg, argliflig, 

CAUTELOUSNESS, s. + btC 930V)"tC^t, 

CAUTERISM, ) s. US SluWCltbcn 

CAUTERIZATION, J cincs 3k^= obev 
33rennmittel«, baS 33reniicit, ^Hcftcit, 
bie S^obtbreiinung. 

To CAUTERIZE, v. a. bVCItncn, (tljCU, 

we(]beifeeit, wegbrennen, Vfffe«"- • 
CAUTERY, s. hn SSveiiiten, Sle^eit. 
CAUTION, s. 1. bie a3ovftd)t, a3cf)ut= 

famffit; 2. (Saiitiott, Siirgfc|»aft, (Si= 

c^cv^cit; 3. O^egel, SSarnuiig. 
To CAUTION, V. a. WavUClt (— againsi, 

uor (f troal). 

CAUTIONARY, adj. 1. njaVUCllb ; 2. alS 
CAUTIOUS {adi\ — ly), adj. «Dl-riti;tig, 

be[)utfain; roac^fam. 
CAUTIOUSNESS, s. bie SSovftc^t, S8e= 

CAVALCADE, s. bev ^luf^iifl jii ^Pfctbe. 
CAVALIER, I. s. 1. beraicttef; Stirter; 

(laoatier ; 2. bev Stiifiiiuger MaxlS l. ; 

3. etti I)0(^^er5i3cr JtvtegSmanit ; 4. 

Mil. T. bic Jlafee ; cin 5luf»uvf (5lrt 

s8ntflroci)r) uoti @rbe ; ii. adj. 1. bras, 

mitt|)ig, cbcl, biebcr, ftolj, feci ; 2. 


CAVALIERLY, adn. trutstg, aiimaiiciib. 
CAVALIERNES3, s. bic 2;rofei3feit, yiii= 


CAVALRY, s. bic Dictfcvci, 6ii»aUerte. 
CAVATION (Cavazio.n), s. ba§ J£eIIcv= 

CAVE, s. bic ^'i)i)U. 
To CAVE, V. '.. 11. in einein Stdkv, obc r 

tit eincr ^6&Ic n)of)nett; ll. a. t)o^l 

madden, au«t)0&teii. 
CAVEAT, s. bic (f rinneruitg, SBantiing. 
CAVERN, s. bie .g)ijl)tc. 
CAVERNED, adj. 1. sollcr .§5{)Ien ; 2. 

in ^o{)lcii tt}of)neiib. 

CAVERNOUS, adj. Uofl .^ij^lcil. 

CAVISSDN, s. bet; ,KapiJ5aitm. 
CAVIAR, s. bee (Saoiar, gefaljcne ©t5f= 

vogeti, bic 9togcncicr. 
To CAVIL, V. n. yevfaitglic^c ©intuiivfe 

mad)eu; fpi^fiitbig tabelii, flvcitcii, 

iniifcln (— at, iibev). 
CAVIL, s.bif (5pi&finbtgfcit,iSop^ijlc=: 

ret, SDiaEclei. 
CAVILLER, 5. bci: Sov^tfi, SBortflau= 


CAVILOUS (ado. — ly). adj. fpi)}ftllbtg, 

fopbijiifd), uevfaitglic^. 
CAViN, s. MU. T. bev ^ofjlnjcg obev 

CAVITY, s.bie^ 6 ^Iititg, ^o^Ie, jltuft. 
To CAW, D. n, £i-acl;scn (»ic eine 

CAYENNE (pepper), s. bcv fpatiif^e 
(catjeiinen) ^fcffcr. 

CAYMAN, s. vid. Caiman. 

CAZYauE, s. bev Jlajife (antcriEani= 

fctje ^aulptling). 
To CEASE, 1). I. n. 1. auf&ijrcii ; obIaf= 

fen, iiac|(affen; rubcn; 2. »evgci;euj 

n. a. ciuftctlcu, enbtgcn. 

CEASELESS (adi?.— ly), adjf.linauffjijv: 


CECITY, s. bie Slinb^eit. 

CEDAR, s. bie '^i'tstx, bev 3f Sjcvbaum ; 

— like, adj. SCbcrngtct^ ; Cedarn, adj. 
vid. Ceduine. 

To CEDE, D. a. i. T. ccbtvcn, abtvctcH, 
iibevlaffen; nacbgeben, t»eid)cn. 
CEDRINE, adj. jcbcvn, wi Qcbevni)!)!}. 
CEDUOUS, adj. fallbav, fd)[agbav. 

To CEIL, v.a. tafein; Ceiling, s. bill 

S^cifclwevf, bie getdfeltc Decfc.. 
CELANDINE, s. bic ©rfjmalbcnwuvj, 

bit? ©d)eilEritUt {ChcUdonhim— L). 

CELATURE, s. 1. bieJtuiift ju gvabcn 
obev ju fi-bnciben, 33ilbfr^neibevci ; 2. 
geftoc^cne !Jlrbcit. 

To CELEBRATE, c. a. 1. ^JVeifcn, CV^e= 

ben, »evt)evrlid)cii ; 2. feiern, fcicrlicti 

CELEBRATION, s. 1. bic ©vbcbuug ; 

baS ?ob, bie Sobvebc •, 2. (5eifv ; 3. 

baS 5)3reifen, Seievn. 
CELEBRATOR, s. bcv Sobvcbitcr. 
CELEBRITY, s. bcv 9iit[)m, bic a3e= 

vii£)mtl)eit; gcicv; bev^veiS, biiSSob. 
CELERU.C, s. bcv (Sclleric mit JJnolJcn. 
CELERITY, s. bic ©cfcfenjinbigfcit. 
CELERY, .?. bev (Jelicvte. 

CELESTIAL [adn. — ly), I. adj. t;illtin= 
lif^ ; the twelve — signs, bie jWiilf 
.^immels^cic^en; ii. .?. bcvi^immel!|= 
biivgcv, Selige. 

CELESTCN, s. bcv So[e(tincvmi3nd). 

CELIAC, adj. 5unt Untcvleibc gcbSvig. 

CELIBACY, Celibate, s. bcV C^elcfe (le= 
bigc) ^iw.'^. ■ 

CELii, n. 1. bie 3flif ; 2- >*^iittc. 

CELLAR, s. bcv Jtellev. 

CELLARAGE, s. 1. bic jtcllcvei ; 2. baS 
JtcUcvgctb ; 3. bcv Jtellcvjina. 
CELLARER, \s. bcv JlcUncv, ,$lcllcr= 

CHLLARTST, J mctflcv. 

CELLARET, s. cin giafdjcnfcllcv. 
CELLULAR, adj. ^cUig, scllcnfovintg 
CELSiTUDE,s.btc.6o^eit, Gv^nbcnfictt. 
CELTS, s. pi. bie .^cltcn. 

CELTiC, adj. fclttfd). 

CEMENT, s. bcv (Scment, ajiortel, Slitt, 
bie Sot^e ; fig. baS ^Banb. 

To CEMENT, v. L a. 1. initSUoVtcI OCV= 

binbcn, fittcn, uevfitten ; 2. fig. uev= 
binbcn, bcfeftigeu ; ii. n. fcfl. fei;u, 511= 
CEMENTATION, s. brtS ^tttcit, a3ev= 


CEMEi\TER, s. bcv 33evbinbcnbe. 
CEMETERY, s. bcv sBcgvabnip^Iafe, 

Jlivc^l)pf, ©otte^ntcfcv. 
CENATORY, adj. jnv Slbcnbnia^ljcit 

CENOBITICAL, adj. fiijftcvnc^. 

CENOTAPH, s. ba« leeve ©vab, (S[;vcn= 

CENSE, s. bie (Stcucv, (Sc^a^nng. 
To CENSE, V. a. viiudjf vn, bcvand)cvu, 

vid. To Incense. 

CENSER, s. bas gf{and)fa9, bie 3fiauc^- 

Vfrtniie ; .Ko^tcn^jfanne. 
CENSOR, s. 1. bcv (Senfov (bci ben a\- 

tcn gjomcvn), @ittcnvi4)tcv; 2. 5?c= 

uvtf)eilcv, J?unfivi4)tev; 3. 3:ablcv; 

board of — s, 'iaS (Jcnfoveucollcgiitm. 
CENSORIAN, adj. bcn Gcnfov ange[)cnb. 

CENSORIOUS {adv. — ly), adj. tabc[= 

fit^tig, ftvenge. 
CENSORIOUSNESS, s. btc Sflbelfuc^t. 
CENSORSHIP, s. biis (Jcnfovamt. 
CENSUAL, s. Jit cinev ©d^iifenng gc^o= 

rig, cinev <2c{)iigung untcvwovfcn. 

CENSURABLE {adv. — ly), adj. tabet= 

baft ; ftvafbiiv, tabcInSii'cvti). 

CENSURE, s. l.bcr 5:abcr, 3Scvtt5ei8; 

bic 3iiige ; 2. bie ©trafe, 9Sernvtf;et= 

To CEKSURE, V. a. 1. tabclii, viigcn, 

f^cUcu; 2. vcvnrtbciien. 

CENSUS, s. bic 3aM«iig. Sd)i'i^itni3 
(befonberS bcv vbmifc^cii ^Biivgcv). 

CENT, s. 1. bas .^unbcvt ; 2. bcv bur^== 
bevtftc 2;^cil etueS amcvifaiiifcben 
S^alevl ; at five per — , jU fiiuf 5)SvO- 

CENTAGE, s. bie ^cjaljtung bcv 5pvD:- 

CENTAUR, s. 1. bcv gcntaitv ; 2. .ist. 

T. bev ©c^ii^e (im ^bicvheife) ; — 

like, adj. ccntanvcnmiif ig. 
CENTAURY, s. ba§ iSaufcnbgiilbc::- 

CENTENARY, I. s. biiS i^nnbcvt, bai 

ftc^ cinmd in |iinbevt 3at)vcn creig^ 

net; u. mij. ^unbevt cntbalteiib, Ijuii- 


CENTENNIAL, a^;. 1. I)Unlcrtja[)vig ; 

2. jn f)unbevt3abven ge()5vig; 3. ctii- 
iiial in (junbevt %\\)xt\\ gcf($c{)cnb. 

CENTESLMAL, adj. ^Ultbcvtfi. 
CENTIFOLIOU3, adj. f)nnbcrtblaftevig. 
CUNTIPEDE. .?. bcv t^unbevtfup, '^[iu 
fug (cin giftigcs Snfect). 

CENTO (Centos), s. 1. bitS ScntO; 2. 


CENTRAL {adv. — ly), adj. CClttVitl (iu 

bent obev urn bcn ajlittclvitnft). 
CENTRE, s. bcv 2)Itttelvunft, W% Scn= 
tvnm ; — bit, bev 6"cntrumboI}vcv; — 
of gravity, bcv ©d;mevpunft. 

To CENITIE, V. L a. 1. in bcn SKttcI^ 

pnnft bringen; 2. coucentviven, \\\i\ 
eincn 5puuft ycveiuigcn, »cvfamnicln; 
II. 74. 1. in cincrt ^nnft jufainmcnlan- 
fen, Dcvciiit fc»n ; 2. (wic iin ®lctd)= 
gewid)te) rnbcn, fid) Ijalten; tm Wxt- 
tclpunEte fci;n. 

CENTRIC {adv. —tally), ndj. \\\ bc« 

snjittclpunft gefieUt. 

CENTRIFUGAL, adj. T. »0m 2Rittcl = 

:punftc abftvebenb. 

CENTRIPETAL, adj. T. gcgcn bCU 3JJtt- 

tclpuuEt f)inftrcbcnb, anftvcbcub. 

^ \ CENTUPLE, ? V. a. l^UnbCVf- 

-"' \ CENTUPLICATE, \ f.icfe ycvntcl)= 

vcn ; Centuple, adj. I;uubevtfa^, l)un= 

To CENTURIATE, v. a. '\\\ .gnnbcvte cin= 

CENTURIATOR, ) s. bcV ®cfd)ir|)t' 

CENTURIST, 3 fd>vcibcv,bevfet!ic 

®cfct)it^te nac^ Saljvl^unbcvten cin= 

CENTURION, .5. bcv .§auptmann Hbcv 

100 3JJann (bci bcn attcn 3Wmcvn). 
CENTURY, s. l.bic(5cntuvi}, bitS ^un^ 

bcvt ; 2. 3nbv[)unbert. 
CEPHALALGY, s. Med. T. bilS I^cftig"- 

CEPHALIC, adj. 1. am .^aujjte; 2. fiir 

ba§ .§cupt; — snuff, .gtvntabaf. 
CERASTES, s. btc afvifanifc^c ^orn= 


CERATE, .'. bic 2I3ad)§faIbc. 
To CERE, V. a. wid)fcn, mit 3BaA« 

CEREBEL, s. baS .fpivnlciii, bcv I}intcre 

Xi)tH bcs ®e()ivn§. 
CERECLOTH, .'. bic SBa^Sfcimuiiiib 

biis SBiidjStiic^. 
CEREMENT, .«. bic gcit.idJSte Sctntininf 

(jum (S"iiitoi(f ein etnbalfamtrtcr .Jtijr= 


CEREMONIAL, J. adj. 1. JU cinCV C?CVC:- 

monic gcbovig, feievlicf); 2. fiJvmlicb. 
umftanblid) ; il. .•». 1. hai 6cvciiie= 
niell ; 2. gcremonicitbucp. 

CEREMONIOUS (m/c. —ly), ndj. i. ti. 

©evcmonicn bcftcbcitb, fetcvlid) ; 1; 

Vniiifcon ; 3. bcn Scveniontcn cvgc- 

ben; mit ®c))range, umftiinblicb. 
CEREMONIOUSNESS, s. ba§ ?5eicilid)c 

©cpvSngc ; ju »tc(c Umftanbc. 
CEREMONY, s. btc (ScvcuuMiie, brv aii; 

gcvc ©ebvauct), bit Sctcv!id)fcit, f,i- 




®f^3vaiigi', btc Umflanbltd)fcit; with- 
out—, O0UC Uinjlaiibe. 

3ERE0US, adj. wact)fen!. 

CERRUS, s. bie 3cvreic^e. 

IJERTAIN («'/«. — ly)j adj. ({ml^ ; 
ft^cr, fefi, beftiinmt; wmfe^lbar, 511= 
scrlafftg ; 2. ftttfc|)Ioffeii, fcflclina= 
fjig ; to my certain knowledge, XO) toeip 
i% gerotp. 

CERTAINNESS, ? J?. 1. bie ®cn>tf^cit, 

CERTAiNTV, ] 3ii-'fi'la»5igtctt;9le= 
rtclntaf,igfctt; 2. baS ©eirfffe. 

CERTIFICATE, .'. bie *Befct)ciia(5ung, 
bcr 'ec^cin, ba« 3fiii3"'6. 9[tteftat. 

To CERTIFICATE, v. a. mod. Semailbem 

ciit 3cugntB gcbcn. 
CERTiFiCATiox, s. biiS Setigttip. 
CERTIFIER. 5. ber Sciftr^cver. 
To CERTIFY, v. a. i. I'ergcivifferit, tc- 

nac^vic^tigeit, yerjicijeni; 2. bfjtu= 

gen, bcfdKinigen. 
CERTITUDE, s. btC ©CWifJ^cit. 

CERULEOUS, \ «'&--Hait,^imincIbIau. 
CERULiFic, 'adj. bfait mcicfteub. 
CKRUMEN, s. baS Oftrcufd^iitalj. 
CERUSE, .s. ba« 93lci»ctp ; bie meipe 

CERUSED, aiij. itiit SSfctiuetp ge= 

CERVICAL, adj. juni S^Jarfcn 8«^5n'g. 
CESAR, s. C?;ifai-. 

CESARIAN, adj. faifevlil^ ; — section, 

s. T. ber ,$?aifei-frf)uitt. 
CESPiTiTious, adj. au8 9?ttfeu ge= 

mac^t, bcvttfet. 
CESSATION, s. bn3 Qlnf^orcii; ber 

etillfiaiib ; 2. (gc^Iiig, bie eubiguiig ; 

— of arms, ber 93affen|}iU|liub. 
CF^iON, s. bie 9lac^gebung ; 9lbtrf- 

CRssio.VARY, adj. abtreteub. 

CES.SOR, s. ber ii3efd)a§eitbe, vid. As- 

CEST, s. ber <5JiirteI eine« jjri5ueitjim=; 

CESiJra, ? s. ber 33erSctitfd)iit'f, bie 
CESURE, S Kafiir. 
CETACEOUS, adj. roallftfitarttg. 

CETERACH, s. ba« 3}itljfraut {Asph- 
nium — L,,). 

CHAD, «. bie mofc, (gffe, Sci^abc 

Tu CHAFE, V. I. a. 1. tvariit reibeit, er= 

warmeit ; 2. er()ifecit, nufbviiigeii, ei-= 

jiiriicit; 3. uioblviec^eiib mac{)eii ; 11. 

V. 1. tobcii, Juiitbcii ; 2. ftc^ reiteii. 
CHAFE, s bie .giie, 9Butb, ber 3orti. 
CHAFER, s. 1. ber «Reibcr; 2. ber A\ifer. 
CHAFERY, .5. bie ©lufeiTe, Sd^niiebe 

ill eiuem (5"ifeiibamiiier. 
CHAFF, s. bie ©preii ; — cutter, ber 

.6acferlingsf(^neiber ; bie .):;i5er= 

To CHAFFER, v. L a. fc{)a({)cni, lian^ 

belli, faiifeit; II. 71. (urn (5t'.ua«) l;aii- 

belli, bingeit. 
CHAFFINCH, s, bcr 33nd)fin!. 

CHAFFLESS, adj. D^lie Spreil. 

OHAFFV, adj. fpreuartig, w\l SDreit. 

CHAFiNGDiSH, s. bag ,Kot)[enbecfeit, 
bie .$tobIenpfaime. 

CHAGRIN,.?. 1. ber aScrbnifi, Uiimiitt), 
yicrger; 2. i>a» geiinrbtc Sebcr. 

To CHAGRIN, v.a. scvbvicplic^ mact;cii, 

■JHAIN, .9. 1. bie Stitie; 9Jcif)e; 2. 
^^Jefjfcttc; 3. fg. (5)efaiigciifc()nft, 
Sdaocvei; a — of mountains, ciuc 
(Skbivg^fftte ; to bind one in cliains, 
©iiieii ill Jtfttcii legeii; — bolt, .v. t. 
eiii 5}-'uttiiuiboljeit • — bullet, —shot, 
tie .ftcttcnfiigel ; — , or — lice, bas 
Jtettcbeii, v£c(;inir^cn, §um ^Uefe^cu 
ber ^ahk. u. f. w. ; jack — , bie 
4?emmfetle; — loop, ber Jtettcuriiig ; 

— p'imp. jv. T bie Jtetfciipu".it>e ; t. 


iciS ©c^aiifflwcr! (3SafPcr^cbitngl= 
mafc^ine) ; — stitch, bcr Jtettciiftid) ; 
— wale, JV. T. bie gjiifte jitm iV)ia)}= 
feile; —work, bie .'ftettciinrbcit; — s, 
s. pi. Jlcttcii= ober 3f tteliuollc. ; jv. t. 
To CHAIN, V. a. 1. fliifetten, feffelit; 

2. mit JletfcH fpevreit ; 3. in 99aiibeii, 
tit ©claucrei fc^lageii; 4. yerbtiiben. 

CHAIR, .t. 1. ber Stubl ; 2. (£ib, ©cf= 
fel, 2:i)rc»ii; 3. bie ©dnfte, eiue 3Ut 
(Jabriolct; easy — , bcr Slrmftubt, 
®rogyaterflut)l ; privy — , ber er= 
I)5()tc Si§ ciiicS ?Jirf)tcr?, «8ifc^pfS, 
U. f. \V. ; — , bie Sailftc ; — 

bottomer, bcr etublmacfjcr, JJiifrfjiier ; 

— cover, bie iSrtuhlfappe ; — frames, 

Stiibfe obiic S3e£icibuiig ; —man, 1. 
ber <Stufitniad)cr ; 2. Siiitftentrager; 

3. ^vaftbV iit,3]iorft^f r ; — nans,(5tul)l= 
bcicti ; — woman, bie <Scf)cuerfrau, 

vid. Cn.\R-W0MAN. 

CHAISE, s. bie (Jbaife, ^iilefc^c ; two 

wheel — , ba4 (Jarriof. 
CHALCEDONV, .f. vid. Calcedoxv. 
CHALCOGRAPHER, s. bcr J?llpfcrfic= 

CHALCOGR.\pnY. s. bie JTupfcrfled)er= 

CHALDAIC, adj. d^albaifd). 
CHALDEF^.9. baS Sbalbaifc^c, bie c^al= 

baifc^e <2prad)e. 
CHALDER, > s. bill Jlpftf cnmaaf) hpii 

CHALDRON, S 36 Cligl. Sc^cffcl 
(bushel = 2000 ^l). 

CHALICE, s. bcr jlclo^ (betin &DtkS- 
bteii|i); 33ec^cr. 

CHALK, 5. bie iftreibc; — cutter, ber 
.'Srcibeiigrabcr ; — paiwr, 6vai)Dnpa= 
l)ier; — nit, bie Jlrcibeiigriibe; — 
stone, etrt fIciitcS Stiid Jtrcibe. 

To CHALK, V. a. 1. ill it MvHH poVu 

rcn, fc^rei ben, ober jric^iitit ; 2. iiiit 
J?veibe biingen; 3. bcjcic^ncn ; ents 

CHALKV, adj. frctbig ; frcibic^t ; — 
clay, bcr ?JJergel. 

To CHALLENGE, v. a. 1. l^craitSfpt: 
bevn ; aufforbcrii, ma^ntrt; 2. anru= 
fen (a'ie bie (£d)ilb»ac^cn) ; 3. eiu= 
»eiibeii, als parteiifc^) uerwerfen ; 4. 
befctmlc-igeii, niiflageu; 5. forbcrn, 
uerlangcii, in ?lufin'nc6 ncbnicn ; to 

— a rif-'ht, ftc^ ciii 3Jcd)t anmafjcn. 
CHALLjENGF, .<,. 1. bie .gieranSforbc- 

rnng, baS (Tartcll ; bie 'Jliiffprberung ; 
2. Si'rbcrnng, bcr 5lufprnd)j 3. bie 
©inwenbnng, iBenuerfnng (wegeu 
5Partcilid)teit). . ' 

CHALLENGEABLE, adj. 9crant«.iortltr§. 

CHALLENGER, .5. 1. bcr ^.Hii^finbcrcr, 
2Uifforbcver, a}iabner ; 2. ^,}Infpvud)= 
inadser ; 3. SSerroerfcr. 

CHALYBEAN, adj. flablcvn, fici^ aiif 
l)iirten <Stal)( bcjiebenb. 

CHALYBEATE, adj. ^(i\)U ober eifcnar= 
tig, flat)ll;alttg; — spring, bie ^tatiU 
quelle; — water, baS (5tal}rroaffcr, 
ber (sancvbrnnnen. 

CHAM, Chan, s. ber (Sijaii (^iivft bcr 

CHAMADE, s. Mit. T. bte ©c^dmabc. 

CHAMBER, .■,-. 1. bie .flaiiimer, iai @e= 
mad), Biiniiiff; bie (£tube; 2. ba§ 
J'tanimcrgerid)t, bie Jtammer; 3. 
Mil. T. ba^ ,ft\imnier)liicf, bie gcitcr^ 
fa^e (fleine Jtanone); — council, «er= 
traute 33eratbung ; — counsel, — 
counsellor, bcr (^pnfnlent, 9'Jatbevtf)ei= 
Icr; —fellow, bcr Stnbenburfd)c ; — 
hangings, bic S^npctc, bcr 2;epvirf) ; — 
maid, bie Jtamnicrjinigfcr, j?aininer= 
frait; — oil, SSallratbiJt ; — organ, 
baS ^l^pfitiu ; — pot. bcr S^ac^ttopf ; 

— stool, ber S'Jadjtflubl ; — of coni- 
inerce, bie .<?anbel§famiiicr ; — bie 
33crfammlung sen Jianfteutcn. 

To CHAMBER, v. T. n. 1. WO^tlttl', 2. 
an^gehiffen, unjiiclttg fei^n; II a. t, 
eiiifrbliejjen ; 2. Ml. T. ein <£tud 
mit cincv ,ftammer scvfcbcH. 

CHAMBERER, s. bcr 3ianfemad)cr. 

CHAMBERLAIN, s. 1. bcr Jtammer= 
berr, ,Siimincrling, Jtdmmcrcr; 2. 
,5laminetbtencr ; — of London, bcr 
(fetabtfdmmerer von Sonbon; — 01' 
the exchequer, ber JJieiitmcifter bcr 
!i.MiigIid)cit ^ic^a|fammcr ; lord — 
of the household, bcr Cberfainincv= 
bevr ; lord high — , ber Sorb ®roii- 
fammcrbcrV] Cli.amherlalnship, bic 
Jtammer^erruflelle ; baS Jtdinmc' 

CHAMUREL. s. ba« ©dent am .6tnter» 
fd)cnfel bcS '^ifci-be*. 

CHAMELEON, 5. baS (.?bamdleon. 

To CHAMEOLONiZE, ». n. in mcbrcrt 
garbcJt fpidcn, bie (vavbcn diibcrn. 

To CHAMFER (Chamfket), v. a. (einf 

Sdnle) mit Ijoblcn >itrcifcn obc: 

S'Jiunen jtercit, rctfdn, galtenjiebcn. 

CHAMFER (Chamkket), s. bie ^obl= 

rinne (einer«dulcj, bcrl)oble<Strci= 
. fen. 

CHAMOIS, 3. bie ©cmfc ; —skins, ®em: 


CHAMOMILE, s. vii Camomile. 

Tu CHAMP, V. a. i^- n. tailCIl, fdliClt ; pfl 

auf Qtwas beipcn. 
CHAMPAGNE, ,9. bie 6b>intpagnc5 bci 

CHAMPAIGN, > s. bte (Sbcnc, baS fla^ 
CHAMPAIN, S d)cSaitb. 
CHAMFER, s. ber ,5taiici!6c, Sreffer. 
CHAMPERTOR, .9. /, T bcr ^'roscffj 

crfaiift Pber g?crfrt)njj anf gvppc 

3infcn ba^n tfjnt. 
CHA^^'ERTY. s. /,. T bcv ii>nri>crli = 

d)t a!ovfd;u9 jn eincm '4>rp5cffc. 
CHAM-PIGNON, .7. bcr (?l)aiiipignort, 

??elbfd)n)amm, ^ilj. 
CHAMPION, s. ber Jidmpfcr, ;5treitcr, 

^clb; syerfec^ter; — of the kin?. 

ber jldmpe beS .«:i.inig§ (bci ber j? 10= 

nnng >er cnglifc^cn Jtiiiiigc). 
r» CHAaMPioN, u. a. l)amS fcrbern, 

CHANCE, Ls. bcr3ufall, ba« ©liiif, 

Uugefdbr, bie Odegenbcit, bcr %cAl ; 

(ill—), bcrUnfall, bad Ui!:iliicf; the 

— of arms, iaS Jlricg^gtiirf, 2Safcn= 
gliiif; by — , i>pn niigcjdl)r ; it is \j 
mere — , eS tft ein blofjcr 3"f'i'l ! '"^ 
take one's — , eS baraiif wagcii, aii= 

fOIlimen laffcn; to took to the main 

— , auf bie i^auptfad)e feben ; to have 
a—, fo glitcflic^ fcs;n, in ben ?;ciM 
fpinmen; you might have a — to 

e.scapc. (Sie fbnntcrt »iclleid;t ent- 

fpmmen ; you must stand the — of it. 

Sie miiffen cs baraiif aiiEommcn 

Inffen ; there is no — of . ., &c., CiS ifl 
fcinc 9JKigtid)!cit, aBa[}rfdbctiilid)= 
fcit, ©clcgenbeit ba^ . ., n. f. m. ; 11. 
adj. <s- adi\ jufdllig, »on uitgcfabr ; 

ill compos. — customer, cill (IIligcfdb= 

rev) ungeTOiJbnlid)cr, fdtcner SimiH ; 

— game, ba*3Sagfptcf, .(pdjarbfpiel ; 

— medley, bcr iniyovf(Tljtid)c !APbt= 
fc^lag ; iingcfdbre B"f>i'I- 

7'o CHANCE, v.v. gcfdjcbcn, fid) (jn^. 
fdllig) ereigncn, fid) troffcn, ftcb ui= 
tragen, ftc^ begebcn; yielleid)t feiiu; 

if ever I — to meet him. WCIin id) ibn 
je trcffe ; if any man chanced to coiiin 
in, ivenn etioa 3emanb bcreinfpmmen 
fplltc ; I chanced to be there, tc^ Wn: 
gcrabe ba ; he chanced to ask, et 
^ragte yon niigefiibr. 

changeable', adj. jufdllig, ungefdbr. 

CH.VNCEFUL, adj. gefdbrlic^. uniijltrf), 

CHANCEL, A'. ba§ 6bOt. 

CHANCELLOR, .9 bcr .S?ail5Ur ; lord 

high — , bcr ©ro^faiijlcr; — of a 




catliedrai, bcr Jlanjter t\m§ Som= 

ittftf 8 ; — of the exchequer, ber liJattJ^ 
icvbcr (5d)afeEammcr; — of a uni- 
versity, tier .ftaitjlcr eincr Untv?rit= 

• t\it ; — Ml the ecclesiastical court, bcr 
SJBei^tnfchof; Clianeellorship, s. btC 
^aiijlcnmirbc, .ft'aiijtcrfiellf. 

CILVNCERY, s. bie Jiatl^cllct; court 
of — , ba§ ^an^eUcii^crtcijt ; masters 
of — , bie S3cifi^cv btS jtanse(lctge= 
ttc^ts;— man, ctti ^Jlbyocat bariit. 

CHANCRE, s. bci- ©d)aiifcf, ba§ »cne= 
nfc^e ©efc^roiir. 

CHANCROUS, adj- fc^aiifcvarttg. 

CH.\NDELIER, s. ber 3lnnlcud;tci-, 

CHANDLER, s. bct ?i(|)tste&er; Mra- 
nil'V ; — 's ware m- chandlery, %CtU 

umarcit (^icfet, Scife it. f. w.). 

CHANDRY, s. ias Std)tbel)attui!!, bie 
Sic^tfammer, bcr S;itct)tfafteit, u. f. w. 

To CHANGE, v. I. a. 1. liubcni, uercitt^ 
bcvii; 2. taiif^cit, auetaufi^cit ; oer= 
taufcfjcti; 3. luccbfclii, nuSnjed)fcfit ; 
4. iKnued)fe(ii ; It. n. anberS wcrbcit, 
ftcf) aHbcni ; to — colour, ftc^ etttfiir: 
bcil I to — • hand or to — to a horse, 

.s>. E. ba« 55fcvb sun eiitcv ^aiib jur 

ailbcni Icnfcn ; to — hands at . ., M. 

E. (you SSaarcii) ycvfaufen, «m . ., 

U. f. tt). ; to — the inizen, JV*. T. bie 
sBffaii buvd)faieit ; change! Mil. T. 
ivcvft bag ©eweltr auf bie aiibere 
Sc^iiii-cr ! (beint SDJarWc) ; the moon 
changes, wir (jaOcit SDJoiibeSroet^fel 
ober 'Jhrnmoub ; to — from . . into . ., 
vcvdnberu, ycramnbelii . . aviS . . in 
. . ; to — for, strtaiifc^en, »erwerf)= 
fclit gei^eu. 

CHANGE,.'!. 1. bie 5lenbcvimg, 9>fraii= 
bcruitg ; '^Ibivcrbfeluiig ; 2. bcr9Ijed)= 
fef, j;anfd), bie 3Sertaiifd)uug ; 3. baS 
tie iiie @tli>, bie i)J?iinje; 4. ('change ft. 

e.\cl)ange) bic53l)V|e; give me the — , 

ijcbeu 2ie iiiir ^evaiiS! for a — , jiir 
Slbroec^fcluitg ; — stitch, vid Chkis- 

sTlTrn ; — s, .•!. pi. M:it. T. bic 33ci': 

rocdjfchmgcu; J\ius. T. SSaviatioiien. 

CHANGEABLE (adr. — ly), ailj. yer= 

(inbcdid), ivanbctbar. 
CHANGEABLENESS, s. bie SGeraiiber= 

lic^tcit, Uitbefiaiibijjfeif, bev 3Baittel= 

CHANGEFUL, adj. oft Beriiubevlicft, 

immcr aiibcriS, liuteftaubtg, wanfel- 

CHANGELESS, nrfj »ed)felIo«, U^h\= 

big, unycfiinbcvlid;. 
CHANGELING, s. 1. ba« nii§getaiifd)tc 

J>in{j, ^tiiib ; 2. bcr 2Scd)felbalg ; 3. 

aBettcvbahu, SjJaiifcliniitfjige ; 4. 

CHANGER, .?. bcr SBcc^sIcr, ®clb= 

werbSler, Uitbcftanbige. 
CHANNA. s. bcr a)Jcerb'ftrfc6, 3iit"fifd). 
CHANNEL, s. 1. ber Jilaiiiil ; 2. ba« 

fQiil ^lugbelt; 3. bie@offe; afiiit= 

lie; SiiJbre, 9lu«bi3f)Iung; 4. 9)iecr= 

ciige; 5. ^oblrinne etiier (Sciule; 

— bone, A. T. ba* ®uvgclbciit ; — of 

a horse, Sp. E. bie 3iiiiBf"pt)le (bci 

To CHANNEL, v. a. ??inncn mad)cn, 

(suSbi^Mf" ; faniicUreit, reifdii. 
To CHANT, v.n. &■ n. 1. fiiigcit ; beftii= 

grii ; 2. ba§ .^od)amt fcierii. 
ciiANT, s. bcr ©efaiirt; bie 2)}c(obic, 

CHANTER, .9. bcr Sanger; Kaiitor. 
CHANTICLEER, s. bc'r .^atlll, Jvifrt= 


CHANTRY, s. bie (Jantorct. 
Cii.'iO.s, s. ba« (Ii)aoS ; f^. bcr iICirr= 


ltiaot:-:;. adj. d)aptifcfc, serworrcn. 
To CH^r, r.'n. .-- n. fpaltcn, vciiJeit, 

CMffprtngcii, 3^iffe betommen. 

CHAP, 5. 1. bie (Spalte, ber 3liB- 3{t^ ; 
2. ber Jtiniibadcu (ciiieS SbicrcS) ; 
chaps, pi. baS ?01aul, bie ®ofd)C, bcr 
^tac^en ; chap fallen, iiiit cingcfaUc= 
ncm, I)aitgeubem DJJaiik; itieberge.: 
fd;lagcu ; 3. vuig. bcr Jlerl, SBurf^e ; 
4. — , 01- — man, ( — woman), bcr (bic) 

.Kuiibe, Jtaufer (Jlaufcriun), vid. 


CHAPE,.?. l.bcrJgafcu; tSr&nall^afcn, 

Sd)iiallciibiiger; 2. ba« Drtbanb. 
CHAPEL, s. i. bie .^tapclle; 2. 7'. bie 

33ud)bntrfer«)erEiiatte ; — of ease, bie 

To CHAPEL, 15. a. ill ciucr .Ka^jcllc ober 

in einctt Sc^rein bcifcljcn. 
aiAPELESs, aij. 1- oI)ue .gafcu, un- 

baltbar ; 2. oijne Drtbaub. 

CHAPELET, vid. Ciiaplet. 3. 

CHAPELLANY, ? s. bcr Jtapcllbcsirt ; 

CHAPELRY, 3 bicjlavcllaiici,j?a= 

CH.\PERON, s. bie Jlap^jc, .^aube, bcr 
.^ut (bcr afJittcr be« .(?ofcnbanbcS). 

To CHAPERON, v. n. cii'tcr Same (i.H"= 
fcntlic^) ben .^of niac^cn, fie be= 

CHAPITER, s. Arch. T. ba« ^avital ei= 
ncr (Saitic. 

CHAPLAIN, «. 1. ber ^avellan; 2. 
i^elbprebtgcr, SdjiffSprcbiger ; ge- 
neral — , ber obevfie Selbgcifilicbc; 
—ship, — cy, s. bie jtapciianftcllc ; 
ayiirbe ciiicg jtapcltan^; g-iufiinfte 
eincr JtapcUe. 

CHAPLESS, mij. fIeifd)lo« (uiu ben 
9)2 nub ; — shahsp). 

CHAPLET, s. ^ . ber ^ranj ; ^Slumcti- 
fran?, ba8 93tumcngen.nnbe ; 2. ber 
SlJcfcufranj, baS ^JJatcrnoficr ; 3. ber 
ijjatcvuofierricmcn am ©tcigtnigel ; 
4. Sebcrbufd) auf bem ^opfc bc« 
iJJfaucS ; 5. bie Heine Jlavclle. 

CHAPMAN, s. 1. bcr Jlunbe^ Jtaufer; 

CHAPPY, (uij. gefpatten, au8einanber= 
geriffen, offcn. gabncnb. 

CHAPS, s.;)/. bas iDJaut. 

CHAPTER, s. 1. r>ai Sapitcl ; 2.'i)om= 
capitel ; 3. bcr £!rt, wo 3Scrbred)cr 
ibrc Strafe befommcn ; 4. cin i2enb= 
fcf)rctben ; — house, ba« (5apitclban?. 

To CHAPTER, v. a. fc^cItCU, 5Urcd)t= 


CHAPTREi,. s. Arch. T. baS Capital 
cinc« -^ifcilcrS. 

To CHAR, V. I. a. 1. »cr!obIcn, i\\ Jtpb= 
Icn brcnnen ; il. v. \\m Xagclo^n bie- 
ncn, bem ©eftnbe bclfen. 

CH.VR, .'. 1. bie ficine .giauSavbctt, gc= 
tinge 9lrbcit; 2. bcr ettar, ^IJcutel, 
bic'511pcnforclIc; — woman, bie3;agc= 
li.i[)ncrinn, Sd)eucrfrau ; — work, 
ba« 2;agcwcrf. 

CHAR.A,CTER, .s. 1. ba3_.fcnn5eic^cn, 
3eic^crt, SRcrfmaal ; tsdiriftscicbcn, 
ber Scbriftjug, 53nd)ftabc; 2. bie 
.^anbfdjrift, ,^aub ; 3. ber ebaraT= 
tcr; 4. Stanb, 9Jang, 2'itet, iie 
SBiirbe; 5. DtoIIe (ini Sd^aufpiel) ; 
6. 5|?crfon ; 7. ber JTtuf, gute Dlame ; 
baS Sob, 3eugnir?; to give one an ill 
— . (Sincmciit fdiled)tc§ Sob (3cug= 
uif))gcben; to give a high — of.., 
cine yortbcilbafte ©diitberung ma= 
d)cn . . yon, u. f. iv. ; to act out of 
— , anS fcincv .^JoUe fallen ; by the 
— , nntcr bem ?Ramcn. 

To CHARACTER, v a. \. ciupragcn, 
eiubriirfen ; 2. bcfd?rcibeit, ctarafte= 

CHARACTER ISM, ,«. baS unterfd)cibcnbc 
eigcntbiimlid)e iDJcrfmaal; bic (5t)a= 

CHARACTERiSTic, L s. bie Gfbara!te= 
riftif, Jtcunseidjcu ; bcr ,^cmuug; 
— ol a logarithm, 7'. bcr ©rpOUcnt ci= 

ncs Sogarit^muS ; il. — , — cai, {ado 
— i.y), adj. d)aratterifiifci&. 


To CHARACTERISE, v. a. d;araftcri)i.- 
rcn, bcjeic^uen, fdiilbern. 

CHARACTERLESS, cuij. ot)ne ,Kcnn5ci= 
d)en, ol)ne gfjaraftci-, (^araftcrlos. 

CHARADE, s. bic g^arabc, ba« <h\}U 

CHARCOAL, s.bic^oIjEol^Ie. 

CHARD, s. bcr JXopf you Slattern; 
— s of artichokes, bic 3lrtifd)odeiiblat= 
tcr; —8 of beet, juuge i)Jangolb= 

CHARGE, s. 1. bic Saft; Sabuug ; 2. 
Sabung (eincr Jtanouc. u. f. \i>.) 3. 
bcr 3luftrag; a3efcbl; bie .«Bcfov= 
gung,5hiftid)t, gorge; 4. (gcioijbn- 
lidjy. — s) bic Spcfcn, .iioftcu, Un= 
loftcn, 9lu8gabcn, Qluflage; 5. ba3 
Sepofitnm, $faub; 2)Junbcl; ber 
<Sd)ii^(tng, $fIcge&efol)Icnc ; (i. bie 
a3oUmad)t ; 7. 3!ufbiirbung, 3.^e= 
fc^nlbigung, J?(age; 8. ber 9ingriff, 
9lnfaH ; 9. bie (^rmabnmig (bc8 ^i: 
fd)ofs aw fcine @eiftlid)fc'it, ober bc3 
SJidjterS an bie @cfd;ioorncu) ; 10. 
baS ^ferbcpflaficr ; ii. h. t. bie e i= 
gentlid;c 3Bappenfigur ; 12, ba§ iSig= 
Ital JUm Slngriffc ; the heads of the 
— , bie .^lagcpiinftc ; to sound a — , 
Sarnt blafcn, baS Signal junt 9lii= 
griffe gcbeu; it is at my — , cS gctit 
auf mcine (id; trage bic) ,5tofteu'; to 

give one a strict — , (Siucni ©tlXHI* auf 
bieSecIebinbcn ; small (or petty) — s, 

M. E. ficine Spefen. . 

To CHARGE, v. a. 1. labCU ; bclabctl, 

befd)»crcn; auflcgen, i^ur Saft Icgeit, 
aufbiirbcu ; 2. auftragen, beauftr.i= 
gen, anyertraucn ; 3. an£iagcn, be^ 
fc^ltlbigcn (— with a crime, ciite? 
9Serbred)cn«), tabcin ; 4. anbefeblcu, 
bcfe|Icn, cinfc^arfen; 5. anredjucn; 
6. bicten, forbern ; 7. anfallcn : au- 
grcifcu, bcu Slngrtff tbun; to -- (to", 
one's account, (Silled Sicdjunug bela> 
flcn, bcbitircu; to — a gun, &c, cin 
©ewebr labcn. 

CHARGEABLE {ndv. — ly) adj. Xi\M 

jugefd)vicbeu, «ngered)uet jobcr auf= 
geicgt tocrbcu fann ; bcfd)mcrlid) ; 

iie is — with this fault, bicfer Scblct 

ift i[)m ju5Ufd)reiben, fallt if;m jur 
Saft ; foreign wines, &c , are — with 
duty, auSlanbifcbe SSciitc, n. f. n\ 
finb cincm ^aWt untcninnfen; that 

man was — willi murder, ictlCt 'Mautl 

l)atte ftc^ bcs SOJorbcS fd;ulbig gc= 
CHARGEABLENESS, s. bie Safligtcit, 
Jloftbarfcit, Jtoflen. 

CHARGELESS, adj. »)0(;lfct{. 

CHARGER, s. 1. bie grotJc Sduiffel, 
Sdjalc, baS 53c(fen ; 2. ba§ Streit': 
rop ; 3. T. bie Sabcfd)aufcl ; — oi 
incense, baS 3?aud)fa^. 

CHARiNiv«s, .«. bie $*cbutfamfcit, S8c= 
benflidjfeit, 91engft(icbfcit, Sorgfalt. 

CHARIOT, s. bcr SBagen, ba§ «iibr= 
tvcvE; ber Stvcitioogcu ; bie Sla\t' 
fcfcc ; — man, ber {"^itbrmann. JTut^ 
fd^cr ; — race, (foufi) ba« 2Bagcu» 

To CHARIOT, V. a. fabrCU. 

CHARIOTEER, .?. bcr Submiaun. 

CHARITABLE {ndi: —i.y I, adj. 1 

milbe, guttf)dtig; 2. frctgebig, lieb» 
rcid), giitig. 

CHARITABLENESS, .». bic ?D7iIbc. 
2Bob[tbatigfcit ; baS liebreid)c 30cfcw. 

CHARITY, .t. 1. bie Sicbr, d)rir(lid;< 
Siebe; (5)iifigfeit; 2. 5DJiIbc, HJilb^ 
tbatigfeit; ?vvcigcbigffit; :!. niilb< 
(5Kibc, baJ ^lliiiofcn; 4. bie milb« 
Stiftung; 5. (Sbar'taiS (^irtucuua' 




me) ; in — , fiiv ®oftc«(ofi!i, iinifonfl ; 

— begins at home. ■prov. f itt Scbcr ift 

ftc^ felbfl bcr Dilac^flc; — school, 
, fctc 9lnitenfct)i:(e, Sreirclule; lying- 
in — , bie CfntlntibuiigSanftalt. 
CHARLATAN, s. bec 9}iavEtfc^retcr, 

CHARLATANiCAL, adj. inarftfc{;vetes 

rifd), unmiffenb. 
C5HAULATANRY, s. bte 2}Jart(fc^veic= 

CHARLES, s. .$?arl (2)Jaitrt«name) ; 

— s' wain, v^st.r. +bcr j^rofeSdr. 
CHARLOCK, s. Hx gelbfcitf, 2l(fei-= 

CHARLOTTE, s. S^avlotte (5i-«uen= 

CHARM, s. 1. bit* 3«»6cnnttte[, bte 

Snitberc i ; 2. bee Biiubc r, Sietj. 
To CHARM, V. \. a. 1. bejaubeni, bc^e= 

rcn, bcrvvcrfjcn ; 'i. retjcit, cutsiicfeu ; 

n. n. ^arinoiufd) fltitgcu. 
ch'armer, .?. bcr 3'iubfrer; — , (or 

—ess), bte Baubevfun, ^Ci'c; my — , 

3au6f I'lndbc^f It ! 
CHARMFUL, adj. rctscitb, tvottncyoU. 

CHARMING (adv. — ly), adj. 6ejait= 

bcrnb, rctjcnb. 
CHARMtNGNESS, s. taS 3au6crtf(^e, 

ber 9ftetj. 
CHARNEI^ adj. ?cicl;ctt ober ©ebcine 

tnt^aUettb ; — house, bill 53ciiil)au«, 


CHARR, s. vid. Char. 

CHART, s. bte Scefai-fe; Mercator's — , 

bie Siaxtt tti 3JJercator's sprojectum ; 
■ — of constellations, bic.§intmel«farte. 
CHARTER, s. T. 1. bte Urfuiibe; bcv 
®uabenbrief; (— of incorporation), 
^reibrfcf, iSc^itfjbrtef, baS ^Piiutte^ 
fliuin; 2. Ji/. £. bie 5?eifra^tuiig ; 3. 
fifr. tai 93ovfcd)t; — house, bie Stav= 
tttaitfe, iciS J?artf)duferElo}iev; — land, 
baS gicijjltt; —party, M. E. bte ^tX- 
tcpavtie (ber (^rac^tcottfraft \m- 
fc^eii ectjiffcr uiib Sc^trtebcfrac^ter) ; 

— of the forest, bie 5iH'figcfc|e; — of 

naturalization, bie 5UaturaIifatioii5= 

To CHARTER, v. a. 1. J)riyi(egtrett ; 2. 

Ji/. £. (citi Sc^tff) yei-ffad)teit, «er= 

iingeii; lcfigU'tcl;eii befrac^ten, mic= 

CHARTLESS, adj. o^ite etiie Seefarte ; 

nic^t »oti eiitci- (Seefartc bcfd)rtcbcii. 

CHARTULARY, s. vid. Cartulary. 
CHARVEL, Charvil, s. vid. Chervil. 
CHARY (adr. Charily), adj fOfgfaltig, 

be^utfam, fviu'fant. 

CHASE, s. 1. bie^agb; 9SevfoIauiig ;' 
2. ba« gejagte ais'ilb; 3. gejagte 
©c^iff; 4. aieuier; ®cbdge; 5.7'. 
kie iScf)affe (im SDaUfpiel'e); 6.—, 
( — for broadsides), Ti/p. T. ber j?cii- 

raf;incu ; —bar, ba§ JJa^mcifeti; in 

— , ttt (aitf ) bcr Slu^t ; to give — , 

Sagb ma<tcn ; — girdle, bcr ®uvt 
tiitcr Jlaitoiie ; — gun, ba« SagbftiKf, 
bte (eiitte Jtaiiouc tut SSorbcvtbeii 
(iSltij) eillCS Sc^iifeS ; a good forward 
or a good stern — , cilt <2d)tff, ba4 

t)iittett mib oovne »te[e Jtauoueu fiib^ 
ten faun ; — of a cross bow, bie 9^iit= 
ne einec *ilvmbvuft; the — of a gun, 
iier S^auf (bie tmicre SBeite) finer 

To CHASE, V. n, 1. jageit, lefecn, naci); 
"efecn, scrfolgcn, (inf etmcS 3agb 
macben ; to — away, Bcrjagen ; 2. 
einfttffcn, einailltren, tvciben- chased- 
work, bie gctrtebette 9U-beit. 
:;HAfJKR, s. 1. ber 3ager; itvciber; 
■JRad)fe^cr, ilkrfolgcr ;' ba^ 3agb ina= 
chciibe "Sdjiff; 2. ber (Sinaillcnr, 
JtutfcvfledJer, 6o(iif(^nciber. 
CHAS.M,*-. bie S^itcfe, ,J{luf r, ber Sc^iunb. 

CHASMED, adj. gcfpaltCH ; Sutfcit, ,RIitf= 

te t)abenb. 

CHASSELAS, s. bet ©utcbcl, 5}3eterft= 

CHASTE (of/o.— ly), adj. 1. fcufc^, jiid)= 

tig; 2. rein, nnuerborbeit; — tree, 

{yitez agnus castus — L.) bCr .^cnfc^= 

baum, Jtloficr^feffer; — weed, tai 

Jil'aften^jfotlcin (cine i'^anje). 
To CHASTEN, v. a. 1. siic^jftgcit, flra^ 

fen ; 2. fafteien, bemittbigcn. 
CHASTENER, s. ber Strafenbc, 3"= 

CHASTISABLE, adj. flrafbar. 
To CHASTISE, v. a. 1. 5iid)ti3cn, fira= 

feu; 2. jnrecbtiueifcn ; 3. baubigen, 

jdl)inen, tn gurdjt fe^cn. 
CHASTISEMENT, s. bic Bi'if^ttgung, 

CHASTiSER, s. bcr 3itc^ftger. 
CHASTITY, s. 1. bie .ft'cufd)^cit; 2, 

3lein()eit (be« StWl*). 
To CHAT, ". n. fdjwa^ett, ))Iaubern, 

tvafc^en, fd)naffern. 
CHAT, s. 1. bas ®efcbn)d^, ©ciuafd) ; 

2. tia«Jt\i^d)cn an ^dnmen ; — wood. 

baS 9iei«()plj (?nr jVcuernng). 
CHATEAU, s. ba« Sc^Ip^, Jtaftell. 
CHATELET, s. ba8 flcinc ®d)lo^. 
citATELLANY, s. ber JtafleUan, bie 

Jtaftelliinei, ril Castellany. 
CHATTEL, s. T. 1, ba§ ^Gcrinogcn, bte 

.^abe; 2. ba« (3»g=) 23icf), v:d. 


To CHATTER, v.n.i. ).>Ia«bern, fc^am^ 
^en, vlnWeni, fc^nattern; 2. }jcit= 
fc^eitt, trdd)5cn; 3. flav^sern (mit 
ben 3iibnen). 

CHArrER (Chattering), .?. 1. baS ®e= 
Vlauber, ©efc^wci^, @cfd)uattcr; 2. 
©ejwitfdjer; — box. bag -^lappcr= 
maul, bic ^^Slaubertafc^e. 

CHAITERER. s. sing: Ht (Sffewd^er, 

-ij^lrtuberer, @d)natterer. 
CHATTY, adj. fcbnju^baft, ^laubcrbaft. 
CHAVENHER, s. bcr Jtanlbavfcf), ^anU 

CHAW, s. bcr Jtinnbacfcn (ber 5;f)terc). 

To CHAW, v.a. faUClt, rid. To Chew. 

CHAWDRON, s. baS (Singejuetbc, bte 

CHEAP iailv. — ly), adj. 1. »0l)(feil; 2. 

Jiff, gcringc, gemein; she makes her- 
self too — , ftc niac^t fid) ju gemein, 
njirft ftcft njcg. 

To CHEAPEN, v.a A. tjanbclit, feitfd)en ; 
tcoblfeiicr mad)en ; 'i-.tig- Ijcrabfcfeen. 

CHEAPENER, .?. bcr'^filfdier, Ji:dufer. 

CHEAPNESS, s. bic a3ot)lfcilf)eit. 

CHEAR, vid. Cheer. 
To CHEAT, V. a. bctviigcn ( — of, or out 
of, lim (5tU)a0) ; to -^ at play, falfc^ 


CHE.vr, .1. 1. bcr 3^ftrng; 2. O^ctritgcr. 
CHEATER, s. bcr iSctriiger. 

7-0 CHECK, V. I. a. I. '6itl[)a(t tbutl, 

ein()altcn, hemmcn; 2. uifjmen, bd!t= 
bigcn, ciitfc^rdnfen ; 3. ucraieifen, 
fc^elten ; 4. @fgenrcd)itiing fiiijvcn, 
contvollifcn; 5. Sdjad) bicteuj to 

— one's appetite. ffiltC sycgtcrbc 

iiberwinben ; i[. n. ft^ floBcn, Ite^en 
bicibcn, an()aUcn. 
CHECK, .9. 1. bcr Stoft, 9lbfa§ ; (Shu 
bait, bte .*>cmmung, einfd)rdnfung, 
yUnncifuiig, bcr ^ilttftof; ; 2. 33cvn)eis, 
bte Biit^Hgung; 3. bcr ^liamcnSjug, 
©diriftuig ; 4. bie 'Biii'cifung ; 5. — s. 
bic iveip nnb blau land) roth) gcmiir^ 
fclte (lauft^cr) ^eiitnmnb,_i8oii'tcu; fi. 

— , (or — m:ite\ T. baJ «diad) ; the 
ilerk of tbe — , bcr Obcrcputrollfiir ; 
the falcon flies at — , bcr galfc yerldpt 
?eit 9ianb itiib ftrcift nad^ aubrni 
S?ogeln umber; to keep a — upon 
one! (Stnen im 3nu"te b'llttu ; to give 
a — , (Sin^olt t(;urt ; einen aSenin-iS 

geben ; — braces, bte Sc^Iagrieine* 
an eiuer .Kutfc|e; to give — , 'Sc^adj 
bietctt ; to — mate, v. a. fd)ad)matt 
mad)en; — mated. fc|ad)ma:t; — 
roll, bie .§l5f|iaat6H|le; — taker, bci 

To CHECKER, v. a. bunt, fc^cdig CfCl 
wiirflig macficii, ttjiirfetn, buntfavbig 

CHECKER, 3. 1. ba8 aSitrflige; 2 ber 
Stabler, aSertBci«geber, ©cwaUbabcr; 
3. — , or — board, baS (Sd)kt!^brett ; 

— wise, wiirflig ; — work, bic wiirf^ 
lige ober bunt auggclcgte 3Irbeit, ba« 

CHECKLESS, adj. nuaufbaltfam. 

CHECKY, adj. luitrflig, fd)erfig, bunt. 

CHEEK. .«. sinff. 1. bie *adc," "aBangc, 
ber sBacfeit ; 2. Typ. t bie ^$re6u)aub, 
;(/. (Seitciiwdnbe (an ber iprcffe) ; 
''.v jole (jow'ji, bicbt bci; — bone, bet 
i^acff iifuod)eu ; — tooth, ber ^3a(feu- 
jablt, Stocf jabu ; — s of a door, btc 
Xbilrpfoften ; — s of a balance, bie 
(gdjere ober bcr Jiioben^inec SBagc; 
cheeks, s. pi. JV. T. bie ©citciifc^aleu 
surammengcfcfetcr a)Jaften. 

CHEEKED, adj. in, compos. — , VUatigig ; 

as: hollow —, I^obftvaugig. 

To CHEEP, v. n. viiiir. picpcit, switfdjevu. 

CHEER, s. 1. bie 3vcife, 4ieiBiftbutig ; 
2. gieubc, Si'iJl)lid)Ecit, Suft, ber3vol)= 
ftun, 3)iutl) ; 3. 3ubcl, baS (yreuben= 
gefd)rci, i^fifaUggefcftici;4. bic2)iie= 
he, ©ebcvbc, bao @cftd;t; of good — 
gutcS 2)Jittb§, aufgerdumt; to make 
good — , ctnen gittcn 3;ifd; fii^rcn 
what — ■? wic gc bts ? 

To CHEER, ,.. I. a. (— up), 1. fry()lic^ 
mad)en, aufbcitcrn, erfrcueu; 2. trij= 
fteu, )})latl) mad)cn, aufmunteru, e.n= 
rcijcn; 3. mit 3ubcl bcgriitjcu; ll, »». 
(— up), frij[)lid) rocrbcii, ftd; auf^et= 
tern ; — up : [uftig ! frifdj ! cheered 
by .... crbcitert bui'd) .... 

CHEERER, s. bcr 'iJlufmuutcrcr, (§xi)iu 

CHEERFUL (ado. — ly), aJj. beitcr, 

froblid;, lufiig, munter, frifd), aufge* 

CHEERFULNESS, s. bie ^citcrfett, 

iUhtuterfeir, £>cr 5?robftnn. 
CHEERLESS, adj. fre;;bcuIo?% troftlo«, 

CHEERILY, adv. lUit 5?robftnil. 
CHKERLY. adj. c?- adc. bciter, fiob, lUs 

ftig, munter, vcrgniigt, aufgeivedt 
CHEERY, adj. frob, luflig, munter. 

CHEESE, s.bcr .fidfc ; —bowl, (-fat, — 

vat), ber Jldfcnapf, bie jldfcform; 

— cake, ber Jtdfefuc^cn ; — colour 
ing, bie Drieansfarbe ; — curds, bet 
OuarE ; — lip, bcr titdfclab ; — mon- 
ger, bcr Jtiifcfrdmer ; — paring, bte 
Stdferiube; —press, bic Jldfcpreffe; 

— kening, ( — rennet, — runnet), -— 
wort, ba* 3Ba[bftrob, ?abfraut; — 
running, bic 2}JoIfen; — scoop, bcr 
tHdfebobel ; — taster, bcr-^ldfcftcdjcr ; 

— tray, (—wagon), baS Jtdfcfcryice. 
CHEESY, adj. fdftg, fdfid)t. 
CHELY, s. bie .Ktrebgfdicere. 
CHEMISE, .S-. 1. ba3 aBeibcrbcmb; 2. 

Mil T. bie tyuttcrmaner cineS 22al(ee 
CHEMISTRY, «. vid. Chymistry. 
CHEQUER. V. ($• s. vid. Checker. 

r« CHERISH, V. 0.1. :pf(egen, ti'9l)(= 
tbun, uutcrbaKcn, cnidbren; 2. er^ 
auinucn, arnvm baiten ; 3. wett^ 
baltcit, bod)fd)d§cn; 4. ^cgen; Iteb 
ntib a'cvtl) \)alU\i. 

ciiKR'SiiEK, s. ber 33crpffegcr, Qxi}ah 
tcr, ai'obltbdtcr. 

CHERRY. J. s. bie Jtirfc^c ; H. adj. rot(), 
firfcbfarbcn ; — bounce, ( — brandy) 
ber ,ftii'fdjbranntivctu ; — eheeiss, rc» 




t^e SBangeil; — cheeked, V0t[)baifi3 ; 
■— laurel, ( — bay), bie Jtilfc^lorbecvC; 

— li|), tie rotl)C ^ippe; — orehard, 
'jcv Jlii-fd)ijavtcii ; —stone, ber Jlti-fcl)= 
fovii ; — , or — tree, bcv Jlttfdjbaiim J 

— wine, ber jlirfc^inciit. 
CHERSONESE, s. bev 6f)cvfDiieg, bie 


CHERT, s.bcir Ouarj. 
JHERTY, adj. quavjtc^t, quafjig, fiefe= 

Cy'ERUB, *. ber Sfterul); Cherubim, pi. 

bie (Sberubtin. 

CHERUBIC, adj. englifc^, fi(i auf ©ngcl 

CHERUBIN, I. aiij. eiigtif^) ; II. s. bev 


7'« CHERUP, vii. To Chirp. 
CHERVIL, 5. ber Jterbel {ChwropkUlum 
~ L.). ■ 

(^HESiBLE, s. ber 65orro(f. 
CHESUP, s. bie SdiwciiiSlaiiS, ber 

CHESNUT, s. vid. Chestnut, &c. 

CHESS, s. 1. bus '&d)ciA). Sc^ac^fpiel; 
2. Ship (taiiber aBeijeii, ^afer u. f. 
\r>.); -^appie, ber wilbc (Sverber= 
baiim, (feporapfel; — board, ba§ 
©cfcac^brctt; — man, ber <Bd}ai^- 
fteiit; — player, ber Sc^ad)fvieler ; 

— trees, jV. t. bte (£d;erbalfeti ; holes 
of tiie —.trees, bie .^alSflamVeii. 

CHESSOM, s. bte locfere ^rbe. 
CHEST, .y. 1. bte Jtijte, :^abe, ber Mci^ 

I'tfll ; 2. bie Srilft; — of drawers, bie 
(5ommoi)f; — foundered, (bei ^4>fer= 
belt) cuijbriiilig; I^ersfcblvif^ti^, iibcr= 
vittcn ; — f.ninderins. bie CSitgbriiftig= 
fcif, J^er5fc^lac|)tigtett, ber 3)ampf. 
To CHEST, V. a. (ill eiiie Snbe it. f. w.) 
ycrroai^rcii, eiufc^ltepeit ; eiubalfa= 

llttrCU ; Chested, a'lj. in compos, broad- 
chested, breitbriij^ij; hollow-chested, 

CHESTNUT, I. s. 1. bic jlaflanie ; ber 
.Kaftniiienbauin ; 2. baS jl\iftaitteit= 
brauii ; — grove, — plot, ber Jtafta= 
iiicmualb ; — tree, ber Jtaftanieit= 
baiiin ; ir. mij. ber Jlaflanie iiljiilic^. 

CHESTON, s. fine gjvt ^ff'tltntcil. 

CHEVALIER, s. ber Slitter ; (Saoalier. 

CHEVAUX-DE-FRISE, s. pi. Mil. T. bie 
fvaiiifc^cii 3fieitcr. 

OHEVEN', s. viil. Chub. 

CHEVERiL, s. + bte Siege; ba8 3ic= 

CHEVROX, s. H. T. bet ©parrcit, 3?al- 
feu; Chevroned, mlj. H. T. lllit eilteiJl 

©parreu, ^alfeti uerfef^eit. 

To CHEW, V. a. &■ ji. 1. faiteii, faiieit, 
beijieii; 2. itberlegeii, bebcnfeii, fiit= 
ncii (— upon, auf Stst>a«) ; to — the 
cud, tviebcrfaiieii. 

UHEVV, s. viiis. ber 9JJiinb soil; a — of 
tobacco, baS *priciitrf)eii (Xabaf). 

CHICANE, s. bie (5I)tcane ; ber 9ied)t§= 
fiiiff; bieSlanfe; 3'iiiferfi; to — .v. 
V. c^icauircii ; jaufeit; jii fdjaffeii 
mad)en; — r, «. ber 6f)icauciir; So= 
pbift; 3iingciibrcfd)er; — ry, baS 
(Jbicanireii. ' 

CUICH, CuicuUNa, vid. Chick-peas & 

HHICKEN (dim. CmcK), s. ba3 .ffiid); 
leiit, .§uf)nd)eu; my — ! mciit 2;aiib= 
c^eit; — breasted, weiiig ^yruftroerf 
l)abeub; — hearted, fetge, jagbaft; 
chick-peas (chich«s), bic S'lJcvgerbfeit, 
,Si(l)ererbfeit ICiccr — /,.) : chicken- 
pox, bie aSiiibblattfrtt, <2cpafpO(fen ; 
chickweed, ber .g>S^nerbarm (Jiisine 

To CHICK, v.n. fproffen, bersorfetmen. 
CHICKLING. .I. dim. ba8 ,tiid)Iein ; — 

vetch, bie ipiattcrbfe, wclMvirfe. 

ih CHIDE, V. I. a. fc^ieltett, fit)m;i[en, 


feifeit, fabein: ii. n. 1. janfen; 2. 

©eraitfd) inat^ett. 
CHIDE, s. bns ©emurmtl, fanftc ®e= 

CHIDER, s. ber Sc^eltenbe, 3an!er. 

CHIEF (adv. — ly), L adj. Obcrfi, «0r= 

iieljinfl, ^iJc^ft; »orjitglic|; — buui- 
ness, bie .§aitptfad)e ; lord — justice, 
ber (^Drb=) Dberrt($ter; — mourner, 
ber erfie Scibtragenbe ; II. s. 1. baS 
.gaupt, Dbcr^aiipt, ber 3litfubrer, 
&)(\l 2. H. T. ber oberfle Xf)tii. ci- 
iu8 fed)ilbe§ ; commander in — , bcr 
Dbcrfte ^efei)Ul)abfr; lands hnlden 

in — , ?c^eit, bie 511 VerfiJnlic^er 

Sicnftlciftuttg i*erpflit^teit. 
CHIEFAGE, s. ba« Jlppfgelb, bic^rem^ 


CHIEFDOM, s. + bic Dbcrbcrrfr&aft. 
CHiEFLESS, aiij. o^ite>gaupt, o^ite5iii= 

CHIEFTAIN, s. bas §aupt, ber ?lnfu^= 

rer; (Stammbafter; — ry, — ship, 

bic SBiirbe ciiieS ObcrbaupteS. 
CHILBLAIN, bie Broilbeiile. 
CHILD (pi. Children), s. ba« Jtiltb ; 

from a — , yoil Jt'illbbeit auf ; with — , 

fc^uiaugcr; to get with — , fd)wSit= 
gent ; — bearing, brtS ©ebarcn, bie 
yHcbcrfltllft; past — bearing, OoOlt 
jvraiteii) betagt fe\)n; — bed, baS 
.^inbbett ; to be in — bed, J?inbbett 
^alten, in aQod)cn liegeit; — tud- 
basket. bcr Sffiicgcnforb ; — birth, bic 
®eburt, ?liebevfimft. 

CHiLDEMAS DAY, s. ber .ftinbcrtag 
(28. ^ec). 

CHILDHOOD, s. bie ^iiibf)eit, bas Mna- 

CHILDISH (ado. — ly), adj. fiubifd). 

CHILDISHNESS, s. baS firtbifc^e SSt: 
fen ; bic Utifc|)'ulb. 

CHILDLESS, nrfj. linicrloS. 
CHILDLIKE (+ Childly), adj. finblic^; 


CHILIAD, s. bte C?f)tltabe, baS Zan\(nb, 

CHILIAST, s. bet (5bi(tafi (3In^angcr 
beS taufeubjal^rigeii 9ieic^S). 

CHILL, I. arfj. 1. fait; crfrorcn ; 2. jj^-. 
frcftig, ntutt)!oS, scrjagt ; — damps, 
falte 35ihtfic; ffud)(e ii:\Ut; a — 
reception, cill falter ©lllpfaiig; II. s. 

bic Jtiiltc, ber Svcifi, Sdjaucr. 
To CHILL, v.a. 1. fait mad)cn, biirc^; 

falteii; 2. iiicbevfrijiagcn, iuutf)tc§ 


CHILLINESS, I s. bic Jtaltc, bcr Srofl, 
CHILLNESS, ji ©Aaitcr. 
CHILLY, aiij. Liltlid), frbjicltib. 
CHIME, s. i. bcr (Siiiflaiig, bte ,§ar=: 

ntpiiic, Ucberci::fti)nmuug ; 2. ciii 

(Safe iibcretnftimmeitbcr (55lo(fen; 3. 

(or ChimlO bie A'inimc; Chimes, pi. 

ba3 5liifd)Iagcn an einc ©locfc, baS 

ikieni; (Slodcufpict. 
To CHIME, V. 1. a._ aufd^tagcit (an bie 

©locfc); II. n. pininicn, cinftimmcn 

(in with, mit), sufanimcu ^jaffcn. 
CHiMER, s. bcr ©iDcfucr. 
CHIMERA, s. bie 6l;ii)tavc, ba§ .§irn=: 


CHIMERICAL (adv. — ly), adj. C^ima = 

rifd), eiiigcbtlbet. 

CHiMi\.\GE, s. bfl8 aScgegelb burc^ 
cinen %ox\t. 

CHIMIST, s. vi'l Chymist. 

CHIMNEY, 5. bie Scuercffe, bcr S(^oru= 
ftcin, baS .ft'amin (bcr vlperb); — 
board, ba-S Jtaminbvctt, bcr Jtainin= 
ftntg; — corner, bie Bcucrfeitc; — 

fender. baS SeUCrgittcr ; — hooks, 

jtaniinbafcn ; Jlopfbafcn ; — money, 
ba« .^faminacfb. J^crbgclb; — piece, 
bag Jfamtuftiicf; bcr Jlaniiuftm« ; 
— pot, bcr ':)luffa6 ciucr (Sffe; — 

sweeper, bci <Sc^ornftciir-,cger, (^ffen- 
febrer ; — top, bic Jlaniinfappc. 

CHIN, s. bas Jtiiin ; — ciotii, bao ,Rinn' 
banb, Sacfentuc^. 

CHINA, .». 1. 6bina (Sfleid) in ^^Ificn) 
2. ba§ ^porjcUan ; — ink-.'bie Siifdjc 
— man, bcr 5)3orjcllant)anblcr ; — 
orange, bte ct)tncfifci)e ^omeran^c ; — 
root, bie (SbinatDiirjel, (Ibin'iiw'^'^ 

giebcrrinbC (Cimhcma — D ; — rose, 

bicSinarofe; — shop, ba% ^JorscUan^ 

gcwijlbe ; — ware, bag ^^.JpvjcUan ; — 

woman, bie ^orjcUanl>inblcriti ; — 

wool, ©c^minfwoUe. 
CH&'CH, s. bie aSanjc. 
CHINCOUGH, s. bet .Vtcnd)f)uficu. 
CHINE, s. 1. bcr Diucfgrat ; 2. bas 

giiJifcnftiicf, ^xtx\\; 3. T. bte Jilim:= 

me, fcbatfe ©rtiol^ung, J?ante iiber 

bcm iBobcn cine« ^aifcS; 4. fip. e. 

ba§ iBetfc^lagen fc^wet6naf("cr -4>fcrbt. 
To CHINE, V. a. bcn 3iiicfgrat jcrbrc^ 

c^en, freu5lal)in madjcu ; Ciiined, adj. 

jum Stiicfgrat gef)ijrig. 
CHINESE 1. adj. cbtncflfc^; II. s. b« 

(5f)incfe; (cliiptifc^) tie cttincfifdjc 

CHrNGLe. s. bcr Ortcg, grebe Sanb. 
CHINK, s. 1 bie 9Ji^e, bet JJil}, Spait ; 

2. bet ^lang (bcS ®c!be^). 
To CHINK, V. I. n. 1. ft^) fPilUcil, 

fpringen ; 2. fitngcn, fiinipcrn ; il. «. 

1. fpalten; 2. tlingen iuad)en ; 
Chinky, adj. rifeig, fliiftig. 

CHINNED, adj. in compos, long-cliinhed, 

mit langcm',fi:inn. 
To CHINSE, V. a. jv. T. bie 9'lifcfu mtt 

2Berg vcrliopfcn. 
CHINTZ, s. bcr 3i6- 
To CHIP V. 1. a. ftcin fcljneieeit, 

fc^ni^cn ; fc{,nii(}eln, bc(;anen ; 11. « 

CHIP, «. siii'T. baS Stuic^cn, Sctnitt- 

d)cn, <2d)t!i^e[, ber Span; — a.x, bai 

SBreitbeil, Sc{)Ucl)tbi?tI; — box, bic 

(Sc^OC^tel; — hat, — bonnet, bCI 

CHIPPING, s. 1 . baS Sc^ni^cn, it. f. w. ; 

2. baS Stiirfd)?!!, Sd;iitttd;en; — 
knife, ba» ^^acfmcffcr. 

CHiRAGRic^vi,, adj. aiH (5l;ivagva Ici= 

CHIROGRAPH, s. L. T. cine in jioci 
2 fieilc gcfdjnittcnc unb mit bcm 23ints 
SbirogVapf) bcjeidjnctc Sd)rift. 

CHiROGKAi'HEii, s. bcr Sd/ccibcr. 

CHIROGRAPHIC, \ cdj. jit bcr 

CHIROGR.VPHICAL, J (£'d;rcibcfunft 


CHIROGRAPHY, s. bic S^rcibcfnnfl. 
CHIROLOGY, s. bic ^iinbcfprac^e, Sin:= 

CHiROLVNCER, s. bcr (^btroniant (bei 

an§ ben ^anbcn wabrfagt). 
CHIROMANCY, s. btc (srhiromantic, 

5Bai)rfagcrci auS bcn .^anbcn. 
Tu CHIRP, V. I. n. jirpcn, jit)itfci)crn, 

Jjfcifcn ; 11. a. (or Chirrup) ei'ficucii, 

frijblid; madtcn. 
CHIRR, s. bag 3irpcn, ©cstrpe, @c= 

jroitfc^cr, ipfeifen. 
CHIRPER, s. ber 3ivitfc^ernbe, 5pfci- 


CHIRURGEON, s. vid. Surgeon. 
CHIRURGERY, s. vid. Surgery. 
CHIRURGIC (Chiruroical), vid. Sur- 

CHISEL, s. bcr 2)JctfeT; 93ctcl; — 
work, Jtnpfcrficd;cr, S0ilbbauer=-3lrj 

7'o CHISEL, V. a. mcit'clrt, anSmcivcIn. 

CHIT, s. 1. ba§ Stinb. ber 33alg; 2. bei 
.^cim, bic Sproffe ; 3. <&oinmtr. 

fP"fK- , . - _ 

To CHIT, V. n. fctmcn, fproffcn. 
CHITCHAT, .■!. bcr (£d;nitffcl)na(f, bat 

©ci'Iaubcr, @c«)afcJ« 




To aUTTER, V. n. Stttertl (OC-C M\tt.) 

ciiiTTERLiNG. s. 1. fcfr SBufcnfivctf ; 

2. — fi, s. pi. bte jlalbauneii, Jluttcln, 

©ebarmc ; 3. bie SBiirfl?. 
vmTTY, I. (Kjf. Itnbtfcfe; 2. soH (£om= 

inetf^jroffcn ; — face, bas ftrtbifc^c 


CHIVALROUS (CiiivALRic), ailj. xixttX' 

ltd), tapfcr. 

CHIVALRY, s. 1. bie 9fJittcrf(^aft ; 9itt= 
termurbc, baS Sfiittevtfjum ; 2. baS 
gitttci-let)eii, gfiittergut; 3. btc 9lei= 
tcrci ; 4. + bag 3lbeuteuei' ; bie !u^itc 

CIHVES, s. pi. I. Staubfaben; 2. 
Sc^nittlauc^; ficiite Sraiebelit. 

CHLORATE, s. baS St)lor. 
CMLORIC, adj. C^lorifcfc. 

CHLORIDE, s. ba« 6i)lprtb. 
CHLORINE, s. iai (S()toritt. 
c«iLOROSis, s. bie S3lci(I)fuc^t. 
CHLOROTIC, adj. 1. all bci" 5Blcic{)fud;t 

Iciteub, ber iBictc^fuc^t uittevmorfen ; 

2. ju ber Slcid^fu^t ge^orig. 

CIKJAK, Choaker, &c. vid. Choke, 
CaOKER, &c. 

CHOCK, viil Shock. 

CHOCOLATE, s. Bie <B(i)oMak; — 

drops, edjofolateuplii^c^ctt; — mill, 

— stick, bei- Oueri jur <B<i)otoUtc ; 

— nut, bie Jtacaobo&ne. 
.CHOICE, I. s. 1. bie aSabl; 2. 3lu«- 

iva^l, ber ^crn ; to make — of, tuii^: 

leu; take your —, WdbUrt Sie (tbutl 
®ie) lOii? obcr rtte Sie wollcii; II. 
niij. (aiiv. — ly), I. auserlcfcn, »or= 
fvcfflicb ; 2. Wii()Ifrifc^, geitau, fpat= 
fam; 3. fcrgfaltici; to be — of .., 

■ iiut (ItroaS farg \(X)n ; e« wo^l »er= 
wahrcti; —drawn, au^gcfiic^t, a\x$= 
criefeu; Choiceiess, arfj.nif^tbieSBaM 
liabcnb, gcjmuitgcn; — ness, «. bie 

CHOIR, s. 1. bfv Sf)or; 2. baS 6i;pr; 

— service, bev S^OVbicilft. 
CHOKE, s. bcc 33avt an ber 9lvtif^D(fe. 
7u CHOKE, V. La. I. eiflicfcit, JBiir^ctt, 

ermiirgctt ; 2. fioffeu, uerjlopren, 
^cmmeii, Ijiit'bcrn ; 3. unterbriicfeit, 
jiberwdltigcn; to — up, vcrftopffit; 
Choke-damp, j\Tin. T. bcr (Sc^njabeti, 

— full, gebriicft »oIl; — pear, bie 
SBiivgbirii, 9lrt \)ixbit iMnteit; — 
vetch, — weed, bie Sttdfiuurj; n. Jt. 

CHOKER, s. 1. bcr (Srfltdfcr, 28iirgcr ; 

2. fff. was ntc^t beantiDovtet toebeit 

fault ; bit iRaulfpen-c. 
CHOKY, adj. fvftiiiciib, wiirgcitb; bcvbc. 
CHOLER, s. 1. bie ®aUe ; 2. bcr 3orit. 
CHOLERA MORBUS, s. bie (ii)olcva, 

etjibemifc^e Srec^vu^r. 
CHOLERIC, adj. 1 . c^olcrifc^, gaKfiic^= 

tij ; 2. iaf)5eruig, jontig. 
CHOLERICNESS, s. baS S^olertffbc ; 

c^ 2:cm^)cramcut, bie 3lei= 

guitg jum 3orn. 

7h CHOOSE. V. ir. a. ll'dblcit, »l/r!ite= 

i)Cii, (icbcr iwllcn, inygcii; i don't 

— to follow his advice, xdi) mag fci; 

iiem 3fJatl)e iiic^t folgcit; i can't — 
but weep, t^ luut! burd)au« meiiten ; 
to — out, auSiudbtfit, aiI3fud)Clt ; he 
has but to — , cr barf tiiir rodbleit ; 
would you — some of these fruits'! bc = 
Ucbt 3l)itcn (StiuaS »oii bicfcit 5yriid)= 
ten? — your own time, be^imineii 
©te bie 3at. 

CHOOSING, s. baS aBdblcu, bie ai?a()l. 

CHOOSER, *. ber ayd[)(ciibe. 

To CHOP, V. I. a. 1. baucn, bad'en, 
f»)altcn ; jerljancn, jer^acfeu, \n- 
fc^neiben; 2. taufc^eu, uertaufcbcit, 
l^anbeln ; 3. 5!8orfe wec^felti, ftreitcn ; 
to — off, abijauen, abbarfen; to ~ 
k>gic with one, itiit eiueilt biSputireii; 

n.Ti. JV. T. ^)Ii>^tid) wcdifclit ; the wind 
chops about, ber 28tnb fpvingt iim. 
CHOP, s. 1. baS ©tiicf, ber'Sd^nitt, 
SifTeti, bie Sd^nitte; 2. ber3fJi^, »Rt^, 

bie iSimlte ; 3. — s, pi. vid. Chaps ; 

mutton — s, .§ammelvivpd)cn, (Sote^ 

IcttC; — fallen, vid. Chap-fallen; — 

house, bie ©arfuc^c; baS <Spei[e= 


CHOPIN, s. ber Sc^op^jcn, ba§ ^Jijfjel. 
CHOPPER, s. bev .§acfer, baS J^acf= 


CHOPPING, I. part, in compos. — block, 

ber >§a(fbIocf, ^Piaublocf; — board, 

ba« .gadbrctt; — knife, baS >§a(f= 

mcffer ; II. adj. ftart, bicf. 
CHOPPY, adj. riffig, vt^tg, fpaltig. 
CHOR.-VL, I. s. ber Sboral; li. adj. (adv. 

— ly), 1. |«m Gbot^ get)i.H"ig; c$or= 

arfig ; 2. iin Kboi'c ftugenb. 
CHORD, s. 1. bie Saite; '2. Mus. T. 

bcr 9lfcprb ; 3. o. T. bie ©cbnc. 
To CHORD, V. a. utit Saiten bejic^eit, 

CHORDEE, g. bie >§arnfireng«. 

CHORIAMB, ? c„,. nr(,„,.:„„i,„, 
CHORIAMBUS, r- ^" ^^°'''™"^"^- 

CHORiAMBic, adj. cboriambifd). 
CHORION, s. bas 3lber^dutc^en, 9^cfc 

bcr 9iad)geburt, 

CHORIST, > s. ber S^orfduger; 
CHORISTER, 5 Sanger. 
CHOROGRAPHER, s. "ber Sdnbcibc- 


CHOROGRAPmCAL (adc. — ly), adj. 

CHOROGRAPHY, .». bic Sdtibcrbcfc^rei= 


CHORUS, s. ber 6[)or. 
CHOUGH, s. bie (£te.iubDf)Ic, Scrgbo^Ie, 


CHOULE vid. Jowl. 

To CHOUSE, V. a. Jfctriigert, ^tnter= 
ge^cn, anfii^rcit (—of. ., um . . .). 

CHOUSE, s. 1. ber 9?etrug, ^Poffen, 
Streic^ ; 2. baS 3lcffc^cn, bcr ^iarr, 
einfditigc SJIenfc^. 

To CHOWTER, v.n. murrcn,brnmntcti. 

CHRISM, s. bas ©albol, bcr (5t)n>fau. 

CHRISMAL, Mlj. — oil, Wic Chrism. 

CHRisMATORY, s. ba3 @efdp }um 

CHRisoM, s. ba8 Jlinb, wclcbes inner= 
balb eineS SDionatl nac^ ber ©cburt 
ftirbt; — cloth (cri.some), baS niit 
@.*)r»)fam gefalbte XiiA) bcr ncugc= 
bontcrt Ainber, SBcficr^cmb. 

CHRIST, s. 6briftu«; — 's thorn, ber 
(Si)riftbortt, Stec^born. 

To CHRISTEN, v. a. 1. taufen; 2. nen= 
ncn, beiienncrt. 

CHRISTENDOM, .i. bag S^riflcnt^um, 
bie Sbrifieu^eit. 

CHRISTENING, s. bic 3;aufc, Jtinbtaufe. 

CHRISTIAN, I. s. 1. bcr (ll)ri)l; 2. 
(prop, name) ©briftiau ; S^vifttue ; II. 

{adv. — ly), adj. (^viftlid) ; in compos. 

— name, ber S^aufnamc, 93orname ; 

— like, d)rtficnmdptg, d)vi)i(id). 
CHRLSTIANISM. s. 1, ba8 61)riilcn= 

tbnm ; 2. bic dbriftenbcit. 
CHRISTIANITY, s. iciS 6l)"flentbum. 

To CHRISTIANIZE, v. n. ^Ultl 6l)riftcn 

mac^en ; jum 6l)rifient^um betcfjrcn. 
CHRISTMAS, s. aBeibuad)tcn, ba« 
(Sbriftfcfi ; — box, baS aBeii)nad)t«= 
gcfdicuE, bcr ftcilige (Sbvift; — carol, 
bag i'8cibnad)tiilteb ; — day, ber crfte 
fficibuad)t£(tag, K^rifttag ; — f.ower, 

— rose, bie yd;roarsc Sfliesiwu-j (HeUe- 

borus — /,.). 
CHRISTOPHER, s. g^rifloV'^. 
CHROMATE. s. — of potash, (|vom= 

fames Jtalt. 

CHROMATIC. L adj. Mus. T. 1. d)rOma= 

tifd); 2. •5,itbci't bedefcnb; U. — s, 
I «.pi!. bte i5arbenlc(H'e. 

CHRONICAL (CHRONIC), (tdj. ^rouifcH 

langwierig, (oon ^ranff)ct(eu). 
CHRONICLE, s. 1. bic gbriniif; 2 

chronicles (the book of), bag 33uc^ bci 

To CHRONICLE, v. a. nac^ bcr 3citfo(g« 

befdjreiben, aufjeicbucn. 
CHRONICLER, s. bcr (5f)roHifciifd)reii 

bcr, @cfd)id)tfc^rcibcr. 
CHRONOGRAM, s. ba§ S^ronograiit. ' 

CHRONOGRAMMATIC, \ adj. rtirp* 



CHRONOGRAPHER, s. bcr gfjronifi, 

CHRONOLOGER, \s. bcr ©blOUOlog, 

CHRONOLOGiST, s Seitrcc^iicr. 

CHRONOLOGIC, \ [adv. — ly), adj 

CHRONOLOGic.iL, > d^ronolpgtfc^. 
CHRONOLOGY, s. bte (5t)vpnplogie, 


CHRONOMETER, s. T. bcr 3eitmeffer. 
CHRYSALIS, s. bie^jJupve eiucr3laupe, 

u. f. w. 
sVRYSOcoL, s. ba« iSerggriin; bet 

©plblcim; ^pvar. 
CHRYSOLITE, s. bcr (lf)ri;fplitb ((SbcU 

CHRYSOPRASE, s. bcr (S^vi^fp^raS, 

CHUB, s. bcr Jfaulbarfc^ ; — cheeked, 

— faced, adj. baugbdcfig. 

CHUBBED, } .. c -^ f ■. 

CHUBBY, \ '^■l- '^"*' f''^- 

To CHUCK, V. I. n. 1. glucfcit ; 2. vid. 
Chuckle; U. a. 1. untcr bag JlitlU 
fc^Iagen; 2. vuig. wcrfeii, fc^neUcu; 
3. bii'rc^ ©litcfcn IcdFcn. 

CHUCK, .9. 1. bag ©Inrfcn; 2. .^iibn- 
dien; ^iippc^en falg ^tebfofaugg= 
ttjort); 3. cin (Vl3^1id)cg) gdineeJ 
©evdufci^; 4. bcr (2d)(ag niiter bas 
^inn ; Jiinngriff; — farthing, vid 


To CHUCKLE, v. I. n. aug ypUciit .^alfc 
lac^en, ftd)ern ; ii. «. 1. buvd) (5)lu» 
dfcn Iptfcn ; 2. fig. licbfpfcn. 

CHUET, s. + bus gcbacf tc Qlcifd), ®e= 

CHUFF, .s. ber ©rpbian, Siimmcl. 


CHUFFY, adj. grpb, biif, tijlpifc^ ; miir* 

CHUM, s. ber (Stiibcnburfd)c. 

CHUMP, s. bag (£tit(f ; a — of wood, 

CHURCH, 5. bie ^irc^e; ,Rircbengc= 
ineinbe; — of England, bie auglicani= 
fd)e .if ircbc ; — aie, bag ,Kird)UH'ibfeft, 
bie .$lird)meffc; — attire, ber Jlirc^cit^ 
ornat; — authority ( — power), bte 
tirdjlidie @cwa(t; — bench, bcr SiQ 
in ber 2]prballc einer Jlird)c; — book, 
bag Jlird)enbud) ; — burial, bagfirt^= 
lidjc 53egrdbnip; — di.scipiine, bic 
,Kir(^cn5itd)t; — founder, ber Jlirs 
dicngriiubcr; — land, bag jtirc^en» 
gut ; — like, einein @eiftlid)cit gcjte* 
nteiib ; — litten, ber Jtirdibpf, ©Pt* 
tegacfer; — man. ber ©ciftlidie; 
?OJitgI.icb ber cngltfd)en Mx^(, 93t> 
fd)Liflicbgeftiinte ; —martin, bic Jl1rc^« 
fdjtvalbe, 2)}auerfc^njalbc; — music, 
Jlircfjcnmufif ; — owl. bic ,$?ird)eule 

(m(/.Bernowl); — porch, bcr ^l^orbpf 
cincr ^SirdlC ; — preferment, bag tirc^s 
iicbe 33encficiuni ; — reeve, — war- 
den, ber Jtircbcndltefte, J?ird)en»pr= 
Pcber ; .!lird;'oatcr ; — rates, Jlirc^s 
Stcucrn ; — work, cin langfam fpvt* 
fd)vcitcitbcg SBcvf ; — yard, bcr @ot« 
tegacfer ; — yard cough, bcr ©d;minb* 
To CHURCH, V. a. (to — a woman, cittt 

aBpc^uerinu) jur Mxx^t fiiljren ; thi 



j» churclied, ftc iat t^veit ^irc^ijaitg 

0c(;altcn ; ciiurching, s. bcr Jlird)i]«"9 

(eincr 2Qiid;iicvtnu). 
OHURCHSHIP, s. bic Jtti'c^cuDcvfaffung. 
CHURL, s. 1. bcr33aucr, @robiau,Blc= 

flcl ; 2. Jtiiicrci-, Stij. 

CHURLISH (ado. —i.y), adj. 1. taurif^, 

j^rob, wi.'b, raiif), vlump ; 2. ctgeit^ 
nii^tj}, filjig, farg, ?a^c; 3. bart, 
ftarv • — ness, s. bie ©vobfieit, 9fiau= 
iigtcit, i§avte ; Bilji'jEeif, itiiitferet. 
CHUKLY, adj. line Churlish. 

CHURN, s. tai 53utterfa6 ; — owl, bev 
Jiegciifaiiger ("^1'"'^ Sd^walkj ; — 
swii; bev SButtcvftotJfl. 
Tu CHURN, V. a. 1. buttcvii, tcviicn ; 2. 

CHURR-WORM, s. bit aBcviC, Scfb= 


7'o CHUSE, Ci'd. To Choose. 
CHYLACEOUS, adj. bCU &l}»(u3 bc= 

CHYLE, s. bcr 6f)\;lu«, •3)JiI^faft, 

CHYLH'ACTioN, s. btc iBenvaitbluiig 
tu SiJatjningSfaft. 

CHYLIFACTIVE, ) adj. ill SHilc^faft 

CHYLOPOETic, ) ocv»anbclub. 
CHYLOUS, adj. SOU Cbcr ttUg ^JJtlc^^ 
faft ; njte Sf)i;hig. 

CHYMICAL (— ic ; adv. — ly), adj. ^i;= 

CHYMisT, s. ber 6^i;mtfer, (Sc^eibc= 

CHYiMiSTRY, s. bie G^^mie, (5ct;cibe= 


CIBARIOUS, adj. jU bCU S^eifcU Qt^O= 

vig; c^bar. 

CIBOL, s. bie 3tpoIle, flcine 3"'il'ft- 
CICATRICE (CICATRIX), s. bic Sflavbe. 
CICATRIZANT, adj. Sliirbcu mad;eiib 

Dbcv laffcub, ocvn'avbcub (uon .^ciU 

CICATRIZATION, s. ba« ^tarbcu, 93er= 

7V. CICVTRIZE, V.I. a. ^axitii ina= 

djen ; li. n. fic^ uarbcn. 

CICELY, 1. (prop, name) g^CCiUe; 2. beV 

(Steiufiimiuel {Seseii—L.) ; bag Jtcv= 

bclfraut (CharophyUum — L.) ; sweet 

— , bcr ft}vanifcf)e Jterbel (Scandix odo- 
rata — L.); wild — , ber ©ctiicrliug 

■ (Cicnta — L.) ) silken — , bie (g^UJOU 

bcnnjuvj (^.asciepias — /..). 
cicHORACEOUS, ndj. cic^oricuavtiij. 

CICHORY, s. bie (5ift)0rif, cid. Succory. 

CICUTA, s. ber <£^icrliug. 

CIDER, s. bcr giber, Dbftmcin, 9Ic>)fcl= 

mciu; ciderist, bcr 6ibcrmad;er ; ci- 

derkin, bcr gcriuge giber. 
CIERGE, s. bie Jterje (bci ^rocefftos 


CIGAR, s. vid. Segar. 

CILIARY, adj. ju bcu 5lugeuticbcru gc= 

CILICIOUS, adj. ^CiXtW. 

CIMITER, s. ber (humnie titrHfcfie) 

CINCTURE, s. 1. bcr Oiirtcl; Umfving; 
2. Srch. T. @urt, (£nuin (obeu aw ci= 
ner (Baule). 

CINDER, s. bie auSi]egIiif;te A'ofile, ge= 
lofc^te (Stcinfo^te ; smitii's — s,bie 
Sijft^Eo^lcn, (5rf)micbetol)lcn ; — wo- 
man, — wench, bie\ftoblcufamnilc= 
rinu, bcr 5Ifc^enbrobel. 

CINERATION. s. Ck. T. bic 3]ctbien = 
ituug JU 5ifrf)e. 

CINEREOUS, aiij. afc^grau. 

ciNERETious, adj. aicl)ici)t, afd;ii]. 

CINNABAR, s. bcr ^iunobcr; — of an- 
timony, ber ®pie^glaS=3i'ii"'bcr. 

taNN^UlON, s. bcr yimmt, gaueel ; — 
water, baS 3i"i"ttiuaffcr, bcr 3iiiti"t= 

CINQUE, s. bie (5iinf ; ^ituf (fluf 5Kiir= 
ftln unb in bcr Maxk) : — foil, ba-J 



Siiitfftitgcrlraut (Potcntuia — L.) ; — 
pace, cine 9lrt langfaiiicr, feicvlic^er 
Xani; — ports, bte fiinf ^iifcu in 

gnglanb (Dover, Sandwicli, Romney, 
Winclielsea, and Rye) ; Sp. jE.ein9Jc^ 

mit fiint (Singangen ; — quartet, »tcr 

Jinb fiinf auf bcu aBiirfcln ; —spotted, 

cioN, e. ber ©cbijfiling, iaS (2(^op= 

reis ; $fropfvci«. 
CIPHER, s. 1. bic 3tfFcr; 2. ^uU; 3. 

bcr gc^eime gc^riftjng. 
7'o CIPHER, V I. n. rccbucu ; n. a. 1. mit 

gcl)cimeu 3eid)eu frfirciben; 2. bc= 

jcidjuen, c^aratterifivcn. 

To CIRCLNATE, v. a. ciuCU 3''^f*'l ^f= 

fc^rcibeu ; runb abmcffcu, ab^irfeln. 
CIRCLE, s. 1. bcr 3irfel, Jlrei«; 2. 
UiiifrciS, Umfaug; 3. ®cfcUfct)aff«= 
!reis ; — wise, jir'tclfijrittig, im St^xtd. 
To CIRCLE, V. I. a. i. fic^) im Jtreife 
(urn gtroa^) bre^cn, i)erum gc[)en; 
2. umgcbeu; n. ?i. ftc^ im JJrcifc brc= 
t)cn; to — in,einfcfelie6en; einfc^riiu= 

fcU; circled, adj. frciSfomitg ; Circling, 

adj. lirEclfiirmig.tvciSformtg; circling 
tools, Stangcujtvfel (fiir bie U|)rma= 

ciRCLER, s. ein fc^Ic(i;ter 5^id;tcr. 

CIRCLET, s. bcr Heine 3irfel. 

CIRCUIT, s. 1. bcr Umlauf, .fi^reislauf ; 
2. bie 3irfclfldci)c; 3. bcr3(Jiug,3tcif ; 
4. Umtrcig, Umfang ; 5. Stxds, gan= 
ton, ©eric^tsbcjirf ; 6. Umfc^meif; 
to make a— ,Uinfci;»cifc mac^eu, um 
bie (Saclic fjevmn geben ; to go the—, 
in ben ^ycjirfcn bcrumrcifcu, urn ias 
@erid;t ju f)altcn, bie Sfiuube madicu ; 

— courts, Umgang8= (ober wanbern= 
be) ®crifi)te. 

To CIRCUIT, V. n. runb f)erum gcben, 
fic^ im Jtreifcbcwcgcn; umbcrreifen. 

CIRCUITEER, 5. was im J^reifc ^cium 
gc[)t ; bcr tnt Jlvcife berum reifet. 

CIRCUITOUS (adv. — ly), adj. UniIaU= 

fcnb, nmfd)mcifeub ; runb berum; a 

— route, citt Ummeg. 

CIRCULAR (adv. — ly), I adj.i. jirfel= 
ruub, f rciifiirinig ; 2. umlaufenb ; im 
3irfcl ; 3. ./in-, gcniein ; — letter, baS 
Jtrcisfd;rfiben, Circular; — sailing. 
iaS <£egclu in ciucm gro^eu 93c>gcu; 
a — stair-case, eiiie SBcitbeUrc^ipe ; II. 
s. vid. Circular letter. 

CIRCULARITY, s. bic 3irfcIform. 

To CIRCULATE, v. I. n. tm llmtauf 

fcwu, circulireu; il. a. in llmlauf 
bi'iugcu; to — bills, M E. aBed)fcl 
girilH'U; Circulating library, bic Scfe= 

CIRCULATION, s. bcr JlrctSlauf, Um= 

CIRCULATORY, I. s. Ch. T. bcr gircu= 

lirfolbeu; II. adj. l)evum}icf)cub ; cii'= 

culirenb ; — letter. ba« JtvciSfc^rcibcn. 
CIRCUMAMBIENCY, s. ba§ Umgcbcu, 

bcr (Sinfff)ln^. 
CIRCUMAMBIENT, arfj. umgcbcub, cin= 

To CIRCUMCISE, V. a. bcfd)neibcn (bie 

3SiJi'I)aut) ; — ciser, s. ber 53efd;neibcr; 

— cision, .?. bie 33efd;ueibuiig. 
CIRCUMFERENCE, s. 1. bcr llmfrci«, 

Umfang, SBcjiif; 2. bie Dberflad)c 

cincS ruubcn Jtorvcre. 
ciRCUMKERENTOR, s. o. T.baS 9Ifiro= 


CIRCUMFLEX, s. Oram. T. bCr girCUm= 


CIRCUMFLITENCE, s. bic ItntfloffcU^ 
beit ; Umfc^liefjung you SBaffcr ; \X\n- 

CIRCUAH'LUENT (— ous), adj. Hmftie= 


CIRCUMFORANEOUS (— ean), adj. 
Ijcrumjiebcnb, bauftreub. 
To ciRCUMFUSE, v. a. bcruiu gicgcn. 


CIRCUMFUSILE, adj. u. «gic^ bar. 
CIRCUMFUSION, s.'bie limgicBung. 
CIRCUMGYRATION, s. ba^ Umbrebcn 
CIRCUMJACENT, aiij. umlicgcnb. 
CIRCUMLV3ATION, s. 1. ba^ Umbiu* 

bcu ,• 2. bie 33inbe. 
CIRCUMLOCUTION, s. bic llmfdirct* 

bung, ^eripbrafe ; bcr Umfcbmcif. 
CIRCTJMLOCUTORY, adj. unjfd)rei= 

ciRCUMMURED, adj. ummauert. 

To CIRCUMNAVIGATE, v. c. Umfdlif* 
fcu,_limfegeln ; — navigable, a/?, um- 
fc^iff bar ; — navigation, s. bic llmfc= 
gcluuf} ; — navigator, s. bcr ^tmai 

umf4>tfft, ber SSelfumfeglcr. 
CIRCUMPOSITION, s. ba§ Scfceu cbei 

©tcUen im Jtrcife. 
CIRCUMROTATION, s. bag Umbrcbeii, 

Umlaufcu ; — rotatory, adj. bcran!brc= 

bcub ; berumwirbclub. 
7'u CIRCUMSCRIBE, v. a. i. Kmgvens 

%t\\ ; 2. einfc^rcinfcn. 
c'lRCLTMSCRlPTlBLE, adj. umgrenjbar. 
CIRCUMSCRIPTION, *. 1. bie llnigrcn= 

jung J (Sinfdircinfung ; 2. bie trci§= 

tSniitge 3ufd;vift, Umfd>rift; — 

scriptive {adv. — ly), adj. ItmgVCnjenb, 

CIRCUMSPECT, > adj. wrfid^ttg, 

CIRCUMSPECTIVE, > uinftcbtig, nd/t= 

fam, ftmcbfam, bcinitfam ; — spoction. 

— spectness, s. bie 33or jtd;tigfcit, *ilci)t« 

famfcit, SBebutfamfeit ; aSacbfam= 

fcit ; — spectively, — spectly, adv. UOr= 

CIRCUMSTANCE, s. bcr Umftaub, 3"= 
ftanb, 3iif'ill ; bie ?agc • — stanced, 
adj in Umilanben, befd)affeu; — stan- 
tiai [adv. — ly), adj. umflanblid) ; ju= 
fallig: — sutntiaiity, s. bte Umftaub- 

To CIRCUMSTANTIATE, v. a. '\\X Uin= 

ftanbe ucrfc^cu. 

To cmcuMVALLATE, v. a. um[^an= 

CIRCUMVALLATION. s. Ml. T. 1. bic 

titunft ftcb JU scrfc^anjcn; 2. baa 
Sdninscnaufmerfcn; bic antlcre \h\\- 
fd>in5nug ; (SircumyaHationSlinie. 

To CIRCUMVENT, v. a. Itftig bt"tcrge= 
ben, iiberliftcu ; — vention, «. tcr \U 
ftige 5Qctrug, bie Ucbcvlifiung, .6tu= 
tcrlift; — ventive, adj. bctviigcrifct), 

To ciRCUMVEST, v. a. ringS umbct 

To ciRCUMVOLVE, v. a. umioatseii, 

CIRCUMVOLUTION, s. 1. bie Um»al=: 
sung, Umbrcbung ; 2. ber ftc^ unmniU 
jcnbe ©cgenfianb ; 3. Jirch. T. bic 
SBinbung (an eincr Saule). 

CIRCUS, s. bcr Siren?. 

CISALPINE, adj. bicfffitfl bcr ?(l|jen. 

cissoiD, s. o. T. bie giffoibc. 

CIST, s. ber iJaflcU ; vid. Cyst. 
CISTED, adj. vid. Cysted. 

CISTERCIAN, s. ber gificrcicrtfct 

CISTERN, s. btc giflerue, bcr SBaffcrj 

bcbaUer, SBaffcvfrog, ba« Sedcu. 
cisTUS, s. bas giflcurijlc^en, gclfcn^ 

CIT, s. cont. bcr armfeligc SSiirger, 

Spietjbitrgcr, ^liilifter. 
CIT.ADEL, s. bie gitabcllc. 
CITATION, s. /-. T. 1. bie gitation. 

aSDrlabung ; 2. bie 9lufiibrung, ©r« 

CIT.\TORY, ndj. voriabcnb; — leiier 

bic f4)riftlid;e' gitation. 
To CITE, D. a. 1. citircn, »orIaben, be- 

f^cibeit, yorforbcrn ; auffcrbcrn ; 2. 

anfiibrcn (ScbriftitcUcn). 
CiTER, s. ber a]!orfprbercr, Sorber* 

fued)t; Slnfiibrcr (ciuer (gtcllc. u, 

f. w.). 




CTTHERX, ». bie ^ii^tv. 

CITICISM, A", bie Uvbaititat, baS fiabti= 

ci'viED, adj. ftitijcbuvijfvt, iaS S3urjjcr= 

CITIZEN, I. s ber (etrtatS=) Siivgcv ; 
II. adj. — , or — like, titrgcvltc^, bur= 
gcrmajjig; — ship, s. bte'(Stgcnfc^aft 
eincs sBiivgev*; bai 93iirgevrec^t ei- 
nec Stabt'obcr ctncS ?anb'c^. 

CCTRATE, s. Ch. T. ba§ (Sttrat. 

CITRIC, adj. Citvifd). 

CITRINE, I. adj. cttroneiigflb ; ll.s.bcr 
cttvoncufai-l'uje .$trift,ill. 

CITRON, s. bie (Sttrotlf; — trpe, bff 
(Sitvoueiibaum ; — water, (5itroneu= 

CITY, I. .9. 1. bie grope (niit 33orjlabfcn 
veifebcitc) ©tatit; 2. \>\t Stabt=@e= 
nietube, iiuorpovirte ©emeiiibe mit 
ctncm "iBifitofsftfee unb ciuer ^atl)e= 
brale ; li. adj. ftJibtifcb, biirgevlir^ ; — 
freedom, baS "Stabh'cctjt, bic ®ercc^t= 
fame eiiier Sta^t. 

ciVES, s. pi. bcv Sc^nittlaurf). 

crvET, s. bcr 3iOet ; — cat, bie ^\UU 

CIVIC, adj. biirjcrlic^ ; — crown, bie 

CIVIL {adi}. — ly), adj. 1. tiivgerltc^, ci: 
vil; 2. ctuiIrec^tH(t) ; 3. eihl)cimifcf), 
tunsvlit^; 4. l)ijflicp< ffi". flefittct; 

— death, L. T. bcr biirgci'lidoe X^'b ; 

— law, baS fciirgerlic^e (rijmifd^e) 
9lc(i)t; — list, bie 6iy ill if!c. 

CIVILIAN, s. ber ei!)illift, ,*)?cc^t«ge= 

le[)vte, (gtubcnt be§ biirgerlirf;cii (rij- 

inifc^en) ^Jec^tS. 
civiLiTV, s. bie ^oflid)fcit. 
CIVILIZATION, s. bic Sitten>>erbefTc= 

nxitg, SSerfeineruiig ; (Jiailifatioit, 

To civiuzE, V. a. gefittet mac^en, «er- 

civiLizER. .V. btr ©riiiiber obct a3er= 

breitcr ber (JitUur. 
civiSM, s. bcr 58iirgerftntt, bie S8ur= 

gcrtugeitb ; 33aterlaub§licbe. 
CLACK, s. 1. ba« JtUH^pcni, aLtfTefn ; 

^lappcrit, 5plaiibeni, ®cflatfcl)e ; 

cant, bie 3""9c ; '^- *>'« SRaffcl, Jllap- 

pcr; 3. ba§ i!JJiif)lgli>ifcf)eii. 
To CLACK, V. 1. 71. 1, flapvcni, raffcdt ; 

2. ^)[avpern, vliHibfr". flatfcijeii ; II. 

a, to — wool, bieSd;af«)uarfe awi ber 

SiJolle oii§fcI;neibcit. 
CLACKER,s. bie Jllapjjcr. 
To CLAIM, V. a. 31nfpnicf) inac^cii,for= 

bern ; to — one's promise, aitf bie ^r= 

fiillung be3 gemac^teii 2Jerfprec^cu« 

CLAIM, s. 1. ber 3lnfprud), bie ??orbe= 

rung ; 2. baS Sfied)t ju forbcrii ; to 

have a — on ... , ^.Jliifpnid) l)nbcii aiif 

... ; to lay (make) — to, yillfprudj 

madjcit anf C@tnja§). 
CLAIMABLE, adj. i»a5 til 5lnfvntc^ 5U 
nef)mcii, p forbevu tjt. 

CLAiMER^' \ "• ^" 5lnft^nic^mad)er. 

To CLAM. v.a. IcilUCU. 

To CLAMBElt, v. n. (— up), flettcril, 

CLAMMINESS, s. iaS 3,l\f)t, bie Jlle= 


CLAMMV, adj. jS^e, ftcbrig. 
CLAMOUR, s. bas ®cfc^ret, OetBfc; 

cianiour-.r, ber Sc^reicv. 
Tc CLAMOUR, v. 1. n. fcferetcit, larmcit ; 

n. a. iibcvtaubeii; to — bells, mit aU 

leu ©locfen lauteii. 
CLAMOROUS, (aif. — lv), ft^reienb, 

SLAMP, s. I. ber Salfeit, bie ?atte, 

Seifie, 5lSange, ba3 Sd)alftii(f ({c* 

fees <BtM .polj 5UV iBcrftarfiing); 

2. jv. T. bie Slappc, ber Sd;ijf^bai= 

talfeu; 3. (Safe, ^aufeir (2)kuer= 

fteine, u. f. n.\). 
To CLAMP, V. a. tintentagelii, Berfc^a= 

ten, mit Scifieii, it. f. w. eiitfaffeii. 
CLAN, s. ber Staiiim, ba« @efd;Iec^t; 

— nish, uerbiiibcttb (wic bie ©lieber 

cinc3 <£tammeS) ; —ship (— nish- 

ness), bie SBerbiiibitiig bcr Stiimme, 

©efc^Ie^ter, ii. f. w. 

CLANDESTINE, (— ly), adj. beimli^, 
Verftobleit ; -in trade, bcr (2d)Ieid): 
^aiibel ; — ness, s. bie Jpeimli^fcit, 
gefjciinc .§anbhiiig. 

CLANG, s. £«er iSdjatt, Jllnng, baS ®e= 
raffcl, ®etofe. 

To CLANG, V. a.fd^iUenlaffcn, raffeln. 

CLANGOUR, s. bcr (B<^(iU (ber 2;rom= 
Vete, it. f. nj.). 

CLANGOUS, ) adj. fc^iiricilb, tiiltCIlb, 
CLANGOROUS, S ftiiigeiib. 
CLANK, s. ba3 ®cra^fel, v5)cE(irr. 
To CLANK, V. a. raff^ift, flivrcii [affcn. 

To CLAP, V. a. <$■ v. 1. fUlppCU ; flat= 
fd)en; fd^fageu, flppfcit; jufammcii^ 
fd)lagcu; 2. jiifd)(agcii; 3. trciben ; 
jroiiigeii; eiitftccfeii ; 4. beftatfc^cn, 
^eifail jitf [atfd)eit ; 5. aiiftedfcn (mit- 
bem Svtpvti^) ; to — hands, in bie 
.§aitbcElatfci)cn, nppl'iiibtvcn; ftd)bic 
^mH als Vlugelobung bcr 2;rcuc, 
U. f. IV. rctc^eit ; to —spurs to a horse, 

einem ^pferbe bie ©vorncit gebcn; 

she clapped her hands before her eyes, 
fie ^ielt fid) bie 5litgeii jn ; to — in, 
or into, l)ineiiifd)Iagen, tvetbcn, ober 
5«3ingen, bineinfd)icbcu; cinvcc^ncu; 
lercihplafecn ; to — on, anfdilagen; 
nufc^liepeu ; auflegen ; anntad)cii, bc^ 

feftigeu ; they clapped on more sails, 

fte fpaunten met)r iScgcl anf; to — 
to, jufdilagcii ; to — up, in nller (5"i(e 
JU Staube bringctt, itbcrcilcn, bc- 
fd)teunigeii ; to — up a peace, in alter 
(5ile cinen gi'tcbeu fct)lic^en; to — 
up in prison, eiitfterfcit, gcfangen fe= 
ften ; to — up together, cin))aifen, 5U= 

CLAP, s. 1. bcr StlapW Jtnall, (5d)Iag, 
<5c^mt§; 2. ba§ Jtlatfd)cn; 3. btc 
Slnftecf ung ; ber S:rippcr ; 4. sp. e. 
bcr untere £[;ei( bcS Srbnabels eines 
^alfcii ; — of thunder, bcr Conner; 
fd)Iag ; at one — , auf cin 2)JaI, \)Vi>%' 
lic^ ; a — on the shoulder, bcr2c^nlb= 
arrefl ; — board, bie (grope, lange) 
(2d)inbcl ; — net, baS Scrdjcnne^. 

CLAPPER, s. l.bic Jllapper; bcr ,Klijp= 
pel (cincr ©tcrfc) : 2. bcr Jllatfd;enbe 
(jum Sfi^fii bc« Scifall^). 

To CLAPPERCLAW, v. a. fc^clten. 
CLARE-OBSCURE, s. T ba« .^cUbUUffl. 

CLARET, (—wine), s.bcr (Slaret, ^or= 

beanr 20cin, bcr S'ranjiDein. 
CLARICORD, s. ber Sliigel, (eine 5lrt 

CLARIFICATION, s. bie 5lbflaruitg ; baS 

CLARIFIER, s.Ti. bcr Jtlarfcffct ; 2. 

baS abtlcirenbe 3)Jittel. 
To CLARIFY, v. I. a. 1. fltHiir^n ; 2, 

aufflarcn ; ii. n. 1. fid; aufffiireu; 2. 

ftc^ abflciren. 

CLARINET, s. bic Gfartnettc. 
CLARION, J. bag (5(arin. 
CLARY, s. bic (2d;arlci, ba8 (5^nr= 

To CLASH, D. I. 7). 1. flirren; 2. an= 

flof en ; 3. jig. ^umibcr fcpn, nnber= 

firetteu; II. a. anfd)lagen. 
CLASH, St.. 1. baS @cra)|cl ; bcr (5tog, 

qSuif, @d)mip ; 2. fiir. 3anf, ©treit, 

2Bibcrfprud), bie 9Biberfc^ung ; the 

— of arms, baS 2Bafr"cngcflirr, aSaf= 

CLASP, s. 1. bcr .Oafcti, .^aSpen, .Ocf= 

tcl, btc ,ftlammcr, ,$trampe; ledjnab 

le, ©iivtclfc^naUc ; ©vo"9f» ^Igraffc ; 

baSSc^Iop am 5?nd)c, tie (?laufiir- 

2. bcr yinbrucf, bic Itmarmnug ; — 
knife, bcr 6iuleger,_ba-5 S-afcbcn: 
meffcr ; — nail, bcr tidiiiibelnagcf. 

ro CLASP, V. a. 1. anbafcn, jubafeii, 
ju^cftcln, jufc^nallcn ; 2. fic^ an![ani: 
mern, crgreifen, feft Ijalteu ; 3. nm- 
fangen, itmfaffcu, anbriicfen, faltcn; 

to — to one's bosom, dW feinc 33lUJ? 

CLASPER, s. bcr .gafcu, baS ^cifc^cu. 

bie g'ianfc. 
CLASS, s. bi« (Jlaffc, Drbnnng ; bcr 

(ataub; — book, baS (Slaffenbuc^. 
To CLASS, V. a. claffifictreu, in (Slaffcn 


CLASSIC, ( — CAL ; adv. — ly), I. adj 

clafftfc^ ; II. s. bcr glafftfcr. 
CLASSIFICATION, s. bic (Slafftfica= 

tion, (Sint^eilnng in 6(a[fcn obcr 

To CLASSIFY, v. a. clafftficiren, in 

glaffcn eintf)eilcn. 
To CLATTER, v. T. 7». raffcTit, flaps 

pern, ranfdjen ; flatfd)cn, fd)iva^cu ; 

II. a. raffeln madjcn. 
CLA'lTER, s. bag (Seraffcl, ©ctijfc; — 

er, bcr Sdrmcnbc; — ing, bas3iaffclu. 

Octofe, ®cfd)mai 
CLAUSE, s. bie (itanfcl, SScbingitng, 

CLAUSTRAL, adj. floflcrlic^. 
CLAVATED, adj. ivarjig, mit 33«rfcln, 

CLAVELLATED, adj. sott gebrainitriii 

SBcinftcin ; — ashes, bie S^ottafdjc 
CLAVICHORD, s. Mu.-!. T. bcr Sliigc!. 
CLAVICLE, s. bag Sdjliiffelbciu. 
CLAW, s. bic Jtlauc, ^ralic; ^;?fotc; 

— back,berg«c|6fd)ivanjer, Spcit^eU 

Iccfer; — hammer, ber ©pIitt)omnier. 
To CLAW, V. a. 1. fra^cu, f(auc!i ; 

jcrrcipcn(mitbcn,Slaucn); 2. fi^clu; 

3. fd;cltcn ; 4. jv. t. ftc^ njiiibanivta 
»on bcr .^iifle faltcn; — ed, adj 
Jllaucn t)abcnb ; to — off (away), ab' 
fra^cit, abnagen. 

CLAY, .?. bcr 3:f)on, Scttcn, Scl)m ; — 

cold, crbfalt, eigtalt; — ground, — 

land, bcr Icttigc 93obcn; — marl, bcr 

S;honmergc[, wei§e Xl)m\ — peiiet. 

bic ^ebmfugel ; — pit, bic 2cf)mgrii= 

be, 2;^ongrube. 
To CLAY, V. a. mit Scfim obcr 2:hon 

bcbccfcn, obcr bfingcn ; — sugar, bci 

garinjncfcr, ^nbcrsn^dcr. 
CLAYE.S, s. pi. bie .tpurtc. 

CLAYMORE, s. (fd)Dttifd)) ciu laugcg 
trcitcg, jmci^iinbigcg (Sd)»ert. 

CLEAN, I. fi//;. 1. vctn, faubcr; glatt, 
blant, |cU; 2. fd)n(bloS, f c«fd>, fclv 
Icrfrci; 3. gefc^idt; a — proof.- 7>//) 
T. cin frifd;cr 3lbjitg (cineS- G'onec: 
tnrbogenS) ; a — trick, ciir faubcrrt 
Strcid; ; —hemp, bcr SJein^anf; it 
make — , rcintgcn, fegeu ; IL ado. i. 
ganjlid), uollig; 2. gcfcf)tift. 

To CLEAN, V. a. rcintgcn, fiinbcrn, 
pu^cn, polircii, blant mac^en. 

CLEANLINESS, s. bic gtcinltdjfctt, 

CLEANLY {adiu— i.ily\ L adj. 1. rcilt, 

rcinlid;, faubcr, nctt, fd;idlic^; 2. 

fc^ulblog, unbcflccft; il. ado. 1. vein J 

2. gcfd;idft. 
ci-EANNESS, s. bie O^cinigftit, dim' 

lic^feit ; 3icin^ett. 
CLEANSABLE, adj. waS gcreinigt wcr^ 

ben fann. 
To CLEANSE, v. a. i. rcifligcn, fails 

t>crn ; fcf)rcn, fln«Ecl)ren, augfegen ; 

fd)cucrn, pn^cn ; 2. z^' rcintgcn (»0R 

Siinbcn), lcgfpred)cn. 
CLEANSER, s. bcr iiTJciuigcv, 9Iu«fe^« 

rcr, u. f IV. ; ba« abfitijrcnbe Wiittil 





')LEXR {adc—hx), I. adj. 1. 1)cH, iUu, 

rein ; 2. Jiff, fieitev; 3. beittltd^; 4. 
f(f)arf, fd)avf|tcf)tia ; 5. fret leer ; 6. 
,fiff. frf)uIbio3, mibeflctft, fc^ulbenfvei ; 
7. .V. T. iiettr, oliiie 'ilbsiij] ; 8. offen= 
tnr, 5ivcifcllo!S, uiilau(]bar; 9.»6Uig, 
flanslid), (]nnj unb s\av ; to get — , 
loJ tvcrbcii; baoou tominen, biird)= 
u.Hfct)eii ; to come off — , gliicfltc^ 
ba'joit Eommeii ; to keco — of, uiitcv= 
tf riaffcu ; (fid)) cutferiit ^alUn ; ia- 
i'oit bletOcn ; to leap — over, Ijiuiibcr 
fViinocn ; to stand — ani bem ^i;c\z 
trcten, ^lafe macijfn ; — coast, bte 
rttfafjrlofe Jliiftc ; jiff, ias frcie gelb; 

— complexion, bte reitie ®e)ic^t^far= 
be ; — • gain, ber reine ©ciDtiin ; — 
lieaiied, aiifucHdrt, (»om QSerfiaiibe); 

— reputation, bcr llllbefii)plteilC 9iuf ; 
—sighted, bellftdUia, frf)arff{cl)ti(] ; the 
most — sighted, bie OcUftctl Stb\)^C ; — , 
sightedness, bte <£d)arfjtc^Hi]tcit, i^e= 
iirtbctfungstraft ; — title, ba§ uube- 
ftreitlmre !)Jed)t; — voiced, eiiie Ua= 
re, belle Stimine ^abeiib; — water. 
Sea iimff. (tm l;oJ)eii SfJorbcn) bte ei8= 
frete (See. 

Td CLEAR. V. a. 1. I)ell inacl;cit, er= 
l)eHen, aiifbellcit; fLirctt; aiifflciren; 
fliifbeifevn ; 2. abbol^eii, aiisboljen; 
3. fret niac^en, befreten, Uifeti, Ip«= 
fpvecJ)eii; 4. citiiilabeu; o.'red)tfcrtt= 
cjeit ; 6. an veiitem ©etuiittt ctittra= 
ijctt, rein fleanimeit, vein babett; to 

— a ship, etii >2d;iff fret macfjeii, bcit 
3oII euU'i4>teti; to — a shop, bag 
flaiijc ^ager (aUc2Saareu) tjcrfaitfeii, 
aufraitineii ; to — a debt, cine (£c()u(b 
nbfiiljreit, fgaitj) bcjablcit; to — the 
table, belt ^tfd> nbraumeii, abbecfen; 

to — a room, cilt >5''"'"fl^ l''il"11f'l ; 
to — avvav. to — the weeds, ba§ llll= 
traiit nit«iatcii; —the house! iiiarfrb 
Jllllt ^illlfe biliailS ! — the road (way), 
flllS bent Sfficjje ! to — an account, 

ctitc DJcc^miitg liiiuibircii, berid)ti- 
gctt j to — a title, ctiien 'ilitfprud) be= 
Weifen ; cleared out (outwards) at the 
custom house, Jil. K. am SpU^^ufc 
clartvt (fret gcmac^t) ; he clears hut 
a thousand dollars, ei* |at Jtlir 1000 
5;f)aler itctto ; to — up, niif^ellett, 
aufflareii, aitf E)eiter!t ; II. 7;. (to — up) 

1. {)cU Jverbett; 2. frci merben. 
JLEARANCE, 5. ber 3plljcttel, 3oII= 

fd)ein ; — charges, btc 61artruitgS= 

:learer, s. ber Gr^ettcrer, 9luff larct ; 

clearness, s. 1. btc .^elle, J?(ar^cit ; 

2. S^eutlicbfeir ; 3. .^eiterfett; 4. 
gicinhcit; llufd)ulbj 5. 9lebltdifeit. 

To CLEAR-STARCir, v. a. (SSafC^e) 
fivirfflt, ftcif lltad)eil ; Clear-starcher, 

6-. bcr (bte) (Stwas ftar!t, fletf mad)t. 

CLEAT, s. jv. T. bte Jllampe (©tiitf 
,§c[j auSegelflatigeu).' 

To CLEAVE, jj.i.w. 1. ffcbctt, aii!Icben, 
ficfe aitbaiigeu (— to one, @tiiem); 2. 
Jiff, fic^ fd)iifcii, VHiffcit; 3. fvmltcn, 
berfieit, aitffpnngeii; II. a. fpalteii, 
f^cllcn 5 jerfpalteii. 

CLrtAVKR, s. 1. ber (Staffer'; 2. bas 
5Bet[, .giacfmeffer, bie.^oljavt; wood- 
cleaver, ber i§o[5{)acfei-. 

CLEF, 4'. Mus. T. ber SdiHtfrcI. 

CLEFT, s. I. bic Sv>iltc, Jlliiff, STtifce, 
ber 3life, S^JiJ! ; 2. clefts, r>i. Sp. E. S-iwU 
ten tnt 5Bng iiber bem spfcvbcbufc. 

To CLEFr-GKAFT. v. a. ill bell <BpaU 


CLEt;. s. bie ^Prcmfe, 55frvbcfltegc. 
liLEMEN'cv, s-.bie (SJnabc, .6u(f, Sllil= 

b«, Sdjonung, aT?fnrd)[id)fcit. 
CLEMENT, T.\«. CSIemeu« (g)^inn«na= 

me); II. — ('idi: — i.w\ ndj. gnabtg, 

■^ulbretcf), faiift, nitltc, bairntljersigl 

To CI-ENCII, vid. T.; Clinch. 
CLERGIABLE, a,lj. biC ®eiftU4)fctt 6c= 

CLERGY, s. bte .^Itcrifet, (Sctiilidjfeit ; 

Clergyman, ber ©eiftltc^c. 
CLERIC, s. ber ®ei)ilid)e. 

CLERICAL, adj. gciftUd); 

CLERK, s. 1. ber @eift(id;e; 2. @e= 
lebrte ; 3. Sdireiber ; 4. (5omvti>ir= 
biener, ^anbclsbieuer; 3. bergacri; 
ftan : — comptroller of the king's house, 

bcr Dberauffe()cr tm f oniglid)eii'i)jat= 

laftc ; — of the assizes, beV @erici^tg= 
fdireiber (bet im "ilffifen) ; — of tiie 
closet, ber (ScrcmoniariuS be« Jlijnigg ; 
— of the ordnance, Secrctiir be§ ®e= 
iicraljcniimcifteri^lmtes ; — of the 
signet, etn SBcamteter bcs gci)ctmen 
Sicgclbetvat)rer§; —like. — ly, ndj. 
(a(/», — ly), line citt ®eift[id)er, ®e= 
Icbrter; gefd;icft, gelcfjrt, funbig; 
—ship, s. ber gciftlid)e Staiib, g'e= 
If^rtc Staub; bie SdjretbcrftcIIe. 

CLEVER [ado. — ly), adj 1. gcWUllbt, 

get'c^icft; 2. tiic^tig, taug'id). 
CLEVERNESS, s. btc @emanb(l<--t, ®e= 

CLEVES, s, ©lese (.^erjogtf^um unb 

CLEW, s . 1. ber ,$lnaucl ; 2. jiff. ?ett» 

fabeu; 3. JV. r. baS Sd)ODti)orn ; — 

garnet, (— hne), bie Si?e]"d)Iagleiue, 

bag ®eitau. 
To CLEW, I', a. 1. JV. T. (bic Scgcl) eiii= 

binben, etnreffcu, bcfdilageii, fcbiivjen, 

fefit)altcn ; 2. fit£)reti, Icitcn. 
CLICK, s. berSd;Iag (eiue^ •4.5ervenbi= 

felS) ; —wire. T. ®efperrbral;t (fiir 

btc U()rmad)er). 
To CUCK, V. n. U(f=taif nuir|)en, fd;[a= 

CUENT, s. ber (Jiient, ber Sc^iifeting; 

— ed, n'/j. (Slimkn babenb: —ship, 

s. bie (5licntfct)aft. 
CLIFF, s. i. ber 9lb[iang, bie Jtlivjie; 

2. Mus. T. bcr Sc^Iiiffcl. vid. Clef. 
CLIFT, »/(/. Cliff. 

CLIFFY, Imij. felftg, fc^roff; jer= 
CLIFTED, S brod;cii, gcfimlteii. 
CLiMACTFJiic, I. .9. baei Stufenja^r; 

II. adj. ju einem ©tufcnjabr gcborig. 
CLIMATE, .9. bas Jllima, ber Jpiutintt3=^ 

flrtcb, ©rbjlric^. 
CLIMAX, s. T. bie ®rabattpit, Stcige^ 

rung {rhct. Fig.). 
To CLIMB. V. n. &■ a. flimmcn, IIet= 

tern,crfleigen,bcflciiien, binauffleigen. 
CLIMBABLE, adj. erftcigbar. 
CLIMBER, s. 1. bcr Jltetterer, Sfei= 

gcr; 2. btc flettcriibc ^flanjc; 

CLiMi'^ 's. Mi SXimci, bcr .6immels= 

To CLL\CFI, ?•. ff. 1 . -te 5anft) ballcn ; 

Vad'en, umfaffen ; 2. a'inen 9i{agcl) 

umfdylagen; nictcii -crmcrcii, b'cfe= 

fttgrn ; to — an argument, eiucu 

ilcwctS yerflarfcn; to — a cable. JV. 

T. cinen winter am 3iinge fcftiiiadjcn; 

Clinching, s. .,v. T. ba§ SScrftopfcn bcr 

CLINCH, s ]. bag aBprtfpiel; 2. JV. T. 

bcr yiiiferbaum; — bolt, jv. t. etn 

jllinfbpljcn; — work, jv. t. Jtlin!cr= 

U'crf ; Clincher, .<!. 1. bte jlramvc ; bcr 

.6afcn ; 2. bcr aSi'^lcr ; 3. bte mifeige 

To CLING, V. ir. n. f Icbcit, aiiffcbcn ; fi^. 

aubangcn ( — to a person, Sincm) ftc^ 

CLINGY, adj. ffcbcnb, ficbrig. 
CLINIC ( — cal), a//'. beftlageVtg; a — 

ai lecture, bie mebi^iiiifdye (?ijnfutta= 

tipn am Jlranfcitbettc ; — ai convert, 

ber auf bem Sterbebctte ^Pefebrte. 
To ciiiNK, 7). a. .<- V. grelJ fliiigen, tp= 

ner tlirrcn, raffelu. 

CLINK, s. bag ©cfltngc, ©rfltrt bet 
.^etteii, u. f. w.) 

To CLIP, V. a. abfi'^nctbcn, befdincibcK 
fiVPCtt; to — the coin, btc SlJiinjca 
fippcn; to — sheep Sc^afc fcbcren. 

CLIP, s. bic Umarmuug. 

CLIPPER, s. ber Sefd;nciber, Jtippcr. 

CLIPPLNG. s. 1. bag «efd)uetbcrt : 2. 
— s, j,i. (Sd)ni^el, SIbfallc. 

CLOAK, s. ber iUJantcl ; fig. 2)ecfman« 
tel ; — bag, ber 3)Janrelfacf, bag Sell-^ 
cifcu; — bearer, ber (2d)ieppentraa' . 
ger; — loop, bie'Diantelfdjnur; — 
pin, bie 2Banbfd)rrtube ; — twitcher, 
bcr 2rtanidabfd)neiber, ®affcnbieb. 

7« CLOAK, 7). a. (mit ciuciii ^JJontcl) 
bcbedcn, »erbergcn; y?^. bemdiitejn ; 
befd)i.inigen; — 'cioaking-siutis, 2)iaii» 

CLOCK, .5. 1. bie (3Sanb=) llbr, Sd)Iag= 
ul)r;2;b!irmubr; 2. bieSwttfclblume 
{ini Sfrumpfe) ; what o'— is it 1 wit 
v'icl U^r ift eg ? — casting, bag SBerJ 
eiitcr grojienUbr; Ubrfprnituren; — 
ijial, (— face), bag 3iffcrbla{t ; — hand, 
bet Stnnbenscigcr; — maker, ber 
Uf)rniad)cr; — making, bag Ubrma- 
d)cn, bic U!)rniad)crf!inft ; — puiiy, bcr 
,$l'loben ; — work, bag llf;rmcrf. 

To CLOCK, vid. To Clitck. 

CLOD, 5. 1. bcr Jllo§, bic Sc^oIIe ; ber 
Jtlumpiit, bag Jlliimpcben ; 2. — . 

( — htnd, — pate, — poll), btr Summ^ 
fppf, 2;p(pcl ; — hopper, vu'g. bei 

Saner; — pared, bumm. 
To ciX)D, V. n. fid) !liimpern, gcrinnen. 

CLODDY, adj. 1. flpfig ; fluill^ig; 2. 

Jiff, trbif*,— 

7'o CLOG, V. I.a.i. befitwcrcu, britcfcn, 

iibcilabeu; 2. binberii, beminen; li. 

n. !lnmpig fes;n, fit^ ant)dngtn ; gc= 

CLOG, s. 1. bie ?aft, 93itrbe, g3efd)ivcr= 

be, bag .ginbcniip, bte ^ieffel ; 2. bcr 

.«?lpfe; 3. 45i)l5fd)ii^ ; Uebtrfc{)n[) ; 4. 

ber .^unbeEloppel ; this meat is a — 

to the stomach, btcfe Speife bffc^wcrt 

ben -JD^agen, tflnnyevbaulid). 
CLOGGiNESS, s. bie Sefd)mcr!iip, i<id 

CLOGGY, atfj. Ihmpin; btfcfjwtrttc^, 

CLOISTER, s. i. bag JJfpftcr; 2. ber 

jtreujgang barin; 3. SdulcJigang, 

bie Umfiiulnng. 
To CLOISTER, 71. a. ( — up), ijt_ eill 

.dlpjler tbuu; einfperrcn ; mit isdu- 

Icu nmgeben. 
CLOiSTERAL, adj. Ilpj^crlic^, «bge= 

fr^ieben (»pn berSBelt). 
CLOISTERED, adj. i. ctiifam; 2. mit 

iSdnlen umgcbcit. 

CLOKE. vid. Cloak. 

ro CLOSE, 7;. a.&n.i. fd)Iief!en, pu 
fc^Iieben, eng frf)Iietjcn, ;iimacbcn, jiis 
mad)en, snt^iin ; 2. yerfd)licf)en ; 3. 
bcfdilietlcn, abfdjliefjcn, cnbtgen; 4. 
fid) fd;licpen, ficb jntfjun ; to — an ac- 
count cine 3Jc(tnnng (ah^) fd^Iietlcn, 
angglcid)en, falbircn ; to — a sentence 
eiiien Sflebcfa^ fdjlie^en ; to — in, ein- 
fd)licOcn ; einbrecbcn ; to — the ime, 
JV. T. bie Sri;iffebid>tfr jufantmen- 
riid^en laffcn ; to — up, ycrfd)lic6pn ; 
(eiiicu Srief) jufammenlcgcn, yerfje= 
gelu; liubeileii; to— upon, bcfcfjlie^ 
^eit, uuter ciuanbcr eing werbcit ; to 

— with (— in with), fid) an 3eman& 
anfd)liefcn, ibni bcitrcten, fief) mitibm 
vereintgeu ; to — «iih the enemy. mit 
bem (5feinbc banbgeniein mcrbcn ; t., 

— with an offer, ciu '.'liicrbietcn (CillCiV 
SSprfd)lag) aniicbn^n. 

CLOSE, l.s. 1. bcr edilutj; 3^cfd)IuB 
bagt?nbe; bici'anfe; 2. bcr cingt* 
fd)(pffcnc JTfauni, bie R'insdunung ; 
3. fijr. bag .(jSanbgcmengc; to come ta 




the — ^aubjjcmcin luevbcu ; in (at; 
tiie — of night, bctut >,>inbruct)e bcr 
3lac9t, bet ftiifeubem Slbenb ; ll. adj. 

&■ ado. i. (also adv. -ly), UCl'fc^loffctt, 

etiti^efitlofjcn, siigcmadjt ; 2. fn-. wx- 
bor'gett; 3. ^eiiiiltc^, [till, jitvitcfljals 
tenb, yci'fc^micgcii ; 4. fcft, bic^t, 
bcrb; 5. ftctf, ftvaff, fnapp, citi^c ; 6. 

^ovft; 9. bait, iiabc an, cbei- an etii= 
cuber; 10. geiiau, fp.ufam, farg, jci^ 
be; 11. triibc, fcbroitt; — to the 
ground, btc^t aiii S3obcu Ijiit, bev (Srbe 

glctcb; to lie — inshore, btc^t betnt 
taiibe fci;:i ; to go — by the wind, ftc^ 
aa^c am iffiiiibe'baltcii ; — figiit, (— 

engagement im ©egtltfa^ SPtl running 
fight), baS SireJTeii in bcr "Jiabc; ^av= 
re (l)et^'e) @cfeii)t; to make —inquiry, 
ijeuau uadjfi'asjcit, uac^fovfrf)eu; to 
stick — to one, Ifiuciu ftaiibf)aft cri]c= 
bcu fci)it; to keep — , 9cl)etm b«lt«it; 
to live — , gcnait (fpavfain) lebett; to 
study — , flettJii] ftlibiveil ; — banded, 
gcfii)[oiftrt, btc$t ait ctitaiibcr ; — bo- 
died, etilje (amSctbc) anltcgenb; — 
coat, ctit Dic^tanfc^lfcOeubcraiocf ; — 
compacted, birf;t, (jebraitgt; — corres- 
pondence, bcr mtraiite s8riefn)e(f)= 
i'el ; — couched, yfvborgett ; — cropt, 
(cropped). tai)l gefc^oreu; — fisted, — 
handed, fari], ftljig ; — handedness, 

tie ^ft'ai'ijbcit ; — jest, ciit bet^enber 
Sc^cr^ ; — matter, Ti/p. T. ber eitggci 
f;alfciie (comuicifcj Sa^; — pent,cn= 
flC »CVfd)l0|Te« ; — prisoner, bcv tit tn- 
fiCl- ©cfaugcnfitaft ft§t ; a — trans- 
lation, cine geitaue llebevfcfeitttg ; — 
stool, bev 5Jaa)tftubl ; — tongued, yor= 
fid)tig tm (S))fect)eu ; — walk, etii 
btd>tci- Saabciigatig. 

CLOSENESS, s. 1. bte SScrfc^Ioffctt: 
bcit; 2./^. .Oeimltcbfeit, U3ei-fd)<ute= 
gcubcit; 3"f"<f '''iff""!) ; 3. 9lbge= 
fd?tebeiif)eit, (Stufainfeit ; 4. ©iige ; 
5. Sfftigfeit, 'S)td)tbeit ; «. 3lat)e ; 7. 
aJcrbiubuitg ; 8 S^atrfamfeit, Jtarg^ 

CLOSER, g, 1. bee Scf^Iic^cr, 93eett= 
tiger ; <5c^ieb§maim ; 2. Arch. T. bev 

CLOSET, s. baS Sabiitctt ; — sin, bic 
^eimlic^e ©itube; water — , eiu 
aBafcbapV<i'^'tf, bas 5Ippartement. 

To CLOSET, jj. a. (iu eiu(Jabittett) ein= 
fc^lie^en, t)ci-wat)ieit ; in ©e^eiin 

CLOSH, s. bie Ctftjc, (Steiffjett (an ben 
gii^cn beS Slieljce). 

CLOSURE, s. 1. ba§ Scrfctltcgcn ; 2. 
6ct @iiifd)Iufi, 33cjir! ; 3. -t-33ef*iUB. 

CLOT, s. bet JlloB, J?lunH.i ; — bird, 

bev 55[au»ogel; — bur, bie gvojjc 

To CLOT. V. n. Humvig fei^n, obertt?er= 
btn ; geriuncrt ; clotted milk, gerotiiic= 
ne SOhlc^ ; clotted cream, bev 3iicfev= 

CLOTH, s. 1. bcr 3ciig, ba« Xudi; 2. 
tie ^cinroanb ; 3. SJccfc; 4, ,ftlci= 
bung; 5. aJfoutur; 6. geiftlicbe 
^vacbt ; — in grain, iu bcrSlGpUc ge= 
farbtc§ 2:uc^ ; — of state, bev i^alba= 
C^ill ; to Lay the — , ben S^ifd) becfcii ; 
to draw (remove) the — , ben S^ifcb 

abbccfen ; to wear tiie — , Uniform 

traijcn ; to wear the (black) — . ein 

ffleiftlidjcv fci}n; — bag, ber SReife= 
faif; — beam, bev 22cbcvbauin ; — 

hat, ber VOl)e J^Ut ; — market, ber 

S:urf)inarft; — pegs, 2Bafcbffam= 
mevn; — rash, ber 2:itd)rafrf) ; — 

shearer, bcr S;iI^frf)Crfr ; — trade, 
bet Zttci)= unb !2citiroaubbaiibel; — 
weaver, ber Scimuebcr- 5:iid)iiiad)cr; 
— worker, ber S^udiavbeikr. 
r- CLOTHE, V a. tltitcn, bcflcibcti; 

flit !tcibc« ; fa-. cinHcibcit; to — :n 

sliame, fc^amrotb madjcn. 
CLOTHES, s.pi. bic Jtlcibung, SSafc^c ; 

small — , i^ciutleibcr ; a suit of — , 

bcr ganje 5lnjiig; — horse, bcr ,£[ei= 

bcvbocf ; — lino, bic 23afd?leiiie. 
CLOTHIER, s 1. bcr 3:u(^mad;er ; 2. 

CLOTHING, 6-. bic jllcibung; bcr 3lrt= 

To CLOTTER, v. n. ffc^ fliimpcvn, gc= 

CLOTTY, adj. fliimjjcrig, gcronnen; 

CLOUD, s. i. bie SBolfe ; 2. bunffe obev 

fdjivavjc StcKc, ?lbcr (in (Steiiieu, u. 

f. ».); 3. ^^Ullfelbcit; — berry, bic 
3lUergmailIbcCVe {Rubus Chamtemm-us 

— I..). 

To CLOUD, V. I, a. bcwolfen, nm«3i.U= 
fen, trlibeu, scrbnnfcln; 2. abern, 
ftcifen, flammcn, waffern (B.fugO ; 
II. ?i. wolfig, tviibe wevbcn, fid;'um= 

CLOUDINESS, .?. ba« ^Bblfigc, 2;riibe, 
bie ©nufclbeif. 

CLOUDLESS, a/j. nubcwijlft, flar, bell. 

CLOUD V (nd,,.— ly), adj. 1. WOlftg, 

triibc, buuEcI, biiflcr; 2. nn'.ier[taub= 
lic^; — pillar, bic aSolfeiifaulc. 
CLOUGH. s. 1. M. E. baS @iitgcn.M'(f»t; 

2. ber jabe 5lb^ang ; bic Jtli^l^e; ba« 
tiefe 2;i;al. 

CLOUT, s. 1. ber .^abcv, ^avpeit, ?Mnt= 
pen, aSifd)^ 2. bic ^latte, fed)icne; 

3. vuiff. ber Sd)lag ; — leather, anSgc^ 
fdjnitteneS Soi/lciilebcr ; — - nails, 

r-) CLOUT, V. a. 1. fliifcu; 2. (mit 
2a^.ipen, u. f. n.\) »cvbiiibcu; 3. bc= 
fdilagcit, nagclu; 4. fcblagcn; — 
Clouted siioes, mit 'Jlagcln befdjlagcue 
Sd)nbe; — cream, vid. Clottko. 

CLOUTERLY, wij. plumj.', grob, :|3fu= 

CLOVE, s. 1. bcrJtIobeii, bie 3e6e 
(Jlnoblaud)} ; 2. — (of cheese), iaS 
a^icrtcl eiiic« Jlai'cS (7^fuiib) ; 3. sic 
©cmiirjnclfe, ^iltt; — bark, bcr 
Sflagelciiuimmt; — giiiy-rtower, bie 
gefiiUte ^Jielfc. 

CLOVEN-FOOTED (— hoofed), adj. 

mit gefpalteiteu JJIaucn, gefpaltcnem 

.^uf; ber ^fcvbefu^. 
CLOVER, s. ber Jllec ; /?. to live in — , 

iiVpig, woi)I imi/rr. >vtc ein ^afe im 

^lee obev Jto()l) lebeit. 
CLOVERED, «(//. mit .«(ee bcbeift. 
CLOWN,, s. bcr 53aucr; 2;iJIpeI; — 's 

mustard, bcr i\lUCrnfcnf IThlaspi — 

/,.) ; — woundwort, bag ©licbfraut, 
SBunbfraut {Sidcritis —■ /..). 

CLOWNISH, 1. adj. aus Q3auerrt beflc= 
bciib; 2. {adi-. — ly), biiuevifd), grob, 
Vluntp; — ness, s. baS baacrifcte 
aQcfcii, bic ©robbeit, ?4iimp[)eir. 

To CLOV, V. a. 1. lu'viiagcln ; 2. fatti= 
gen, iibcrlaben ; jig. befc^wercn. 

CLOYLESS, adj. wa« ui*t fattigct. 

CLUB, s. 1. bie Jtcule, ber Jtniittel, 
i^riiget ; 2. t. (in ber Jlarte) j;reff(e, 
eic^cln ober ^xmi, ■ 3. ber (5(iib, bie 
@efcUfd;aft; 4. 3cc^e, bcr ^eitrag; 

— fisted, bid'faurtig ; — footed, p lump= 
pbtr frnmmfiiBig ; — garnet, jv: t. baS 
®vitau bcr untcrn Segel; —headed, 
bicffopfig; --law, baS ??aiiftre^t; 
eiubgefefe; —moss, baS Jtolbeii= 
moos ; —room baS (5Sefellfd)aftg5im= 

mcr; —rush, bic 23iiife; — shaped, 

To CLUB. V. n. s,- a. i. bcjabicn. 5er= 
aniviicfcn; 2. mitanvfen, beitragcn, 
Sufammcufd)icijen (j. S3, bei (2ub= 

fcriptioilen, U. f. H).) ;— your firelock, 

vcrfebrt fr^ulterfS ©etvcbr ! 
CLUBBED, «<^' fd)iuer, plump. 



ly), a/!j. ))IntnB 

CLUBBER, I s. , bcr (Sliibijt, OcnoiTt 
CLUBBIST, 5 eincS ghibs. 
To CLircK, V. I. n. glucfen ; n. a. Ipcfe* 
(tote cine .Senile). 

CLUE, vid. Clew. 

CLUMP, 5. 1. ber .JllumV, Mo^. Jtlofe ; 

2. birfc .gaufcn; a — of trees, ciu< 

CLUMPS, s. ber Summfopf, 5)icffopf, 



CLUMSY (adv. — ily), adj. 1. fltrj unb 
bicf ; 2. plump, linfifd), ungcfc^icft. 

CLUNCH, s. ucrf)nrtctcr'2;bou. 

CLUSTER, s.l. bie S:raube, ber 53ii= 
fd)el; 2. .^aufen, (Schwann, bie 
SJJengc; — of islands, bie 3nfelgruppe. 

r« CLUSTER, v.i.n. 1. tvaubcuwcife 
wad)fen ; 2. ftd) baUcn ; 3. fid) vers 
fammcln ; u. a. oevfammcln, jufam= 

CLUSTERY, adj. in .^aufcrt, bid'. 

7'.^CLUTcn, I,, a. 1. jufdjlicpcu, 5uma= 
c^cn (bic .jjaub) ; 2. pacf en, faffcn, cr= 
greifc:t fcft l)aUtn ; 3. umfaffeu, uiU= 

CLUTCH, s. ber Orif ; clutches, s. ]>'. 
bic Jllancn. 

CLUlTER, s. Bit/^. 1.. bag ©etofc, baS 
Oc^'oltcr, bcr Siirm; 2. bic 3)ien"gf, 
ber tcile .jpaufen. 

To CLUTTER, v. n. vii/s: tpbcu, Iav= 

men ; to — together, fid) baufcimicife 

CLYSTER, s. ba« Jt(i)fitev; - pipe, bie 

COACH, s. 1. bie J?utfdic ; 2. cine iStu= 

be im Stern ber gropcn Jlricg§f4>ife ; 

— bo.\-, ber J?utfd)erft§, 33ocf ; — boot, 
bcv 33odfaftcii ; —braces, p/.bic.^iins 
geriemen, (Sc^uningviemen ; -grease, 
2Bagenfd)miere ; — hire, bie 2)?ietJ)e, 
ba§ @elb fiiv eine £obtifHtfd)e ; — 
house, bev ©c^pppett, bieSJicmife; — 

joints, p/. bie Sturmflaugcn; —ma- 
ker, beraBagenmad)cv, ,ftutfd;eufabri= 
fant; — bev Jiutfc^CV ; -man- 
ship, bie Jluiift be« 3Bagcnlciifen§ ; — 
springs, pi. bic <Spriiigfebevn ciner 
c<futfcbe ;— stand, bcvdrt tvo2J^ietb= 
tutfc^en|alten; —step, bev Jlutfc^em 
tritt ; — top, bev .ffutfc^cnhimmcl. 
To COACH, V. a. futfc^cti, in ciucr J?ut» 
fd)c fa^ven. 

COACTION, s. bcv 3W"g- 
COACTIVE (adv. — ly), alj. 1; }tVtn= 

genb ; 2. + mitroirtenb. 
COADJUTANT, adj. mit^elfcnb, idiit- 

COADJUTOR, *. 1. bcr ®ef)itlfe, 5Sei:= 

ftanb ; 2. (joabjutor ; coadjutrix, bie 

@e()ii[finii, u. f. w. 
COADVENTUREU, s. bcv Xtjeilnc^mct 

an eiiiem ilbcnteucr. 

To COAFFOREST, v. a. bcmalbCU. 

COAGULABLE, adj. gcvinnbar. 

To COAGULATE, j'.'i. a. gcrinucn ma' 

c^cn; II. ». gcrinucn. 
coAGUL.vri'oN, .t. 1. ba« Ocrinuen, 

bie ©erinnnng ; 2. baa ©cronnenc. 
COAGULATIVE, adj. gerinncii madienb. 
COAGULATOR, s. xuiiS gcrinncu mad)t. 

COAK, vid. CoiCE. 

COAL.s. bicjfobic, StcintO^Ic ; — bns* 

ket, bcr Jlol;lcnforb ; — box, bcr Jtob= 
Iciitaftcn ; — crimps, 6ommiffiondrc 
ber Jitoblcnbdnblcr tm ©ropcn ; — 
dust, bcr jtohlcnftaub; — fish, brt 
jlofjififd), Jli3()ler; — heaver, bev 
.Soblcntvdgcv; — house, (— hole), ber 
JloI)Icnfpetc^cr, bic JlnblcnfammeV; 

— man, bcr Jli)blcr, ,5fpblfnbrciiner, 
.^pblcnmaiin ; — n)ercliant, ber ,^ijb-- 
IcnbdltblcV; — mine, (— work^ ba« 




.^lobfcukrrtircrf; —mouse, bic Jto^l= 
meiff, iU-a'ubmcife ; — pit, fcte ^o^ilen: 

nrube ; — pokur, ( — mker), tie Jtof)= 

leiigabcl, baS Sd^iircifcii; — scuttle, 

tn ■1ol;leufc^ut,*ei-; — sinto, ber 

To COALESCE, v. n. 1. gertitnett, }u= 

famincnjTtcpeit 2. ftc^ verciiiigeit, 

fid) yeiinnbcn. 
DOALESCENCE, s. btt 3"faininciifluf , 

bie a3erctitiguit|]. 
DOALITION, 5. bie SScvciitiiiuttii ; bcv 


COALY, arfj. 1. S0lKft'0[)Ieit; 2. CtllCV 

^of)tc (ifjnlicti, fo()!lic1)t. 

COAMLNG, s. r. bcr ifipcbfrflotf. 

cOiVPTATIOxV, s. bie Siiijuiij], vc(i;te 
7'uCOARbT, )c.a.cngcv iiiac^cn, 

To COARCTATE, J eillfrfjrailfflt. 
COAKCTATiOi\, s. bic eiitfcl;i-autung; 
ber 3"J«i'(l- 
aOARSE (ad,: — ly), adj. gvpb, ro^, 

rauf), gcmctii ; — bread, iSri)njavs= 
trob ; — stuff, 2J?i.n-fcI iitit .§aarcii ; 
— ness, s. bie ©I'obljett, dio\)^(it, 
5)3Iumpf)ctt; (Seniciiibeit. 
COAST, s. bie ©eefiiftc, ^iifie, bn« 
Ufer, ©efivibe; the — is clear, /n-. cS 
iii mtS itd)fv, bie ©cfa^v iftvorbet; 

— mary, vid. Costmary. 

To COAST, V. n. i<- a. alt bcv ^iifte |in- 
fii^ren, lanbwiirts fegelit ; uatje »ov= 
bet fegcln ; coasting pilot, ber 8ott)fc ; 

— trade, bcr jtiifteiibaiibcl. 
COASTER, s. ber Jtiifteiifaijrer. 
COAT,s. 1. berS^ocf; laitge diod; 2. 

ba« Jrttnberrijcfci;cu, bie .(lappc; 3. 
StaiibeSEleituiig, Slmtsfleibitiig ; 4. 
basSeU, ber *$ii^, bic ^auf, 9iiube, 
<S:d)alt; 5. bcr Ucbcrsng ; Slnftrid); 
bie i^erfleibiiug ; fi. j\'. r. bag 2;[)ce= 
reit ; bie S^becruus] ; Coats, s. pi. 
S:f)cerf)anf; 7. T. bcr aBappenfrfjilb, 
ba«aSaVpeii; 8. >>. ber iStattt; a 
man of his — , fciucS ©(cidjeii ; to 
cast the — , bie (nlfc) .§aut ablegcii ; 
great — , ber Ucbcrrocf ; — of anyour, 
bcr aSaffettrocf ; — of arms, ber a8af= 
fenrocf; SBappciifitilb; — of mail, 
bcr ^-Pitiisei-"; to turn — , abtriiiinii] 
Jucrben; —loop, bie ©attelframpc'; 
a — of tin, ctit lleberjitjj I'oit Siti"- 
eittc ajerjiiimiitg ; the coats of an 
onion, bie <£ci)alcu citier 3>iJicbel. 

To COAT, v.a.i. ciiu'ii 3io(f aiijie^cit; 
2. beHciben, iibcr5icf)cn. 

COATING, s. 1. ber Ueberjitg, 5lii)iric^, 
bie aSerElcibuiig ; 2. ber itiiffel. 

To COAX, v.a. fcfjiiicic^elit, liebEofcit, 
flretci;clit ; befiijaialjcu. 

DOAXER, s. ber Siebfofciibe, Sc{)mcirt)= 
ler; 53cfc^mafeer. 

COB,s. 1. bie ©cemeoe (and) sea-coW ; 
2. bcr .*5cngfi ; — irons, bie geuer= 
bode, 23raitbbi)ife, .goljbScfe : — loaf, 
ctngrojjcs Sros; — nut, bte gro^e 
ScUeruup; baS DhiBfptel (bcr Jliii= 
ber); —stones, (in S'icuenglifrib) gro= 
^c (Stetne ; — swan, bcr iBorbcr- 

To COB, Sea Exp. Uttt (Sto3fd;Iageit 


COBALT, s. ber^obalf, ^oboU. 
To COBBLE, V. a. flicfcii ; ftiimperu ; 

fd)lec^t augbcffcnt. 
COBBLE, s. ber Jlicfel. 
GOBBLER, s. 1. ber giicfcr, Sc^u^^ 

flicfer ; 2. (£tiimper. 
CO-BISHOP, 5. bcr goabjutor ; SBeil); 

COBLE, s. ias Sift^crboot. 

COBOOSE, s. vid. Caboose. 

COBWEB. I. s. 1. ba« ©pinneugcnjebe ; 
2. fig-, gielj, bie Sd)liiige; IL a/ij. 
jart, bitiiiie, loifer; — bed, mitepiii= 
tteiigcipebe iiber^Oi^en. 


COCCIFEROUS, adj. becrcittragcnb. 
COCHINEAL, s. bcr @cbarlart)>tiurm, 

bie (5oc{)euilIc ; — oven, ber 2)arro= 

fen fiirbie (Sod)cnilJe. 


COCK, s. 1. ber .g)al)u, baS .^a^nr&en, 
a)innnd;en; 2. ber ainfii^rer, aBort= 
fii^rer; 3. ber i§ent)aitfcn, .*5ciifrf)o= 
bcr; 4. Jlrempe, ©tiilpc (eincS .§u= 
te§) : 5. bie B't'ige an ber SJage ; 6. 
bcr 3eigfi-" All ber SDunennl)r; 7. bcr 
2Bcttcrl)ai)n ; 8. ■§af)n (jum 2lbjie= 
ben beS ©etriiuEcg'; bcggleid;cn am 
©crocbr) ; 9. bie Jterbe (an einem 
^feile) ; 10. bas a3ctfd)iff, Jleine 
SBoot mit balbem 3Serberf ; dunghiu 
— , bcr .^an§babii ; — of the wood, 
ber 3liierl;af)n; to be — on hoop 
(cock-a-hoop,), .§al)u tm jlorbe fe»n, 
ftd) briifien ; — boat, baS s^Bcifc^iff, 
SBoot mit batbem ^^erbccf;— brained, 
biriilos, bumm; — broth, SSriibe 
uom .g>abn; — chafer, bcr 3}faifa= 
fcr ; — -5 com!), bcr i^afcnfamm; jjo-. 
Stumer ; — crowing, bvis i^aljucnge; 
fral); bee friU)e iDiovgen; — eyes, 
garabinerbaEcrt am i|lferbegcf(^irr; 

— fight, — fighting, ber 4?iil)'iifampf, 
bas ^abngcfcc^t; — 's head, bie @^= 

Varfette {Hcdysarnm Onobrijchis — /..) ; 

— horse, ju ^sffi'i'f/ ftcgprangcnb, 
flolj, tro^ig; — loft, ber .tpabnbaU 
fen J — master, bcr.gabncsum jtampf 
abnd;tct ; — match, bie SBette bet ci= 
Item .6ai)ngefed)t, iinb bicfeS ®efed;t 
fclbft gegen cine SJette ; — pigeon, 
ber Sianbcr ; — pit, ber .^P)al)nplan, 
^anipfpla^; (rtiif 'Sd)iffen) Jtrait= 
fenoerfit)(ag, bie S;anenfammcr; — 
robin, baS mannlid)e 3iott)feblct)en ; 

— saw, T. bie ^anbfiige ; — shut, bie 
3eit be§ .§itl)neranfflugc«, Sammt= 
rung ,^ — sparrow, bas SJJanncbrn 
yom tiperling ; — spur, ber ^al)n= 
fporn; i)irginifcbc ^aacbor:;; — 
swain, ber giii^rcr bea 33eifd)iffc8 ; 

— thrnwins, baS ^a[;nivcrfen, ber 
^abnfc})Iag (Spiel)'; — vtread, — v 

tre.adle, bcr ^^nbntrttt; — water, Min. 
T. aSaffer \\x 33erg>Bcrten; — weed, 
bag .§ai)nfraut, bie ^^fcfferwurs {Lc- 

pidium — i). 

To COCK, V. 1. n. i. .fJampfbcibne 5ie= 
I;eii; 2. floljircn, ftcb briiften; li. a. 
( — up), i. in bie .§iJbe ric^ten, anf= 
rtd)tcn, anfnjartS balten ; 2. auffe= 
<jen; fcbobern, onffcf)obcrn ; 3. nnf= 
Happen, auffvcmpen, anfjiiiilpen, ftu= 
fecn (cinen S^ut) ; 4. ben .*^abn (am 
©euicbre) fpanuen ; to — the nose, 

bie ?hlfe bod) tragcn ; to — the ears, 

bte Dbveu fpifecn. 
COCKADE, s. i>ic fe'ocarbe, igutfdjleife ; 

cockaded, ad/, tint Gocarbc tragciib. 
COCKAL, s. i. bag 93einrben, MwcljtU 

cben (5um @pic(en fiir Jtinbcr) ; 2. 

ber Sangfnocben (bag Spiel fclbft). 
COCKATRICE, ;?. 1. bcr ^afiligf; 2. 

cin Itebcrltc^eg Wranenjimmcr. 
COCKED, a^//.aufgcfrcmpt, mit ^rcm= 

pen ; ready — , mit aufgcjogencnt 

.§abn ; — up nose, bie ©tiilpnafe. 
To COCKER, r. a. licbtofcn ; rtcrjar= 

teln, b^itfc^etn; cockering, *. bag 

COCKER, .?. ber Jlampfbabne jtebt, 

COCKEREL, s. bcr junge ^abn, bag 


COCKET. T. s. M. E. bag SoUftcgcI ; 
ber 3ollf'"bein; bic 9lugfubr=i)c'cla= 
ration; u. «./;. mntbwillig, lofe, 
frcd); munter; — bread, bag .§ang= 
brob ; bcr Scbiffg^miebacf. 

COCKING, .■-- bag .(^abngefedbt. 

COCKLE,*. 1. tie ejibare •&crjmnf(te( 
2. (ly — weed), bic jltniirofc, ,)llatf(^< 
rp(e; hot-cockles, bag ^cttJi)anbfpiet, 
.^aubplatfcr ; — shell, bie 3Jhifd>cl^ 
fcfcnle; --stairs, bie ''fficnbeltrcvue. 

To COCKLE, V. I. a.runsdn, fiilten; IL 
n. ihi) rnujeln, faltig werben; 
Cockled, adj. 1. mufdjclartlg ; 2. 
fd^raiibenfijrmtg, geitunbcn. 

COCKNEY, s. iron, oag lonbncr Stabt^ 
finb, bcr loiibner SDiaulaffe ; — dia- 
lect, bie (gemeine) lonbncr a}hinbart; 

— like, adj. »crrocicblic^t, mau!affen= 

COCOA, s, 1. (Focog, bcr Socogbottm; 
cocoa-nut, bie (Socognn^. 

co(;ooN, s. ber (Svnon. 

COCTILE, adj. gcbarfcn, gebrannt. 

coci^iON, s. 1. bag ,Siod)en, ^Bacfeiij 
2. bie ikrbaunitg. 

COD, s. 1. bte.piil'fe, ®cl>Pte; ber (5o- 
con ; 2. bie .gobe ; 3. — , or — fish, 
bcr (Stocffifc^ ; — oil, Scbcrtbraa 
»om ,$tabeljau; — pepper, ber }ii= 
tnaifd;e iPfcffer, spimcnt; — piece, 
ber .^ofcnfd)li^, bie .^ofenfkppe ; 

— worm, bcr Strobnjurm; -^ wort, 
bag Stcrnlraut, bie lifter. 

CODDER, s. bcr (Siufammler s>on .^uls 

CODE, s. ber (Sobey, Kig ®efcfebnd>. 
CODGER, s. cont. bcr altc .g)ageftoli(< 

CODICIL, s. bag ecbicil (ber 3Irtb«ii3 

jn einem Sic ftam cute). 
CODILLE, s. 7'. bag (Sm\k. 
To CODLE or To CODDLE, v. a. i. qe= 

Unbe focf)en, auffoc^en, bctmpfcit; 
2. jartlic^bebanbeln. 

CODLING ((/rCODIJN), ,9. 1. HT ^od)= 

apfet ; 2. iMarffifcb, Sc^cUfifcb. 

COEFFICACY, ) v:, qi?;fm,V»-..-^ 

coEFPiciENCv, I '• ^''^ 3JJttmtr*anft. 

COEFFICIENT (nd^. — iy), I. a/lj. Jtlil:= 

toirfenb; ll. s. L bag 3}Jttj»irf{nbc ; 
2. Aiff. T. ber (Spcfftcicnt. 
CfELlAC, adj. bcii Uutciictb bctvcffcnb ; 

— passion, boig i^aitriju'cb ; bei 

COEMFHON, *. ber 5ivjffairf. 
COEQUAL (aJv. — i.y), oilj. gifirb. 
COEQUALITY, .^^ bie ©I'cifbbcit. 
To COEi{CF^7.. n. L eiiiffbranftn (bur(§ 

©trafen) ; 2. jwingen. 
COERCIBLE, adj. cin^ufdivantcH. 
COERCION, .•» bi£ (Sinfd;ranhtni], bci 

Ramng biird; etrafen; — hiii, bit 

coERcivE, adj. ctnfdKanfeDb, jwiit:- 


COESSENTIAL, (ado. — lv), adj. gJei* 

mcS ayefeiig. 
odESSFjJTJALiTY, s. bie @letd)bctS 

beg aScfeng. 

CO ESTATE, 5. ber 2>Jitflanb. 
COETANEOUS, adj. gleicbjcittg. 
COETERNAL [adv. — ly), adj. glejd) 


COETERNITY, s. bte glcid)c e»igfett. 
COEVAL, I. a/ij. gleic^ alt, gletcbjei= 

tig; II. s. ber3citgcnog. 
COEVOUS, adj. gkidjjcttig, glctd) alt. 
To COEXIST, V. n. jugleidb fe»n, leben. 
COEXISTENCE, s. bie (Joeriftenj, baS 

COEXISTENT, adj. juglcid) obcr mit 

To COEXTEND, r. n. glcidicn llmfans 

baben, ftd) gleic^ meif erftierfcn. 
COEXTENSION, .?. bcv glcifbe«mfang, 

bic gleicbc Shigbcbnung. 

COEXTENSIVE (a,-/«. — ly), adj. »0n 

glcirbcm Umfang. 
COFFEE, s. bcr jtaffcc ; — berry, ^tt 
,<?affeebobne; — biiigin, bie ?^iltrir= 
faiinc ; — house, bag .i?affcebaus ; 

— kischen, bie itaffccmafc^itie ; — 




man, bcr Jlaffceft^ciil; — mill, bie 
jJaffeemu^le ; — pot, ber Jlaffcctouf, 
bie j?affectatmc ; — roaster, bcr Jtaf= 
ffffcbiitter, Jlaffccbreitiicr, bie ^af= 
ffetrommcl ; —tree, bcr Jlaffccbaum. 

OOFFER, s. 1. bcr ©clbfaficit ; 2. ^of= 
fcr, bie jtifte ; 3. Mil. T. bcr ucvticfte 
uub bcbcd'te ©ang. 

To COFFER, v.a. til Jtaftctt Icgcn, eiu= 

COFFERER, s. t>cv ©dja^mciflcr. 

COFFIN, s. 1. bcr ©aril ; 2- bte-^aflc- 
ten)>faiinc, Soilcnform ; 3. bcv ganje 
43uf cities 5Pfcrbe« ; 4. Typ. r. bcr 
d?arre:i ; — man, — maker, bcr iSarg; 

To COFFIN, V. a. tst bctt Sarg Icgcn, 

COG, s. bcr Jlamin pbcv 3af)it (am 
fRabc) ; — wiieel, ba3 Jitammrab. 

To COG. V. a. &■ n. ^iihnt. alt ciii 3Jab 
niac^cit ; 2. fc^meic^eln, iiat^ bent 
SUunbe rcbeit; liigcn, bftriij^cii; to 

— the dice, bie SBiirfcl fiicipc n. 
COGENCY, s. bie 5n)iii(]cnbe Stvuft, ®e- 

walt, Uckriciigutts]'. 

COGENT (ath. — ly), adj. fraftij], bvill= 

gciib, uuwibcrftehliit, iitcrjcugciib. 
COGITABLE, tulj. bciifbar. 
To COGITATE, v. n. bCllfcit, aU«bcn= 

fcti, bcbtitfcii. 

COGITATION, s. bas S)ciifeu, bcr ®c= 

COGITATIVE, adj. 1. bctlfeilb ; 2. ttcf= 


COGNATE, adj. sjerwaitbt (befoiibcrs 
»ott SJJitttcrfcite). 

COGNATION, s. bic 93cnr>atibtfd)aft; 
3lc^iiltci)fcit bc3 aSefriiS. 

COGNITION,.?. 1. bicitcnitttiifi, Stim= 

■ be ; 2. bag iBiffcit, *Bciuufitfct)it. 

COGNIZABLE, a///. I. I.. T. tuoriibcr 
gcrtittlid? erfaiiitf luci'bcti faun, beiit 
gci'i(fetlicf)cti ^crfal)rcii uiUenuorfeii ; 
2. crfciiiibar. 

COGNIZANCE, s. 1. bte ©rfcitntttig, 
Jlciintiii^; 2. /.. T. gcric^tlic^c (Sr= 
fcitiitiiif ; 3. Svfunbigung ; this falls 
under the — of philosri|)hy,j?n-. ba§ gc- 

l)iirt.yor bie (in ba« ©cbict bcr) ^^i= 
lofov^ic ; to take — of, (Sffiitibigiittg 
eiiijiclcrt liber (iDcgeii) ; uuterfudljcn. 
COGNOMINAL, adj. bcit 3«ti'tmcn ober 
'Bciiiaitieti bctrcffeiib. 

GOGNOMLNATION, s bcr 3"«aiUC, 

COGNOSCITIVE, adj. jum (Srfemicrt ; 

— faculty, ba3 @rfetmtiii$ocrm6gcii. 
roCOHAiUT, V. 71. 1. mit bewol)iicit, 

Stifainnien ober beifammcn mot)iieii ; 

2. aU (Sbetcute betfamnicii ivohacii 

(0f)itc »cr()ctrat^et jii feiiii). 
COHABITANT, s. bcr 3}iitbe«3ofiiicr. 
COHABITATION, s. 1. bag 3ufant= 

inctmo()iicii ; 2. bie ^cin)ol}Uung p()= 

He ycr()eiratt)ct jii fc«ii. 
COHEIR, s. ber iDJitevbc. 
COHEIRESS, s. bic SQJitcvbiiut. 
To COHERE, V. n. 1. jufaminciibaiigcii ; 

2. ubei'fiuEommen, firf) fcfjicfcn ; 



Sufammcn^aiig, bie SSerbinbung, 

COHERENT 'adv. — ly) adj. 1. Sufailt^ 

ntenf)diigcitb, scrbuitbcti ; 2. iibcrciit= 
:;oHESibN, s. bcr 3«f»^"""f''f)»'»"g' 


COHESIVE {adu. — ly), adj. jufammctls 


30HESIVENESS, s. bcr 3ufaminen= 

To COHOBATE, v. a. Ch. T. ttOC^matS 

«b}ic()cn ober bePiUircu, cofiobircn. 

COHOBATION, s. Ch. T. US JWttma= 

lige 5lbjiekii. 
COHORT, s. bic (So^oxk, roiitifc^c 

,Krieg«f(|av ; ber 3;rupp Jlriegcr. 
coiF.s. bie .|5autie, Jl\tv))c, ber Jtoi>f= 

pu§ eiiieg grauciisiiiimerg ; bevSoc; 

To COIF, V. a. mit cincm (wctblicljeii) 

j?ovfpii|e Dcrjiercit. 
COIFFURE, 5. ber Jtopfpu^, aiuffa?, 

bag ^Rovfjeug. 
To COIL, V. a. aufroiffclii, aiifroUcn, 

jufamiiiciiroKen, niiib 5ufaiuinculc= 

gcii, auffc^ieticii. 
COIL (a — of rope), .?. ba» riinb gclcgtc 

(aufgcfc^offcnc) (stiirf (Sainvcrf); 

the — of a cable, bag 3liige ciiicg aiif= 

gefcI;offciicii Xaiieg. 
COIN, «. 1. bic fflJiiiisc bag ®elb ; 2. 

bic (Scfc ; 3. bcr ©cfftciu ; 4. Typ. T. 

Sltii; Steltfcif. 
To COIN, ». fl. Hjragcit, niiinscii; 2. 

Jig. mac^cit, cvfiiibeii, fcijmtcbcii. 
COINAGE, s. 1. baS SJJiiitjcit, bic 

3)Mti5fui!fl; 2. mrn^i; 3. bag ®c= 

Vragc; 4. bie Sljiiujfoflcii, bcr 

©c^(agff&a&; ^.jig. bic (Srfiubuiig, 

6rbid)hittg, ©cbitrt. 
To COINCIDE, v.n. 1. 5iifammciitrff= 

fctt; 2. iibcrcitifiiiumen (mit in itiib 

with) ; 3. gleic^er SJJeiiiitng feint ; 

to — ill a thing, til cillC ©at^C XoWW- 


COINCIDENCE,.?. 1. bag 3llf'll"l"f"= 

treifcii, bic 3iifammcitEiiiift; 2. (5iit= 

COINCIDENT, adj. 1. jufaiitmcntrcf= 

fcitb ; 2. iibcrciiiftimmig. 
COINDICATION, .«. bag 3iifainmcit= 

treffen (me^rercr >DJcrfntaaIc). 
COINER, s. 1. ber ''DJiiiijcr, ^rager ; 

2. ?salf(f)miiii$cr; "i.jig. ©rftubcr, 
COISTRIL, s. 1. sp. E. bcr aiig()iMrtetc 

(Ober -JBaftarbi) Salfc ; 2. fc{)iicf)tenic 

SJJciifct), ?{cii[iitg, @clbfci;iiabcl; bie 

fcigc a)icmmc. 

COIT, vM. auoiT. 

COITION, s. bag giifrtini'if'ifommcii 
jwcicr Jiorpcr; bic sScgattung. 

CO.IURER. s. L. T. bcr bic aBa[)il)aftig^ 
fcit beg ^:ibcg ciiicg Written kfc^ivij= 
rciibc S'-iigf- 

COKE, s. abgcfi'^wcfcltc (Stciiifo^cn. 

colander', .S-. bcr 2)iirrt)fd)Iag, bic 
Sciiic, bcr (Scibcr. 

colbertine, s. eiijc 3lrt (Spi^eit. 

COLCOTHAR. s. Ch. T. bag Kavut mor= 
tuiim (trocfcitc Ucberbleibfcl uacfe bcr 

COLD [adv.—vt), 1. adj. l.falt; fro= 
i^ig ; 2. fig. fait, faltfinnig, ^iiriii-fljai- 
tciib, Ictbcufdjaftglog ; 3. feiifd) ; ii. 
s. 1. bic jldite, bcr Svoft; 2. bic (Sr= 
fdltuiig, bcr Sd)tuipfcn; jo catch 
(take)—, fid) ertdltcn, bcii Sd^mipfeit 

bcEommCll ; in compos. — blooded, gc= 
fiif)llog ; — hearted, g(cid)giiltig, lct=: 
beiifcI)aftgtog, gefiihiipg. 

COLDISH, adj. tdltlicb, ciii wcitig fait, 
im. fnf<*. 

COLDNESS, s. bic^attc; .fe bcr jlalt= 
jtitii, bic @lcicf)giiltigfctt, li^probigfctt, 

COLE (Colewort), .?. bcr jlo&f. 

COLIC, L s. bie ,$tolif, 'Jarmgif^t; ii. 
(— al), adj. bie ©cbdniic bctveffciib, 
ober aiigvcifeiib. 

To COLLAPSE, r. n. siifaiumcnfaHcii, 
ftd) fd)Iictlcn. 

COLLAPSION, .■:. bag ^ufammcnfallcti, 
(Siufalleii, ^iiramnteit^icbctt. 

COLL.VR, s. bag .Salgbaiib ; Sr^oMtx- 
fell ; Jl" iimmct ; bie .ftalftc r ; ber .i?ra= 
gen; to siif. Wv. — , bcit .6alg (Jl'ovf) 
aiig ber {2d)fiiigc jichcii; a — of 
brawn, ctii Sfiicf 3^pllffci)"cf) »om anl= 
ben ©d)rocine ; — of a stay jv. r. bcr 

©tagfragen; — beam, An.h T. on 

Q^ncrbalten; — bone, bag Sc^liiffel 

To COLLAR, V. a. 1. bcim Jtragcn nc^. 

men, anpc Jcn : 2. cin-'n .itragen urn 

biubcn ; 3. (glcifd)) jnfammciirollcn 
To COLLATE, r. a. 1. I'crici^cn, evtl}et? 

Icn ; 2. collatiouircit, gcgen eiimnbci 

t)altcn, s)crglcid)cn. 

COLLATERAL (— allyXL adj. 1. auf 

bcr Seitc; 2. yon bcr lacitc, jnr Sci- 
tenlinic gcf)6rig, parallel ; 3. mittcU 

bar ; — degree of kindred, bic ©eitcn* 

linic ; — wind, bcr Seitcniuinb ; u. s. 

bcr ©citcituerwanbtc ; — ness, s. bit 

COLLATION, s. 1. bie 'Bcrtci^ung, (Sva 

tbcilung- 2. ®cgcncinaubcrI)aUung; 

aSerglctc^ung • 3. flciue 3mifc^eu= 

mal)ljcit, bag lcid)tc9lbcnbcffeii,S3eg= 

4)crbrob, bie @rfrifd;niig. 
COLLATOR, s. 1. bcr (5:rtf)ctlcr ctiict 

5)Jfriiiibc, patron; 2. Gollaticnirciibe, 

(iollator, 93crglcidKr. 
COLLEAGUE, s. bcr (JoUcgc, 5lmtggc= 

nog ; — ship, bic ©cnoffcnfdiaft. 
To COLLEAGUE, v. I. a ycrgcfeUfd)af' 

ten, ucrbinben; n. n. ftd) ucrbiubcn. 
coLLEcr, s. bic (Jollcctc; bag furse 

To COLLECT, v.\. a. 1. fanjmcin, 511» 

fammeubringen ; 2. bcmcvtcn; 3. fol= 

gem, fd)Iief)en ; n. «. fid) famiiuln, 

anbdnfen; to — one's '^seif. fid; fam* 

mclit, fid) faffcii, wieber ju ftd) fclbft 


COLLECTANEOUS, axlj. JllfailtniCligc= 

tvagcn ; — notes, (follcctanca. 
COLLECTED, adj. siifaiiimciigcfaft; 

— ly, ade. sufammcngcnoinmcii. 
CCLLECTEDNESS, s. bag fid) Sam* 

inelu, bag3ufammciine^meit (bcr @c» 

coLLEariBLE, adj. ju fd;Iictlcn, }U 

folgcrn, 511 fainmctn. 
coLLEcnoN, s. 1. bag'SammeIn; 2. 

bie Sammlung; 3. Sdjlngfolgc, b«r 

COLLECTIVE, I. adj. 1. colfcctiy, vcr= 

fammclt, gefamnit ; 2. fd)liefjcnb ; 

II. — noim, OT , s. Gram. T. bag (SoU 

lectiuum; — ly, adv. inggcfammt, 

uberf)anvt : —ness, s. bie Siereini^ 

gung, bic 'jJJcnge. 
COLLECTOR, s. bcr Saiiiiitlcr, (Suu 

ncbmcr; —ship, bag 3clJcinnef)mcrs 

amt ; 2i]iirbc cineg 3c"cinncl)mcrg. 
COLLEGATARY, .? ber SDJitcrbc an ci= 

ncm 93crmd(htuiffc. 
COLLEGE, *. 'shig. bag Collegium ; 

@i)mnaftiim, bic f)pr)e Sdjiilc' 
COLLEGIAL, adj. jii cinciu (^"ollcgium 


COLLEGIAN, s. sing, bcr (ToUcgtat. 
C0LLEGi.'\TE, I. ,:dj. collcgiciil)aft, cot* 

Icgialifd), nfabcmifd) ; — church, bie 

(5pIlcgiat£irrbc,Stiftgfird)e; II. s. ber 

Gollcgiat; ©ti^iilcr, Stubent. 
COLLET, s. 1. bag (SoIJct; 2. Stamen 

beS S^iingcg, tvoriu bcr Steiu filjt. 
To COLLIDE, r.ii. sufammcnflPtJf"- 
COLLIER, .s. 1. bcr Steii!?pl)lengras 

bcr; 2. ,Kof)lcnl)aubIcr; 3. ba?.jTofc- 

COLLIERY, .1. i. bte ,f?p{)(cngvnbe, iai 

Stohkn^ (a3crg=) Serf; 2, ber Jtp^ 

To CH3LLIGATE, v. a. jiifammcii'&tuben, 

COLLIGATION, s. bag 3iif>iii"nfn'6in« 

COLLlMATION, } ^^ aj j . a:.. 
COLLINEATION, J *• ""* ^"'"' ' ■^'^' 

COLLIQUABLE, adj. fd)mcljl)av ; Icicti 

COLLIQUAMENT s. bic Sc^nialt^ 

bcr Slufj. 





'XM.LlQVAxr, lu/j. fc^mcljcub, auf(5= 

To aDI.LiaUATE, v. a. <S- n. frf)mel5Ctt, 


COLLIQUATION, s. btC Sc^lItcIsuniJ 

coLLiauATiVE, idj. fc^iitcljcub, auf* 

coLLiQUEFAcmoN, s. bte 3ufam= 

ILLUSION, s. i>aS 3itf»mmcnilojjctt, 

bic Seriit)riiit(]. 

To COLLOCATE, v. a. flcIICJt, OVbncn. 
COLLOCATE, adj. flcftcllt, aefefet. 
COLLOCATION, s. bic ©teUuu3, Orb= 

COLLOCUTlOi\,5. bteUitten-ebutig, ba§ 


COLLOCUTOR, s. bcr (Sprecl;ritbc. 
COLLOP, s. btc (Sc^nitfc, tas Sc^cilj= 

c^cit (biiur.c' Stiicf glctfct) ; 2. joe. 

ciit Jliiib. 

COLLOaUIAL adj. 511IU ©cfprac^e (]C= 

^Dvig ; bie UmgaugSfpi-aC^e bftr'cf= 


COLLOQUIST, s. bcr Sprcf^eube. 
COLLoaUY, s. Us Ocfpvdc^. 
COLLOW, vid. Colly, &c. 
COLLUCl'ANCY, s. bie STlctgutig 511111 

©trcit, SBibevfeeimg. 
COLLUCTATrON, .v. bcr Strctf, aStbcv^ 

fianb, bie aSibcrfe^lid^fcif. 
To COLLUDt; V. n. fill t)cimltc^cS 93er= 

flciiibniB haben, ftc^ yeiflc^cit, uiitcr 

et?icr 2)ccfe ficdFcit. 

COLLUSION, Colluding, s. haS ^Ctm= 
lt(^e 3[>cifliiiibiiiB (L. T. - Scmaubeii 
um feiii i>{ccl)t Jlt tviligcil) ; there is 
a — between them, fie »crftc[)Clt ftrf) 


COLLUSIVE (ado. — ly), adj. abgfVebct 

atgefavtct ; — ness, s. iaS bctriigeri= 

fc{)c @tit»crftaiibiiit). 
COLLUSORiT, adj. ctii a5crPanbiiitJ l)n= 

COLLY (CoLLow), s. bee dixi% bte 

©c^marje, iaS Jlp()lfc^»arj. 
To COLLY. V. a. berujieit, fctjroarj mrt= 

c^eii ; »ei-ftnfleni. 
COLLYJUUM, s. bie 9IiigcitfaI&e, ba« 

OOLMAR, s. 1. (Jolmau (SJabt) ; 2. bte 


COLOGNE, Ls.(55(lt; U. ai/. cBIlltfd). 

COLON, «. I. ba^ Solon L":]; 2. ber 

COLONEL, I. s. bcr DbcrPe ; 2. — cy, 
— ship, bic Dbcrflcii^cUc. 

COLONIAL, a(//. bic goloiiic bctrcfffttb; 
— prociuce, M. K. SoIptiiaUSSaarcit. 

COLONIST, s. bev eolpiiift, 9liipflaii5cr. 

COLONIZATION, s. bic ilulcguiig ciiiei- 
Solonie, u. f.ic. 

To COLONIZE, (Solonicit aiitegcn, aii= 
pflaiijfit, atibaiieii, beyiilfcfii. 

COLONNADE, .5. bie CTolpitttabe, ®au=: 
leitftclluitg, bev Saulciigatig. 

COLONY, s. bie (Soloiiie, !]irlk"i5fiabt, 

COLOPHON, s. Tijp. T. bie Icfetc Sctfe 
ciucs 53udje« (Jiiuif oit uii6 3af}v aiu 

COLOPHONY, s. bev Jtofov[)iiiiiitm, bas 

ix)f/jauiNnDA, s. bic G^oloquiiite, 

COLOUR, s. 1. bic Sarbe ; 2. ®cft(f)t§= 
farbc, mt[)t; 3. ./?«■• bev 9liiftvicb, 
Scftciit, SSorwanb, 'j'ccf mantel ; 4. bie 
©ilttUlig ; his — changes, ev tntfiivbt 
ltd; ; — lioxes. /Vavbcnfaitcf)f 11 ; — glass- 
es, farbigc ©liifev (uir i^eobadjtiiug 
bev Sonne); — 'nwn.bev Savbenliani)= 
kv bev garbenmeifter (in,1lattunbvu= 
rfeveicii); —marbles, Sicibfleincyon 
Wannov ; the — s, s. ;>/. bie Slitggc, 
gra^ne, ©tansavtc. 

To COLOUR, V. I. a. 1. favbcn ; nnflvf is 
c^en ; iflmniniven ; 2. jisr. befdjonts 
gen, bcmanteln, cineit 9Inftvtri& geben ; 

3. fc^einbftv ma^en; 4. cinfcbanivjen 
^Bfvbotcne obcv accisbave 2Baavcn 
l^etmlic^ cinfiil)ren) ; li. n. evviUben. 

COLOURABLE {mlv. — bly) /idj. fc^ein= 

K\t\ a — sale, Ji/.£. cin ftitgivtev33cvs 

COLORATION, s. bas Brtvbcn, btc Sar= 

coLOURER,s.bcv, btc, ba8 bcfc^iJnigct, 


COLORIFIC, adj. fiivbcnb. 

COLOURING, s. 1. ba« (5avbcn ; 2. (TOs 
lovit, bie (5a»"bf«i«ifi^"itn. ??avbengc= 
bung ; 3. fig. baS 33efrf)6nigen, ^e= 
niiintcln ; — drugs, gavbefioffc ; dead 

— T.bagSrunbiveit. 
coLOURisT,s. bev gotortfl (3}iciflcrtn 

bev Sarbengebnng). 
COLOURLESS, adj. favbcnloS, bnr(^ft^= 

COLOSSAL. \adj. foloffal, foloffifd), 
COLOSSEAN, 5 foloffavtig.vicfengvojj. 
COLOSSUS, s. bev Jiloloj}, bic ajiefen^ 

COLSTAFF, s. bie Bubcvffange, ber 

COLT, s. 1. ba« .Oengflfiiden ; 2. fig. bev 

junge Saffe, ba« jtalb ; — 's foot, bev 

.^nflatticfc {Tussitngo — L) ; — locl^s. 

S vannfct)[offf r fiiv giilfen ; — stafr.jwy. 

Colstaff; — •s-tooth, bev 2)tild)5a^n. 
COLTER, s. bag @cd), ^fIi'n'"'!fKi"- 
COLTISH, ad), falbfvbnft, nn^gelaffen. 
COLUMBARY, s. ba« Saiibcii^aua. 
COLUMBIA, s. * ainierifa. 
COLUMBINE, s, 1. bie 2;aubfnt)alsfarbe, 

bag fd)ielenbe ^yiolett ; 2. bie 9ltclci 

(./Iquilegia — /,.) ; 3. (^plltmbillC (bCV 

9iaine eines iveiblicben 6f)avaftcv§ in 
ciiiev ^Pantomime). 
COLUMN, .^. 1. bie Saiile; 2. ?nft= 
obev ayaffcvfaiitc ; 3. mu. t. 6otonne ; 

4. Typ. t. eolnmne ; in — ?, column 

COLUMNAR, adj. fanlcnfin'mig. 
COLURE, s. .^st. T. bev (Jotnr, Sonnen= 
COMA, s. bev 9lnfa^ ^nv Sc^Kiffu^t. 
COMATE, s. bcr gamevab. 
CO>L\TE, adj. f)aavig. 

COMB, .?. 1. be V .$?antin ; bie (Stvtcgcf ; 
•§ed)c[ ; 2. bev .t^abneufamin ; 3. bie 
^onigfc^cibe, r«/. Honey-comb; 4. ein 

o^OVnina§ von inCV Bushel ; — brusli. 

bie litammbiivfte ; — case, ba« Jtanini= 
futtev ; — maker, bcv Jtanimmad)ev ; 

— tray, btc jtainmlabc. 

To COMB, V. n. fainntcn, flvicgetn; 

fvcm^.'cln, l)fd)e[n. 
To COMBAT, 1. ftc^ fd;lagen, 

fiimpfen, ftvcitcn ; 2. fid) wibcvfc^cn ; 

II. a. bcftrciten, befampfcn. 
COMBAT, 5. bev Jlampf, Stvcit, ba« 

®efed)t; single — bev3njfitanH)f. 
COMBATANT, ) I. .?. bcv Sdjlrtgcv, 
COMBATER, $ ©tveitev, Jlampfcr; 

Scrfec^tev ; II. adj. fcdjteiib, ftvcitcnb. 

COMBINABLE, adj. VCiCtnbaV. 

COMBINATION, s. tie iBcvbtnbiing, 
5]evcinignitg ; bas fKtm{id)e 53iiiibnitj. 

To COMBINE, ». I. a. ocvbinbcit, «cvct= 
nigcn, jnfammenfiigen, 5nfaininciife= 
%eit ; jufainmentciifeii ; u.n. fic^ »ev= 
binbeii, fid) ueveinigen ( — with. init). 

COMBINGS, s. pi. bev gibfall bcim 

coMBLi'^ss, adj. {WW ciiicm .ga^ne) 
o()ne Jtamm. 

COMBUST, alj .^st. T. till i^railbc. 
COMBUSTIBLE, L adj. Vfvbvcillllid) ; 

brennbav ; IL — s, s. pi. 58vcnnftofte. 


COMBUSTIBILITY, S bvf inlic^tcit 

COMBUSTION, s. 1. bic 2?cvbvcnnnnp 
bcr 58ranb ; 2. .fig 91ufvu^r, bic gvopt 
S^eninvrung, giantnie. 

T« COME, 1. fommcit, Jifibe? 
fonimcn; 2. ben'ovfonimcii, ent{i»« 
l)en ; 3. ftcb sutvagcn, erfolgen ; 4. 
gevatf)cn, gelingen, ar.Sfd)Iagcn; the 
butler comes, bic iD^iid) bllttevt; the 
malt comes, \>CiS 9JfaIj feimt ; whon 
all comes to all, ivfnii cS mil nnb um 
lommt; to — about, Ijcvum fommen, 
fic^ iDcnben ; fic^ jutragen, gefi^ic- 
ben; what do you — about? tt»a§ fU= 

d)et 3t)v ? to — after, nad^folgcrt ; 
to — again, ttiicbevfonimcii, wicbev^ 
fe^vcn ; to — along, fovt= obev mit= 
fommen ; to — asunder, aii§cini:!bevs 
gebcn; to — at, an (?troal fommen, 
crvcif^cn, eriangen ; to — away, fic^ 
njegbf gebcn; to— back, juriidftoin= 
inch ; to — by, sovbci fommen ; baju 
fommen, crlangcn, evun-rbeu; to — 
down, bcrab obev unfev fommen; ftc^ 
f)cvab(affen ; to — for, fommen niii 
gu bolen ; to — forth, Sevang obcv I)cr= 
oov fommen, bevans gcben ; to — 
forward, ivciter fommcii, vorbvtngen ; 
5unebmcn ; to — from, son (StwaS bevs 
fommen; to — home, toieber juviirf= 
fommeii ; aiifg Oewiffen fatten ; auf 
bag jnr Sad)e ©ebovige fommen ; to 

— in, bcveiiifommcn, bcveintreten, 
fidi cinfiufccn, fid; cinftcUen ; einge- 
bcn, einlaufcn ; auffonimcii, 'iSloU 
ivcvben; cinfoniiijen ; nufben2:^von 
gelaugcn; nad)gebcn; before dinner 
— s in, bcyov bag C^ffeii aiifgetrageit 
wirb; to — in for, Slnrpvucf) mnc{)e« 
auf.., fovbern (fcin 2;beil), finfom= 
men um ; to — in to, 5U.(^iilfe fommcit, 
cingei)eii, cinitnHt'geu; — into,fommeii 
obcv 3cvatt)en in .'. ; to — near, na()e 
iommcn; /o-. afinlic^ fcini, gletdKn; 
beifommen; to — of,bfrfommcn;' ab= 
ftammen; what win — of thee i was 
wirb aug biv merben ? to — off, basou 
fommen; cnfpieben, cntiooid)cn; en 
ben, fciue 3iolIc f^tclen ; abgefjcii 
loggeben, auggebeii, anc>faUcn • ob-- 
ircidjen ; abfommen ; to — off with 
credit, mit (Sbven baBon= obcv logfom= 
men ; you will — off a loser, feic tt)tv= 
ben babci sievlieren ; to — off from, 
oevlaffcn, fabven laffeii ; a — oii; s. 
bie 9lngflucbt, bcv S^onoaub; to — on, 
beranfommcn, aiiviidcn ; fortgeben ; 
fovtfommen, ivacbfcn, gebcit)c'ii, aus 
fd)lageit ; how do you — on •? loic 
gcbt'bivg? lute gebcn bie ©cfdiafte';^ 
to — over, ubcrgeben, itbevtvcten; bc= 
tviigen ; to — out, augfomnien, i5ffent= 
lid) uiciben ; auggeben, bfvanggeben ; 
bcraugfommeu, eutbecft wcvbeh; cv= 
fdieincit, Dovtvcten; augfd)lagcn, trci« 
ben ; his teeth begin to — out, bte 
3abnc fallen iftm aug; to — out with, 
mit (StwaS bcvangviidcn, ©tifag »ov=: 
bvtiigcu, bbven laffcu ; to — fiaii) 
short of, ycvfeblcn; jn fur^ fomnicn; 
nad)liebeii, nicbtglctcbfommeii; to — 
to. ju, auf, in, obcv an (Stwni fom- 
men obev geratben ; bctvagcn, ang= 
inadicn ; jn ftcben fommen, fid) be= 
laufcu ; ftcb nabern ; ba.iju ivetcn, cin^ 
undigcu; auf Qtm.-.S btnaiiSlanfen; 

to — to one's self, WtCbCV l,\l \ici) ffjbft 

fommen; to — to life lebentiig \vn-= 
ben ; has it — to that ? tft eg babtu 
gefomnten? to — to good, n>obl gerrt= 
tbeu, gliiden ; to — to nothing, jit 
■SBaffcv uictben ; to — to hand, nngca 
langen ; juftobvn, fidi crcigncn; tc 

— to handy blows, baiibgcitiein iDcr* 
ben ; to — to pass. \fid) jutvagcn, ev? 




(ijinen, gcfcI;c()Cn; (from) whence 

■011163 it to passi ivobcr fomnit eg? 

jo — to preferment, bcforbcvt WCVbeil ; 
what does it — to ? tutc 33iel bcttdgt 
bafiV wieljod; tclauft ftci)ba«? woju 

l)ilft baS? I am not so wicked as this 
comes to, fo f]Ott[oS bill ic^ nf^t; 

will you— to? fei;b 3f)i- fg jiifi'ie= 
beii? to — to and fro, f)iii unb J)er, 
l)iu an? wicbct ge^eii ; to — up, l}eri 
ouffoinmeii ; aiiffommctt, fovtfom= 
jiicit, aufgeljcit, fcimcii; to — up to, 
jiuf (itanif jit, bt^ ju obcv an (StwaS 
foiitincu, fict) ua(}eni ; to — up with, 
cvrctcljcii, ciiiI)olcii ; (^kicftfoinmcii, 
glctc^ttjuit; to — upon, aiif ©troa^ 
f oninieu ; iibcifvillcn ; iibcirafc^ett ; 
(lll()Cimfa[Ieil ; I shall — upon you for it, 

id) iDcrbt mic^ bco^alb an (Mud) l)al- 

tcii; ivartc, id; luevbe btvSfdjpujicben! 
COMEDIAN, s. 1. bcr Jloniijbiant, 

Sd)aufutclcv ; 2. Jf onii5bicufd)reibev. 
c»MiiDY, s. ba« Suftfpiei. 
COMELILY, adv. aitftaubti], anmutf)ig, 

COMELINESS, s. btc Sd)ihtl;cit, 5lrtti]= 

fctt, 3luinutt), 2tcblid;feit; ber ^^lii= 

COMELY, adj. &■ adv. axH^. aiiijcne^m, 

fieblic^, ^olbfclti;, fd)oit. 
COMER, s. bcr, bie, bas ,ffommciibe; 

— in, bCV .^^trctllfPllllHCltbe ; new — s, 
ucite SJii'bmniliui^e. 
COMET, s. 1. bcc Jtbmtt ; 2. ba« Jlome= 
teufviel ; —like, adj. fometeiuij)ulic^. 

COMETARY, ) ,. «„,„,f:fx 
CX)METm \ adj.hmdi^d). 

ODMETOGRAi'HY, «. bie Jloinctenbe= 

COMFIT, ) s. iaS (IiMifect, %ni(X' 
COMFITURE, J mvt ; ba§ (Siiii)ema^= 

te ; — maker, ber 3"ff«'^l''l'ff l"- 
To COMFIT, V. a. (lUit ^udiv) thu 

mac^cit ; iibcrju Jem. 

To COMFORT, v. a. tviiftcu, Iilbcit, ft; 

cjutifcit, cvleit^tern ; crfrcucii; ftarfen. 

fiOMFORT, s. 1. bet Xvi^jt, baS iabUil, 
bie (?r[eid)tfrutii], .(piilfe; 2. 53c= 
quemlid)fcit, bae '(i<^ifliac uiib fijri;cr= 
lie^f ©oblbefiitbcit, 2Bol;lfc9n, bie 
S3cbagIid)Ecit, ba« ©el)agen, a3cr= 
guiigcii, bie 3iifi'ifi'fitl)cit. 

COMFORTABLE (mh. — blv), ailj. 1. 

bet^aglid), gciniitl)Iid; ; 2. bequcm, 
gcmiic^Iid;; 3. angeitct)))!, crfreulid), 
tviifilid) ; — ness, s. 1. bic 53e{)a9Ud)= 
Ictt; 2. 33cqiiemlid)Eett; 3, 2;vofl= 
li^fcit, eifvculid)feit. 
COMFORTER, s. 1. ber 2;rijfler ; 2. 

7'A. 7'. l)ciUgc ®ciftj Comfortress, s. 

bie 2:rijftenim; bie Jpiilfcbviiigciibe. 

COMFORTLESS, a(/7. 1. Ultbe{>19lic^ ; 2. 

unerfrcuUc^ ; 3. troftto^. 
COMFREY (—fry), s. bcr SBallwur?. 
COMIC, I adj. fomifc^, 

COMICAL (adv. —ally). S lufltg. 
COMiCALNESS, s. baS Jloiiiifc|)c. 
COMING, L adj. fiiuftig; II. s. iaS 

Jlommcn, bie Slufunft; — in, ba8 

COMITIA, .?. pi. bie ^omitien (93oIfg= 

yerfammlungeu bev alteii SJiimer). 
roMiTiAL, adj. }u bcit 6omtticii ac= 


COMITY, «. bic"?tvfi9fctt, ?ebcnSavt. 
COMMA, s. 1. baa Jlomma. bee si3ei= 

ftvtc^ [,] ; 2. Mus. T. bev iieuittc 3;()ei( 

cilieS j;oueS ; inverted — s, Tiii>. T. 

bie 9lnfiit)iuuQ«5etci)eii; fam. ®aiifc= 

fii^djen [^ "]. 

To COMMAND, v. a. i?- n. 1. gcbicfeit, 

bcfebleit ; 2. bcfcbligcii, comnianbtrcit, 
fiil)ren> (till '2d)irf); 3. iibevfebeii, 
bel)crrfd)en, befti'eid;ert ; to — a view 
over.., bic 9lu8ftd^t tjabeit iiber . . , 
bet)eiTfd;cil ; sugar conmiands a ready 

6.iie, j\T. E. 3ucFcr i|l Ieid;t absufcfecn. 

COMMAND, s. 1. bcr 93efe()[, bag ®c= 
bet ; 2. baS (Soiumanbo ; bic i6err= 
f^aft, ©emalt; word of — ,ba§ 6om= 
maiibo=iBort, bie Sofuiig ; under — , 

COMMANDABLE, adj. WaS be^crvfc^t 

joerbcn faun, vcgievbav, leitfam. 
COMMANDANT, s. bcr JBcfe^ll^abcr, 

COMMANDATORY, adj. gcbtctcvif^). 

COMMANDER, s. 1. ber ©cbtctcr, aBe= 
fcl)li§ijabcv; gommoborej (SLMnmani 
bant; 2. (Somtbur; 3. t. be^§aiib= 
ramme, 3"iHlff "^ ; ^- ^- ^- SSeinlabc. 

■COMMANDERY (—dry), s. bie 6om= 


COMMANDING (adv. — ly), adj. )}cbtC= 

terifd); — ground, bie bominirciibe 

COMMANDMENT, .?. 1. bie \)bd)ilt 
©ewalt ;_ 2. ba« ®ebot, ©cfefe, bic 
93oifd)vift; the ten commandments, 
btv jel;n ©ebote. 

COMMANDRESS, s. bie ©cbictcrinn; 

COMMATERIAL, adj. auS i cic^ClU 
COMMATERULITY, s. bic ®kid)^dt 

bc§ Stoffcg. 

coMMATiSM, s. bie ®cbrangtf)ctt, 
Mxit tbc« ®ti)I«). 

COMMEASURABLE, adj. »0n glcid)Cnt 


COMMEMORABLE, adj. bcilfwiirbtg, 

mcvfiuiirbig, (Snmtljnung serbiencnb. 

To COALMEMORATE, v. a. 1. (ba« 3lu= 

bcu£en wn (StmaS) fetcrn ; 2. cvtodi)- 
ncn, 2}Zelbung tl)un. 

COMMEMORATION, s. 1. btC ®ebdctt= 

nttjfcicr, Scier ; 2. @rn)dt)nung, 2)iel- 

COMMEMORATIVF-, adj. (lU Slnbcufcn 

biencnb, eriuncnib. 
COMMEMORATORY, adj. bdS 5lnbenfen 

bejuo^venb. , 
To COMMENCE, ». n. <$- n. aufangen,ant;c= 

beii ; betretcn ; (StwciS werbcn ; to — 

doctor, ^jromoinreii, 2)octor werbeii. 
COMMENCEMENT, «. 1. ber 3l!;fang ; 

2. bie promotion. 
To COMMEND, v. a. i. emJjfcWen ; 2. 

loben, riibmen ; 3. fdjicfcii, fenbeii. 

COMMENDABLE (aav. — bly), adj. 

cni^)fcI)lun(^Saiiirbig, loblicft j — ness, 

s. bie 6inpfcl)luiigswiirbigtett. 
COMMENDAM, s. bic gomniciibc, er= 

Ictigt? SJJfriinbc, SSenvalluiig bev= 

commendaTjVRY, s. ber 6^omnicnba= 

tor,3ntertni§yerroaltcr einer 5pfriinbe. 

COMMENDATION, s. 1. bic (SinVfcI)= 

Inng; 2. baS 2ob; 3. bie SicbciS^ 

COMMENDATORY, I. adj. Cmpfcblenb ; 

— letter, baS (5mpfebluiigSf4>rctben ; 

II. s. bie Scbrebc, SJobcSerlJebung. 
COMMENDER, s. ber ©mpfc(;lenbc, gp= 

commensurability, I s. ba8 9Ser=: 


(cineS glctd)cn®ri)pcnma^c8). 

COMMENSURABLE, ailj. glctd) aU§= 

megbar, in 33er()iiltiiip ju fl*IIeu, 

To cOiM.MENSURATE, i.. a. auSmcffcn ; 
auf etn glcid)e3 SSer^dltuip bringen. 

COMMENSURATE (ndr. — ly), adj. 

auSmc§bar; augcmcffen; i,icrfjalt= 



T,i COMMENT, v. n. 5lU'5lcgntigen obcr 
. ','lnmertiingen madden (— upon, itbcr). 
COMMENT, s> bte Slumcifuiig, 3IuS= 

COMMENTARY, s. 1. bcr C^ommcntar, 

bie 5ti>*'«i}iiiig ; 2. iwS Sagcbud;. 

COMMENTATOR, ) s. ber 2lit«Ifgfr 
COMMENTER, J ©rfldrcr. 

COMMENTITIOUS, adj. erbi^tct, Cr^ 

COMMERCE, s. 1. btc .^anblung, bet 

^anbel, S^erfebr; 2. Umgang; 3. 

(ein Jlartcnfpicl). 
To co^LMERCE, v. n. i. .§anbcl trct= 

ben, l)anbeln ; 2. umgcljeu, vcrlebren, 

Umgaiig b«ben. 

COMMERCIAL (adv. — ly), at!j. ^UIH 

vganbel gebijrig; I'^aubet treibcnb; 

— treaty, t^er ^^aubcigocrtrag. 
COMNUGRATION. s. bie 9lu0wan'oc^ 

rung nnel)rercr5pcrroncn jufammcn). 
COMMINATION, s. 1. bte ^cbrobung, 

Srobuug; 2. ta. t. bie SBcrfiiubii: 

gtnig be§ ^oxwi ®otte« gcgcn bte 

COMMINATORY, ailj. bvoI^CUb, bcbvol)' 


To COMMINGLE, v. I. a. Bcvmcngen, 
»crmtfd)en; u. ?«. ftc^ sermifdjen, 

COMMlNUIBLE, adj, jCVrciblidf 

To COMMINUTE, v. a. 5crretptn, jev= 
fiofjcn, viHiicrn. 
coMMiNirnoN, s. 1. bie Serreibung, 

2. 93cvbiinnung. 

To coMMKEK.\TE, v. a. bcmitlcibcn, 

2}litlettcit b«bcn. 
coMMXSER.vnoN, 5. UiS 3)?tt{etb, (Sr- 

bavmcii, bic ©rbavinung. 

COMMISERATIVE (adv. — ly.), adj. 

mitlcib^voll, anS 3JiitIeib. 
coMMiSER.vroR, «. niitlcibig, evbar= 

COMMISSARIAL, adj. JU cincnt (Som= 

luipr gef)orig, 
COMMISSARIATE, s. bte Soinmipr= 

coMmsSARY, .». 1. ber gonimtffdr, 

5lbgcorbnetc; 2. 5prpytantmctftcr. 
COMMISSARYSHIP, vid. Commissa- 


COMMISSION, .1. 1. btc dommiffion, 
bev 2luftra^, bie SoUnia^t; 2. j\l e. 
bie $royi)ton, Gijmmtfftpnsgebii()r ; 

3. Stellc, bas 5>Imtj bie SBeftalluiig, 
ba« i)3atcnt, bic Cfricicrfiellc ; 4. 33c- 
gcf)ung (ciuer Siinbc, u. f. w.^; — 
in c statute of bankruptcy, L '". bet 
(5oncurfu« Crebttovunt; in t..?. — , 
beailltct; — husiness, J/. E. bcr 6oin= 
iniffiong= (Sactorci:) i£)aubel. 

7'(7 COMMISSION (To —ate), v. a. i. 

91uftrag gebcn, beauftragcn; 2. ah-- 
orbnen, bevioUmci({)tigen; to he com- 
missioned, ?luftrag baben, functioni= 
ren, ein 3(nit aerfcben ; a commission- 
ed officer, ein in ©e^alt fiefjenbct 

COM^USSIONER, s. i>tx ^onimtfTiondr ; 
Sommtpv; ber (gefefelid)) sBcanf- 

COMMISSLTIE, s. bte Wugc. 

To COMMIT, v.a.i. ubcrgcbcn, anyer= 
tranen; j\r. r. 9luftrdge gcben; 2. 
ijcrbaften, binfe^en, ^i%n\ laffcu; 3. 
begcben ; 4. blotl fteHen ; to — to 
(paper) writing, fdjriftlic^ auffcfecn, JU 
$apter bringen; to — violence on 
(upon), ®en)ait antl^un, 

COMMITMENT, .•>. \. bie ^evbaftung ; 
2. ber ScrbaftSbcfef)! ; 3. bte Se* 

COMMllTEE, s. 1. ber 5Iu«fd;«§; 2. 
/>. T. ber C'nratPr iiber bte ^erfpt 
Pber bie ©liter eineS 3!Sabnftnnigcn; 

— man, ciu ©licb eiucS 5lnSfrf)uffe«. 
COMMITTER, s. bcr Sofe3 tegc^t, 


coxLMiTTEESiiiP, s.baS 9Iu^fd)iigamt. 
To COMMIX, V. I. a.. iiennifd)en, ntt' 

fd)cn; IL n. »ereinigcn. 
COMMIXTION. s. bie a.krmifd)ung. 
coADUXTURE, s 1. bic gL!crmif*'ung 




2. ber bcibur^ ctttflanbctte ^Bt))er, 
bte SDiifc^ung. 

SOMMODE, s. btc S^anU, iai ^Ol3f= 
}cug (ber bo&e JJopUMift bcr 23amcn 
tin 17teit 3itl)vf)unbert). 

COMMODIOUS (adv. — ly), adj. 1. tiC- 

qitem, gcmarf)li^; 2. fiiglid); iiu^= 
Icrf;; braud)&av; — ness, s. bte 5^c- 
qucinlic^fett; bev SSortljcif. 

COMMODITY, s. bic SBaarc. 

COMMODORE, s. bcv (Sommpbove. 

COMMON, I. fflf//. (S- (irfH. 1. gcinein ; 2. 
nemeiufd)aft(ic^ ; 3.a(Igemriit, Dffcnt= 
Itcf); 4. (jcitiijfjllltc^ ; 5. Uliabclig; 6. 

Gram. '/'. generis communis ; II. s. btVS 

(Siciuciiibfftiicf, bie ©emfinweibe, ii. 

f. UV ; in compos. — apartment, bilS 

3Bo{)iijiinincr; bie ©aftjiube; — 
council, bcv@tabtrat() ; btc (jcfainmtc 

5?iu-gci-fc^aft; — council man, eill 
3iatl)«iilicb; — crier, ber iiffentltc^e 
51u§ritfev- — hall, has ®cmetitbf= 
l\aus ; — law, ba« gcmciitc 9tcc^t ; 
§et:fOiniltcn ; — lawyer, bcr in — 
law wotjlbewattbcrte 3fJcd;t^jje(eI;rte ; 
— place, vid. Commonplace ; — pleas, 
or court of — pleas, ba§ Dbcrgertc^t 
in bur(]cvlid)eii Sac^en ; — prayer, 
i>aS ^^irc^citgebet ; — report, bte ^MH- 
(age; — sense, bee gemetne 9)Jeii= 
ict)ciiyerflanb, gefitiibc QSerftanb; — 
sewer (shore), bte ©C^Ieilfc, bcr 
Slbsiigsgrabcit ; — time, Mus. t. ber 
gerab'e (fd)lecf)te) Xad; in — , ge= 
inctiifc^afttic^, \nm S3efleit ; to give 
a tiiin? in — , eiitc Siic^e ^retS geben. 

To COMMON, B. v. 1. gcmeiiifci)aftltrf) 
Icbeii ; 2. tit Oemeiufc^aft babeii. 

COMMONABLE, adj. gcmeinfci;aftli(^. 

COMMONAOE, s. baS 3te(i)t niif etiter 
©emetnanefe jit weibeit; @emeiitbe= 

COMMONALTY, .s. 1. bic @emciit= 
fcbaft; 2. ba§ aSolf, gemciuc aioH. 

COMMONER, s. 1. ber gemeiiie 9Jiaim, 
Surgerltclje; 2. bas 5)ittgltcb ooin 
Unterbaufe; 3. ber 2)Jitinbaber; 4. 
ber (?cHegia( jmeitcr ^(affe nitf ben 
fitgltfcbeii Uiiiverfttaten ; 5. bte ge= 
metite .^nvt. 

C0MM0Nr,Y, adv. f)aiiftg, meiPen?, ge= 
ineiiitgltcl), get»pl;iilicl). 

COMMONNESS, s. bie ©cttijbiiltc^fett. 

COMMONPLACE, I. s. bcr allgeiucine 
Sttel, ©emetuvlafe ; II. adj. iinbe= 
beutcnb, nlltaglic^, consciitipiieK; To 
— , uiiter allgemeiue Siitel briitgeit ; 
— , honk, baS Cli^Ilectanecnbucf) ; — 
wit. ?Ultag«iiM^. 

COMMONS. ... p'. i. baS gcmetne 33oIf, 
ba« SJolf, bie ©emettiVit, ber brtftc 
Staiib ; 2. bte gcmotjnttcfje Mo^, 9111= 
tag«£oft : house of—, baS Untcr^auS 
beiS ^arlametitc^. 

COMMONWEAL, ? s. bie JRe^Jublif, 

COMMONWEALTH. S ber ©taat, iai 
gentc-inc 3Bct"en, i}]iiblifiim ; — of 
learnin;;. bie (*)elel}rteiire)jublif. 

OOMMORANCE (— cy), s. ber 5lllfcitt=: 

^alt, bie aBD{)niing. 
^OMMORANT, aili. wobltbaff, ailfaffig. 
roMMOTlON, s. i. bie 3.^eiveguiig ; 2. 
ber iJlufflanb, ^ilufnibr, bie (Smpe= 
rung ; 3. iSernjirruiig (be* i5erftait= 
its); iSefttgfeit ; Uiiritbe (ber Secle). 
To COMMOVE, V. a. + ^cftig bcwegeit, 

7') COMMUNE, V. n. 1. ftc^ ntittfjeilett, 
ftit ititterreben, bcrnt^en ( — with, 
niit) ; 2. contmuiiinreit, junt 3lbcnb= 
iTta^Ie geben. 

COMMUNICABLE, adj. mitt^eilbflr. 
COMMUNJCABILITY, s. bie 3JJttt[)ei[= 

:oMMUNiCANT, s. ber 5D?itf6etIer ; 
T» COMMUNK^ATS, .... I. a inittf;eitca 

(— to..., eiiictn etmaS), eroffneii; 
tbctleti; \i.n. 1. eoiuinititietreii, juiit 
5Ibeitbmablc ge[}eit; 2. in @cmein= 
fcbaft f)abeit, in einanber gef)en, an 
einanbcrfio^en, «. f. ro. 
COMMUNICATION, s. I. bie 9JJtttbei= 
lung -2. ©einetnrcijaft, 3Serbinbung, 
ber iuerbiiibung«gaitg; 3itf'iini"c»= 
bnng; 3. Umgang, aScrfebv, Unterre= 
bung ; evil — , bijfe ©efeUfcbaft ; he 
has had — with he> er i)<i.t nttt ibr JU 
tbun ge[)abt; a door of—, einc WWu 

COMMLT^ICATIVE {ade. — i,y), L adj. 

1. mtttijeilenb, freigcbig; 2. gefpra^' 
ebig ; —ness ; IF. s.'bie gftigebigfeit, 

COMMUNICATORY axij. mittbeifenb. 
COMMUNION, s. l.i'c®cineiufc^aft; 

2. ©einciue, ©laubenSgeineine: 3. 
baS 2lbcnbma^l ; — cloth, bie m\ax- 
becfe; — cup, ber Jtelc^; — table, 
ber 3Ibenbinab(8tifd), 9lltar. 

COMMUNITY, s. 1. bie (SJeineinffbaff, 
bcr gemeinfrf|)aftli^c 33eftfe; 2. bie 
(SJcinetntjeit, ' (Sciuetnbe, sQurger^ 

ajMMUT ABILITY, s. bte (?af;igfeit ycr= 
voaitbelt, yertaufc^t ju luerben ; ^cr= 

COMMUTABLE, adj. yt vcrwanbeln, 
uertaufc^en ; »erantjerlid). 

COMMUTATION, s. bie 3?ertauf(^itng, 
'.Jlu^iuec^felung, ber Xan^.d) ; bte3Ser= 
toanbluitg ciuer Strafe in eine (art= 
bere) gertngere ; bic 3}er^itberung. 

COMMUTATIVE (adv. — ly), adj. taU= 

fci)e»^ au-Ji»cd;fe[nb. 

To COMMUTE, v. F. a. tattfc^ctt, yertau= 

■ fc^en, nuSivecbfeln ; anslofen; to — a 
punishment, eiiic ©trafc \\x ciuc an= 
bere (geringeve) yerwanbcfn; IL n. 
geuug tf)un, (Srfafj geivabreit. 

coMMUTU.\L, adj. * jrertjfelfcittg, ge= 

COMPACT, s. ber aSergletc^, 93crtr(ig. 

To COMPACT, v.a.i. fcft i(itfainntenKi= 
gen, oerbinben; 2. orbnen, in ein 
e\)f}eni brtitgen ; 3. jufaminenfe^en. 

COMPACT (nrfo.— ly),1. cPinvact, bid)t, 
fcfl; 2. gebrungen, bitnbig; 3. »er= 
bunben, jufaminengefe|t; —, 
-ness, s. bic 5)icbf^ett, f^eftigteit; 
— ure, s. bie Stnbung, gSauavt (li). it.). 

COMPAGES, s. bie iUerbinbung, ber 

coMP.\NioN, s. 1. ber ©efedfdiafter, 
©efpiele; ®efa[)rte; iWifgenpf;; 2. 
ber 53uc|brucfergefe[I, (2d;ril'tfe^er= 
gefeUj 3. ber Orben^rifter; —of the 
garter, ber JlitiebanbSprbenSrittcr ; — 
female, btc ©cfeUfc^aftcrinn. 

COMPANIONABLE («rf«.— ly), adj. ge= 
fellig, umganglid;. 

COMPANIONSHIP, j?. 1. bic ®cfell= 
fcbaft; 2. baS @efp[ge; compositor of 
the — , T>ip. T bcr Stiicffc^er. 

COMPANY, s. 1. bie ©efcUfc^aft; 2. 
3lbll)eilung, (Tpmvagnic ; 3. Tsnuung, 
3nuft; 4. spfenge, ber ^aufen; 5. 
tic .fauffabrteiflPttc; — of a ship, 
bag @d)ifF«ypIf ; to he good — , ein 
gutct @cfellfd)after fettn ;' to bear (to 
keep) — , begtetfeit, ®efellf^aft lei= 

Ti COMPANY, V. L a. beglcitcit, ®efetl-- 

fc^aft iciflcn ; II. «. to — with one, 
fief) I'll ginciii gefeffen, fid) ntit ibin 
abgeben (ypu" ycrfcbiebeneiu ®e= 

COMPARABLE {adr. — ly), aiJj. 9er= 

glcic^bar, ju sergleid^en. 
COMPARATIVE, L aij. »ergfetd)enb ; in 

iBergleid)ung; n.s. Omm. r.ber(ypm= 

isaratia; — ly, ah-. vcrg(cic^ung«ivci= 

fe, in 9Serg(eid)u»g. 
'•«ii COMPARE, V. \. a. ■.''rgleic^en (— 

with..., mit); gtcii$ad)ten (— to 
(Siuem); n. n. a^nlid), gleid) feint. 

COMPARE, s. bie SSerglcidjung ; tat 

COMPARISON, s. 1. bie 3?exgteid)ung ; 
2. bag SBcrbciltiiig; 3. ®letc^nii) ; '4. 
Gram. T. bic Jtpinparattpii ; in — of, 
in 9Sergleid;ung mit, gegeii ; hnyond 
— , unsergleid/lid*. 

To COMPART, r. a. abtbeilcii. 

COMPARTITION, if. bie 3lbtbci(uiig. 

COMPARTMENT, .5. 1. bic ^Ibtbciluitg.. 
bag Selb, Stitcf; 2. r. a?ert(;ethiiig 
(bcr Siguren auf ©cmalben). 

To COMPASS, V. a. 1. iiingcbeii, etit= 
fdjlic^cu; unilageru; bc'.ttjeru, blp= 
tf ircu ; umfaifcit ; 2. nm (.^tiimS ber= 
urn ge^en; 3. ev[)alten, befpmineii, 
gu ©tanbe bringen, burdtfc^cu, 'jp11= 
cnbeu; 4. /.. t. ntit (StmaS unigcbeii, 
anfttftcu; to — the end, baS 3icl ev= 
reic^en ; to — the. death of the king, 
bcni Jlpnige nad) bem l*ebcn flebcn. 

COMPASS, s. 1. bcr Jlreisi, Umfang 
Urns. T. ber <2timine), 3.^cjitE; iV= 
reid) ; ber 3lanm ; 2. Uiniveg ; 3 
(Spinpaf ; to keep within — , ftc|) faf= 
feit, inii^igcn ; to keep one within — , ei= 
ncn im S*"''" batten ;— diaijber.^aitb^ 
cpinpafj, bic gpinpc^nbr ; — saw, r 
bie ?aubfage ; — seal, bag 20a{5pft= 

fcbaft; — timber, .ffruinin^plj ; Com 
passes, or a pair of — ^ ber 3i>"fcf. 

OOJJPASSION, s. taS iiJJitletben, ^r*- 

To COMPASSION, v. a. bctnitfctben, ftit 

COMPASSIONABLE, adj. bcmttleibcng^ 


COMPASSIONATE (adv.—i.\),adj. llltt* 

Icibig; juin 9}?itleibcn gciieigt; — • 
■ ness, s. bte OJfitlcibtgfcit, 
To COMPASSIONATE, v. a. ftc^ crbar* 

men, bcniitlciben. 

coMPATERNiTY.s. bic ®epatterfd)aft, 
COMPATIBILITY, ) s. bic i?ertrag= 
COMPATIBLENESS, 5 lid)feit, iBcretii:' 

barfcit; ber S3cft«nb jroeicr Singe 

mit einanber. 

COMPATIBLE, adj. WaS SUgtctC^ Uttt 

eincm anbern ^inge beffcben fann, 
sereinbar, sertragltd), V'Tffenb ; — ly, 
ado. uertraglid), fd)trf(tcb, fiigficb. 

COMPATRIOT, L ,«.ber SanbSmaitn ; n. 
a'lj. lanbgmiinnifd). 

COMPEER, s. ber :Ti;anii glcidien <BU\n- 
be«, 3}Jttgcnpp, (Samerab, C?pl(egc. 

To COMPEER, V. a. fid) ju (5ttva« fd)i= 
cf en, Vaffcn ; gteidjf pinntcn ; he com- 
peers the best, cr fpiumt bcu 33cjicn 

To COMPEL, V. a. 1. jwingctt, not^i= 
gen; trctbcn; 2. iibcniniltigen, un= 
terfpc^cn ; 3. + evi(unngen. 

COMPELLABLE (adr. — ly), adj. JU 
jmingcn, jwingbar. 

COMPELLATION, s. bic 9{iirebe, ber 

COMPELLER, s. bcr 3wingenbc. 

COMPEND, s. rid. Compendium. 
COMPENDIOUS (adv. — ly), adj. jufam* 

mcnge^pgcn, gebrangt, furg; — ness, 

s. bie Jtiirje, (Scbraiigtbcit. 
COMPENDIL^I, js. bcr furje 53egrtff, 

augjug. ' ^ 

'To CO^iPENSAl'E, v. a (or v. .followed 

by for) erfefecn, yergiiten, cntfc!^abt:« 
gen, fd)ablp« baftcn. 
COMPENSATION, s. bcr (§.x]<x%, bte 
93crgittung, ©cmigtbnnng. 

COMPENSATIVE, adj. erfc^Cltb. 

COMPENSATORY, adj. gcJitigt^uenb, 

To COMPETE. V. w. fid) mit bcwerbtn 

mit anfjalteu; ftd) incffcn mit. 
COMPETENCE (— y\ .5. I. bie 3«» 

Kingii'-bfcit. b.i.^ (^vf.n-bcrntf; 91u«« 




fommeii; 2. btc Sfattfcafttfjfcit; 3. 
/,. T. gompcteitj (93efiii3ttifi ettteS 

3? tcbtcVo) ; to enjoy a — , fctlt gilteS 

Slu.^fommeti (labcit. 
COMPETENT f mfo. — ly), o///. 1 . JUlaitC^^ 

ltc&, I)titrei*cnb ; tau(][ic^, paffciib, 

fd^tcflid); 2. ftatt^afr/3. /.. r. com= 

X)tit\\t, bcfitgt. 
CWMPETiTiON, .^. bte SJtirtcWci-bmtf^, 

bet 9lilfpril(t ; to come in — , glci^= 

fommen, scrgltcl)eti lucrbcit ; to put in 

— with, entgegcnflclkn, vevgleidien. 
COMPETITOR, s. 1. bcr SJIitbetcefber, 

Competent; ^riiteiibent; 2. ©cgncr. 
COMPETiTRESS, — trix, s. bie aJZttbe= 

wcrbcriutt, ?lcbcnbu[)Iei'tnit, u. f. w. 
COMPILATION s. bte 3ufamiitciitra= 

guiig, Sitminfuiiij ; 5Iitbaufuitg. 
To COMPILE, 71. a. auS Sdjviflcit fflm= 

ittclii, jufamuuiitrai^cit ; »cifaffeit. 
COMPILER, s.bci- eoiitpilator, (5amm= 


COMPLACEXCE (— cy), s. 1. brtS ®e= 
fallen, 33ei-rtiiitgeu ; 2. bie a3c[)aglt^= 
Fcit; (DcfaHigfett; 3. ini i;optci)e 

COMPLACEXT {adv. — ly), adj. ^tfiU 

lig, ^ofltc^. 
COMPLACENTIAL, adj. ^rcubc, 35er= 

giiugcn crregcnb. 
To C0MPLAi>f, V. V. flngcii, ftc^ bctta= 

gen, murrcn, fic^ befdju'trcn (—of.., 

Sber ; — to ... , bf i) ; bewetncn. 
COMPLAINANT, s. bcr .(tlager. 
COMPLALNER, j. ber J?lagenbe ; 2J?nr= 

COMPLAINT, .?. 1, btc mac\i, 5^e= 

frfjtucrbc; 2. baS Uebel, bcr Sctjaber,, 

bie ^rrtn!^cit. 
COMPLAISANCE, s. btc ©cfalligfcit; 


COMPLAISANT {a,h — ly), adj. flcfaU 

Itg, ^ijftic^ ; — nnss, .^. baS gcfaHtge 
SSctragcu, bie .6oflirt;Ecit. 

To COMPLANATE, ) v. a. cbcncn, glcic^ 

r«coMPLANE, S mac^cu. 

f.'OMPLEMENT, g. 1. btc (Jvgan^ung, 
03oltcnbnng ; 2. ^iille, bcr 3?orrat() ; 
3. bie Q^ollfommcnbeit ; 4. g. t. 6oin= 
<>{enicnt (eincS Btrfeig) ; 5. .fi.^t. T. bie 
(?ntfernnug cincg StcrncS woin Bc= 
ntti) ; 6. Mil. T. bcr 3icfi bcr 2;cfcn= 
ftonSlinic an bcr (?orttnc ; — of the 
course. JV. T. bic ^Iit^abl bcr ^Pnitftc, 
bte bcin SonrS m 91) ©rabcn fehlcn. 

COMPLEMENTAL, adj. crganjenb. 

OlIMPLETE («dr. — i,y', i adj. 1. I'oU^ 

tlanbig, gan^, oollEontmett, woljt gc= 
tnacfjt; 2. sollcnbct; — ment, .?. bie 
3?cvyol(fommnnng, 3?olIcubitng ; —, s. bie 93oUfoinmenl)ctt. 

To COMPLETE, v. a, 1. vn>Hftanbig, 
oplttommcn, solt^abtig, complct ma- 
c^cn; ocrDoHftaitbigcn, cvgan^cn, 
coinplctiren; 2. Bollet'tbcn; 3.crfiillcn. 

COMPr,ETiON, .5. 1. bie (Svganutng ; 2. 
Prfiillung, aSollcnbitng ;' SScr'uoll' 

COMPLETIVE, ndj. »olIfontmcn ina= 
(f)cnb, crgiiuj^nb. 

COMPLETORV. a'lj. crfiillcilb. 

COMPLEX, I ndj. 1. jitfainmcn »cr= 

COMPLEXED, S flod^tcii, ^nfainmcngc^ 
fc^t, altgcmcin ; 2. ycrwtifclt, fcfiwcr. 

COMPLEXEDNESS, .s. bie 3ufammcn= 
gefe^t^eit; 33cnvorrcnftcit. 

COMPLEXION. 1. bie Sarbc, ®cfi4ifJ= 
favbc,ba§3lnfclicn; 2. !Icinpcraincnr; 
bie ?cibcgbcfd)(ifcitl)cit; 3. bie g[?cr= 
flcd;tung (w. ii.) ; — ai, adj.iaiXcm' 
Jjcvamcitt betrcffcnb ; a — virtue, cine 
3:;cinperaincitt«tngcnb ; —ally, a<iv. 
md) bem S:cmpcramente; — ed, nrf/. 

in. compos, well — eil, OPII ailteilt 5!eilts 

peraiitcittc, gufcr 5^cfrf)aflrcnbeit. 


COMPLEXLY, adv. sitfamincngcfcfet; 

COMPLEXURE, s. bie 3ufitinmcnl)au= 

fung, 33crbtnbnng, 
COMPLIABLE, arf/. itad^gicbig, tuillfa^: 

COMPLIANCE, *. btc aSillfa^rung; 

2SiIlf;i()vtgfett; 3lac^giebtgfcit, ®e= 


COMPLIANT {adv. — ly), adj. »3tllfa^= 

rig, gcfallig, artig. 

Tj COMPIJCATE, V. a. 1. Scrwicfctn ; 

2. oerflccbtcn, ocrbtnbcn, 5ufainmcii= 

COMPLICATE {adv. — ly), adj. 'OiXXoU 

idt, oerftocfiten, ycrbuiibcn, jitfant- 
mcngcfc^t; — ness, s. bie a[>crfloc&= 
tcnl)cit, Bufammcngefc^t^cit, ^crs 

COMPLICATION, 5. 1. bie 9Scrn.nJc= 
lung, SScrbinbung; 2. ba§ ©cwcbc, 
©cnjirr; —of figures, r bic ©ruppc 
(»on jufainincngcflclUcn 5ig«rcn); 

— of miseries, cin ®cWcbc SOlt @lcub. 

COMPLICE, s. bcr jBJitfc^utbigc. 

COMPLIER. s. ber willfabrigc 2JJcnfc{). 

COMPLIMENT, s. 1. ba« (Sompltincnt ; 
2. bflS ®efci)Cllf; to give the — s of 
the day, griigcit (Seinanb), bic ^t\t 
bicten ; in — to ... , aus Slrtigfeit gc- 
gen .... 

To COMPLIMENT, v. a. <S- n. 1. COIH:: 

tolimcnttrcn, cin (Jomplimcnt ntad)cn ; 
bcwillfommcn ; fct)mcid)cln; 2. ftf^ 
mtt ciitcm ®efc^)cn£ (cincm XxM- 
gclbc) abfinben. 

COMPLIMENTAL (ndv. — ly), adj. mil 

(feinplimcntci!, Ijbflicl). 
COMPLIMENTER, s. bcv 6ompliincn= 
tcniuacf)er, Jpofling. 

COMPLINE, s. T. bic eoiltplctC. 
TuCOMPLISH, V. a. vid. To Accom- 

COMPLOT. s. ba« gompiott, b?r bofe 
nnb bcimlic^c 5lnfd)lag, bic 9iptte. 

To COMPLOT, r. n. >?- rt.'ciu ^Pinptott 

inad;cn, fid; bcimtid) jufainnicnrpt= 
ten, Pber »crfd)roi)rcn, l)ctinltc|) auf 
ctroaS uingct)cn. 

COMPLOTAIENT, s. bic 3nfainincnrpt= 
lung, fai eomplptt, bic 93crfd;wij= 


To COMPLY, V. n. willfar)rcn, fplgcn, 
nad^gcbcn, gcfaflig fcijn- ftc^ nad) 
ctnjaS rtdtten, fid) wprciii fc|i(fcn, 
ergcbcn; to — with one, with the 
times, fic^ in Gincn, ftd) ru bic 3cit 
fd)icfcn ; I — with your offer, ic^ laffc 
mir 35rcu 93prfd)taggcfallcn ; com- 
plied with, gcmillfabrt, mit (StiuaS 
jufricbcn; you shall be complied with, 

man unrb 3^rcn SBtllcn crfitUen. 

COMPLYER, s. nid. Compliisr. 

To COMPONDERATE, v. a. abwagcn. 

COMPONE (CT>MPONEn), part. adj. H. 

T. mi jwei garbcn bcftc^eub,5ufain= 

COMPONENT, adj. aitgntac^cnb ; — 

parts, btc 93cflanbt()cile. 
To COMPORT, V. I. V. ftc6 scrtragcu, 

iibcrctnjiiinnten (mit with) ; 11. reji. 

to — one's self, fid; »crl)altcn, f[c^ be= 

ncl)me«, fic^ bctragen. 
COMPORT, s. HS aScr^altcn, g3cuc|= 

COMPORTABLE, adj. nid)t iinbcrfprc= 

dicnb, snfammcnbangcnb, filjidflid;. 
7o COMPOSE, v.a. i. jufammcnrc^cn ; 

2. vcrfcrttgcn, ocrfaffcn, au-Sarbciten; 

3. bcrcitcn, prbnen, jurcc^tftcllcn Pber 
Icgcn ; 4. fc^liditcn, fitllcn, bcilcgcn, 
bern{)tgcn ; 5. Typ. t. fcftcn, abfc|ctt ; 

6. Jl/it,?. T. CPmpPnircn ; — vour mind, 

berubige btdi, faffe (fammlc) bid); to 
be composed of, bcftc^CU an? ... , 

auSmadficu; to — one'iMf etnccrnft* 
^aftc 2JJicnc annc^mcn, ^d) faffen ; 

to — ' one's self to sleep, ftd) 5U11^ 

S^lafcn anfd)icfcn; to —one's set 
for one's end, fid) jum S^obc ouberci-- 

COMPOSED (adv. — ly), adj. gcfcfel 

crnftbaft; rubig, gclaffcn; — ness, 
bic @efcfetl)cit; ©clnffcn^ctt, 9?ul;f. 

COMPOSER, s. 1. bcr aScrfaffcr; 2, 
Scljer ; 3. (^pmppnifl. 

COMPOSING-STICK, s. Tijp. T bcr 2Cin= 

COMPOSITE, flrf/. jnfammcngefcfet; — 
pillars, gcfuppcttc (Saulcn. 

COMPOSITION, s. 1. bic 3ufammcnfc' 
^ung, a)Jifd)nng, gpmppfitipn; 2 
3iifainmeuficUnng, -Jlnprbnung, feini 
rid)tnng ; 3. i33crbinbung, bcr 3"= 
famincnl)ang ; 4. bic 5>crfertigung ; 

5. Typ. T. bcr <Sa^ ; bie Sc^fnnft ; 

6. €4)rtft, bcr 9luffafe; 7. bic ^cile= 
gnng, bcr ^crglcid), SScrtvag, bte 
51u«atcic^ung ; 8. /.. t. 5?crgiitung 
bc8 3ff)f"tS; — of gesture, bic au9c= 
re gaffnng ; — metal, cine 3}JctaU' 

COMPOSITOR, s. bcr (Sdirift:) gc^cr ; 

— 's board, Typ. T. basi Scfebrct. 

COMPOST, 5. bcr Sijingcr. 

To COMPOST, V. a. biingcn. 

CONH'OSURE, s. 1. bic Saffuitg, ®cfc^t.- 
bctt, ,^ul)c ; 2. bie 3uf«niincnfc^ung, 
5Scrbinbung ; 5lnprbnung, @inrid)= 
tnitg ; 3. bte 93evfaffung, gorm, ©c 
ftalt ; 4. baS Scmpcramcut, bie ®c= 
miitl}«ftimmun(j ; 5. bic 9tn«arbct= 
tnng, ber 9luf|a5; 6. bcr iBcrtrag, 

COMPOTATION, s. iaS 3ccbgclag, 

COMPOTATOR, s. bcr 3c(^bruber. 

To COMPOUND, V. I. a 1. sufammtU' 
fc^cn, ycrbtnbcn; jjcrmtfcbcn; ? 
«u§inad;cn ; 3. »crglcid)cn, bcilcge.t ; 
II. 71. 1. ( — for, wcgcn) ft^ ocrglct: 
cbcn, an?glcid;cn, abfinben ; 2. bnrd) 
9lnfppfcrung ctiuas crljiltcu; 3. gut 

COMPOUND, L mij. jufaiitmcngcfc^'.t ; 
— flower, cine ait* mcbrcrcn tleincii 

931iit[)Cn bcftc()CllbC 3.Mumc ; — inter- 
est, bcr 3tnfcni(inS ; ir. .■;. ba§ nifam= 
mcngcfc^tc 5Dtng, bie 2)?tfc^uiig, 

COMPOUNDAP.LE, ndj. jufammcusufc^ 
^cn, mifd)bar. 

COMPOUNDER, .?. 1. ber (3ufammen= 
fc^cnbc) 33cffcrttgcr : 2. bic gjZiltclS= 
i'crfpn, bcr gricbcnsflifter. 

To COMPREHEND, r. a. i. iu fid) bf= 

grcifcit, in ftc^ faffen ; 2. begreifeit, 
faffen, ocvflcbcn. 

COMPREIIENSIHLE {adv. — ly), ndj. 

fa^lid), bcgrciflid; ; — ness,i.bieS»i6= 

COMPREHENSION. .?. 1. bcr ^gegviff, 
ikrftanb, bic ?vnffung«traft ; 2. bcr 
Subcgriff, llmfang ; 3. ber ?lu«iiug, 
gcbrangte Slbritj; 4. t bie <Si)i\(ho= 
d)c (rbctpr. j^igiir); an act of—, a. 
T. cine $arlaii'icitt«actc, tt)cld)C allc 
5>artcicn in fid) bcgreift. 

COMPREHENSIVE \ndv. — ly), adj. 1. 

be^cutnng§yp^ ; »ic[ nmfaffcnb, iiad)= 

briitflid); 2. gcbrcingt, fcrnig; — 

ness, .V. 1. bic gcbrangte Jtiirje; 2. 

To COMPRESS, V. n. i. jufamiitcnbriis 

(fen, jiifantmcnbrtingcit, cmibcnftrcn ; 

2. umfaffcn, nmarmcn (fd)iiuingcrn). 
COMPRES.S, s. s. T. bic ©pmprcffc, UiS 

C0MPRi':ssiBlLlTY, 1 s. bic ^tgen= 

fammcnbtitcfcti ju laffcn. 

COMPRESSIBLE (— -iveI, adj. bc8 3u. 

fantmcnbriicfcul fdl)ig. 




cxJMPKESSiON (— ure), s. icis 3ufnm= 
nteiibriirfeu, bic Sufammciibi'uifiing, 
bcr Srutf, bie Sprcffung. 

COMPRISAL, s. bcr Snbegviff. 

To COMPRISE, V. a. tit ftci) faffett, tit 

ftd) begvetfcu, ctiif^ltc^eii,cnti)alteii. 

ro-COMPROBATE, v. n. Ukrctllfttm= 

men, fid) bcftcitigen. 
COMPROMISE, s. 1. L. T. bev gom^nj^ 
mi^; 2, bcr iBcrcjleicfc ; aSerti-nfi; to 
put a thing in — , ciite ©ac|)C (S4)tcb§= 
vtc^tcvit iibcvtvagcn. 

To COMPROMISE, v. a. 1. (5c^tcb§rtc{) = 
ter aiincf)meti, ft^ bevufcit (auf); 2. 
ciiinjtUtgcn (tit) ; ftci) «crgletci)en {xot- 
jjcii) ; 3. bcctiitracf)tt0cn, blogftdleii, 
©civalt aiitbiiit, aiifopferit; to — 
one's principles, feitlCll (Sl'itllbfiiljCU 

juiuibei: f)aitbeln, tf)nen ©eaalt aw- 

COMPROMISER, s. bcr 9luSgIeicI;cr, 

COMPROMISSORIAL, adj. fi-^teb§vic|ter= 

Tu CXJMPROMIT,!). a. SCVf^VC^Clt, 5uft= 


COMPROVINCIAL, aJj. au§ bcV WhwV.' 

d^eit ^routiis. 

COMPTROL (— ll). s. S,- To COMPTROL 

( — ll), v. a. &-c^ vid. Control, &.c. 
COMPULSATlVE(adu.— ly), ? adj. 

gciib, siuangsiucife, nttt ©eiualt ; ait= 
trctbciib; — oath, bef fleswuiigciic 

COMPULSION, s. ber 3w««9/ 5lntvteb, 
bic cvlitteite ©eroalt. 

COMPULSIVE {adv. — ly), adj. t,WhU 

■ rtcnb; mit 3>i-'^"9; — ness, s. ber 

COMPULSORY (adc. — ily), adj. vid. 

COMPUNCTION, .?. baS ©tcc^CIt ; bte 

Serfiiivfc^ung, 9leue, bev ®eanffeng= 


COMPUNCTIOUS, ) adj jcffitiifcbcnb, 
cOxMPUNcrriVE, i 9teue erroccfeiib. 
COMPURGATION, s. bic ciblidje 53 e= 

ftati(}uitg ; ciblid^e 3fled;tfci'ttguug, 

COMPURGATOR, s. bee ciblii^ beftattg= 

ti 3eii(?f' ©enjcibrsntaiiit. 
COMPUTABLE, adj. tcvec^cnbar, 511 bcs 

vcd)itcit, jiiblbav. 
COMPUTANT, s. ber ^Berecfciier, 3iecf): 

nev, Dtcc^Climeifter, rvV/. Computer, &c. 

COMPUTATION, 5. bic Sevec^iiuiig, 

To COMPUTE. V. a. rci$iteit ; Bere(^= 

neu, rt«Sved;itcit, iibcrfc^Utgcn (at..., 

COMPUTER, .?. ber S3erec|itcv, ■3led;tter, 


COMRADE, s. bcr Samevab, ®cfaf)rtc. 
To CON, V. a. au^weitbig lentcit, jtubi= 

To CONCAMERATE, v. a. XoblUu ; toic 

etii ©enjblbc bilbcit. 

CONCAMERATION, s. btC SBiJlbuitg ; 

bas ®en)i)lbf, berSBogcn. 

To CONCATENATE, v. a. jufainmeiitet= 
ten, iier!ettett. 

CONCATENATION, s. btc SSerfcttuitg. 

CONCAVATION, s. bte 9lu§p^Iuiig. 

CONCAVE, I. adj. COItCrtV, runbl)o^I, 
I)dI)(, Dcrticft; — glass, iaS ^Dl)l= 
glaS; — lens, bte >§Dl)Uiltfe; — mir- 
ror, ber .^ofalfpiegcl ; — razor, baS 
|obIgcfd)liffeiic3fiat^vmcffcrj ll.s. bte 
.§i.ibluiig, ^6l)le. 

To CONCAVE, V. a. au8bof)[clt. 

DONCAVENESS, ) s. bic vunbe ^l)|= 
CONCAVITY, i lung, ^ijblc. 

CONCAVO-CONCAVE, adj. auf tctbeit 

(Scitcrt bcbl. 

CONCAVO-CONVEX, adj. fluf bcr cincn 
Seite iiol)l, anf ber nubcrn crljabcn 

CONCAVOUS (adv. — ly), adj. COncay, 


To CONCEAL, V. a. vcc^cimlid^en, vtv- 

I)eb(cii, ocrbergen (from, einem etamS). 
CONCEALABLE, adj. Sit »erbcinilii-i)cn. 
CONCEALER, s. bev U^cvbcrger, .§cl;= 


CONCEALMENT (— ing), s. 1. btC 5Bcr= 

t)cimlid)ung, 33ev^eblung ; L^eimlic^* 
!cit ; 2. ber 3ufIuc^t§ort. 

To CONCEDE, i). a.bewilligen, jugcljeii, 
einvaumen, »crftattcii, gcma^ren. 

CONCEIT, s. 1. bev ^ec}viff. bie Sbce, 
bcr®ebaiife; 2. bie (Sinbilbnng ; 3, 
ber aSerftanb; 4. bie 2)?etnung; 5. 
flute aJietnung yon fid; fclbft ; 6. ber 
(Sinfall ; to be out of — with a thing, 
ctner Sadjc itberbriifftg fei)n;_ to be 

out of — with one's self, lllit ftc^ 

fflbft ntd)t jufrieben fcv)n; he has 

put me out of — with it, CV fjitt mtv 

alle Sufi baju 'bcni.Mitmen. 

To CONCEIT, V. a. ftcb fintilbClt, ftC^ 

Borftclleu, miibncn, metucu, glauben, 

CONCEITED (adv. — ly) adj. ciltgel)il= 

, bet, 2)itnfc[ befi§enb; ajfccttvc gc= 
jicrt, cjefiinflelt : — ness, s. bcr Siiu^ 
fcl, @tgcnbiiuEcl; ba3 nffectirte, ge= 
jiertc aBcfen. 

CONCEIVABLE (nrfi..— ly), a(//.gcbenf= 

bar, begrciflid), faplid); —ness, s. bie 
®ebeitfbar!eit, Si3egrcifli*!eit. 
To CONCEIVE, v. a. ^- n. 1. cm^jfangcn, 
fd)roanger werben ; 2. faffen, begrei= 
fen; fid) cineu S3egriff son ^twaS 
madjcu; ftr^ benfcn; 3. fafiir i)aU 

ten, ntciucit ; to — an affection for, 

Suncigniig faffen ju, licb gewtnnen ; 

to -^ a jealousy, ciucrt Qlrgmobn faf= 

fen ; to "— one's death, SemaubcS Sob 

iei ftc^ bcfd)liei3tn. 
CONCEIVER, s. ber SSegycifenbe, Saf- 

CONCENT, s. 1. bic ^annonie, ber ©itt= 

filing ; 2. bic (Stnftimmigfcit, Uebcr= 

CONCENTFUL, adj. '^flrmonifd). 
To CONCENTRATJG, v. a. COncClltvircn, 

5ufammcnjifben, in eincit Spuntt ver= 
cinigett, jsufamnicnfaffcn. 
CONCENTRATION, s. bie 3"fti»tinfn= 
stcbuiin; 33cvciuig«ng nuf eiiteu 

To CONCENTRE (— er). v. I. a. Con= 

ceutriren, auf cincn spuiift ^ufani^ 
mciibringtn; Ii. 11. in, auf cincn 
$uiift jitfammculrtufcii, 5ufamincn= 

CONCENTRIC, adj. ciueu gemciiifc^nft= 
lid)cn ?JJitte[punft babcnb, c«nccu= 

CONCENTUAL, arf/.'^amionifd). 

CONCEPTACLE, s ias 33el)alfnitl. 

CONCEPTION, s. 1. bie (SiTtpfangnig; 
2. aSorftellung, 3bce,bcr 33cgrifr,®e= 
baufe; 3. gScvftaub; 4. .(SiiifaU; 5. 
bic gj^cinung. 

To CONCERN, v.a.i. angc^fit, 6etrcf= 
fen, gctten, tntevcfftveu ; 2. fid) bc= 
fitmmern; ftc^ in @t»a3 mifcben, 

(gorge madbcn ; it concerns me, fS bc= 

trifft mid) ; e§ tfi miv baran gelcgen ; 

to — one's self with, fic^ «m (StmciS 

bcfitmmcrn, fic^ unt etwa« bemiibeit, 
ftd) bamit obgebcn. . 

CONCERN,.?, l.'bic Slugelcgcn^eit, (2a= 
d)c, baS ®cffl)aft ; 2. S'ntereffe, bic 
Sbeilnabme ; 3.a)3ic^tigfcit;4. (Sov= 
ge, ber jlummev ; I Imve no — with it, 
id) i/dU bamit nid;t^ 511 fdjaffcn ; 

things of the utmost — , 2)iuge OOU iiu- 
(jcrfier SBidjttgfett ; it is none of my 
— , (S gct)t mid) iiirf)t3 an; the whole 
— , bic ganje @cfc^id)te. 

CONCERNED, part. adj. 1. tetroffeu ; 2. 

(— in), in @tma8 iH'rmicfcU, babciiu= 

tercffirt, t»ctf)ciligt fchr, ; 3. (,di;. ~ 
ly), bcfitmmevt, bctriUu, in Uurnbe, 
in 3Serlegcuheit; ( — at, for, about 
wcgen, iiber (StmaS) ; his life is — , c^ 
bctrifft (gilt) feiu Sebcn ; what are 
you — at ■? KaS gebt'? 3f)"f" "" ? you 
were a little — , ®ie ttjarcii ctiuaS bc= 
treten, bctvoffcit, fatten ttwaS iini?o= 

J.ife ; I will not be — with him any more, 

ict) wili nid)t§ mcl)r mit iijiii ju tt)W<i 

CONCERNMENT, .9. 1. bie Slngclcgcni 

l)cit, ba« ©cfdjaft ; 2. bic 3Bi*tig- 

fcit; 3. S'.bcilnabmc; 4. ©emiitbsbc; 

wegnng ; 53efiimmevntv, (aorge, llii; 

rube, ber @tfcr. 
To CONCERT, v. a. iibcvbcnfcii, aitflcl? 

leii, einricl)ten; ucrabrebcu, bcratb- 


CONCERT, s. 1. bag KoilCCrt; 2. bt? 

Ueberctnflimmung; 3. yibrcbc, baS 
Scrftanbnijj ; in — , einiierfianbcn ; by 
— , cinmiitl)ig, einl)ellig. 

CONCERTO, .s. Mas. T. baS SoitCCrt ; 


CONCESSION, s. bie SciinlltguniL ^■r= 
Iaubui9, SScrgiinjlifiung ; iai 3"9f- 
ftanbnip ; bic ©iuraumung. 

CONCESSION.VRY, adj. bciuidigctlb, 


CONCESSIVE {adn. — ly), adj. uad)gic= 

big ; mit SSewiUigung. 
CONCH. .?.biegrot'ceecmufc^eI,(?d)"f"' 

CONCHOID, s. Math. T. bic Sd)liedi-n= 

linie, (S^jirallinie. 
CONCHOIDAL, adj. fd^nccJcn^Iiiiifii) 

CONCHOLOGIST, s. ber 2}iufd)elf!!nbi= 

gc, ber in bcr 3)]ufd)cIIcbre (Irfabrenc. 
c'oNCHOLOGY, s. bic 5Diuf^eUel)rc. 
To CONCILIATE, v. a. 1. «evfd)affcn, 

erwcrbcn; 2. »crfiji)neit, wiebev 'HX" 

CONCILIATION, s. 1. bie aSevfc^affutig, 

(Srlnngnng ; 2. g3crfij()iiung. 
CONCILIATOR, s. bcv sBcrmtttlcr. 
CONCILIATORY, adj. flnifbfjncub, »cr« 

CONCINNOUS, fl(7;.fc^i(JIi(|,fiigIid), ar« 

tig, uctt. 

CONCIONATORY, adj. JU cillCV 5]3rc= 

bigt gebi^rig. 

CONCISE («'/". — ly), adj. luvj, ge= 
briingt; bitnbijj; in gebrongter j?iir= 
je ; — ncs.s. s. bte Jliif^c, ©ebriingtbcit 
(in bcr Dtcbc unb Sd)veibart). 

CONCISION, s. bie 9lbfd)neibuiig, SDc= 
fcbncibung, Scvfitucibung. 

CONCITATION, s. bic (Srvegung. 

CONCLAMATION, s. bCV yiu^ruf (»01l 

sielen jufammcn). 
CONCLAVE, s. 1. ba§ Sonclase, gc= 

I)cime 3ii"i"*''i-' ; ^- bie ge^ctme il3cr= 

Tu CONCLUDE, 1). (I. I?" TC. 1. fd)lie{jcn, 

bcfd)lic^en, cnbigcu; 2. fiebenbigeu; 
' 3. fd)Itci5cn, folgeru; urtf)ei(cn ; 4. bc= 

f^iicScn, ftrb ju etiiuia cntfcblicfien ; 

entfc^ciben, bcftimmen ; 5. vcrvplirb- 

tcn; to—, jnm 53cfd)luffc, fd)lic9= 

lid) ; your argument concludes not. 3t)t 

®runb bewcipt nid)t. 
CONCLUDENCY, s. bcr (Sd)Iuv, bie 

©c^lutJfelge, golgcrnng. 
CONCLUDENT, adj. entfd;cibcnb, biiu= 

CONCLUDING, adj. fd)Itc(5enb, fc^Iicfjs 

\id) ; — line, jv. T. baS SaUveep an 

bcr ©turmleiter. 
CONCLUSION, 1. .9. baS ©nbc, bcr 93c* 

feeing; 2. (SdVhif!, bie golgcrung, 

golge; 3. bie (Sntfdieittmg; in — , 

jum iiefd)l»ffc, fdjlieplic^; to trj 

— s, 93crfHd)c auftellen. 
CONCLUSIVE {'idp. — iy), a'j. 1. 

fd)htfjgcvcd)t, cntfdjcibrib: 2. fd)I«»» 




^cnb, Bunbif^; 3. jum Seeing; 4. 
— ncss, s. bie '-Biinbiijteit ; Solgeiici^; 
tigfett, ©ctjlu^rt^tigfett. 
To coxcoAGULATE, r. a. jufammcn; 
flertniten mac^en, tiictne 2)taffeljrtit= 

CONCOAGULATIOX, s.bie 3ur<'"l"l«"' 

'I'o concik;t, v. a. 1. uerbaufti ; 2. 

biirc^ .§i(je lautcrn, btgevircn ; 3. rets 

feu; 4. ^. auSftimcn, anfpiniten. 
CONCOCTION, s. 1. bte 33erbaminj] ; 2. 

^^liuteruiig ; 3. -Steifung. 
CONCOCTIVE, adj. ocrbaueitb. 
CONCOMITANCE, (— cy), s. bie Se= 

glettung, ©emetiif^aff. 
cocoMiTANT, I. adj. bfgfctteitb, mit= 

lutrfenb, baiiiit uevBunbfit ; il. s. bcr 

Sei^lcttcr ; — ly, adv. Ill QScglcituttg ; 

til @cmftitfcl)aft. 
CONCORD, s. I. bie (Sintracbt, ©itttg= 

fctt; 2. bcr Sevtrng ; 3. 3ufiinintcn= 
■flnng, bie Ueberetiifttminuitg, .§ar= 

inonte, (Sonfonanj. 
CONCORDANCE (— y), s. 1. bicUeter^ 

einfiimiiiuitg, ©iit^eUigfctt ; 2. 6on= 

covbailj, ba'g Goncorbaujbuct). 

CONCORDANT (adv. — Ly), .-idj. Cttt= 

tvad)tig, ciuflimmig. 
CONCORDAT, s. itv ^(xtxaq, 33er= 

glctc^ ; bnS Soitccrbrtt. 
coiNCORDisT, s. bet jyevfaffer etiter 

CONCORPORAL, adj. WW beiH itainlt= 

c^cii ?eibc; eiiioerlrtbt. 
To CONCORPORATE, v. n. ftcf) eill«ei;= 

leiben, ftilj yevetuigcit. 
CONCORPORATION, s. bte (Sint)cvlei= 

CONCOURSE, s. 1. bcr 3»f<mf» 5Iitf= 

(oitf, i^aitfctt, bie SSerfammlitng, 

9J2eiigc; 2. ticv 5)itrc^f(f)uctbuug6=, 

(■ONCREMENT, s. bcv 3iifammenf[uf, 

Sufammftigeit)act)fene (fefie) .$tlu-vicr. 

JJNCRESCENCE, s. bci: 3«ft11"lll«l= 

ujur^g, bag 3iif«iii>ncntxiarf)fen. 
,;> CONCRETE, 71. I. 7!. jiifainnicitge= 
viiiucn, utr SJJnffe wevbcii, anfrf;icpcn 
(yon JTi-iftalkii); il. a. juv 3}ia{fe 

CONCRETE, s. bte 5Wafi(e, ber Jliji'^ct ; T. bag Soncvctitm. 

CONCRETE ((wZw.— ly), adj. 1. jufant- 

nicitgcfefet ; fovpevlicb ; 2. j^g. t. 
couci'et (iiic()t abf^iMct) : ness, — s. bte 
^^Jcriiimiitg ; ^DVpcvticftfcit. 
r;oNCRETiON, s. bte aScrfiJvpevung, 

OJJnffe ; — of tlie eye-lids, Med. T. bds 

3ufamiiietniia^fen bcr 9iugenlicber. 
CONCRETIVE, adj. gcvimicii luac^cnb, 

CONCUBINAGE, s. baS Goiiciiiittat, bte 

•Cmrerei, .KcO«eI;e. 
CONCUBINE, s. bie SSeifdjlaferttiii, 


■;•./ CONCULCATE, r. a. jcrtreteii. 
CONCUPISCENCE .■?. bie Scgtcrbe, bijfe 

Sufi, {5leifct)eslu|l, Unjuc^t. 
CONCUPISCENT, adj. 1. begef)rlic^ ; 2. 

icgieiig, wolliifiig. 
)XCUPisciBLE, adj. 6egel)reub, tic= 

.]cl)vlic^ ; — appetite, bCt Segc^= 


To CONCUR, v.n.\. sufammcutreffcu ; 
2. ubereiuftiiumiiicu (wiiii, mit), bci^ 
Vflicbtcn; 3. mitwivEeit, bcitragen 
■to, juj ; 4. terbunbeu fei;n ; — figures. 
Mat. T. ctuanber beifenbe Sigureu. 

CONCURRENCE, (— cy), s. 1. bd§ 3u= 
fammeutvcffcii, ber 3ufammcuflutl ; 
2. bie UcOevciiiflimmung ; 3. 3»fttin= 
mung, U3eipfli'tfung; 4. g}Jitn.nv= 
fuug, ber iBcijianb ; 5. gleirlje 9In: 
fpru4 ba§ gcmciu)'cl)aftl"td;e 3i(d)t. 

CONCURRENT, I. adi. i. ubcrcinfiim= 

iiiig; 2. : litiuirtciib ; II. s. ber, bie, 


bag Ucbercinfiimmeube, 2)Jihvtrten; 

be ; III. — ly, ado. auf uberetufti!n= 

mcnbc 3lrt. 
CONCUSSION, s. bie ©ift^iitterung, 

ber ©totj. 

CONCUSSIVE, adj. erfc^itttcmb. 
To COND, V. a. .V. T. ba« <3teuer (ben 

2JJanrt am Steuer fominanbiren, 

^euern ; to — a fisherboat, bcrt .§a= 

ringeftf(^ern uon einer Shi^ijhc ben 

3ug ber .^aringe aujetgcu. 
To CONDEMN, v. a. 1. »ei-fcamnieu, uev= 

Urtt)Ctlcn (to — death, jnm !iobt) ; 

2. cine ©etbbti^e auflcgeii ; 3. coufig= 

circn ; 4. scrroerfcn, tabeln. 
CONDEMNABLE, adj. uerbautinlicl), 

ijenrerflic^. • 

CONDEMNATION, 5. 1. bic 3>erbam= 

muug, bag 9Scrbammunggurtf)eit ; 2. 

bte 2)er»cvfung. 
CONDEMNAJORY, atij. »erbvintmcnb, 

COMDEMNER, .1. 1. bcr 33erurtf;et[er; 

2. fabler. 
CONDENSABLE, adj. 1. ju verbitfeit, 

geriunbar; 2. abj'ufitrjen. 
To CONDENSATE, i v. I. a. scrbicfen. 
To CONDENSE, 3 btcfer macl;cu ; 5u= 

fainmenbrangen, _ abfiirjeu ; il. n. 

bid jcerben, gcrinneuj Condensing 

engine, T. bte (5pmvtef)toiigmafd)i5ie. 

OONDFJSrSATE, adj. DCrbicft. 

CONDENSATION, a. bic aSerbiifiiug, 


CONDENSATIVE, adj. uerbicfcnb. 
CONDENSATOR, s. T. bie \*uft»cvbtcl;= 


CONDENSE, m//. btd,bt*t, serbicft, feft. 
CONDENSER, s. T- ^ii^ (TPniprcfftoug= 

CONDENSITY, k. bie Stcfit^cit. 
CONDER, .9. 1, 6er 9luffe^er iibcr ben 

Steuermauu; 2. ber ben ^ariugg= 

rtfc{)ern von ctucr 9lnf)oi)e bcu 3"il 

ber ^(iringe angeigt. 
To CONDE-SCEND, v. n. ftc^ bcrailaf- 

feu; miUfa^veu; geru^en; fic^ ge= 

fallen laffen. 
CONDESCENDENCE, > s. bie .§cral)Iaf= 
CONDESCENSION, J fitng ; aOilifaf): 


CONDESCENDING (adi:—L\), adj. f;er= 

ablaffeiib, gefvillig. 
CONDESCENSIVE, adj. I;erablaffcnb, 

9ffj«'3- ,. , , 

CONDIGN, adj. scvbieut, gc^orig, jDur= 

big, nngcmeffen; adv. — ly, narf) 


CONDIGNITY, *. bag iBerbtcufi. 
CONDlGNTfESS, s. btc ^IngcmeffeuEicit 
CONDIMENT, s. bie aSiirjc, S8rii[)e. 
CONDISCIPLE, .<!. bcr 3JJitfrf)ulcr. 
CONDITION, .». 1. bic Scbwgitng, ber 

a3orbe£)aIt; 2. ber @taiiV3iiftaub, 
44e ?age; 3. ber ©timb, SJang; 4. 

bcr3"ftaiib, bie Scf4)affcnl;eit,eigeu= 

To CONDITION, v. a. .?■ n. 93cbingiin= 

genmac^cn; tebingen, augmaci)cn. 

CONDITIONAL, La.'/;. I. bebtngt ; 2. 

bcbingenb, bcbinglid) ; il s. + bie 
(Sinffurciufung, ber 3iifnfc- 

coNDiTiONALtry, s. bte 33ebingt[;eit, 

CONDITIONALLY, ad„. bebingungg= 
TOcife, bebiitgf, nnter S3cbingungen. 

CONDITIONKD, adj. befc^affeit, b'el;al= 
ten, gcartet ; good — or foir — , gut- 
artig, gutmiit()ig ; iii — , fc^[ecJ)t be= 
ffbaffcn, unfreunblid) ; m. k. (»on 
^Pafeten (ober SBaaren) fd)Ied)t con= 
bitionivt; »evbprbcn, fd^ab^aft; well, 
— , wobl conbitionivt, ttjol)! ge^altcn, 

CONDOLATORY, adj. conboltrenb, 6ct= 
Icibgseigenb; a —epistle, ein (Vonbo* 

To CONDOLE v. 1. n. fetu Scilcib be « 
jeigen, conbolircn ; n. a. to — witc 
one, mit Semanbem fceflagen, 6c 

CONDOLEMENT, 8. bic 33ctritbnif5 
2;rauer, bag aSef)nagen. 

CONDOLENCE, s. bag Scilcib, bii 


CONDOLER, s. ber (Joubolireube. 
CONDOR, s. ber fe'outor. 
To CONDUCE, V. n. bicucn, bcitragcu 

forberlic^, be^iilf(td) fcv)u (— to, ju 

CONDUCEMENT, .s. bic ati^tuug, ba^ 

CONDUCENT, arfj. btcitlic^, forbcrlirf). 


CONDUCIBLE (— ive), {adv. — ly, adj 

bienlid), nii^Iic^, be()itlflid), bcfor= 
berlid); —ive to, angemeffen ; beitra= 
gcnb ju, u. f. u\ 

CONDUCIBLENESS, > .9. bic 3)ientid); 

CONDUCIVENESS, s fcit, 9^iifelid)feit. 

CONDUCT, s. 1. bie giil)rung, 2citung, 
Seglcitung, bag ©eleit; bie 9;?c= 
beoung ; 9infii^rung ; 2. "iluffit^ntug, 
bag iBetragcn; 3. bie 3SenuaItung.' 

rw CONDUCT, r. fl. 1. fiibvcn, leitc'u : 

2. gclciten, bcgleiteu ; 3. ycrnjaltf ii, 
fiibrcn, anorbiieu; to — one's self, 
ftc^ betragen. 

CONDUCTER, s. rid. Conductor. 

CONDUCTION, s. T. Scituug (wic biird) 

CONDUCTITIOUS, adj. bcbimgcn, gc= 

CONDLXTOR, s. 1. ber Siitirer, e^ort= 

bucteur; 33cgleifcr ; 2. 9liifii^rer ; 

3. a^encalter; 4. t. Soubuctor: 
Sli^ablettcr ; 5. 5. T. ber SBegmciffr 
beim <Stcinfd^nitt. 

CONDUCTRESS, s. bie f^iif^reriuit, 3?f= 

glcitevtnn, 9lnfiif)rcrinn. 
CONDUIT, s. bie Ciobrc; Saffcrki= 

lung ; —pipe, bie 2Bafferri5f)re, ber 


To CONDUPLICATE, v. a. ycrbop^clll. 

CONDUPLICATION, s. 1. bic 93erDo))pc= 
lung; 2. ^rbfc^rift; bag ^upltcat. 

CONE, .■?. G. T. 1. bcr Jlcgel ; 2. bie 
grurbt beg S^anueubaumg, bcr 5::au= 
ucnjavfcn ; bie 9lnauagerbbecre ; — 
wheat, bcr cuglifc^e aBeijcit, ^egcl= 

CONEY, s. vid. Con-y. 

To CONFABULATE, ». a. mit cinaiibcr 

fc^waijeii, plaiibcrn. 
CONFABULATION, s. bag ucftrauHdjf 

(Sefprcid;, ©e^lauber. 
CONFARREATION, s. (6ci bcu gfjomeru) 

bag ^uc^cueffen unb bie aSerlobang 

cOxNFECT, .?. bag ©onfcct, mit 3ucfer». 

(Singemac^tc ; —box, bic 53oubou- 


CONFECTION, s. 1. bag Gonfcct, Gil!- 
gemad)te; 2. bie SJJifc^uug; 3. Sai- 

CONraCTIONARY, s. i. bcr 3lldcv= 

bacfcr (xo. ii.) ; 2. bie Surfetbfitfei'fi ; 
3. bag 3iicfefwerf. 

CONFECTIONER, s. bet 3«(f«rf''»'ff^ 

CONFEDERACY, s. 1. bag QBiiubnts, 

bie 6ibgenoffenfd;aft, bcr ©unb ; 2. 

bie ^Bcrfc^morung. 
To CONFEDERATE, v. n. »erBiiitbeu, 

CONFEDERATE, I. adj. scrbiinbct, yev-. 

bunbcn; H. s. ber SSunbcggenoH ; 

SSerbiinbetc, aSerfc^worne, aJlttfrbul- 

CONFEDERATION, s. ber ©itnb, bic 

g^crbinbung, bag ySiinbnijj ; bic Uuio'.! 

(33. ©t. o.'Sfl. 91.) 
To CONFER, V. I. ?). Utttcrbanbcln 

etne Uiiterrebung {lalten; ftc^ feict 





I{<^ *efi)re^cn (— with, mii) ; ii. a. 
ert^etleu, yerlctfjcn, tibcrtragen ( — 

on or upon one, eineilt etJCflS) ; to — 

notes, ftc^ bcratt)f(^lartcn. 
OONFERENCE, s. btc Sonfcrciii, Un= 

tetl)aiib!iinn, UnteiTcbiing. 
CONFERRER, s. 1. ber Uuter^aiibcln: 

be; 2. @i-t^ctlci-. 

ro CONFESS, V. a. i- n. t. bffeiuteu, 

bet^ten, geftel)cn; 2. sitgciletjcn, }u= 
gcbcit; 3. Setc^te prett; 4. bcwet= 
feu ; it is confessed,, &c., 3ebCV- 
mann gibt eS jit, tS ift bcfatnit, ba^, 

K. f. to. 

z»NFESSANT, s. bfv 93eidjtcnbf. 

CXDNPESSEDLY, adv. 1. Itaci) 3ebcr= 

ntnimS ©eflaiibni^; utitiiugbiu-; Df= 

fentunbtg ; 2. jugeftanbcn. 
coNFi«sioN, s. i. bag SBefciiiitiup ; 

2. ©eftaitbnip ; 3. @(aubcnsbe= 

fcnntitig; 4. bte 53eici;tc; —chair, 

ber 53eici)tflut;I. 
CONFESSIONAL, s. ber Sei*ffiitf)I. 

OONFESSIONARY, I. s. bcr S3fic^t= 
ftuf)l ; II. adj. bie 33cid)te bctrcfeub. 

(X)NFESSI0NIST. s. ber i^efeiiucr eJucS 

CX3NFESS0R, s. 1. bcr fiiiiibfiafte Se= 
fennev feinci ©laubcna ; ber Mhxh)- 
tet ; 2. bcr ®eftc()enbe ; 3. — or fa- 
ther — , ber 93etd)tyater. 

CXDNFESTLY, adv. vid. Confessedly. 

CONFIDANT, s. ber SBcrtraute, 3JJtt= 
toiffer (—of, urn) ; Confidante, bie 

To CONFIDE, V. n. S.- n. 1. DCrtraUeil, 

ftc^ oerlaffcn ; ftc^ au»ertrauen, fetit 
aSertraiten fc^eit (—in, auf) ; 2. nit= 
sertraiiett (— to, etttem etwaS). 
CONFIDENCE, s, 1. baS a^crtrnucit, 
3utraucu; bte3utraultd)fett, 3it»''i^= 
it^t; 2. ba§ -Sclbftoertraueii, bie 
cblc Jliif)iibeif, Sreiftigfeit. 

CONFIDENT UIv.—ly), I. adj. 1. »er= 
traucnb, gcrni^; suocrftc^tlt* ; 2. 
yerbaci)tIP8 ; 3. breifl, Ud, «itycr= 
fd^cimt ; I am — , tc^ wetp gerutp ; ii. 

It. vid. b. lit. r. Confidant; — ness, 

.?. bn« (gelbftocrtvaucn, bte ^uvuv- 

CONFIDENTIAL, adj. i>ertrauHc^ ; — 

letter, baS scrtrauttcfce ©cbretben. 
CONFIDER, s. ber aScrtrauenbe. 
To C0NFiGURx\TE, v. n. jufammett^ 

pimmen (luie bie QlSpecten ber ip(a= 

CONFIGURATION, .9. bte 3uf(immen= 


Phy. T. Sl^pectcn. 
To CONFIGURE, v.a. ijlbeti, etitc ®e= 

flatt gefecn. 

CONFINABLE, adj. iegreiijbar. 
CONFINE, s. bte ©reuse ; ber Sianb. 
To CONFINE, V. 1. n. nngrcnjeii, gren= 

jeii ( — on o> with, m iSttoa^); n. a. 

1. kgrenseti ; 2. einfc^ranfeu, etn= 

fperveit ; 3. (to — one's self}, fid) be= 

fcftvanEcit ; to bt, confined, tit fcCtl 3330- 

c^en (fraitt) licgcn, 
(»nflnel£ss, a'lj. greiijenlc-g, «ii= 

confinement, s. 1. t-tc (?tnfil;raii= 

fuiig ; 2. (Sinfperning, bcr SSerbaft, 

btc ®cfangenfd)aft ; 3. fig. bag a2Jo= 

dicubett, Jlinbbctt. 
CONFINER, s. 1. ber ©reti^bcwD^iter ; 

®reniiiad)t)ar ; 2. (SinfdjrauEcr ; 3. 

tie 2;t)ierppanje. 

CONFINITY, s. bie ?lad)barfdjaff. 
To CONFIRM, v.a. 1. beftattgeii, bc= 

flarteii, beffaftigen, serftdji-rn ; bc- 

»di)reti, befcfiigeii; 2. fciifinnircn. 
CONFIRMABLE, adj. criueigltc);. 
CONFIRMATION, .?. 1. bie SBefliitt- 

png, bfl3 3e»9"'B. i'er Scireig ; 2. 

tie Sirntcluiig, Soiiftrntatinn. 
tONFiRMATiVE, adj. beflatijient. 


CONFIEMATOR, s. ber 33c{iatigcr, 

CONFIRMATORY, adj. 1. tefiattgcnb, 

befraftigeiib ; 2. bie givmung ober 

(Sonfirmatioit bctrcffenb. 
CONFIRMEDNESS, s. bte sBewa^rt^eit, 


CONFIRMER, y. bcr 3enge, ©eweis. 
CONFISCABLE, adj. coiiftgcirltc^, »er= 

fiilltg, uerfallen. 
To CONFISCATE, v.a. conftScircii, eiit^ 


CONFISCATE, adj. eiitgejogcn, »erfallen. 
CONFISCATE, s. bie ^iiijictjuiig (.ber 

CONFISCATOR, s. ber Ponfigcircnbe, 

^3encal^rei^gesogcner ©liter. 

CONFISCATORY, adj. COllftlCatortfcfc. 
CONFIT, s. vid. Comfit. 

CONFITENT, a.bcr aSefetiiteitbe, ^ctd)= 

CONFITURE, s. Ui (aOufcct, 3llifcr= 


To CONFIX. D. a. Bcfefligrii, feflmat^eii. 

CONFIXTURE, s. bag Sefcfitgett. 

CONFLAGRANT, adj. jufaiumctibrcn; 

nenb, serse^renb. 
CONFLAGRATION, s. 1. bcr fgroijc) 

Sraitb, bte5euer«brnii|l; 2. (jjropl)e= 

ttf(^) bcr aBeltbraiib (am g-iibe ber 

CONFLATION, .1. ba« SSIafcii uerfd)ie= 

bencr Slpiinjcrfjciige ju gleidjcr 3eit. 
To CONFLICT, v. n. faiiipfeii, ftreitcti, 

ftc^ fcftlageit ; ftc^ wiberfprecibcit. 
CONFLlcn', s. ber J?ampf, ©treit; — 

ofmind, ctr SecIctiEampf, bie^ilgouie. 
CONFLUENCE, \ s. 1. bcr 3ufnnimen= 
CONFLUX, 5 f(ii^; 2.3ulauf, bie 


CONFLUENT, adj. jufammcnfficf eiib. 
To CONFORM, v. I. a. glctcbfijritiig ma= 

d^eii, aupaffen ; II. n. ftc| beciiiemc'i, 

fid) ric^teu (— to, nacij) ; befolgeii, 


CONFORMABLE {adv. — i.y), adj. 1. 

gleic^formig, geiitaf;, angemeffeit, 
Bfreinbar (to, init) ; 2. folgfam ; in 

CONFORMATION, 5. 1. bie ®[eic^fi5r= 
migfeit, ©Icidjfiirmigmadjung: bag 
gleid)fi3rniige ^cr{)aUen ; 2. bie $orm, 
^3ilbuiig, ©cflalt. 

CONFORMER (Conformist), s. bcr ?ln= 

ganger ber aiigUcatiif^cu Jitirdjc, 3Ut= 

gtdubige, Drt^obor. 
CONFORMITY, s. 1. bic Uebrreinfliin= 

mimg; 2. ©leic^fijvmtgfeit; the — 

with God, bie 91e()nltd)feit mit ®ott ; 

to note (to pass) in — jM. E. glcic^for= 

niig uortragcit, bud)cii,^iid)uiig ina= 

d)en, iiotireit. 
To CONFOUND, v. a. 1. Dcrtttrrcii, »er= 

mengeii; serwcdifelu ; 2. befiih-jt 

mad)eii, befcl)aiiieii ; 3. ycrberbeit, vcr^ 


CONFOUNDED (adv. — ly), adj. vitlj. 

crpaunlid), fel;r ycrfcftrt, vcrtradt, 

abfd)eiilic^; — ness, s. bie5J3eflitrjuiig, 

CONFOUNDER, s. ber aScrwtrrer, Urt= 

crbniliigftifter, aSerberber. 
CONFRATERNITY, s. bie Sriibcr^ 

CONFRIGATION, s. "ncii Sliieinatibers 

To CONFRONT, v. a. 1. gegeiiiibcr ober 

gcgeii eiiiaubcr fielleti; 2. gegeii ctn= 

aiiijer fcaltcit, »ergletc^en'(— with, 

mit) ; 3. gcgeiti'tber fleben. 
CONFRONTATION, ». bie ®cgcnctiian= 

bcrftelliiiig (z,. r. ber 3f"gt'i)- 
To CONFUSE. ),.. a. 1. ill Uiiorbiuitig 

tringcii; »enuirren, Bcrmeiigcn; 2. 

befdjdmcit, bcfturjt ma^en. 
C0NFUSEDNi':s.'5, s. btc a3evmorrcii()eit. 
CONFUPION. s. 1. b«e a?erwtrrutig, 

Uuprbming; 2. ber 2;iimultj 3. bh 
aSerroec^felung; 4. 58cfd)dmuitg, ©j. 
fiiirjiiiig; 5. bag a3erbcrbeii. 
CONFUTABLE, adj. «3tbcrlcgbar. 

CONFUTATION, s. btc 3Bibei-Icguiig. 
To CONFUTE, v.a tvibcrkgen. 
CONGE, s. 1. (in ber Saiifuiifi) ber'Hn* 

laiif, Slblauf (ciitcr ©mile); 2. bt« 

33fiirlaubiiiig, ber aibfc^ieb; 3, bte 

To CONG'E, V. 71. 1. fi(^ beitrlauben ; 2. 

ftc^ uerbeiigeii. 
To CONGEAL, v I. a. gcfrierctt cbcr gcs 

ritiiten mac^eit; II. n. frieren, gefvic= 

reit ; gertimcn, fiarr werbeii. 
CONGEALABLE, adj. gcfricrfcar, ge= 


CONCEALMENT (— ing), s. 1. bie @e= 

frieriiiig; ®ertnnung; 2. bcr Jfliiin= 

pen; 3. bag ®efriercti, u. f. n>. 
CONGELATION, s. bie ©cfrtcrung, @t= 

rinnung; jwint of — , ber ®'efricr= 

pnnlt. ■ 
CONGENOR, s. ba5 glctd>artige ®titg, 

Sing »on berfelben Slbftamnitiug. 
CONGENEROUS, L adj. glcic^a'rtig. 

gleic^; II. —ness, s. bie @leid)nrtia= 

CONGENIAL, adj. 1. gletc^arttg, flbn= 

lic^, serwanbt; 2. entt>vcc^eiib ( — to, 

einer Sa^e, (*igcnfc^aff, n. f. m.) 
CONGENIALITY, ) s bie ®Un'd)arttg=r 
CONGENIALNESS, $ feit,2lebn!t(tfelt, 

©eifieggtcic^bett, aSerfdjroiftcruniv 


CONGENITAL, ) arf;. Jnttgtfcorcn, OK-" 

CONGENITE, S gebcren. 
CONGER, s. bcr aJtecraal. 
CONGERIES, s. bcr ^aufcn, fcaS ®e^ 
To CONGEST, V. a. aufbditfcn, fammela. 

CONGESTIBLE, adi. aufuibdllfen. 

CONGESTION,*, bte Slufbcittfiing, ^n- 

fammhing (bcr (5cuc^tig!etten, u. f.»».>. 
CONGIARY, 5. bie <Scbcufuitg, @abe 

(an bic (Solbatcu ober au bag aSoll 

bet ben StCmern). 
To CONGLACIATE, v. n. gcfritrcn. 
CONGLACiATlON, s. bfig ©efrievcn. 
To CONGLOBATE, v. a. 5ufammcnbal= 

CONGLOBATE, arf/. gctallt, mafft!?; 

((Kin. — ly), mie ctn ^ail, fugc(t4)t. 
CONGLOBATION, s. 1. bic 3ufammcn= 

balliiiig ; 2. ber runbc itliiini>cn. 
ToCONGLOBE, v. 1. a. sufammcnbancii ; 

u. n. runb, tugelic^t nurben. 

To CONGLOBULATE, v. n. flA /Sufam= 


To CONGLOMERATE, v. a. Jlifammeit^ 
IvilJeln, anftl'idelrt ; Conglomerate, 

adj. jufammetigcioi(f'c(t; jufaminen= 
gcbvef)t, btc^t. 
CONGLOMERATION, s. bte 3uf«innic!i= 
witfclimg, ajjif^mig. 

CONGLUTINANT, adj. ?ltfai)imcnlc!= 
mcnb, jiifrtmmeiibeilciib. 

To CONGLUTINATE, v. I. a. i. Jllfain- 

mcnlcimcn, fitten, »eveinigen; i.i^xu 
fammcnbetlcn; II. n. ?ufamincngt= 
riiincn, jiifammeimiacf^fcn ; ConRiiKi 
nate, adj. jitfammciigclftmt, «crcini(]i. 
CONGLUTINATION, s. bie 3ufammcit' 
bcitung; aScretutgung. 

CONGLUTlNATIVE, adj. jufamnieil^fir 

Icnb, jufammenleimcnb. 
CONGLUTINATOR, s. bag .^eilmittcl 

(fiir 3Buubcn). 

aJNGRATULAN T, adg. fi(^ lllitfrcucnb. 
To CONGRATUIiATE, v. a. ©litcf IciilU 

CONGRATULATION, s. . ber ®Iua« 
ivniifd), b-ii- fS'liirt'miinfd)ung. 

CONGHA'l'liLATOR, s. bCr ©liicflVUBs 




CONGRATULATORY, adj. flliidPmutl; 

ft^eiib; — leiter, fca» @lucfn)uit= 

To CONGREGATE, r. 1. a. Oerfamillfln ; 

II. n. ftc^ cerfainmclti, jufammcu= 

(X)NGREGATroN, s. 1. btc 25evramm= 
Iuit3; 2. ®emciube; 3. gciftlid[)eOl•- 
bcHSgcfc^|"c^aft; 4. Sammliing; the 
tabernacle of the — , bie SuilbeSlabC 

(be« alten j;c)laincitts). 

CONGREGATIONAL, adj. btC ®emctlt= 

be (6cfoiibt;re bie SubcVeubcuteii) be* 

CONGRESS, s. bie aScrfammliing, bcr 

Songre^ (ber amei-ifaiiifdjctx 33oifs= 

vertietcr); bie OcfcUfc^aft; 2. ba§ 

Sufaminentreffcn, 3uf*iinmcnfio9eu ; 

Ocfecfct, ber Jlampf, Jtampfvla^; 3. 

ba^ Seiwo^iieit. 
CONGREPSIONAL, a& ju etttcr 93ev= 

fammlmig (ciitcin ©ongrefj) gc()Brig. 
CONGRESSIVE, adj. ftcfe yevfauimclii'b, 

CONGRUENCE (— t), s. bte Uel)cvctn= 

(liinmuHg, ©einaS^cit. 
coNtiRUENT, a'lj. iibcrdnflimiuig, 8c= 

mag; fc^icflic^. 
CONGRUITV, s. 1. bie Ueljeretnflim^ 

muag: 2. (£c{)icflicfefdt; 3. S3iinbig= 

Itit, (yolgerii^tigfeit; to be in — , 

MaU T. flit) bCiiflt. 

CONGRUOUS {(uia. — ly), adj. 1. u6er= 
etnfttmnieiib ; 2. ucmunfr^emap ; 3. 
angeincfff n, gemap ; ftt^icfUc^. 

CONIC ( — CAL), {arli: — cally), adj. O. 

T. tottifd), fecjclfDrntig ; — alness, ». 

bie .Regclfonmgtcit; conic section, ber 

coNics, g.pL o. 71 bie Sc^re wn ben 


CONIFEROUS, adj. jiUifentragenb. 
CONIFORM, aflj. ffgclfiinuig. 
CONJECTOR, s. vid. Conjecti;rer. 
CONJECTURABLE, adj. inut^lltaglici^. 
CONJECTURAL (ad,;.— ly), adj. mutt)= 

coNJEcruRE, s. 1. bie OTutfjina^img, 
a^erntatbu'tg ; 2. + ber ^cgriff, bie 
•L-rfieUuiig ; to go upon — s, auf 2)iut()s 
!:tfniiigctt baueu. 

CONJECTURE, v. a. mittf)ma^eii, 
vmnt^?:; ttxoai o|ac @runb be= 
lECTURER, g. ber SJJiit^mafjer, 

CONJOIN, V. I. a. 1. jufammenfit= 
:n, uerbinbeti, »creiiiigen, jugefeUen ; 
hctratljcn ; ii. n. ftcfe oerbinben. 

yjOlNT, aiJj. OCrbunbeit ; — degree, 
'ns. T. bie Secunbe : — ly, adv. in 
cvbinbung, gemeiitfc^aftlic^. 

XJUGAL {adv. — ly). adj. t^tUdj ; 
; conjugal knot, bai (S^ebaiib. 
X </ CON JUGATE, V. a. Oram. T. COnjlis 

CONJUGATE, adj. T. ocrbuHben, brtju 

geflbria ; — diameter, or — axis, O. T. 

bie 9'tetenare. . 
CONJUGATION, s. 1. bie iBerbinbung ; 

2. Oram. T. tie Qlbiuaiibclung eine§ 

Seitioortcg, Goujugatiou. • 
coNJUNcr, a'lj. serbunbcii, sercint. 
«X)NJUNCTiON, s. 1. bie SSeibiubung; 

2. ba« 33tiiben30vt ; 3. .^sl t. bie So:i= 

or)NJiJNcrrivE, I. adj. aerbitnben, 9er= 

binbenb; II. _, or— mood, s. Gram. r. 

btr t^OUJlinctis ; — ly, or fconjunctly) 

ffi;^p. ill 'jjcrbinbiing, oereint; fantmts 
lid) ; — ness. 8. bie SBcrbitiibenheit. 
•X)NJUNCTURE, ». 1. bie 33eibiiibung 
(picler Umjltaube), (Soiijunctur; 2. 
©elegen^eit, ber 3eitpunft; 3, bie 



CONJURATION, s. bie Scfr^njornng. 
To CONJURE, V. I. a. befci)n5orcn; IL 

n. bannen, jaubcrit ; to — down a 

spirit, cinen ®cifi bannen, ucrban- 

nen; to— up spirits, ©eifier citiren, 

CONJUREMENT, s. bie 93cfc^n)5rnng ; 

(Sinfci)arfung, fcicvli^e S8ittf; bag 

CONJURER, s ber ?3efcbit)Drcv,3anbc= 

rer, aSabvfager; inm. ber Sdjarfft^^ 

tige ; he is no — , col. er ^at bas ^ul= 

»er ni^t erfunbcn, 
CONNASCENCE, s. \. bie gleic^ijcitigc 

©ebuvt; 2. ba§ Snfainmenroacfefcii; 

3. baS gfeiftjjciHg (Seborene. 
CONNATE, aiij. mitgcborcit, angeboren. 
CONNATURAL, aiij. angcborcii, natiir= 

lic^, serwanbt. 
CONNATURAUTY. \s. bie iBer= 
CONNATURALNESS. J toanbtfcj)aft 

(mit ber nanilidjen ?iotnr). 

CONNATURALLY, adv. Urfjjruttglic^, 

»on 3l<\tm. 

To CONNECT, v. a. oerfiiiivfen, serbin* 

CONNECTION, s. vUl. Conne.xion. 

CONNECTIVE, I. adj. cerbiiibenb; ll. 

s. bag SjinbcTOort ; — ly, ado. in 33er= 

CONNEXION, s. 1. bcrBiifammen^ang, 

bie 93crbinbnng ; — .?. p/. 93crn.ianbte ; 

2. 33etanntfcl)a'ft, S3erbinbungcu. 

CONNEXIVE, vid. Connective. 

CONNIVANCE, s. bie SRacbftc^t, ba« 

Uebcrfeben; bie Snlaffung, baSbuvc^ 

bie Singcr;3ei)cn. 
roCONNlVE, V. a. Lwiitfen ; 2. to — at, 

barc^ bie Singer fci;cn, nad^fe^en, 


CONNIVENCY, vid. Connivance. 

CONNIVENT, adj. nadjfidjtig, fc^fum= 


CONNFVER, i. ber 51ad)fid;tige. 
CONNOISSEUR, s. ber jleniier, ,^itn)l= 

ricbfcr; — ship, bie Jleitnerfcfjaft. 
CONNUBIAL, a(Jj. ef)elid). 
coNNUMERATtON, s. bie 3iifammen= 

conoid's, a. T. bie Jlonoibc, ber 2lf= 

CONOIDICAL, adj. G. T. fonoibifc^, af= 

To CONQUER,!!, a. s,- n. 1. crobem ; 2. 

bcftegen ; iibenuinbcn ; iibcnnalti^ 

gen 5 3. ftcgen. 
CONQUERABLE, adj. iiberttjinblid^, bc= 

coiNQUERESS, s. bic Stobcrinn, (Sie= 


CONQUEROR, s. ber ©robcrer. Sieger. 
CONQUEST,*. \. bie (Srobcniug; 2. 

ber ©icg ; ba« ^Baffeiigliicf. 
CONSANGUINEOUS, idj. bhit'Sacr^ 

CONSANGUINITY, .9. bie S(ut6freimb= 

fc()aft ; 2lbfiammuiig wn bcmfclben 

CONSCIENCE, *. i. ba§ ©ewiffei:; 2. 
+ ^emugtfej^n ; 3. bie SJicrbtfcfjaffen^ 
t)cit ; 4. bie anibve (iinrtlic^e) ©efin- 
mtng; 5. baS 53ebenfen; in—, auf 
mcitt (beiii, u. f. vo.) ©enjiijen, njabr= 

baftig ; to bo obliged in — , {5)ctt)if= 

feu6 lue'gcn ccrbunben fepn ; conn of 
— . ein ®eric{)t«bof, ber iiber fleine 
Scbuibeu aburtbeiif; —keeper, ber 
5Bovgcfr^te, ber mit bein ©emiffen 
feiuer Untergebeiim mafelt; —smit- 
ten, reue»o(I, reuig. 
CONSCIE.XCED, adj. in compos, ein ®e« 

triiffen babcnb. 

CONSCIENTIOUS («//». — ly), adj. ge= 

tvifleubaft; mitgntcm ©emiffen; — 
ness. a. bic @civiffenf)aftigftit. 


CONSCIONABLE {adv. — ly), udj. fiC" 

»ciffenbaft ; billig : — ness. s tie @f 

wiffcnbaftigEeit: ^illigteit. 
CONSCIOUS, arfj.bcmuBt; wiffcnb, fum 

big; I am — of it, x6:) Weig eS ivob! 

bin bauon iiberKugt ; — ly, adv. mi; 

Scwugtfesjn, wiiffentlic^ ; —ness, *. 

baS innere 55ewugtfei;n, ©elbfibe' 

CONSCRIPT, I. ad,} (son bert oltett riic 

mifcbcn (Senatoren) eingefc^rciben, 

oerfammelt; ii. s. mod. Mil. T. ber 

CONSCRIPI'ION, s. ba« ©inf^reibcit, 

bie SUtafcbrcibung. 
To ooNSECRATi!;' v. a. i. toci^cn, n.ub= 

men (— in, jn) ; 2. einwei^en, einfeg^ 

nen, bfiltgeii ; 3. eanoniftren, !)eilig 


CONSECRATE, adj. gewei^t, bcilig. 
CONSECRATION, «. 1. bie aBeibe,'C?iu= 

tueibung, (Sitifegining ; 2. §eiligfvrr= 

coNskatATOR, s. ber ©inwei^enbc. 

u. f. to. 

CONSECRATORY, adj. ^ciUgeub. 
CONSBCTARY, I. adj. auS ttWaS fpU 

gciib; II. s. ber gotgcfafe, bie golgc. 
C(JNSECUTiON, s. bie (5d)lu^folgz, 


CONSECLT VE(a/io. — ly), adj.anf dn^ 

anber folgcnb; folgeub, nacf) cinan= 

CONSENT, .». 1. bie (^inroiHigung, ber 
SBeifaU; 2. bie Uebcrcinfitmmnng : 
SRitwirfung ; ba«S aSerl;aItntiJ ju ct= 
toaS; 3. Med. T. bie SRitempfiii- 
bung ; with (of) one — , ciumiitbtg. 

To CONSENT, »,w. 1. ciiifiimmen, bfis 
))flict;ten, ein»t)iKigen'(— to, in ctwae; ; 
2. mitwirfen, iibercinfiiininen. 

CONSENTANEOUS (adv. — ly), aaj 

eiufiimmig, gemiiv ; folgerec^t ; - 
ness, s. bic Uebereinfiimmung, ®e- 

CONSENTER, s. bcr Ucbereinflimmeus 
be; (SiniuiUigenbc. 

CONSENTIENT, adj. cinfliittmenb, ciit' 

CONSEQUENCE, s. 1. bie^olgc, 9]cr-- 
fcttmig ber Urfa(l)e uiib aUirfung ; 
ber @rfo(g ; 2. bie golgcriing, ber 
Sdjlii^; 3. einpnp; bic S5ttf)tig:= 
tcit, baS 3lnfei)en ; by (in) — , folg: 

lid) ; in — of (that, bcm) JU goljiC 

bcBiuegen, baber ; a matter of — , etnc 
n,nrf)tige Sacbc ; of little — , son ge= 
vinger SQcbeutung. 

CONSEQUENT, I. ndj. folgcnb ; IF. y. 

bie 5o(ge, ber (Srfolg ; — ly ada. folg- 
licb ; aU Solge. 
CYJNSEQUENTIAI,, I. adj. 1. crfclgciib ; 

2. fp(gevcd)t, fd)(utjniapig, bti'nbig ; 

3. i)ocl)tvabenb, vcinpijg; — ly, adv. 
folgli^; al§ 5o(gc; —ness, s. ber 
3ufaminenbaug (ber 3fJebe). 

CONSERTION, 5. bie 33erbinbung, 3ii= 
CONSERVABLE, adj. etbaftbar. 

CONSERVANCY, g. (court of—), ba3 

®crid)t j^ur (Jrbaltung ber gifc^crei 

nuf ber 2:bemfe. 
CONSERVANT, adj. er^altenb, bewab^ 

CONSERVATION, s. bie ©rbaltiing, 

SBcmabrnng, 5lufbe«jabruiig. 
coxsERVATiVF, adj. erljaltenb, be= 


CONSERVATOR, s. bcr etbaltcr. 
CONSERVATORY, I. .'. i. ba« SScbalt- 

nip, bcr iBebalrer, .gaiter; 2. eia 

grogc« @eniad)«bau«' mit S3eeten;, 

II. ml/, crbaltenb. 
To CONSERVE, v. a. 1. bcrtjabren, cr-- 

battcn; 2. (J^riidbte) einmad)en. 
CONSERVE, s. bie ^oufer»e, baS Singe. 
mad)te ;— of roses, ?Jofen}U(fc4:,u. f.n- 


TONSERVER, .>-. 1. bet (Sv^altcr ; 2. 

To CONSIDER, v. a. <$- n. 1. I)Clraci)= 

ten, Jiefcfieii, anfc^aucn; 2. cvma- 
i]eit, bebcnfen, iibevlegcn ( — of, ct= 
luoS) ; unterfucJicn; til 93etvci^tutig 
jiet)cii; 3. fid) bcbeiiffit, jogern; 4. 
afiiiif ftcftt iicf)men ; anff t)eii fur ; nd)= 
ten, fi"^;i|cii ; to be considered, geltcn 

fiiv ; you sliall be considered for your 

pains, bcinc 3)Iube foil btr uevfloUcii 

CONSIIiERABLE {adu. — ly), I. adj. aU' 

fef)nlii^, betrcic^tltd), njtcj)tig; bt-nt= 
wiivbtg, mcrfmuvbtg ; n. — ness, s. 
l.bie s8etnicf)tttcl)fcit, aSic^ttgfctt ; 

2. bev 5lnfpru(^ auf S3cacl)tititg. 
CONSIDERATE (adv. — ly), adj. 1. bc= 

biic^tfam, j?ovftd)ttg ; cviifl ; itntjtc^= 
tig; rul)tg, ungeftijit ; 2. inii^ig; 
—ness, A-. tie JUiigbctt, rubigellcbci'= 
Ifojtng ; 53ebacf)tfamfcit, 93"oi'ftd)tig= 
COxNSIDERATION, s. 1. btc a3etrrtcl)= 
tung ; 2. {Jfmagung ; Ueberlegung ; 

3. Ciucf|td)t ; 4. 'Ui-fac^e, bcr @n:nb, 
Scweggntiib ; 5. bie Slcfetung ; fi. 
5Betracl)tli(^fett, ber Sinfiug, HS ?Iii= 
fe[)en, bie SBtcJjtigfeit ; 7. SSergeU 
'itng, @tttfc[)abig!itig, ba§ 5lequmrt= 
lent; 8. m. E. bie ^raiitte; l. r. 
bnS SGcfcntlic^c ctncS 6o;ttvactS ; 

'he affair is under — , e3 Wil'b iibcr 

bie Sac^e berati)f(^lagt ; to take in 
— , ill syetvaci)tuitg jietjcn; in — of 
. ., ill SJiicfftcbt aitf . ., 

CONSIDERER, s. bcf ^vitfer ; Seiifer. 

CONSIDERING, ill ^Betrr.cfet, wegca; 

— me, was iiiicf) bctrifft; «<?»;. — 
that, aita,efc[}cn ia^, iiibJin, iretl; 
tnnncfen: ; — ly, adu. auf truil:f)afte, 
njo^liiberlegte SBcife. 

To CONSIGN, V. a. iibcrtrageit, iiber= 
gtbeii (— to, nil) ; nii»ertvaucit, su= 
ftcllcti; iibcviiiii^en, iibcvfcnbcii ; 
.\r. K. ronfigniren ; to — to writing, 
nuffdjreibeii, ju Soapier briitgcii. 

CONSIGNEE, s. M. E. ber @'cfrf)aftei= 
tWiger, 9lgeiit, Sactor, (Jontmiflto- 
iior, Svcbiteur, (2Baarcii=)@in- 

CONSIGNMENT, .?. 1. bie llebcrtra= 
gung, 3itftfUiitig> Ucberfenbung, 
SBerfenbung ; 2. m. e. ^oiiftgnation, 
bit? auDertraute ober »evfaiibte ®ut, 
bie in Gomniiffton gegcbcue 2Baave; 
3. bie Urhuibc, roob'urcf) etiuaS iibcv= 
trageu ober anyertraut wivb. 

CONSIGNOR (— Eu), s. M. E. ber 
(aBnareii=:)*ilbfciibcr, SGcfriK^'ter, 

7<> CONSIST, v.n. 1. beflc^Clt (— in, 

in, or of, aui) ; 2. ba fepu. 
CONSISTENCE (-cy), s. 1. ber 93eflaiib ; 
2. bie Ueberetiiflimmung, @Icicbfi3r= 
migfeit; 3. Scftigfcit, Gonfifleuj, 
Sicfe ; 4. bas ©te^eiibletfaeii, ber 
StiUftaiib (be8 23ac^St^umS). 

CONSISTENT (adn. — ly), adj. 1. be= 

ilebenb, Sfjianb babciib ; Q^cmay, 
ycrtruglid) ; 2. fefl, iii(it pftig ; 3. 
confeguciit, cf)aracterfcfi ; it is not 

— with eqni^v, cS ycrtiiigt ftc| iiicf;t 
mit ber 93i(Iigfctt. 

'JONSISTORIAL, adj. conftflorialmafiig. 
X)NSIST0RIAN, adj. yrelbl^tcrianifc^. 
X>NSiSTORY, .s. 1. baa (Sonftftorium, 
ftciftlicbe ®evic^t, ber Jlivd)cnrat[) ; 

2. bie 3]erfammluug ber ©arbinale ; 

3. biefeievltd)e 2SerfaiitmIuug. 
OONSOCIATE, .V. ber 3J}it«crbunbfne, 

3JJityerfd)morenc, 2;i;eill)abcr, mu 

To coNsociATE, v. I. a. suocfeUcn, 

ocrbiiiben, yereinigeii ; II. n. fid) sers 

biubeii, fidb yerciiiigeti, fid) jugefellcii. 
CONSOCi vriON, s. ik SngefcUung, 



iSerbiubuitg ; 33ertrauli(^fett ; ber 
genaue Umgang. 
CONSOLABLE, adj. trijfibar, trojilic^. 

CONSOLATION, s. bcr Srofl. 
CONSOLATOR, .». ber Xrbfier. 
CONSOLATORY, L s. ba§ S;roflfd)rci= 

ben, bie S^roftrebe ; ii. adj. troftenb, 


To CONSOLE, V. a. trijftcu, aufricbfcit. 
CONSOLE, s. Arch. T. bie gonfple, 

ber 2;ragfieiit, (iiit Dejlreid^ifc^cn) 


CONSOLER, s. bcr Sriiflcr. 
CONSOLIDANT, adj. jubetfcub, bei[= 

fam ; Consoiidants, pi. gu(fiiinmeu}= 

beilenbe 3)cittel. 

To CONSOLIDATE, v. a. i- it. 1. bcfC- 

ftigeit, yerbic^tcn, bic^t marf)en ober 

werbcn ; 2. juljeiteii, beilen ; 3. fig. 

yercinigen (into, in) ; 4. /,. T. jicei 

5parlamcntbill8 in eine einjige ycv= 

CONSOLIDATION, s. l.bie $Befefitguiig, 

SSerbid^tung ; 2. s. T. 3iit)eilui'ig; ij. 

fig. 35ercinigung. 
CONSOLS, s.p/. bie cnglifd)cn fuiibir= 

ten StantSpapiere. 
CONSONANCE (Consonancy). .«. bie 

Sufammenfiimmnng jnjcicr 2;tnic ; 
ber ©iiiflang ; Uebereinftimmiing ; 
— of words, ber ©leic^laut, 9teim. 

CONSONANT, I. {adv. — ly), mlj. 1. 

gleic^lautenb, g!eid)fijrniig ; 2. ge^ 
lUiiB ; iibcreinrtimmenb ; li. s. tcr 
(Sonfonnnt, aJJttlaiitcr; —ness, i-. 
bie Ueberftimmung, ©enuip^cit. 

CONSONOUS, adj. gteidiftimmig, I}ar= 

CONSORT, s. 1. bcr ©cfabrte, ©cnoil, 
©einabl, ©atte, bie ©attinn: 2. 
aSerbinbung, iBeveinigung ; 3. Scv- 
fammluug, Scratl)fd)laguiig : 4. — 
or Consort-ship, baS ^ruberfc^iff. 

To CONSORT, r. I. ik Sr refi. fid) JU 3c= 

ntaiib gefelleii, fic^ ycrbiiibcn ; ii. 

a. yerebelicbcn. 

CONSORTABLE, adj. paffcnb, gtcic^. 
CONSORTSHIP. .9. bie (Samcrnbffbaft, 

®cfeUfd)aft, S.f)ciliiaf;ine. 
CONSOUND. s. bicSSallwur?; — of 

Saracens, bcr ifjcibeii aBiinbfraut. 
CONSPICUITY, s. bie Jlfar^cit, .^cllc, 

Scutlt^feit, 91nfc[)nlid)fcit. 

CONSPICUOUS (adr.—hY)..adj- I. !!av, 

bentlid), fic^tbor ; 2. anfebniid) auf= 
fallcnb, beryortbneub, yorjiiglicb, be= 
riibmt, au§gc5cid)nct ; — tiess, s. 1. bie 
<&id)tbarEcit • 2. V!nfcfmnd)feit, 5]pr= 
5iiglid)feit, fficriibmtfjcit, was in bie 
yiugcn failt. 

CONSPIRACY, .9. 1. bie 3>crfd)tt)i>vn::g, 
baS (?oiiH5lDtt; 2. bie 3»fitmmcn= 
wirfung, 9}?itanvfuiig. 

CONSPIRANT, adj. ycrfdjiyorcu ; intt= 

CONSPIRATION, s. bic iScrfdiiDiirung ; 
bag Scftrcbeu. 

CONSPIRATOR, .9 bcr 23?ityerfc^wor= 
ne, 5?crfd)n.nn'nc. 

To CONSPIRE, V. V. 1 . fiit) ycrabvebcu 
5U einem gcmcinfcbafttic^cn (biifcn) 
3tr»ecfc ; fid) ycrfd)aun-cn (— agninst, 
gcgcn); 2..^^^ ficl^yercinigcn, jufam= 

coNSPiRER, s. bcr gSerfd;»orer, WiU 
yerfd)n.ioviie ; 5liifiifter. 

CONSTABLE, s. bcr (Jonflablc; ©e= 
rid)t«bcamtcte; ^oli^cibtener, .C>a= 
fd)cr ; Duartiercoinmiffariu« ; 9luf= 
fef)cr, 93ogt; (5^ommanbant ; lord 
high — , bcr ©ropcynnetable yon 
(Shglanb ; —ship, 5. baS 3lmt ctneS 
6onflnb[c«, «. f. ii\ ; — wick, ber 
aScjirf in >ycld)cin ciit CS'onftable 
3JIad)t bat. 

CONSTANCE, t. Ponilaittta (3rauen= 


nanit) ; — linen, boppcIbid)te Sem-. 
wanb aii« ©t. ©alien, u. f. ib. 
CONSTANCY, s. 1. bie Scflanbigfeit. 
©taiibf)aftigfeit, 55ebarrlid)fcit, gc-- 
fiigfcit, Uiterfd;utterlid)fett; 2. ber 
58cflanb ; 3. bie Saucr, Unscrau' 
bcvlid^fcit, ©cwi^beit. 

CONSTANT {adv. — ly), adj bcftcillbig, 

ftaiibfjaft, bcbarrlid), anbaltcnb; 

treu ; unyeriiiibert ; nncrfd)iittcrj 

lit^ ; nnueranberltc^, umyanbeUmr. 
CONSTANTIA-WINE, s. bcrgapwcin. 
CONSTELLATION, .c 1. btc (Soufiella.; 

tion, "tai ©cftirit, (gternbilb ; 2. fig 

bie aScrbinbung. 
CONSTERNATION, s. bic 93eftiirjung ; 

X!(xi ©rftamien. 
To CONSTIPATE, v.a.i. ycrfiopfcn ; 

2. yerbicfen, ycrbic^tcn. 
CONSTIPATION, s. 1. bica^crfip^fung ; 

2. ^Bcrbicbtung. 
CONSTITUENT, L adj. ttu«mad)eiib. 

nicfcntlid) ; ii. s. 1. bcr fn)cfentlirf)e) 

Si'eftanbt^cil ; 2. Gonflitucnt, 91b^ 

Pi'k^r, ajollma^tgcbcr, SBaljlcr 

' — parts aScftanbt^eilc. 
To CONSTITUTE, v. a. 1. rtUSmac^cn, 

beftimmen; conflituircu; 2. aborb= 

lien, ycrovbncn, beftellcn, erncnncit : 

Constiluted authorities, btC ycrfaf: 
fungSmapigen SBeborben. 

CONSTITUTER, s. bcr ©rric^ittr, '■Stif- 
ter ; Slborbncr, 

CONSTITUTION, .5. 1. bie 9litprbiini!g, 
(Sinricbtung ; 9lbprbnnng, (5infe= 
ftnug, errid)t«ng ; 2. Gpufiitutipii, 
(ftcinbifc^c) aSerfaffitng, :^anbceycr= 
faffung ; 3. a^erorbniiiig, bn§ @c= 
fci ; 4. bie aSefdjaffenbci't, ScibcobC' 
fd)affcnf)cit ; 5. bag S^emvcranicnt, 
bic ©emiitbsart ; by — , yon ?JatUJ 
(au6) J a worn out — , ctne jerriit- 
tete ©efunbbeit. 

CONSTITUTIONAL (arff. —ly), ad.}. 1. 

ber Gonftitntion airJ)art0cnb, rabtcal ; 

2. bcr aScrfaffung geniafi; gcfcljniii- 


TioN-isT, .?. bcr O'ouftitiitionclie, 91:1: 
Ijcinger ber ©onflitutipn. 

CONSTITUTIVE, adj. 1. auSinad)cnb, 
wcfentlid) ; beryprbvingcub ; 2. yci'= 
prMiciib, gcfefegebcnb; — parts, jd. 
bie SBcftaubtbeile ; — power, bic ge- 
fc^gcbenbe 3J?ad)t. 

To CONSTRAIN, v. a. 1. JilUngcil, 110= 

tl)igeu; 2. snfamnicnsic[)cn, ciiicii- 
gen, einfd)ltc{jcii, briicren ; 3. biiu-cii, 
befd)raiifen ; einfd)ranfcn; fcffclu, 
in a]crl;aft nebmcu ; 4. ycrfMitbcrn. 

CONSTRAINABLE, adj. bcm ^W't'Ti'^' 


CONSTRALNEDLY, adi: gcjlrilltgei!, 


C0NSTRAlNER,s.bcr 3n.nngcitbe, @tii= 
fcbrcinfcnbe. . 

CONSTRAINT,.* 5- 1- "^"^ ^''^^'^"Hi '-• 

bie ©cwalt. 
To CCNSTRICT. v. a. jufaiiimenstclien, 

eincngen, abfiirjeii. 
CONSTRICTION, s. fctc 3itf'innnci*'5H"- 


CONSTRICTOR, s. ./?. 7'. bcr 3"fiini» 
mciisicbcr, ScblielnnuSfcI ; — s ofiiin' 
eyelids, f.. btc (2d)ltefimuStc!u be* 

To CON3TRIXGE, v. a. vid. To Con- 

CONSTRINGENT, adj. jiifamnunjie* 

To CONSTRUCT, v. a. 1. crvicfc.^cn. 

bauen, anffitbren; 2. fig. crfinneii. 
CONSTRUCTER, s. bcr ©rbaiicr, Srs 

CONSTRUCTION, .<j. 1 . ba3 ©aucn, bcr 

93a« ; 2. bie ^prni cine8 ©cbaubcS { 

3. Bn<">Tniiifnretjunn, 1!n•biu^unj 



(kcr SBiirtcr), r. ber 3Bort= obcv ^Pe^ 
rtobeubau; 4. btc^ilitSlegimg, (Srfld= 
rimg, 'DeatutisV ber ©iini. 

CONSTRUCTIVE {adv. — Lv), ad?- 1- 

5ufammciifii<}cub, ucrSinbcnb; '2. r. 

xoai ftci) coui'truivcn Ivifjt ; — ness, s. 

fcteSdhii]feit ftcbucrbinbeu, cotifirut= 

xmi ju laffen. 
CONSTRUCTURE, s. bcr Sau, baS @c- 

To CONSTRUE. ». a. 1. SBiJrtcr (3cf)0= 

rig orbnen, yerbinbcn, conftntircit; 

2. iiuSlegeii, erfliircit; 3. iiberfcScn; 

to — into, fiic etmaa auiSlcgcii. 
To CONSTUPRATE, v. a. fc^atlbCU, 

CONSTUPRATION, s. bie Sc^dnbitng. 

CONSUBSTANTrAL, adj. <^Uid)(i 2Be= 

ffn3 ; glftcf)arttg. 


Sminigitiig bcl ScibcS CStivifti luit 
bcin SBrobe ©laiibcitbc, bcr an bie 
(Soufubfianttalitdt bcS Si>f)!tci! mit 
bem SBatcr ©laubcitbe. 

CONSUBSTANTJALITY, ,?. 1. bic @ill= 

f^eitbcsSJcfeitS; 2. Th.T. bie (5oii= 

fubftantialitat ; ©Icic^avtigtcit. 

uamttcbcii 3Befeii sevciiiigcn ; II. «. 

TA. T. fiffe surdoufubilviiitialirat (im 

5(benbmrtl)le) befeimtii. 
CONSUBSTANTIATION, ,5. btc 93erct= 

nigung mit bent namlicfceu aBefen 

(cefonberS im 3I0cubmaf)fe bf§ Sci= 

Sc8 Sbriflt mit bcm 33n)bc). 
CONSULS. 1. ber (lenfttt; 2. .6an= 

belsagcnt, i§aitbel«rict)tev, goufiil. 
C0NSUL.\GE, s.bie (Sonfulargcbiibreu. 
CONSULAR, I. tuij. confuiavifc^; U. s. 

itt (Soiifular (im olteit tRom). 
CONSULATE, s. bag (Sonfulat. 
CONSULSHIP, s. bag (Sonfulat ; bic 

©telle etaes ©onfuiS. 
To CONSULT, V. I. n. gcmeiiifc^aftlicl) 

fieratf)en; raf&fc()!ageit, itberregeit; 

II. a. 1. um 3fiatl) fraacit, ju Statbe 

i(kben ; 2. fiir ttmciS fovgen, bavaiif 

febeii/ c§ ui *-Jl<^t nel)mcti, bcriicffic^= 

I'ONSULTATION, s. 1. bie CToufercn?, 

93crrtt^f(^{agung ; 2. 3lat()gscrfamm= 


CONSULTATIVE, adj. Bcratbeiib, 
COJJSULTER, s. ber um Slatf) ?5ra= 

CONSUMABLE, adj. ser^cftrbnr; »er= 

(jSnglid) ; — by fire, verbveitubar. 
To CONSUME, V. l.'a. 1. oer5ebrcit, viv= 

btaitchcit ; 2. burc^briiigen, »er= 

fc^lBCnben; IL n. to — away, fic^ ab = 

CONSU.MER, s. ber 93<vi(cbrev, 6onfu= 

ment; Scrfiorer, 93evfci)roenbcr. 

To coNSU.\L\L\TE,».a.vollcnben, soIU 


CONSUMMATE {adv. — ly), adj. w\U 

«nbet, voKspgcu ; voIlEommen. 
CONSUMMATION, .?. 1. bie ^Solteitbung, 

SoUjiebung ; 2. ber Xot ; baS (Sitbe ; 

CONSUMPTION, s.l. baS 3?erje^ren, ber 

9[krbv«uc^; 2. bie Strscbvuitg; 3. 

^liiS^ebrimg, ©dtroiiibfuct^t. 

CONSUMPTIVE (a-lv. — i.y), adj. i. 

ueriiebveitb, fdtmitibfitdjtig ; 2. ev= 

fc^Bpfenb ; DerroiifJeiib ; — ness, s. bic 

?Jlciguug i^ur ^tuS^ebi'^'til- 
To-CONTABULATE, b.c. tafc[u, bteten, 

CON-TABULATION, s. b«S *5:dfcln, 

^icleit ; bie S^afedmg. 
CONTACT, s. bie aScriibvuttg, Ui ^ln= 

CONTACTION, .?. ba« 93eriif)reu, bic 

CONTAGio.v, ». 1. bit ?Inite(fu«g ; 2. 


ly), adj. anfie- 
(feub, Bcvgifteub, Veftarftg; — ness, 
.9. ba3 aaftdf cube ®ift, bic -^eftavtig^ 

To CONTAIN, r. I. a. ill lid) ^altcn, be= 
grcifcn, faffcii, cittbiiUeii ; ii. v. eut= 
5aUfam fe«it, ficJ) eiitbaltcii. 

CONTAINABLE, adj. ciitt)altbar. 

To CONTAMINATE, v. a. bcfubclll, Be= 

flccfcu, aiiftetfcn. 

CONTAMINATE, adj. tcflcift, tefubclt. 
CONTAMINATION, .v. bic Scfubctuitg, 

Scflccfitiig, giuftcdimg: 
To CONTEMN, v. n. ycvacijtcn, geriitg= 

fc^d^en, »eniad)Idffigcii. 
CONTEMNER, s. bcr gScrdt^tcr. 
7'o CONTEMPER, \v. a. mdiJigctl, 
7'o CONTEMI'ORATE, \ miibcht. 
CONTEMPERAMENT. ,>t. 1. bic 2)idgi= 

pigling ; 2. ba§ 2:cmpcramcut. 

CONTEMPERATION. .s-. 1. bie 2Rdm= 
gung, a}iilbcntug ; •>. gc()i^rigc 2}Ii; 

To CONTEiU'LATE, v. a. !y v. 1. U- 

fd)aucit, bctrad)tcn; 2. itad)fiuiieu, 
liberlegeit, iiadjbcuEeit ; 3. bcabftc^ti= 
gen, uorbalicu. 

con':t.mplation. .?. bie 33cfc^anitng, 
33efdiau[ic^feit, SBctraditung (reftgio= 
fer SSafirbeitcu) ; bag 5)cufcn, 9'Jac^= 
ftnncit: to have in — , bcabftf^itigcn. 

CONTEMPLATIVE ladi\ — lyJ, adj. bc= 

fc^nuticft, anfc^aueub, nad)beiifcub, 
ticfftnuig; — facnity, bie 5;)enEfraft; 
— life, bag tiefc{)aulid)c ?cbcu. 

CONTEMPLATOR, s. bcr ikfd)aucr, 
SSetvacibter, 5)cufer. 

CONTEMPORANEOUS {adi\ — i.y), ? 


ad}, gkicft^eitig. 

C0NTEMP0R.\RY, .?. ber 3citgcnoj5. 

CONTEMPT, s. 1. bie 93erad)tung ; 2. 
ber »erdd)tl{c^e Baft^t'ib ; — of court, 
bag »orfdfeIid)e 9luSbieiben I'or 0e= 
rid)t; for — , wcgen ®e^ovfamgyer= 
ttjcigcning ; to fmui in — , gcring= 
fcijdicu, iiiit 23cracbtung aiifeben, 

CONTEMPriBLE {adv. — i.y), adj. Uets 

dd)ttid); veraditct; ytvad;ten5racvtb 
cbcr ycrac^tcngwiirbig; —<, *•. bic 

CONIT'^MFfUOnS {a-lo. — ly), adj. »cr= 

dcttltc^, ycrad)tenb, ftol^, boctmii^ 

tbig; — nfiss, s. bie 'Bci.rc^tung, bcr 

To CONTEND, c. a. .v v. flrcitett, !dm= 

Vfcn ; (— with, mit) : beftrcitcn ; n)ett= 

eiferu ; to — aiiont, iiber &t\vas ftrct= 

ten ; to — lor, fiir funi) ©tu'ag fti'ei= 

ten; nad) ©timig flrcbcn, nictteifcrn; 

to — for tlio final word, buo Icfetc 5Bert 

^al^cn wollen. 
CONTENDER (+ Contksdent), s. bcr 

(Streitcr. ®egncv. 
CONTENT, I. adj. ^nfricbeii-( — with, 

mit (ftwag), oe'rgniigt; U.-o./'inff. 1. 

bic B"fri?ben^cit; 2. bie 38eitc, bcr 

CONTENTS, s. p/. ber 5!nba(t ; tal)I« of 

— , bag ^tvbaUgscrjieicbniS. 

Tr» CONTENT, J), a. i. bcfriebtgen ; 2. 

vergnfigen ; to — one's self, jufrteben 

feiMt, fid) begnitgen. 

CONTENTED M». — ly). pirt adj. ht' 

fricbigt; snfricben ( — with, mit) ; 
— noss, .1. biv* Suftiebenbeit; S8cgniig= 

CONTENTION,:!. 1. bcr Streit, .^ampf, 
3anf, .^aber; 2. bag 'i^eflrcben, bcr 
9iad)eifei-, 28ettctfer, 2Bettftrett. 

CONTENTIOTTS (adii. — ly), adj. flreit= 
fudjttg, Sdnfifct ; — inrisdiction, btc 
©ertcfitgbarteit in <2trcitfac^en ; — 
r.ess. a. bie 3'iit?fiid)t. 

C0NTENTLi::ss, a'lj. unjufricbeit, mi5= 


CX3NTENTMENT, s. 1. bic SufncbClP 

I)cit ; 2. bag aSerguitgcu. 

CONTERMINATE, ) rt„aventeub. 

CONTERMLNOUS, <, "'•'• ""fi^^'iSS""- 

To CONTEST, v. a. * n. 1. flrcitig ma« 

c{)eu; bcftveiten; 2. «.iettcifcrtt.(mil 

with), ftrciteu um. 

CONTEST, .s. ber (Strcit, 2Sortroec^fel 
CONTESTABLE, adj. ftvcitig, bcftrcit- 

bar; —ness, s. bie ©treitigfcitett 

CONTESTATION, s. i. hcx ©treit 

>^anE; 2. bag 3ciig"ip» ber 330T)et8 

burd) 3cugeu. 

CONTESTINGLY, ado. mit ©trcit. 

CONTEXT, s. bcr 3ii.f'i"i"iEnl)ang. 
CONTEXT, adj. scvtuiipft, vcnccbt, fefi. 
contexturAl, adj. bie meufd;lic^c 

©eftalt betrejfcub. 
CONTEXTURE, s. bag ©eaiete, 2)Iad)= 

CONTIGNATION, c. 1. bag Stocfmcrf, ■ 

©cf^ofi ; 2. .^ol^merf, 3immern>crf ; 

3. bie SBiiibung eincg ©cbdubeg. 
CONTIGUITY, s. bic 3lnfto5ung, 9ld^e, 

iai Vlncinaiibcrgrenjcn. 

CONTIGUOUS . (adv. — ly), adj. flUitO- 

tjciib, aiigrensenb, iini)c an ; — ness, s. 

bie ^Inftd^ung, Jtdfje. 
CONTINENCE (Continency), s. 1. bit 

(Sntbaltuug, 3){dgigung; Selbftbe^ 
. bcrvfd)nng; 2. l^ntbalt|amfcit, 'SU^ 

fiigfeit; j«;cirfd»bctt. 

CONTINENT ("do. — ly), I. adj. 1. ent= 
battfam, feitfc^; ntdpig j 2. einfjal^ 
teub, cinfd)rdn!enb, bcsd^meub;^ 3. 
jufammenbdngcub ; il. »■. bag fcftc 

CONTINENTAL adj. JUIU fcftcU ^ailbc 

CONTINGENCE (Continoevcy), s. 1. bie 

3ufdUigfeit ; 2. 3«faU ; bag (greigutp. 

CONTINGENT, I. adj. jufddig ; II. s. 1. 
ber 3ufa[[; 2. (scrbditntpmd^ige) ^ 
SBcitvag, bag Contingent; — ly, adv. 
jufdlliger aScifc, you Uugcfdi)r; — 
ness, s. bie 3ufdUigfcit. 

CONTINUAL, adj^ fortwd^veub, au^aU 
teub, unaufi)or(ic^ ; — ly. adv. ftetg, 
bcftdnbig ; —ness, « bic gevtbauer. 

CONTINUANCE, .■». 1. bic Wortbaucr, 
Saner ; 2. ikbarrlidifcit, 33cftdu= 
bigfeit; 3. ber "Jlufcntbalt; — of a 
suit, L. T. bcr aiuffc^ub eincg ^Pro:^ 

To CONTINUATE, «. a. Cttg UCrbtUbClI, 

CONTINUATION, s. bic $5ortfc^ung. 
coNTiNUATrvi*:;, .? bag siMnbcxtiort 

(ber 9lufeinaubcrfo(ge). 
OONTINUATOR, .■>. bcr fyortfe^cv, wag 

fortbaueri! mad)t. 

To CONTINUE, v. I. n. baiicm, fort= 

baneru, bicibeit, ycrbarceir'; II. a. 

fortiHci'., fortfitbven (mit). 

CONTINUED (adv. — ly), adj. fortbaU= 

ernb, uuuuterbrodien. 
CONTINUER, g. b»g gortbnucrube, ber 

CONTINUITY, .t. bie nnuntcrbrod^cne 

^tH)i, ber 3"f«iwi»c"')<'"9- 
CONTINUOUS, adj. aneinanber[)dn= 

genb, ununterbrorocn. 
To CONTORT, v. a. brc^cit, ftcd^tcn, 

TOinbeit, friimmcn. 
CONTORTION (Contorsion), bag Sre = 

't)cit, SSinben, bie ^udnn^ ; ^tum- 

muug Siegung; SBcrbrebung. 
CONTOUR, e. ber Uiurip (etncr Si* 

CONTRABAND, I. adj. cingcfc^todrjt, 
uerboten ; — goods, nerbotcne SBaa* 
reii; H. -i- bcr ©d)kif&bn"bcL 
CONTRABANDIST, s. bcr ©d^fcid). 
{)dnbler, ©^muggier. 
To CONTRAOr, v. a. ir n. i. JufaUf 




mc: jte^cii ,* Sf vftigcn, scrfuvjen, 06= 
fitricn ; 2. fid) 5ufflmmcn5tcf)en, ciu= 
ic^nim^fen, fiirjei- raerbcn ; 3. ctni<^ 
wcrbeii, ctngcbea, contral)h-cii, ctitctt 
^Scrgleic^ obev fionbcl fitlicgcu (— 
for a commodity, fiir ctue 2Saarc u. f. 
m.) ; 4. yerloben ; 5. »erfct)affcu, ftdb 
jujieljcn, ficJ) aitijcwoljueii ; 6. etnen 
•JJlnSjitg mac^eit; to — tiie brow, bte 
Sttvne runjcltt; to — debts, ©d^uU 
bcii mac^cn ; to — a di^-ease, fi^ cine 
.!i^ranf()ett jujicfjen ; to — friendship, 
^reunbfdjaft fitlie^cit; to — a habit, 
tint ®etDof)tt^ctt aimct)mcit. 

[.'ONTRAcr, s. 1. bev (5oiiti-act, bie 
©ontracteuvfunbe, bcr QSevtrag, SSev: 
gleic^j 2. btc SScvIobung; — of mar- 
riage, bcr ^ciratt)S»evtvao ; bie ^^c. 

UONTRACI'EDNESS, s. btc 3ufammcn= 
gejogcn^eit, ^iivje, ©tiije, i)lbfijv= 

CONTRACriBILITY. ) s. bic B"f«lll= 

CONTRACTIBLENESS, J inciijiel;bar= 

CONTRACTIBLE, adj. jufammcnjic^^ 

CONTRACTILE, adj. ftcf) sufainnifnjic- 

coNTRAoriON, s. i. bit 3ijfammcit= 

jtcbung ; ba§ 3wf«inmc'if<^vumpfcit; 

2. bcv jirampf ; 3. bie 3lbfiii-5iiiig. 
CONTRACTOR, s. bcr (Jontva^citt; 

CONTRACTURE, s. iaS 3tif'ii»incn5ic= 


CONTRA-DANCE, s. bcr ^piitrctatij. 
To CONTRADICT, v. a. njibcvfprcc^eil; 

CONTRADICTER, s. bcf SBibcrfprcc^ev, 

CONTRADICTION, s. bcr Sffitbevfpruc^, 

bte Uiioercinbarfett, bev aStberfivinb, 

bie 2Biberrebe. 
CONTRADICTIOUS, adj. miberfpve- 

c{)enb ; fertig ju wiberfpvecbcii ; fitt= 

gcgcngefe^t; jutuiber; — ness, .1. 1. 

bet SBibevfpvu^, bie Uiiftatt£)aftig:= 

fett; 2. ^ertigfcit JU U3tbcvfpved)cit, 

bcf aBiberfprud)§geifi:. 

fpvec^ltcbfcit; 33ibcvfc(jlic^Efit. 

CONTRADICTORY {ado. —u.y), I. adj. 1. 

lutbevfprec^ciib, iittucitvagltrl) ; 2. Log. 
r. contrabictovifc^ (was fid; gegen= 
fcitig auf()ebt) ; ii. s. ber SSibcrfpntc^, 
wiberfvrtJ^enbc ©aft. 
CONTRADISTINCT, adj. uiiterfdjiebcii 
(burc^ eitten @egenfa§). 

DONTRADISTINCTION, .s-. bic 0cgcn= 

untcvfc^eibung, bcr ©egeiifa^. 

CONTRADIST[NCTIVE, a//, ciltcn ®C= 

gcitfat} bcjetdjiiciib. 

T.? CONTI^ADBTINGTJISfl, r. n. bltvd) 

ciltcn ©egcnfaft untcrfd)eibcn. 
CONTRAFISSURE, s. s. T. bcv ®cgen= 
fpiilt, (Segcnbvnd). 


(troa& ©ntgegcngcfe^tcs anjeigcn. 


(MNTRAMURE, s. Mil. T. bcr ©cgcu' 

wall, bie SSormancr, (Sontrcfcarpc. 
(.•ONTRANITENCY. s. bCV ©cgcilbVUtf, 

SBtbcrflanb, bic JKcaction. 
CONTRAPOSITION, .v. bie ©iitgcgctu 

coNTRAREGULARrrY, s. bcr 2Bibcr= 

fpru^ flcgen bie ,9{cgcl. 

CONTRARIES, s. pi. ^l.og. T- ©cife?, btC 

fid) gegenfeitig aufhcbcn. 

■ONTRARIETV, .v. bcr SBibcvfprui^ ; 

bte SGBtbermnrtigtfit ; bcr Strcit. 
contrariness', s. bie aBibcrn)artig= 

fett, bcr SBibcrflanb. 
1.0NTRARI0US, adj. cntgcgcngcfcftt, 

jumiber ; — iv, adv. entgcgcn ; ^)inge= 



CONTRARIWISE or Contrary-wise, 
ado. uingcte^rt; tm ®cgcntl)eil. 

CONTRARY {ado. — ly), I. adj. wibrig, 

cntgcgcttgcfe^t ; ii. j>rep. juiuibev, \o\' 
bcv, gcgcn ; — to good sense, bcr gc= 
funbcn SScrnunftjuroibcr;— to imnour, 
tuibcr bie @^re ; — minded, ocvfc^ie= 
bcncr 50ieinnng ; in. s. ba§ ®cgcn= 
tf)eil, 2Bibcrfpicl ; to the— ,ban)ibcr, 
bagegen ; on iiio — , im ®cgcntl)cil, 

CONTRAST, s. bcrSontrafl, ®cgcnfa^, 
Slbftanb, 91bflid). 

To CONTRAST, v. a. COUtVafiivcn, 

cntgcgenfcftcn, cutgcgcnficllcn, gc= 
gcnciuatibcr abftedpen mad)en (mit 

CONTRA-TENOR, s. T. bcV 3Ut. 
CONl'RAVALLATION, s. Mil. T. bic 

To CONTRAVENE, v. a. JUluibcr [)an= 

bcln, iibertvctcn. 
coNTRAVENEit, s. bcr Ucbcrtrctcr, 


htng, llcbcrtrctnng. 
coNi'RAVERSiON, s. ba§ llmbvcf)cn 

itad) bcr cutgcgcugcfcftteu (Scite, bie 

CONTRAYERVA, s. bie ®iftiinir5, 

(501ltra=2)cr»a {.nristolochia IndUa — 

CONTRECTATION, s. bas SBcfitOIen, 

CONTRIBUTARY, adj. flcuerpf{id)tig, 


To CONTRIBUTE, v. a. ^- n. 1. bcitra= 

gen, mitmirfen, betftencrn, bdfcn, (— 

to, towards, JU) ; 2. XijtH ^abcn ; 3. 

crlcgcn, ftencrn. 
CONTRIBUTION, .?. 1. bcr ©cltrag, bic 

9)Jitivirfung ; 2. 53ciftcncr; 3. ©tcucr, 

.KvicgSfieuer, 33ranbfd)aftung. 
CONTRIBUTIVE, adj. bcitrogenb, t>e= 

CONTRIBUTOR, s. bcr aSeitragcttbe, 

CONTRIBUTORY, adj. jititwivfcnb, be= 

CONTRITE (adv. — lv), adj. jerfnirfd)t, 

rencooU, rcuig. 
CONI'RITENESS, s. btc 3erfnirfd;iing, 

CONTRITION, s. bte BeiTftbung; 3cr= 

Inirfc^iing; SRcue. 
CONTRIVABLE, adj. iTtac^bor, erfinb= 

bar, crbcntbar. 
CONTRIVANCE, s. 1. bie ©rfiiibung ; 

2. .ng. feer jtunftgriff, 5plan, bic 5Bcr= 

anftattuitg, bcr 9lnfd)Iag. 
To CONTRIVE, v. a. crfinbcu, crftuitcrt, 

erbciifcn, cntmcrfett, fi^ au§bcnfcn ; 

cincn 5{nrd)[ag mac^cn; ucrauflaU 

ten, mafbcn, cr.^iclcn, bi^i'uorbringcn, 

anfdtaffcn, ju Stanbe bvtngen, aihi- 


CONTRIVEMENT, s. btc ©rfinbuiio. 
CONTRIVER, s. bcr ©rftitbcr, Uvbcber. 
CONTROL (Co.NTROLL, Controlle). s. 

1. baS ©cgcnrcgiftcr, ©egenbuci), bie 
®cgenrecfennng ; 2. bcr S^^tnfl. t?'in= 
bnit, bie (Sinfc^ranfung ; 3. ®croaft, 
£)beraiifftd)t ; bcr aBibcrfprurl) ; to 
be at one's — , nntcr ScmaubeS Scs 
feble flcbcit ; without—. obncBwang, 
D^nc 9lufft(^f, jineingcft^ranft. 
To CONTROL (Controll). v. a. 1. tn3 

®egenrcgifler cinff^retbcn, gcgcnrcr^= 

ncn, controllireit ; 2. jnjingcn, bc= 

fd;ranfcn, bc!)crrfd)cn, im 3aume ^aU 

ten, 3Iufftc^t bfibcn. 
CONTROLLABLE, adj. bfjmtrtgl'ar, 

was ftr^ contvoflircn, untcr Slafft^t 

ncbmcn lafit. 
CONTROLLER, .?. 1. bcr CfDntroHeur, 

©cgenfc^reibcr ; 2. Dbcrauffcbcr ; 

©ewaltbaber ; — of the kina's house 

hold, bcr Dberauffc{)cr bcr f ijuiglic^c^ 
>§an8bicncrfd;aft, .6au§l)ofmciftcr 
— of the navy, bcr ®encralsal)lmei» 
ficr bcr 3J}arinc. 

coNTROLLERSHip,s. bic (JontroIIcur-- 
ficUe; ba« 5luffe[;cramt, bie '.Jluffi^t, 

CONTROLMENT, s. 1. bic Slufftdjt ; 
©civalt ; (Sinf(^ranfung ; bcrSwang ; 
2. SBibcrfpruc^ ; bte aBic&cricgung • . 
ber aSibcrftanb. 

CONTROVERSIAL, adj. flrcitmaptcj 

ftreitig, }u cincr Strcitfrnge ge^ijiig 

CONTROVERSIALIST, s, bcr in ctncu 

litevarifc^cn ©trcit ^Scvwicfelte. 
CONTROVERSY, .?. 1. bcr Strcit, bie 

Strcttfraje, <Strcitfad)c ; 2 ber '.pvo^ 

jej) ; 3. aSibcrftanb, bie gfiubfdjaf! 

(«). it.). 

To CONTROVERT, ». a. ftrcttCH, ht^XtU 
ten ; Controverted election, bie beftrit-: 
tene 2Bal)(. 

CONTROVERTER, *. rid. Cowirovkr- 


CONTROVERTIBLE, ailj. fircttig, bc^ 


CONTROVERTIST, s. ber Sisputaut, 

CONTUMACIOUS (adv. — ly), adj. bal*= 

fiarrig, njiberfpauftig; unbeagfanij 

CONTUMACIOUSNESS, ? .s, l.b-ie,^iSlS-» 

CONTUMACY, J ftarri'g,fcit, 

aSibcrfpanfiigfctt ; 2. /.. t. b\^^''»DV• 
faftlic^e 2lu§bUiben »or ©tricot. 

CONTUMELIOUS (adv. — ly). «://". 
fc^ma^ltc^, fcbimpflii^, scriiiri^tlirtsj 
fcbnobe, jn (gc^impfrcbcn g^ncigt. 
fdjanblicJ); — ness. s. bie ©efdjinj^ 
i>fung, (2ci;anbe, 3Jol)()cit; ber ^^ov^ 
tt»nrf. J 

CONTUMELY, s. bte (g^mac^, bei I 
(2d)impf; bitterc (grebe) S>Drn>urf. } 

To CONTUSE, V. a. Cfnetfdjeu ; jcrfti>: 


CONTUSION, s. S.T. i.ik ClliCtfcfyutljJ , 

2. Bevftugung. 
CONUNDRUM, .t. bte ©c^na!?, bet - 

©c^njanf, ba3 SBortfpicl. 
CONUSANCE, .9. /.. T. bie ,5?cnntni^ 

ba3 aBiffcB, Dlec^t bcr ®cric)>t§bar^ 


CONUSANT, adj. /,. T. WtfTcitb. 

bie ®cncfung. 

CONVALESCENT, adj. gcncfcnb. 
CONVENABLE, adj. »aS flc^ Krflini 

nuln lai5t. 
To coijVENE, V. I. 71. 5nf£jntiiic«!&ni= 

men, fid) yerfammeln ; II. a.. 1. ^u 

fammenberufcn, ycrfanimtln; 2. A. : 

T. »orlabcn. 
CONVENER, s. 1. bcr mtt 5lnber)s ef nc8 

®efcUfd)aft bcti»of)at; 2. bcr Sci-=> 


8iigliri)feit, ©(^i(fiid>feit; 2- ©?■» 
qnemticbfcit; 3. ®elcgtiibcit ; k= 
(ineinc ^dt ; 4, fam. ber i)Jac^tjiiib!. 

CONVENIENT {adv. — ly), adj. I. fiij7- 

li^, fd>i(flid), p'affenb, aji^inbig; z 

bCiillClH, gclcgen ; with all — speed 

mit mi>gUd)Per 6ile. 
CONVENT, 5. baS Jtbflcr; bcr (Soil" 

To CONVENT, v. a cttirctt, ssrfabcn 

ctiNVENTiCLE, .«. 1. He (vcIigiSfci 

55f rfammlung, Biif'iniraf «funft ; a 

beimlic^e (imgefc^lic^e) Serfamia: 

CONVENTICLER, ,?. bcr bctinltcfct See* 

fommlungcn bulbct obtr bcfud)t. 

CONVENTION, s. 1. bic 3l'('*T5"5tf8;' 

fnnft, SlJnfiinimiiing; 2. i^ercmiis 
pna; SScvbinbuug: '* Ufbcrcia»*. 




funft, Slbvcbc, ber SSerfrag, i8cr= 
gkid); national —, ber 9ktionaIcon= 

CONVENTIONAL, adj. vexahxtitt, »cr= 
ti-ngSmafiig, scrijlic^eit. 

CONVENTIONARV, adj. 'OiVtxa^StniX' 

coNVENTroNER, s. laS 3JltfgIieb ct= 
nev SSerfammluug, eiitcf B'Wff' "■ 
f. tt). 

OONVENTIONIST, s. iix dcmtvafecnt ; 
ber eiiicn .^aitbcl, Serti-ag abfci)licpt. 

CONVENTUAL, I. mii. flpftcrlici) : I[. s. 

ber Soityentual, aJJmirf; ; tie SJonite. 
To CONVERGE, v. n. ciHuiergircu, JU= 

CONVERGENCE (Convkrgekcy), s. bilS 

CONVERGENT, adj. jufammculaufetib. 

CONVERSABI>E {adv. — ly), adj. Um= 

gdngltc^; inttt&etleiib ; — ness, s. bie 
CONVERSANT, adj. 1. uiugcljcnb, Um= 
gang (sBefaimtfc^aft) l)abcitb, feefainit, 
vcrtraut; 2. fuiibig, erfaf)ven; be: 
jvanbert (— in uiib with, in cfroa«). 

CONVERSATION, s. 1. bdS @ef))VilC^, 

bie Utttcr^altuiig, Uitterrcbung ; S3e= 
fprcc^uug : 2. ber Uiiigang ; 3. ber 
fffiaiibel ; 4. btc Scfattntfc^aff, gciiauc 
,Jtcniititig, .Sunbe. 

CONVERSATIVE, arf/.ftc6 quf bCtt 11111= 

(jawg bejie^enb. 

To CONVERSE. v.n.\. uevfc^reit,Um= 
flang ^abeit, fic^ uuterf)alten, iimge= 
^eu ( — with, mtt eitiem, o&er ehuaS, 
— about, or on, voii, iibcr) ; 2. (ct;e= 
lid)), beiaio^tieit ; 3. ftd» uiiterrebeit. 

CONVERSE, s. 1. ber Umgaiig (/am. 
g3eifc^laf), bie Sefaimtfi-tiaft ;.2. ber 
Jteferfc^{u9 (in ber ?ogtE imb @eome= 
trie), ber @egcuf«^, umgcfehvte ©a^. 

CONVERSELY, adv. umgcfc^vt, gcgeii= 

<X)NVERSI0N, g. 1. btc Untffl)ruiig ; 
SSerroanbtuug (bcfonberS eiiicr.@iei= 
i^nna); 2. sOefefjning; 3. mil t. 
bie glantciifc^roenfuug ; 4. bie SSies 
bcvi)oliing§ttgur (in ber i)i[}etovif) ; 5. 
/.. r. bie Seiiu^uiig etiter frembcii 

To CONVERT, v. i.a.i. umfelircn, »cr= 
wanbelii; 2. befc^ren (ju eiiiem bef= 
feni SebenSmanbel) ; 3. fctjreit, rid)= 
ten ; 4. Oerwenbcn ; to be converted, 

iiberge^en (yoit ciner [Tieligtpu juv 

aiibeim) ; il. n. ftc^ ycrroaiibelit. 
CONVERT, s. ber, bie ?JcuI)efcl)rte. 
CONVERTER, s. bcr 53t!el}ver, ^rofe^ 

t_x^NVERTIBIL^^v, s. bie ltnniHinijcI= 

CONVERTIBLE, «(//. 1. uenimitbelbiir, 

amfebrbar ; 2. jit ycnueci^fe In ; — ly, 

adv. umgetc^rf, njcdjfeljtocife. 
CONVEX {adv. — ly), I. adj. ruub erf)a= 

ben, nac^ aufieii gemotbt ; eoimer ; 

II. .?. ber cetivtre Jtorptr, baS (ye= 

(X)NVEXED {adv. - ly), adj. ritttb er=: 

ijabtH, conucr. 

TONVEXiTY, \s. bie (iHfJeve 9iun= 

CONVEXNESa S ^""sV 2i5olbuiig. 

coNViCXOCONCAVE, 'adj. auf ber et= 
uen Seitc evi)«beit, anf ber auberii 

7b CONVEY, t>. a. 1. «oit citiem Drte 
na(^ etnem anberii fdwffcn, fabren, u. 
f. vs., jufiifivcti ; 2. iibcrgrbcit ; iibers 
tragen; iiberlieferu, iibcniiad)en ; 3. 
tetbrtngcn, mittl)cilen ; 4. cntl)alten 
fei)ti; to — by water, scrfdnffeii. 
*ONVEYANCE, s. 1. baS 3ufiil)ren, bie 
3uftt()r, Ueberbringitiig, Uebevfeii= 
bang, Uebcrlicfening, !5ic ^ortfd)af= 
fiiug, ber S;raii6V0vt; 2. ba« gprt= 
f^ffunggmittel, guiynccrf, bie i!Sc= 

geanfialt; ©clegeit^cit; 3. Ueberga= 

be, 5lbtvctung; 4. yibtretungsfd}vift, 

Uebcrgabsurfiinbc ; letter of — , m. e. 

bcr Brad^tbricf. 

CONVEYANCER, s. ber Sflotariitg. 
CONVEYER, s. 1. bcr Uebevliefcvcr, 

Ueberbriitger; 2. Sieb, Itflige 33e= 

To CONVICT, V. a. ii6crfiU;ren, liber^ 

tueifcii, uberjcugcn. 
CONVICT, oAj. iibevfii^rt, iiberwiefeii. 
CONVICT', s. ber Ueberiviefenc, a)Jtife= 

tf)atcr ; — ship, baS Serbredjevfc^if. 
CONVicnoN. s. 1. bie Ucberfiil)ruiig; 

2. Ucberseuguttg. 
coNVicriVE {adv. — ly), adj. iiSerjeu: 

genb, biiiibig. 
To CONVINCE, ». a. iiberjcugctt, ji6er= 


CONVINCING {adv. — ly), adj. iibcrjeU: 

geiib; — ness, s. bie Ueberjeugiiitg§= 

fraft, 5lugenfd}ciulirf)fcir. 
CONVIVIAL, adj. fff^Hc^, gefcUfc^aft= 

lic^, (uflig. 
CONVIVIALITY, .?. 1. btc Siofilii^fett 

(bei Sard); 2. ecbmaufcrci, bag 

To CONVOCATE, v. a. iiifainmenberu= 

CONVOCATION. *. i. bic 3i'fantmfu= 

berufiiug ; 2. 33cvfammlung. 
To CONVOKE, c. a. jufammertbevufcn. 
CONVOLUTE, l^/j. jiifiimineitgcwt: 
CONVOLUTED, J (felt, aufgcrollt. 
CONVOLUTION, s. bte 3ufainmenwi= 

To CONVOLVE, o. c.5ufainmcn«)i(felit, 

To CONVOY, V. a. gcleitcii, bfgleitcii, 

beJe.i; frfjiifeen. 
CONVOY, s. 1. ba8 ©cleit, bie ©ebe= 

tfiing; ba§ ©eleitfc^iff; 2. bie unter 

SSeberfung fegelnbe .R'auffaftrtetfiottc. 
To C0NVUI.SE, V. a. Biicfuiigcu »crur= 

fad)ett, erfc^iitterii, »cv;(errcn. 
CONVULSION, s. bie douuulftoit, 3n: 

cf ling, 3]ersucfung ; ber jlrampf ; bie 

iQerjerrung; (Srfc^iitterung; — s of 

Liughtcr, franH)fi)nfteg I'ac^cit; —fits, 

frampfijafte 3uif ""gen. 

CONVULSIVE (adv. — ly), adj. ePltyuU 

ftyifd), franivfbaff. 

CONEY, I s. baS J?aniitd)en ; — imr- 

CONY, 5 rows, bcr Jlaniiidjcnbau ; 
to — catch, V. n.Jiff. vulg. + betfiigcii, 
prcUen, cifeu; —warren, bass Ji'auin= 

To coo, I!, n. girrcu, gnrren (njie cine 
Saube) ; Cooinf?, ba§ ©irrcn. 

COOK, s. bcr jtod), bic Jliic^inn; — 
fish, bie a)Jeerfd)leil)'e ; — maid, bie 
J?iid)cnmagb ; itodjiiiu ; — 's mate, 
bcS ^pd)§ @ct)iilfe (anf Sdjiffcii), bcr 
Uutcvfoc^ ; — room, bic Sd)ipEii4)e 
(befoiiber^ auf Dftiubienfabrcni) ; — 
shop, bie ®arfiid)c. 

To COOK, V. I. a. fod)rtl ; 11. n. fc^rcicu 

wie bcr Jtuif itf. 

COOKERY, s. 1. bai J?od;en ; 2, bte 

COOL •(<«/». — ly), I. adj. \. fii^l, fl-if4) ; 

'l.fitr. faltfimiig, faltbliitig, fait; — 

heaoHd, Ieibenfcf)aft«[p5 ; II. s. bie 

jtiible, J?iif)liiiig; —cup, ba§Juf)len= 

be ©etriint. 
To cooL,i,. I. n. 1. !iiblcn, erfafd)en; 

'l.ji<r. abfiil)!eii, ma^igeii, befanfti= 

gen ; ii. v. 1. tiiM wcrbcn ; 2.jfi,o'. er= 

COOLER, .«. 1. ba« ^iiblenbcfftblcnbe 

^JJittcI ; 2. bcr ,«t:U)IfeffcI, bie MiW 

tonne, baS itiiblfaj}. 
COOLIRII, adj. cin wcnig Iiif)I; jig. tU 

wag taltfinnig. 
COOLNESS, s. 1. bie SiuhU, jtii{)tnng; 

2.,^. ber Jfattftnn; bie J?altt)liitig= 

fcti, Ceibcnfc^aftSloftgfcit, ©V'l'inwj 

(jn.nfd;en Srennben). 
COOM, s. 1. ber 3iu^, Dfenruf ; 2. bit 

COOMB, ) eiii ©etreibemag yon «ier 

COMB, 5 Bushel. 

coop,s. 1. bie Jtnfc, baS gaf ; 2, bet 
^iUjnerforb ; 3. bie Sc^afliiivbe. 

To coop, V. a. (to — up), einfvcrren, 

COOPER, s. bcr a3i3«(|)er, Jtiifer, ^it= 
per ; — 's adze, bcr ,5lufcrbeigel ; — 'a 
drivtT. bcr Svicbcl; — 's knife, bag 

3ngnicffer; —age, .s, ber ©ott^cr= 


To COOPERATE, v.n. niitwirfcu. 
COOPERATION, s. bie 9)2itn)irfung. 
COOPERATIVE, adj. mttwirfcub, bc= 

COOPERATOR, .<>. ber aJJitJDirfcnbe 

COOPTATION, s. bie (SfWci^lung, 3ln: 

na^mc, >?lnfiiat)me. 

COORDINATE {adv. — ly), adj. bcigc 

DVbnct, in glcid;cr (Slaffe, jiir felben 

Crbnung gcf;ijvcnb, glcid) ; —ness. .v. 

bie ®lctd)l)cit bcS Jiangcs, gleid;e 

COORDINATION, s. bic iJlebcnorbnung. 

COOT. s. ba§ 2Baffcr()«I)n, ber Sioi)\-- 


COPAIBA, s. bcr (Salfam) (Jo^jaioi. 
COPAL, s. bcr J?opal, ias Jtopalgumntt. 

COPARCENARY, s. X. T. bie dJittcrb- 

COPARCENER, s.L. T. bcr glcic^e3JJit= 

COPARCENY, s. bcr gTcic&c Slntfjcit be; 

COPARTNER, s. ber SDlitgenpf , &aiu 

bclggefafertc ; — ship, s. bie jDJttgc- 

noffcnfc^aft, gleid)c 3:;^cilna[)mc. 
COPE, s. 1. bcr (5f)onocf; 2. 3?ogen 

iibcr ciiiem 3::bore; 3. bic Jtuppel ; 

4. 5)ccfc iibcr unfcvnt .§anvte. 
To COPE, V. I. a. beef en, bcbc Jen ; ii. v 

flrcitcn, tcinipfcn, fid; frl)lagcit, fidi 

ftvaubcn, fid) )rct)rcn, ringcn; to — 

with, fid; nicffen mtt cineni. 
CopiEK, s. 1. bcr ©Ppift, gibfc^rciber 

'' 5In6fd)vcibcr ; 3. 9lad)a[}mcr. 
COPING, s T. bie ?JJanerfaVVc, JlaV= 
■ pc; bcr ©tcbcl. 
COPIOUS (adv. — ly), fi,'//. i. I^aufig, 

reicf)lid), iibcvfliiffig, iitcvypil, tn 

a)2cnge; 2. weitKinfig, wovtrcid); ii. 

— ness, s. 1. bcr Hebcrflufj, bie gjJcn; 

ge, Siillc; bcr 3icid)tl)um ; 2. bie 

aScitlaufiflfcit, Cficbcfiillc. 
COPLAND, s. bic ?anbfpi^c. 
COPPED, adj. jugcfpi^t, fegclfijrmig. 
COPPEL, s. vid. Cupel. 
CCPPER, 1. s. i. bag ^npfcr; 2. bcv 

(.:,v.;9e) Jleffel ; 3. baS Jlnpfcrgclb ; 

II. atJj. fnVfern ; in covijws. — bottom 

ed, adj. jv. T. fupfcrbobcn, mtt j?upfcr 
ycrHeibet ; — colour, bic Jluvferfar= 
i)e ; — coloured, fupfcrfarbcn ; — 
clippings and filings, jlupfcrabfcfenifecl 
unb Bcilic^t; — nose, bie fnpfrige 
DIafe; — ore. Jtnpfcrglan?; —plate, 
bie .ftupfcvplatte ; bcr jtupfcrflic^ ; 

— plaie prints, Jtupferjlicfic ; — sheath- 
ings. Jtupferblci^ (jnm SScrfleiben ber 
(2d)iffc) ; — smith, bcv Jlupfer= 
fd^micb; — wire, ber J?npfcrbrabt; 

— work, bcr,$lnpf"'l;ammcr, baS Stn^ 
Vfcrijammcnucvf ; — worm, ber ^olj" 
wurm ; Singcrivurm. 

COPPERAS, .•>. ber gn'inc Sitriol. 
COPPERED, ai.j. mit Miv<;)\tvilid) uit9t 

COPPE-Risn, adj. tiipfer^aUtg. 
COPPERY, adj. fupfcrig, fm)fer;&al<t§ 

COPPICE, s. vid. CopsK. 





X)PPij:n, aiij. jugcfptfef. 

:!OPSE, s iaS Utiterhoh, ®c^au; ®c= 


To CX)PSE, V. a. has UntevI}ol5 l^iigen. 
copsv, adj. buf^ig. 

COPULA, s. Oram. T. Ht (Sopulfl, ba8 


To COPULATE, v. n. ftc^ piwren, nd) 
bcgattcii, flcifdjH^ »evnufc|)nt, fic^ 

COPULATION", s. 1. tie SScvbiiibung, 
Biifammcnfiipvelut'g; 2. ikt»ol)= 

COPULATIVE, I. ailj. Oram. T. »evlnn= 

bcnb ; 11. s. baS 33tnbcwovt. 

COPY, s. 1. bie gopte, 5Ibf(|rift; 2. 
baSS-reni^lav; 3. bie a^orfcbrtft, ba§ 
Original ; — book, ba« aSovfc^rtfteu^ 
bUC^'; — hold, brt§ 3tng[c{)Cn: — hold- 
er, ber 3i''SP<'<t'ffi". @vbpncbter, 
2JJetcr ; — right, baS SBtrlag§rccf)t. 

To COPY, V. a. & n. 1. copireii ; ab= 
fc^rcibcii, nbjftdiueii; 2. iiacbbilbeit, 
itflctabmcit, tind)mac^cii ; to — from 
the life, iiad) bf ill Sebcn 5cid)iieit. 

UOPYER, COPYIST, s. vid. Copikti 
(X)PYING-MACH1NE, s. btc 6Dptrina= 

To COQUET, V. a. Sr n. COCIliCtttrcil, lie= 


(X)QUETTE, COQUET, s. bic CoitUcfte. 
COQUETRY, 5. bie goqueltcric. 
COQUETTISH, adj. COquet. 

CORACLE, s. baS lebevne 93PDt. 

'JORAL, L s. bic ,^oraUe ; — ijoat, bev 
JtoraUenfifcfeerfa()n ; — diver, ber 
,\l'ovaUcttftfc^er ; — moss, tas itoxaU 
leiimooS ; — tree, ber Jtcrallcnbaiim ; 
— wort, iaS Jtovallfitfraut ; ii. adj. 

CORALLINE, I. adj. louilUn ; Eoraltcit^ 
arttg ; ii. s. ba§ Jtoralleiimoos. 

GORALLOID, > ,. »„,.,it.„,„i:^ 

.;oRALLomkL, 5 '"^■'- foi«»f"^ittg. 
UORB, s. 1. ber ,ft'ol)knforb j 2. — s, pi. 

jirch. T. forbfijvmige SScrjtcniugcit. 
i.'ORBAN, s. 1. ber 3Umofeuforb ; 2. 

baS 9llmofeit. 

CORBEILS, s. p/. MV.T. SdlftimHube. 

»X)RBEL, s. jirck.T. 1. ba3 Jtorbc^eii; 
2. ber Jtrflgjtein, iklfeutrager, SBaU 
fenfovf; ^. bie (SBilber--) 33lciibe, 
m^i- . 

(X)RD. s. 1. ber (Stricf, iaS Seil ; Xa\i ; 
bie ,KIafter, ber f^abeii ; 2. fy. ber 
SallflridP; bieScfTel; —maker, ber 
eeilcr ; — wheel, boS ©rcbrab (ber 
©etler) ; — wood, ba« Jtlafterbols ; 
a — of twine, JV. T. eiiie Siffc Stti^: 

To CORD, v.a. btiiben, befeftigeit (mit 
©trirfen, u. f. w.) ; to — up, mit ci= 
uer @d;iiur mefffii, tlvifteru; to — 
wood, .§olj nil JKaftern fdjlageii; 
i^Drding tools, Siiiiibcliiiflruiiieiite. 
(X)RDAGE, s. ba« S^aumerf. 
CORDELIER, s. ber graiici^caiter. 
iX)RDIAL, I. s. 1. bie,:gjerjftarfui!g,ba8 
yabfat ; 2. ber feine Siqucur ; u. adj. 
1. berjprfenb, belebenb; 2. (ado. 
— ly) ^er^ig, l)erslid;, aufric|)tig, ol;ne 

CORDIALITY..'!. bie-DcrjIic^feit ; 3tuf= 
ric^tigfeif, Dffcn()crjigfctt. 
CORDON, s. .^rch. T. baS SJJ.iiierbaiib, 
ber 2J?aiierEran5 ; jtranj ; bie(Sj(i»nur. 
CORDOVAN, a. ber gorbiian. 
CORDWAINER, s. ber Sc^iificr. 
r."ORE, .S-. 1. ba8 Jlenigebaufe tiuDbfie, 
ber ©ricbs ; l.fis ba« 3nnerfte, ^erj, 
filJarf ; .3. ber §iter; 4. eine Seber= 
franfbeit ber (£d)afe. 
CORIACEOUS, ffrf/. leberit ; Icberartig, 
;:oRiANDER, .•*. bier 6otiaiiber. 
CORINTH, s .(Tprintb. 
CORINTHIAN, I, oiij forint^tfc^; ; ~ 

order, bie lortnt^tf^c (Sautenorb- 

itung ; n. *-. ber Jtoriiitber. 
coriVal, s. ber Slebcnbul^ter, a)Jit= 


To CORIVAL, V. a. wetteifern. 
cork, 5. -1. ber,ftorf, ba«>4]antoffeI= 

^olj; 2. ber ,Rovftl6})fel ; — , or — 

tree, ber J^ovffcaum ; — cutter, ber 

,S:DrEfd)iteiber; — screw, ber Jtorf= 

To CORK, v.a. \. ititt .ttorf »erfcneit, 

ober bclcgeu; 2. juftiipfelii, juftOi 

t»feti, ^jfro'vfen. 

CORKING-PIN. s. bie 5l?>i(f imbrl. 
CORKY, arf/. t)Ott vfforf, forfig. 
CORMORANT, s. 1. bcr SBafferrabe, 

Sifd)rei£)er ; 2. fig. aStelfrat!. 
CORN, s. 1. ba8 Jtovit; ©ctrctbe; 2. 

ba« .§iif)iieraiige, ber i^cirbborii ; — 

beef, ba« ^ofelrinbfleifd) ; — bin, bie 

,$tonilabe; — blades, 2)JatSbIatter; 

— flower, bic JJorublBOTf ; — chand- 
ler, ber .ftornbaiibler rim ,f?leiiten), 
Sametibanbler; — crack, bcr 2Qic= 
foiiKiiifcr ; — cutter, ber ?eid;bprit= 
fd)neiber; — factor, ber ,$?prnmafler ; 

— fan, bie Jtonifc^annge ; — field, 
bag Jtornfelb ; — ila,T, bcr Sc^njertel, 
bic Scbaicrtlilie ; — floor ( — ioft>, ber 
Jtornbobeil; — marygold, btc 9iin= 
gelbllime ; — merchant, bcr Jtoriis 
i)aiibler ; — meter, bcr .iloriinieffcr ; 

— mill, bic ©eh'cibeimible ; — • pipe, 
ba« .^aferro^r, bic aiol)rv>feife ; — 
plaister, baS .6iit}ncraugciivflafter ; 

— porter, bcr JlDrittragcr ; — rocket, 
bcr .§cbcrid), njcijieStiif ; — rose, bic 
,ft'onivofc, ,y?laVVcrrofe ; — saiiad, b*r 
*ilcf crlattic^, 8animerlattid) ; — stalks, 
bic ©teitgel (©tie(e) bc8 iDiai-J. 

To CORN, V. a. 1. foritcii ; 2. ciufaljeti, 

CORNEL, s. bic ,5tornclftrfd)e; (Cume- 

lian —tree), bcr jtoriiclfirfdjbauiu. 


CORNEMUSE. ) s. bcr SiibelfaJ, bie 

CORNAMUTE, > S a cf p fc t fc. 
CORNEOUS, adj. ^oriitg ; f)ontid)t. 
CORNER. .?. ber SBinfcl, bie (5(fe ; — 

clips. CSifbcfc^digc ; — house, ba(S @cf= 
hailS ; — piece, baS (Scffliicf ; —stone, 
bcr ©rffteiii ; — teeth, bie .^atciijab= 
nc, .5afen (bcr ?pfcrbc) ; — tile, ber 
.^cl)!jtcgel ; — wise, gcedt, ccfig ; 

CORNERED, axlj. cdig ; llireo-cornered. 

CORNET, s. 1. bie Bi'iff' t''i8 3iiif= 

^orn, 45orii ; 2. bie S;iitcitfd>iictf c ; 3. 

ber ^iif ; 4. (Joniett; Stanbavteii= 

triigcr ; 4. bic iSoruette, 9iad)tf)aubc, 

aBetbcrmiiljc ; 5. (fonft) (5d)arpe. 
CORNETCY, s. bie C5ori!ctt«=Stel{f. 
CORNETER, s. ber 3t"ff "blafcr, 3iiifc= 

CORNICE, ,!. Jirrh. T. iaS .^arnicfii, ber 

jlrauslciflen, ,!itratij, 5lblaiif ; —ring, 

bcr Jiransreif (eiiier ,flanonc). 
CORNICLE, s. bag JporKitcit. 
CORNICULATE, adj. t)ornfiJrmig, 5it= 

(fig, .§ijrner tragenb. 
CORNIGEROUS. adj. i^knrc tragcub. 
CORNLESS, adj. geh'cibclo«, foriilo«. 
■cornucopia, s. baS J^iiliboru. 
To CORNUTE^ v. a. ^^ijrtier auffefeen, 

jum ^abnret niarfjcii, honeir. 
coRNUTO,s. berv^ornertrager, ^a^\u 

CORNUTOR, .t. ber jiim .6aT)iirct 3JJa-- 

cbciibe, ber ^joriieraiiffe^cr. 
CORNY, fld/. 1. fiU-nig, fornrctc^; 2. 

^ornbart, borntc^t. 
COROLLARY, s T. 1. baS (S'orDlta: 

rium, bcr Solgcfai} ; 2. ber Ucber- 


CORONA, .?. ,Hrch.T. bcr ,^ran?(eiflen. 

CORONAL, I. s. bie Jvrone, ber &X\n\\\ ; 

II. adj. am SBirbel btS .ftopft?;- 

— suture, bie Jlroillial)t ; — vein, bM 
.Sroiiabcr. J 

CORONARY, rnij. btc ,Srpnc bctrcffciib, I 
ail ber Jtroiie ; — arteries, bie ,R:ran|j ■ 

CORONATION, s. btc Jlriiniiiig ; — oat'i, 
ber JlronuttgScib. 

CORONER, s. bcr SeicfecufbcJfc^aucr* 

— 's inquest, bic S^Obteilfdjail. 

CORONET, s. 1. bic flfiiieJtrone; 2. 
bcr Jtranj (tin 2Bapveu). 
CORPORAL, L s. bcr (5orpDrnT; Ii 

{adv. — ly). adj. forpcvlid), icibUcij. 

CORPORALS (Corporal), .^ baS flf 

tttcibtc 3)?etitud;. 

CORPORALlTY, s. bie jliirperlidjleit. 
CORPORATE [adii. — ly), adj. t(l fintO 

Jtin'per (cine ©cmciiie) »crf iiiigt, v>er- 

eint; — body, bie ©emeine, baS (Sor* 

VuS ; — ness, 5. bie 33creinigi!iig, ®t« 

CORPORATION, 5. 1. bic^cmcine, 3r^ 

nung, 3«"ff ; 2- 3.Mivgevf<l)aft; 3. bet 

CORPORATOR, ^. b'il ®Tieb ei«« 

3unft, n. f. w. 

CORPOREAL [adv. — ly), ailj. fir-rpff* 


CORPOREAi;/3T, .<... Wx Wcitmi'Xl\i. 
CORPOREITY, «. bie .»tinpevlid)ff!t. 
CORPOREOUS, adj. fin-pfrltd). 

CORPC^ANT, s. Mrt. T. ba* .g>e}eneii= 

feiicr, eleftrifd;e Stdjt (du ben 50JiVf}fn 

jinb 9}aaen). 
CORPS, s. Mil. T. baS 6orp*. 
CORPSE, s. ber ili>rp«-; J^eib; ^eidj^ 

CORPULENCE (— cy), .?. bie St'oxtn=> 

biife, i^cletbt^ctf, Sleifcbigfeit. 
CORPULENT, adj. flfifd)ig, MzM, 


coRPUSCiJi:, A-. baS ,^orpcvc^cn, bet 

CORPUSCULAR, ndj. f 5rpf rlicl), nifdniJ 

nifcb, materialifiifc^, atomtfltfc^. 
CORPUSCULARIAN, I, ..;. bcr Sltomifi 

2)tatcrtali)l ; n.adj. icte corpuscular. 

qd. vid. 

CORRADIATION, s. btc "Stvar^lcnucret^ 

r« CORRECT, v.a. 1. bcffcru, ycrbcf- 
fern, bcrid)figcn ; 2. yerrocifeu, ta- 
bcln, jiic^tigcn, firafeu; 3. M:d. t. 

milbcrn; Correct (ndv. — i,y), adj. CLU-J 

rcct, feblcrfrci, rid)tig, fpracbridjiii^} 
I stand corrected, ili) bitte UlU i5crf,et" 

bung, t4) btibe Uuvcd'f. 
CORRECTION, .«. 1. bic a[>rrbff]'crMii)t, 
S3ertd)tigimg, Siircbftd>t ; I. ber iNci- 
wciS, 3;abcl ; bie 3iid)'igiiiig, ikptra-- 
fung ; 3. JUd. t. btc iDJilbevuKg; 
house of — , baS 3"*fbaiU°; luidor — . 

init (Maubnip jufagen; uumafjgebi 

ltd); corrections (ir marks of — , Tg]). 7! 


CORRECTIONAL, adj. ycrbeffcMlb, SWi 

weifenb ; a — lesson, eiitc Strofprcj 

CORRECTIVB, I. adj. »evi)cfferi!b; II. s. 

baS SBerbeffcvniigJniiltft. 
CORRECTNESS, s. bie 6orrcct()fi»i 

CORRECTOR, s. 1. bcr g^orrccfM, SScra 

bcfferer, $!erid)tiger; 2. Si't^firtCfi 

Biic^tmeiftcr; 3. Med. T. baS IDJitDC^ 

CORRELATE, .^. baS Sorrcktum, SB«> j 

jicbenbe. I 

CORRELATION, s. bic gcgenfctfigc S5fi ' 

CORRELATIVE, I. adj. ftd) gegfiiffiHl 

bfjiebcn^'" j ba§ Sorrclati*. 


COllRELATIVENESS, s. baS nCjlCllfct= 
ttjie 3]erl)a[titip, bcr 9Bc(J)feIbejua. 
CORREPTION, s. bcr a3evn)etS, XaHl. 
To GORRESPOITO, v. n. i. correfvont>t= 
rcii, cincit sSrtefroecfefel fu^reti, *8rtefe 
mccfofelit ; 2. iib erf info mm en, ))affeii, 
entun-edjen, gemag fei)it. 
CORRESPO.VDENCE (— cy). s. 1. btc 
(lon-efponbenj, bcr 33rtefmcc^fc[; 2. 
ba« gate 33ci-ne^men, 93crf}aiibittp, 
^el• Umgansj ; 3. Ucbcvctiifttmmuitn, 

CORRESPONDENT (adr. — ly), cdj. 

libctMit fommenb, cittfprecfienb, nc- 

CORRESPONDENT, s. bev gon-efpou= 

ooRRESPONsrvB, adj. uberetufom= 

metib, entfprcc^cnb. 
CORRIDOR, s 1. ber ©ang an ober in 

ciiicin ©eljaube, bie Oallerjc, ber 

<5orribor ; 2, mu. r. ber bcbecfte Seg. 
CORRFGIBLE, I. adj. 1. serbefferltcfe ; 2 

ftrafbar ; II. — ness, 5. bie 5}erbeffer= 

hchtcit. " 

CORR[VAL, vid. CoRivAL. 
CORROBORANT, adj. fidrfctlb. 

To CORROBORATE, v. a. fidrfeu ; frdf= 

figcit, befcfiigcrt, beftdttaen, befrdf= 

CORROBORATION, s. btc Stdrfiing • 

sSeftatiguiig, SQefrdfttgiing. 
CORROBORATIVE, \.s. baS ;&tdrfmigS= 

mittel; II. adj. fidrfenb ; befrdftcge'tib. 
To CORRODE, v. a. jemogeii, 5erfref= 

fen, uevjefjreii. 
CORRODENT, i.adj. ^emagcnb, 5erfref= 

fenb ; IL s. ba3 Bci'tt'igcnbe, 3"frer= 

CORRODIBILITV, s. bte Serfrefibarfeit, 
CORRODIBLE, adj. jerfre^bar. 


CJORROSIBLE, adj. vid. Corrodidle. 

CORROSION, ,. bie Scnmgung, 3er= 

CORROSIVE (a^«._LY), I.adj. dferub, 

freffenb; ii. *•. ber grnf, baS 9lf6mtt= 

M: —ness, a iai 3leftenbe, bie 

cpRRUGANT. aiij. Stunjctn mac^cnb ; 

faltenfc^lagenb ; — muscle, ber 3Iu= 

To CORRUGATE, v a. runjelii, \\\'B<ih 

ten legeit, fi^riimpfcn. 
coRRUG.\TE, adj. iufammengc= 

CORRUGATION, s. ba8 3iunjelii. 
To CORRUPT, v.i.a. 1. ucrberbeu ; n\u 

fterfen, oergiften ; lu-rfdjlerfifern ; 2. 

verfubren; 3. btfm^cn; ii.«.faulen, 

Uerrocfcit; Corrupt {ad>y — ly), adj 1. 

serberbt; oerborbcn, faiil; 2. bcflo^ 

<ten ; 3. geroiifenloS, lafirrbaft. 
CORRUPTER, 5. I.ber3]erberbcr 5?er= 

ful)rcr; 2. Q^oftedKr. 
CORRUPTIBILITY, \ s. \. bte SScr^ 
CORRUPTiBLENEfjS, ] berblidjfeit ; 

33ermf«barfeit; 2. Q3f|le^[id)feit. 

CORRUPTIBLE (ado. — ly), adj. 1. »cr= 

berbliit, vcrgdiiglirf), oenueilic^; 2. 

cctfubrbar; befledjlid). 
CORRUPTION, ,,. 1. bo« Serberben; 

2. bie iScvberbt()fit, 3Scrborbenbeif, 

ta« «er^evblli|5 ; 3, btc ^erfi1)lccl)fc= 

!•"'!}.' „^-^'^^^m ; 5. ber ©iter; 0. 

bte SUeftciliuug. 
CORRUPTIVE, adj. ncrberbeub, anfte= 

CX)RRUPTLE3S, adj. iinverberlJltcB, uit= 


CORRUPTNESS, s. rid. Corrtiption. 

CORSAIR. ,. ber Sorfar, geerduber, 

CORSE, s. vid. CnRPriK 



CORSET, 5. bie Sc^niirbnifi. 

CORSICAN, I. adj. i\iX^\.\A) ; II, 

CORTEGE, /. baS ®cfo(ge ; ber Rug 
CORTICAL, adj. l.rinbig; 2. ^..'du= 

CORTICATE (— ed), adj. rtubenartt(t, 
rtnbtctst. -^ 

CORTICOSE, i adj. riubig, ooller 
coRTicous. 5 aJinbe. 
coRuscANT, adj. fiinfelnb, He cub 
flammcnb. ' 

To CORUSCATE, v. n. btinfen, frf)iin=: 
mem, gldnjen. 
CORUSCATION, ,5. bdS fjuitfclrt, 'SUnu 
mcn.bieplo&lic^e glamme, bcriBlife. 
CORYMB, s. btc (3)olbcn)= 2;raube, 
5}eere, ber ssiuntcubufd)el. 
CORYMBUTED, adj. traubig, bu= 
CORYMBIFEROUS, fi-zj. 3:raiibf u obcr 
^Sufc^el trrt^eub. 

coRYMBOua ad;,^ fjiraubeu obcr 
^iifc^clrt bcfle^enb. 
CORYPHEOUS, s. ber (Vfjorfiifirer. 
cosciNOMANCY, s. bic SBafirfagcrei 
nit^ cinem etcbe. 

COSECANT, s. T. bit CJofecantC. 

COSINE, s, a. T. ber vSofinuS. 
COSMETIC, I. adj. waS frt)on mac()t, 

tcpmit'it ; II. s. baS Srf)iJuf)ctMinit(cI ; 

— (— wash), @c^5nI)eit»iuatTer. 

COSMICAL (adv. — ly), adj. 1. Utr SGcU 

flffmi'.fi-'^iiHfd); 2. jist.T. IH= 

mitct), mit ber Sonne rtuf= ober untcr= 

COSMOGONIST. .?, bcr ftc^ mit ber Stoi-- 

mogonic befc(;dftigenbe ^hilofoph. 
COSMOGONY, s. 1. btc Sebre Don ber 

©iit|tct)ung ber SBelt; 2. ©rbbpfung, 

cosMOGRAPHER, s. bcr JJosmograpb, 



COSMOGRAPHICAL (adn. — ly), S fpg= 


COSMOGRAPHY, *. bie JtoSmograpbic, 

COSMOLOGICAL, adj. bic aBcItleflVC 

COSMOLOGIST, s. bcr 3BfItbefcbreibcr 
COSMOLOGY, *. bieaSeltfiinbe, 2i3clt= 

COSMOPOLITAN, ) s. ber .ftoSmopoIit 


, aBeltbiirgcr. 

COSSACK, s. ber Jlofaf. 

COSSET, s, bn3 D^ne bic m\xikx anf= 

gcjogcf.e jintce S»amm, ,KaIb, n. f. w. 
Com\s. 1. bc;?rct«; 2. bie Jloflci:, 

Unfoitcn, fcsr -iiuimanb ; 3. bcr (Sita= 

beii ; 4. tie iJqlbarfeit; Co.sts, pi. bic 

T, COST, p. (>. n. fofjcii, 5<i flclicn 


COSTAL, adj. ju bcH Siippeu gcbiiria. 
COSTARD, s. cine xHrt grower yiepfel • 

— monger, ber Obftbdiiblcr. ' 

COSTERMONGER, .-. rote Costard- 


COSTIVE, adj. fitopffUb; wftouft • 

—ness, s. ba« (Stopfenbe; bte Sitv= 

COSTLlisS, adj. wol)\ftil. h)ltn{o§. 
(X)STLINK5S, ,,. bie .itoftbiirffit- ber 

5tnfn)rtnb; bte Jloftfpieltgffit, Xbciif. 

MOSTLY, adj. 1. fppar. fofKtc^,prdc^= 

ttg; 2. tbtucr, foftFyielig. ^ 

cosTMARV, ... bie Sraucnmiinje, bcr 

WSTUME, ... i. bcr ©cbran*: 2. bte 

Srac^t, bns Jlrfliim. 

^^\x- ?m ','r'^""'^'' ^^^ ^^«ft; 2. bie 
«clbbettrtfl[e; 3. eiiieaBiegc; 4. ciu 
tleinc« 5BoDt. 

COTANGENT, ^ G. T. hit Sotangcntc. 


COTE, s, bte 5d^aff)iirbc. 

COTEMPORARY, .s. vid. Convemi-oi! x 11 y 

©efellfc^art, ba« jlrdnji^cii, beriWoi 

bejirfcl, bie goferic. 
COTILLON, s. ber (Sotiaoii. 
GOTLAND, 5. ba§ Jit ciiicr .Siitte gd^ 

l)ortgc Sanb. 
COTQUEAN, s. i>,i/o- bcr Sopfgucfer. 
CO-TRUSTEE, s. bcr 2}iit»erroabrci 

ober (Curator. 
COTSWOLD, s. bie Sdmfbiirbe. 
COTT, i. vid. Cot 2. 

COTTAGE, s. bic .^iittf, baS aduscien 
Saubfjrtus. ^ 

COTTAGER, ) ^. 1. bcr .P)iittcnkWof):: 

COTTAR, [ ncr; 2. /., T .finus. 

COTTER, ) icr, 3rci[;du^[cf. 

COTTON, s. 1. ggaummolle ; 2. «anm. 
wollcnilanbe; 3. ber StMmi- _ 
bagging, 5{^acf(einwnnb jiim ©mbaU 
Iircn ber rol)en5J3aumwoUe; — bind- 
in?, 33aumnioIleitbanb; — cards 
iBaumiDolIcutrafecn ; — gin. vid. Gin ' 
— gras.s, 5BtiumTOolicngra«, a)ungra3 • 

— lining, baumtt)cllcne3 SiUtcrjeiiq; 

— packing, (mie — bagging, gd. vidj • 

— plant, — .siirub, — tree, btC 58ailm= 

WplJcufiaitbe, ber Saumroollenbaum ; 

— spun, b(T3 53aumrooUcng.trn ; — 
thistle, btc aQcgcbiftcI ; — tootii, V\t 
9lf)Ie, baS 33orfri)lageifen ; — weetl 
btc SJtctenroolle, ba^ aiuf^rfniiit; 

— yarn, ba3 33amiimo((ci!garn ; cot- 
tons, (cotton goods, — stuff;-), biTlllU= 
wollcne aSiiaren, 6ottoitcrien. 

To COTTON. V. I, n. 1. ji'ollicftt fei)n, 
raud; fciHi; ftc^ filjen; 2. vui<r. iiber= 
ctntreffeti, .ft'd) luoju fd)icfeti,°pijffeii : 
IL a. mtt 33aumwollc fiittcrn. 

COTTONY, adj. bcummollenavtig. 

: To COUCH, v. i.rt.i. ftd; utcbcrlegen • 
mebcrfallf n ; 2. ftd) beugen, faitc iii '■ 
3. Itcgett ; 4. tm .§inter^a(te Itegen ; 
II. a. I. icgcn, nteberlegen, Ictgcni- '> 
nnlegen; 3. tn^ @ef>ctm eiiti'i-^iic^cni 
«rbci-geii; to — tiie cataract, ben 
©taar flec^en ; to — the spear, ben 
©peer, ober bie '>i.a\\si: cinlcgen ; to — 
in writing, fd)riftlid) auffc^cn, »ev= 
fafren ; to — well, ^r. T. ctn Xan fcfl 
unb gleid)fijrmig fd)fagcn. 

COUCH, ... 1. b>is 3Jit()fbctt, ganlbctt, 
^^igct-, bte ?agerftdtte; 2. bie gage. 
Sd)td)t, g;arbeMfd)tcf)t; —grass, baa 
-Ipunbsgnnl Oitcif citgra^ : — feiiow 
ber Sc^Iaffamerab. 

COUCHANT, adj. H. T. licgctlb. 

COUCHEE, s. i. bic Sdjlafjeit: 2. bet 

COUCHER .,. 1. bcr ^Ingenar^t; 2. (in 
^^aptermiif;[cn) ber @autfd)er obcr 
mtx; 3. ba3 9iegiftcrbuc^ einca 
JlloftcrS obcr ciner 3nnnng. 

COUCHING-NEEDLE, s. bie ^tarnabcl 

COUGH, s. ber .gitftcn. 

To COUGH, V. V. bu|len ; to — oiil (vr 
— up). nn§[)mtfn. 
COUGHfiR, 5. ber (bte) fiiiiicitbe. 
COULTER, s. baS $lflngmeffer. ' 
COUNCIL, .,. 1. bag '(Joiiciltitm, bie 
eV)npbc, j?ivd)cnuerfamm(ung ; 2. baa 
feonfefli bte g^erfaminhtng; aiati)#; 
scrlammlung, ber 3iath; cabinet — 
bcr SD^iniftcrialratb, bie (?abtncf«= 
ucrfammlung ; common—, bcr ©tabts 
ratb ; privy — . ber gc(;ctme SJat^ ; — 

board, (— table), bcr JiattjStifii) ; _ 
chamber, bie .*)?atb!jfiltbe; to call a — 
on..., bie ©ttiitmeu fammeln iibci 

u. f, w. 

COUNCILLOR, vid. Counsellor. 

COUNSEL, s. I. bcr m^ii\ ; 2. bie mt= 
ratbfitlagutig ; 3. .fflugbett, C%= 
fct;rfltd)ff it: 4. 3?erfd6wiegfirl^ett; 

5. Slbuocat, (5oufuIcnt; Jviiri'prcitier 

6. ber iSntniurf, ba3 Snftcm, {>« 





3we(f, bie 2lb{tc|)t; to bo — . cine 
©acf)c fiibreii ; to take — , 9lat6 an- 
'.ic^mcn; to keep—, 9cf)cim haUen. 
Vo COUNSEL, V. a. \M)t\\, 9Jat^ (jcteii, 

X)UNSELABLE, adj. 3iat^ anttebntenb, 

Dot/nsellor, s. 1. bcc 9?atlip,clicv ; 
2. 3Jat&, 9?at()S[}evi- ; 3. bci- aonfitleiit, 
3liaocat ; privy — , bf f gcljcime Uaii) ; 

— at law. bcv SacfeaiaUft; privy — 

i«iiip, bie (ScfcctmevatbSficlk. 
To COUNT, v.a. 1. ^abtcti; 2. rcfl^ucn, 

bererfjnctt ; 3. «nrecf)ncii, ;iived^neu ; 

I. bafiir fialtcn, mctticn ; to — upon, 

ftc^ worauf oevlitffcn, 3iec^ming 

noT-fNT, s. 1. bte 3al)( ; 2. a^ec^itttng, 

baS Gouto ; 3. bet ®raf ; — whe^i, 

\><xi Stuitbcuvab. 

COUNTABLE, adj. ja^tbat. 

COUNTENANCE, s. 1. bic ®cftc6f§btl= 
tnni] ; 2. 3}Jtfiie, ©eberbcii, bcr 93Hcf, 
ba« ®cftcbt; 3. bic.§altim(^,?(affiutg, 
(55cjniitb«vitbe; 4. Utitcrfliiiuttfl, 
Outift; 5. bev (Stanj, ciufjcre Scbetit, 
fc«« Sliifc^cit ; 6. bie 2lebulicbfftt ; to 
change — , bie %\xlt »t3C(f)feln ; to 
keep — , ntd^t nus bcr (5affung fom- 
iticit, feinc gaffung be^alten, rubtg 
blfibeu ; to put out of — , «ii8 bcr 

•«5«fTuiig brtiigctt, ben 2JJut^ bcneb= 
Ktcii, vu!^. «f rbliiffctt ; to be out of — , 
«uS bcr W<iffui!g fc^ii; to give — , 
3]!orf(f)itb tbutt; to make — , ben 
Srfjcin flnncfemett, fiit fleUeit. 

To COUNTENANCE, v. a. 1. bcgiin|lt= 
fleii; utitcrftiifectt, flufrcc^t balteii, 
»«rtbeibtgcn, fcfii^cn, bcbtiuptcit; aitf= 
tituutern ; 2. ©lanj, 3liifcben gebeit ; 
well countenanced in, gilt gcbilbct. 

J?OUi\TENANCER. s. ber Uittevftiifecr, 
©onner, 93orfd)ublciftcr, ^icbbctfcr. 

louNTER. I. s. 1. bcr Siccbeiivfcimig, 
B«blpfcnntg, bic Spiclmarfc; 2. bcr 
?abcitttfcb, btc Sdjaiibaiif, bcr 3iibl= 
ttfcf), JJccfeciififct; 3. 5?ecbncr; 4. 
ba§ @efaiignt§, ber (Scftufbtburni ; — 
of a horse, bcr iJbcil be§ ^fcrbcS im- 
fd)<u bent .galfe mib 53iig ; ii. «</». 

1. suwiber, entgcgeii; cntgcgcngcfe^t; 

2. t>cifcbrt, it'ur'ccbt; to run — , 5U= 
•axUx ftptt ; fic^) iinbcrfc^ctt. 

SOUNTER, (in cnmpos.) to — act, v. a. 
entgegen i)<itibclrt, scrbinbcrn ; btuter= 
trctbcu, «erette(it, ccrbrangcil; — 
action, s. bic fflcgcnwtrfung ; — at- 
traction, bie ©cgentraft ber 3lttrnc= 
lion ; to —balance, v. n. gcgcn einan= 
berabwSgeit; bie SBngc bdten, bie= 
fen; — balance, s bag ©cgcngcwic^t ; 
— bond, s. bie ©cneiiijcrfdjrcibung ; 
to —buff, V. a. sitriidrilolJcii obcr fcf)(a= 
gen; —buff, s. ber (ScgtnftoB, i^rall; 
— chani-e, s. bcr J'aitfd}, SBcc^fel; 
to — change, v. a. au«tanf*/en; «er= 
fanfc^en ; — charm, s. bcr @cgcn5an= 
bcr ; to ■ — charm, v. a. cntjiaiibcrn, 
Sauber burd) 3nubcr scrtrcibcn ; to 
— check, v.a cntgcgcn fiogen, aiifbat= 
feti, scrbinbcrn; — check, s. 1. bcr 
®cgcnfl8?; ba§ .6inberniO; 2. bcr 
©egcuycvweiS, 33erniei5; -»current, 
.?. bcr ©egciiflrom ; — distinction, s. 
bcr P5cgcnfa^ ; to —draw, v. a. narb= 
geicOncit (burd) fciiieS ?J3ni3ter); — 
rviiience. s. bii* ©cgettjcupnt^, bcr 
©cgcnbemeis ; — feii, (i-a. Oounter- 

peit) ; —ferment, s. iai @cgcnga^ = 
rungSmtttcl; — foil, «. vid. Coi'nter- 

STOrK ; —fort. s. .Irch. T. \)tt ®CgCU= 

Vfcifcr, bie Strcbe ; —fugue, Mas. T. 
bte 5)o»rclfugc ; to —cage, v. n. T. 
ten 3<ipffn fl"f bflS ?orf) abmefTen ; 
— jngi^ e. T. ba« 5lbmcffen bes 3av>= 
fenS; — euard, ,?, MU. T. bic 5DdII= 
tocrf Snjc^re : — lifht, s. T. iaS @e= 


gcnltd)t; to — mand. v. a. abfagcn, 
abbeftcUeu, wtbcrrufcn; — mand. s. 
ber ©cgeubcfebl, bic Slbfagung, 9Ib= 
beficUnng, 3Bibcrrufung ; to — march, 
tj. n.jnriiif marfd)ivcn; — march, s. 
bcr 3titcfmarfc5, SRiicfgang ; —mark, 
s. 1. "bas ©cgcnseicbeii, bie ®cgcn= 
marfe; 2. bal iJiac^geprage; 3. Sp.E. 
iaS falfc^e Sfif^f" ("" cincm 513ferbe) ; 
to —mark, v. a. uiit cincm ®cgcnjci= 
cbcn,'ii. f. w. »erfcbcii; — mine, s. bic 
®cgcnmiiie; Jig. ®egcnaitjialt, ®e= 
gcnlifl; to — miiie,\'. n. cutgcgen 
niiniren ; jtg. cntgcgcn arbctten, uer= 

eitcln ; — motion ( — movement), s. 
(bef. Jiiii. T.) bic ®egcubeiregnng ; 
to — mure, v. a. bcfcftigcn, niit einer 
®cgenniaucr yerfet)cn ; — mure, ,9. bic 
©egenntauer; —natural, adj. unbcr= 
ratiirlid) ; —noise, .■?. ber (eincn fln= 
bern (Sc^all nbcrtaubcnbc) @egcn= 
fc^all; —opening, .s. bic ®egeuoff= 
niing ; —pace, s. • bte ©cgciiaujtaU ; 
— pane, s. bie (abgcnabte i^ettbecfc, 
Stcp).ibccf e ; — part, .5. 1. bcr ©cCj'V- 
tf)ctl, ©egncr ; 2. bte ©cgcnfcbnft 
*.?lbf^rift "(cincr Urfnnbe, ii. f. nj.), 
dopie, baS ©cgcnftittf, biclJnnblette; 
ber yjbbrud; 3. bie ©cgcnfttntmc ; 
—petition, s. bie ®cgcnbittc ; -plea, 
s. L. T. bie ©cgcnflagc, Stcplif; to 
— plot, V. a. eincn ©cgenplan mac^cn, 
Sifl mit ?ift vcrtreib'eu; —plot, s. bcr 
®cgcnptan; — point, s. T. 1. bcr 
goiitrapunft ; 2. ©egcnfa^, baS ent= 
gegcngcfc^te ©rtrem ; to — poise, v. a. 
gcgen cinanbcr abwcigcn- baS ®e= 
gciigen)icl)t, ©Icic^gcroic^t baltcn, 
mit gleidJcriD'Jadjt ciitem5)ingc cnt= 
gcgch wirtcn; —poise, s. 1. iaS &t= 
gciigeunri)t, ©[eidvjcroicbt; 2. Sp. E. 
bic gcrabc .^altniig be« S'lciterS; 
■ — poison, s. bag ©cqengift ; — prac- 
tice, «. bag (?ntgegciii)nnkln ; —press- 
ure, .5. ber ©cgcnbrucf; — project, s. 
Jcr ©egenanfc^lag ; —proof*, bcr 9lb= 

brucf ; to — prove, v. a. abbl'Urfcn (ciuc 

Scicftnnng); —revolution, s. bie @egeu= 

revolution ; — scarp, s. Md. T. bie 
(Sontrcfcarpe ; to —seal, v. a. mitfic= 
gein, ba^ ©cgcnftegel aiifbriicfcn ; to 
— secure, r. «. gcgcil ucrftcbcm ; — se- 
curity, «. bie ©cgcnyerftc^ernng, bag 
©cgeupfanb, bic'*)Jiirfbiirgfd,iaft; — 
sense, s. bic cutgcgcngcfcfetc 2}Zci= 
nung ; to —sign, v. a. contrafignircu, 
mit unterfd)rcibcn ; — signal, s. JV. T. 
bag ©cgenftgnal; —signature, s. bie 
©egcnniiterfajrift ; — .statute, s. bie 
®cgcn»crorbnung ; — stock, «. bag 
©egenferbbolj, ©cgen'oolj, ®cgcn= 
jci^cii; —stroke, s. bfi" ©cgcnfdilag, 
©egenftcii ; — eurity, s. bcr 9Jit(T= 
biirge ; —sway, s. bcr ©cgencinfluB ; 

— tally, vid. — stock; — taste, s. bcr 

tvrigc, fdjtcdjte ®ci'd)ma(f; —tenor, 
s. bcr SUt, bie Qlltftiinmc; — tide, s. 
bic ©cgcnflntb ; — timp,s. 1. bcr gebU 
tritt ciiieg 5)3ferbcg anf ter 3icitbabn ; 
2. bie 3Bibcrfc^nng; —treble, s. bcr 
2)tgcant ; —turn, «. bic @egcnin= 
triguc; to — vaii. v. a. 1. cntgcgcu^ 
luirfcn; «on glcid^cin 3Bcrtbe fct)!!, 
flufmicgcu; 2. crfc^en, sergcltcn, 
lobncn ; —van, «. 1. bcr ©cgcmvcrtb ; 
bag ©cgcngcund;! ; 2. bic 2>ergct= 
timcj,, t>cr C?rfa^ ; — view, s. bie ®e= 
ficnfeite, bcr Sontfafi; to — vote, ». a. 
iibcrftimmcn, bagcgen fiimmcn; to 
—weigh, V. V. bag ©cgengcnncbi haU 

fen ; to —wheel, v. a. Ml. T. fc^llicn= 

ten ; — wind, s. bcr ©cgcnwinb ; to 
— work. ?•. a. ciitgcgcnwivtcn. 

To COUNTERFEIT, v. I. a. 1. tiac^= 

mac^eu; nacbbrutfcn; ycrfalfd)cn, 
nnterfdiifbcii ; 2. crbtd)tcii, erliigeu; 
n. V. fid; ycrfiellcn, fic^ wofiir mi-^ 

geben; tcj — being sick, ft(^ frat» 
ficUen ; a counterfeited edition, eil 
COUNTERFEIT (orf». — ly). I. adj. i 

nacbgemat^t; na^gcbrncft; falfd>. 
nnec^t, nntergefc^oben ; 2. ocrftellt , 
11. s 1. bag SfJadjgcmadjtc ; 2. bcr 
QScrflcibcte, ^etriigei u. f. u\ 

COUNTERFEITER i. 1. bcr !Jind)affcr; 
2. 3flad)brurfei-: SScrfalfcbcr ; S^crfcra 
tiger falfc^er 33anfnotcn ; 3. .gicuc^^ 
Icr, ©Ictyner, iSetnigcr. 

COUNTESS, s. bie ©rcipnn. 

COUNTING-HOUSE (—Room), s. bn« 

COUNTLESS, adj. nnjcibftg, nnjal^lbor, 
aWNTRlFlED, adj. bauerifcf), ungc« 

COUNTRY, \. s. 1. bie ®cgcnb, ?anbs 
fcbaft; 2. bag Sanb; 3. — (mothci 
— ), aSatciIanb; A. jig. bie ^tnwol)-- 
ncr etneg ?anbcg, einer ©egcnb; in 

the — , anf bem ?ailb; my''(own o» 

native) — , mein SSatcrlanb ; in this 
— , t)icr 5u ?anbc; ri. adj. 1. lanbltc^; 
2, uaterldnbifd; ; 3. bancrifd) ; 4. h 
compos. — dance, (Jontrctnnj ; — house 
bag ?anbbaug;— language, bie San= 
bcgfprad)e, 9J2uttcrfprad)e ; —life, 
bag Sanblcben; —like, lanblicft; — 
man, bcr Saiibginaiin ; Sanbmani) 
SBaucr; — 'squire berSanbcbdmann 
—wake, bie Jlircbmcffc, bog J?irci)= 
weibfeft; — woman, bie ?anbgman= 
ntnn ; j^rau sent Sanbr ; ^Haucrfran. 

COUNTY, s. 1. bie ©raffrf)aft; 5{3ro= 
sinj, ber ^rcig ; 2. + ©i-af ; — , «- 
— court, bag 5pro»in5iaIgerid)t; — 
palatine, bag bobe Sanbgcric^t (etnc 
9lrt ^PfaUgraffc^aft) ; —town, bte 
fianptftabt einer ©raffdjaft, ,Srcie= 

COUPING-GLASS. s. i-W. Cipmng-glass. 

COUPLE, s. bag ^ciav; sp. e. bic 

To COUPLE, V. \.aA. fuppcln, jufniti^ 

menfuppcin, paarcn ; vcrbinben ; S. 

Derf)ciratbcn; II. n. ftdi paarcn. 
COUPLEMENT, s. ber 9?crein, bie 2?cr= 

COUPLET, s. bic Stropbf, SJcimjctle. 
COURAGE, s. bcr gjJutl), bic 2:apfer= 

feit, llncrf^rocfcnI)cit. 

COURAGEOUS {adv. — ly), adj. m\U 

tbig, bwjijaft; — ness, bic -&crst)af= 

COURIER, s. bcr (Courier, Kilbste. 

COURSE, I. s. 1. bcr Sanf, ®ang, 2Bcg ; 
2. aSettlauf; 3. bic ?aufbal)", 9icniu 
babn; 4. S^iidjtnng; bcr Knrfng; 
f^ortgang, f'(prtf($ritt; 5. tie 3ficibe, 
golgc, ber U?erlanf; 6. bie 9]crfab=t 
Sebcngmrife, ber 2.1?anbel;7. bic. Trad) I-, 
bcr *toffa^, Spcifcn (bci 2afcl); 
Courses, pi. 1. bic ^criobe bcr j^rauen; 
2. bic griilBtcn Scgci; — of exchange, 
bcr SBed)feIconvg ; — of humours, bet 

%[\\^ tm J?'i.hpcr; — of .'Jtoncs (or 
heading course). Arch. T. bie nimjlter= 

brDrf)cne SfJcibe obcrS!agc »Dvragcnbcr 
©tcinc, JlranUcifte ; by — of nntiui,-. 
nac^ »cm ?anfe bcr 9f}ahir ; of '— {,;r 
in — ). folglid), bcmitad), fp, uiie mat*, 
vprangfe^eii faiin, natitrlidjcr SOcife, 
»pn fid) felbfi ; in (due) — , .v. k. fei= 
ner ^d\; words of — , gcnjobniitbt 
SlJcbcugart, Iccre SBprtc; ~ of lif.-, 
bic Scbengnjcife; bcr Sc-bcngfanf; to 
take a — , cincn ®cg ciufc^Icigcn, 
^IJJaftregcIn ncbmcn; to take bad 
cour.^es, eincn fcblcc^tcn Scbcng^an^ 

bci fiil)rcn ; take your course, tf)!ni 
(£ie U'ag Ste niollcn ; to leave the 

world to take its — , bic SSclt gfbC3 

laffcn, ti'ic ftc gcbt; to follow the— • 
of time, ftc(i in bic 3f it? n fcbiiJcu ; ia 




tije — of limb, mit bei- 3cit, nadf) imb 

nad) ; in the — of a iiionlh, bitUKlt 
l)iev uuD ctnciit 2JJoitat, im 93ci-laiif 

CiUf S 2J?onat^ ; to be in a — of pliy- 

sic, Irjiiei gcbrauct)fu. 
rp COURSE, V. I. fi. in ^auf btiuijen, 
jaijcn, befccn, sctfolijcn ; ir. n. laufeii; 

COURSER, s. 1. bee 3tcunev, ba§ 3Jeiin= 
Vfeit, 3agbpfcrb ; 2. ber 3ii9ev. 

CXDURSEY, s. JV. T. bcr j?oofcr. 

COURT, A 1. bet .fiof; 2. ©cvic^tS^of, 
baS ®eri(*t, bie ©eridjtSentfc^eibum], 
ba« Urtl)Ctl ; 3. bcv ^4^allaft; 4. i«or^o'f, 
frcte '|Pla§ ; 5. bie .^ofli^teit ; @c&mct= 
(^elei ; to make one's — , fciiie 3luf= 
ttjartuna inacbcn ; to make — to one, 
f inem fc^mctc^cllt ; — of chancery, 
baS >Jtaii5eHetj5ei-tcf)( ; — of exchequer, 
i>aS ©c|a§tammei-i}crt(^t; — i)aron, 
tai Sic&iigcvtc^t; — bred, f)6fifcb; — 
bubble, bcf (•5of=)Xn!lb ; — calendar 

bei" (£taat6falcubcv;,j^card, bie bunte 
Maxte ; — chaplain, bcv ^ofctivcUatt, 
i§»fvrebtgcr ; — cupboard, (cijemaU) 
bee (ircbcujtifc^ ; — day, bev @erict)t^= 
tat] ; — dress, bag ^offfcib ; bcr yoII= 
ftaiibige_9lii5iig ; — dresser, bcr ^of= 
Huij, ec{)iueicf)Icr; — fashion, bie 
i^Offtttc ; — favour, ^ofgunjl, giir= 
ftcttfjuufl: — liand, fi^r. bic.HJauseHet= 
fc^rtft ; SbsDcatenbanb ; — house, hciS 
C«cric^tSl)au«, ber Suilt^pallaft, ®c= 
vtc^tS^of; —lady, bic ^ofbamc ; — 
Icet, iaS nbeligc SJebni3cnci;t ; — mar- 
tial, ber ^i;iegSrat&, bal Jfriegggcs 
vidit; — piaister, baS cnglifc^c $r1ii= 
fter ; — roll, baS Sc^nrcgificr, 3in^= 
bucb, 2lrc^iu ; — yard, bet ^^of ait 
eiitcm .tpaufe. 

r« COURT, V. a. 1. belt ^of ittadjcit, 
fc^mcicfjcln, Itcbcln, but)lcii; 2. ^uU 
bigeii ; 3. roecbcit, ftc^ fcewerbcn, er= 

COURTEOUS (adv. — ly). adj. ^O^tC^, 

gefaUig, artig, maiticrlid^, n>o|[gcftt= 

Ut, juuorfoinmctib ; — ness, s. bie 

.e>5fft(tfeit, ©cfalligfcit, 5trtigfcit, 

couRTKR. s. ber ben .gof mnd)t, bcr 

couRTESA'' g. bie Su^Ifc^wejlir, 

oouRTESV, s. 1. bie .SBfJicfefeit, ®a= 

lautevte, §u!bigung, 5lrtigfeit, ?cut= 

fcUgfeit; 2. ©efaUigfeit, SScrgiiufit^ 

giing ; 3. bie 33cvbeiigiiiig, bcr .UnuU ; 

to hold upon — . aiiS ©cfdlligfcit (ct= 

nc3 ^vtttctt) bcft^cit. 
T^ COURTESY, v. v. fid) neigcit, fic^ 

Dcrncigcu ; etucit SinidS mac^ctt. 
COURTIER, s. 1. ber .^Dfling, ^of= 

manii ; 2. berSeivcrber, (2d>mctii)Icr. 
COURTUiKE,a(/j.t)l'fftc^, avtig, jici'Iic^. 
COURTLINESS, s. bie ^ijflic^fcit, *Jlr= 

COURTLING, s. bcr .^iJfling. 

COURTLY, adj. S,- adv. fjofavttg ; ^ofltc^, 

COURTSHIP, s. bie 93ctucrbuiig, ber 

cousw, s. bcr 93ctter, bie aJIu^mc; 

first — . ©cfc^wificrfiitb; second — , 

S>e§ Setters ober bcr Wluljim Stinb. 
COVE, «. bie SBuc^f, 33a»i. 
To COVE, V. a. luit ciueiit Scgcit iibcv- 

jtelicn; bcbecfeit. 
COVENAHLE, aiij. Vdffenb, fcl;icflicf), 

COVENANT, .7. ber 9?crtrag, SScrgleii"^, 

Sontnict; 5^iinb, iaS S9iiiibntp; — 

breaker, ber iBuubbriittiiic. 
To a^VENANT, v. i. v. fid) ocrgfcic^cit, 

ubevciiifommeii, ciit« wcrbcii (— 

with..., for..., &c., mit.. ., um...), 

wntraf;treti; ii. a. geloben, aiige= 


CONVENANTER, s ber 33erbimbcte; 
COVENOUS, I adj. fiintcrltfiig, ictviig= 
COVINOUS, 5 lid). 

To COVER, V. a. 1. bccfctt ; bcbCifcit, 

jubecfen; uberjiet)cii ; 2.^. verbcr= 
gtii; oerhebleii; 3. bemdntelu; L 
fc^ii^eii, t'crbiirijcn ; 5. briitcit, bc= 
fnii^tcn ; 0. bc)priugen ; 7. m.'E-s. 
becfcn, 2)e(fiing fcitbch. 

COVER, s. 1. bie 5)ecfc, bcr1)ecfel; 
ba§ ©ebecf, (Soirjcrt; bcr Umfd)lag ; 
baS Dbbadt; 2. % e. baS ?agcr (ct= 
mS ^afcn, it. f. w.); 3. ^o-. ber 
<Sc^u^ ; 4. 33orroaiib, 5)ecf mantel. 

COVERCLE, s. bie 2)cdc, ber Setfel, 

COVERING, s. bie 5)c(fc, ber aScdcl; 
bie 53cbccfiing, Jtlcibiing. 

COVERLET (Coverlid), s. bie Sctt= 

COVERT, I. s. 1. bcr bcbccfte Ort, 3«= 

fluc^tSort, ba§ Sac^ ; 2. Sicfic^t; u. 

[a'lij. — ly), adj. 1. bcbccf t ; ycrborgen, 

gel)cim; 2. unter bcr J^aiibc; »om 

2Jfaiiuc gefct)iifet. 
COVERTNESS, s. bie aScrborgenficit, 

COVERTURE, .?. 1. bic 33ebe(f iiiig ; 2)c= 

rfc ; bcr 3uP«'^t^orti 2. L. T. grau= 

To COVET, V. a. t<- 71. bcgc^reii, gcIiW 

fteii, fic^ geliiflcu laffcn. 
COVEi'ABLE, aiJj. miiiifc^cnSTOertf). 
COVETING, ,?. bie Scgicrbe, baS uitcr= 

laubte 33erlangcit. 

COVETOUS (aiih — ly), adj. bcgicvtg ; 

liiftcrit; f)abfiid)tirt> gci^ig; — ness, s. 
bic Scgicvbe ; .§abfiid;t, ber ©eij. 
COVEY, s.bcc gliig (SSogcl), bie SSntt; 
a — of partridi^es, ciu SSolf (.cilte Jlettc 

ober Jlittc) S'Jeb^iibucr. 
COVIN, s. L. T. baS gc!)cimc Scrjianb^ 

iiifi, Somplott. 
COVING, s. ber liber ba« iinterc ©tocf^ 

«3cr£ ^eruoragenbe 2;f)ctl eiiteS ®e= 

baabcS, bcr Sorfpruiig. 

COW, s. bic Shlf); — beef. ba« ^U^= 
flcifc^; — bird, bCr Jtu^SOgcf- — 
iierd, bcr J?ul)f)ivt ; — hide, bic «ub= 
^aiit; bcr Cc^fcnjieincr ; — house, 
bcr Jliibftali ; — itch, bie <SttiiEbo[)= 
nc; —keeper, bcr Jtii^e bctlt ; Stni)- 
I)irt; — knobs, s. ])i. ^6vncrfd)u[)e 
au§ ©utjeifeii; — leech, ber Jtiit)- 
boctor; to — leech, Evanfc Stulje cu= 
rircn; — rarsnip. bie SDarcnflau; — 
po.\, bie Jtubpocfeu, (Sd)ufeblattcrn; 

— quakes, bcr Jtu()flabetl ; — slip, bic 
(5d)liiffclbIumC; — slip of Jerusalem, 

ba§ oricittalifcpc 2uiigeii!raut ; — 

tips, vid. — KNOBS ; — weed, fCr llMlbC 

Jlcrbcl ; — wheat, bcr SQai^tcIraetjicn. 
To co\v, V. a. bangc, serjagt ma^cn, 

COWARD, s. 1. bic iBJcmme; U. (ade. 

— iv), adj. feige, »erjagt. 
COWARDICE, s. bie Seinbcit. 
COWARDLINESS, s. btc Scig()eit, gcig= 

^cv^igfeit, aSerjagtljcit. 
To COWER, V. n. faucrn, fruiiim fi^cn, 

fc^icf licgcit. 
COWL, s. 1. bie iSJJiinc^Sfapvc, .^utte; 

2. bcr '^ibix; —.staff, bie 3it&Er= 

COWLED, adj. mtt ciitcr aJli)iid;^fut{e 


COWORKER, s. ber 3)?itarbcitcr. 
COWRY, s. bcr Jlaiiri, ba3 mufM'- 

coxcoMD, s. 1. ber .^abncufamm ; 2. 

bic ©d)enen!aVVe ; 3. bcr ?larr, 

.6an§u>iu-fl, ®ecf, Saffe, fiafeiifup, 

COXCOMBICAL, adj. itavvifc^, atbem. 
coxcoMi.RY, s bie5Ubentf)ctt, 5lb9e^ 

f(^macftf;eit, ©ciferet. 

COY (ndiK— ly). adj. bcfff)CtCCU, blfbC, 

fdfcu, f^jrijbe, juriidl;altcub, jim>)cr= 

To COY, V. 71. 1. fprObc t[;uu, ftd) lie 

rcit ; 2. ftd) n>eigerit. 
COYISH, adj. ctwaS bcfc^cibcit, jurutf* 

fjattcitb, fprijbe. 
COYNESS, s. bie Sprijbigfcit, (5(^eu. 

COZ, s. abbr. for Cousin, wkicfi sec. 

To COZEN, V. a. tiiufdjcti ; f)iiitcrgel)e!t, 
itberuortbcilcit, betriigcit. 

COZENAGE, s. bic 2:aufd)Uitg, ber ^c 
trug, jtuitflgviff, bic 5^ctriigevct. 

COZENER, s. bcr 5;aiifd)er ; sBctriigfr, 

CRAB, s. 1. ber jlrcbs, bie Jlrabbe; 2. 
ba« .gcbcjcug ; bcr ^cbcbotf ; 3. ^n-. 
ber (Snucrtopf ; 4. — or — apple, bcr 
^oljavfet; — bar, jv. r. bcr Sre^- 
baum ; — boom, JV. r. bcr ©ptU&anm ; 
— 'a claws, bie .ftrcbsfc^ccien ; — 's 
eyes, bie ^rcbSaugcii ; — louse, bie 
SiljiauS; — stick, ber i?note!ii}pcf ; 

— tree, bcr aBtlbliiig, jungc w)i!be 

CRABBED (,adc. — ly), adj. 1. {)crbc, 
faucr ; 2. jig. miirrifd), faiiertiivfir*, 
icibcrroartig, eigciiffnnig; 3. biinfcl, 
I'crnjorrcn ; — ness, .t. bie .^erbigfeif, 
©iitirc; Jig-. ba§ miivrifc$e 2Befcm; 
bie ©d)W)icri9feit. 

CRABBY, Of//, f^wer, bunfd, ucttvorrcu. 

CRABER, s. bie SBafferrafee. 

CRACK, s. 1. bee Mxad), .Hxad, Mmil; 
2. mi ?Ri^, bie Spalte; 3. Sra^C 
a^crriiijtbeit, .^irnroutl), bcr SKcjhiu 
iiutj; 4. bie (Stimmciiibcruiig brim 
3JJauitbarn)erben ; in compos.— hvaineii; 
(cracked), nja|utwifetg, »crritcft. 

To CRACK, V. im. ■.^- a. 1. frnd)cn, tuaU 
Icii; flatfcbcn (mit bcr ^peitfdit) ; 2. 
platen, fpringeit, brcd>cn, einftiirjeti; 
fpaltcn, aiiffpaltcn, rcipcii, aiifrcifjen, 
5crbvcd)eii, auffiiaifcu ; jcrfiitcfcn ; 3. 
»erriicf t mnc^cii ; to — a bottle, vuig- 
ciiter SJafd>e be" •&»«I3 brcc^en; la 

— jests (.jokes), -^Joffctl rttpeil ; to — 
nuts, Stiiffc fnatfcn. 

CRACKER, s. 1. bcv SBved)er, Simdtt; 

2. ©d)ii»avmer, bic (flriiie) Slaoctc; 

3. ®n>tjfprc(^cr, ^rablcr. 

To CRACKLE, v. n. fiiaftem, fnaifeni, 
fniftcvn, Enarrcit, pla^tn, bcrfien; 
Crackiins, s. 1. baS Jlnaflcrit, @ch-(i= 
d)c, ®efiialle- 2. bic bavte gerijftvte 
9iinbe be§ ©(^t»ciiibrfltcii9. 

CIIACKENEL, s. titjhiivtt) ©rc^^cf. 

CRADLE, s. 1. bie SBiegc; 2. fer. fci< 
j?tnbf)cit ; 3. bag (ficbcnbc) Sett (i= 
iteg ycrwuiibctcii 2J?otvi>feii ; 4. ba3 
©cnfcngcriifi (jum 3«f»^i""'f"f^'Tf" 
bcr <Sc^inabcii) ; 5. bie ilcinfdjicite ; 
6. ber (^tapcl, i2d)littcn (aaf weiiiicm 
bas ©diiff ablaiift) ; 7. T. tas ® riin^ 

bungScifcit ; from his — , .fig. »»tt fti= 

ncr Jltnbbcit aii; — ck>ihes, bad 

aSiegenjcug, bic 23inbeln. 
To CRADLE, V. I. a. in bic SJiegc le» 

gen; fd)anfcln, micgcn ; il. n. licgctt, 

cingcfcijloffen fcHn. 
CRAFT, s. 1. bo8 .^anbrocrf, ®cwevbt; 

2. bie Jlunfi, Scvtigtcit, ©cfdndlicJ^ 

fcit; 3. gifj, ber .Suiiflgriff, SBctiUft . 

4. bag .gaiibelsft^iff, bie Sarfe; — •» 
man, ber ^anbiverfcr, Jtiinfllcr ; — '.* 
master, cin 9Jieifter tii feincr Jtunfi, 
gcfc^idF ter ^JJnnn. 

CRAFTINESS, s. bie tcrtiaf"*; "'^ 

CRAFTY (adv. — ly), ndj. QCft^tOt, U» 

flig, »erf(^Iagcrt. bctrfigrrtfd). 
CRAG, K. 1. bcr SQatfcn, ba8®cnicf ; 2, 
bie Jllippe, Spi^c, ber Sdfcn. 

CRAGG™' \ «''if*'^'>ff' »'''«^' ""^''^"^ 

CRAGGEDNESS,) 3. btC <S*V&ff^eH 

CRAGGJNESS, \ 3^aul)^eii, Uitcbca 




n> CllAM, V. I. a. 1. 60U fto^jfcH, uhtf- 

fiiUfiij 2. flopfcn, nubcln, mafteii 
(@iill|C, II. f. W.); 3. (—in or into), 

Stuciufiopfcn, Ijtitcin^rotiif^ctt ober 
^titctiitreibcn, ciiicngcii, etnflemmcu; 
i[. 71. fd^roelgcit, fid) iiberfulkn, 

JRAMBO, s. baS afieiinfptet. 

CRAMP, r. s. 1. bie iftlamiufr, .(tvam= 
i,>e j_2. ber j?ram).'f; 3. bic (S)3crre, 
getlcl, (Sitif(tcaitEiing, bag •t^iubcr= 
utti ; ill compos. — fisl), bcv Jlvam^f- 
fifcl), ^itffi^'^P^c; — iron, bic cifcriic 
Slammer ; —irons, Typ. T. bie (&i^ie= 
jteuf Inmmcni ; ir. adj. vuig. fcfetBtertg, 
titapvv fitotig. 

jTo CRAMP, 75. n. 1. ffammeru, ein= 
flamiitci-n, ctticngcn; 2. (bie ®[tcbcr) 
jufanimeiijtcl)eu, mtt bem .H^vampfe 
j){agett; 3. jwtngeii; f;emmeuj ctiu 

CRANAGE, s. 1. bciS ^xa^\md)t; 2. 
^raf)iuielb, aiufjiiggclb, agiitbgelb. 

CRANBERRV, s. bie 5VJioogbecve. 

CRANE, .'. 1. ber Jtvaittcf) ; 2. ^rnfju ; 
3. .^ebcr; — fly,biclangbciuigcStie= 
flc, gibellc ; — 's bill, bev i&torct)fd)na= 

L'eJ (Oeranium— L.) ; S. T. bcrStOl-cl;= 

frfmabtl (cine Saitge); —necks for 
coaches, ©d)roaneubnlfe fitv .S'ut= 
fc^en ; — siiaft, bcr l)oljernt (Sd)roa- 

CSANIOSCOPY, 5 ^- ^"- ^a)^li>e"f')"- 

CRANIUM, s. bie ^irnf{$ale. 

CRANK, I. s. bie ^turbc (an bev 9U^fc 
eiucS 9labe§); baS ,fiiic (an ciuev 
8?dl;rc) ; bie SBinbatig, tviiinmc9it6l)= 
«; 2. Jiff. 93evbrel)img, ba3 2i3prt= 
fptcl: cranks of a bell, bie divine ciiie^ 
©loaenjuge* ; ii. m/j. jv. r. a — ship, 
<tn ratifcS ©i|tff» eiii Sc^iff, ias in 

To CRANK, V. n. vid. Crankle. 

To CRANKLE, v I. n. fid) jiniibcti, fid) 

tingetn, fid) fc^langcdt, im ^idi,a^ 

laiifen ; II. «. ccfig jcrbrcc^eii. 
CEANKLES. s. pi. 2Biiibiuigen, A\iim= 

mungcii, Uiigletc^^cifcu. 
CHANKNES3, s. JV. T. bie 9'ianff)eit (ci= 

ncS Sd;ttffS), @eUi)r iimjufivpcn. 
CRANNIED, adj. riffig, gcfpalteii, tliif= 

CRANNV, s. 1. bie fleiiie Spnltc, 3ii(je, 

itv Siis; 2. T. baS SBaljftfeu tit 

CRAPE, *. ber Jlrcpv, !raufe SIov; 

Craping iron, s. T bn§ Jlreppeifeii. 

To CRAPE, V. a. fvaufellt. 

CRAPLE, s. bie jtlaue. 

CRAPNEL, s. vid. Grapvel. 
CRAPULENCE, s. ber 9iaufc^, bic 33e= 

truiifcn^eit; bie bitvd) Unmi'iyigfcit 

crjciigte J£ranf[)eit; vuig. bcr A'at}cit= 

CRAPUixius, adj. 6eraiifd)t; yon et= 

Item iliaufc^c fr'auE; »u/d'. bcitJta6cn= 

jammer ^abcub. 
To CRASH, V. I. n. f rac^cit, eiii'brec^eit ; 

II. n. jcvfdimettcni, jcrfnirfcfecn, jcr= 

CR.vsii, s. i>a? Jtrac^en, ©ctofe. 

CRASIS, s. i. Oram. T. tie ^rafi«; 2. 

ba« Sempcvament. 
CRASSITUDE, \ s. bie ^icfe, 3)crb[;cit, 

CRASSNESS, \ @VObl)fi(-. 

CRATCH, s. bie atnufc. 

CRATE, s. ciii gvopcr .Sorb (jiir 9Ser= 

jjacfuitg you !Porjcnitn uitb .§0^1= 

CRATER, s. bcr .Srater (iS^*!""*) ««««§ 


ro CRAUNCII, V. a (lltit bctt S'^i^lf't) 


CRAVAT, s. ba« ^iUtn^, bie .5nl«= 

To CRAVE, V. a. i. WttU, fJcbClt; 2. 

fwkerij, seriaitgen. 


CRAVEN, i. s. 1. bcr iiberwuttbeiie 
'^aiin; 2. fig. bit aJicmijtc; ii. adj. 
feige, serjagt. 

To CRAVEN, V. a. i-'crjagt ntit^cii, 

cra\i;r,s. bentnbefdicibenc Sovberer. 

CRAW, s. bcr Mvopf (bcr Sogel). 

CRAWFISH (Crayfish), s. bcr Sad)= 

To CRAWL, v. V. i. fvicc^eit ; 2. fd)lci= 
d)en ; 3. njimmdn ; to — fortli, f)cr= 
yorfricd)ert, au4fi-ied)eii ; to — into 

one's favour, fid) bci Scutailb citl; 

fd)mctd)clii; to — up. ■^ittanfvicc^cii. 
CRAWL, s. bcr Sifc^bc{)alter; r. bie 

33llf)UC ; Crawly mauly, vulg. (SiuS 

burd)» yinbrc. 
CRAWLER, s. 1. bcr J?riec^er; (2d;fci= 

d)er ; 2. baS Ungejicfcr. 
CRAY, Grayer, s. bcr Jlrai)cr (Mrt 

ficiitcr Sciiiffe mit ciitemSJJafic). 
CRAYON, s. 1. bie ^Mifiellfarbc; 2. bcr 

spaflellftift; — painting, bie ^4Jaflcll= 

jeid^nuiig ; red — , bcr Sfiotbcl. 
To CRAZE, V. a. 1. (bcit 33erftanb) jer^ 

riittcu, rcrmirr: iiiad)cn; 2. jcrbre^ 

d)ctt, 5cvflo§cn, serflampfcit, jcrfc^Ia= 

gcii; piilucrit, mal)lcn; fig'^ fr^iv)a= 

cl)cn ; Crazed, part. a(//.5erbrod)en u. f. 

w. ; fig. sern'ittet, serriid t, »cranrvt. 
CRAZEDNESS, \ s. bic @ebvcd)lict)Ecit, 
CRAZINESS, i Sc^iuac^e ; ber 

CRAZY, a-ij. 1. gcbrcdjiid), fvniif(id), 

fd;mac^ ; '2. uerriicft, iiH-ibiifiiinig ; a 

— ship, JV. T. cin EraiifeS <Sd)iff|. 

To CREAK, V. n. fiiarrctt, fnirrcu, 
fdiwirrcu; Creaking, bnS Jlnarrcit, 

CREAM,*. 1. bcr 3Jabm, bic SaT)ne; 
2./^. bag Scfic, (5cine, bcr J?eru; — 
of tartar. (Svcmor Savtari, gerctiiigter 
2Bciiificiu; —cheese, bcr ?Kat)inEafe ; 

— coloured white, ba§ ©clbwcip ; — 
faced, b!eic|; blobc, fcige. 

7'(- CREAM, v.i. n. Jit ^{abiJt obcr(Saf)= 

lie tucrbeti, rafimen, fabneit; H. a. 1. 

abrabmcn ; 2./^. ias 33efte yoit ciuer 

(Sadjc wegue^incit. 
CREAMY, adj. yoller Sal)nc; fa{)nici)t, 

reie Satme. 

CREANCE, s. s/,. E. btc Salfeiilcinc. 
CREASE, s. bie ^alte, baS Cbr (im 

To CREASE, V. a. iimbtcgcit (boS ${5a= 

pier), cin Dljrmadjcii. 
7'o CREATE, v. a. 1. crfd)affcn ; jeiigen ; 

bcroorbvtngen, yenufad)cit, inad)cn ; 

2. wabicii, cvnenuen. 
CREATION, .«. 1. bie (frf^affung, 

©ct)opfiing; 2. bie .Pjeryorbringiiug, 

5?criirfad)ung ; 3. baS SBcUali ; 4. 

bic (Snva[)[ung. Grncnauug; 5. baS 

CREATIVE, adj. cvfdjaffeub, fc^opfe= 

CREATOR, s, bcr iird)Sprcr, Urf)c6cr; 

Creatress, s. btc Uvljebcriitn. 
CREATURE, s. bic jlrcatur, bag @e= 


CREDENCE, s. bcr ®(aube ; iHtterof — , 

bag 93cglaitbiguu()g=, (grebit*, (Sm'- 
4jfet)lui'.ggs)fcfcvctbcn ; to give — to a 
thing, cincm Singe ®laub«it bciiucf= 

CREDENDA, s. pi. btc @(aiiten«artifcl. 

CREDENT, adj. glaubcitb, u'tvanlict). 

CREDENTIAL, s bie 93cg(aubiguiig, 
S8cglaiibigung«rd)fiff, 3]olImad)t. 

CREDII5IL1TY, \s. bic ©taubwiir^ 

CREDIBLENESS, 5 bigfcit. 
CREDIBLE (adv. —ly), adj. glailbtid), 
(\lailbn>iirbig ; I am credibly inforinod, 

ic{) l)abe glaubanirbtge Silad)ri(^tcn. 

CREDIT, .9. 1. ber @laiibe ; 2. 3Jnf, gu= 

tc *Jf(iinc, bag 'ilnfcijen ; 3. ber @'in= 

flu6; 4. bag aSovf, Scugntii ;. 5. m. 

E. bcr Grtbit, ba5 Outbabcj ; (^oiito ; 
to gain — , (Shrccil'.lcgcil : he has i!r..'i; 

— with him, er cermag v>tcl iiber !!>!i ; 

.M. E-s. to buy (take) on (upon) — , ailf 

6rcbit (mit 3lu6fteUi:ng) faufcn ; to 
give --, Sonto gcben ; to take — , 6e:'»' 

to ncbmen ; to' lodge a — with one, ({- 

lien (Srcbit bci Scmanbcm croffneii ; 

to place {or to pass to) or to enter into 

one's — , in S'cmaiibeg @atl;rtbcn 
briligcn ; it shall appear in your — , C8 
foil 3f)nen gut gcfd)rieben wsrbeu; 
letter of — , ber Ci'vcbitbvief, bag @rebt- 
tio, Slccrebitio. 

To CREDIT, V. a. 1. ©laubcnbctmcffcit, 
glaiibcu; 2. trauen, (Jvcbit geben, 
borgcii, 3.M. i?. crcbitirrn,gutfct)rci- 
Ben, crfcnncn. 

CREDITABLE {adr. — ly), adj SDU rtll" 

tcitT 9Iufe, nitbefd;oltcn, geac^tct, ctirs 

lid), rii()mlid;; — ness, s. ber gute 

9Juf, bie 3lc^tung, (S'brc. 
CREDITOR, s. ber ®Imtbiger, (Srebttor 

Creditrix, s. bic ©laubtgcriuii. 
CREDULITY, s. bie ii^cidnglanbigfcit. 
CREDULOUS, fi/Zj. letc|)tglaiibig; — ness 

vid. Credulity. 

CREED, s. bag @Ianbcngbeffnntnt§ 

bcr ©laubc. 
CREEK, s. 1. bcr fleiite 2)?ccrbnffn, bie 

83ud)t, 'ih\) ; 2. ficinc Sau^jiinge aii 

bcr ,ft1ifte. 
To CREEK. V. ?!. vtd. To Creak. 

CREEKY, ad/, soil tfcincr 93ud)tcn, fid) 

iinnbcnb, gcfdjweift. 
To CREEP, r. n. 1. fficc^cn ; 2. fc^Iei= 

ci)cn ; to — in (into), ^tncinfrte(^cri ; 

fig. fief) iiiifd)lcid)en; to — into one's 

"tavour. fid) ill Scmanbcg @uujl ciu= 

CREEPEK, .T i . bf V, bic, bag Jtricfben^ 

be; 2. bcr 0raii»'pcd;t; 3. nicbrige 

gcucrboif ; 4. Ucberfcfcuf). 
CREEP-HOLE, i-. bag So^ ; /"-. bif 5l««= 


CREM.\TI0N, .S-. bie iBcrtrcnniing. 
CREMOR,s. bic mild)ic^te Siibftauj. 
CRENATED, rnij. jaif ig, gefcrbt. 
CREOLE, s bcr (Sreolc. 
CREPANE, s. bie aJiaufc (5Pferbetranf» 

To CREPn'ATE, V. n. ftiarrcit, fnacfcn 

CREPITATION, s. bag Jtuarvcn, Mna^ 

(fen, Jtnificrn. 
CREPUSCULE, .1. bic 5)ammer!ing • 

bag 3n'iclid)t. 
CREPUSCULOUS (Crepuscular), adj. 

CSRESCENT, 1. s. bcr i}dht Wlonb ; II. 

adj. wad)fenb, jnne^mcnb. 
To CRF^-'ENT, v. a. Ixitbmonbfi'nuig 


CRESCIVE, adj. vid. Crescent. 

CRESS, s. bie Jtrefc. 

CRESSET, .9. bcr 3)reifui) ; bie Sadcl, 
^eud)te, bcr Seudittbnvm. 

CREST, s. 1. bcr .fanim, Sc^ppf, 
Stranf) (auf bem JTopfc'bev i>(igcl n, 
f. w,) ; 2. ivcbcrbufd), .g»clmfd)nunf ; 
//. T. bag $!tlb iiber bem ed;ilbc : baa 
5ffiappcn; 3. /^. bcr Stolj, i^iiirl; ; 

— fallen, niebcrgefd)(agen, miittilog. 
To CREST, ». a. mit ciuciK (Vebcrbufd)c, 

55. f. w. fc^miirfen, tiHccin gcbcrbufd) / 

CRESTED, adj. mit cincm .Samme, 
.§elmfd)mnCTe ii. f. w. 

CRESTLESS, adj. 1. obuc .f amilt ; o|n( 
.gclmfdbmncf; 2. fig. obnc SSiVpcii, 
«on feiner ^obcu Samilic. 

CRETACEOUS, flf//. Eveibicfct, freibtg. 

CRETE, s. bie 3itfel Greta, oter^antiii. 

CRETic, s. bcr PvetiEug. 

CREVK^r, s. ber ;)iiji bie (gpaftc, cnge 

To CKEVicK r.a.3]ifrc mac^cii, fpattcn. 




JREVV, s. 1. ber ^rtufe, btc Moik, baS 
gSoIf; 2. (Sd)tff^oolf. 

CREWEL, s. baa Qfjannitc auf(jett)i= 
dilt! @ani. 

CREVVKr, s. rid. Cruet. 

CRiB,_s. I. bie Jlrip^je; 2. 2Stegc; 3. 
bcr etanb (bie ^Ibtfjetlung) tit cittern 
igtalle; 4. bie ^^iitte; 5. beu Jlovb 
;tll Saltiieu) ; — biter or — chaniping- 
iiorse, bet- JTi-tppeitbetfer, Jtfivpcitfe= 

To CRIB, V. a. ciiifc^Itegcit, etiif))errctt. 

CRIBBLE, s. 1. ba3 @ieb, Jtoritfieb ; 2. 

Tu CRIBBLE, v. a. ftctieit, ftcl;teii. 


CRICK, s. bet: Sln^ im ^^lacEeit, jicife 

CRicitET, s. I. bie ®rille, bn§ .geim= 

cftctt; 2. bev(5tii^lot)tteSe^ne, @c^C5 

mel, S3ccf ; 3. ba« (eitgltfc^e) @cl)lag= 

CRICKETER, s. bcf ©(^fagbaltsSptc; 

c-RiER, s. ber ©Ureter, offeittlt^e 31m8* 


CRIM, tTllMEA, ..;. bic .galBiitfel ^riitt. 
CRIME, .«. bag ^erbrcr^fii, bie Uebel= 

tbaf, Sc^itlb, bcv greuel. 
CRiMEi'TJL, adj. ycfbircc^crifc^, frcscliib, 

fcbr bofe. 
CiilMELESS, ailj. fd)IllbIpo. 
CRIMINAL {adn. — ly), I. adj. 1. flfaf- 

bar, fcf)ulbtg ; 2. ^)cinltc^ ; IL s. ber 
'3erbrcd;er; ^lligcElante ; — conver- 
sation (Criin. con), bcr' (5l)ebntc^. 

CRIMINALITY, > s. bie veinlid)e (^vi= 

CRIMINALNESS, ) ntinat=) (gac^c. 

To CRIMINATE, v. a. eiitcS SBcrbvc^euS 

CRIMINATION, s. bie Sefdjulbtgititi], 

CRIMINATORY, atij. atif fagettb, befi^iit^ 

CRIMP, s. 1. (in (fngtanb) ber 'Baltov 
ibefoitber§ bci .^tobleu)"d;tffeti) ; 2. bcr 

7'< CRIMP, V. a. 1. ajJeiifc^eit flc'olcii, 
gciualtfanr tuerbett ; 2. fraiifeii, fcv= 

belt ; Crimping machine, bie Jt'crb= ObCr 

To CRiMPLE, V. a. }iifainineiiste!;cit, 

CRIMSON, L s. baa garinoifiit ; IL adj. 


To CRIMSON, V. I. a. VOtf) fiivbeit; II. n, 

roth wcrbcn. 
c^RiNGE, s. btc tiefe aSerbeuguf.g, 

ftted)tif($e .^ijfltcfifcit. 
71? CRINGE, V. I. (I. jufammcnstc'^cn, 

fviimmcit ; ii. n. ftd) tief beugeii, ftd; 

fd)micgcit ; ftd; bcmiit^igcii (to — ..., 

sor); fd;inctd)elii. 
CRiNGER, s. bcr Sc^metcfilev, 
CRINGING, s. bn3 Jivitmmcii, St^mci^ 

d)eln (,amt.). 

CRINIGEROUS, adj. ^aarig, bebaart. 
CRINITE, adj. l)aauq, me .*pdar |itv5= 

To CRINKLE, v. I. v. ftd; njtnbctt, ftd; 

f(i)laitge(n, aulbud)tcii, frumm ge= 

ben ; u. a. imeben (Sattcn) m etoas 

CRINKLE, s. bcr Sug, bie Jtriimmitng, 

iSinbung, galte. 
CRIPPLE, i.s. bcr JtriH)i.ier; n. — or 

(uippied, adj. trit))^clig, labm. 

■/;. CRIPPLE, V. a. 1. labmen, »crfriip= 

vein, i(nin Jtriivpct niacben ; 2. j\". T. 
ein ©d)iff) retticS fd)ietlen. 
ciiiPPLENEss, s. bie Siabmung, ias 


■jRisis, .?. 1. Mc:i. T. bic o<trift'J ; 2. ber 


tRisP, adj. 1. frail* ; 2. jatfig, ge= 

tri.mmt; 3. miirbe, jcrbrccblic^ ; 4. 

braitn gebraten 

To CRISP, v.a. 1. friiufcln; flcc^tcn; 

tucUenfiJnnig bilbcii; 2. braun roflen 

obcr bratcu. 
CRISPATION, .9. baa Jtraufeht; bte 


CRISPL^J, i. (5riS^n (3J?aitn«rtame). 
CRISPKG, s. tie ;i.oupivnabc[. 
CRISPY, adj. 1. frauS ; 2. jerbre^lic^, 

miirbe, fpri^be. 
CRITIC, s.i. bcr ^'ritifer, Jlunflricbter, 

afJecenfeut, ^cnrtl)ciler; 2. 2;abler; 

3. vid. CRiTiquK. 

CRiTEREOX, .S-. bas .^teiinjct^cit, Wlrh 

CRITICAL M«. — ly), aJj.i. h'itiid* ', 

2. funflocfflanbig, gcuau, forgfiiltig; 

3. bcbcnflid), nittilicb, figcticb, gcfabr= 
lid); i. tabclfiid)tig ; entfd)etbenb ; 
— noss. s. l.bic ©cilauigfcit, $iinft= 
Iid;feit; 2. iBcbcnflid;fcif, fritifcbe 
(entfcbeibcnbc) ^age. 

To CRITICISE, D. a. <s- «. 1. fritiflrcn, 

bcurtbeilen, recenfiven ; 2. tabelit. 
CRiTiciSER, s bcr Jtritifer, 3ieccnfent. 
CRITICISM, s. 1. bte Seur;^«^4hing«= 

funft; 2. fritifd?e S^eurtbeilnng, 3ic= 

ccnfton; 3. fritifdje 5lninciEung, 

CRiTiauE, .■>. bic fritifd)e ltutcrfit= 

d)nng, Jlriftf, ^curtt)cihtng, 9iecea= 

To CROAK, f. II. iinafen, frad)sen; 

fnnvrcn ; Croaking, s. baS Onafcn ; 


CROAK, *. baS ©cquafe, ©cfrarbiie. 
CROAKER, s. 1. bcr, bic, baS Ouafeu= 

be ; 2.^^. ber Ungliid'sprop^ct. 
CROATS, .0. pi. bie (jroaten. 
CROCEOUS, «<//■ yon Safran; fafraii= 

CROCTATION, .'. baS Duafcu ; Jtracf)= 

CROCK, s. bcr Xopf, 9?ii8, (5d)mufe; 

— butter, bie gefaljcne Sutter. 

7'o CROCK, u. n. bcru^cn, fcba^arj ina= 

CROCKERY, s. tiS trbeue Ocfcbirr, 

CROCODILE, 5. baS t^rofobill. 
CTtocus, .». ber (froEuS, Safraii. 
CROFi', s. baS 3aiinlanb, ®drtd)cn. 

CROISADE, s. vid. Crusade. 

CROISES, s. Jlrc!i5bcrren, Jtrcajritter, 
Jtreusfabrcr, Jlreuspilgcr. 
CRONE, s. 1. bas alte SBcib; 2. alte 


CRONET, s. ba« Jtronbaar ber^Pfarbc. 

CRONICAL, adj .1st.. T. acbrouifd), mit 
bcr (Sonne uittergcbcub. 

CRONY, s. ber aire ikfannte, alte 

CROOK, .9. 1. bcr .<5afcn, Sc^aferflab, 
.^trtciifiab ; 2. bic'.Kritmme: in com- 
pos. — back, ber 23ucff I ; ^udlige ; 

— backetl, bUifelig; — kneed, fcbtef= 
beinig ; — shanks, bag .ftruminbetn ; 
by hook and by — , lllit 3'{cd)t UUb Un= 

To CROOK, V. J. a. fritiumcn, bicgcn, 
bcugcn ; ablcnfcit ;' n. n. trumm fn;n. 

CROOKED (adv. — ly), adj. gcfriimmt, 
trunim, frf)icf ; yerbrebt yerfebrt; — 
ness, 1. bie Ariimme ; ber Scblangen- 
laiif; SBndel; 2. bte i5crEcbrtt)cit, bie 

aiOOP, vid. Croup. 

CROP, .9. 1. bcr Jlrcpf etneS SogcIS; 
2. bie©rnte; 3. ba« (nod) ftebenbc) 
®eticibe; 4. bcr ®tn^; — bone, 
SBaHftfcbbartcn (yon ber S)JittcIgri)= 
^e) ; — ear, (oou $fcfben) t)ci§ Stn^= 
obr ; — eared, mit gcftufjtcn Dbrcn ; 

— fuii.^att ; — side, EranE yon Ucbcr= 
labnug ; — sickness, bie yom Uebcr:= 
labcn beg ?)Jagcn§ eiitflanbcnc,KranE= 
bcit ; — time, bie (Snttcjeit. 

r<r'-uop, r. a. ftufecit, abituijcn ; bc= 

fcbneiben; bie ©^sifcen abfreffcn ; ab 
bred)eit, pfliicfcn ; mdbcii, erntcu. 

CROSiEii. s. bcr suifcbofeflab, Jtrumm» 

CROSLET, s. bn« Jtrcujrf;'' t. 

CROSS, L s. 1. bag .Slreuj ; 2. Jlcnn^ci' 
^en (ftatt ber ^lamenguutcrfcbrtft) ; 
2. bieOuere: 'i.fff. bag ?ciben, bie 
9^otb, S;rubfal, aiSibernjdrtigEeitj 4. 
ber Jtreujer ; 5. bie rcdjte ©cite ciner 
SDtiinjc; —or— pile, 33i(b oberSSap- 
Vcn (cin ©vici mit®clb); (ndc.—' 
ly), adj. 1. Ercujmcife, iibcrjaicrd), 
qucr gelcgt obcr licgcnb ; fc^icf; 2. 
jnanbcv, entgegctigcfcfet ; 3. gcgenfettig, 
>ucd)fcl§rocife ; 4. wtbcrfpanftig ; wnii= 
berlirb, miirrifd), yerbric^licb, »er= 
lebrt; 5. ungliicEIid; ; every thinij 
goes {or falls out) — with him. prov. C8 

gebt i[)in 3Illcg fc^ief, iym gliid^t 
^JlidjtS ; a — accident, cine 21'iber- 
wdrttgEcit; III. prep, aucr burd;, 
bur(^ ; (jncr iiber ; m fom;)C5. — ar- 
med, mit ineinanbcr gefcblagenen (ycr- 
fdjriinften) 9lvmcn ; — bar, bieOnci-= 

flange; — barred, gegittcrt; — i;ni 
shot, bic Stangcnfngel ; — beak (-• 
bill), bcr Jl'reui(oogcl, J^rcu5fd)nabel ; 
— bill, /-. T. bic ^lagfc^rift beg ^t- 
Elagtcn gcgcn ben villager ; — beam, 
bcr Oucvbalfcn, ®algcn; — hill?, ^r 
M. E. 2Bccbfc(=: ct?ei- .§anb=©d5ulb:^ 
©d;cinc, roclcbe gegcn anbere 2Bec^= 
fcl ycrtaiifd)t wcibcn ; — bite, bcr 
(Jallftrifi, Sctrng ; to — bite, v. a. be== 
tviigen, yerratl;cii ; — bow, bie 9lrm= 
bruft ; — bovver, ber Slrmbvuftfcbiifee 
to — cur, r. a. fvenjiueife burc|)f(^nei= 
ben; — cut saw, bie Jl'erbfage; — 
examination, .9. bie 33orlcgnng yon 
jtrcujs nnb Oucrfragen ; to — exa 
mine, v. a. bie jtrcu}= uub Qucrc fra= 
gen ; — drained, Jvibcr ben ©trir^ ; 
Jiff, mitrrifcb, ftorrifd), oerEebrt; — 
jack, JV. T. bie jtrcusftcitgc ; — legged, 

mit itbercinanbcrgcfcblagcncn S8ei= 
nen ; — piece, Tijp. T. bcr 33u!Ecn ; 
.v. T. bcr aSctingbalEcrt ; — purpose, 
bcr yerEcbrte ober oeriingliicfte ^^!|a«; 
bag SJJi^ocrflanbnig; yerEcJjrte (an- 
paffensc) 31ntnjorten; to be at -pur- 
poses, yon (unter) SInbcrn gcben ; 
viUff. bcr Oucre reben ; to — (juestion, 

V. a. vid. to — examine ; — questions', 

s. pi. Mxnii,' unb Ducrfragen ; bag 
SragcfvicI ; — road, bcr WeTbweg; — 
row, bie gibel, bag 9lbc ; — stafi; T. 
bcr3acobsftab, ©onncnbiJbineffer; -— 
stitch, ber Jtrcujfticb (3irt beg 9Jd= 
bcng) ; — tree, s.JT. T. bcr ^rcnjbal= 
fen; — way, bic Qnerfiravc, bcr 
.Kreimueg, ©r{)ciben)cg ; — wind, ber 
©citcnnjinb ; — wort, bte Jtrcujanirj 

(Senccio — />.). 

To CROS.!f, r. L a. 1. frcnjcn, liber bag 
,trens Icgen, biircfcErcnjcn ; 2. mit 
bem Jtrcuje bc5cid)nen, bag B'id^en 
beg ,R:reu5cg matben; 8. buv(i[)ftrei- 
rf)i'n; 4. qner iiber ctwagl gcben obcv 
fabven, iiberfd;rciteu ; iibcrfclen ; f). 
ber Duere fommeii, binbcrn, jntvibcv 

fe^^n, mibevfprcd)Cn ; 6. (Hie breed). 

(bie3tacen) mifd;en; to — out, ang- 
flveid;cn; to — one's self, ficbfrcn= 
jigcn nnb fegnen ; to — the river, iibcv 
ben Slug feljcn ; Ii. v. c\\m licgcii. 

CROSSNESS, s. bie iU'vEebrtbeit, ic; 
SBibcrftim; bic iible^annc. 

CROSSWISE, ado. Ercujwcifc, tn bit 
On ere. 

CROTcJii. .9. 1. bcr .<5aEen, bie ©abel ; 
2. .v. T. bag ^icEftiid. 

CROTCHET, .9. 1. bcr .5>afcn; 2. bii 
Alanimer, bag (— .9. pi. Typ. T. bie) 
(Sinfd)lictiunggKic^en ([]); 3. bt; 
Sti'i^c ; 4. Mu3. T. bte SOiertehtotc 
5. ©rifle, bcr fcitfamc (Jinfaif. 





Fo CROUCH, V. n. 1. ftc^ blttfeit, ft(^ 
fc^miegcn ; 2. jiff, fi'tec^c- n, fd)mct= 
c^elii ; ftrf) bcmiitl)tncn ( — to . .., oor). 

CROUP, s. 1. bcr9Jumpf ciiieS ^BogelS, 
©tetp, 33uvsel; 2. HS Jtreuj ciucl 
^fevbe«; 3. bte ^c{)lfu(^t, Sprauiie. 

CROUPADES, s. pi. Sp. T. bie Suf tfvvuu= 
gc eiiieS 5{5f«rbe8. 

CliOUT, s. vid. SocR-cRouT. 

CROW, s. 1. bie,Srabe; 2. ba« Stxii- 
^en; 3. {or — bar),baS ©rec^etfcit, bie 
S3iec^fiaiii^e, ber ^e bcbaum, vSc^fca- 
fen, Jtiibfup; to pluck a ~ fig. ftc^ 
uin 9fiic^t« abaitgftigeii; tm\i 3auf 
anfititfjf It ; — 's bill, s. T. ber Jtuf,cl= 
jieljcr; —feet, bie 9iiiii5c(rt (uttter 
tett iJlUjien) ; — flower, ber milbe 
3Jherrettii^ ; — foot, bie gujjaiiget ; 
Siauuttfcf; JV. T. ber ©pttiitciiEbuf ; 

— keeper, bie 330}5elf^eud^e, ber ^o= 
vans J —quill, bte Jtra^eiifeber ; — 
toe, bte .^yacintbe. 

To CROW, V. n. 1. fr;i6en ; 2. fig vulg. 
pral)(en ; ftd) briiftcn, ftoljiren ; to 

— over one, fid) iiber eiiteit erbebett. 
CSiowf), s. 1. biU ®ebrange, ®en.Mm= 

mt\, bte SDiettge, ber ^aufen (3}Jeii= 
fc^ca) ; 2. bie ©eige, giebel. 

Ttf CROWD, B.n. 1. bvatijjett, ^Jreffett; 

■ 2. »oH fiopfcu; 3. to — the sails (all 
the canvass). Sea. Ph. ^jranijeit, alle 
«ccgf I betfe^eit ; ll. «. ^id) brangen, 
unmmclit ; to — in, ^iueiiivreffeit, fic^ 

CROWDEE, s. vidg. ber @eigcr, 

raiOWN,s. 1. bte jtroiie; 2.' ber Jlran^; 
3. bte S^oufur; 4. Sjji^e, ber @ip= 
fel; 5. ( — of a haf), bcr Sobcit ciitcS 
^aM ; 6. — or — piece, bie ,$lrone 
(sen 5 Scf)tUing), ber J?roiitf)aler ; 

— demesnes, { — land), bie Jlroitgiiter ; 

— glass, iciS JtrcnglaS; — grafting, 
taS .f ronpfl-ppfcit ; - imperial, (— 

thistle), bie Jf aiferfroiie ; — office, baS 
,^rongertc^t ; — officer, ber o»?roubc= 
amtcte; — iwst. tie .§aiiptfaiile; — 

scab, berSgelSbllf; — surveyor, ber 
foittglic^c Siigenieur; — vessels, bie 
^trattjaberu «je(ct)e ba§ .^erj umge= 
bctt ; — wiieei, ba« jlr'oiirab ; — 
work, Fort. b(t« ,itroniucri (s8oII= 

T« CROWN, I'. (1. 1. froitcn: mit eiiier 
^lonc btbeifen otor fc^miicfeti ; 2. be= 
lo^iiett; 3. ocruollfoiiimeii; beeubi= 
gen; 4. (at draughts), (eitieii (Steiu) 
jur S)aine mflc^cii, aufbamen, anf- 

CROWNET, .?. vid. Coronet. 
CROYLSTONE, s. ber S)jatbfrl)flall. 
CRUCIAL, adj. s. T. freujfijrinig, frcii5= 
KKife; — incisions, bte tSreiijfc^iiitte. 
CRUCIAN, s. bte Jtaraufrfie (eiii Sif^}- 
CRUCIBLE, s. ber gcftmcljticgel. 
CRUCIFEROUS, adj. ciit Jtrcuj tmgenb. 
CRUCiFiER, s. bcr ,<?reuufter. 
CRUCL'^IX, s. "ocii ©rnciftr. 
CRUCIFIXION, s. bie Jtreitsiginig. 
CRUCIFORM, adj. freusformig. 
To CRUCiFV, B. a. treitjigeii. 

CRUDE (a//o. — ly), adj. 1. ro^, fjCVbc, 

unvcif ; 2. mtserbaiit ; — humours, 
j:ir.d. T. unocrbautc ©lifte ; — ness, s. 

fete g?o()bftt. 

CRUDirv, s 1. bie ^fJo^beit, Unrcife ; 

% UnyerbaiUictjfett, un»erbauete 

C».*^ife ; 3. fig. bie uiiocrbauete J£eniit= 

CRUEL (ndn.—hY), luij. graiifam, I;art, 


CRUELryf ' l'-'^^^ ©raiifamfett. 
3RUET, s. bas 3(afc^d)cn, ber !(etne 

,$lrt!g ; — frame (—stand), bie ^laU 

<-^RUiSE, s. bo« Jlrcnjen, ber StviHi^ 



To CRUISE, V. n. Ixmyixi (5ur See). 
CRUISER, s. ber ^Rreujer, baS frenjcn^ 

be (2cJ)iif. 
CRUM, Ckumb, s. 1. bie ,^rnme ; 2. 

33rofame ; ba§ jtriimdien. 
Tb CRUMB, ». (I. friimeln, jcrfriimcin, 

To CRUMBLE, t). i.a. In'imein, 'brocfen, 

jerbrocfein; j.erftiicfeln ; II. n. fic^ 

brijrfelti, jerfalien. 
CRUMMY, adj. friimig, brocflig, ser= 

trijcfett, tocic^ ; vulg. bicf, fctt, flci= 

CRUMP, adj.hwmni ; — footed, nninni= 
beinig ;, — shouldered, bndlig. 

CRUMPET, s. eine 'ilrt S;t)ectn«en. 

To CRUMPLE, v.l. a. jerfnittcm, jer= 
briicfen ; II. n. Snltcn tefomnicn, 
rnnjelig werbeu, etnfc^rninvfen. 

To CRUNCH, V. a. (mit beu S'^i^ncn) 
jerfnirfc^en, scrmalmen. 

CRUOR, JIM. T. ba3 gerotmene SInt. 

CRUPPER,*. 1. baS JtreM5 (eineg5pfer= 
beS) ; 2. bcr (Sc^roanjriemcn. 

CRURAL, adj. ju bcm 3d;ienbeine obtr 
ben iSd)ent'eln gebi.n-ig. 

CRUSADE, s. ber jfrens^ng. 

CRUSADER s. ber ,5?ren5fai)rcr. 

CRUSE, s. bas Slafrf)d)cn. 

CRUSET, ,.;. T. ber ©c&mclstiegcl (ber 

To CRUSH, V. I. a. 1. quctfcften, jer= 
qnetfcften ; jerf tiad'en, jerbriicf en, ^ers 
malmen; einbriicfen ; Vreffen, ftotlen; 
2. fig. nntcrbriiden, iiberaniltigcn, 
»ernic^ten; to —a cup. cin ©laS (lcc= 
ren) trinfen ; II. re. jufammcngevrept, 
uerbicft werben. 

CRUSH, s. ber ^fog, bte Onctfd)nng. 

CRUST, s. 1. bie O^inbe, Jlrufte; ber 
aiianft ; 2. ein v>pn ber Xafct iibrig 
gebliebeueS ©tiid 58rob. 

To CRUST, V. I. re. eiitc (i)flrte) g^tnbc 
befommen; ii. a. mit ober i»ie mit 
einer Sftinbe itberjieben. 

CRUST ACEOUS, adj. gelenffi^alig. 

CRUSTACEOUSNESS, s. ba3 ©clenf'- 

CRUSTATiON, s. 1. bcr UeSeriug, bte 
Ucbertiinrljnng ; 2. baS Sncrnftat. 

CRUSTINESS, s. 1. ba« 9linbige, ©d)a= 
ligc ; 2. bie SSctt'igfeit. 

CRUSTY, fl'/j. 1. riinbig, fdialig; 2. 
vulg. miirrifd), beifiig, jcinftfd), argcr= 
lid), aiiffatjrenb, fd)nepvtf4). 

CRUTCH, s. bie Jtriicfe. 
To CRUTCH, V. a. ftiifeen. 
To CRY, 71. re. &■ a.\. fd)reien (wieber= 
bolt), rnfen; 2. (offcutlid)) an3rn= 
fen ; 3. wcincn ; A. mcbtlfigen, lAut 
Elagcn ( — at for, libcr, nm) ; 5. Sp. 
E. aiiSgeben (bcllcn) ; she cries lier 
eyes out, fie iveint fid) blinb ; to be 
cried, flljfgcbptcn UKVbcn; cried he, 
rief er ; to — (upon or out 

upon), iiber etwas filjreicn, ctroaS taut 
tabchi ; to — down, ciucn in iibleu 
iTiuf bringen, ccrWveicn ; ju S3oben 
fd)reien, n'nterbriicicn ; to —out, anS^ 
rnfen, auSfdjreien ; lant auffd)rcien, 
3Se() fd)reien ; ijffentlic^ tabeln, mi9= 
billtgon ; to — quittance, ermiebern, 
iH'rgelfen; to — up, erljeben; , laut 

CRY, .5. L ber @d)ret, 3Jnf; 9lnSrnf, 
Snnif, baiS @efd)vet ; 2. bie 23ertiinbi= 
gnng ; 3. 5lcc!nmatipn ; 4. baS 2Bci- 
iien ; 5. (5)ebcll ; 6. bie J?oppeI (ter 
©tricf, [2] Sagbbnnbe. 

CRYAL,s.ber 3Jeiger, 3f(eiber. 

CRYER, s. 1. vid. Crier; 2. bcr ®fr= 
falf, Saubengeier. 

CRYING, .0. bag Sc^reien, ©efdjrei ; — 
out, ber SUtSrnf. 

CRYPT, s. bie nntcvirbifcbe fioble, 
©ruftj Uuterfapelle, .^aHc. 

CR\''PTICAL (— ic) (ode— i.Y. adjltf- 

borgen, t)eimltd). 

CRYPTOGAMOUS, culj. B. T. Iv^ptOC^at 

mifcb, bliitbcutog. 

CRYPTOGAMY, s. B. T. bic Unbcut* 
lid)feit ober SBerborgenbeit bcr S3e« 
frud)taierfjenge gemiffcr '^^ffanjen. 

CRYPTOGRAPHER, s. bCr tU bCr ®t- 

bcimfc^rift Jlnnbige. 
CRYPi'OGRAPHY, ^■j. 1. bie ©ebctnii 

fd)rcibefnnft; 2. ©cijeimfci^rift, 

CRYi'TOLOGY, s. bic @ebcimfprac^c. 

CRYSTAL, I. s. ber Jtri)i^all ; — (or — 

gi.iss), bag Jtrt)flallgla« j rock— ,5Jcrg» 

frsflall ; — of mars, (StfcutrV)flall; il. 

adj. fn)flafleu. 
CRYSli/.iNE, aiij. fvljflallen ; — liu 

mour, Med. T. bic ^\-!^ftaUlinrc. 
CRYSTALISATION, s. bie jlryfiatlifa^ 

tion, ^rpfialliftriing. 
To CRYSTALiSE, »,. I. a. f njfialUftret! ; 

II. re. jn jln)flnllcn nnfd)ifpen, ftc^ 

CUB, s. 1. baS Snngc; 2. (cow*. »on 

iDiiibd^en unb ,Enaben) junge 5)iitg ; 

an uniicked — , cirt ungcbilbctcr, 

fc^ledjt erjogener junger 4)(l'cnfd). 
To CUB, V. n. Sunge iucrfcn ; coiu. ge- 


CUBATION, s. baS ?iegen. 
CUBATORY, adj. liegcub. 
CUBATURE. s. Mat. T. bic ,KubifbC-- 

CUBE, s. jmt. T. i. ber MnbixS, 33iir= 

fel; 2. bie jlubifja^l; — root, bie 

CUBEB, a. biejluliebe. 

CUBICAL (Cubic), adj. Jtht. Sr .9r. T 

fubifd) ; cubic-root, bie Jtubifmurjel. 
CUBICULAR, adj. ^um Sc^lafgcmad) 


CUBIFORM, adj. wiirfclfprmig. 
CUBIT, s. bie e^emalige (SUc (son II 


CUBITAL,? ,. „TI»„f-,„„ 


CUBITUS, s. bie (SlbogcnrCbre. 

CUCKING-STOOT^ 5. berSiaucbfiJemel, 

CUCKOLD, s. ber i^a^nrei; — maker, 
bcr .^orncrauffe^er. 

To CUCKOLD, V. a. ^iirucr auffefecu, 

CUCKOLDLY, adj. eittem .§at)nret at;ns 
lid), {jnubSfiUtifd)/ elenb. 

CUCKOLDOM, s. 1. bie .»^iil;m-eifc^aft ; 
2. bag .*)iJrncrauffe^cn. 

CUCKOO, s. bcr .R'udiit; — bud (— 
flower), bie JtndufSblume ; — fisli, 
ber '^faufifc^ ; — giiii -flower, ber .§e= 
berid) ; — pint, bcr 'ilrnm : — sorrel, 
ber Sancrfice, 3.^nd)anivfcr ; — spit, 

— spittle, .ftndulgfpeic^ei (fd?Ieimi(^= 
te 3nfectcnlar»en ouf Slattern.) 

CUCULLATE (Cucullated), adj i. mit 
einer jtavpe bebecft ; 2. fa))penavtig. 

CUCUMBER, s. bic ®urEe. 

CUCURBIT, s. Ch. 7'. ber Seflilltrfolbeu, 

CUCURBITACEOUS adj. fiirbiBartig. 

CUD, «. i. ber innerc X[)i'i\ beS ©d)hins 
be* ; 2. bie nod) nid;t miebergefauetf 
Speifc; ber Jtijber; to chew the — , 
wieberfauen ;.fig. iiberbenfen ; — v/eeJ, 
bic aBiefenaioile; bag Subrfraut. 

To CUDDLE, !). re. vu'g. ftc^ b'.ltfitt ; fli(^ 

CUDDY', .9. 1. bie ,Kajiite ; 2. bcr SttW 

fifd), itijl)lcr, jloblinunb. 
CUDGEL, s. ber Jtniittel, ^Priigcl; — 

pby (—playing), bie 5priigelfcd)tcrct ; 

— proof ^jriigelfcft ^ to take up the 
— .», fid) in eincn etreit einlaffcn; 
to cross the —s, beu Streit fd;lici)tcn. 

To CUDGEL, V. a. Vriigcln. 

CUDGELER, .<•. bcr 5priigler. 

CUE, s. L be • ec^jroanj, bag (Snbe ; feci 




3oVf ; 2. ba« %eii^tA. <Stiit)mort ; 3. 
bci- SStiif, i>K 9lit»»etfuug ; 4. ber 
^tiiiavbjlocf. biVo Queue; 5. biciKoU 
U ; 6. »«/"-. Sauuc, Sttmmung. 

CUERPO. °s. (fpauift^) in — , ot^ue 

2VFF, s. 1. ber Saufifc^Iag, ?Puff, 
Sd}[ag; 2. ?luffcl)lag (ain J?letbe); 
bte ^iiubtvaufe, 3}Janfcf)ette; to go to 
ouffs. ftc^ balgcit, fic^ fc^tagen. 
ro CUFF. V. I. a. 1. mtt ?^dufteti fcil(i= 
gen, V'lffcn, fc^Iagft; 9)Iaulfcf)eUcit; 
flfbeit; 2. (uou ben 3iaub!)ogeln) mtt 
jenJJmUen (and) mtt ben Slitgelu) 
fc^lagen ; ii. n. fic^ fcljlagett. 

CUINAGE, s. bag {^ovmeit bc« StuneS 
in »Diulbcn jur 93crfenbuug. 

CUIRAS, s. ber Jt'iirap, ^arutfc^, 
SBruft^anttf^, iJSanJer. 

CUIRASSIER, 5. ber .reiiraffier. 

cuiSH. s. bte 33etnfi'^tene, ber Seiit= 

CULERAGE, s. baS ??I5f)trrtUt. 

CULINARY, adj. juui Jtuc^cnmefeu ge= 
Ta CULL, V. a. <tu«Icfeit, auSfu^eii. 

CULLftNDER, s. vid. Colander. 

CULLER, s. ber 'Muefuc^cr. 
CULLION. s. 1. ber Sump, ©^urfe; 

2. baS .^nabeittvaut. 
CULLIS, ». bte burc^gefetete SQriifie. 
CULLY, s. ber ®efop»te, ©etroqeue, 

Sropf, qjiufel. 
To CULLY, v.a. fopptti, fiffeit, ^ittter^ 

gefeen, bctriigen. 
OULM, s. 1. ber ©tcitget; 2. bie 

CULMU^EROUS, adj. Stengel ^abenb. 

ro CULMINATE, v. n. Ast. T. burcft 

ben 2)?ittag«fretS ge^en, cnlmtniren. 

CULMINATION, s.^if. 7'. 1. ber'Dur(^= 
aang etneS SterneS burc^^bcn 3JJit= 
iagsfrei^; 2. ber f)iic^|le (fctanb. 

cuLPABiLrrY, ) s. bte otraf barfett, 

CULPABLE [ado. — ly), ailj. firafbrtt, 

CULPRIT, s. ber 3(nqut|tt, 33erbrec^er. 

GULTER, s. baS Sect), vid. Colter. 

CULTIVABLE, adj. mod. anbaubar ; ber 

. ^ultur fSbtg. 

To CULTIVATE, v. a. 1. (Sanb) bauett, 

anbituen ; 2. roavten ; 3. jig. serbcf: 

fevrt, ccrcbcfn, nusbtlben ; 4. ftubt= 

rcn ; 5. Unter^altcn ; to — an ac- 
quaintance, eine 33efanntfc^aft unter=: 

CULTIVATION, 1. s. ber SSait, Qlnbau, 
bte Urbarmac^uug, SBavtung ; 2.^»-. 
Sei-bcfferung, ^Jcrebcluug; 3. baiS 

CULTIVATOR, s. 1. ber 3lttbauer, 
ganbbauev, Sanbmtrth; 2. jjo-. gSer= 

CULTURE, s. 1. ber 58au, 3lnbau, 
Sitnbbau; bie2Cartuug; 2.^. 6ul= 
tur, Sittcnyei-beffcruug, -.JluSbtlbung, 

To CULTURF^ V. a. bauen, tuarten, 

CULVKR, s. + bte ZAXXht ; —house, 

ba^ j;aubenbauS; —key, bte 51felei) ; 

—tail, r.bas 53a(fcrt&anb, ber ©d^roaU 

CULVERIN,*. Oim. T. btc j^elbfc^Iange. 
CUMBENT. adj. Itegeub. 
To CUMBER, "?\ n.'l. befcbwereu, be= 

belnfttgen; 2. Sefcbmcrbe mac^eu, 

t)evt)tubefu ; 3. ,f ummcr mac^en. 
CUMBER, .^. i. bte 'Befcbwerbe, ?afi ; 

2. ber SScrbvufs ; bte s8fUrtruf)tgung; 

Serlegeu^eit, ?lotb; 3. bte .§tnbe= 


CUMBERSOME (ado. — ly), adj. be= 
fcbrocrlicf), lafttg, serbtef Itcb ; — ness, 
.■!. bie 'Pcfct)mcrltd)feit, ?aftigtett. 

«-VMBRANCE s. bte ?afl, Sefc^werbe, 
bas t^iubevntt*. 

CUMBROUS . (adv. — ly). adj. 1. bc^ 

fc^merltc^, binberltcl); f;tubernbj 2. 

CTIMFREY, s. vid. Comfrey. 
CUMEN, Cummin, «. ber jtitnimel. 

To CUMULATE, v. a. ^aufen, auf= 


CUMULATION, s. bte ?luf^Sufung. 
CUMULATIVE, arfj. 1. aufgepuft, ^au= 

fettwctfe; 2. btujiutoinnicnb. 
CUNEAL, adj. fciUtrttg, feilfijrmig. 

CUNEATED, ) ,. f^;,f:i^,„;„ 
CUNEIFORM, 5 '^■'•^"'f"""'3- 

GUNNER, s. bie 2)?eerf(T>netfc, ber 

CUNNING (ado. — ly), L adj. 1. !ltn= 

big, evfabren, gefdjiift ; 2. fiinfllicf) ; 
3. fein, lifiig, vcrfcfiiagen; (jinrcrli- 
fttg, betviigerifct) ; — nian, ber2Sat)r= 
fager; — woman, bie fluge Svnu, 
3i^af)rfageriii ; to cast a — look upon 
one, SScinaitbcrt bcbenflirf) (yerbacb= 
tig) anfetjen; IL s. bie Sift, (5c|lau= 
belt, sBerftijIageubcit, 33erfcbmi^t= 
beit ; — ness, s. bte 5lrglift, U3erfcbla= 
CUP. s. 1. ber g^ecber, J?dc^ • 2. S8lu= 
mcnfelcb; 3. bie Sci)ale, Xaffe; 4. 
Typ. T. bie 33iirf)fe; 5. s. t. ber 
©d)ro>.iffovf ; 6. ber Xxmxl ; — s. pi. 
has S:viuEgelag ; in one's — s, bftrurt= 
ten; parting cup. bcr 9lbfcbieb«tvuuf ; 
they are — and can, fte finb S)U§= 

briiber, »crtvaute j^veunbe; — and 
ball, iaS Silbofet (eiu Spiel) ; — and 
saucer, bie Dbev= unb Uiitertaffe; — 
bearer, bcr ajhinbfd)enf ; — board, 

ber Scbcuftifcb, C?rcben5tifcf) ; (2pei= 

fefd)rau£, ©d)ranE ; —rose, ber 


To CUP, V. a. fcbrBpfen. 
CUPEL, s. Ch. T. bie Sapelle, ber Xe^ ; 

cu^ELLATiON, s. bag 5pi-i>biercrt unb 

aieinigen beS @plbeS. 
CUPID." .s. (^lipibo, ber ?tcbc?gDtt. 
CUPIDITY, s. bie 'Scgierbe, Suft. 
CUPOLA, s. bie Jtitvi'fl, ber ^oin. 
CUPPER, s. ber <£d)rCvfcr, Saber. 
CUPPING-GLASSES, s. pi. Scbropf^ 


CUPREOUS, adj. fupfevn, fuvfrig. 
CUR, s. l.ber (fd;ledbte) .Ouitb, Saner; 

bunb; 2. i)«/^. .pmibSfott, SdjUffe. 

CURABLE, adj. l)Cilbar. 

CURABLENESS, s. bie .geilbarffit. 
CURACY, ?s. bie Untevpfarre ; 
CURATESHIP, i $favre, ^pfarrpflege. 
CURATE, s. ber Uitterpfarrer ; 33fai-nn-. 
CURATIVE, adj. jiir ©ur gcl)i)rig, l)ei= 

CURATOR, .9. ber *Jluffebev, ^Borflebcr, 

^flcger, Sormunb, (Surator. 
CURB, .9. I. bie jtiitnfctte, (am Saume 

ber ^ferbc) ; 2. _fiff. ber Baunt, bie 

©infd)ran'itng ; 3. (or — stone), ber 

<Sifft(in; 4. Curbs, s. pi. bte -Oufgc: 

To CURB, V. a. 1. bic .^iuufettc an= 

legcn, jaumen; 2. fi^. im 3aunie 

bdltcn, jii^mcn, e{iifd)raufcn. 
To CURD, ) V. I. n gerinuen ; lI. a. 
To CURDLE, $ gevinitcii mad)cn. 
CURDS. .'. ])i. bie gcroniiette a)ii(d), bcr 

S^ab, Ouavf. 

CURDY, aiij. ^eronnen, bitf. 
CURE, «. 1. bie "ilr^net ; 2. (5ur, .gci= 

lung; 3. ©celforge, ^farrc; under 

— , 111 ber (5ur ; to bo past (all) — , «n= 

beilbar fei)n. 
7'oCURE, V. a. 1. curivcn.beileu (mit 

of uou ber J?raiif belt) ; 2. etama^tcit, 

ciupofjln, einfaljeii. 
CURELES-s; a-ij. uubcilbar. 
CURER, s. ber Slrjt ; §ctlcr. 
CURFEW, (or — rkll), s. bte 9Ibenb= 

ftlo(fc, ^cierglorfe. 

CURING-HL.USR, .?. ba« .OlU?, tiJ 
welcbcm ber 3itcfer gelauKrt uuti ge 
tiocfuet wirb. 

CURIOSITY, s. 1. biel^eugirrte, 9i'i^5 
begtcvbc; 2. 3tfi''irt)tcir, ^Jlctttgfeit; 

3. Selteitbeit, 2}Jerfaiiirbigfcit ; 4. 
baS Soitberbavc, bie fclteuc Sac^*; 
a cabinet of curiosities, ciu 3iavitateil* 


cuRioso, s. (italienifd)) ber Sonber* 
ling; Jtunftmeifter, SSirtuoS. 

CURIOUS (ado. — ly), adj. 1. «ei:gte= 
rig, wtBbegievig (—after. of,..,'auf, 
nacb) ; 2. forgfaltig, genau ; 3. avtig, 
bitbfcf), jicvltci), nett; 4. fonberbar, 
merfmiirbig ; — in ... , emftg in ... , 
fleifjig bci..., bcf)avrlid) (tm (Stu= 

biven) ; slie is verj; — in her dress, fie 

. tft febr gefuc^t in tbrem Slnsnge; 

— ness, s. vid. Curiosity. 

CURL, s. 1. bie ?o(fe, .^aarlocfe ; 2. 
ba§ .5traufe, 2Bellenf5rmige ; —head- 
ed, fraustijpfig. 

Ti} CURI^ V. L a. 1. frauftlu, frifiren ; 
fritutmen, breben, roinben ; 2. weUen^ 
fijnnig bewegen ; li. n. 1. fid) lorfen, 
fid) linnben, ftr^ bre{)en, fic^ fcbians 
gtlrt ; 2. roalJen. 

CURLEW, .s. bcr ©radjyogel ; Steiii- 

CURLINESS, s. baS Socfige, ®efrau- 

CURLING-IRONS (—tongs), s. pi. iilS 


CURLING-PAPER, .9. ^papillotftl. 

CLTRLY, adj. gtlraufclt, lotfig. 

CURMUDGEON, .?. ber .^tuiifcr, jVilj. 

CURMUDGEONLY, a</;.fniiferig, fttgig. 

CURRANT, s. bie Jloriutbe; So^an* 

CURRENCY, s. 1. ber Sauf, ®rtng ; 2. 
Uinlauf, J\f. K. Sourg; bie ^3angs 

4. baS Uinlaut^nuttel, ^apicrnelb ; 
gouvantgelb, geringcre @elb; S. bit 
©clJiufigfeit (im Sprcc^en). 

CURRENT (fl//0. — ly), I. adj. i. Icitt- 

fenb, courftrenb, conrant, gangbar, 
giiltig ; 2. befanat, glaubb'aft ; for 

— payment, ftatt baarcit @clbe« ; it 
pas-ses for — , c§ ifl angtnommest, 
giiltig, glaitbbaft; — excuse, bie 
pnffeube'(§ntfc^ulbtgung ; — money, 
baS 6ouraut, (fouvaurgelb; iL «. ber 
Strom ; bie Stvijmung ; 2. ber ®ang, 
Sattf; according to Dig — of most 
writers, nai^ ber allgcmeiiiea WUi= 
nuuij^ ber Sd)riftftellcr ; — meter, 
bpv fetrommeffer ; —ness, « berUm= 
lauf, Giours ; bie (SJangbarteit. 

CURRICLE, s. bie 5weirdbcvige Qiiaift. 

CURRIER, s. ber ?cbcrbcifttcr, @er- 
bcr ; — '8 black. ?cberfd)aHir5e ; —'a 
knife, baS Si^abcifcii, StreicbniffTfr- 

aiRRISH (a(Zi7. — ly), ndf \)m'i)if^; 

fnuvrig, bcijjig, mftnird), ranb; 

—ness. s. baS lninbtfd)e 28efen ; bie 

Scttligtcit, miirrifd)e 5lft. 
To CURRY, ?i. a 1. ?cber bcrctfen, ger- 

ben ; 2. fiiicgeln (ein 5Pferb) ; 3. prii= 

gelu ; to — favour with one, fid) bei 

3iemaiib cin5ufd)meid)cln fui^eu. 
CURRY, s. in cnmpu.'). — comb, bte 

(gtficgcl ; — powder, puluertftrtc* 

©ciuiirje (au« Oftinbicn). 
To CURSE, w. I. «. 1. yerfluc^en, sers 

wiinfd)cn; 2. vevbammcn, ftrJifen, 

qucilen, 'peinigcit ; IL ". ^ucfeen, 

fitmijrcn. . ^ 

CURSE, .«. i. berglucb; 2. bie SSti* 

bammniil. ^ ^„ .. . 

cuRSEDNESS, s. bte 93erftud)t^eit, ict 


CURSER. .9. bcr ^vlucfier. SSerflurfter. 
CURSHIP. 6. bag bu"^«l<fef SBefen ; lit 

£pcid)cUc(fcvei, ?liebn(rad)ligfcii. 




cUEStTOR, s. ber Jlanjellcifc^veiber ; 


CURSIVE, aij. laufenb, flicbcnt. 
CTJRSORINESS, s. bte Slurf)tia!cit, 

Dberpc{)ltc^fcit, ©ile. 
CURSORVr (^ado. — ily), adj. fluct)ttg, 

CtlfertijJ ; a — view, ciu Ufbcvbltcf. 
CURST, adj. 1. ycvflitd)t, vcnDiiiifd}t, 

«bf(t)eiiltc|, fc^aublid) ; 2. niiu-rifc^; 

— ness, s. 1. tk a3ei'p[itcf)t[)ctt, 2lb= 
fdienltchfeit : 2. baS miivvifcfic 

CURT, adj. fltrj. 

7'» CURTAIL, I', a. 1. flSfiivjCU, flu= 

^en, befc^iictbcn, Dcrflumiueln ; 2. 

CURTAIL, adj. gcj^uljt; —dog, bCC 
.Sllltb D^ne S:^umil5; — horse, bcv 

aiRTAlN,.!- 1. boi- 33ovI)iing, bte®nr= 
bine ; 2. Mil. T. dovtiite, ber aJItttcI= 
tvall ; to stand beliind the — , col. ltn= 
yermevft lieobarl)ten ; —lecture, bte 
©arbiuenpvcbigt; ^pins, ®arbtueu= 

• fcbvauben ; —pulley, bie @ai-biucti= 
rolle; —rod, bcr iBov^angflab. 

To CURTAIN, V. a. f iitit g^ortjaitgeit) 
iimbangcu, bie 33ovt)ange jujicbcn. 

CURTAL, I. s. (yon 5)3fei-bcu) bev ©tulj= 
fc^iDdus; 11. adj. abgcf first, gcjlugt. 

CURTATE, a-ij. Ast. 7'. abgefurjt, yer= 
fiirjt ; — distance, bie uerfiirjte 2Beite 
eines ijilaneten. 

CURTATION, s. bte 33er!iirjung. 

CURTILAGE, s. baS 31ebeulahb, bcr 

(;URTSY, s. vid. ConRTKSY. 
CURULE, a;/;. —chair, (bet belt 3^16= 

meru) bcr elfenbetncrnc <2tut)t bcr 

©enatoreu, u. f. \\\ 
CURVATED, adj. gefriiniint, gebogcn. 
CURVATURE, s. bie Jlriintine. 
CURVE, I. adj. fr'umni, gcbogen ; n. .?. 

bie Jlriimme, ,$?riinimiing, fritinme 

Vrt CURVET, V. n. Sp. E. curscfttren ; 

un-ingeu; au«gclaffeu fciin. 
CURVET, s. Sp. E. bie 6'urbe'tte, bcr 

inittlcre Sprung bc§ ^$fcrbe« ; frum= 

nte (Sprung. 
CURVILINEAR ( Ccuvilineat. ) adj. 


CURVITY, s. bie Jtritmme. 
CUSHAT, s. bie JiingcU, .golj: pber 

CUSHION, s. bas JttfTen, ^Polfler. 
CUSHIONED, (k//. anf Jttffen liegcUb. 
CUSHIONET, s. bag fletiie Jtiffeu. 
CUSP, s. 1. bte Spifee; 2. .^st. T. >^ix= 
ncr be§ -DJonbeS. 
CUSPATED, > ,. „ .„ f> ■/ • 
CUSPIDATED, 5 "^'J- ^- ^- 'V't'3- 

CUSTARD, A-. bcr C5icrra|)m, ©icrfiifc ; 

— apple, bte gruc^t bc5 Slafrf/eits 

CUSTODIAL, adj. gcmabrfanili(|. 

CUSTODY, s. 1. bcr ®cmai)rfam, bie 
tfjaft, ©cfangenf-tiift ; 2. g3crn)a^= 
rung, ?(iifKc{)t, Surge ; 3. 93cbccEung, 

CUSTOM, s. 1. ber ©cbraud;, bte ®e= 
iuot)n^cit; 2. ba§ ®cmoi)n(;eit'jrcd)t ; 
3. bte Jt'nttbfcf)aft ; 4. bcr Soil; 
— acts, S^llserorbnungen ; -free, 
jollfrei ; — liojse, bii« BoIl&auS, 3oU- 
aiut, bte 9)JitUtb ; entrj; at the — 
house. Bottangvibe (bcim ©ingang 
you Sl'aaren) ;' housft-ofiicer, (officer 
nf the customs), bcr 3pIJt'can;«fc{c ; — 
house charies, 3fUl'nfc(tcil ; ■ — I'oust; 

(iuty, ber 3pH ; — i^iws, etc 3pH= p^fi" 
etcncrgcfc^e ; — of tiaJe, ber .gau= 
belubrnud), bie Ufans; —office, bie 
Sollftube; —warehouse, bcr BoH^ 

rn CUSTOM, r. I. a. SCrjoIIeU ; II. v. 

fid) angewofMu-n, vid. To ArcusTOM. 

CUSTOMABLE (adn. — i,y), adj. 1. ge= 

bar ; — able goods, joUbare SBaareu. 
CUSTOMARINESS, s. bie ©ewijbnlicb^ 

CUSTOMARY {ad,\ — ly), L aij. gc= 

braudplid), iiblicl); u. .s-. i^i 3oU[: 

CUSTOMER, 5. ber .ftunbe, Jtunbmann ; 
9tbricl)incr, itaufcr. 

To CUT, V. n. ir.^n. 1. fc^ncibCU, 

I»aueu ; abfc^ncibeu. abf)aucu, fap; 
pen; anfc^neiben, auffd)uc;beii, auf= 
fpalten- 2. Bcrftiimmcln, ca)lriren; 

3. fircidicn (5. 93, in einein ©cfcau-- 
fpiet, n. f. ID.), auslaffcn, abfitrjcn; 

4. nnJfd;:ieibcit, fdjni^cn ; 5. bnrd)- 
fd)neibcu; 6. ab^cben (im Jtarten= 

fpiclc ntit in) ; to — the beard, belt 
SBart fdjeren ; to — the cable, Sci 
Eii>. biio *.}In!ertau fappcn ; to — ca- 
pers, Saprtolcu fd)ncibcn ; to — ca- 
pons, fapauncu ; to — com, baS ®e- 
treibe banen, nia(}en; to — down, 
ntcbcr[}ai!cu ; abliaucn, fallen, um= 
wcrfcn ; to — a figure, eiite Sigur 
inad)cn, [id; ein']Infel)eu gebcn, gro§ 
t!)Un ; to — ihe ground, ba« Sclb be= 

baucn; to — lots, loofen; to — one, 
cant. 3cniaiibcS 93cfanutfii)aft aufgc= 
gcben; ciucn uber bie Sd)utter fe= 
^cn; t()rt nid;t fcbcn tuollen; to — 
one's way, ftd) burc^[)aucn ; to — off, 
abfd;neibcn, abbanen, abaflcn; fib= 
tiirjcn ; bcueljmcn ; an«fd)lic6cn, 
auSrottcii, ycrtilgen, ^inrid;tcu; to 
be — off, gcftorbcn fci;n ; to — off 

from an estate, eutcrbcn ; to — off the 

provisions, tic Scbcnimittcl al)fd)nct= 
bcu ; to — off a vowel, ciiteu SSofal 
ycrfd^lud'cn; to — out, 1. an«fd)uci= 
ben, au3()aucn; 2. jufdjneiben; 3. er= 
bcnfcn, erftnncn, bilbcn; 4. auS= 
fd)liepeu, iiberfrcffcn, auJj^cd;en, yer= 

brangcn ; he is — out for a musician, 
vuJg. cr ift 5Uiu 2JJuftfu8 gcmad)t 
(geborcn)^- to — one out of his' fortune, 

etnem fcm SScrmiigcn H5cgfd;nap= 
pen ; to — a sail, baS Segcl bcrunter- 
laffcn; to — suiaii, fletn fc^neibc", 
jcrfd)ucibcn; to —short, abfiirjen, eS 
furs iniid)en ; ocrfitrsen, befd;neiben, 
uuterbrec^cn; fnrj abwcifeu; to — 

the matter short, bamit id;'« furj ma= 
^c; to — teetii, Sii^iif befomntcti, 
Habncn ; to — a tree, ciucu 53/llUU 
fallen ober bcf)anen ; to — the vei;is, 
bie '.JIbcrn iiffncn ; to — up, 1. .ai;f= 
I)auen, anffd^neibcn, iiffnen ; 2. yor= 
legcu; 3. vcrnifl)tcn, nusrottcn. 
CUT, A-. 1. bcr Sd)nif(-, ,^ieb, bie 
Scl'uiarrc ; bcr 5Iuffrl)nitf ; <S-in= 
fdinitt, Stri(t ; 2. bcr Jlanal ; 3. 
SScg, Siirdjgang; 4. ba3 Siiid', 
aSunb, ber .(5alm, Splittc", 3!bfd)nitt ; 

5. (^2lcteu=) (Sonpon, bie 3tn«Ieifte ; 
G. baS SooS; 7. bcr .goljfdjniU ; 
Stid;, Jtiipfcrftic^ ; 8. bas >!Ibbcben 
(ber Jtartcii) ; 9. fy. bie 9lrt, JUJo; 
be; to draw cut,s, (mtt Strotj^alnien 
«, f. w.) loofen, au^loofcn ; — and 
long-tail, .<5unbc yon nllen SJJacen; 
(you 5l?erfonen) 5iUe§ burc^einanber, 

film. S'iXiti)\ nub SJSletbt; he is of the 

same — . fst.imp), cr ifl yoti bcm nam= 
lichen Sdjlage ; this is the shorter — , 
ba-S ill bcr fiirjcre 2Bcg, bie fiir= 
sere 9iid)htng; a — of liay, ein 
iBunb .§eu ; — beard, ba« Sc^cr= 
meffcr ; — {i<]\, bcr x'lngelfifc^ ; — 
gias<, baS gcfd)litfene @Ia«; — 
purse, ber 'Be'utelfcbnetbcr ; — throat, 
«. ber ?[Ri5rbcr ; S}iirgcmcffer ; adj. 
morbeijfd), graufam — water, k. 
7%ber'ed)aft; bee frummfd)nabelige 
2;and)cr, V'UL 
CITTANKOTTS, n,!}. sur -Oaut geborig. 

l)auttg ; in bcr .^aut ; — distempers 

CUTICLE, s. baiS biinne Dber^ciut^en. 

cuTicii'LAR, adj. jitr .§aut gef)6rtg, 

CUTLASS, s. ber furje nub brcitc Sa« 
bel, ^irfd)fangcr. 

CUTLER, s. ber 'DJeffcrfci^mieb. 

CUTLERY, s. 5BJcfferf(t)niicb8n.inarcn. 

CUTLETS, s. ^ammel^fd;nitte, JtalbiS- 

cu'iTER, s. 1. ber Sc^neibeube, Slu'?' 
fd;ncibciibe, u. f. w. ; 2. Sd)neibc= 
jaf)n; 3. baS Sdjneibeseug ; 4. bfr 
,)tnttcr (fletne« Jtriegsfdjiff) ; — of 
the tallies, ber Sollartouator bei bcr 

CUTTING, s. 1. baS Sc^nciben, .§aucn ; 
2. ®cfd)ntttcne ; — of the teeth: bas 
3a^nen ; — of the wood, ber .§olj= 
fd)lag ; — out, ba« Sprtfenmac^en tn 
bcu .fidfen ; — line, Typ. T. bie 2lb= 
fc^iiittUiiie; — nippers, bie 93etpjan= 
gc ; — press, 7'. bie 33efd)neibepreffe ; 
— out knife, T. ba§ 5lU'3fd)ncibemef= 
fer; — up knife, ba8 Sc^lat^ter= 
ineffer ; 3. cuttings, s. pi. bie Sd)ni= 
^cl, Spane ; Se^Itnge. 

CUTTLE, ... bev syiacfftfd)- 2;tntenftfc^ 
(and) — fi;^h); fis- ber *^dfterer, a3er= 
liiumber ; —bone, ba« U'ci^e 8ifd)= 
bcin (yom 3;intenfTifd)e). 

CYCLE, .?. 1. bcr (SpcluS, periobifc^e 
Beitranm ; 3«ittH'griff ;. 2. Mat. .'r 
Birfel, Sixni. 

CYCLOGRAPii, .^.ber 3tr!elbefd;r?ibev. 

CYCLOID, s. G. T. bic (jijflotbc, Siab^ 

CYCLOIDAL, 0!y. O. r. Cl;fIoibtTc^. 
CYCLOPAEDIA, CvcLopEDH, s. bie (5n= 

CYCLOPEAN, adj. imge^eitcr, wilb 


CYDER, s. vid. CiDKR. 

CYGNET, s. ber juuge Sdwan. 

CYLINDER, s. bcr (5«Itnbcr, bie Sal= 
Se ; — tar, .§olsfo[){cntbecr. 

CYLINDRIC, >a'//.Cpltllbrifc^, toal= 

CYLINDRICAL, > 5enfi3rmig. 

CYM.\R, s. bcr lauge flicgenbe, 3Jo(f, 
ba» lange tveite Cbcrncib, bcr Ue^ 
bermnrf ; bic Sc^arpe. 

CYMATiUM, s. T. ber Qlbfnuf, Slulauf, 
bie ^3l)lfeljle ; -Oo^lleific. 

CYMBAL, s. bie SviHbff- 

CYNANTHROPY, s. bie .guubSlCUtb. 

CYNIC, I. s. bcr 6i)nifer ; II. — , (Cy- 
nical) {adv. — ally), CV)nif(^; — 

alness, baS iitiirrifdic, fpijttifc^e, rau= 
le SBefcn, bie 3taui)igfcit. 
CYNOSURE, 1. Ast. T. bcr ftciue 
a^/ir; 2. fig. aSegweifer. 

CYON, vid. CiON. 

CYPHER, vid. Cipher. 

CYPRESS, n. bic (J^preffe ; — shingles, 

©VV^nTtnfpcine (jum Siifcin) ; — 

tree, bcr gpprcffcubaum. 
CYPRUS, s. 1. bie 3nfel giipern ; 2. 

ber (3;rauer-)SIor ; — wine, bcr 6i)= 

CYST, .s. bic Sacfgcf(^»uiilil, ber Wi- 

CYSTIC, adj. cpflifd;, tn etnem (Sitcv= 

fadfe ent(}aUen; —vein, bie ^jSfort* 

aber; — arteries, bte ®anabcrn. 
CYSTOTOMY, s. bie Deffaung etncS 


CYTisus, .9. ber ©ci^= ober 3iegr.t!lcc 
CZAR, s. ber 6sar. 
CZARINA, s. bie (Jjarinn, Ksnrtna. 
CZARisii, nrf;. bcui (^jar gcbijrtg, cjiv- 
. rifd) ; ben (^icix befreffcnb. 
czarowitt;, .■». bcr ©jaronitfcb, 

Sot)tt be8 i5s«r- 




D *. bag 2), b, bcr oicvtc 58iic^)la6e 
bcs V'l[pf)abct«. 

!IAB, 5. sing. 1. b(X .Sla^pS, (^cHllbe 

2(l;ln(] mitbeiv^aub; 2.baSjfliimp= 
*eii, bci- Jtdtmv, Stkd; 3. bie Jllic= 
fcbe (fin Scefifc^) ; — chick, fciiS 
.iliic^kiii ; bie Siaudjentc. 
To DAB, ij. a. fiiiift ftvcic^cn, tupfeit, 

r« DABBLE, f. I o. tcfirctc^cn, it- 
fc^mieven; bcncfecn, bcfpri^cn, 6e= 
fubclu ; u. «. 1 . vlatfc^cni, plantfd^cn, 
maiifdjcrt, n)iii)leit (im Sc^lainm, 
wk (Sttten, u. f. ».) ; 2. pfufcfecn, 

ftiiinperit ; he dabbles in physic, Cr 

Vfitfci^t iu bcv SDZebijtii, er tft ein ©al= 

DABBLER, sA. bet Spiautfclier, Tlant- 

f4)cr; 2. ^Pfufc^cv; OiuKffnlbcv. 
DABSTER, s. vuig. bev 3J2cijlcr, er= 

fat)rne ajjanit. 

DACE, s. bcv .^cufi-Iing, SBeijjftfc^. 
DACTYL, s. 7'. bcr2)ncti)lus. 

DACTYLIC, adj. bacfi)lifdb. 

DACTYLTST, s. bet iCtrfjter in flte^en^ 

ben 3?erfcn. 

DACTYLOLOGY, s. bie j^ingerrprac&e. 
DAD, ) s. (iu bcr jtinfcerfvrad;c) 
DADA, > %i.)fia, ^apac^cn, Sata, 
DADDY, ) 2;ate. 
DADO, s. Arch. T. "bti 23iirfcl (cine 

DiEDAL, adj. i. babalifc^, funflvcic^ ; 

2. bunt. 
D^DALIAN, adj. 1. scrwovren, IabV)= 

vtntf)ifc^ ; 2. vid. D.^ual. 
7'« DAFF, vid. To Doff. 

DAFFODIL, s. bie boppclte ?Zav5iffc. 
UVG, s. bcr Sci)u^rtcnien; — locks, 

— wool, J^hnifer^JBolle ; — tailed, 

DAGGER, s. l.-bfrJipIrt) ; 2. basaiap: 
Viet ; 3. Typ. T. baS Jtrcuj [t] ; at 

— 's drawing, fcrtig jum ©efvc^t, 

To DAGGLE, p. L a. fc^lcppen, tcfus 

bcirt, bcfcblnnipevn, bcfpri^en ; ll. n. 
bur4) ben Jlot^ gebeit. 

DAGGLETAIL, adj. 6cfubc(f, It' 

I iArr,Y, wij.&adv. tciglici^, BftcrS, I)auftg. 
■daln'tiness,,?. 1. bie iiicdev^aftigfeit ; 
:!. bie yiieblid;feit, 3icvlic{)feif. 

DAiNTRY, .9. 3)cyentcr (Stabt). 

IJAIXTY, I. adj. 1. Iccfcr, letfcv^aft, 
uifblid), foftlid); 2. ^ierlic^, toeicib= 
lid), licblid), flejicrt; u. s. bie 5*ecfc= 
vei, bcr gccfcrbiffcn. 

DAIRY, A-. bic 9JJild)cret, 'SSldhxtx, 
^d)»ci5eret, 3JJcicrct ; — , — house 
or — room, ba§ '^^Jcildibans, bie 3Jiilff)= 
fammcr, bcr 3)Jild;fclJcr ; — maid, 
bie 9}?t[d)ma0b ; — woman, bie 
3)Ji(d)frau, ,$tafcmutter ; — utensils, 

DAISY, s. bic 3J?a91icbc, ©aufcMumc; 

— cutter, ein ^fcrb, baSeiuen fd)lcc{)= 

ten '^<l)i gc^t; Daisied, adj. uollcr 

DAKER-HEX, s. bcr SSicfciiIaufcr, 

DALE, s. bas S^al. 
DALLIANCE, s. 1. bic '^anbclct; bct 

aJIut()wiHc, <&r^crj, ba§ Spiel ; 2. 


D:\LLIER, s. bcr Scinbler. 
To DALLY,?), n. tanbclu, ba^Icn, fpif= 

kn, fd)c»^en, licbfe-fcn ; vcrtanbeln. 
IMM, s. 1. bie gjjutter, 51Ife; 2. ber 

5)amm, '2)cic^. 

To DAM (upi, V. a. bammcn, aljbam= 

men, jtibammen, eiubfid)frt, »crflo= 

pfot, bammcn. 

DAMAGE, s. 1. bcr aScrlufl, ?lac^tf)ci(; 

2. S^abcnbetrai]; S^abcncvfa^: 

— feasant, L. T. bcr iBic()fci)abe auf 
frembem ®runb. 

To DAMAGE, v. I. a. bcfc^abigcu ; U. 
n. Sc^abflt leibcn; damaged goods, 

ayarirte 23aare. 
DAMAGEABLE, a J/. Iciest ju kfdiabis 

gen; — goods, kid)t vcrberbli^c 

DAJVLVSCENE,s. bic bama§ccucr?pf(viu= 

me, 3>«ftff{)P- 
DAMASK, I. .>-. 1. bcr Samafi; 2. baS 

3i0tf) ; II. a'lj. bamaftcn ; in compos. 

— blade, bic !l)ama3ccncrflinge ; — 

leather, ba§ SJicffclkbcr ; — linen, bcr 
kincue Samnft; — plum, vid. Da- 
mascene ; — rose, bic 93iDfc{)USrofe ; 

— silk, ber fcibcnc 5)amafl ; — steel, 
bcr 2'ania§ceitcrfta()l ; — tabling, bag 
bamaflcnc 2,afcl5cng; — weaverjbcr 
Samafiwcbcr; — worker, ber !?a= 

To DAMASK, ? v. a. bama^circn, 
To DAMASKEEN, S (5ifcn obcr@ta^[ 

mit Signrcn in ®olb obcv Silbcr ein= 


DAMASKJN, s. bcr ^Damaaccncrfabct. 
DAME, s. 1. tie (altc) Same (im 5yjit= 

tclfianb), Svau, ^ansfrau ; 2. fam. 

iaS 3}iammad)cit ; 3. bie 93auerfrau ; 

— 's violet, bie ■}iad)tsto[i'. 
DAMMAREL, s. bcr fe'ourmac^cr, 

ruDAMN, V. a. 1. ycrbammcu ; 2. Bcr= 

werfen, uerfc^rcien; — it, vidg. »cr= 

bammt ! 

DAMNABLE (adv.— ly), adj. VCrbamm= 

licft ; vuig. uerbammt, geba^f. ycr= 
ruc^t; — ness, s. bic^UcrbammlidjEcit. 

DAMNATION, L s. bie iBcvbammung, 
ajcrbammnip ; 5Bcrnrtf)cilu'!ig ; li. 
int.. vuig. Souncrmettcr ! 

DAMNATORY, adj. serbammcnb. 

DAMNED, adj. ocrbaiuint, SJcrfluc^t ; 
I)affcusnjcrtf), abfdieulirt). 

DAMNIFIC, adj. fdjablic^, »ctbevbli(ft. 

To DAMNIFY, v. a. fdjabcit, befc^abi= 
gen, scrbcrbcn. ■• 

DAMNiNGNEss, .?. bie 93crbammlicl)- 
fcit, (£c^ablid)tcit. 

DAMP, I. adj. bimftig, fcnc^f, bnmpftg ; 
II. s. 1. bcr S-ampf, Smnft, 9^cbel ; 
2. fig. bic 3}htt^lojigkit, gurrf;t, 
kUcangftignng ; to cast a — upon one's 
spirits, einem alkn 2)fut^ ieuetjmen, 
t^nnicbcrfd)[agcn; i feel a — upon 
my spirits, tc^ bin nicbcrgcfftjlagcii, 
enhnutf)igt ; ba§ .^crj bintct mi'r. 

To DAMP, V. n. 1. fciidjtcn, bcfcud)= 
ten ; 2. fg. nicbcrfci^Iagcn, niutblo^ 
ma^cn ; 3. bampfcn, fd)iuac^cn, vcr= 

DAMPER, s. i. T. bcr3)ampfcr ; 2. ein 
Stiiif (!©rob, n. f. m.) »or Xi]^t; 3. 
fig. vuig. bcr Oucrfirid). 

DAMPISH, adj. cin wentg fcud)t, bum= 

^^3- . , , . 

DAMPisiiNESS. .?. bte mtttflmajjtge, 

gevingc Scuctjtigfeif. 
DAMPNESS, .^. bic Wcud;tigktt, baS 

Siinftigc, iSiimpfige. 
DAMSEL,.?. bic3iiitgfer, ba§2JJab(^cn, 

23Jabct, bic Sirnc, ^ofc. 
DAMSON, «)/rf. Damascene. 

To DANCE, v. a. &■ n. tanjcii ; in 93e- 

wcgung fcfecn, fc{)auEeln. 
DANCE, s. bcr 2;anj-. 
D.ANCER, s. ber Xanjer, bie2;anjcvinit. 

DANCING, in compos. — master, bcr 

Sansmciflcr ; — room, bcr Sansto^ 
ben ; — school, bic S:an5fdmk. 
DANDELION, s. B. T. bcr Siwcnja^u. 

DANDtPRAT, s. wig. fond, fy cont. bcr 

Jtnivpg, 3wcrg, £)rci=Jtafc=.55od). 
To DANDLE, v. a. auf bent (Sd)Po6e 
fd)aukln, Inipfcii laffen, tiinbcln, 
fpickn. licbfofen 

DANDLER, s, bcr Siinbkr, Jtinber* 

freuiib, .itiiibcvnarr. 
DANDRUFF, s, ber ©c^mulj, S:e)X 

<2d)ovf auf bcm Jtopfc. 

DANDY, s. mod. bcr Stufecr, '^XtxltVL' 

gc[, SDJobcaffc. 
DANE, I. mij. biinifd) ; II. s. bcr 35ane, 

bic !i>nninn. 
DANEWORT, .s. bcr Bwfvg^olnnbcr. 

DANGER, s. bic ®cfal)r; in case ot 

— , im e^allbcr9iPtf). 
To DANGER, v. a. ill ©cfa^r "bringeH, 


DANGEROUS {ado. — ly), adj. gc* 

fiiljrlid) ; —ness, bie ®cfa^i-lid)fcit, 

To DANGLE, r;, «. 1. IjiingcU, BoUa 

meln, fd)wattkn, flatkrn; 2.3emans 

bcm nufekS anljangcn. 
DANGLER, s.i. bcrSUittcrer, grauew 

fucd)t ; 2. brts 2lngct)angk. 
DANISH, adj. banifcti. 
DANK, L adj. bumpfig, fcud;t ; ii. ». 

bcr 'Suiifl, 3)ampf. 
DANKisii, adj. ctwaS fcud;t. 

DANKISHNESS, vid. Dampishnkss. 

DANTZic, ■ .<;. bte Stabt Sanjig ; — 

— spruce, banjigcr 3)oppclbier. 
DANUBE, s, bic Sonan. 

To DAP, V. n. im SSaffcr fupfcn. 
DAPIFER, .?. bcr aSorkgcr, 5l]orfc^net» 

bcv, S;vud)fc§. 
DAPPER, adj. (Ekiit uub) fliuf, gewanbt, 

kbbaft ; iticbltct), nett. 
DAPPERLING, s, baS (Hciuc) flinfe 

55iivfd)d;fii, ber ,fi:nirp'S. 
DAPPLE, adj. flccfig, fct)c5ig, fprcuf=< 

lid), bunt ; — black, Sp. E. bcr 9iap=! 

pc mit titf|d;tt)arscn, glciuscubcn ?^k< 

(fen ; — gray, apfcfgrau ; — gray V 

— gray-horse), bcr 2ipfclfd)immcl. 

To DAPPLE, V. a. fprcuEcIn, buiit ma- 

DAR, s. ber SSeifftfc^. 

To DARE, v. I. n. biirfcn, wagejz, fi(^ 
crEii()ncn, fic6 untcrftc^cn; n. ?,•. a 
Zxo^ bictcn, ftcrau^forbcvn ; to — 
larks, Serd;cn f^citc^en uiib fangcn • 
I — say, tc{) gtaube roo^l, bin iiber!- 
jeugt, bc^aupte. 

DARE, .9. bcr 22cif)fifd). 

DARING (ndv. — ly), adj. t^1^, furcflt' 

Ip3, nncrfc^rocfcn, fccf, ycnvcgcn ; bc- 
l)crjt; — glass, bic Scrc^cnblcnbe ; — 
ness, 5. bie Jtiif)n()cit, jtetf l)cit, SBer= 

DARK {ndv. — ly), I. adj. I. buufcl, ftn^: 

ftcr, biiftcr ; triibc ; 2, uuwiffcnb • 3. 
gcl)cim ; 4. uuvciulid) ; utiburc^ftc^* 
tig ; II. .9. 1. HS 5)unkl, bie 5}HuEik 
hctt, ginficrnip; 2. /f . bie Uumif^ 
fcnl)cit; — chamber, bic (famcra ob- 
fcura ; — lantern, bic fflkiiblatcmc ; 

— sayin?, ^a§ 9Jat{;fcl ; — sighted, 

To DARKl'2^, v. I. a. 1. SCl'bllufctn, SCr^ 

fiuftcrit ; 2. fd)»arjfn, bcfdimu^cn 
3. ycnuirrcn ; to — the door.s, fig. bie 
(3dnv»clk tetrcten; ii. n. biiuEct, fin= 
ftor >ucrbcn. 

DARKISH, adj. tin ivcuig bunfcJ, 
fd)n)ars. _ , , 

DARKLLNG, adn. * IIU 5)unfcln, tUJ 

S-iuftcru. ■ 
DARKNESS, s. 1. bic '3>unkn)ett, Xln* 

burd)ftd)tigfcit, Sinftcruip; 2. fig. 


DARKSOME, adj. bunfcl, fiuftcr, tvube. 
DARLING. I. adj. fef)r gcliebt, licbft 

nUerlicbfi, Sicbling« . . . ; u. s. bct 

Sicbliug, bas (Sd)oovftnb, 53ufcnEii!b. 

To DARN, V. a. flPpfcU, aUSbcffcVU. 

DARN, s. tciS ®eftppfk; bie <StPpf- 
D.\RNEi, s. bcr ?pld), ©c^mtnbcl|)afet 

(Lolium — /,.) ; SJaben {JIgrostemmc 
githago /,.). 






DARNER, s. i^cf 5lu«l)cfferer, (£to|)fcv, 
bie ©tpipffviun. 

DARNING, in compos. — needle, s. bie 

Stovfitabel ; — yam, s. ba§ <2tovt'= 

DART, s. L bcv .'fficifififc^ ; 2. ber 

Uyurffpiei;, aBuvfpfcil, bie 23urf= 

Waffc ; — snake, bie S)jfci(nattfv. 
To DART, r. I. a. aOfdjiieUcii, fc^(eu= 

bcvn, wcifcn, fc^ic^cn ; ii. n. flieijett ; 

to — at, on, ficfe ftiivjcu auf . . ., \)iri- 


DARTER, s. bcr Spfeilfc^iifee, Scbii^e. 
jb DASH, I.. I. a. 1. U(itfd)m, fdtliinen, 

f^meipCll, ftcfieil; 2. (in pieces) jcr= 

frfilagcn, jevfcfjinei^en, jerfcl)mcttcrit ; 
13, (2Baffei-, u. f. vo.) uerfc^iittcn ; 4. 
»cnnifcl)cu, scvfalfd;en ; 5. sevcitdii, 
ju nid)tc madden ; 6. ausli)fd)cn, 
nu«ftreid)en ; 7. »crwirren, liefdtii- 
nicit ; to — a design, eiiicit ^lan scv= 
citcitt ; to — to (into) pieces, in itiicfc 
fct)Iageit, 5cvfct)mettent ; to — one's 
prMe, Scmaubes (Stolj beinitU^igen; 

to — one out of countenance, Clltcn 

au^cr S»iff»"3 briiigen, befd)amcn; 
to — out, 5crfd)nicif?cn ; obcitl)iii ma= 
c^ett; au§!i)fd)cii ; to — over, iibei'= 
ftreid)eit, scncifc^cn ; ir. n. 1. \>hU 
fcfccit,' matcn; 2. jcrfc^mcttcvt wcy= 
ben, fc^eitcvu; to — against, aiifiofscit, 
fc^citevii an . . .; to — oft", fcfeitcU ab- 
fa^veit, bal)iu volie ti ; fdjiicU foi1vci= 
ten, I)iufprcttj5cu; foi-tlaufeii, au»= 

DASH, s. 1. bcr i?Iatfd), S)3atfd); 
©c^fag, ®d)mitj, Strcid), (Stop, 3"= 
fammciiflo§ ; 2. bie ik-fpiifcutti), ba» 
yingcfpvi^te; 3. bcr Strid) (mtt bcr 
Scbcr) CK-baiifcnftrid) [— ]; 4. bcr 
3ufa^, @it|;, 3lufgup; to cut a — , 
col. cine Sigur nutc^eit. 

DASHING, (ulj. a — fellow, fam. 1. cilt 

ftiiniiifd)er DJJciifc^, vuJff. @aufc= 
roiuS ; 2. bcr 2J?obciKirr. 
DASTARD, I. s. bie aiicmiiic, bcr ^oU 
trott ; u. adj. [ado. — iv), fcigc, fc^recf= 

To DASTARD, To Dastardize, v. a. 

fcigc mad)f It, tti Surest fc^eii, fc^rc= 
(fen, (iugftigcn. 

DASTARDLINESS, 1 s. btc i^eigfieit, 

DASTARDNE53, S SSerjagtbfit. 

D.4STARDY,s. bicSQcrjagtbeit, guic^t: 

DATA, s. pi. Qlngabcn, S;6atfad)cn. 

DATARY, s. 1. bie Sataria (papfllid^c 
jJnnsellci) ; 2. bcr Sprafibeutbcvfclbcn, 
obcr aSeamtete bnrin. 

DATE, s. 1. baS'2)atnm; bie 3al)r§= 
jal)l (auf finer aJJunje, u. f. w.) ; 
Cilugabc bcr) 3cit; 2. grift, Saner ; 
3. bie 'battel ; out oi" — , auS bcr 
?}?obc, iingangbar ; of iiie same — , 
M. E. gleia)jcttig ; to bear — , biitirt 
fc\;n J — book, iai 2;agebud; ; Indian 
— , bte S:amariube; —tree, bcr Sat= 

7'o DATE, ?•. I. a. batircn; iibcrfi^vci= 
bcu: II. 71. red)ncn; dated stamp, ba^ 

DATELESS, axlj. cT;nf 3)atum. 

DATIVE, ailj. S- s. — , or — case, Grrtm. 

T. ber S)atiy, brittc (obcr C'Sc[jc=) 
Sail ; — tutelage, /.. T. bic gfrid;tli^ 
crnaimte 9.'?c>rmnnbfdMft. 

DATUM, s. bic S;batfac^c, rid. Dat.v.. 

To DAUB, V. a. 1. fubchi, fdjuiicrcn (in 
bcr 50Jaicrci, u. f. H'.)^ befnbeln ; be^^ 
fdjmicrcn; itbcvfd;miercii, bcfcfecn, 
bclcgcn ; 2. j5/t. veibccfcn, bemanfcin ; 
3. (ffiso «.) (aiif grpbe 5lrt) fd)mc!ct)chi. 

DAUB,.9.ba8 fd)lcrf)te fgvobc) ©emalbe. 

UAUBER, .?. i. bcr (jnblcr, <2c^mie= 
t«; 2. Sd)mcic|Ier. 

DAUBERY (Daubry), s. taS JtnnfiiliiiJ. 

DAUBY, adj. fc^miertg, flebrig. 

DAUGHTER,.?. 1. bie 3;od)tcr; 2. ba8 

SBeicbtfinb ; — in law, bie (Scpmicgcr^ 


DAUGHTERLY, arfj. finblid), gcbprfam. 
To DAUNT, V. a. crfd)rcdcn, cntmu- 


DAUNTLESS, adj. uncrfc^rotfcn. 
D.AUNTLESSNESS, s. bic Itncrfdjvo^ 


DAUPHIN, .?. ber Sanpbin. 
DAVID, s. 5)a>,nb (DJannSnamc). 
DAVIT, s. jv. T. bcr S|ientcrbalfen. 
DAW, s. bie Soble; — cock, bcr -Qa^n 

bcr Sobtc. 

To DAVVB, V. a. vid. To Daub. 

Tu Dawdle, v. n. bte '^nt Dcrfc^WCn^ 

ben, tanbclit. 

DAWDLE or Dawdler, s. bcr 5;iinbler, 

To liAWN, V. n. bantmcm, tagcn. 

DAWN, D.AWNiNo. .?. 1. bic jfcammci 
rnng, bcr anbrcc{)cnbe S;ag; 2. fig. 

DAY, s.'l. ber S;ag ; 2. bie 3(rifl ; 3cit ; 
3. fig. ba« S'reffe'n, bie (2^tad)t; to- 
day, this — , bcute ; to this — , bii auf 
ben tjentigcu 2;ag ; the — before yes- 
terday, »orgcftcrn ; this — se'nnight, 
l)cute oor ad)t S^agcn ; this — month, 
beutc iibcr yicr 20oc^cn ; — after — , 
niit jebcm Sage ; twice a — , jwei 
?JJal beS 3age3 ; from — to — , »ou 

2;agc 5U Sl'age ; at this time of — , in 
these days, bcnt JU S^agc ; in his daj's, 
bet (in) feilicm ^ebcn ;' days of grace, 

M. E. bie 2:a9e ber Sict)t, 3fJcfpect= 
Slage ; day of payment, bcr SScrfaU^ 
S;ag ; — of address, bcr 9lnrcbc= (3u= 
fagcs) Sag (bet ben 33ucbbrudern) ; 

— bed, ba« Saulbctt, Ganape ; — 
book, bas Sagcbucb, Sournat, OTc= 
morial ; — break, bcr Sagc^anbrud) ; 

— dream, ba3 ®efid)t Dbcr Srugbilb 
im wad)cnben 3"ft't"i'C; — fly, bie 
(Sintagfliege ; — labour, bie Sagc«ar= 
beit, baS Sageiucrf ; — labourer, bcr 
Sagelobncr; — light, ba3 Sagcglid)t, 

bcr i)Cl(e Sag ; — lily, vid. Asphodel; 

— '3 man, + bcr ScbicbSric^tcr, 
©cbicbdmann; — net, % e. bas Scr= 
d^ci'inc^ ; — peep, bag erfte Sage«= 
lic^t ; — scholar, bcr (Srtrancr (nt^t 
in bcr Sd;ule wobncnbe Sxbiilcr) ; 

— spring, bcr SagcSanbrnd) ; — star, 
ber 3)iovgenf}ern ; — time, bic SageS= 
jeit ; — wearied, Don bcr SagcSaiiicit 
crmiibct; — work, bie Sagc^arbcit, 
bag Sagemcrf ; — jv. T. ba« (Stmabl 
(bie SBcrcd^nnng beS SQcgcJ uon ci= 
nem 3JZittag jiim anbcvn). 

DAYLY, adj. S,- tidii. vid. D.uly. 
To DAZE, c. a. blcilbcn. 

T> DAZZLE, V. I. a. blcnbctt ; E. v. ge= 
blenbet wcrben ober fei)it; dazzled at, 
gcblenbct wcrbcn yon. 

DEACON, s. 1. bcr 2)iacoitn§ ; 2. 5U= 
mofeupftegcr; —ess, s. 1. bie '^ux- 
f oniffiu ; 2. SUmpfcnpflegcvinn ; — rv, 
(—ship), s. bag 2)iaconat; $flegcr= 

DEAD, I. adj. 1. tobt ; 2. fisr. tpbt, Iccr, 
bbc, tranrig, matt, fd)anid) ; \\..f. sing. 
1. bie Stillc im SGintcr nnb m bcr 
^fJadjt) ; 2. s.,pi. the — , bic Sobtcn ; 
in compos. — drunk, fcbr bctruitfen ; 

— eye, .V. T. btc ^ungfcr (cin Jtloben 
junt aiufjicf^cn) ; —hearted, ![cinmii= 
tbig, jagbaft; — heartedness, bic 
.^tlciumiitbigfctt, 3'igbitftigfeit; — 
lift, bie grofjc ^ilotb; — lights, JV. T. 
bie 9?icnbcn (Siifcn) t5or ben Jtajii= 
tenfcnftcrn (im Sturm); — nettle, 
bie taubc SfJeffel ; — pledge, ein ycr^ 
pfanbctcg liegcnbeg @ut, bag ^anfl= 
pfaub; — reckoning, «. T. bic tiffing 
('J3crccbuung) beg gcmad)tcu SScgcg'; 

— ro;)es, .v't. fcftog, ftcbcilbcg Sau= 

XDixl; — struck, »ern.nvrt, (yen (5uicH 
uno St^rccfen) ergriffen ; — watei 
bag ftebeube SBaffcr, bie ^adje ; .n: r 
bag Jtielwaffcr ; a — sleep, bcr ticfe 
Sd)laf ; — weight, bic (bviid'cntic) 
Saft; tPbteg (Sapttal, bic 3ntcreffeu 
forbcrnbc aJerbinblidjfcit ; in the — 
of the night, in bcr .SobtcuftiUe bet 
S^Jacbt, nm 3)?itttrnad)t ; he is a — 
man, fg ift ang mit ihm, eg i|1 uni 
tbn gefc^eben; to strike — . tobt fdjla^ 

gen ; you are a — man ! bll bifl eiu 
Jtinb beg Sobcg ! at a — stand. ftocf= 
ftill ; to make a — stop, pU'^licf) an= 

7'o DEADEN, ■». n. 1. fd;itiad)cn, bain= 
pfcn, cntfrdftcn; 2. cntftelicn; to 
deaden a ship's way, JV. 7'. bie Sab^t 

eineg <2d)iffeg t)emmen. 

DE^VDLY, adj.i.^- ado. tijbtlid) ; — enemy, 

bcr Sobtfeinb ; — nightslmde, bic SpIU 

firfd)e, SHcIlabouna. 
DEADNESS, s. 1. bic (fvftarrung, ©r= 

ftorbcnbeit, SRattigfeit; 2. m. e. bie 

(®efd)aftg=; Stille. 

DEAF (arfij. — ly), ad/. 1. taub (—to, 

gegen) ; betiinbt ; 2. bnmpf ; — and 

dumb, taubftumm; ■ — and dmnb 

asylum, bag Sanbftnntmfn=3uftitut. 

To DEAFEN, v. a. taub mad)cit, be= 

DEAFNESS, .>, bic Saubbcit. 

DEAL, .?. 1. bcr (bag) Sfjeii ; bie 9ln= 
jabl, 2)Jenge; 2. bag ,<tartengeben ; 
3. bag Sanncubolj, Sidjtcnbolj ; 4. 
s.pi. — s (or — boards), Sauncnbrct^ 
ter ; — box, bie <Spanfd)acbtcl ; — 
tree, bie SartUC ; a good — , IMci ; to 
make a — of stir, »icl 2arm madden ; 
to think a great — of one, Scmaubcn 

bocbfd)a§eu ; lis :ny — , id) mu§ (bic 
Mavtt) geben. 

To DEAL, V. ir. L a. i. intft{>eilen, au«= 
tbeilen, geben ; 2, to — (the cards), 
bic Jlartcu geben; to' — one a blow, 
cinem eing ycrfcfecn ; li. n. {)anbeln ; 
to — by, I'crfabren mit, n, f. m., ivobl 
ober iibcl mit ctwag umgebcu ; to — 

for . .., baubelu uni . . . ;' to — in, mit 

etamg ju t()un Ijabcn, biH'tel"; be 

deals in silk wares, cr bat!bc(t mit ffi= 
bcnen 2Eaareu ; to — with, bchaiibcln, 
begegncn, umge[)en (mit . . .) ; ftvci^ 
ten; I know not how to — with him. 
id; luciU nid)t, ivie id) eg mit ibm iV.i- 
fangcn (Wit id) it)n bcbaiibe(n) foil ; 
I shall — with lier well enough, id) 
ivill fd)on mit iljr fcrtig wcrben 
(angtommcn) ; to — honestly with 

one, mit 3cmanb fl)rlict) jn Sfikrtc 

gcbcn; lie is hard to he dealt with, C? 

ift fd)n)crmitibin angjnfpmmeu; she 

was basely dealt with, eg ivurbc i()r flrg 

DEALER, s. 1. ber .^anbctgmanii, ®c= 

uictt'gniann, ,iMmer, .Piaubler; 2. 

.(lavtengeber; plain — bcr cbrltd)c 

9JJann ; fal^c — (double — ), bcr fals 

fd)C WUn\d). 
DEALi.VG, s. 1. bag.<?anbclrt. Scrfab^ 

rcn ; bie .^anblung ; 2. bag Ocwcrbe ; 

3. ber Umgang, bie @cmciiifd)aft; i 

have no --s with him, icb babc llid)tg 
mit ibm ju tbun ; there is no — with 
him, mit ibm iil fein Scrtigwerbcn, 
nid}t aug^ufpmnicn ; honest — (pi,-nii, 
npriaht— ), bte ©f}vlid)Ecit, 3Jed)tfd)af-- 

DEAMBUL.\TiON, s. bag Spajtcrcn, 

DE.\MBIJLATORY, I. ndj. fpajicrcnb 1 

It. s. bcr Spa^ierplafe. 
DEAN, .». bcr 2)ecau, Tcd}anf. 
DEANERY,.?, bag 5)ccanat, btc (Sin- 

fiinf.. bcffclben: bic '5^cdlanti. 
DE.VNSHIP,*. bag 3^ecanat. 

DEAR 'a(/r. — i.y), I. adj. licb, Wtxt\)' 


tf)eiicr; lis. bcr (bte, t>n«) J;&eiive • 
frci- Stct'liiif]; o — ! J .tptmincl ! —' 
me! cf) je: a<i) ®ottl — bought 
thtim erfiiuff, t&eiter ; my — : ntctit 
SJtebcr, iiieiue Stebe. 

«EAR.\Ess, 5. 1. bteSicbe, ^'ArtUd)-- 
kit; 2. -Zf)timitt^ ; bei- tijeui-e ajvetg. 

DEARTH, s. 1. bie ^(Kunins, tfjcure 
Bett, .t>uii3cr«iiot^j 2. ber j!)Janae(, 

PKATH, s. bcr 2;ob ; n. r. bie ewige 
2Bcibanimnt^; to put to—, ^tnvic|= 
ten ; it is (no less thnn) — , tS fieflt bcr 

2;ob barauf ; house of—, ba« Xvaun- 
\)anS; —bed, ba« (Stevbebcft; — 's 

door. Jig. bei- 2;obe«fampf; — knell 

&as Xobtengefciuf, ik 2;obtenf]focfc • 
~-'s mail, ber ^enfer, (Scfjarfrtd^ter ; 

—■stab, ber 5:obC«ftp^; — tolten, baS 
^ObcgvprjctC^Cll ; —warrant, baS Xo= 
be«urtf)eil; bie 3:obesbotfc^aft; — 's 
wound, bie tijbtlic^e 3BlIllbe ; — watch, 

bie 2:obtciiui}r, bcr .^oljunirm. 

DE ATIIFUL, adj. toblici; ; lllijvbcrif*. 
DEATHLESS, adj. Ullflcvb(iri). 

DEATHLIKE, adj. tobtcnal)nIidi, >Die 


DEAURATE, adj. yers'.olbet. 

To DEBAR, V. a. aiigfc^licgcn j l)itu 

f -^i"*' f" l^T °""'^ ^"-'"^ ^'''"" "" pleasure, 
net) fcin iSergiiiifjeit oerfaqeii. 
To DEBARK, v. In. aiiS ?aub flctacit, 
aitSficij^cn ; n. a. vid. to disembark. 

DEBARKATfON, s. ba3 3Iu«fd;iffctt. 

To DEBASE, v. a. 1. cniiebricicii, 
scradithc^ macf)cn, fjcvabiuiirbiqcn, 
fctimnlcrn, yerringcvn ; 2. yerfalfciKHj 
to — coins, 2)Jiiitjcii »crfa[fci)cii 

DEBASEMENT, .-. 1. bie erilicbriqilllC!, 
^erabiimrbtsuitg, (Sc^malcruiM : 2. 

DEBASER, s. 1. ber einicbriacr. 
u.f.w.; 2. g3erfaffc{)cr. ■ '^ 

DEBATABLE, adj ftrcifiq. 

To DEBATE, v. a. <$• n. ftrcifClt, bcbnt(i= 

ven, bt«))iifireit (—on, iiber) ; liberie^ 

flett, xati)Ui)la<\m. 
^^I'^TV- 1- *"'« '5fi-citiqfeit; 2. ber 

©tmt, 3aiif; 3. bie T^cbatte. 
DEBATER..,. 1. bcr ©frcitcr : 3)t^lJU= 

trtuf ; 2. goittroacrftft. 
To DEBAUCH, v. r. ucrfiibrcti, »crber= 

oen, Itebevlict) ntarbcii. 
DEBAUCH, s. bic2ct)wc[(icrct: 2lu«= 

DEBAUCHKDLY, adv. fctroeftietifcb, 


^o^^'Vi*^'"'^.'?''"'^'^^' ^- i-ic^^icberlicljtcit, 

DEBAUCHEE, .^ ber Sc^iBcIaer, 2Biift= 

DEBAUCHER. s. bcr 93erfii^rer 
DEBAUCHERy, 5. 1. bie Sctinjcrqcvci- 
faa« hcberlirije^cben; 2. bie asVrmb= 
vuitg. ' ^ 

DEBAUCHME.XT, s. bie gjcrfiibntita 
DEBENTURE, .,. 1. bcr Scttcl ober bie 
mt!ti, wobiircf) man an eiiie (Sititlb 
ermnert; 2. .v. £-5. aiiirfsoUyerfjit^ 
tuitq ; debenture!) goods, aiiicf^oHqiiiter. 
DEBH.E, adj. fd)maci;, matt, fraft'los. 

7V, DEBILITATE, v. a. frf)tUdcl)Clt, etlt= 

0,^«'Ln'ATiON, ,. bie ©ci;marf)nim, 

Gfntftaftuiij]. '*' 

DEBiLiTV. .,..bie Scf;»acl)5eit,(2c^ani.- 

nit, JlrarilLi)i(]fctt. 
^S^l'T ••,-. .V. k ba^ 5)cbct, Son, bie 

feffclllb ; to the — of Mr. N. Jit Saftcil 

oe^ .fecvrii >Jt. 
To DEBIT, r. a. jw. K. bebitirctt, be= 

i^iltcit, lit biiS ©cbct ctiitraqcit. 

fcemibhcf;; giitiq. 

OEBORAii. s. Sebora (Sfaiteiniantc). 
7^ DEBOUCH. J,. „. „w,/. j/,7. 7.. bebou- 

rtJ'.veit, ^eryprbrccbcii. 



DEBT, ^. bie Scftltlb; to bp in — 
Sd)IiIbfU fiabeil; to contract debt«' 

(2a)tilbcn inarf)cii; 10 nm into — ' 

ftCi^ tit ^2d;illbCll ^crfcit; to pay the 

— of nature, bie 'BAjxiit) (belt Xribiit) 
ber D^Jatiir bejnbten; to recover a — , 
etiie @d)ulb ciiitreibcit; —hook ba« 
Sc^iilbbitc^, tictite ®cfcbaft«bud). 

DEBTEE, .'.. ber ©laubiqcr. 
DEBTLESS, a/lj. fcijulbcufrei. 
DEBTOR, s. 1. bcr Sd)iilbiier; 2. j\i. 
E. bag 5)ebci, (Soli ; you are on the 

— side, (Sie flcl)cii tin 2)el-cr. 
DEBUT, 5. ber giufaiig, erfic 5(uftritt 

(cinc53?cbner«, Scf)aufvie(er«, ) 
DECADE, s. bie !Decabe, iaS Rebcnb, 

baS 3at)rje^eub. 
DECADENCY, s. bcr ^tx\a\{. bte 9lb= 


DECAGON, ,9. bag Bebnccf. 
DECALOGUE, s. bic jebii ©ebotc. 

To DECAMP. V. V. Mil. T. aufbrcc^CU 

(mit bem Sagcr) ; /£-. cntlaufeit, ba= 

DECAMPMENT, s. Md. T. bet 9luf= 

bruft) (beS ?ager8). 

DECANAL, adj. ju einciit 2'ecnnate nc- 

To DECANT, v. a. abffavctt, abniegen, 

umfiilleit, abjie^cit. 
DECAxNTATiON, s. iaS SlbEfarcit, bcr 

Slbgiig, Umfiillei:. 
DECANTER^s. bie_gcfd)riffciic Jxfafc^c, 

(Jarafte, (Jarafniie jum Umfiillcii; 

— label, ba« (5afaffiiieitfd)tlbd)eit (bcr 

earafrinciifrageii mit Slbrefe)- — 

stand, ba« gtafc^ciigcftca, bcr 6araf= 

To DECAPITATE, v. a. ClttrMItptcn, 

DECAPITATION, ... bic (Snt^ailljfuiKt. 

To DECAY, V. I. n. 1. ocrfallen, abneb= 
men; 2. Bcrmclfcn; »cranttcvn; 3. cr= 
ftcrbcrt; 4. yerarmcu; H. a. ^ernntcr 
bniigcii, fd;iyad;cn; decayed with age 
altergf;d)nmd) ; — teeth, abaeuubtc 

DECAY, 5. bcr «erfaf(, bte9Ibna^mc- 
to go (laiij to — , ycrfaHcit, ab^' 
ncomen. • 

I^ECAYER, .. bie 93eranIafTun<] bc« 

ySerfaUS; ber a?erwiifter, U^crberber 
DECEASE, s. ber .^iiitritt, Job. 

r« DECEASE, v.n. Bcrfc^cibcn, ftcrbcn 
DECEIT, s. bcr Sctnig, ^rug, bie ?ift • 

— fui (adij. --fully), adj. triiiicrifcb' 

Itflig, bamtid), falfi^; -fuiness, ; 

bie ilctrugltct)f£tt, galfdftfycif, 5in-- 


DECEITLESS, adv. pIjHC JVaffc^ 

DECEiVEABLE. adj. 1. (ctdit JU befrii= 
gcti; 2. bctriigltd), tn'igcrifd) ; — 
ness, s. ]. bic ?cic^tigfcit 'betroacn su 
werbeit ; 2. ^ctriii3ltci)fcif. 

To DECEIVE. V. a. bctiugcn, ^tii(er= 
gcl^eii, taufd)eit, ycrlcitcit; deceived 
by ... , bcti-ogcit yoit . . . ; _ of 
gctamcbt in . , . ; you are — Sic 
trrcn ]id). 

DECEIVER, s. bcr gBctriiger, 9?crfiibrcr 

DECEMBER, .,. bcr (jKoi'mt) t)cccinber* 

DECEMI'ED.1L, adj. jcf^rt 2u^ lanq. 

DECEMvm, 3. (pi — i) ber 3>cccinoir, 

^l'?'-'™.y'RATE. s. i. bag 5^ccemln•rat, 
bte5Ii5nrbc uiib .T^eqtonmg bcr2!cccm= 
ytrcn ; 2. baS aollcgimii berfclbcu 

,ltd)fett, aBoblaiiflaiibigfctt. 
DECENNARY, 5. bag '^abvtcbcub 
DECENNIAL, adJ sebllja[)viij. 
^ECKiNT (a,ir. _LY), a/j. 1. anilaiibtg, 

ftttlico, fd)ufl(d): 2. cnift, ge|\tt; 

—ness. s. bic 9liiftaiibii]fftt. 

DECEPTIBELITY, s. bic Scic^tiglett if 

trsrjcn jn wcrben, .?3e(riiglid)fctt. 
DECEPTiBLE, adj Ictdjt JU bctriigcit. 
DECEPTION, s. bcr SBctrug; bic2,aii= 

DECEPTIOUS (Deceptive. DECEFroRv) 

ndj. betriigltcl), bctriigcrifc^. 
I'ECERPTioN, s. bie SBermtiibcruiig 

bcr Slbbntd;. 

To DECHARM, v. a. cntjaiibcm. 
DECIDABLE, adj cntfdjcibbar. 
Tb DECiDi-:, V. a. i- n. cntfdjcibcit, bc= 

uber), bcfd)lte^cn. 

DECIDEDLY, adv. CUtfdncbCU, bc= 


DEcmER, s. bcr gflicStcr, Sdiicbginann. 
DECIDUOUS, aji abfallcnb ; n r. ciiu 

]a|i-ig ; —ness, *. b^g 9lfcfaUcnbc. 

DECIMAL [adv. — ly), orf/. jum ScbntCJJ 

gebong ; Mat. t. nad) jc^n gerci^net, 
bcctma[ ; — fractions, Sccimalbrii^c. 

To DECIM.ITE, v. a. 1. jc^utcn ; 2. 

Mil. T. ben jc^ntcn 3)?ann auabcbcn 

DECIMATION, s. 1. bie 9Serjcbiifiii!g 

bcr3cbcntc ; 2. Md. T. bic 91ugbcbumt 

beg jc^iitcn 3}Jantic6. 
DECIMO-SEXTO, s. Typ. T. bag iScbCJ= 


To DECIPHER. „. a. CUtjiffcvu; cilt= 

vat()fcln; crflavcii. 
dectphj:rer, s. bcr giitjiffcrcr. 
DECISION, .,.1. bic ©iitfdjcibiiiig (ctiicg 

Streitcg, n. f. nj.j; bcr cntfdicibcubc 

9lugfprit^ ; 2. bte 6ntfdiloffcnbcit. 
DECISIVE {adv. — ly), «!/?-. cntfc^cibcilb, 

bcjltmint; to he ■— , eutfd)fibfii, ab= 
fVrect)cn; — ness, s.bag 6'ntfd)cibciiDc. 

DECISORY, vid. Decisive. 

TuDECK, v.n. 1. becfcn, bcbccfrn- 2 
fjctbcu, bcfleifcen ; 3, sicreit, fd)iiift= 
dctt, ycrfctjoncrii ; 4. mtt ciiicm iJer= 
bccfe V'Crfcfjcn; a two decked ship, D/Vy 
nntcr Decker. 

DECK, .9, hig aScvbcJ; a — of cards 

cin Svict Jlartcu. 
dicker, .?. ber Sd)inii(fcr ; in compoi< 

^c(fcr ; a two — , ciit (Sd)iff mit siuci 

9.<crbccfcn, bcr 3ivcibc(fer. 
DF^n<INO, ... bag iBcrbccfcn (ciitfg 

Sdjiffcg), Sc^miicfcii. 
r»Di:CLAI,M. v.a.^-„. 1. ctitc 3?cbc, 

9lurcbe ()altcn; 2. beclamircn; 3 

cifcrn (gcgcii), fc^vcicn, (—on, iibcr), 

l}eftig log.^icbcii, (—against, gcgcn. 
DECLAIMER (Decxai.mant). s. 1. bct 

5>eclamator, S^ebncr; 2. Sdircier. 

DECLAMATION (Declaiming;, .s bic 

3>eclainatipit, fcierltd)e 3fJcbc, 
DECLAMATORY, adj. beclamaforifdi, 

DECLARABLE, adj. erivciglid). 
DECLARATIOxV. s. 1. bte (SrtCirling, 

ofTcntltdje Scfanntmad;itng, 9ln= 

jeige; 2. j?lagcfd)rift ; 3. —of inde- 
pendence, bie tlttabf)angigfcitg=©rtla= 
rung ; 4. 9(itgabc. 

declar.\tive, ad]. erHarciib, aiiici= 
gciib, fiiiibmad)eub. 

DECLARATORY {adv. — ily), adj. \ii-^ 
fttmmt erflareub, crlautcnib. 

To DECLARE, v. I. a. crflavcn, fltllb 
tbiiii; pffcntltcft befauiit macbcn, aii= 
jcigcn, cntbcdcn; to — for sale, juiii 
(bffciif(id)cn) 'Bcrfauf angbicten ; ri. 
n. fid) crflarcn; to — oti; fid; logfageit. 

DECLAREDLY, adu. ciltgcftailbClICT 

iU^ipcn ; offcn. 
DECLARER, s. bcr ©rflarcf, 9Iujcigcr 
DECLE.N'siOiV, a. 1. bie 92ciguiiq, 'bcr 

9lbi%ang; 2. iBcvfall, bic 9lbual)inc ; 

3. Gram. i$- Jlst. T. S^CCiiliatiplt, 

DECLINABLE, adj. »ag ftc^ bccHnircti 

latjt, bcugfam. 
DECLINATION, .9. 1. bie SJJctgiina 

Sicgung ; 2. 9lbnabme, ber ^Jcrfali 





3. Oram. T. bie Sccliiiattott, Umen= 
bung; 4. Ast. T. Seclinattoii, 516= 

DECLINATOR, \ \.s. bn« Sl^JDCtC^ClU 
DECLINATORY. > bc ; Jist. T. bcr 316= 

»et(|un9*mcffcr ; n. aiij. aBweidjeub. 

To DECLINE, v. I. ?). 1. ftc^ tciigeit, 

Hd) iieigen; 2. atweifl)cn; 3. fid) 
t)ittctt, 'nu«mcirf)cn; 4. abite{)mcit, 
i>cr}et)rcn ; 5. J\i. E. na(^gebcii, fallen, 

ftlltcit (VOlt ^Pvetfcn) ; to he in a de- 
clining state of liealth, bie 2luSSCl)Vltng 

ftaben ; baf)i;i welfett ; n. a. 1. bcit= 
gen, neigen ; 2. nietbcn, »cvmcibeu, 
able^neu; 3. Oram. T. bccHntven, 

DECLINE, s. 1. bie 91etgung {xo. ii.) ; 
2. Scrimnbevung, yibndljmc, ber 3>er= 
fall ; to be on the — , auf bie ?leigc 
geben; M E. finfcii, (int ^feife) 

DECLTVITY, s. bie 5Ibfcl)iif)igfcit, bev 

DECLIVITOUS, > ad/, ab^cingtg, ab= 

DECLIVOUS, 5 fc^iiffig- 

To DECOCT, V. a 1. abficben, todjcn ; 
2. »erbauen ; 3. c/i. r. oiisjicfeen. 

DECOcn'iBLE, adj. »as ft(^ abftcbctt 


DECOCTION, s. 1. i)a$ 91bftcben; 2. 

bcr31bfub; ba8 5)ecoct, bcv gefodjte 

DECOCTTVE, adj. waS f!d) leic^t ab= 

ftebcn Ici^t. 

DEC(XrruRE, s. bag ©ecoct, ber 9l0fub, 
m DECOLLATE, v. a. cnti)an\^Un, 


DECOLLATION, s. bie (5iitl)aiH)tung. 
DECOLORATION, s. ^ie Siiv-blofigteit, 

To DECOMPOSE, v. a. anflofcn, sfr= 

fefeen, jerlegen. 
DECOMPOSITE, adj. jwet )Sla\ jiifant: 

■DECOMPOSITION, s. Hi 3""f«fe"«9' 


To DECOAIPOUND, v. a. I. jU'et 3}Jal 

jufammeitfefeen ; 2. nUl. Decompose. 
OECOMPOUND, vid. Decomposite. 
DECOMPOUNDABLE, adj. aufli5«bar, 

Ti DECORATE, it. a. jiercn, vfvjicrcn, 

DECORATION, s. bit SSerjicvuug, 2)e« 

DECORATOR, .<;. bev SBerjiever, X^ia- 


DECOROUS, {adv. — ly), adj. (tn^iiubig, 

To DECORTICATE, v. a. abfd)alcn, (ll^ 

DECORTICATION. .<!. bie 2l()fii)alung, 

ba§ 5lbfc^dlen, 5lbri!ibeit. 
DECORUM, .9. bie 2Sol)lanflaubinfeit, 

To DECOY, II. a. locfcn, fobcru, aii- 

lotfcn, in§ Sicft locfen. 
DECOY, .1. 1. bie Socfiiiig, 33evfit^iing; 

SocEf^Jeife, ber Jlobcr ; 2. ©iitcufang ; 

— bird, bev 8od»ogel; — duel?, bie 

To DECREASE, c. I. n. abnc^nten, fal= 

len, ft4> »evminbevu ; li. a. jjermin- 

DECREASE, .?. bie 5Ibna^me; ba§ Qlb^ 

ncljineu (be« 9)Jonbe§). 

To DECREE, v. n. <$• a. 1. Bcfc^IteSen, 

verovbucu ; 2, juerfennen. 
DECREE, s. 1. baS Secret, ®cfe^ ; bie 

SScrorbiiung; ber 33cfd)eib; 2. bcr 

J1}afbfc6Iu9', bie Sd)irfung; 3. baa 

DECREMFxNT, s. 1. bieSIbua^iiie; 2. 

ber 93crlujl. 
DECREPIT, adj l^iiifailig, flbgclcbt, 

fcetagt ; — wit. age, tout 9lUer ^i- 


To DECREPITATE, v. I, j. CA. T. »er= 

Vuffen laffen ; n. n. vcrvuffeii. 

DECREPITATION, .<;. CA. T. bic 93er= 

^.niffmig ; baS !jJraffcln. 
DECREinTNESS, ) s. bie 9ltgelebt[)eit, 
DECREPITUDE, J baS \p\)t 9lltcr, bic 


DECRESCENT, adj. abiietiuienb. 
DECRETAL, I. adj. cin Sccrct ent^al= 

tcnb ; n. s. baS @efe|buc^ ; decretals, 

pi. bie 3)ecrcta(en, ^1rci)engcfcfee ber 
erflen ^apftc. 

DECRETIST, s. bcr 5)ecretift, ber bie 
Secrctaleu fiubivt, ?el;rer ber 2)ccre= 

DECRETORY (adv. — ly), adj. tntf^tU 

DECRIAL, s. bcr iible 9Jiif, bie ?la(^= 


DECRIER, s. bcr Stabler, SScrfc^rcier. 
To DECRY. V. a. »crfci;reicn, yerrufen, 

in ^krruf bvingcn. 
DECUBATION, s. ba« Sflicbcrlcgcn. 

DECUMBENCE (Decumbency), s. baS 
Sicgcn, bie i^age. 

DECUMBENT, adj. licgcitb. 

DECUMBITURE, s. 1. bic 33cttlagcrig= 

feit; 2. Astroi. T bnS ,Jtranf^cit«= 


DECUPLE, adj. jcf^ufac^, jc^ufaltig. 
DECURioN, s. bcr 2)ccurio, >?lufii§rer 

einer Sccuric. 
DECURSION, .9. ber QlOIauf. 
DECURTATiON, s. bag SiBfiirjcn, 

Otitfecn. , 

To DECUSSATE, r. a. ftd) frCllJWCifc 

burd)fc5neiben, fid) freujcii. 
DECUSSATION, s. bic frcusmcifc 3)iirc^= 
fdjneibung ; ber 2)urd;fd;ncibung8; 

DEDALIAN, vid. Djedalian. 

DEDENTmoN, s. \>i% ilusfallcn, 33er= 
licreti bcr 3'it>ne. 

To DEDICATE, ?!.«. 1. ujibmcn, njctficn ; 
2. bcbicircn, jufcftrcibcii, jucignen. 

DEDICATE, adj. gcaubnict, gemcibt. 

DEDICATION, s. i. btciS5ibmintg ; Wid- 
^ung; 2.2)ebication, Biieignii'itg, 3"= 
fd)rift,3"fi9ni'»3Sfd)vift; — day, bnS 
(Sd;utl)ci[igenfcft cincr Jlirrbc. 

DEDICATOR, s. bcr aSibntcnbe, Scbt^ 

DEDICATORY, ailj. Jlicigucnb; — let- 
ter, bie 3ueignniigsfd)rtff. 

DEDITION, s. bie Ucbergate, UeBer^ 

To DEDUCE, V. a. I)crleitcn, folgcrn, 
fcfclicgctt ; ablciten, folgeii laffcii. 

DEDUCEMENT, s. bfc S'd)lu^foIge. 

DEDUCIBLE, adj. Ijcrjittcitcn, }u'tc^nc= 

To DEDUCT, V. a. abjicfieu, abiic^mcit, 
afcrcdjncit ( — from, uon). 

DEDUCTION, s. 1. bcr Slbjug, bie 91b= 
rc^uitng ; 2. Sd^liigfolge ; 9lii§fiib= 
rung, au6fii^rlid)c ^BorftcUnng. 

DEDUCriVE, adj. ^crsulcitcn, ' Jit fo[= 
gent ; — ly, adv. folgerungSttieife. 

DEED, s. i. bie 5;{)at, ^anblung ; 2. 
Urfunbe, Scfcrift, bas 5)ocumcnt, 

ber (Soutract; taken in the very — , 
auf ber Zhat ergriffen; — poll, bcr 
eiufad)c Kimtract. 

To DEED. V. a. Jim. boCUlUCntarifc^ 


DEEDLESS, adj. untftatig, tbatcnloS. 
To DEEM, V. a. bafiir \)Mm, nieiucn, 


DEEP (arfii.— IA-), r. adj. 1. ficf ; 2. fi/r. 

bnnfcl, ncrborgcn, fd)uier; 3. f^arf= 
ftd)tig, ticffiunig; 4. fcievlid;, grog ; 
5. fc^laii, I'crflecft; (—in ..., flarf 
in ...); II..?. 1. bie !£iefe- 2. * baS 
2JJcer; 3. bie feicrlic^e (SttHe; in the 
— of night, ntittcn in (in ber 2:obten= 
flille) bcr Sf^adjt; in the — of winter, 
mitten im SBinter ; in compos. — draw- ' 

ing, A'. T. tief tm aSaffet gcfienb ; — 

drinking, gaming, &c., ba3 ftarh 

(iibermaf ige) 2;rinfcn, ©vifle"- «• f 
». ; — mouthed, von flavfcr (Stim^ 
ine ; — musing, nac&tienfcnb ; tiefftna 
nig; a — scholar, ctngriinbli^er ©ea 
letirter ; — read, fef)r bclefcn ; — sea 
line, Jv. T. btc grojje ?ot!)lctne; — 
toned, ticftijnig ; — ly in debt, tief in 
<Sd)ulben ftetfcnb. 

To DEEPEN, V. ^. a. 1. ticf mac^cn/sers 
ticfen; 2. bunfcl mad)en; n. m. tief 
njerben, fid) (nad) ntib nad)) fenfcn ; 
deepening tools, T. 33crticfung§n)cr£s 

DEEPNESS, s. \. bte 2,icfe; 2. Sdiarfa 
ftnnigfeit; 3. ^interlifi. 

DEER. s. bas 3Jpt()wilb ; bcr .§irfd) ; 
ba§ atcf) ; fallow — , bcr 5)am()ivfc| ; 
red—, ber .^irfcf), bie .^inbinn; — 
field, ber -^'arf, il)iergarteu ; — havs, 
Sp. E. groSt ?^e^e (jum aBiibfang) ; 
— skins. S^Je^l^ante. 

To DEFACE, v.a.i. eutficHen, Berun= 
jirtlten, fdjanben, Bcrbcrben ; 2. au«s 
iofc^en, jcrnic^ten, »ertilgen. 

DEFACEMENT, s. 1. bic (fnt^cHuug. 
gc^iinbung ; 2. 9luSUifd)ung, ^ix= 

DEFACEii, s. bcr 3Scrbcrbcr, SScrtilgcr. 

To DEFALCATE, v. a. ocrmiubcm, ab= 
brcdjen, abrcd^nen, absief)en, fiirjen. 

DEFALCATION, .«. 1. bic SScrininbes 
rung ; 2. ber 9lbbrnc^, 9lbsng. 

DEFAMATION, s. bie ^Bcrlaumbung, 

DEFAiiATORY, adj. urlauniberifd), 
fdmtiiljenb; — libei, bic 'fcd)ma^s 

To DEFAME, r. n. Berfd^rctcn, aers 
leumben, »crunglimvfcn, Kifiern. 

DEFAMER. .-. ber SScrlcmnbcr, gf;;en« 
fc^anber, Sajicrcr. 

DEFAULT, s. 1. ber 3JJangeI, bie ^r* 
niangelnng ; 2. aSernac^laffignng, bet 
>V-eblcr, '!><[?, a3erfcl)cn; 3. l.t. bic 
U^erabfiinmnng, ba3 Si^tc^terfc^einctt 
ypr @crid)t ; in — whereof, in C§r= 
inangclnng beffcn, unbrigen ^aU«; 

the dogs are at a — , bic ^unbC ^abCH 

bic (Spur ucrloren. 
To DEFAULT, v. n. crmangchi, jn er= 

fijden unterlaffen. 
DEFAULTER, s. bcr 2Bortbritct)ige, 

DEFEASANCE, s. L. T. bie 9lnff)cb«ng 

eincS 25crtrag«, «. f. ». ; 91nniilJation= 

DEFEASIBLE, aiij. n.m« nngiilti<j ge^ 

mac^t wcrbcn !ann. 
DEFEAT, s. 1. bie 3tiebcr(agc; 2. a3cr= 

nid)tung; 3. SSereifclnng.' 
r.; DFJ'E.vr. •». a. 1. iibchuiuben (ein 

i^ccr), fc^Iagen ; 2. »ernid)teii, auf= 

IiVbcn, fiir nngiiltig crfldrcu; 3. ser^ 

eiteln, jn Sdjaiibcn mac^cn. 

To DEFECATE, v. a. Ch. T. Idlltcrn, ab' 

jiebcn, abftdrcn, rcinigen. 

DEI''ECATI0N, s. btc ?i1utcrnng. 

DEFECT, s. ber aJJangcI, 9lbgang ; 2. 
Seller, Svrtfjum, ba's a3ergef)en; 3. 
bag ©ebrcc^cn. 

DEFECTION, ». 1. bcr 3)?angcl; 2. bit 
2lbtriinnigfcit bcr Slbfall. 

defecpiv'e {ndv. — ly), nvj. 1. man> 
gclbaft, unpoUfidnbig, fi'l)lcrl;aft; 2, 
tabelnSiBcrtb ; to be — (in), e3 ytrfc^ ' 
ten, fel)Ien ; — ness s. bie 5y?angcl= 

DEFENCE, s. 1. bie 4?crtl)cibignng ; bet 
Sdinfe, bic Sicftcr^cit; 2. ))///.>. bit 
93cfcftignng«funfi ; 3. l. t. bic ®v- 
genrcbc, Sicc^tfcrtignng ; line of — , 
bie ®rcn5=2Bad)e, ber (epcrr=)(yor* 

blW ; 4. defences, s. pi. MU. T. bie 33e< 

fcfligunggnjerfe ; //. T SSaffen bet 





DEFENCELESS, aJj. <?- adv. 1. Ol^ltC 

Sc^iilj, »ff)vlp§ ; 2. ofjnmcic^ttg ; — 
iiess, s. bie ^iilfloftj^Iett. 

Ti> DEFEND, v. a. VCrt^cibigCll ; U' 

fc^ii^cn (— against, gcgcn)'; ftd;eni, 
bcwaljren (— from, sor). 

DEFEND.VBLE, a<ij. WrtS ft* »:rt^cibt= 

gen la^t. 

DEFENDANT, I. adj. Sert^cibigcilb ; U. 

s. ber 93ertf)cibigcr ; Sctlagfe. 
DEFENDER, s. bev a3crtl)etbii}cv ; a3c= 

fd)ii^cr; 23crfcc^ter. 
DEFENSATIVE. s. 1. bic iBfVtf)etbt= 

guun, bev (Scftufe ; 2. .9. t. SSerbanb, 
ba« ^Pffafier, u. f. w. fctncaBuiibe ju 
fcjiitcn) ; 3. Med. T. ©cgeimiff. 
DEFENSIBLE, adj. ju vert^eibtgctt ; 

DEFENSIVE, I. adj. scrfktbtgctib, fcI)iU 
^cnb; — arms, bie Sf^u^mafcit; IL 
s.baS 3Sei-tf)cibtgcu : 33crt^eibtgun(5«= 
mtttel ; MU. T. bic 5)efenft»c ; to stand 
upon the — , ftcft Bertf)cibigiittg§»cifc 
sevbaltcit; — ly, mic. t»ert^eibigung8i 

7'fl DEFER, V. n. 1. auffc^tetcn, yer= 
fdjiebcit, i'cr5i}gcrn; 2. iiberkffcn, 
an^eimftclktt ; ir. n. iKtcIjgeben. 

DEFERENCF. ... 1. bie 9I(*tnng, Cf^r= 
crbtetung ; 2. ®cfaHtg!cit, .^cr«blaf= 
funq; 9la*fliebtii!fit; 3. 9liif)eim= 
ftclluiig, Unferwerfiing : in — to the 
ladies, aiiS iJId^fititg (®ffariig!eiO fftr 
bieSamcii; to pay — , fcinc (Sf)ver= 
fcicfitng bejeigcn, cfireit. 

DEFERENT, ..." sh,g. i. bcr %\\^xtX; 2. 
J?aiia!, bic ^Jiibrc; 3. deferents, pi. K 
T. Saftrbbrcfjcn, ablcifcitbe ©efape 
(im ]ncnfd)ltd)cn Jtijn'cr). 

DEFERMENT, s. bCf ^luffcbtlb. 

DEFERRER, s. ber ttmai ucrfcfttebt, 

DEFIANCE, ... 1. bic 9lu«forbening ; 2. 
ber 2;ro^, ,go^n. 

defiatory';«(/;. r)craitSforbernb, tro= 
feig, 5;ro^ bickiib. 

DEFIOIENCE (-rv). s. 1. bcv ^JJangeT, 
bie Un^iiKittglicbfcit; ltitsoI(flanbig= 
!eif, Utioonfcnimcnbeit; 2. ba« (5cf)= 
Tenbe, 35cficit, llnterrtcn.n'rf)t ; to make 
up for a — , bit3 f^cblciibc ergaiti(fii ; 
deficiency of the store, M. E.lai ?«= 

DEFICIENT (ndr. _t,y\ ndj. mangel^ 

Brtft, ttnsiilaiinlid) ; intypfiflaiibig ; I 

shall not be — , id) wcrbc itid)t crmait:; 

geln; to be — in. 2}Jangct f)abcn 

nrt ..., jiiriid feint iit . ... ' 
DEFiER, ... bet: Xro&bictcnbe, 35era(^= 

ter, 9liiSforbercr, .6er<ni^forbcver. 
To DEFILE, V. \. „. j. bcflcifen, tefit= 

belli, etitweiben ; Bcrberbcn ; 2. fdiaii-- 

bcn, entebveii : u. v. Mil. t. beffltren, 

in fd)mnlen ©liebern ober 2J?ann fitr 

?0?ann nicirfdjiren. 
DEFILE, ... ber engc aSeg, .^obltteg. 
DEFILEMENT, ... 1. btc sBcffecfiing, 

93efnbelun(;; 2. @nftt)ei^ung, ente$= 

DEFiLER, s. 1. ber ^Scfubfer ; 2. (S^Sn* 

ber, (SntU'ciber. 
DEFINABLE. „dj. bcflimmbar, er!rar= 

bar; 5it beftnircn ; jn beflintmcn. 
To DEFINE. V. n. 1. beftittren, erflciren, 

gcunu befdirciben: 2. (bie ©ren^en 

eines 3^ingc«) bcjeic^nen; 3. beflim= 

DEFINER... bet CDcfinircnbc, 5Bcfd)rei= 

ber, QhiSlcgcr. 

DEFINITE (ndv.—i.y). I, adj. bcflimmf, 

begrenist, au«brilrffid), genau; il. ... 

bag 'Seftnitum, bie befjuirfe <S.aA)i. 

brtS (Srflartc ; — trentv, bev 3^cftnitto= 

stvtrag, Sdilnfjsertrag. 
DEFiNiTEXEss. ... bic g^cflintuitbctf, 

®en.nBfteit, qScgrewjthcif. 
DEFINITION, .. bic ^efinitirii, ^Pe^ 

fliinniung, ©rflavung, 93egrip=a3c= 

DEFINITIVE i^adv. — ly), adj. bcflimmt, 

entfd;eibenb, aiiSbiuifltct, bcfinitiy; 

— sentence, bitS (Snblirtbftl ; — ness, 

... bie 33eftiiiimt(;eit, baS @ntfd;ei= 

DEFLAGR.\BILITY, s. bic 23erbrenn= 

ltd)fctt, SJcrbreuubarEctt. 
DEFLAGRABLE, adj. sevbrcnntirf), scr= 


To DEFLAGRATE, v. a. Ch. T. »crbren= 

neit, liiutcrn. 

DEFLAGRATION, s. Ch. T. btC 93er= 

bvennung, 9lu*brenining. 

To DEFLECT, v. L n. ttC^ fcittDartS 

H)enben, abnjcidjcn; lI. a. fcitwarts 
ttenben, btegcn. 

DEFLECl'ION, \ . • qT(,«,»;,4,u»., 

DEFLEXURE, r- ^"= 3lbweic^ung, 
DEFLORATION, s. 1. bic 33eraubung 

ber 3nngfcvfd)aft, Sc^jaub-j:-'^ ; 2. 

31u«roaf)C ber Jlevn. 
To DEFLOUR, v. a. 1. (ciuc Sungfrau) 

fc^n5ad)cn, fd)anben, entjungfein ; 2. 

»crunjiercn ; 3. ber §8 lumen bcraubcn. 
DEFLOURER, 5. bcr @|venfd;auber. 
DEFLUX. s. ber 9lbflu§. 

DEFLUXION, s. 1. ber 3lbffug; glu^; 

2. Sc^nupfen. 
To DEFORCE, v. a. L. T. gcttmltfain 

f)EFORCE.\IENT, s. L. T. bte get»atti> 

ntc 3^oreutbaUii1ig. 
DEFORCUNT, s. /.. T. bcr cttvaS gc= 

waltfam »oreut[}aU. 
To DEFORM, v.a. 1. SCrUUflaltcu, t\\\' 

ftcllcn; 2. entebren, yeruncbrcn. 
DEFORM, adj. ungcflalt, ungcfialtet, 

DEFORMATION, $. bic Scruufialtung, 


DEFOR.MED {adv. — i.y), adj. tXlt^tUt, 

uugefialt, mipgefialtef, ^(iglid^; — 

ness, s. bie Ungcjlalt^eit, .^iijilKtfeit. 
DEFORMER, s. bcv Scrunftaltcr. 
DEFORMITY, s. bic UngeftaUbeif, lln= 

ge|1a[t,i§at5lic^feit, ®ebrcrbltd)feit. 
To DEFRAUD, v. a. bctriigen, urn et= 

iua§ bviugcn, beuorfbcileu. 
DEFRAUDEU, ... bcr 5?etriigcr. 
DEFRAUDMENT, s. ber 53etrug ; ba8 

To DEFRAY, v. a. (btc .Sofien bcflrct= 

ten), bejubien ; to — one's expenses, 

cincrt fret baltcu. 

DEFRAYER, ... bcv 91nbcre fret bait. 
DEFR.A.YMENT, ... bas gveiljaltcit, bie 

33eftreitung bcr .toficn. 
DEFITA'', au^o. fliuf, gcfd^icft, ge= 


DEFUNCT, adj. oer^orben. 
r« DEFY, 71.0. 1. bcrau^forbern ; auffpr= 

bcrn; 2.2;rofe bietcu; .§of)n fprcd)en. 
DEFYER, ... vid. Defier. 

DEGENERACY, ...bti 9Iu«artung, (5nt- 
arlung; iH'rbevbt£)eit; Hi 33cvbcvbeu. 

To DEGENERATE, v. v. auS ber 9lrt 
fd)lagen, auSarten (— into, in), ent= 

DEGENERATE (adv. — ly), adj. a\lSat= 

artef, eutartet, »erberbt, nicbng, 
fd)anblid) ; —ness, s. bic 9Iu«artuugi 
bag 9^evbcrbni§. 

dp:gene«ation, s. bie 9hi«artuug, 

DEGENEROUS (adv. — ly), adj. 1. eut= 

artct ; 2. niebrig, unwiirbig, uncbcl. 

To DEGLUTINATE, v. a. (bag @clctm= 

tc) abvcitjcn. 

DEGLUTITION, s. ba§ Sc^tudcn, a3er= 

DEGRADATION, s. 1. bic 9lbfe^ung, 
©ntfc^nng sou eincr 3Burbe ebcr 
C?bve; (Siihuiivbiguug; ^ntebvung; 
(Jruiebvtgung; .Pieruttterfc^ung, .^cv^ 
abnjiirbtguug ; 2. (Sutarhnig'; 3. t. 

bie 9lb)1ufung (allmaljltgc S^wcU 
c^ung) ber Sarben unb be« iid)ts. 
To DEtniRADE, v. a. 1. fetucr SEitvbcH 
unb ebven cntfe&cn, lerabroiivbigen, 
ernicbrigen, entc^ren; 2. scrrtngcrn. 

DEGRADEMENT, s. bteSlbfc^ung, (Snt= 

DEGREE, s. 1. bie (Sfufc, bcr ®rab, 
©c^ritt; 2. <5tanb, 3fiang; 3. t. bie 
Sntcroaltc; a— of latitude or lonf;i- 

tiide, cin @rob ber 33reitc cbcr bcr 
Scingc; to a — , gennffcrmaticu ; in 
the highest — , im bijd)ftcn ©rabc; bj 
— s, ftufcnweifc, aHmabltg. 

DEGUSTATION, s. bag JloftCtt. 

To DEHORT, v. a. wibcrvat^cn, abra= 

tben, abmabncrt. 
DEHORTATION, s. haS 3Sibcrrat[;en, 

Slbratben, bie 9lbma^uung. 
DEHORTATORY, adj. unbervat:^enb 


DEHORTER, s. ber 9lbra(f;cube. 
DEiciDE, s. 1. ber ©ottesmorb; 2, 

DEiFic, adj. ijcrgoftcmb. 
DEIFICATION, s. bic SJcrgiUtcruug. 
DEIFIER, s. bcr SScrgiJttei-cr, @i)§cu= 

DEIFORM, adj. eiuc giUtHd)e ©cflall 

l)abtni>, @ott at)nlid), giUtli*. 
7o DEIFY, V. a. 1. ycrgottcrrt ; 2. ubcr= 

mii^ig loben, er£)ebcn. 
To DEIGN, V. 1. 11. Juiirbtgen, gerubcn, 

belieben ; ii. a. ucrftatten, gewa^ren, 

criauben, bewiUigen. 
DEIPAROUS, adj. e'iuen ®Ptt gebarenb, 

gpttgebiireub loon ber Sungfrau Wm-- 

DEISM, s. ber ©PtfeSglaube (obne 

©lauben an Dffcnbaruiig),2)ciSmuo. 
DEIST, ... ber Scifi. 

DEISTICAL, adj. bciftifd). 

DEITY, ... bie ©otibett, ber ®pft. 
To DEJECT', V. „. !'ieberfd)lagen, trau^ 
rig Dbcr mut^Icg mad)en. 

DEJECl' [adv. — ly), adj. vid. Dejected 

<S- — LY. 
DEJECTED {adv. — ly), adj. lltebevgc= 

fc^lagen, tranrig, mutblpg, bctriibt; 
— ness, ... bic SfJicbcrgefd^lagcubctr. 
DEJECl'ION, s. 1. bie 9licbci-gcfd)ia= 
ncnljcif, 5::raurigfeit; 2. Med. T. ber 
gtublgang, bie (STcvemente. 

DEJECl'ORY, mlj. Med. T. btll ©fubU 

gang befijrberub, abfiibveub. 
DFJECTURE, s. bie ercremcnte, bcr 


delac'rymation, s. bag Xbranaugc. 
To delapse, v. 71. berabfalien («jpu bcv 

SDJutter, u. f. w.). 

DELAPSION, ... Med. T. bcr gall, SSpV^ 

fall ber iDiutter. 

To DELATE, v. a. aiigcbcrt, sevflagcu, 
DELATION, s. bic Stuflagc, 9Iujeigc. 
DELATOR, s. bcr 9lngcbcr, Slntla'gcv. 
To DELAY, r. I. a. auffd^icbctt, ycvfd>tc= 

ben, anflebcu laffen ; anff;atten, bin= 

batten; n. ». jpgevn, jaubcrtt'. 
DELAY, s. bcr 5?ev5ug, bie iBcrjoge^ 

rung, ber 9lufrd)ub, bie griftuerlau= 

gernng; ber 9lufentbalt; without — , 

iiuyenvcilt, unyev^iiglid). 
DELAYER, s. 1. bcf 3«nberev, 3ogc= 

rer; 2. ber 33erfd)icbcr. 
DELAYMENT, s. bcr 9(uffc|)ub, ba» 

DELEBLE, adj. yevICfdjbav. 

DELF/.TABLE {adv. — ly), adj. Crgo^J 

lic^, erfrcnlid), angencfjm ; —ness, ... 
bie 9Innebmlid)Ecit', (Srgp^ticbfett. 
DELECTATION, s. bie (Srgij^uitg, bai 
93cvgniigcn, bie ?ufi. 

DELEGACY, s. vid. DELEG.'kTiON. • 

To DELEGATE, v. a. 1. abfcubcrt (mtt 

cinent 9(uftrage), abprbucu, beypll^ 
macf)tigen ; 2. iibevtritgen, beauftra. 





DELEGATE, I. mlj. ahc^eothiit, itwU- 
madjtigt; u. s. ber Slljgcorbiiftc, 2)e= 

'yjat; court of delegates, Hi ^tpuUX' 

ipii, (lommifftcii. 

IjF.i.egation, s. 1. bic Slbfcnbutt)^ ; 
"^Ibinbuinij^, ^-BcyoUmaditiijuiig ; 5lii= 
UH-ifinij] ; 2. />. 7'. 1)clc(3atiDii/Ufbei'= 
ivctfiing; 3. bie Slbgcorbnetcn. 

DELETERIOUS, adj. f^ablid), vcvbevb: 
lid), tobtlid), fliftiiv 

DELETION, s. bie i)lll'5Uif(tuni]. 

DEi-ETORY, a>ij. bag 3Ui«Iofd)ciibe. 

DELF or DELF-WARE, s. bag 5)elffer= 

Scitj], (Stciitgut, Jpalbporsdlait, bie 

To DELIBERATE, r. a. &■ n. 1. Xatf)' 

Utlrtijeit, bevatben (— on.iiber), iibfi'= 
lC(5Cii, crmagcii ; 2. jbgevit. 

DELIBERATE {ado. — ly), adj. bcbac{)t= 

faiii, befoniifit, bebiidjtig, aovftd)tig; 
iimftc^tig; faltbHiHg; — ness, s. bie 
58i>baci}tfamfeit, in-bacl)tigEcit, 58e= 
foitneitbeit, aSoi'ftd)tigfeit, Uin)id)ttg= 
ffit, JlaltbliitigfeiL 
DELIBERATION, s. bie 53crat^fd)Ia= 
guitg, Ucbcvlcgung, (5oitfcrcii5. 

DELIBERATIvk {adr. — ly), adj. be= 

vatbfd)lagciib, iibevlcgeiib, iiberlegt, 

DELIBERATIVE, s. bie (luiiubrtdie) 

DELICACY, s. 1. ber SBo^Igefc^mai; 

2. bie Sccfcr^aftigfeit; ?ccfcret; 3. 
getnbeit, 3<'i"f')cit! 4. SlieblidjEeit; 
Ricrli^feit; 5. fir. 3)clica:effc, baS 
3avtgefiif)l; bie ©miJfiublic^Eeit j 6. 

DELICATE (adij. — ly), adj. i. fofilic^, 

Itcbiid; («oit ®efd)ntacf J ; 2. Icrfer ; 

3. feu!, jart, jiirtiir^; nicb(id) ; 4. 
fciii fii!)(eiib ; cfcl, cmpfiiiblid) ; 5. 
fi^clig, mifjlid) ; — noss, s. bie 3"i"t= 
bcit, ^artlir^Ecit; 9Ucblid)fcitj 

DELICIOUS {ndn. — ly), adj. fi,>|l!i(^, 

ticblid), bfi'vlid;, angeuebiti; — ness, 
s. bie 8icblid)Ecit, ?uft, SIBoniic. 

DELIGATION, s. s. T. bag 3«biubcn ; 

DELIGHT, s. bag aSevgiiiigeit, 2Boblbe= 
bageit, bie l)ot)e Wreiibe, iu\t, SBouiie, 
Srgi5]&ung ; bag (S'lttjitdFeii ; to take — 
in, tciii aBoblgcfallcn baben an ... . 

To DELIGHT, v. I. a. yerguiijUMt, eifrciu 
fii, crgb^eit; li. n. feiii ^ijergniigcn 
(in, an etwagl pvllbcil ; to — in hunt- 
ing, feiite i!ii(t an ber 3agb fiabeit ; to 
— in mLscliief, fd^abcilfrob fc*.)!!. 

RELIGHTED, adj. uergtiiigt, freubcii: 
ooU ; to be — at, etitjiirft feiin iibec. . ; 
feiu aSergniigeii an etroag ftnbcii. 

DELIGHTER, s. bcr Srcube woraii fiit= 
bet, ftc^ an ctivag ergij^t. 

DELIGHTFUL {adv. — ly), adj. CrgB|= 

licfe, aiigcne[)m ; — ness.s. bi'e@rg5^= 
licbfett, 'ilitue^mlidifeit. 

DELIGHTLESS, adj. fvcubclllog. 
DELIGHTSOME («dB.— ly), adj.— ness, 
vid. Delightful, &c. 

DELiNEAMENT, s. bag ©cmalbc, bie 

To DELINEATE, v. a. i. ^Ctl^nen, Cllt= 

wcrfcn, abrcticn ; 2. fcbilbeni, maleit. 
DELINEATION, s. 1. ber Sii^, (Snt= 

ivnirf, bie 3ft4)tiuug ; 2. Scbtlberiiitg. 
i)Rl,iNEATORY,n'//.')ieid)tieub, ffiS5cn= 

baft, im Sntwiirfc befinblirf). 
•ji^LiNauENCY. .». bag SSerbrectcn, bie 

Uebeltbat, SJJiffetbat. 
'jELTNaUENT, s. ber QScrbrec^er, Ue= 

beltbciter, SJiffctbater. 

7V< DELIQIJATE (Deliukiate), v.n.&-a. 

fif^ auflbfen, fliifftg iverben, fc^mel= 
jeit, ^ergcben. 
DELiaUATION (Dehqhiation). s. bag 

i£rf»neljen, 3erget)en. bie 5HujJ6fung. 

Tu DELiaUESCE, r. v. biurf; 3IuePrI= 
lung an bie iuft fd)nici5cn. 

DELiauESCENCE, s. bag ©tfimelsen 
biivcb 9lneftellung an bie ^'uft. 

DELiauESCENT, adj. buvd) SlusficUung 
an bie ?nft fc^jnicljenb. 

DELiauiUM, ,9. 1. ch. T. bag 3erflic= 
fjcn; 2. bie Dbitmac^t, SSctaubung. 

DELIRIOUS, adj. \. vbnntaftreub ; 2. 
ivabnftnuig, abcnin^ig. 

DELiRiousNESs, s. ber 5Ibern.nfe, 

DELIRIUM, s. bie ®eiftcgabft)effnf}eit, 
bcr Sjyabnftnn. 

DELITESCENCE, s. bic 3iiritcfgcsDgcn= 
beit; 33crbcrgenl)cit (W. ii.). 

To DELIVER, v. a. i. iibergcben, ubcr= 
veid)cu, iiberlaffeu ; Hefcrn, uberlte= 
fn'n, cinbiinbigen, jiiftclicn; einrei= 
d;en, eingebcn ; abgebeu ; 2. augri^= 
ti-n (a message, eiuc Sgotfc^aft); 3. 
aiiitern, angcben, uortragen, ablcfen, 
bevfageu, l>ilten (a discourse, cine 9lc= 
be) ; 4. frci laffcn, bcfrcien, crlijfcn, 
cvvettcn (— from, son) ; 5. to — (a 
woman in labour), cntbiubcn, acC0U= 
ffiircn ; to be delivered (of a child), 

cntbunbeu n.ievbc!i, nicbcrfommen ; 
(cilice J^inbeg) gencfcn ; to he deliver- 
ed, M. E. julicfern (coittrabirte2Baa= 

ren) ; to be deIiA*red in eight days, ill 

od)t S^agen ?icfcr=3cit; to — intrnst„ 
anycrtrauen ; to — oiie's thoughts, fci= 

ne 9)?eilUing iinfjcrnf he delivers him- 
self very well, cr i)at cincit gnten 2]or= 
trag, briidt ftd) gut ang | to — over, 
to — up, iibcrlicfern, augltcfcrn, iibcr= 
gebeti, iiberlaffon, nufgcben. 

DELIVERABLE, adj. JV. E. JU licfcm 

(contrabirte aBaavcii). 
DELIVER.VNCE. s. 1. bic SScfrciung, 

©rlijfung ; 2. (§ntbinbnng. 
DELIVERER, .«. 1. bcr 'Bcfrctcr, @rret= 

ter; 2. C?r5al)lcr, 3>Prti-agenbe; 3, 

Ucbcrlicfercr ; 9lngliefcrer. 
DELIVERY, .s. 1. bic Ucbcrgabc, Uebcr= 

liefcrung, Sicfcrung; 2. 5leupernng, 

bcr 23ortrag ; 3. bie ikfrciung, (5r= 

rettung ; 4. Sntbinbung, 9tieber'funft ; 

for — , auf Sicferung ; — weight, M. 

E. bag auggebenb^e ®cmid)t. 
DELL, s. bag Xbiii; bie ©rube. 
DELPII, s.vil. Delk. 
DELTOID, adj. bcltafinMiiig. 
DELUDABLE,«jj.lctrf)t JU btntcrgcbcn. 
To DELUDE, v. a. Ijintcrgcljcu, bctrit= 

gen, tanfc^cn. 

DELUDER,s. bcr 53ctn'igcr, QScrfii^rcr. 
DELUGE, s. bic Ucbcrfci!)mcnimung, 

To DELUGE, v. a. 1. itiitcr SBaffcr fc= 

^cn, iibcifctwemnten ; 2. fg. 

tvaltigen, nieberbriidcn. 
DELUSION, .1. i. bcr 93etrug, bie 

i'salfd^bfit; 2. 2;anfd)nng, ber 3rr= 

tb"m, bie JBlcnbung; 3. bag 58Icnb= 


DELUSIVE {adK. — ly), adj. betn'iglifb ; 

»crfanglic^ ; — ness, «, bic 33ctrii'glic^= 


DELUSORY, adj. betri'tglid;. 
To DELVE, V. a. grabeit. 
DELVER, s. bcr ©rcibcr. 
DEMAGOGUE, s] bcr 3)emagog, (anf- 

ritbrcrifd^e) g3oIf»rebner, yihfiibrcr 

eincr SSoIfgjjartci. 
DEMAGOGiCAi., adj. bciitagogifcb, aufs 

DEMAIN, s.bte3)oiiianc, bag frcic (5rb= 

gut, frcie ©ninbcigcntijum, Sanbct- 

To DEMAND, c. a. 1 , forbcm, bcgcbrcu, 

yerlangcn (— of, »on) ; 2. fragen ; 3. 

L. T. in 5Infprud) ncbnicn, bctangcn. 
DEMAND, .f. 1. bagS^cgcbvcn, 5;erian= 

gen ; bie Sorberung ; 2. i^rage, ??ad)= 

frage; m.e. ber 'c3Baaren=)^cge^r, 

.^Bcbarf; 3. /,. t. bcr Slnftmid^; m 
£-.?. articles of — , gaugbarc 3i5aareui 
51rtifcl ; much in — , ftarf in Srage, 
febr gcfudjf. 

DEMANDABLE, adj. (SDn Sdiutbcn) 

bie eingcforbcrt ibcrbcn fonuen, frags 


DEMANDANT, s. berSorbcrcr,,t(agcr. 
DEMANDER, s. bcr Scrbcrcr, Stager; 

Dlac^frager. . 
DEM.\NDRESS, s. bic J?Iagtrinit, 53itt:^ 

DEMARCATION, s. 1. bag 33cgren5eit, 

bie ^.^Ibgrcnjung ; 2. bic ©renjc; 

(line of — ), bic ©rcujlinic, Sd)eibe= 

DEMEAN, 1. s. sjn^.+bic 3J}iene ; bag 

aScnebmcit, SSetragcn ; 2. — , m- De- 
means, s. pi. vid. Demxin. 
To DEMEAN, v. n. {rejl. — one's self), 

ftc^ beuebmeii, bctragen, yer()altcn. 
DEMEANOR, .9. bag 53Vtrageii, ^encf)* 

metf, aScrbalteu. 

To DEMENTATE, v. 'a. toll macbcil. 
DEMENTATE, adj. wabufiniiig, toll. 
DEMENTATiON, s. bag 5:oUmad)cn. 
DEMERIT, .9. bic 3]crfc^ulbniig, «?cvgc» 

bung, bag a3crfd)nlbcn. 
DEMERSED, adj. untcrgctaud;t, erfciuft. 
DEMERSION, s. 1. bic'llntcrtaudjung, 

©rfaufung ; 2. ck. T. bag ^^crfcfeen 

einer ^Irjcnct in cine nufliSfcnbe^luf- 


DEMESNE, s. vid. Demain. 
DEMI, panic, in compos, ^alb ; GuU. 
T-s. — cannon, bic b^tlbc Jtart^aUUf ; 

— canncm lowest, bcr 30-$flinbcr ; — 
cannon ordinary, ber 32-i|Jfiillber ; — 
cannon of the greatest size, bcr 36-= 
5pfiinber; demi-castor. cin ^6alb=6a3 
ftorbut ; — chase-boots, eiue 9lrt .§alb* 
ftiefdn jiini 9icitcn ; —, JV. r. 
ein ©onncn= iinb (Stcrncnbiibenmcfs 

fcr ; Oun. T-s. — culverin, bic i^Mt 
i5elbfd)lange ; — cannon of the loieest 
size, ber O-SPfiiuber ; — cannon ordi- 
nary, bcr 10- big 11-^sfiJnber; — 
cannon elder sort, ber 12- big 13-5pfiin= 
bcr; demi devil, bcr i^albtcufel ; — 
god, bcr.GalbgPtt ; — i.sland, bicgal^s 
tnfel; —John, bic Jtorbflafcbc ; — 
lance, bte furje Sanjc ; ©ntcrpicle ; 

— man, bcr .^alblticufd) ; — quaver, 
Mas. T. bicSccl)5eI)nt^eiluotc: — rep, 
cin graucnjimnier you ju^eifclfiaftcni 

diwf ; — semi-quaver, Jffus. T. bit 

3»eiunbbreitligtbeiIuote: -wolf, bcr 

DEMISES. 1. bcr .Ciintritt, bag .§iu= 

fcbeibcn, ''.Jlbfterbcn (beg .ft&nigg), lie: 

bergcbcn (bcr ttrcne) ; 2. S'crpacb^ 

ten, aScrmacben. 
To DEMISE, V. a. scrvadjfcu, yerniie= 

tbcn ; to — by will, tcftantcutarif^) 

DEMISSION, s. bic Slbfc^ung, ®ntfc= 

^ung, ©ntfaffung. 
DEMOCRACY, .s. bie Scmofratic, 

DEMOCRAT, I ^ 3)enio!rat 

DEMOCRATIST, j *■ *" -4JCiiiwtrai. 
DEMOCRATICAL (— ic ; adu. — ly) 

adj. bcmofratifc^. 
To DEMOLISH, v. a. nicbcrrcifjcn, ctH' 

reipen, fd)leifen, jcrftorcn, ju ®runb 

DEMOLiSHER, s. bcr 3crf^brer, SSer-. 

DEMOLISHMENT, «. bie Scrwiiftiiug, 

3crfli.>rung, ber aScrfalf. 
DEMOLITION, s. bic i)iicbcrrcifiing, 

bag (Sinrciticn, Slbbrccben, bie 3*t- 

DEMON, s. bcr Samon. 

DEMONIAC, ) ,. i i.,,aif^. •> 
DEMONIACAL [ tefVfTc 1^ ' ^ ' 


DEMONIAC, s. bcr Sefcffcw. 
uEMONocRAcy, s. Hi ©fiflcrflewalt, 

OKMONOLATRY, x. bie 33cvc^rimg be§ 

XfufeU, bcr Sieufcl^bicnft. 
IJEMONOLOCY, s. bie Samonologie, 

S*fbve CPU ^^amoiicii, ©ciftcvlt-^rc. 
DEMONOMiST, s. ber bent Seufcl ^v* 

DEMOXOMY, s. bie.^cvrfd)aft beS 3:eu= 


DEMONSTRABLE (adv. — ly), adj. iV- 

WiisUd), bcweilbav, barlcgbar, un- 
Iciigbav; — ness,s. bie 6"n»et§ltc^fett, 

To DEMONSTRATE, v. a. erWCtfeit, it- 

wctfeit, bavtl)uit. 

DEMONSTRATION, s. bct ©eWciS, bic 

53cwctsfii[)ruug, ber ^vwetS, bie S3e= 

DEMONSTRATIVE, adj. 1. beweifeub ; 
biinbig, iiberseugcnb ; 2. Gram. T. 
binrocifcnb ; — pronouns, I;iitnjeifenbe 
gitvtrovtcr ; (— ly, adv.) burc^ 23e= 
tuctfe, uiilaugbar. 

DEMONSTRATOR, s. bct S3ewet«fii5= 

rev, ©ifliiver. 

DEMONSTRATORY, aiij. ubevi(citgenb. 
DEMORALlZATiON. s. bie @ntftttli= 

d)uitg, Sittctiycrfrf)Iecl;teniiig, {Snt- 


To DEMORALIZE, v. a. fltteitloS Wd- 
c^en, fiUfittlictjeit, »erfci)[«c^tent. 

DEMULCENT, adj. liuberiib, mtlbcnib, 

To DEMUR, V. V. L. T. 1. @tnnjeiibim= 
gcit macbcit; 2. i^tbenfltc^feit au= 
igcin, jwfifelit, ftocfeii, 3lufianb «e{)= 
men ; 3. auffcf)iebeit. 

DEMUR, s. 1. bie Scbenflicbfeit, bcr 
^weifcl ; 2. 3luffc^ub, SScrjug. 

DEMURE {adv. —i.Y),adj. cbrbav, Crilfl, 

»tnf}t)aft, gefe^t, gra»itatifd>, fitt= 
f«m ; — ness. s. bie ©niftbafttrifeit, 
©efcfetbett, ^h-auiKit, ©teiff)cit. 
DEMURRAGE, s. M. E. ias Siegcgelb. 

DEMURRER, s. L. T. 1. ber 3lllffct)ub ; 

2. ber 3<iubercr. 

DEN. s. bie .(pijblc. ®rube, ber Snu. 
To DEN. V. V. in eiticr .^iJble tDobuen. 
DENARY, s. bic ^il\)l 3ci)ll, bcr ^(l)' 

Tn DENATIONALIZE, v. a. bag 3fJccf)t 

tn- ?flatiou iie()ineit (j. 33. etucin 


DENDRITE, s. bcr ^Jenbvit, SPaumfieitt. 
DENDROLOGY, .*. bic 23aumEutibe. 
DENIABLE, adj. Kiitgbar, yeriicinbor. 
DENIAL, s. 1. ba« ^augncit; bie 33cr= 

neiming ; aSerlaugumig, 9Ibfcbm6= 

rung ; 2. iCcnueigeruitg, flbf^liigige 

DENIER, s. bcr SScvneiiicr, 51blaiigner ; 

SSerfagcr ; SBibcrfprec^cr. 
DENIER, s. ber 2)eiiicr (fraiiji)ftfcl;e 


To DENIGRATE, v. a. f^lcarjett. 

DENIGRATION, 5. ba§ (£ci)n)ar5eit, 
DENIS, s. !Diom;ftii§ (3)Janii«name). 
DENIZATION, s. L.T. bic Bvciiitacbung, 

(Sinbiirgerung ; ba« 93iirgerrecfct. 
DENIZEN, s. J. T. bcr frcie 33uvger, 

To DENIZEN, v. a. I.. T. fret inacf)cii, 

baS 5rfmbbiirgcrrcd)t crt^ctlcii. 
d:':nmark, .«. 5)aittmarf • — s,itin,ber 

fuperfeine Satinet obcr ?afiiiig. 
DKNOMiNABLE, adj. itciiubar, beucuiu 



DENOMINATION,.?. 1. bic ScneiittHtig, 

©ejcic^iiuug, btt Jilame; 2, bte 

Glaffc, (2ehe 

DENOMINATIVE, adj bciIClllieilb. 
DENOMINATOR, «. 1. bcr Lliaiiieiigc^ 
ber; 2. MaMi. t. ber ?lenncr. 


DENOTABLE, adj. >vn§ fic^ bcjcir^ntit 

Icigt, jintcvfrf;eibbar. 
DENOTATiOxN, s. bie S3cjcid;iiung; 


DENOTATIVE, adj. tc8cici)UCUb. 

To DENOTE, v. a. bCJCtC^IieU, aitJCt^ 

gcii, anbcutcii, bcbcutcii. 
DENOTEMENT, «. bic S3e5cic^nuiig, 

DENOUEMENT, s. (fraiijijftfd;) bic 

^utaMtfcIiiug (etiieS Srama). 
To DENOUNCE, v. a. 1. antiiitbtgcii, 

aufagcii; 2. (ofciitlici)) ritgeu, fcinc 

Sttmmc gcgeit ctwaS er^cbeii; ucr= 

flagcii ; 3. bebrof)cn. 

DENOUNCEMENT, s. 1. bic 5lltfiinbi: 
giiiig, Slitfage; 2. Slntlage, 3Jiigc. 

DENOUNCER, .9. 1. bcr Sliifagcr, '^ln= 
fiiiibiger, aScrfiinbigcr ; 2. yingcbcr : 
3. SJiigcr. 

DENSE, «rf;. btd)t. " 

DENSENESS, \s. bic Stc^t^fit, 2ic[;: 

DKNSITY. S tigfcit. 

DENT. .s. bie Jtcrbc, bcr @inf(f)nttt. 
To DENT, V. a. fcrbcit, aii§Ecrbeii, ml-. 

DExNTAL, L adj. JU bClt S'ib'lf" <^'^\^- 

rig ; — letter, ber 3<i'"ifc"rf't^''l> ; II- 
s. bic 3'i^iiff^nfiJc» JJJccrrij^rc, 
DEiNTATE (— ed), \ adj. gcjabtlcU, 

DENi'ED, 5 au^gcjacft.jadig. 

DENTICLE, \ s. Jirch. T. bcr 3ill)ll= 

di-;ntil, S fd)iiitt, Jlalberjabn. 

DENTELLI, s. ;,/. Jtrch. T. Jtalbcr^ 

Sabiic; fep<»"'f»fi>Vfe "'tt foritit(;i= 
fd)cii ®cftmfe. 

Dl^TICULATED, adj. gcja^liclt, aul= 

DENTICULATION, y. ba§ 5Iti«geja(fte, 

DENTIFRICE, s. Hi BaTntmittfl, 

3abnViiloer, 3abiioi)iat, 3abn«)affer. 
DENTIST, *•. bcr 3af)uav}t. 
DENTITION, s. baS 3af)iicn. 

To DENUDATE, \ v. a. Clltblogcit, bc= 

T,; DENUDE, S I'anbcn. 
DENUDATION, s. bic (5iitblopuiig,Sc= 

To DENUNCIATE, v. a. 1. (ctnCH ici 

@cvi(i)tj aiigebcii, auflagcit ; 2. brD= 


DENUNCIATION, 5. 1. bic 5l!lfiinbi= 
gang, 21ubrpl)ung; bic iiffcntlicfcc 
Sc£aitiitmad;uiig, fcicrlic^e (5rHa= 
vuiig ; 2. L. T. bie 3lutlage, baS ain= 

DENUNCIATOR, .9. 1. bcr 9Iiifiinbigcr, 
SBcrEiiiibiger ; 2. ^Jlngebcr, Scuui:= 

DENUNCIATORY, a/lj. broI)Cllb. 

To DENY, ». a. i. liiugticii, yevlaug= 
itcn, ocniciiicit ; 2. yerfagcn, »eV= 
ivcigcrit, (ibfcljlageit; to —by oath, 

To DEOBSTRUcri', v. a. (baS 33erjlojjf- 
tc) iiffticti. 

DEOBSTRUENT, I. adj. Med. T. pfF= 

ncnb ; u. s. Med. T. baS Deffiuuiggs 

DEODAND, .9. /,. T. buS I'cvfallcitc cbcr 
ycnrivfte ®iit. 

To DEOXIDATE, v. a. Ch. T. CntfiiUCrtl, 

som Saijcrftoffc bcfrcicii. 
DEOXYDATION, s. CA. T. bic ^ntfauc= 

vung, QScfrciiiug «om Saiicrftoffe. 
To DEPAiNT, v.a.i. nbniatcit, malen ; 

2. fie. fci;i[bcnt, bcfrtjvcibcii. 
DEPAINTER, s. + bcr ?JiaIcr. 
To DEPART, V. n. i. frf)cibcu ; Wcggc= 

belt, abgcl)cit, abrcij'cii; abfcgeln; 

meiitfii, abftcbcn ; ucrlaffeti; 2. 

verfdjcibeit, flcrbcit; to — for..., 

abrafcn nad) . . . ; to —this iife,auS 

bicfer SBclt gcbcii ; to — from, »on 

(twas abgcbcii, abivctcl)cn. 
DEPARTMENT, s.« ^evavtcnteut 


bcr Mvdi ; 2. bn§ (93cnvrtltiiiig^=/ 
Sad), bcr @cfd>iftSfvciS. 

DEPARTURE, s. 1. bn« Sycggcbcii, bt< 
Slbrcifc, bcr i!lbfcl)icb ; bic 93erlaf= 
fiuig; 2. bcr 2'ob, baS .§infd)cibcit 
3. jv. T. bcr Uutcvfchicb tti ber aftro 
injmifd)cn Saugc; letter of—, M. E 
bcr SScrtrcrf=Sricf. 

DEPASCENT, adj. abwcibtiib, flbfrcffcnb. 

To DEPASTURE, v. I. a. abmcibcii, ab' 
fvcffcit ; II. 11. »ctbcit, grafcii. 

To DEPAUPERATE, «. a', avilt «iad)C!t. 

To DEPEiND, K. 71. 1. bcruiitcr= obcr l;cr= 
abbaiigcit; I)aitgcn, fd;mcbcit; 2. 
uncntfcf)icbctt fcnii; 3. to — upon 
(on), WW ctwa^ 'abf)aiigcii, ober ah^ 
biiiigig' fo;ii> bent aiigc^Lireit, sitge= 
bin-cu; 4. fid) aiif etjun« ocrlaffcu, 
fic^ gctroftcil; he has little to — upon, 

cr \)<ii weiiig 33crm&gcn ; people to 

Ix; depended upon, JUycrliintgc i!cute. 

DEPENDENCE (— cy), s. I.bn3.§.tr= 
abbattgcii; 2. bic 9lbl)aiigigfcit; b"cr 
3ufammcnbaitg; bie Scrbinbinig ; 
3. bcr 9ltibaiig, bas 3"tn'bor; 4. 
^ycrtvaueit, bie <Std)crbcit; there is 
no — on if. uiatt faiiit fid) itic^t bar= 
aitf SCrlaffciI ; — upon God, bie yibt 
baiigigfcit »Pit ®ott. 

DEPENDENT. I. a:ij. 1. I)crabbnn= 
gciib ; 2. abf}angig ( — on. son), hii= 
tcnuovfeu; n. s. bcr Uiitcrroorfcnc, 
93afall, II. f. n). ; 9ltibang«-. 

DEPENDING, ar/7. llliciltfd^icbcil ; it has 
been long — , eg \)<xi laiigc biiigcban= 
gen, tillangeiiucntfd)icb'cn gcblicbcn. 

DEPERDi'i', s. ba« ^crlonic. 

DEPERDITION. .9. 1. bic 23crbcrbung, 
Scrftijrung, 5]cvnic^tuug; 2. bcr 33cr- 

To DEPIILEGM, \ v. n. Ch. T. eut= 

To DEPiiLEG\UTE, 5 wafferu, recti* 


waffcnuig, Oicctiftcafiou. 


SBrcnnfioff bcfrcicn. 
To DEPICT, Iv.a. 1. malcit, ab= 
To DEPICTURE, S malcn, vortraiti= 

rcu; 2. fiir. fd)ilbcnt. 
To DEPiLATi; ?•. «. btc .§aarc anS^ 

ranfen, entl)aarcn. 
DEPUTATION, .9. ba« 2Bcgi:cI)incu obet 

9Iu«fallcit bcr i^aarc. 
DEPILATORY, adj. bic .gaarc wcgnel;= 

deplaNTATION, s. bic aScr^flansiing, 

depletion, .9. bie 5tn«tccr«ng. 

deplorable (adr. — ly), adj. bc= 

flagcn§ti)iirbtg, bcflagcn^iycrtb, trau= 
rig,{i;iglic{), rletib, boffinntg^IoS; — 
ness, ,9. ber benagcuSa'crtbe 3iift'int>, 
bie .Slciglicbfeit, bas ©[cub. 

deploration, s. bag Sgcflagcn, Se^ 

To deplore, ». a. bctraurcu, Uwtu 
ncn, bcflagen, bcjaninicrn. 

deplorer, s. bcr i^cweincnbc. 

r« deploy, v. a. Mil. T. bcplO!;ircn, 

deplumation,s. 1. ba« 91iu«rin,ifcnbcr 
gcbcru; 2. Med. T. ba-3 lidnucllcn 
bcr 9lugciilicbcr, iicrbiinbcu mit bent 
2tu§falicu bcr Sliigeiibvaucn. 

To DEPLUME, v. a. VllpfCll (Scbcrn), 


DEPONENT, .9. i. L. T. bcr bcctbcte 
Bcuge, Seponcnt, -.»lu6fagcr; 2. 

Oram. T. ba« ScpOHClK'. 
To DEPOPULATE, v. I. a. Cnttuilfcflt 

ucrbccrcn; 11. n. cntoijltcrt ft'crbcn. 
DEPOPULATION, s. bie (SutjjDlferutig 

DEPOPULATOR, .9. bcr CfntyOIfcntlt 

33crbccrfr, ^Seraniftcr. 
To DEPORT, V. a. i. bu'libtrtl.?^!^ 





fdiaffcn ; 2. (r<y?. — one's self) ftc^ 
ucrbaltcu icnetjmeit, bctragcu, nuf= 
BEPORTME.NT ( Deport *). «.^a§ S3cv= 

Ijalten, ^ctvageit, Kc aiutTiU^vuiig, 

DEPORTATION, s. bie '3)fJ.H'>rtatton, 

93ertaiiuuni], (2aubc5=)i>crweifun3. 
DEPOSABLi^ ojij. l.megnctjinbav, cnt= 

jtefitmv ; 2. nbfc^bar. 
DEPOSAL, s. tie St^voiicntfcfeuitg, 916= 

To DEPOSE, 7!. a. 1. itiebcrfcfecit; 2. 

abfc^cu, eutfe|cit, cnttl^roiicn ; 3. 

(also n.) (ctbltd;) ausfasjfii, jcuijcii, 

PEPOSER, s. eincv, bcv abfcfet; bcr 

To DEPOSIT, V. a. 1. ablciicit, nnk= 

a,en ; 2. nifbcrtcgcn, I;intcvk'iicii, bc= 

/)EPOS[T. s. 1. bai iiicbei-gclcgle, an= 

»crti-aute @ut, 5)Sfanb ; 2. bas 3ln= 

gelb ; 3. bcv a>cvnjaf)viiitij«ovt. 
DEPOSITARY, s. ber 3)cvofitar, 3Scv= 

nja^rev (eincv i^tntci-Iagc). 

DEPOSITION, s. 1. /.. 7'. btc Bfl'af"= 

misfaflf, S)cVpfitton; 2. 5Ibfe^iing, 
K'litfc^iiitg, euttf)vonuii(5 ; 3. 9lie= 
berleijmig ; to make a — upon oath, 
cine yiu8fai]e ctblicf) crbavteu. 
DEPOSITORY, s bcv 33evn5a()run^«ovt 

DEPaSITUM, s. vid. Deposit. 

DEPOT, s. mod. baS 2^fp0t, bic -Rifs 

DEPRAVATION, s. bie 5BevfcI)Itmmc= 

vutii]^ bas 3?cvbevbcii ; btc iBevi>erbt= 

f)ctt' ; bic ©ittavtuiu], ^luiJavtiiiig. 
To DEPRAVE, v. a. »cvfc{)limnicnt, 

scrberbcn, uevfalfd)eii, vicvful}reii. 

DEPRAVED (ado. — ly), adj. «CVbpr= 

bcii, yevbevbt, seifii^vf, ciitartet; 

— ness, s. bie $erbcrbtl)ett; ^BcvfaU 

DEPRAVEMENT, s. ba« iScrbcibiitg, 

DEPRAVER, s. bcr 93crbcrbcr, 33cifal= 

fctjcv, 93cvfii^i"ci-. 
DEPRAVITY, s. btc 9?crbovben^ett, 

33erberbt()ctt, ba§ 33ci-Dcvbctt. 

7>. DEPRECATE, v. a. 1. abbittCH, VCV= 

bitteu ; 2. bcbaiicni. 
DEPRECATION, s. bic Qlbbittc. 
DEPRECATIVE (— tory), ndj. abbit= 

teiib ; - letter, bie fctjrtftitd^c 9lb= 
DEPRECATOR, s. bcr 91bbtUer. 

To DEPRECIATE, v. I. a. 1. ))(tmUX' 

fc'^cii, (ben 5Prci«) cnitcbvigcit, ucr= 
rtiiflcni, abiviirbigcit; 'i. ^cving 
fd)a%ctt, ttcvad)tcu; ii. n. (im $reife) 
fiiifeii, fallen. 

(DEPRECIATION, s. bie .gcrabfcfeung, 
ilcracbttntg, K'ntwcrtbung; M. E. 
^Bcvminbcrnng (bcr iprciu-). 

To DEPREDATE, v.a.i. ^Uiiubcm, raU= 

ben ; 2. verjebren. 
OEPRED.\TION. s. 1. baS 5)?Iunbcrit, 

SJanbcn ; 'ilufbringcn (uon (£d)iffcn), 

bic gapcrei; 2. 93ierfc^linguni], a3er= 

DEPREDATOR, s. bcfJRaubcr; SBcr^ 

To DEPREiiE.VD, v. a. 1. cn^rcifen, cr= 

tnVVen, trc ffen, fangcu ; 2. auSfinbtg 

ntac^cn ; cnlbecfen. ' 

DEPREHENSIBLE, adj. jn ertapVcn; 

nucntbecfcn; — ncss, s. bic SOJiJglid;: 
fcit crfappt jn merben. 
DEPREiiENSioN. .s. bie grtappung, 
(Srgreifung ; ^ntbccfunjV 
To DEPRESS. V. a. 1. tiicbcrbviicfen, 
ntcbcrbiegcn, bevunfcvlaffcn ; 2. jig. 
uicbcvfd)Iagcn, bcniiitbii^cn ; De- 
pressed, jmrl. At R. gcflinfcit (ri">tt 

^rcifcn), gcbviicft. 


DEPRESSION, s. 1. itc 9tiebevbrii= 
(funrt, bcf 2)rucf, bic ^crtiefnng ; 2. 
fis- ^rnicbi'tgung, 5)cmittbi3nng ; 3. 
9'Iicbcrgefd)Iagcnf)cit; 4. m. e. \>aS 
SaUen, Sinfcn (bcv '^Jvcife) ; 5. ji/^. 
T. ba« 5(bfiirjcn ; 6. jist. T. bie (5-nt= 
fcrnnug cinc!§ StcvneS untct bent 

DEPRESSIVE, adj. ntebcrbvitcfcnb ; 

DEPRESSOR, .9. 1. bcvS'licbcvbvucfer; 

UntCVbviicfcV ; 2. a T. Inlso Depri- 

nient) bic iitcbcvjtcbcnbc 9)hi§fcl. 

DEPRIVABLE, adj.' bCV ©utjicbung 

itiitcvwprfcn, bcvanv^ar, cnt5tel)bar. 

DEPRIVATION, s. 1. tie iBcvmtbung ; 
berSSevlnfl; 2. />. r. tie ^(itfcfeuug 
(cincs @ciftlid;en). 

To DEPRIVE-, v.a. 1. bcvaubcn, bcne|= 
men, cntjtcbcn;,2. cutfijjen; to — 
one of a thing, ctncnt cteaS nebmctt, 
entsichcn, cinen urn ctmai bringcn. 

DEPRIVEMENT, *. icii (SllctbCU Ct= 

nes ^Bcvluftc^, bie ikvaubuag, bcr 
DEPTH, s^ 1. bic 2;tcfc; 2. bcr 9lb= 

grnnb ; 3. bie iSlitU ; 4. fg. 3)un= 

!clt)cit> 5. bcv (2d;arfftun; 3:;tef= 

jtnn ; to be mit of — . b'cn @vnnb 

(SBobcn, tm SBaffev) ycrlorcn \)ciU\\ ; 

the — of a battalion, bic 9lllSab[ bCV 

btntcv cinanbcr jtcbcnben ©licbcr ; 

in the — of winter, nitttcu im3Bintcv. 
DEPULSION, s. bus 2i5egftoVeu, a5cv= 

tvciben, 9(btvcibcn. 
DEPULSORY, a^j. wcgflogcnb, n.'cg= 

tveibcnb, nbtvcibenb. 
To DEPURATE, v. a. rciiugcn, lauicrn. 
DFJ'URATION, s. 1. bic SJciniguiig, 

Sautcvnng ; 2. 5. t. iaS SUi'Scltcrn. 
DEPURATORY, adj. vciuigcnb, ldu= 

DEPUTATION, s. 1. bic 9lbfenbitng, 

9Iborbnung; 5)cvutatton; 2. btc 

To DEPUTE, J), a. aborbncn, abfcnbcn 

(iiiit ^^ollmac^t), bc'.'pUma4)ttgcn. 
DEPUTY, s. 1. bcv 5)c).nttirte, 91bgc= 

ovbnete, 9lbgefanbtc ; 53cypIImaa)= 

tigte ; 2. (SteUuertvctcr ; to cause a 

thing to bo done by — , Ctwa§ (cin 
©efc^aft) burd) cincn (ctclbcvtretcv 
scrric^tcii laffcn ; lord — . bcr f pnig= 
lid)e Stattijaltcv, Siccfonig ; — 
governor, bcr Untevftattbiiitcv ; — 
manager, bcr SiiccbivcctPV; — post- 
master, bcv ^45o)"l»cnvaUcr. 

To DERANGE, v.a. 1. iu Unprbnnng 
bringcn ; 2. ben ©cifi jcvviittcn. 

DERANGED, adj. jevriUtct, «5a{)nfinnig; 

DERANGEME.NT. .•;. 1. bic Unorbnnng, 
Scrrcirrnng; 2. ©ciftcgjcvviittung. 

DERELICT, I. adj. scvlaffcn, licgcn 

gebliebcn; ll. derelicts, (derelict lands) 

s. pi. ucvfaffene, bervcnlpfc ©i'ttcr. 
DERELicriON, s. 1. bie SSevlaffung; 

To DERIDE, -B. a. ycvlac^cn, »cvfppt= 

ten, vierbij()ncn. 
DERiDER, s. 1. ber ©pptter; 2. 

<2l.ia^»pgel, Spoffcnrei^cr, gufligma^ 


DERIDINGLY, adn. flJOttWCtfe. 

DERISION, s. 1. bie >Bcrla(tung, iBci'= 
fppttung; 2. Scrac^tung, bevJ^obn; 
in — , fppttmcife, 5um Spptt. 

DERISIVE {adv. — ly), ) adj. i)CV^Dt= 

DERISORY. 5 tcnb, fv»6t= 

tifd), scracttticb. 
DERIVABLE, adj. abjulcitcn, bcrjn= 

DERIVATION, s. bic 9l6leitnng, .gjer= 

DERiV-vrivr; I. nrf/", abgclcitct ,- u. .?. 

ba« rtbgclcitcie 'Kprt ; — ly, adi:. abgc= 

Icitct, "bnvd) ^'Iblcttnng. 
! r.; DERlV/i V. a 1. ablcttcn, f)crlei= 

ten; 2. jic^cn, bcjtcf}cn; 3. iibcrdei 
fern ; to — from nature, ber iHatut 
ccvbanfcn ; to — profit from . . ., 32u» 
^cn jicben anS . . . 

DERIVER, .!. bcr 9lbleitcv, .&crleiter. 

DERNIER RESORT, vid. Itntcr Rksort 

To DEROGATE, v. ^.n. Slbbmc^ tbun, 
bcetntWiditigcn, (from) am (ettva» 

bringcn ; to — from a man's honoui 

Senianben nni ftinen guten Slanici, 
bringcn; II. «. 1. fd)ma(cvn, scruu- 
gliinufcn, berunterfe^en ; 2. cin (?)c= 
fc^ t()cilrocife sbdnbevn. 

DEROGATELY, adv. fcbmalcvilb. 
DEROGATION, s. bic Sdimalfrung, 

bcv 9lbbrud;,?iad>t!)cil ; bie -iicnius 

gUm>.>fung; ©nteljrung. 
DEROGATORILY, a<ic. nac^t^cilig, sunt 

9lad)tbeil, unglinivflic^. 
DEROGATORINESS, s. bcv 9lbbrnd), 


DEROGATIVE, \ adj. fdjmaff mb, ncid) -- 
DEROGATORY. S t^cilig, bcfd)imv^ 

fenb, entebvenb. 

DERVi.s, (Dervisk), s. ber SJcvwifdK 
DESCANT, ». 1. ber 5)i§cant ; 2. (i*c= 

fling ; 3./^r.bnS ©crebe, bie 3srglie= 

berung, lange 9ln§Icgiiiig ; he makes 

along' — upon it, CV VCbVt ciu SflngCt' 

unb ein 33rettcS bnriibcr. 
To DESCANT, r. n. 1. bcn ©igciintftn 

gen; 2. cin langcS ®evcbe innc^cn 

ficb an^laffcn (upon, iibcr). 
To DESCEND, V a. &■ n.l. \j(X(x\i=, \j\n- 

<A' Pbcv {)cruntevfleigcn, gef)en Pbcr 
fpmmen (from . . . ; ypn '...,); 2, 
fallen, finfen; 3. cinfaUen, lanben; 
LfifT. cbfiamnicn, berfommcn; 5. 
fallen, ^nfallcn (bnvc^ (Srbfcbaft) ; (i 
ftc^ berallaffcn; to — to particulars, 

\\\i (Sinjclnc gcben. 
DESCFJ*DANT,s. bcr 9lblpmmlittg, 91b- 

fprBpling, 9lacbfpmme ; — s, yi. bi$ 

giladjfpmnien, *}tac^fpnimcnfd)aft. 
DESCENDENT, adj. 1. I)erabfteigenb, 

falJcnb ; 2. abjlammenb. 

DESCENDIBILITY, s.i. T. bic grblic^-' 


DESCENDIBLE,™// 1. tt)0 niflrt bcvab; 

fteigcn, I)ernntergeben fnnu ; 2. crb-- 

DESCENSION, s. 1. ba? .Picrabftcigcn, 

f^allen, ^?lietcrgebcn ; 2. Jh-t. v. "btc 

9lbfteigung; 3. z^-. ber gall, bie (Si = 

nicbrignng. — 
DESCENT, s. 1. ba3 .Pjcvabftcigcu, 

.^crnntcrgeben, (fallen, ber Tsn\[ i 2. 

bic .*3crab'n)iirbignng ; 3. bev91fcbang, 

bic Sicfc ; 4. ?anbiing, bcr (Sinfall ; 

5. baS 6rbrerf)t (fraft' ber 9lbfnnft); 

6. bie 91biiammung, 9lbfiinfr, («c= 
burt ; bcr Stamm, ba» @efd)lecbt; 

7. Slicb, bcr @r«b. 
DESCRIBABLF^ adj. jii bcfdjrcibcn, bc= 


To DESCRIBE, v. a. bcfcbvcibcn. 
DESCRIBER, s. bcv Scfcbrcibcr. 
DESCRIER, s. ber (Siitbcif cr, Spabev. 
DESCRIPTION, .«. 1. btc33efd;rcibiing; 

2. 9lrt, 33cfd)affcn^cit. 
DESCRIPTIVE, adj.. bcfdivctbcnb ; — 

power, bic S^arficKnng'jfuiift. 
To DESCRY, V. a. anSfvuibcit, crfpabcn, 

entbcdfcn, gcmat;ren. 
7'o DESCRATE, v. a. cntnjcil)cn, ent= 

DESKCR.'VTiON, s. bic Gntwttbnng, 

DESERT, L s. bic SBiiilc, 22ii)tenct, 

©inijbc ; II. adj. wiijt, wilb, nitbe= 

Utpbnt, pbe. 
To DESERT, (I. I. a. vcvlaffcn ; tnt <Si'\i 

d)e laffcn; il. ". abtriiiinig wcrbenj 

anSreificn, bcerfIiid)Hg werbcn. 
DESERT, .5. ba'^ ivcvticiift. 
DCSERTi'K, .v. 1. bcv 9lnjrctfcr, Ucber> 

laufcr, ,bcerflud)tige ; 2. 9lbtriinnipe 




OESEKTFUL, adj. ucrbieitflooU. 
DESERTION, s. 1. bie aScvlaffun(} ; 2. 
MU. T. Sefertion, ^ferf[U(^t. 

DESERTLESS, I. adj. SerbteitftloS; II. 

— ly, adv. iiuoerbienter SBeife. 

DESERTRICE, Desertrix, s. bie SPf(tC^t= 


7b DESERVE, v. a. &■ n. SCVbicitCtt ; to 

— well of..., fic^ vsvbtent madden 

DE.SERVEDLY,arfj7. nac^93cvbicufl, ?ers 
ttcutci: aBctfe, gebiibrcnb, mit 'Siiijt. 
DESERVER, s. btr vcvbtftttc a)Jaiiu. 

DESERVING (arfii. — ly), I. adj. •OtX- 

bicnt; oevbieiiftlic^, ucrbicnilyoll ; ll. 
s. bits 93erbtcnft. 

DESHABILLE, s. tie -gausffeibuiig, 
bus 2)iorgenfIeib. 

DF3ICCANTS, s. pi. Med. T. (au§0 

trocfnenbe 3Jitttel. 

To DESICCATE, ». a. (J- n. (lUStrocfncn, 

troden roevben. 

DESICCATION, s. btC SluSh'Ocfuuitg. 

DESiocATrvE, adj. auStrocfitenb. 

DESIDERATUM, s. (lat. pt. desiderata) 

1. tie Siicfe (in ttncr 3I?tffeu[d)aftj ; 

2. 'sa% ©cwiinfcttf, SBcbiivfittp. 

T,> DESIGN, V. a. I. bcfiiiniitcit, juwet= 
ff a (— to, for, }U) ; 2. »Ol-|)abcit, till 
(f,titne \)\xU\x, tin <5c{)ilbe fuf)ren; 
Ti^ctctnjaS umge&cit, ft(i sontet)mcn, 
5BtUen3 fe\;ii, befc^Ue ^cii ; 3. fnt= 
wci-fcit, 5cic6uett. 

OESIGN, s. 1. ba§ aSov^abcn, bie 916= 
ftcfjt; 2. bcr (Siittuurf, ^U\n; bie 
(i!JJu|tcr=3,3cic^timi3; with — , mit 

OESIGNABLE, axij. unterfc^eibbar, 

feimtlic^, beutlic^. 
Tu DESIGNATE, v. a. 1. beseic^iten, 

itcuiteu ; 2. imtei-fdjeibeii ; 3. auSwal)- 

Icn, entcmtctt. 
DESIGNATION, s. 1. bie Sejeic^miitg ; 

2. Scfttinmuiig, Slbftc^t ; 3. (Snten= 

DESKiNATiVE, adj. emettneub, cr£Ia= 

teitb, bcftimmeiib. 
DESIGNEDLY, adj. abfic^lic^, mit SSor= 

faft, mit Slei^. 
DESIGNER, s. 1. bet $!faiim(id)cv (ei: 

aeutlitfe itiib mieigciitltd;) ; 2. {jShx- 

DESIGNING, nr/j.spllec 5(3(ane, I;iittei'= 

liftig, falfc^, »en-atf)cvifc^. 

DESIGNLESS {ndn. — ly), adj. Un»Or= 

fa^lid), o^ue 9lb|tcf)t, vlflnlo*. 

DESIGNMENT, s. bie Slbftc^t ; bev 
spiait; 2. (Siitwuvf, bie(Sfi}5e. 

DESINENCE, s. ber ©c^lup, bag (Snbe, 
ber SluSgang. 

DESINEn't, mij. ftci) fubeiib, aiigerfl, 

DESIRABLE, «</;. l.ju toiiiifcfjeit, mm- 
fcbcuSwevt^ ; 2. erioiiufcbt ; 3. gefdU 
li^ ; — ness, s. bie SBiiiifc^ciiSiDitvbigs 
!ctt, ba§ 2Biiiifc^eu«iuert^e, 91ngene^= 

DESIRE, s. 1. ba« gScvIaitgeit, bcr 
aSuiifd), baS 83eflebrcii, febiilic^e, 
beftigc SBevIangen ; 2. bie 33ittc ; 3. 
bcr, bie, baS SScrlaiigtc ; she has m-ery 
thing to her lieart's — , ^e f)at 2UIe^, 

was ffe niir tuiiufrf)t. 

To DESIRE, V. a. 1. scvlattgctt, n.nin= 
fc^cn, begef)rcit ; crfebueii; 2. bitten; 

DESIRELESS, adj. WimfcbloS. 

DESIRER, s. ber sBcgcbfciibe, SBitter, 

DESIKOUS {adu. — ly), adj. bcflicrig 
(—of..., uac^ ctwaS) Uiitertt, fe^n= 
fiic^tig ; to he — of, wiiiifdien, niige= 
legcn fc^it ; I am — to. . . , tc^ modjte 
gemc...; — ness, s. bie Segitrbe, 

To desist, j.. n. abfiel;eu, ablaffen (— 
from, son etiuaS). 

DESisTANCE, j. ba8 9Jbf}e|)en. 91blaffen. 

desk, s. baS ''S^vXt, (S(^reibcj5ult, gefe? 

To DESK, c. fl. 1. etnf^licfieu ; 2. jig. 

aufljaufcn (edjafee). 

DESOLATE (ale. — ly), adj. 1, njiifl, 

obc, utibcwol)nt ; 2. einfain ; 3. trcift= 

loe!, fei)r bctviibt; —ness, s. bie (Siit= 

ijbe ; S:rofllofigfcit. 
To DESOLATE, v. a. ocrnjiiflcn, Bcr6= 

DESOLATER (Desolator), s. ber 33cr= 

DESOLATION, s. 1. bie aScrwiiflmig ; 

eiiiobc ; OJJcnfdJciilecre ; 2. grope 

SBeti'ubiiiji, £voftlo|"igfcit; 3. baS 

DESOLATORY, adj. ocriuitflcnb, trofilcS 

DESPAIR, 1. bie S3erj»t)etflung ; baa 


To DESPAIR, V. n. tJCVSTOcifelll (—of, ait 

etroaS) ; tit SSerjwciflung ftiirjeit ; he 
is despaired of by the doctors, bie -Jlcrjte 

geben tt)n auf, 
DKSPAIRER, s. bcr 93er8weife(itbc. 

DESPAIRFUL, adj. + ycrjWCtfclt. 
DESPATCH, vid. Dispatch. 

DESPERADO, s. bct aBiitficitbc, S;oU- 
tovf, aBagc&alei. 

DESPERATE {adv. — ly), adj. i. »cr= 

jweifeliib ; 2. scrjweifclt ; 3. vafenb, 
luitt^ettb, toll, ocvroegcr'. ; — ness, .«. 

1. bie iyerjtvcifluiig ; 2. 2But^, 2,oU= 

DESPERATION, s. 1. bieSerjWctflung ; 

2. aBittt). 

DESPICABLE («//». — ly). adj. »crac^t= 

lid), iiicbrig, niebertracbtig ; — ness, s. 

bie SSercid)tli(bfcit, ?liebertracbtig!ctt. 
Di'>:piSEABLE, adj. ju »erad)tcii, ycr= 

(id^tlirb, fd)lccbt; —ness, s. bie ^crd(^t= 

ru DESPISE, V. a. »erac|tctt,»erfc^ma= 

DESPiSEDNESS, s. bte SBera^fltc^fett, 

baS aSerac^tetfeijn. 
DESPISER, s. ber aSerac^ter. 
DESPITE, s. 1. bie 33erad)tung ; 2. 9lb= 

ncigung, ber SBiberwtUc; 3'. .gajj ; 4. 

bies8o«()cit; 5. ber2:ro§; (in) —of 

mo, mir jnm 2;ro^ ; in your own — , 

jviser cueru aBilleii, end) fclbft ;nm 


To DESPITE, V. a. 5?erbvn'ti mad;cn, 

qucilen, cirgcrn, tro^eit. 
DESPITEFUL, adj. boSb^ft, (irgcrlicb ; 

— ly, adv. jum 3lerger, aitS S3oSbcit ; 

— ness, s. bie 33o«beit, ber' 6ag. 
To DESPOIL, V. a. ^jlititbern, "beraubeit 
DESPOILER, s. bcr^pliinbercr, Oianbcr. 
DESPOLIATION, s. bie -Spiiiitbcmug, 

To DESPOND, V. n. ucrjagen, verjnjets 

feltt (of, an). 
DESPONDENCY. .5. bic 9}?utbloftgfeit, 

.goffnungSlottgEcit, baS i>ci-5aijen. 

DESl'ONDENT, adj. ycrjWcifclllb, «Cr= 


DESPONDER, s. bcr llersagciibe. 
DESPOT, .9. bcr 5)c«pot, uullfit^rli^e 

.§evvfd)er, 3n't"gberr. 

DESPOTICAL (Despotic) (adt>. — ly), 

adj. beSpotifd), .cigenmacbttg, wjill; 

fiibrlid) ; —ness, .'. bie aOillfii^rlicb^ 

fcit, 5)c^pDttc. 
DESPOTISM, s. bcr 2;e«potiSnine:, bte 

njillEiibr[id)e ©ewalt, 3njingberr= 


To DESPUMATE, ) v. a. abfdjaitmeti ; 
7'tfDESPUME, } binroerfen. 
DESPUMATION, s. bic 9lbfc^;iiiiming 

(bei 9lbftcbnngcit). 
DESQUAMATiuN, .?.ba« {M=) Scbnp= 

veil ; s. r. bte Slbfplittcruug. 
DESSERT, s. bcr Jflacbtifd) ; -set, baS 

DESi'iNATE, aaj. beftimiiit, ocvurtbcitt. 

DESTINATION, s. bie SScflimmung 
place of—, Jif. E. bcr Sofcbjjla?. 

To DESTINE, v. a. beftiniiueii, auSctfet 
ben, wet^cu, fcfifc^cn. 

DESTINY, s. bag (gcbicffal, %vbaiip,» 
Jlit); destiny- reader, /-/;«. bcr 2Babr|"a» 
gcr ; the destinies, jil. bie ^ParjCll. 

DESTITUTE, I. a(//. 1. sjcrlaffen, biilf' 
lo«, frennblog; 2. ennangelnb, cuts 
blijpt »on..., leer an..., to be — 
of..., 2)Jangcl Icibcu au...; II. s. 
bcr .giulflofc. 

DESTITUTION, «. bic SScrlaffcii^eit, 
bcr 'Diangcl. 

To DESTROY, v. a. 1. JCVflorcH, UCr^ 

nicbten; uerberben; 2. tbbteu; 3. 

DESTROYER, s. bcr Scrjlovcr ; SSer* ' 

berbcr; 2)Jbrber. 
DESTRUCTIBILITY, s. bic 3cvftovbar= 

DESTRUCTIBLE, aiij. scrftiutar, »er- 

DESTRUCTION, .<f. 1. btc Scrfiorung, 

aSerwiiftung ; 2. bcr Uutevgang, baiS 

U3crbcvbcn ; 3. bie S:ottinig, bcr 

5Diorb; 4. 7%. 7". biccangci>cr&amm= 

niy ; to work one's — , eilicilt bCll Uu= 

tcrgang bcreitcn. 

DESTRUCITVE (adi>. — ly), adj. 8Cr= 

ftovcub, unbcilbvingcnb, ucvbcvbliii) 

(adj. mit of Ultb to, fiir . . .) ; —ness, .V 

bie jcrftijrcnbc (5)cwalt, 4Jcrfevblicfa= 

DESUDATION, s baS ftarfe (5d)ixufecn, 
ber iiberma^ige Scbrecifj. 

DESUETUDE, s. HS Slbtoiumcn (CtllCi 

@cbraud;8, u. f. lu.) ; bie (ST.tioiJb= 

DESULPHURATE, v. a. abff^Wffcln 

yom vidjiuefcl bcfreicn. 
DESULPHURATION, s. bie Slbfc^wcfe* 

DESULTORY (a(Zc.— rily), adj. fllK^tig., 

obevflacblid), flatterbaft, wanfclmu" 
tbig, unftiit, Httbeftaubig ; — iness, s, 
biegliicbtigfcit, Sl'tttcrbaftigfcit, Un= 

To DETACH, V. a.i. abfonbcru, abvct- 
fen, frcnncn ; 2. J\iu. t. bctafd)trc«, 
anf gommanbo auSf^icfcn; detachec' 

pieces, pL. Ihrt. QlnpCUnjCVfc. 
DI-n'.'VCllMENT, s. MU. T. baS '^tta= 
cbcmcnt, ©oinmanbo. 

To DETAIL, V. a. UUlftanblid) CVjilb^ 

leu; in bie Ginsclnbcitcn gcbcn ; De- 
tailed, part. auSfitbrlid), m'ltftanbtid) ; 

detailed, statement, augfitbrlicbe 2lnS= 

DETAIL, .s. 1. bie Scrcinselung ; 2. 

iiniftanblidje S'lad^ridjt ; — .s, pf. he- 

foubcvc Umftanbc, ©injcfnbcitcn; in 

detail, einjcln, ftitffiuctfe ; umftaiib= 

licb ; — of particulars, bic 5)ctailli= 

DETAILER. s. bcr «niftaubltrf)c Qv= 

jciblcr, (Srjiifjler cinjdncr, bcfonbcvcc 

To DETAIN, v.a. 1. suriicfbaltcn, yor. 

entbrtlteit, r.ici^t ycrabfolgcu Kiffcn; 

2. abbaltcn, aiif(;alteuj 3. anbaltcn, 

gcfangen l)altcn. 

DETAINDER, s.L. T. bcr (5'aVtUlbcfcf){, 

DETAINER, s. 1. bcr 3nfii'fl''i'tenbc ; 
2. A. 7'. bie iyibcrrcd)tlid)c 3?orcnt= 
baltung ; to lay (lod^'c) — s against 
one, einent @clb, u. f. w. ycrfiim:< 
mevn, 2lrreft Icgcn anf..., sorcnts 

DETAINMENT, s. bag 3lll'ii<f fjillfeil 

To DETECl', V. a. flllfbCtlcn, CntbCifcit. 
DETECTER, s. bcr ©ntbcrfcr. 
DETECl'iON, s bte (Siitbfifiing. 
DETENT, s. T. ;an bcii Sd)lagubr<ie 
bcr (S"iiifall. 





DKIEN'TIOM, s. 1. tie 3uvuiff)aUuitfl, 
i^ovcntfaaltun.i ; ilbbaUuug; ber 
Sliif^alt; 2. bei- gSev{)aft. 

DETEOT'IVE, a,lj. jiiriirf^nlteitb. 

To DETEU, V. a. vlbfci)vecfcu (—from, 

7'o DETERGE, v. a. 1. abwifl^CU, al)fc= 

gen, veiitiijcit ; 2. abfii()vcit. 

DETERGENT, I. adj rcilttgeilb, (Anil)- 

retib; Il.s. boS aBuiibrctniguuggmiti 
tfl; — salt, bviS SDlci4)faIs. 
To DETERIORATE, v. I. a. A>crfd)Iim= 

iitcrit, in 33erfall fontiitfii laffcti ; ll. 

7;.fic^ »crfci)linimcvn, au^avtcti. 
DETFJ5[ORATlON,s. hk 5i>n-fc^Itmnic= 

rung, ^erfd^Uc^tcrung. SltiSavtiing. 
DETERMENT, s. bie !jlbYrf;rccfuni3, baa 

DETERMINABLE, adj. I. ifflimmbnr, 

ju erijrtfrn ; 2. iju ciibcit. 
To DETERMINATE, v. a. vid. To De- 
DETERMINATE (adn. — ly) adj. 1. be= 

fttmmt ; 2. cutfrf)cibciib ; 3. eittfc()[of= 

fen; 4. bcfdjloffcn, fcftgcfcfet ; gewi^, 

DETERMINATION, s. 1. bie, (Sntfii)lof= 

fen^cit, ;ve)1ii]£ett; 2. S3ciiimnutng ; 

3. ©ntfc^lie^ung, ber 53efc^hip, 5Boi'= 

fafe; 4. bie Kiitfc^eibnng ; 5, z,. T. 

baS (Sube; 6. t. bie Ditc^tung. 
DEl'ERMINATIVE («d«. — ly), adj. 1. 

bcftimmenb ; entf^eibenb ; 2. ciu= 
DETERMiNATOR,s. bev Sc^iebSric&tcr. 

To DETERMINE, v. a i- v. 1. beftini= 

men, fcfti'e^ert; 2. entfc^ciben; 3. 
cinfd)ranfen ; 4. befcfjltcfien, cincn 
^Scf^luy f'^IK"' fi* ent|\i)[ict}en; 
(—upon, jn) ; 5. becufigcn, ein (gnbe 
iitadjen ; 6. fid; enbtgcu ; to — one 
in one's favour, eiucn fiiv 3cnianb 
ftimnicn ; Oetennined, «•//'. Clltf(tloffen. 

DETERRATION, ». biiiS.'JiuSgiabei:. 

DETE,RSiON, s.baS Slfafegcn, 3{etnigcn. 

DETERSIVE, I. aiij. reintgenb; ii. s. 
s. T. baS JlicinigiuigSmittcl ; — ness, 
.5. bie Sceiutgnng, Slbfiibvnng. 

To DETEST, v. a. oci'abf(t)fnen, bitter 

DETESTABLE (ada. — ly), adj. ah' 

fd^cnltc^, »errtbf(^eunng8njiirbig ; 

iitcfitswiirbig; —ness, s. bie S3erab= 

DETESTATION, s. bte SSerabfc^cnuug, 

ber .§n9. 
DETESTER, 5. ber aScvabfcfecuer, 

To DETHRONE, v. a. M X^tOUti tnt- 

fe^cn, cnthrouen. 
DETHRONEMFNT, s. bal ©nitI)ronfn, 

DETHRONER, s. bec l^nttbroncr. 
DETINUE, s. L. T. bte Jtlage wegen 


To DETONATE, v. L n. loSfnalleU; 11. 

0. loSfnallen laffen. 
DETONATION, s. c/t. T. bte 33erpuf- 


To DETONIZE, v. a. S,- n. Ch. T. »Cr- 

fnadcn, uerfnaflcn ma.'i^tn ober 

DicTORSiON, s. bte SSerbref)uitg, ba§ 


To DETORT, V. a. ucrbrc^en. 
DETOUR, s. ber Umweg, Untfc^weif. 
T.I DETRACT, v. a. i. uevleumben, 

BcrHcinevn; 2. eittjictjcn, ^intrag 

tbun, bceintvar^tigen, benacf)tl)etli= 

gen ; 3. abjtebcn.; to — from one's 

right, Semanbe^ 9tc(^ten ©tntrag 

DETRACTION, ..o. 1. bic 5BevIeiiin= 

bung, ®cctntr;id)tigung ; 2. baSSBeg^ 


DETRACTIVE, >arf/. u;id)t[)eittg, cf)s 
JETRACTORY, J renviibvifl ; juin 



DETRACTOR, s. bcr Safierev, 3ScrIcum- 

ber, 58ccintrad)ttgcr, a^evunglimpfer. 
DETRACTRESS, s.'bie Serleuinbcriiiit. 
DETRLMENT, s. bcr (Sd;aben, 9lac^= 

tbcil, aScrluft. 
DETRIMENTAL, adj. nat^t^eiltg, 

DETRITION, s. btc Slbvcibung, ilh" 


r« DETRUDE, V. a. I;tnabflo^en, 


To DETRUNCATE, v. a. 1. be^auen, 

bcfd)nctbcn, jutjanen; 2. abdften, ah= 

fapi^en, ftu^en. 
DETRUXCATION, s.biiS 33cl;rtuen, 33f= 

fd)neibeu (finer .gecfe, it. f. w.), 

DETRUSiON, s. ba« .giinabfto^eu, bte 

.^inabftopung, a^evwcrfung. 
DEUCE, ..!. l.bic 3'ofi iiit SBiJrfel^ unb 

Jl'artciifptfle, baS TsauS ; 2. ber 2;eu= 

fcl ; — toke it! ber Jpenfcr ()Dle cS ! 
DEUTEROGAMY, s. bic jweite 6i)e. 
DEUTERONOMY, s. bas fiinfte 5i3ud) 

33ioftS ale bic jrocite ©efc^gebnng 

DEUXPONTS, s. y. (tie Stabt) 3>tti= 

DEVASTATE, v. a. ycrwiificn, »er: 

DEVASTATION, s. bie Sjernjiifiuug, 


DEVASTATOR, s. ber aScnviifier. 
To DEVELOPE, v. a. entt)iiUcn, ent= 

DEVELOPEMENT, s. bic (5nt[;iilluttg, 

To DEVEST, V. n. 1. entfleibeit, (fig-.) 

entblb^en, cutjicbcit, bcrauben ; 2. 

befreien ; to — one's self of one's right, 

fic^) feincS ditd)t& begeben. 
DEVEXiTY, s. ber 5lbgang, bie ein= 

7'oDEViATE, V. n. 1. abweidjfu (— 

from, won) ; 'i.fig. fic^ serivven, i.ier= 

gc!)eit, fiinbigeit ; to — from the 

course, jv. T. »evfegeln. 
DEVIATE, a-y/. nbwctd)cnb. 
DEVIATION, s. 1. bie 5lbiveid)ung ; 2. 

yjo-. iUerirning ; ^crgcl;ung, Siinbe; 

3. JV. T. ajei'tegehing. 
DEVICE, s. 1. ber 5lnfc^(ag, §>Ian, 

(finfall, Jiunftbegriff. 5Bcl)iif, bie 

?tft ; 2. ^rftnbung, gi-ftiibungsfraft ; 

3. Seyifc; SBappeufigur ; full of de- 
vices, anfc^tdgig, erfiubcrifc^. 

DEVISEFUL (adv. — ly), adj. anfd;i;i= 

gig, fd)[au. . 

DEVIL, s. 1. ber 2'eufel ; 2. fff. luifc 
9)(cnf4) ; 3. ber ^aufburfc^e in cincr 
5Bnd)brUiferei ; the — take you! \)0V 
bid) bcr Sieufcl ; the — and his dam. 

ber 3:;eufct ntib fctne ©ro^mutter; 

to Rive the — his due, Scbem 3icd)t 
tl}nn ; the — rebukes sin, ber Xcufcl 

prebigt 53ufje, ober ein 2)ieb ftraft 

ben iJlllbern ; he must needs go. whom 
the — drives, 'JtotI) bricl;t ^ifen; jo 
hold a candle to the — . bcm S^eufcl 
ein 2id)t [)itUen, mS Surd;t biiflirf) 
fci^n ; black — , ba« 5Cctcrmdnnd)cn ; 

— in c^ bush, ber fedjTOarjfiimmct 

{J^i^eUa — L.) ; — 's bit, bCr SieufcIS^ 
ClbbttJ, (Scnbiosa — Z,.), — 's dung, vu/g. 

ber 2;eufc{ebre(} (rid. AsArffiTin.^) ; — 
li-sh, ber Seetciifcl (ein gifcf)) ; blue 
devils, triibe ^aune ; 2;cufcUgviUen ; 
DEVILISH (adv. — ly), arlj. tcuflifc^ ; 
scrtciifclt; — ness. s. bic Scufelei. 

DEVTLKIN, s. dim. baS ScufeUtcU. 
DEVILSHIP, s. bie SenfcISf^aft. 
DEVIOUS, orf/. abroeicbenb; irrenb; 
^erumfc^meifcnb, {)eruinfd;Ienbcrnb ; 

— tracks, 5lbit)ege. 

To DEVIRGLNATE, v. a. + Ctttj,ung= 


7'u DEVISE, V. a. &■ n. I. crftnncil, its 

bcnfeit, crftnben; 2. niif etwa§ len> 
fen ; 3. im ©inne f)aben, iibcrlegen, 
bebcntcu ; 4. entivcrfen ; 5. •oermu- 
tbcn, errat^cn ; 6. (by will) uc nnad)cit. 

DEVISE, s. L. T. ba« a3evni;-d)tnitj. 

DEVISEE, s. /.. T. ber iBfrnid4)tnit)^ 

DEVISER, s. ter ©rfinbcr, Urbeber. 

DEVISOR, s. L. T. bcr (Srblaffcr; Ze» 

DEVOID, adj. Iccr ; frct (— of, att, 
ypii) bcranbt. 

DEVOIR, .s. 1. bic 5pflid)t, Sdmlbtg« 
feit, @ebii[)r; 2. J^iipic^feiteeruic't' 
fung ; to pay one's devoirs to one, 

eiiteni feiite ^tufmartung niac^en. 

DEVOLUTION, s. 1. iai 5RiebcnoUen ; 
2. L. T. bie Ucbertrrtgung, bcr Seiiiu 

To DEVOLVE, v. L a. 1. «ieber»vdt= 
jen; 2. iibevtvageu; to — a trust on 
(upon) one. einem ju treucn .g)dnbcit 
iibergeben; ll. n. 1. uicberrollcn ; 

2. fit Xljcil trcrbcn, an(}cinifalU'U 
(—10..., einem); faflen (—to..., 

To DEVOTE, V. a 1. «jibmen, iuet£)eit, 

ergebcn, bi'igcbcn, aufopfcrn (— to 
1 one's self, to.., fic^ einem) ; iiber- 

laffen, iibergeben; 2. »cnviinfd)cii, 

v>erflud;cn, vevbammen. 
DEVOTE, 1. s. bcr 3[^crel)rer, Qlnbcter : 

II. ririj. i. gcffiibmet, evgcbcn; 2. ycr= 


DEVOTEDNESS, s. btc (kgebcnbcit. 
DEVtTi'EE, 5. 1. bcr eifrige, anbd^ttge 

Sctbruber; bte >Betfr^ii)ef}cr ; 2. bet 

DEVOTEMENT, s. ba« iBiblUeU, •Q'uu 

geben, bte ^tngebung. 
DEVOTER, s. bcr 5Utl)diigcr, SBere^s 

rer, Qlnbcter. 
DEVOTION .«•. 1. bicSScibe ; 2. C^rge* 

bcnbeit, Smif tg""g/ tnntge Sicbe ; 

3. 3lnbad)t, grijmmigfeit ; 4. bns 
®cbct, Dpfer ; 5. ber ©otteSbienfi ; 
6. bie i§i.ifltrf)fcit; to pay one's — .s 

to..., fcinc SUifiuartang macben bei 

. . . ; to be at the — of Jit ©cbote 

ftcbeu, jn ScmanbcS 2)ienfte« ftctjen 

or fciin. 
DEVOTiON.iL, adj. anbad)tig, gottc«= 

bienftlid; ; a — book, ein (5rbaunng«= 

hnd) ; — ist, *. ber Si'ommler, 5Det= 

bntber; bie a3etfd;n3efler; — ly, ado 

DEVOTIONIST, s. vid. Devotionahst. 
To DEVOUR, v.a. 1. scrfdjliugeii, «cv= 

fd)luiJen; auffreffcn, »ev5ebren; 2. 

^o-. begierig gente^en; 3. ausfau- 

gl-n, evfd)5pfeit. 
d"evourer,s. ber 33erfd)Itnger ; 33icl- 

DEVOURING, adj. 1. Berfdjlingeub ; 2. 

Jig. begierig. 
DEVOUT (adv. — ly), adj. anbdc^tig, 

fromm ; — ness, s. bie 3hibac^t, 3"= 

DEVOUTLESS, adj. ofjuc Slnbiic^t, an= 


DEVOUTLESSNESS, s. btC 5lllbac^t«= 

ToDEVV, u. a. bctfiancn; (mtt Xl)\m] 

benefecn, befeiit^ten. 

DEW, s. ber Xljan ; — berrj-, bif Xl)tlH' 
bccre , sBrombeere ; —drop, bee S^b'i''^ 
tvopfen ; — dropping, betbaucnb ; — 
lace, — snail, bic SBcgcfdjuerfe ; — 
]ap,btcaBamnic ; cont. .tpdnglippe; — 
lapt, mit cincr 2Bamme ; — worm, in 

DEWCE, Dews. .«. vid. Deuce. 

DEU^Y. adj. bctbituct, tb«nig, feuci;t 

DEXTER, adj. If. 't. red)t. 
DEXTERITY. .'. bic (yffi^t(flic^ffi( 

Sertigfeit, ®eivanbtbctt. 




aEXTEROUS, Dextrous {ado. — ly), 
adj. md)\di, ferttg, flCWailbt ; — ness, 
bie @efdbtdlicJ)feit, ®erft(3fett. 

DEXTRAL, a<ij. vcct)t, reenter .^anb. 

DEXTRALiTV^ s. ba§ 33cftiibeii obcr 
tit Saije jur rei^tcii .§attb. 

DEY, s. ber 5)e\; (5Be&cnfct)er ucn 2U= 

DIABETES, s. Ji/ed. T. ber .^aritpup, 
bie .^arnni^v. 

DIABOLICAL (Diabolic) (adv. — lv), 

adj. tcuflifct) ; — nes3, 5. bic tcuflifd)e 
9lvt, brtS Seuflifc^e. 

DIACAUSTIC, adj. Mat. T. biafailflifc^ ; 

— curve, bie fviiiume atcfi-actioiigiiiiic. 

DIACHYLON, s. Med. T. baS 5pp"ftf>^ 

am ^flanjenfaft. 
DMCONAL, adj. 5um 5)iafonat^=2Imte 

DiACOUSTic?!, s. pi. T. bte Titafufiif, 

Scfjre »om Sc^aUt;. 
DIADEM, s. baS Siabem, bte fontsilt= 

c^e Jtronc. 
DIADEMED, adj. iitit bciit S)tabem gci 

fc^miicft, geh'tjnt. 

DIURESIS, ,9. Oram. T. 1. bie ^XtXl' 

juing, (Si)Ibeutt)fi[img; 2. *?luflijfuiig 
ciiics SoppellaiitcS in fcine bcibcit 

DIAGNOSTIC, .9. Med. T. iaS UnfCt= 

fcijeibungsjetc^crt etner ,Kraiif[)cit. 
DIAGONAL, I. s. Mat. T. bte 2)tngonatc, 

OuerUnie ; II. {adr. — ly), adj. biago= 

nal, fc^viige, itbevetf. 
DIAGRAM, s. Mit. T. bcv Slbvip, bie 

(mat6cmatifrf)e cbci; gcoinetrifc^c) 

DIAL, .9. 1. bic ©onnenwTir ; 2. baS 

3iffci'bl«tt ; —plate, ba« Sifferbtatt; 

ber vioimcujciger ; — wheel, bag 2Bct= 

ferrab tit bev u^r. 
DIALECT, s. bci- Sialccf, bte ^iu\i>= 

art, ©i)refl)art, iS|.'racbe, baS 3bioin. 
DIALECTICS, s.pi. bte 2)ialcctif. 

DIALECTIC, ) adj. bia= 

DIALECTICAL [adv. — ly), ) Uctifd). 
DIALECTICIAN, s. ber 2)talectifetr. 
DIALING, s. bie (2oitiieituf)rEuitft._ 
DiALisr, s. bev iBevfcvttgcr you eon* 

DIALOGISM. .9. bag ©efprcic^ jnjifc^cn 

3wct ober 2J?cbvereit. 
DiALOGiST, s. ber !£itaIogenmad)ei- ; 

2. bie ^Pcifoit tin S)ifl!oa. 
7'o DIALOGIZE, v. a. ciij '^weigcfprac^ 

DIALOGUE, s. bev 5?talog, bas ®e= 

fpvflc^ 5n)tfcl;eit 3»et obev 3JJet)veveit. 

DIALYSIS, s. vid. Di.eresis. 
DIAMETER, s. bev Siamctev, 3)itvd)= 


DIAMETRAL [ado. — ly). { ad). V\a- 
DIAMETRICAL [adv. — i.y), ] metvifd), 

gevabe buvc^, mitten bitrc^ ; — ly op- 
posite, fiitaitbcv gevabe entgegeii. 
DIAMOND, I. s. 1. bev 3)iamant, 5)c= 
iitaitt; 2. bag Savrcaii (iit bev .ftar= 
tc) ; 3. //. T. (ill ben abeligtn 23av= 
Vcu) bic fdjnjavje gavbe ; it must be 

a — that cuts a — , prov. aitf Ciltcn 

bavten 2tft fgvobeu Jllofe) gebiJvt ein 
bavtcv (giobcr) ,ft'et( ; —cut, beinant= 
avtig gcf(i)iu't(en, faccttivt ; —cutter, 
bev Stetnfcbneibev, Sityeliev; — knot, 
A". 7'. bcvSrbauevmanngfnoVf; — let- 
ter, Typ. r. bie Siamanffcbvift ; — 
pwicii, bfv ©lafevbiamant; —points, 

(— sparks-), Spi^ftcinc; — powder, 

—dust, 2)tantanteuftaiib ; ll. adj. 1. ci= 
ucm Sema.nt abnlid; ; 2. aitg J)f= 
mantcu beffcf)cnb. 
Dl APASE, ) , c ■ i , i 

DIAPASON S ■ '^' ^Cl'^yf- 

DIAPENTI-; s. 1. M,is. T. bic Ouiute ; 

2. Mrd. T. bev Situftelfaft. 
DIAPER, .9. bte gebliimte, gcfiJVfttc 


7^ DIAPER, v.a. 1. gcbliiiiit ma^en, 
bliimen, mobclu ; 2. fticf en. 
DIAPHANETTY, s.bic SlIV(^|tcf)tigtcit. 
DIAPHANIC, I ,. v,,,.j„-:j,,' 
DIAPHANOUS, r''-?- ^""^"^<'3- 
DIAPHORETIC, I. .9. Med.T. bag fc&»3eit;= 

tveibenbe 9)?ittcl ; 11. — , (— cai), adj. 

DIAPHRAGM, 1. s. bag 3>»cvgfeII; 2. 

bic Qncvivanb. 
DIARRHCEA, s. bic SJiavv^oe, bev 


DiARRHoyiTC, adj. puvgiveiib. 
DiARi.AN, aiij. ju cincm 2:a3ebur& ge= 


DIARIST, s. ber cin S^agcbud^ fialt. 
DIARY, s. bag j;agcbitif , Siariitiit. 

DIASrOLE, s. 1. Oram. T. btC 3>taft0= 

Ic ; 2. Ji. T. 3Iiigbel)nung beg ^crscng. 

DIASTYLE, s. Jlrch. T. bic SauIcUlDCitf 

tjon bvei 3)nvcf;ineffcvn. 

DIATESSARON, s. Mus. T. bic Onavtc. 
DIATONIC, a'lj. Mas. T.bUVC^tiniig, flU; 

fenti3nig, nad) bev S^puteitev ; — inii.»ic 

bie'biatiMiifd;e (gen)bt)ulid)e) SRuftf. 
DIATRIBE, s. bie 9tb{)anblung, 5yev= 

To DIBBLE, V. a. intt bcitt ^f(an5= 

floif iiflanjen. 
DIBBLE, .9. ber spffan5ftt?if. 
DIBSTONE, s. bag iStciuttppctt (cin 

DICE, s. {pi. son Die) bic SBitrfcI ; — 

box, bev 2Siivfelbed;cr ; —player, bev 


To DICE, V. n. Wih'fcln. 

DICER, s.bev aSiivflev, aBiivfcIirpicIev. 
To DICHOTOMIZE, v. a. tvcuiicn, t^i'u 

leu, abtbeilen. 
DICHOTOMY, s. bie dintlettung bev 

Segviffe nad; ^aavcn. 

To DICTATE, v. a. 1. bictivcn, in bte Se= 

bev fagen, vorfaijen ( — to ... einem) ; 

eingcben ; 2. bcfcblen. 
DICTATE, .9. 1. bag ©icttrte, "Stcta: 

tnin ; 2. bic gtngebung (gctvij[)nlic^ 

tm pt.) ; 3. 33ovfc^rift, l*eb've. 
DICTATION, s. 1. bag !I)ictiven ; 2. 

DICTATOR, s. bev Sictatov; unuiu^ 

fc^vanfte @e»alt^aber. 
DICTATORI.XL, ) adj. bictatovifd), ge= 
DICTATORY, ) btctcvifc^, bcvvifc^. 
DICI'ATORSHU', > s. 1. bie 2)tctatnr ; 
DiarATURE, 5 2. nnitnifdiranftc 

©eivalt; 3. bev ?D?ac^tfprcd)cvtPit ; 

4. bie unocvfc^anitc S)ieirtigtcit. 
DICTION, s. bev giu^bvucf, 9]lovtvag, bic 

SavilcUung, bev Sti}!, bic 2vvad)c, 

Dici'iONARY, X. bag SBovtcvbud). 

DIDACriCAL (Didactic) {adv. — ly), 

adj. btbaftifc^, bclcbrenb. 
DiDAPPER, s. bie Saud^eiitc, bev 3;an= 

DiDUCTiON, s. bie 9litgeinanbevbe^= 


To DIE, V. T. a. vid. To Dye ; 11. v. 1. 

flevbcn, abflcvbcu ; 2. ftd) oevviec^cn, 
»erttjclfcn, »erbiiften ; 3. Th. T. auf 
CWig VCVntd)tct fe\in ; to — of a dis- 
ease, an cincv .<lvaufbcit flevbcn ; to 

— by famine. .<5nngcvg flcvbcn ; to — 
for love, »liv Sicbc ftcvbcn ; if I were to 

— for it, folttc eg niiv bag ?ebcn fo= 
ften ; to —away, in Dbnmad;t fallen, 
binftuEcn, eviiegcn; f)infterben; »cr= 
gcben, fid) ycvlicven, »ev{)aUen (»cu 
Xijncn); yevglimittcn. 

DIE, 5. 1. bevaBiivfel; 2. ^5-. 3«fafl, 
bag ®Htcf, ?oog, (Sc^tdfal, bev un= 
geiviffe ^.Unggang ; 3. 2}Jiinsftempcl ; 

within the turn of a — , Um ciu ^\\HX, 

Juie man bie .§anb umfef)vt. 
DIEGO, .9. 1)icge. 

DIER. vid. Dyer. 

DIESIS, .9. 1. Mils. T. bag JtvtUJ, ^albc 

JEorts obev ©vf)iJf)ungg5cic^fn: 2 
Tijp. T. bag (boppclte) JXvcn^ [t]. 

DIET, s. 1. biel)idt, J?pftvcfl,c(, ^cbcng- 
cvbiinng ; 2. Sfla^vnng, Sl^% Jtvaii 
!cnf oft, bev Untevbalt ; 3. gieic^gtag 
^anbtag, jtretgtag ; —drink, ber 31v^j 
ncitvaiif, .ftvantcvtvanf. 

To DIET, r. a. .{■ n. i. 2)ia